I don’t usually play the race card, but…

The great thing about having this website is that it’s my personal blog and shared with occasional commentary from two people – my wife Angela, with whom I will celebrate 25 years on Christmas Eve, and my editor. Here you’ll find my personal thoughts, perspectives, and insights as a private free American citizen with a singular First Amendment right of free speech.

Of course there are those of the progressive socialist left persuasion, who feel individuals shouldn’t have completely free speech unless it freely agrees with their ideology.

I offer my assessments and analyses of current events, and readers are kindly welcomed to comment, but generally, the response emanating from those on the left isn’t debate — but rather abject disdain and personal assault.

But may I remind detractors of your simple choice of free will. You don’t have to visit my website if you don’t like my thoughts.

With that being said, many on the left say we need to have a conversation about racism in America. So let’s have one.

Let me start by saying it will have nothing to with how the white man has kept me down. As a matter of fact, what I have achieved could only have happened in America.

I was born and raised in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia, in the same 4th Ward neighborhood that claimed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a favored son. My own elementary school, Our Lady of Lourdes, is located at the corner of Boulevard and the historic Auburn Avenue – near Ebenezer Baptist Church and Dr. King’s familial home just around the corner.

I grew up quite proud of my American black heritage and still am. I recall days walking down Auburn Ave. past the offices of black professionals — doctors, lawyers, and such — as well as black-owned small businesses on my way to the historic Butler Street YMCA where I learned to swim, play basketball, and box. Funny thing — when Dr. King was assassinated, I don’t remember anyone rioting and setting fire to businesses in my neighborhood.

I grew up in a simple two-parent home at 651 Kennesaw Avenue NE — I tell the story of Buck and Snooks West in my book, Guardian of the Republic. As it happens, Buck and Snooks were registered Democrats, and I had a blast telling Rep. John Lewis how I remembered as a boy my folks talking about him and voting for him.

My memories of the black community growing up were centered on faith, family, education, personal responsibility, self-reliance, and for my family — service to the nation in uniform. Those ladies and gents are conservative principles and values — or as I was wrote here — classical liberal principles.

My parents stressed not just to me and my brothers, but to our larger family and relations, that you should never allow yourself to be dependent upon someone else. As Mom would say, “self-esteem comes from doing ‘esteemable’ things.” She also drilled into my head that, “a man must stand for something or else he will fall for anything.”

Sadly enough today, if you are a black American standing for conservative principles and values — which are the foundation of the black community and what were once its strength — you are a target.

It’s white liberals who find themselves abhorring the existence of any minority that rejects their progressive socialist collective ideology and seeks to “think for themselves.”

You become the “uppity negro” and are derided with such loving terms of endearment as “House [email protected],” “Sellout,” “Uncle Tom,” and “Oreo.” Even worse, white liberals have co-opted other blacks to join in the mob-like attacks against those of us who just — well, embody those old school values in which parents (when there were a preponderance of two-parent homes) in the black community instructed us.

Then again, it was the Great Society policies of a progressive socialist big government Democrat president from Texas named Lyndon Baines Johnson that began the decimation of the black family. It resulting in today’s out of wedlock birth rate of nearly 72 percent — all because it was believed that rewarding a woman for having a child out of wedlock with a government check — as long as she kept the man out of the home — was a good thing.

So, in my black community, the venerable and strong black man who survived slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, segregation, poll taxes, literacy tests (all from the same Democrat party) was finally killed off virtually — and literally in some cases through inner city gang violence — by Democrat policy.

And so it goes that the plantation has been restored, but this time it is a 21st century economic plantation of servitude and submission to the welfare nanny-state.

The real racism comes from the new plantation masters who have riled up the masses and mob to ensure this is not lost. And therefore, woe, despair, degradation, denigration, and derision upon those who are living up to their parents’ dream — Dr. King’s dream — and have escaped the progressive socialist inner city plantation because we fought through the “pursuit of happiness” to develop the “content of our character” and not await a government granted “guarantee of happiness” due to the “color of our skin.”

And that ladies and gents truly angers those on the left — just ask the likes of Justice Clarence Thomas, Star Parker, my fellow Atlantan Herman Cain, Condoleeza Rice, Senator Tim Scott, Rep-Elect Mia Love, Shelby Steele, Jason Riley, Harry Alford, Raffi Williams, Chloe Valdary, Harris Faulkner, Deneen Borelli, AlfonZo Rachel, Janice Rogers Brown, James Golden, Amy Holmes, Niger Innis, Kevin Jackson, Armstrong Williams, Deroy Murdock, JC Watts, Jesse Lee Peterson, Ken Blackwell, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Angela McGlowan, and Mychal Massie.

What have we all done to so anger the white progressive socialist left that we constantly draw their ire? We succeeded.

And therein lies the real racism about which the liberal media doesn’t want a conversation — black success based on fundamental American liberty and freedom enshrined in conservative principles such as individual sovereignty and free market entrepreneurship.

So someone like myself is regularly assaulted by left wing media outlets for the most insidious accusations. I remember while running for Congress in the 2010 cycle, the day my oldest daughter picked up the mail, and in it was a piece from the Florida Democrat Party which boldly displayed my social security number and my wife’s employment identification number — she is a financial broker. Why? It’s not far off from finding a burning cross in your front yard — my daughter screamed and began to cry and my wife was hysterical. And when we revealed this, the local Palm Beach Post newspaper ran a survey asking if I was making too big of a deal of this nefarious action.

Or how about a San Francisco-based far left progressive group called CREDO that showed up in the 2012 election cycle and ran a shadow campaign which included phone calls to homes stating that “did you know that Allen West beats his wife” — y’all know the typical progressive socialist attacks against black men — characterize them as violent. The truth doesn’t matter — actually the lie and deceit are the strongest tactics.

Could you imagine if a prominent black conservative owed $4 million to the IRS? Heaven knows what the liberal progressive media would say. But if you’re a progressive socialist overseer of the black community, not only do you get a national TV show, you get to visit the White House 82 times. And when was the last time a black conservative was invited into the Oval Office to sit with the “first black president?”

The real conversation about race in America needs to be about why the progressive socialist left despises black success not wedded to its ideology? Even former NBA great, Charles Barkley has come under attack for speaking his mind about certain matters on race — the real conversation that needs to be had.

What sense does it make for the black community to enslave itself to one political ideology and invest all of its political capital there? It has only led to abject disregard.

And so I conclude this essay of my thoughts — the real racism has always come from one party in America: the Democrat party. And their 21st century ” lynching” tactics and techniques are just the same but with better use of modern technology.

Unfortunately for them just as men like Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington and women like Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman took a stand, a new generation of freedom-minded blacks are stepping out of the shadows — even Dr. King’s alma mater of Morehouse College now has a Republican Club. Our voices will not be silenced, regardless of the new tactics of the same old gang.

All black lives matter, not just the ones progressive socialists use “prosecutorial discretion” to care about through the policies of economic enslavement as opposed to those black conservatives embrace — economic empowerment.


  1. Until Barack Obama and Eric Holder, I had thought racism was a thing of the past. In my part of the country the only people looked down upon are illegal aliens, and rightly so. It’s true, we have very few Black people in my area and have nearly as many Hispanics as Whites and that does change the situation a bit. But, like I said, other than people being here illegally and bringing gang violence to our streets, I don’t think we have a problem with racism here. We are starting to have a problem now! The manipulations of perception created by a DOJ that is clearly racist have the entire country on edge. This latest blow to the PNW in terms of ILLEGAL AMNESTY might just be the finishing touch for all hell to break loose in the Hispanic community here. Gangs become emboldened because now they know they can get away with pretty much anything and they won’t be deported. Oh I know the president says they will but when has anything he has ever said turned out to be 100% truthful? We have had 6 shooting in 20 days. This is a very small area where murders and shootings were RARE and are now common place. This is the result of ILLEGAL ALIENS being allowed to stay in this country for the past 5 years with little to no immigration laws being enforced! NOW THE REST OF THE COUNTRY GETS TO START DEALING WITH WHAT WE HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH SINCE THE 1980’s when Amnesty was granted the first time!

  2. “Progressive” liberals are the biggest racists. They view blacks as pets that need to be (permanently) taken care of by whites.

  3. I grew up in the South. In my H/S, I was called “Oreo” because my friends were white and black. Two black sisters received scholarships to Julliard because of their musical talent; one of my B/Fs, a huge black male football jock, received a 4 year scholarship for his singing voice. We were always proud of each other’s successes, commiserated over our failures, and encouraged each other to do better.

    The funny thing is that Stephen Colbert went to our school (a few years behind us; I attended with his brother who was killed in a plane crash). The Colbert family was ‘well off’; and didn’t associate much with the likes of us. The group of ‘rich whites’ stayed to themselves, partied and studied with each other, and never ‘crossed the line’ over to our groups to find out what we were really doing and thinking.

    I think of that whenever I see Colbert and his ilk ‘sympathizing’ and ‘commiserating’ with black hoodlums who get shot, or who riot and loot and terrorize. My black friends were too proud to take anything from anyone, or to be dependent on anyone; they all made their own ways. We loathed criminals and layabouts, no matter their color, because they would lie to and steal from US as quickly as they would from ‘rich white’ people. We all worked hard and chased after our dreams. We weren’t rich (no silver spoons in our mouths) but we were determined. We didn’t appreciate being talked down to and thought less of by those condescending ‘white folks’ then – and we sure don’t cotton to it much now.

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  4. There are no words to tell you how much I admire your courage to speak truth to tyranny-you and Dr. Carson can have and desperately need to have a great influence on the young generation-God bless you to save them from themselves

  5. when you talk to true racists they will tell you it’s hard to stop believing in that, when there is so much evidence on full display every day in our city’s.

  6. I am a white man of 50 years of age. I own and operate a one man audio/visual business. Much of the work I do is for doctors, lawyers, and other small business people whom have worked hard and persevered with some small and some not so small success (yes Mr. President they did build it themselves). My own observation is that all of my customers that have a background of government assistance have succeeded by moving away from welfare at all costs. Many of them had to suffer greatly by forgoing all government assistance so that they would qualify for credit and acceptance by the private business community. To a man they all know that what was holding them down was the culture of socialism that the welfare state brings. Once they left that prison, they found that an entire universe of opportunity opened up for them. While they found that breaking those restraints there was no limit to the heights they could fly, they also knew that there was no government net to break their fall if they failed. You know what? They did it anyway! Because their freedom was more important to them than any false sense of security that the welfare state may have brought them. I realize from talking to these men and women of repute that the American dream is only being stifled by power hungry Philistines that wish to divide the populace any way they can. White against black, poor against rich, glorified criminal against law enforcement. Remove stifling regulation, remove the manufactured bias and bigotry and this country can once again be the the shining beacon of hope for prosperity that we all know it can be. Col. West, I thank you for being one of the shining examples that I refer to when I discuss the problems facing our great country with the leftists that I encounter in my daily life. You, Justice Roberts, Ambassador Rice, Senator Cruz, Mark Cuban, Robert L. Johnson et al. are how America is supposed to work. It pains me that after all this time I have to qualify my entire statement here by saying that I am an old white guy. We are definitely an informed society (not necessarily enlightened, but informed) so why do we still have to say Black-American, Hispanic-American and the like? I consider all of us Americans. I believe if that became the norm then a lot of this bovine excrement would be something we could look back on with shame and pride that we rose above it.

