Happy birthday to the love of my life

A few years back, a certain little girl was born on a far away island in the Caribbean Sea. She spent her early years on that island but eventually, because of her father’s service to a great nation, she traveled the world. The experiences developed a worldly sense about her and her incessant quest for knowledge made her into a highly accomplished academic and professional. And some years later I was introduced to this Island princess and somehow convinced her to embark upon a life together with me.

So today is the anniversary of that Jamaican girl’s entry into the world, my wife of 25 years, Dr. Angela Michele Graham-West.

I certainly don’t deserve her and thank God she’s been by my side with all my shortcomings, faults, and failures. Not only has she lived through the combat tours of her own father — but mine as well. We survived the great Manhattan Kansas, flood of 1993 when our first daughter, Aubrey, was just months old.

Angela is a brilliant woman whose intellect is profound. And as some of you may know from her own blog, she was a rampaging New York liberal who is now a staunch conservative diva. But through it all, with all my deployments and absences, she has raised two respectful, intelligent, faithful, and focused young ladies, Aubrey and Austen.

So, Happy Birthday Angela from your knucklehead husband — me. Today is the day that God blessed me, Aubrey, and Austen that you would eventually come into our lives. You’ve driven each one of us to “be all we can be.”


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