  7. Like Patricia said in an earlier post, I too thought racism was on the decline as we have come so far in this country. That was until Obama, his wife and Holder took over and racism began to raise its ugly head again, only this time in the form of three headed beast that stokes the flames of racism through continual belittling any advancement we had made to unite this country.

    Col West, your article is spot on. The democrat party is the party of racists, of all colours, the white, black and Hispanic racists that do all they can to separate us into small individual groups, fighting against each other, taking away any unity we had to keep us from forming a powerful nation. This division that this administration devised to keep us from ever agreeing on what is good for us, that we will forever be dependent on them and not ourselves.

    An independent person is a free person, capable of thinking for themselves, which the democrats do not want, as seen in the latest news about Obamacare (Gruber calling Americans stupid) and this administration thinking we are all too stupid to care for ourselves, even Michele who thinks we are too stupid to even feed ourselves properly…. These are the real racists in this country, not the republicans, but the democrats, who, since the beginning of their party, never wanted people to be free, but to be slaves to them.

      • Even criminals have civil rights. I think it’s in the Bill of Rights. I haven’t found summary executions referenced in the Constitution.

      • Nope. I don’t support making police police ineffective. I do, however, support police accountability. Big difference.

      • They were accountable race pimp. Just because your punk azz didn’t like the outcome does not mean there was no process.

      • Wilson’s case will be reopened. D.A. misconduct. Officers in the Garner case are being investigated by the DOJ. cleveland cop was fired and comes under the DOJ’s oversight of the Cleveland police department. Again, FOX will not report that.

      • [[ Wilson’s case will be reopened. D.A. misconduct. ]]

        Wrong ape lover. You can’t get past the evidence and testimony no matter how much you miss your thug Brown.

        [[ Officers in the Garner case are being investigated by the DOJ. ]]

        Of course! Racist Obama sends his racist attack dog Holder anywhere there is a black/white issue………………but not if whitey is the victim. BTW ape fondler, you DO know that there was a black female sergeant standing there when Garner was taken down. Don’t you?

        [[ cleveland cop was fired ]]

        No he wasn’t pimp. Link it. And yes, race hustler Holder is going there.

      • Good job sucker! West laid out the bait and you lapped it up with relish. It’s nice Ruffy has his little beotch pinch hitting for him.

      • LOL! Your race pimpin’ pals do NONE of the above yet you bust on West for calling it like it is? You’re a damn clown pal.

      • You bet. West claims to be steadfast and loyal. Yet he took a plea deal rather than face a courts martial for doing what he believed was right and would do it again. Then he left his subordinates to swing in the breeze. do your own research.

      • So he took a plea deal. And? Oh I’m sorry. Plea deals are only okay for ‘real blacks’ like the thugs you suk off.
        Now what was that crap about the law and rights you were sputtering about before? You slimy race kuntz are a phukin hypocritical joke. You whine like little prison b!tchez for thugs and want to ignore those who point out your hypocrisy. GFY and die maggot. You make me puke.

      • Best clean up after yourself.

        “I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.”

        Abraham Lincoln

      • Where did I say that Raf? I said we have come a long way only for Obama, Michelle and Holder ie al, destroy what MLK had fought and died for in a few short years.. We were not this bad six years ago and now this nation is back where we were in the 60’s…. Its a slap in the face to all those who marched back then….

      • Obama, Michelle and Holder are just three people. They can’t destroy what MLK has fought for. To do that the whole country has to contribute to the effort.

      • What 400 years? The last 50 years is on libtards like you, Al and Jesse as well as the last 6 on Obama and Holder.

      • Revisionism is revisionism. Civil liberties are civil liberties. People of your ilk seem to prefer removing them from those of us who disagree with you.

      • They have every right to be race pimps and I will exercise MY civil liberties in pointing that out. There history precedes them.

  8. Allen, I so thought about you yesterday as I watched Dr. Phil, someone I have admired until yesterday! I thought yeah! he will set his racial biased guests straight regarding the racial divide that has taken on a momentum, I’m afraid we will never reverse and all over criminals? As Dr. Phil would say, choose your battle and poof civil rights leaders come out of the woodwork and choose this battle! Then Holder and Obama lay the oil slick to fast track their political agenda! For the ones who believe this narrative, thanks to another push by Dr. Phil yesterday, it has set a reverse course of the peace we have achieved, 50+ years and I’m sick of it!!!

  9. I think that a lot of what we mistake for racism is actually a difference in cultures. I guess we could call it cultur-ism. It stems from the multi-culture mantra. We use to be a melting pot but not so much now. Now, we are more of multi-cultural zones which breeds distrust and negative outlooks.

    • What other race has their own network such as BET? What other race has their own college fund like The United Negro College Fund? Black colleges? What other race has their own separate awards? Black Beauty Awards, 365 Black Awards, Black Reel Awards, BET Awards…..why in the year 2014 does the black community still have to separate themselves from everyone else in society? Modern day segregation.

      • In this social/racist/political climate could you imagine what would occur if someone decided to have White Entertainment Television? (WET?)

      • Because they aren’t recognized recognized by the rest of the American public? Blacks are not the only minority who have their own scholarship organizations. do a little simple research before you post incomplete tripe.

      • Blacks aren’t recognized by the rest of the American public? LMFAO! Let’s see, there are black soldiers, black politicians, black pro athletes, black actors and entertainers, black doctors, black teachers, etc. Blacks in every profession out there up to the president and you say they aren’t recognized? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, you are a moron!!!

    • There is huge distrust of all groups, by all groups; and media does report ALL the bad stuff. And, Obama and his administration have told sooo many lies, without apology. At our gov’t level, it is bad.

      But, we are more and more a melting pot, and even being able to “label” someone as one race – isn’t even exact at this time. I believe it is political division that is primary, and they are breeding racial, religious, poor/wealthy, etc. anger.

    • i’m going to go out on a very skinny limb here, but I have a black golfing buddy I’ve known for some 30 years and one day the subject of race in America came up in a discussion in the clubhouse. I always refrain from using the “N” word at all times. However, my friend brought it up and at the same time explained his philosophy on that topic. He said, “Buzz ol’ buddy you need to understand that those people (defined in some circles by the “N”word) come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.” I had to agree with him. My standard has always been to seek content of character rather than content of melatonin in a persons hide. Nuf Sed.

  10. I grew up in a mostly White community in Oregon. I hadn’t seen a Black person until I was about six years old. My parents taught me to respect all races. Then we moved to Los Angeles. I had Black students in my school, neighborhood, and sports programs. I still respected other races. Martin Luther King Jr. was a hero figure to me. But, then I witnessed the Watts riots…where innocent Whites and Blacks were murdered. I watched Blacks looting and burning down their own community. I witnessed the same with the Rodney King atrocities. Especially vivid was Black teens pulling a White truck driver from his truck and beating him nearly to death. Now we have Ferguson, Missouri. It’s more of the same. Blacks have been conditioned by race-baiters like pseudo-reverends Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to be “the victim”. At an Al Sharpton hate rally a Black Woman held a sign that said, “Get Whitey”. Instead of condemning the racist sign Al said, “That is the result of the subjugation and segregation Blacks have endured from Whites for 300 years.” So, he was justifying her Black racism against Whites! Colonel, I still respect all races…in fact, you and Ben Carson are heroes of mine! And, I think you’ll find most Americans agree with me. We don’t hate Blacks, but do hate the ideologies promoted by race-baiters like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    • It has a lot to do with the lib/left ideology. They believe everyone would have the same success – if it weren’t for someone ELSE holding them back or preventing them. It’s there only reason that everyone doesn’t have the same successful outcome, and has nothing to do with self-responsibility. So, naturally, if a black individual is involved… it’s due to racism.

      Conservatives need to get back to running the country. Libs seem to be emotional idiots, and supposedly the party of tolerance of everything…. they simply hate and will not tolerate ANYONE who disagrees with them.

      And as an older white individual, having lived/worked in good communities; I do not HATE anyone based on race. I have no reason to. I have known minorities in all areas of education and work and life; and like some of them and some of them I may not be “friends” with; but it’s no different than my experience with whites, asians, or anyone else?

  11. Expressing of an opinion in public means you have the stones to defend those opinions in public. As far as personal attacks Allen West and his supporters give as good as they get. Col. West this is a blog, not your personal journal. The poor me routine does not suit you well.

      • What bait? I get right to the point about these phukkin thug apes running around the nation committing crimes. You and your lefturd pals are the baiters. You pimps claim that if a black gets killed by a white cop, is racism. But says nothing about black on black or black on white crimes. Now go suk Ruffy off Jayne.

      • Wrong again. I’m expressing outrage over unarmed Blacks killed by police or carrying toy guns. Rice and Crawford, et al.

      • BINGO race punk! Unarmed blacks who were taken out just like unarmed whites have been for doing the same thing. You gettin’ it yet pimp? You fail to comply, you can go down no matter what color.You charge a cop, you can die no matter what color. And if you reach for what looks to be a real gun, you may get shot no matter what color. Your turn race pimp.

      • Crawford was killed for carrying around a toy gun Walmart sold unboxed. Distracted by being on the phone. DEAD. Tamir Rice dead w/i 2 seconds of police arrival. No way enough time to respond. Killed by a rookie, whose HR file was finally reviewed AFTER the shooting, who even the police commisioner stated should never should have NEVER been on the force. Justified shooting? Hardly.

        “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”

        Thomas Jefferson


    • That video reminds me of when Allen West displayed a soccer jersey and said it was a Muslim prayer rug. Seriously you can tell who that is in this video? I only see a big black man but I guess that’s all you guys need. Makes me wonder who’s brainwashed.

      • What part didn’t you like, the part when the black thugs knocked the old man out or the part when the old man got up?

      • It doesn’t. All I see is cowards beating on an old man….forget the title of the video on the link, I didn’t put his name here. Does it matter who it is, that poor old man was lucky to not die that day.

      • “Wow! Have you all seen this Michael Brown video of him beating the crap out of an old man and robbing him?” You did put a name. You need some Ritalin, must be that short attention span Allen West talks about.

      • Nope, I decided idiots like you wouldn’t see a thugs for who they are. Too bad you’re so hung up on one man you can’t see the trouble in the ENTIRE BLACK COMMUNITY that has to deal with low life scum like these on a daily basis! But go ahead, keep standing by the thugs that riot, loot and beat on old people….you’re a real class act.

      • I’m hung up again? On the dead man’s name you mentioned first. See that’s the first thing in this big conversation you guys want to have. Names and faces matter, not just color of skin.

      • “An appeal to probability (or appeal to possibility) is the logical fallacy of taking something for granted because it would probably be the case (or might possibly be the case). Inductive arguments lack deductive validity and must therefore be asserted or denied in the premises.” Don’t want to be accused of plagiarism.

      • I won’t live with it. A gutless DA prevented the truth from coming out. Even presented a witness (#40) who was discredited by the DOJ and FBI. she made the whole thing up. Despite what Sean Hannity reported. Read the report!

      • LOL, keep provoking and injecting lies. YOu see, if Michael Brown was white…we wouldn’t be having this conversation because the cop did nothing wrong. Just like the black cop who recently killed an unarmed white boy. You have yet to call out any criminals and want to blame cops for all their criminal activity. Make me laugh…could you be any more dramatic? Do you have some heels to go with that drama….queen?

      • Again, not surprised from a West “true-believer.” BTW, the word you were looking for was, “ABSURDITY.” You are correct. I won’t debate anyone who fumbles with the English language. I’m done with this thread,

      • Good riddance, your race baiting and pointless cry me a river attitude doesn’t get very far with men….go play with the little boys who live in their mommies basement thinking if they call out typo errors over the internet it might make them look smarter than they really are. Bye, bye!

      • White cop. Black cop. I don’t care. I just want ANY cop who shoots an unarmed civilian face a trial, rather than be unindicted by gutless DA’s. Special prosecutors. Is that too much to ask?

      • You are fighting the wrong battle. The cop in NY is the one who should face trial. I wonder though, do cops lives matter? Cops who have to deal with thugs who want to kill them on a daily basis and have seconds to decide what to do? I have no sympathy for a thug who thinks they are above the law. I do have sympathy for Garner. The cops acted like thug militants in NY. 6 cops on one dude that don’t let up need to have their badges taken away, but that could happen to anyone, not just a black man.

      • At least we agree on that point. What about Johnathan
        Walker who was unarmed and killed by a rookie cop in an unlit stairwell? Question: What was a rookie cop doing unsupervised in a darkened stairwell? Dollars to donuts, the rookie hand his finger on the trigger, against procedures.

      • I know nothing about that case. But remember in the Garner case who these cops work for….a democrat run city

      • Atta pimp! You just made the poster’s point. Anyone mentions the crap in the black community, you pimps do a 180 and run away. Pathetic slime.

      • Name some white thugs and I’ll trash them just the same. White people don’t make excuses and stand behind white thugs…you see, color isn’t the issue no matter how much you try and make it that! Anyone who wants to act the fool and live the criminal life can expect undesirable results! Deal with it!!

      • NO it doesn’t! Michael Brown was a thug who thought he could push everyone around because of his size but anyone who acts like an animal like these punk thugs beating this old man do…deserve to be treated back the same way. They cry like little pussies when karma comes around!

      • Does it matter whos face it is? The point that people bring up that video is that this is where our nation is headed… NO respect for anyone, no respect for the elderly, no respect for women, no respect for the law…. and this is why we are here Raf… because there is a much bigger problem than the cops shooting these thugs, there is more black on black crime out there that you don’t want to recognize and you just ignore it then instead point the finger at a few incidents where cops are involved and call it racism.

      • It does matter whose face it is. Especially when you claim that face being of someone. I would expect a higher standard from you Mrs. law and order. Black people like anyone else are individuals. White men do the same kind of things. When they do all we do is look for a criminal.

      • Stop playing the race card Raf….. really! Yes white people do commit crimes just like Blacks, but there is a HUGE difference huh… the ratio of Black on Black crime exceeds that of white on white crime and that of white on black crime! This is not only whites posting these videos but many blacks who are tired of race baiters like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and Holder…. do some real research. Look at the crime reports, stop holding on to the race card and think for yourself!

      • I’m screaming at the top of my lungs to look past race and tell me whose face it is on that video. You want to keep score too? You are all about evidence, tell who it is. If you can’t he’s just another thug. If he’s just another thug who the hell cares that he is black, except the racist.

      • I care who it is and I am by far not a racist…. Just because someone cares does not make them a racist.. you are a fool to believe that. Why is there a need to keep score? Is there a race to be won on who is better? I thought that is what we are trying to stop! The only evidence as to who those people are in that video lay wiht the person who took the video and the persons in it… I don’t know if its Mike Brown or not, and frankly I don’t give a damn. But the point you keep missing is that THIS is why there is so much talk about black on black crime that is going unattended to and the only focus is on when a cop kills a black person and they happen to be white… the percentage of blacks murdered by other blacks far exceed that of white cops killing blacks but all you care about is whites killing blacks and nothing about what the worse problem is!

        If you want to fix the problem, stop pulling only the race card and start dealing with the whole damn deck.

      • Who said it justifies it? Stop reading BS into it where there is none… You keep grasping at straws just to validate your position that violence is ok and whites are racist… I feel sorry for you now.. I thought you had some kind of common sense but I see now you are nothing but a puppet.

      • Hatred, anger, and resentment are human emotions, therefore they apply to all humans. We all have to check these items at the door before entering conversations about such heated topics or we won’t see clear enough to make valid and comprehensible points.

        Violence is something only a person harboring hatred, anger, and/or resentment can condone. They are violent because they hate…

        The appearance of hatred can also be fear masquerading as hate. Recognizing these facts can keep the hate out our minds so we can think clearly.

        Dr. King, Jr. built his entire movement on non-violence. Anyone who says or implies differently is blinded by fear, hatred, anger, and/or resentment.

      • I’m on the internet, I was talking about the people in the streets. Dr. King wasn’t afraid. Those who don’t take those protest around the country seriously are.

      • Up to you which way it goes.

        “We declare our right on this earth to be a man, to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.”

        Malcolm X

      • So “Nuke ’em all and let God sort them out” is a possible means to an end, perhaps not the exact end envisioned, but an end. Is that alright with you and Malcom X? You quoted him in response, so I have to believe you agree with that statement.

      • I have a t-shirt with that quote of course I agree with it. It’s up to who has the power what means are necessary. Took a bloody war to end slavery. Are you saying it wasn’t justified?

      • Incorrect. Our war for independence came because the king said he ruled over the colonies “in all matters whatsoever” – they were, in effect, his property.

        Because all Founding Fathers agreed to the Constitution, however, our Civil War was unnecessary. The 3/5 Clause ensured that the south wouldn’t be over-politically-represented in Congress, thereby checking their political power. I can’t speculate on what MIGHT have happened if that was allowed to play out, but we lost an enormous number of lives to decide via force.

      • Ridiculously irrational argument.

        Frederick Douglass made the same mistake until he actually read the Constitution and understood its potential. He then said it was the most anti-slavery document he’d ever seen.

        I trust his judgement since I once thought as you do, then I actually read the Constitution to understand it instead of to ridicule it – THAT type of reading leads to wisdom and rejects hatred, anger, and resentment. Now I see clearly.

      • Facts can’t help those who desire to be blind to them. You have the capacity to think and reason so use them for right or use them wrong – it is your choice, but it is also your consequence.

      • That’s an irrational question. Can you think of a rational question?

        For example, your question is the same as asking “You don’t have a problem with rounding up to the nearest nickel?”

        (doing this allows us to mint less pennies, and eventually eliminate this money-losing venture)

        The real question about the 3/5 Clause is “Do you have a problem with limiting southern slave-owning state’s representation in the House of Representatives?” That question gets at the ACTUAL INTENT behind the clause in question.

        Did the 3/5 Clause actually change any human being’s worth? The humans in question were already slaves, the clause didn’t make them worth less than that.

        Remember, hatred, anger, and resentment are the enemies to steer clear of because they keep us humans from reasoning properly. If you think the intent of the 3/5 Clause was to count one human as 3/5 of another human then you aren’t reasoning properly.

      • Pointing out irrational thought isn’t redirecting or misdirecting. It’s called correcting. And I suppose Proverbs is right about this one as well: Folly hates correction.

        So did I once.

        If you can’t answer truthfully, logically, reasonably then I guess your response is the next best thing.


      • It always amazes me when the pretzels think everyone else is crooked & twisted, it’s never themselves. Responses of no substance, like yours, is what people do when they know that their perspective has been shown to be wrong, but they don’t want to admit it – too prideful to be truthful.

        I’ve been wrong in the past, everyone has. And since none of us are perfect we have no choice but to accept other’s imperfections. I accept yours, and I hope you’ll accept mine.

        If this is your first time reading Frederick Douglass’ logic, I can understand your resistance. It may take time for the concepts to fully sink in and the puzzle pieces to fit into place.

      • Still didn’t get a yes or no. Do you think any human on this earth is worth 3/5 of another human. If I wanted Freddy’s opinion I’d read his books. When you asked me for a yes or no question I gave you a straight yes. I asked for yours.

      • Your question is nonsense and, therefore, requires no answer. It’s the same as if I were to ask you your opinion of Himalayan goat dung.

        This is because your question is linked to a false interpretation of concepts put forth in the Constitution. Nowhere in there is it even remotely suggested that one person is worth 3/5 of another person.

        Even though you won’t hear this, I will type it. If you choose to interpret plain language through the prism of hatred, anger, and resentment your interpretations will be tainted. Yours are tainted and, therefore, nonsense.

        The arguments our Founders were faced with went like this:

        1) The slave states didn’t want slaves to vote, but wanted to count them towards their House representation (more slaves, more representatives).

        2) The free states said if the slaves were counted towards the number of representatives then the slaves needed to vote (otherwise it was another “taxation without representation” situation).

        The compromise was to limit the number of representatives of slaves states by only allowing 3/5 of “all other Persons” population to count towards that state’s number of House representatives. Another thing to understand is that NOWHERE did our Founder’s Constitution deny votes to slaves…if it were a pro-slavery document that should have been in there somewhere, somehow, perhaps hidden in legalese, but it’s NOT ANYWHERE.

        Even though you disrespect Frederick Douglass, you can’t find one valid argument against his conclusions…and he’s been dead for 119 years. And that’s what passes for an argument in your mind? Tainted.

      • When you ask a question you get to ask it the way you want to. When you answer a question you get to answer it the way you want to. I don’t require your answers in any particular format, nor should you require mine be in any particular format. That’s freedom.

        Freedom is a hard lesson for some to learn – it seems we humans have a tendency towards confinement, restrictions, shackles, etc. Once I broke out of that cage I never wanted to return, so forgive me for not acquiescing to your demands to return.

        If it was right to limit the slave state’s House representation then the 3/5 Clause was right. However, you believe the 3/5 Clause was wrong. Therefore, you believe that slave states should have had more House representation – the logical conclusion of your premise. I disagree with you, as did Frederick Douglass who actually was a slave (as opposed to either of us).

        Your last question, again, requires no direct answer as the answer is inescapably obvious. Therefore, the question was only asked in an attempt to anger me by taking a cheap personal shot.

      • “So, your answer is “Yes, the end does justify the means.” Not only you asked for a specific answer but even suggested it.

      • Hey Jagmo. You leftards treat blacks like pond scum. You use them as pawns then ignore their plight unless is gets you political points. Your ‘CONcern’ is laughable.

      • It’s almost impossible for anyone to be able to type yet display such ignorance. That tells me that you are only here to incite…thanks for your “input.”

      • If you have any children you should appreciate this answer to your 3/5 question:

        Are you worth more than your underage children? Meaning, as a human is your “humanness” more worthy than your children’s?

        If your answer is “No”, then you should be ready, willing, and able to pay the adult price in every establishment that offers a children’s price. After all, your children are exactly the same, in human terms, as yourself, right?

        In reality, paying less for our kids to get into a movie theater, amusement park, etc. doesn’t mean they are any less human than we…just the same as the 3/5 Clause didn’t diminish the value of any human life.

      • Something to consider:

        The human brain is infinitely more complex than a computer, yet it is susceptible to the same vulnerability: Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO).

        If your output is garbage, check your input.

      • Frederick Douglass on the “3/5 Clause”:

        “…It is a downright disability laid upon the slaveholding States; one which deprives those States of two-fifths of their natural basis of representation. A black man in a free State is worth just two-fifths more than a black man in a slave State, as a basis of political power under the Constitution. Therefore, instead of encouraging slavery, the Constitution encourages freedom by giving an increase of “two-fifths” of political power to free over slave States.”

        [The Constitution of the United States: Is It Pro-Slavery or Anti-Slavery?
        Frederick Douglass
        Glasgow, Scotland
        March 26, 1860

        Therefore, your question has no basis in reality, it is irrational.

      • Reasonably the only way to be “disenfranchised” within the construct of the original US Constitution was to personally decide NOT to participate. Your choice, your consequences. But if one chose disenfranchisement how then could they complain about not having their voices heard? Their choice, their consequences.

      • “The only truly consistent man is he who will, for the sake of being right today, contradict what he said wrong yesterday. “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” True stability consists not in being of the same opinion now as formerly, but in a fixed principle of honesty, even urging us to the adoption or rejection of that which may seem to us true or false at the ever-present now.”
        Frederick Douglass
        The North Star
        March 16, 1849


      • Frederick Douglass on Changing His Mind:
        “An old speech of mine delivered fourteen years ago was read to show — I know not what. Perhaps it was to show that I am not infallible. If so, I have to say in defence, that I never pretended to be…Indeed, I have been very much modified both in feeling and opinion within the last fourteen years. When I escaped from slavery, and was introduced to the Garrisonians, I adopted very many of their opinions, and defended them just as long as I deemed them true. I was young, had read but little, and naturally took some things on trust. Subsequent experience and reading have led me to examine for myself. This had brought me to other conclusions. When I was a child, I thought and spoke as a child. But the question is not as to what were my opinions fourteen years ago, but what they are now. If I am right now, it really does not matter what I was fourteen years ago. My position now is one of reform, not of revolution. I would act for the abolition of slavery through the Government — not over its ruins.”

        [The Constitution of the United States: Is It Pro-Slavery or Anti-Slavery?
        Frederick Douglass
        Glasgow, Scotland
        March 26, 1860

        That’s sound logic.

      • …IF the slaves in the south had been entirely counted towards a state’s population then those slave-owning states would have had MANY MORE representatives in Congress (the House), and would have controlled legislation. The 3/5 Clause limits that political power. Very practical.

      • So, the choice at the time (1770’s) was to have a united front against other countries or to let each new territory (or state) fend for themselves internationally. Our Founders chose to have a united front, we’re stronger that way.

        They also believed (over 50% of them) that slavery was wrong and needed to be abolished. However, they also knew that a united front would be impossible if abolition was required (the southern states wouldn’t join our union). They chose to fight the abolition battle later…and, unfortunately, it was a FIGHT.

        As far as being “practical” goes, the opposite of it is impractical. So, you can choose practical or impractical, your choice, your consequence.

      • …I will say this about “It’s not about people just what’s practical” – everything comes down to people. Practical is all about people, did you think I was telling you that those things were practical for frogs? Of course not. And since practical is about people it takes time to change prevailing ideology in people.

      • “False equivalence is a logical fallacy which describes a situation where there is a logical and apparent equivalence, but when in fact there is none. This fallacy is categorized as a fallacy of inconsistency. It would be the antonym of the mathematical concept of material equivalence.” Like comparing civil war to a home robbery.

      • In your opinion they are not equivalent. In my example I showed clearly in what way they were equivalent. So, no answer then…as to whether it was necessary? You have a choice to make, an individual choice: Be part of a violent movement or not. Is that violent movement necessary? Was the home owner’s killing necessary? According to your quote it happened therefore, it was necessary.

      • An individual decided to go to war, and convinced others to do the same. An individual decided to take a life…

      • Draftees have semi-free will: They can run to another country vice allowing themselves to be drafted. That would be a more reasonable argument.

        In the Civil War, of course, most chose sides and went to fight for their side…not many “draft dodgers” which explains the high body count.

        It sounds an awful lot like you are beginning to understand, and therefore, agree with me. Just because it happened doesn’t mean it was necessary.

      • [[ Like comparing civil war to a home robbery.]]

        Like comparing rioting over a dead thug to the civil rights movement.

      • An analogy for your assertion “It wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t necessary”:

        A homeowner gets frustrated with a string of robberies of his garage. To stop the thief the homeowner decides to set a trap and catch the thief in the act. When the homeowner hears someone in the garage he goes to check out the noise, gun in hand. Not knowing who is in the garage the homeowner fires his weapon into the garage killing the person inside.

        The person inside died, that happened. But was it necessary? According to your quote the answer is yes. But now the homeowner is on trial and facing serious jail time. This is a current event happening in the news today.

        It happened that the foreign exchange student inside the garage died, but I can’t find any particular reason that would allow me to conclude that this outcome was necessary. Can you?

      • So, your answer is “Yes, the end does justify the means.”

        Dr. MLK, Jr. didn’t accept that at all. So your perspective is anti-MLK, Jr. Just so we’re clear.

      • When blacks gave 80 percent of their vote to the Democratic Party in 1964, black activist Malcolm X called them “political chumps.”

        White voters, X said, “are so evenly divided that every time they vote, the race is so close they have to go back and count the votes all over again. Which means that any bloc, any minority that has a bloc that sticks together is in a strategic position. Either way you go, that’s who gets it.”

        Yet Democrats, said Malcolm X, failed to deliver on a promised and much anticipated new civil rights bill, knowing the party could still count on their blind support in the next election.

        “You put them first,” said Malcolm X, “and they put you last. ‘Cause you’re a chump. A political chump! … Any time you throw your weight behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that party can’t keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and you are dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that party — you’re not only a chump but you’re a traitor to your race.”

  12. Colonel West, may I wish you a very happy anniversary. My wife and I are celebrating our 44th on Christmas Eve.. Best wishes and Merry Christmas. Thank you for your service sir.

      • “Rafael X is a douchebag plantation slave and too ignorant to even know it.”

        Mickey Freaking Dougal

      • No, for having no clue as to what that statement even means. Martin Luther King Jr. was “heard.” Which is why he never rioted nor advocated violence of any kind.

        Do Harry and Nancy know you’ve stepped off the plantation again?

      • You wouldn’t listen if King rose from the dead and lectured you himself. You are mired in your lies and you hate the truth.

      • What did it say? My bet is that you have no clue what he meant. You actually think he was advocating rioting?

      • If you are going to quote someone, then quote the whole truth about what he said instead of making it look like he is siding on violence…. You are making yourself look like a puppet whose strings are being pulled by all those race baiters out there…. Think for yourself!

      • Already posted that but sweetie… I posted the whole thing, not just a portion to make my point. You took it out of context and just ignored the whole part where he talked about it being impractical and immoral and that he will Never use violence.

      • I just watched the entire interview. And if you think that Dr. King was advocating rioting, you are 100% wrong. To draw that conclusion, you would have to completely ignore him saying that even if the entire American negro population became violent, he would stand up as the lone voice saying they were wrong.

        You hear only what you want to hear because you hate the truth. The facts show you completely wrong, so you ignore the facts and listen only to the evil in your heart.

      • LOL Raf, still running that non argument… that is taken out of context… why not post the whole paragraph where he said he “will NEVER resort to violence”….

      • You want to turn MLK’s legacy on it’s head to convince yourself of something, that’s your prerogative. You an adult, not my role to educate you. But it was a legacy of marching occupying businesses boycotts and protest. MLK wasn’t singing kumbaya let yourselves get killed in the name of racial harmony. Malcolm X even less.

      • “marching, occupying businesses, sit-ins at white only lunch counters, boycotts and protest”

        Where is the rioting, Raf?

        Don’t think Malcolm and Martin were the same. The devil sends his counterfeit, and he is easy to spot…that is if you love truth. But you hate truth Raf, so you you are easily deceived.

      • http://www.cbsnews.com/news/mlk-a-riot-is-the-language-of-the-unheard/

        Below is the text of Mike’s Sept. 27, 1966, interview with Dr. King for CBS Reports.

        REV. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. (speech): Now what I’m saying is this: I would like for all of us to believe in non-violence, but I’m here to
        say tonight that if every Negro in the United States turns against
        non-violence, I’m going to stand up as a lone voice and say, “This is
        the wrong way!”

        KING (interview): I will never change in my basic idea that
        non-violence is the most potent weapon available to the Negro in his
        struggle for freedom and justice. I think for the Negro to turn to
        violence would be both impractical and immoral.

        MIKE WALLACE: There’s an increasingly vocal minority who disagree totally with your tactics, Dr. King.

        KING: There’s no doubt about that. I will agree that there is a group
        in the Negro community advocating violence now. I happen to feel that this group represents a numerical minority. Surveys have revealed this. The vast majority of Negroes still feel that the best way to deal with the dilemma that we face in this country is through non-violent resistance, and I don’t think this vocal group will be able to make a real dent in the Negro community in terms of swaying 22 million Negroes to this particular point of view. And I contend that the cry of “black power” is, at bottom, a reaction to the reluctance of white power to make the kind of changes necessary to make justice a reality for the Negro. I think that we’ve got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard. And, what is it that America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the economic plight of the Negro poor has worsened over the last few years.

        WALLACE: How many summers like this do you imagine that we can expect?

        KING: Well, I would say this: we don’t have long. The mood of the
        Negro community now is one of urgency, one of saying that we aren’t
        going to wait. That we’ve got to have our freedom. We’ve waited too
        long. So that I would say that every summer we’re going to have this
        kind of vigorous protest. My hope is that it will be non-violent. I
        would hope that we can avoid riots because riots are self-defeating and socially destructive. I would hope that we can avoid riots, but that we would be as militant and as determined next summer and through the winter as we have been this summer. And I think the answer about how long it will take will depend on the federal government, on the city halls of our various cities, and on White America to a large extent. This is where we are at this point, and I think White America will determine how long it will be and which way we go in the future.

        WALLACE: Even Sen. Jacob Javits asked the question recently. He said that he was a slum resident, but he and some of his fellow Jews were able to make it out of the ghetto on the lower East Side of New York. The same thing is true with lots of Irish, Italians, and he asked the question why the Negro finds it so difficult to make his own way up out of the ghetto? You did.

        KING: Number one, no other racial group has been a slave on American soil. It’s nice to say other people were down and they got up. They were not slaves on American soil. The other thing is that the Negro has had high visibility, and because of the prejudices existing in this country his color has been against him. It’s been against him and they’ve used this to keep him from moving up. In the final analysis, when you say to a man that you are in this position because of your race or because of your color, you say to that man that he can never get out of it. Other racial groups have been able maybe to change their accent or to change their names, but the Negro can’t.

      • And if Al Sharpton gave that last response you wouldn’t accuse him of playing the race card and ask him to get over slavery? Be intellectually honest and consistant.

      • Where does MLK blame all white people for the problems with Blacks? Where does he make up lies and promote violence?

      • Absolutely not. He said that it is up to white America, and? It was, but you are still missing the point Raf, he did not promote violence and wanted it done in a non-violent manner. There was not race card to be pulled then because it was about race back then. Today, these cop shootings have NOTHING to do with race but Sharpton et al are making it so. If there were no more racial problems in this country, Sharpton, Jackson and others will be out of a job.

      • Maybe not to those who actually read his biography, read his letters from Birmingham. Who knows that he modeled his tactic of non-violence after Ghandi who was his hero. Those who know that he would be leading those marches in Ferguson and around the country. MLK is not Santa-Clause stop using his memory to promote your BS. He would be the first to call you out on it.

      • Sweetheart, you brought MLK into this discussion, not me and you were trying to use a small part of what he said to promote that violence is OK. Sorry, but you would be the one he would call out for using that to promote further division in this nation…. I watched MLK and the things that happened to people back then. I saw for myself the horrors of racism and what is happening today is not what went on back then. The lynchings, spraying them with firehoses, police dogs attacking them… it was something that I pray to never see again and it hasn’t happened since then… Thank God for MLK and his peaceful marches that got the attention of the world. He knew not all whites were racist and that it was the democrat party that held that position for 100 years prior to the 60’s and still have a hold on the Black communities by enslaving them economically.

      • My apologies, I forgot about that post. Human error. And as far as evidence… you are being childish now. This is not a trial 🙂 Have a blessed night… going to study for finals now.

      • Elle, you’re pretty much spitting in the wind with Rafael X. Rafael X does this all the time. He is totally immature, and then comes to this and other sites and goes on and on with his ridiculous PC garbage.

        He is a prime example of the problem. We have too many of these brainwashed zombies now though, so that is why we have what we have going on. They have been indoctrinated in our schools and universities by the leftists and terrorists they hire to plant this fascists and communist manifesto ideologies in the hearts and souls of the country’s youth. They are then manipulate by community organizers with agendas.

        There are groups among us who do not want peace in this country. They do not want equality for all. They are filled with hatred and avarice and they use the past to fuel it and try to justify it. But, it is just stupid and ignorant. You cannot evolve and move forward with both feet, or even one foot in the past. You cannot move to the future that way.

        And, there is also greed to keep hatred going, in several multi billion dollar industries that are based on hatred.

        Rafael X is a waste of time. He is already brain dead. He can only regurgitate the propaganda he has learned. He reminds me of one of those dolls that used to have that string on the back of their necks that you could pull, and then when you let go the doll would play some prerecorded sentences to you. There were about five or ten sentences whenever you pulled their string that the doll would repeat over and over again. That’s what he and people like him remind me of.

      • And, your point is? That is in line with Martin Luther King. Don’t mix up the word conflict with violence. If that’s what you’re doing, then I rest my case. You are not playing with a full deck, never mind just playing the race card!

      • Too phukkin bad thug phukker. You like fat azz black apes tying to kill cops? YOU raise these animals then.

      • Michael Brown got himself killed by his own actions. He was not peaceful, he was not courteous, HE DID NOT OBEY THE LAW, he did not respect everyone – and he put his hands on someone first, and that someone was a cop. And now Michael Brown is in the cemetery.

        “Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.” Malcolm X

      • And filthy garbage like you has nooooooooooooo problem with blacks killing blacks or blacks killing whites. Go phhuk youself with your faux outrage.

      • Sadly you are right about him and absolutely right that there are a great many people in this country that just don’t want to let go of the racial divide. They don’t want unity.

      • Are you an unborn baby moron?

        And the black community doesn’t expect the unborn baby BTW.Check the abortion rates fool.

      • What kind of useless slime uses his kid as a prop? OOPS! My bad. You’re a liberal. They use anything and anyone……………..including their family as props.

      • Your kid would be far more likely to be shot by another black in his neighborhood. He might want a cop to protect him/her. Your kid would be Less likely to be shot by a cop than a white by 3 to 1 margin according to statistics.

      • Stop quoting MLK and Malcom. YOU don’t speak for them and I personally find it disgusting that you try to. You have completely missed their mission. Please. Try.

      • They never spoke for you moron. MLK never rioted and here is what X had to say about the dems you blow……………………………….


        ► 4:00► 4:00


        May 11, 2007 – Uploaded by Malcolm X NetworkMalcolm X Network … You’re the one who put the presentDemocratic Administration in Washington D.C. The …

        Malcolm X on the Democratic Party – YouTube

        ► 11:22► 11:22



        Malcolm X: Black Democrats are ‘chumps’ – YouTube

        ► 2:57► 2:57


        Jul 14, 2013 – Uploaded by BlackAndRightMalcolm X: Black Democrats are ‘chumps’ … Broke Party: Inner-City Blacks Abandoning Obama & Democrat …

        Malcolm X says black people get “chumped” by the …

        ► 2:49► 2:49


        Aug 28, 2014 – Uploaded by Boyce Watkins… took place nearly 50 years ago, but is perfectly applicable today. Malcolm X is talking about black support …

        Malcolm X: Black Democrats are “Traitors” – YouTube

        ► 3:18► 3:18


        Sep 3, 2012 – Uploaded by Frantz KebreauMalcolm X: Black Democrats are “Traitors” … his early philosophy, he sets the record straight and reveals the …

        Malcolm X – Harlem Mississippi Democratic Freedom Party …

        ► 26:19► 26:19


        Dec 6, 2012 – Uploaded by Donnie MossbergMalcolm was truly one of those great men who only come along once in a generation. His ability to continually …

        Malcolm X: The Democrat Party’s Political Con Game …

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        Sep 7, 2012 – Uploaded by Frantz KebreauThe Final Installment in the Malcolm X series! The political “con” game to keep power has been a mainstay of …

        Malcolm X: Black Democrats are Political Chumps-Pt. 1 …

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        Sep 1, 2012 – Uploaded by Frantz KebreauI am not a supporter of Malcolm X but in these clips he speaks the TRUTH about the Democrat Party. Please …

        Malcolm X- You’re a Chump and a Traitor! – YouTube

        ► 1:20► 1:20


        Apr 20, 2008 – Uploaded by mrholtshistoryFor the entire clip, visit antishostile at http://www.youtube.com/antihostile.) In a harsh criticism of the futility of voting …

        Malcolm X & The Democrat Party – YouTube

        ► 1:59► 1:59


        Feb 17, 2014 – Uploaded by FDFNY TfdfJoin the Frederick Douglass Foundation today Malcolm X: Assassinated by “Black Muslim’s” – “When you …

      • “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that”
        Martin Luther King Jr.

      • “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

        Martin Luther

      • 4 And when he sowed , some seeds fell by 
        the way side, and the fowls came and devoured them up : 

        5 Some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up , because they had no deepness of earth: 

        6 And when the sun was up , they were scorched ; and because they had no root, they withered away . 

        7 And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprung up , and choked them: 

        8 But other fellinto good ground, and
         brought forthfruit, some an hundredfold , somesixtyfold , some thirty fold

        Matthew 13:4-8

  13. Col. West please run for national public office again. This country needs people like you to participate in shaping and implementing public policy.

  14. I live in south Mississippi. My family comes from all walks of life from around the globe my father is Vietnames my mother German, Irish, African and several other “races”. But I, I am an American I believe the good Lord will see us through this trying time. And the us as Americans will realize that the communist left wing has always been the party against the people. Not only the Black Americans but White Americans, Asian Americans, Lato Americans and native Americans. It’s great Americans like yourself COL. West that gives all of America hope. Allen West 2016

    • Wilhelm Vo HIGH FIVE TO YOU BROTHER! Yes indeed can’t beat us – WE ARE ALL AMERICANS – IS WHAT WE ARE FOREVER! There is nothing on this planet on this earth like AMERICAN. Love us hate us curse us try to kill us – YOU WILL NEVER BREAK US.

  15. Mr West you are a true inspiration . How I wish that more people could see the truth that you live. I agree it has always made me wondered why success black people were called names and thought of as traitors to their race for becoming upstanding regular people that fit in and contributed to society.

  16. Sir,
    Thank you for your logic and commonsense. I grew up as a so called labeled white person in Newark, NJ in the late 60’s & 70’s. I came from an area in Newark that was about 65% Black & 20% white and the remaining percentage Hispanic/Latino. I don’t remember there being any racial tension at all back then. In fact, we were taught to respect everyone, especially our community pillars, most just so happened to be Black. I can not measure the positive impact those people had on my life, but he was significant. I didn’t know anything about racism until I learned about it in school. I found it very shocking. If it existed in my neighborhood, I was oblivious to it. Someday I hope we return to the times like it was like when we both grew up. It is going to take men like you to accomplish this not so easy task. Thank God for people like you; that’s all I’m trying to say.

  17. Dear People,
    Here is a FULL description of the nature of the Liberals (like our cute, but constantly complaining Friend Rafael) by Psychiatrist Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD. He did identify the cause of the Liberal Mental disease through the 30+ years scientific examination, review of ALL data and evaluation of the LIBERAL MIND.

    His unwavering conclusion is: Liberalism is the Mental Disease.

    “The Liberal Mind is the first in-depth examination of the major Political MADNESS of our time: The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people FROM cradle TO grave. To rescue us from OUR troubled lives, the liberal agenda recommends DENIAL of personal responsibility, encourages self-PITY and other-PITY, fosters Government DEPENDENCY, promotes SEXUAL

    INDULGENCE, rationalizes violence, EXCUSES financial obligation, justifies THEFT, ignores rudeness, prescribes COMPLAINING and BLAMING, DENIGRATES Marriage and the FAMILY, legalizes all ABORTION [Infanticide], defies religious and social tradition, declares inequality unjust, and rebels against the duties of citizenship. Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions. Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized FREEDOM. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness. Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered LIBERTY depends. Only an irrational man would want the state to run his life for him rather than create secure conditions in which he can run his own life. Only an irrational agenda would deliberately undermine the citizen’s growth to competence by having the state adopt him. Only irrational thinking would trade individual LIBERTY for government coercion, sacrificing the pride of self-reliance for welfare dependency. Only a Madman would look at a community of free people cooperating by choice and see a society of victims exploited by villains.

    [From The Liberal Mind; The Psychological Causes of Political Madness by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., MD]

    P.S. This book must be on your desk.

  18. “What have we all done to so anger the white progressive socialist left that we constantly draw their ire? We succeeded.

    And therein lies the real racism about which the liberal media doesn’t want a conversation — black success based on fundamental American liberty and freedom enshrined in conservative principles such as individual sovereignty and free market entrepreneurship.”

    Amen, brother.

  19. We do not owe!

    We do not owe. Nada. Zip. Zero. God says you will go to hell, if you pay. And we do not owe our lives. To those who scream it is racism to even talk about the deaths of them killed in the Knockout Games! Yet we accord to black people, to all the non-white world, greater rights that we have? Obama says we should be kind to strangers? And he demands that we worship all the non-white world, paying to them our country, or lives and our souls? Ask him about the free, plane tickets to the resort in Hawaii, for the illegals from one-hundred and fifty countries. And worshipping them? Praising as we are killed? Worshipping as we are murdered? Limping barefooted across the broken glass and broken concrete of the burned cities, crying piteously, owing and paying and worshipping, because the liberals, and the devil, himself, says you must? Whoredom? IDOLATRY?! As the Ferguson rioters say you do not have the right to mention them, and you can only praise them, if you would be allowed to speak at all. As they burn, and pillage, and play the Knockout Games in America and the Middle East. As they murder.


    The devil wishes to rise above God, to be worshipped as God, his goal from the Garden of Eden, establishing his New World Order, where he is worshipped, and God is not worshipped, or mentioned, or remembered.

    The devil can take your country, and your life, if you will agree that you owe, and must pay, the Godless horde and him, anything and everything, forever. He can make you worship the Godless horde and him. He can take your soul. His goal from the Garden of Eden.

    As the white liberals, and those who receive, those who have rejected God and His word, furiously play their Race Cards, their accusations of Racism, at any who will contend that he does not owe! As the witches in the Women’s Studies Department hiss and scream,

    “You owe, owe, owe! And you must pay, pay, pay! For you will be racist if you will not pay! And you cannot be RACIST!”

    And “You cannot criticize the Godless horde, or the devil, himself! You can only praise the Godless horde and the devil, if you would be allowed to speak at all!”

    Allen West is a conservative, and wishes to do the right thing. He calls for a dialogue on Race. And the dialogue is simple: We do not owe. Him, or anyone else. We do not owe.

    Allen West says he usually does not play the Race Card. An indication that he usually, but not always, proceeds in a manner that will not send him to hell. And you are giddy because he does not usually charge you much?

    The Race Card, the accusation of Racism, is a demand for payment. It is always played to demand a payment. According to the devil, and the ACLU, and all the Godless horde (those apart from God), white people, and in particular, white Americans, owe all the rest of the non-white world, anything and everything, forever.

    The Race Card, the accusation of Racism, is the magick talisman that is focused and shined on the the Non-Scriptural Decree of the New World Order, The Decree, The Devil’s Lie, the mantra of all the Godless horde, and the devil’s stronghold in the minds of white people after indoctrination, that

    “You owe, and you must pay, for you will be racist if you will not pay, and you cannot be racist.”

    The Devil’s Decree is the mantra of Obama, and all the Godless horde, and is printed EXACTLY on the signs held by the Mexican invaders.

    The Race Card presupposes the devil’s contention that you owe. But the Race Card is a non-sequitur. We do not owe to begin with.







    God says if you pay ANYTHING to those who claim they are owed ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, FOREVER, you will go to hell, FOREVER. And those you pay will go to hell with you. FOREVER.

    And the lover of money, The Reverend of the god of Racism, Al Sharpton, forgot to tell you about that, when he told you that white people do not have the right to speak about Race, wishing to quell discussion–and consideration–of the ploy the devil would use to drag all the world into hell with him.

    Allen West says he usually does not play the Race Card? He usually does well.

    Revelations 22:8-10: “I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things. And when I heard and saw, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who showed me these things. 9But he said to me, “Do not do that. I am a fellow servant of yours and of your brethren the prophets and of those who heed the words of this book. Worship God.” 10And he said to me, “Do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book, for the time is near.”

    There is a reason that John’s angel would not let John worship him: He did not want John–AND HIM–to go to hell! Another angel made that mistake. His name is satan. And he still wishes for worship today. Worship for him, and his Godless horde. As it is written that he would.


    Ezekiel 33:6:”But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpetto warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’slife will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchmanaccountable for their blood.”

    Jesus paid the price so that we owe no man or god.

    And our jealous God did not create us debtors to the Godless horde, and the devil, himself, owing them what God requires for Himself, and He will not understand that you paid love, and likes, and approval, Great Consideration of, and Great Solicitation of, the will, and wishes, and feelings of the Godless horde and the devil, himself, and praise, tithes and worship, such that you must never criticize them, and must only praise them, if you would be allowed to speak at all, even as the cities burn and you are murdered! Owing and paying and WORSHIPPING your IDOLS. WHOREDOM! IDOLOTRY!

    God says fear He who can destroy the body–and the soul–in hell. God says fear God. God says you do not owe. God says you will not pay. God says you will not worship them. God says you will listen to no argument such that you will disregard Him, or His word, or His commandments, including the Race Card and the Devil’s Decree, and consult the word of God and ask Eve, from the Garden of Eden, if anything bad will happen if you will do so. Or just look around. God says you will go to hell if you pay them, and if you pay ANYTHING to those who claim they are owed ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, FOREVER, you will go to hell FOREVER, and they will go with you.

    According to the devil, Racism is the failure of white people to pay, and the devil says white people owe anything and everything, forever, and that the debt can never be settled. And you can ask the man-in-the-street if REPARATIONS will settle the debt. Or if anything else will settle the debt the devil says white people owe. Ask Harry Reid if “Redskins” will be enough. If paying the provision of Free Speech from the Constitution will be enough. Ask them if paying one’s right to speak is enough, as The Reverend of the god of Racism, Al Sharpton, say white people do not have the right to speak of Race, and as the Ferguson rioters say you do not have the right to mention them, and that you can only praise them, if you would be allowed to speak at all. As they burn, and pillage, and play the Knockout Game the MSM will not talk about. As they murder. Praising as you are killed? Worshipping as you murdered?

    The Race Card, the accusation of Racism, is a request for payment. But God says “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” We owe God. We owe no other. We will go to hell, if we pay to another what belongs to God. And those who receive such payment will go to hell with us.

    And the Race Card is killing us. The devil is using it to require worship. We do not owe. God says we do not owe. We will go to hell, if we pay. And those paid are going to hell.


    Dan T. Chandler, Copyright 2014, ARR

  20. Uncle Ruckus is making white people feel good! You are truly a DISGRACE! How about you going to the black community to use your story to uplift?? How about you go to the black community to help.

      • I stand behind Allen West but will shout to the rooftops – Andy Martin – that your “ape” comments are deplorable and have no place here.

      • You are WRONG !!!
        Andy calls a SPADE a SPADE. And a SPADE should be called a Spade WITHOUT using the cosmetics.

        Sorry, but we strangulated YOUR PC.

        BTW, can you tell us, please, HOW MANY monikers you’re using ???

      • Andy, WHY are you putting this slavish RACIST into such difficult situation ???

        You know he CAN’T and WOULDN’T prove it.
        The facts are standing AGAINST the LIAR’s poppycock.

      • What is your problem? You are the only one acting like an animal. If you are an intelligent person act like one.

      • Can’t you refute someones comment without being a racist? Rhetorical, I know the answer. I’m a black conservative and I understand why people attack Mr. West, Dr Carson, and any other black Conservative out there… It happens to me all the time, and as far gone as they may be with their comments I’ve never have had the limitations that would force me to succumb to the need of making ignorant remarks.

      • Bite it race pimp. I call out the racists. And don’t bullcrap me about you being a black conservative. You ‘understand’ why they are attacked? That;s because you’re one of the same POS maggot azz ace hustlers I bust on all the time. Your punk azz poster pal Uncle Suckazz wants to call out West cuz he donts be black enuff and I slapped him for it. I fight ignorance with ignorance. And I’ve done the same with you.

      • You are the first person ever to refer to me as a race baiter. I’m usually the one calling people like Al Shrpton race baiters. It goes to show the depth of you stupidity. You are succumbing to your limitations again, if solutions to our problems were left to you only disaster would ensue. I usually dont wate my time with room temperature IQ, but because you seam to have conservative views I’ve givin’ you some grace, but you are reaching your limits.

      • Given your spelling and punctuation skills limitations, you’re the last one to crack on my I.Q. You don’t set my limits poser. You decided to get in my face so now we’ll see where this goes. Now if you dislike my bedside manner, too damn bad.

      • My issue is simple, but yours is a character issue that can only b solved through…to late I think this is how you are always going to be. Only you can change you. Thank you for proof reading my comments.

      • Cut the crap and get over yourself. If you came here for a Harvard style debate then you’re an idiot. I slap the snot out of these race pimps every time they rear their empty heads. I treat them like they are the ISIS of our nation’s social fabric………….which they are. They cry like babies for APES/THUGS that needed every bullet they have gotten. These slimy phux turn and run of you mention black on black or black on white crime. So eff ’em. They want to ignorantly act like this is the mid ’60’s and fling their 400 years of oppression crap as a cover for tacitly approving these damn apes, I’ll call ’em on it in no uncertain terms. NOW you know my ‘character’ buddy. You wish to kiss race pimp azz, pucker up then. I expect you’ll have Ruffy, Earl, Jay, Pat and Paul with faces down and azz up waiting for a peck on the cheek. Now if there is nothing else, go fist yourself.

      • Ah, back on my computer and off my phone… Now to give you a proper response. See, you can make a sense and make intelligent points… Well, at least in the middle of your rant, between “APE/THUGS” and “uncertain terms.” I know you want to “let them/me have it,” but why the need for all the embellishments? It would seem that you are either trying to make up for some insecurities or there are deeper issues… Only you know. Trust me, it would be much simpler to stick to facts than resort to advertising your insecurities. I’m just trying to help. I don’t know about your homosexual innuendo, but sorry homie I don’t swing that way.

      • Yes, black CRIMINALS are lowlife apes and thugs. Don’t worry about my embellishments, you’ll be fine. And spare me the psyche 101 projection of yours. The insecurities are those exhibited by the poster playing Marine. Whatsamatta kid? No daddy around? You getting bullied a lot at school? Now get yer pucker up kid. The libs are waiting.

      • That’s vague and doesn’t relate to anything specific he said in his article. Take him to task on one of his points or don’t bother.

      • He doesn’t remember people setting fires in his neighborhood when MLK died does he remember people setting fires in the rest of the country? When has he ever referenced that LBJ citation he loves quoting so much?

      • WTF would you know about the King riots? You weren’t even a wet dream back then. Keep your pus filled mouth closed about that which you know nothing of.

      • Yep. He started none but idiot apes who claimed to believe in him had riots in his ‘honor’ when he was killed. Thanks for playing sucker.

      • Raffy is just a crab. Allen West was never in that crab pot with him, but Raffy still spends his days trying to pull West down, because that’s all crabs know how to do.

      • Aw, what’s wrong, crab? That’s why you hate the truth, because the truth hurts.

        Al Sharpton is a virus growing on a snake turd. You can’t “pull Al Sharpton down,” because Al Sharpton has never risen above anything in his miserable life. Now get back on the plantation, Raffy. Harry and Nancy gonna beat you.

      • Well homey I don’t know the answer to your question. And more importantly, I don’t care.. Sorry to disappoint you. Unlike your Democrat plantation masters, I don’t answer questions that I don’t care about or know.

      • The most ignorant cretin here is you race pimp. The ’60’s are over. Put the molotov down and go raise your kid.

      • Jumo, you strike me as a parody rather than a serious poster. While conservatives can appreciate the support and certainly you are drumming up lots of opposition to the cause of those you are lampooning, I think you are overdoing it a bit. Don’t ham it up quiiite so much.

      • Oh that’s right. In a race pimps mind, like yours, ape Brown was innocent in spite of evidence to the contrary. And blacks aren’t blowing each other away in many cities. Al and Jesse aren’t racists and it’s not the fault of the black community for most of their problems. Oh and libruls just love the brothers

      • If we are ever going to get past racism, we need to stop flaming its fire. Don’t keep making it an us/them argument, that gets us now where and sets us back to the 60’s. Change it to a we argument and go forward.

      • So true! I have never seen so many keep slinging mud at successful Black men who made it outside the sports arena or rap music.. They automatically call them an Uncle Tom, or Uncle Ruckus as Earl likes to label him, or House N, ( wont even write that word out), if they aren’t a part of the “system” or party they declare as being their party. Its sad too as these are the men and women who should be everyones hero and person to look up to. And they don’t resort to pulling the race card because of any setbacks or failures, but take responsibility for their actions and pick themselves up and work harder to achieve success.

      • Oprah, Tyler Perry, Will Smith, Colin Powell, Michael Steele, Condoleeza Rice, Jesse Williams, Tim Scott (just for not being a blowhard), Ben Carson (for the operation on twins joined by the head), Shonda Rhimes, Thurgood Marshall, Terry McMillan, Maya Angelou (RIP), Alex Haley, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and my parents.

      • These are just a few of today’s very successful Blacks that I have so much respect for (aside for Oprah because she started pulling the race card when promoting Obama). I wish you had put Col West as I regard him as a huge success as well, and shows that you don’t need to pull the race card to be recognized. I know you are a good person too Raf, though I don’t know you personally you can tell the trolls from the real people on here and I feel you are real and a success. 🙂

      • Atta pimp! Cling to the ’60’s like you handles tell you to. Because if not for that diversion, you and your pimp pals would have no reason to live. But please, start getting your MLK history rants correct

      • Where did I say anything about pretending? … lol again you read stuff into something thats not there. As Morgan Freeman said a few years ago when asked how can we end racism, he said “Don’t talk about it”… I take that to mean, stop making it such an issue and it will go away, (probably not completely as we will always have those who cant get past the colour of someones skin)…. in other words, the only people making it an issue are the race baiters like Sharpton, Jackson and a few others who don’t want to lose their job. If there were no race issues today, Sharpton et all will be out of a job and on the street hustling something else.

      • Don’t taIk about it and it will go away? Even when the result is death? Are you really that naive? You don’t catch racism like it’s a cold or ebola. It’s learned behavior. Are we going to do the same thing with pedophiles? Don’t talk about them and they will go away? Al and Jesse are not the ones making it an issue. It’s those who wants them to shut up who are desperate to ignore the issue.

      • Are you just going on and on about this just to hear yourself talk? Did I say anything about racism being a disease? I never said it will go away completely but it can and did get better for a while. It wasn’t a huge issue for years, although we had racial issues still, it wasn’t the main focus on anybody’s mind as we had more important issues to deal with in this country, such as terrorism. And it seems that the way to get people away from that issues is to stoke the fires of racism again where there really is not a big problem You have bigger worries to worry about than a cop going to shoot you or your kids.. you really should worry more about your son or anyone in your family getting shot on the street by gang bangers.

        Sharpton and Jackson are the ones keeping the flames burning because the ONLY time they speak up about a black person being killed is if its a white person, especially if they are in law enforcement. You NEVER hear them speak a word about the crimes they need to be focusing on or helping build up communities because it is not beneficial to them to do so… they make their money and fame by keeping racism going… open your eyes Raf… many others already have and have been telling these racists to stay away from their families and funerals.

      • Maybe we got complacent and it’s just now blowing us in the face. Maybe we where just following Mr. Morgan advice until black kids started dropping in the streets.

      • Or maybe things were really getting better as far as race issues but the trouble makers want you to believe there is some kind of hidden agenda. We live in a time where Black celebrities are more famous than whites. Black music is loved more by all races, and whites are changing the way they talk, dress and act to reflect that. Its seen in the theaters, music, TV shows etc. So how were things so bad? Im not saying there weren’t any racial problems anywhere, but they had decreased while black on black crime increased. And you worry that you will be shot by a cop?

        The only way I see that happening Raf is if you conduct some kind of illegal activity. You are more likely to be shot by your own than by a cop but you rather say a white person is to be blamed.

        Where do you live? (not your address or city but what type of neighborhood do you live in?) Would you rather live in the “hood” and bring your son up in one or would you rather live in an area that is well off and the schools are better? How did you get where you at?

        I have lived in the projects, lived in the “hood”. My father left us when we were young and my mother raised us on welfare because she didn’t have a high school diploma. I had a daughter when I was a young lady and too didnt finish high school until I was in my late twenties.. But you know what.. I don’t blame my mom, my neighbors or the “rich”. I take responsibility for myself and my kids and got my GED, am going to college, have a Bachelors in Criminal Justice/forensic psychology and am working on my Masters in human behaviour and law.

        We have to stop the cycle of blaming others for our failings, even as a race or culture and start taking responsibility for ourselves and our children. And that means stop blaming whites for everything that is wrong with Black communities today when its not our fault. Blacks have had the opportunity for over 50 years thank you to MLK and other notable strong Black men and women. Morgan Freeman is one hell of a man and he said it right… stop talking about it… do something. Get an education (not you as I know you are in IT but in general) and build that dream based on yourself, not because they feel they are entitled to it but because they deserve it by working for it. Stop blameing whites and pull up your pants and get jobs and build your communities from within, stop black on black violence by stopping them, turn them in and bring your fight to them, those that are mooching off YOUR backs.. Sharpton and Jackson the two biggest moochers out there…

      • Black on black crime will never stop. Because crime in general will never stop. Criminals target victims of their own race. For it to stop all crime has to stop. Black on black crime is just the distraction the racist points to to justify his behavior and his racist opinion. You are not responsible for any criminal behavior if you don’t engage in criminal activity. Hate to break it to you but yes I worry about getting shot by police. I worry about my son getting shot by police. Tamir Rice wasn’t engaging in criminal activity just playing with a plastic gun. Whitey doesn’t have to answer for his death just the cop who shot him. But I don’t expect him to, should I be angry about it? Probably not. But I’m only human. I moved out of the hood with great sorrow when I finally did. I take my kid once in a while. Show him the mud field where I learned to play football. Still have my first pair of cleats that a white teammate gave me. Show him the humble beginnings. Your mind left the ghetto way before you actually left. Like you said change your community from within. But see everyone has that responsibility, black and white. Real change starts with yourself. If that’s what Mr. Freeman meant, he was right.

      • The stereotype you are referring to we bring it on our-self. Granted there are plenty of stupid racist people out there, on both sides, but we have to stop committing crimes and killing our-self first then we can deal with whatever racism still exist. Period.

      • Too many black people buy into that fallacy. I am not responsible for anyone’s stereotype or prejudice. The racists prejudice lives in his head. Can’t control other peoples perception.

      • Yea, but tell me you if you are in a neighborhood that you are not from,
        won’t you cross the street to avoid a group of young black. I’m 5′ 11′ around 200lbs. muscular well trained Marine, and I can’t say I won’t cross the street just to be on the safe side.

      • [[ I’m 5′ 11′ around 200lbs. muscular well trained Marine, ]]

        You’re full of crap fraud. ANY Marine I have known over decades aren’t braggards. You’re another libtard GI Joe wannabe engaging in stolen valor.

      • So true Andy, but that doesn’t mean every one is full of BS… Hell I could be huge, greasy, fat man, or woman, or Jessica Rabbit 🙂 .. Brings to mind Brad Paisley’s song “Online”.

      • Yes Rena but eventually it becomes clear you are talking to a phoney if you talk to them long enough. However, I think you are authentic 🙂

      • Stay true, stay strong. Popular narrative will always try to kill your integrity. What’s right is right, you got it.

      • My guess is you are the same here as in person. You don’t claim to be anything you are not from what I see. This Higher Ground clown is a fraud. Go through his recent posts. He’s a 12YO GI Joe wannabe.

      • First, I can see you limitations again. How in the world did you get from my comments that I’m a liberal. This is my quote on my profile; “Because man is fallible by nature, the Conservative seeks to limit the damage that can be done through the abuse of power by limiting its concentration. The conservative fosters the fullness of human potential by protecting the freedom and dignity of each person, regardless of race, acknowledging that responsibility comes with freedom. Rights and duties are always linked.” I believe this wholeheartedly.
        Second, this is what I responded to your friend, so here this is applicable to you too: “There was one time when someone made a comment accusing me of “stolen valor” (It’s happened twice, you are the second) I went out of my way to prove that he was wrong, but after a few years and a few thousand comments later I figured how stupid a person would have to be in order to think they can assess someone’s veracity by reading just a few words.”

      • First off, your profile says one thing and you act another way in practice.

        You want to prove you’re a Marine? Put up something that proves it. Not a ‘few thousand comments’. The fact that you would argue with someone over it for years tells me you’re full of crap. Why would you care what anyone thinks unless you’re lying and are obsessed with convincing people of your ruse?

        [[ later I figured how stupid a person would have to be in order to think they can assess someone’s veracity by reading just a few words.”]]

        And you’re stupid enough to think you can convince someone you’re a Marine by carping at them for a few years. Talk is cheap. Put up proof.

      • I see I have to explain to you the point I was making… You sure are needy. The only reason I made the point that I can defend myself is to make the point that we also see other black men as white people do… A potential criminal. I would guess that you would at least agree with this.

      • You don’t have to, nor can you, explain dik to me pal. And I look at everyone as a potential criminal. An alleged black Marine who plays the race card? You’re pathetic and obviously more ‘needy’ than anyone here if you feel you gotta carry that stereotypical crutch.

      • IF you actually are a 5’11” 200lb muscular well trained Marine and you cross the street to avoid ANYTHING I would say first you are full of crap and second you are having some sort of fantasy up in this blog LOL and third you are not a Marine.

        Impersonating a Marine is disgusting, shame on you. You just outed your stupid self.


      • I’ll deal with you in a little bit I have a two hr. drive, but more than brave we are taught to be well prepared and smart. Superiority in any situation.

      • There was one time when someone made a comment accusing me of “stolen valor” (It’s happened twice, you are the second) I went out of my way to prove that he were wrong, but after a few years and a few thousand comments later I figured how stupid a person would have to be in order to think they can access some one’s veracity by reading just a few words.
        By the way, Marine even retreat to later re-group to acquire superiority.

      • Listen up blow hard, if you are a Marine, which I find doubtful based on your “I’ll cross the street just to be safe” comment regarding a group of “young black” in your path, then you have some how managed to achieve one the greatest accomplishments you will have ever done in your entire miserable life. But I don’t believe you have made that accomplishment just yet.

        A Marine will walk down any street, anywhere, at any time, night or day, does not matter, if YOU are a MARINE no one is getting up in your face because you would not let them and YOU are not too afraid to set your course and carry on because a group of blacks in is your path. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? You don’t represent the Corps.

        Semper Fi.

      • I have not met many people like, so willing to prove what a fool you really are. I know Higher Ground personally, and he is exactly what he says is he is. So please keep your ignorant comments to yourself. A-hole

      • I have not met many people like you that are so willing to prove what a fool you really are. I know Higher Ground personally, and he is exactly what he says is he is. So please keep your ignorant comments to yourself… A$$hole

      • You know him personally – wow, lucky you! Is he always so full of himself or just online? If he is a Marine he should try to stop sounding off like a pompous fool, and hey that sort of goes for you too sweetheart 😉

      • Well, after 22 years of service he has done a lot, and yes, he can be a little overbearing, but I’m not going to tell him that. About the sweetheart part, be careful my girlfriend is the jealous type.

      • Well I guess you just did tell him he’s a little overbearing silly.
        And he probably won’t be happy to learn you have another girlfriend either lol. You girls need to talk 🙂

        Seriously, I haven’t much else to say except: When you talk to Higher Ground again 😉 you should let him know that a Marine is the best person to walk through a group of “young black” as he called them, hanging on the street. Especially since somewhere I think it was indicated he was black. In fact I can’t think of a better person to walk through a group of young thugs hanging on the corner than a Marine.

        Those young thugs all think they are bad asses and if a true bad ass walks by, maybe just maybe something good would come of it. It’s called inspiration. It happens.


      • How old are you? I’m serious. I just turned 26 and I’m more mature (with the exception of the a$$hole remark, fitting but still immature). I don’t know how you can misread his comments. I guess you’ve never lived in a neighborhood with a high crime rate, or you would know how foolish it would be to walk up to a group of thugs without knowing them. Even the police call for backup. Listen I’m not higher ground’s apologist, but I do know that he does more than most to help others. Especially our youth. If you are interested, he can give you some suggestions on how to serve others. Just ask him. One thing he did was to started a Martial Art program teaching youth at risk how to defend themselves. If you know anything about kids at risk of becoming gang members is that they join because of fear. Kids who have graduated from this program are no longer easy targets. I write this with no real expectation of a mature remark from you.

      • It would be a mistake to make assumptions about me as you have. My age is none of your business nor is any other personal information about me, what I have done, where I have lived and what I do now.

        Yes I have lived in very extremely dangerous neighborhoods lol. Situational Awareness is my personal mantra.

        Original comment he would cross the street to avoid a group of young blacks, didn’t really mention gangs. Not sure on your assumption all “young black” are gang. Also implied walking down a sidewalk (?) not approaching a “group of thugs.” Could be wrong, don’t really care.

        On misreading his comments: He comes across as arrogant. All his comments are boastful as if he is better than anyone else in the room. Among the various jobs I have, one is profiling. I just call it as I see it from what he wrote and what I read. Deal with it.

        Actually yes it does appear that you are Higher Ground’s apologist. I find that a little strange, have not given it much thought. It seems as though you are stroking him and you should probably stop. Apparently he’s a big boy.

        Good he helps others. When you see him next tell him to keep up the good work.

        No I’m not interested in any suggestions from him. I’ve been in the military longer than you have been alive; believe me I know how to serve.

        I too am into self defense professionally, and yes I know a great deal about at risk kids, personally.

        Hope this reply got close to your expectation. If it didn’t do please be so kind as to piss off. You and your girlfriend are actually pretty boring when it comes right down to it 🙂

        Bottom line up front:

        Your “friend” didn’t sound like a Marine. If he is or isn’t I couldn’t give two craps at this point. I’ve worked with hundreds of Marines, he didn’t sound like one. There is something there that’s just not authentic, whatever it was, my radar went off. And yes I’m really good at reading people. It’s a rather crucial part of my j o b.

        My advice take it or leave it: Be humble.

        One more thing for what it’s worth: I don’t have a problem with you unless you want me to. There’s nothing else to talk about.

      • I at this moment read this whole conversation and to be honest for a person that claims that reading people is a crucial part of your job, sure did a piss-poor job of just reading. I too have a hard time getting how you got what you got from Higher ground’s comment. This is just an observation but you come across as pompous not fitting a person that has done over 26 years in the military.

      • Well Fight For Your Right (Hispanic you are entitled to your observations 🙂 as I am. He seemed artificial to me because of what he wrote, how he wrote it, and what he didn’t write, among other things.

      • Very good question. I take full responsibility for my own prejudice. Only way I can remain consistent. I need self-awareness to chose who’s perception I filter in or out. Cannot recognize anyone ‘s prejudice if I’m not aware of my own. That would make me an hypocrite.

      • You are racist as you are helping keep the flames of racism going. Im sorry you don’t see it, but its there. When you can stop stoking the fire then you can say you are not racist.

      • [[ The stereotype you are referring to we bring it on our-self ]]

        Really ‘Marine’? I thought you were above that being an alleged Marine and all. A little advice fraud, if yer gonna play a part, know the script.

      • It’s interesting that you get more worked up over my observations than I get over your blatant insults. Telling you to grow up is probably a waste of time, but grow up, don’t be such a winner.

      • You give yourself too much credit fraud. And your diversion is duly noted also.

        [[ don’t be such a winner.]]

        What’s wrong with being a winner?

        Lemme tell ya something kid, you suck at this ‘I’m a Marine’ crap. You spell like a 12YO, same for punctuation. You’re too stupid to be a Marine.

      • His “friend” Tom White replied to me on Higher Ground’s account (weird right lol) and told me he’s been a Marine for 22 years LOL! Went on and on about how awesome he is LMAO! I mean Whiskey Foxtrot Tango !!! Are these guys in love or is this guy in love with himself and posing or what???

      • And you never made a spelling error? When you insult one veteran, you insult all veterans and active duty service men and women. As someone who never served, BIOYA!

      • Your ‘marine’ here makes all kinds of errors. Now if you think he’s a Marine, you’re an idiot. And if you’re claiming that you have served, you’re lying. I don’t know anyone who served of any color who condones thugs.

      • I notice that you haven’t challenged Korean_Vet about his service….Oh, that’s right, his views agree with yours. I understand now. If vets disagree with you, you won’t believe they served. Hypocrite.

      • ANY POSTER who’s default response when being slapped around in debate is “I served, you didn’t” , didn’t serve. And ANY POSTER who comes here kissing ape azz and making excuses for them all the while claiming they are a veteran are liars too. Now go suk your pet ape.

      • I’m sorry but you will find a few black people that will go along with the republican party..I believe the last election showed 7% of black people voted for MITT. That leaves 93% that DIDN’T. Sorry….

  21. Col West, because of people like you who spent twenty two years serving in our military, millions of us are “private free American citizens with a singular First Amendment right of free speech”. Thank you!

  22. Ohhhh snap so he’s black….hooooooot-dog. Served in congress and the army that’s double and triple hot-dog. And he delivers that pile of doodoo of an opinion. That’s where I aint surprised. Allen, may I call you Allen? That some sappy stuff right there brother. I mean…on one side… I’m a victim of democrats and the other… my momma taught not me to play victim. I’d cry for you bro but seems like you rich, so you be aiiight. You don’t like to be called a house [email protected]? Brah don’t be one. I get that you can play with the white kids now and I aint hatin’. You are not talking to most brother and sisters out there you talkin’ past them. This is a brother you might relate to some grimmy business.



      • Wow, you must be so proud…bruh. You are exactly what Lyndon B. Johnson was talking about when he boasted he would have, “N166ers voting Democrat for the next hundred years.”

        Allen West has more character in his finger-nail than you’ll ever have in your entire life.

        So, you still selling crack or you pimpin’ ho’s now? Or did you get that job working in the Obama administration pimpin’ your soul?

      • You get with the times Jumbo. LBJ socially engineered the F out of blacks, right back into a new kind of slavery. Forty years of Liberal Socialism have truly screwed the blacks over worse than anyone could have ever predicted.

        If you can’t say that and don’t know that you don’t know jack and never will LBJumbo.

      • For the century preceding Johnson’s Presidency, America’s Black citizens had made remarkable progress, when you consider that most had to start from poverty and slavery. With the advent of the “Great Society” it all reversed. We have been seeing, for some time, the result of LBJ’s “Great Society” that has been responsible for destroying the black family, morality, and for filling the streets with fatherless thugs. And, incidentally, for creating roles for racist opportunists like Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama.

      • Everyone will. “It is He Who gives life and causes death, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers. No, but they unbelievers divert themselves with doubts.”

      • So what you’re saying, is that you’re never leaving the ghetto. Suit yourself, Fool but stop your whining already. Gets old.

    • In today’s America define “House [email protected],” and the only brothers and sisters he maybe talking past are the ones that refuse to get out of the government plantation. I remember when my parents took us out of the projects he asked us to promise that we would never return. We kept our promise.

      • >> Being ashamed of where you come from is part of being ashamed of who you are. >>

        you call this shame?

        >> My memories of the black community growing up were centered on faith, family, education, personal responsibility, self-reliance, and for my family — service to the nation in uniform. Those ladies and gents are conservative principles and values — or as I was wrote here — classical liberal principles. >>

      • thank you for noting that. I’m not sure he says he was fond of that. But what he did respect was integrity, family, faith, and personal responsibility.

        His thesis is that the “Great Society,” while well-meaning, subsidizes the wrong things. And a couple of generations later, the black community is worse off than then. Keep in mind, those on the right say this regardless of race.

        You can agree or disagree on root causes of the plight of the black community (or any other community), but to say Allen West is “ashamed of his roots” is NOT what he wrote and doesn’t move the dialog any further.

        The amount of anger, distortion, and outright lies – and yes – racism – on here is troubling. I’m not sure I’ll bother to stay around here. But it is good to know how some people think.

      • And I will vehemently disagree with anyone who says that black or white. The “great society” is just a straw man to demonize black people. Crack epidemics did a lot worse to the black community than any number of times LBJ might have said the dirty N word.

      • What a leftarded response. You think LBJ’s pimpery of the black community via generational welfare was not as bad as crack? You dumb POS. People do not need crack you azzho. But they do need food and housing. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any phukkin dumber.

      • This has nothing to do with being fond of segregation but being proud of how far we’ve come.
        My grandma never voted democrat because she remember them being the “Jim Crow Party.”

      • This has nothing to do with being ashamed, It’s about breaking the vicious cycle. As I said before, when my parents took us out of the projects he asked us to promise that we would never return. We kept our promise.

      • The projects is not where you live but how you think and how you carry yourself. Aaron Hernandez signed a 55 mil contract to play football in the NFL. But still went on to do kill someone gangland style. I understand the part about breaking the cycle. But if you don’t do it in your head doesn’t matter where you live. I wouldn’t mind my kid going back to the ghetto to be a teacher, a firefighter even a police officer. It’s not where you are it’s who you are.

      • The only thing that clown did in congress was serve chicken sammiches. Aint that the butler’s job? Did that idiot pass any bills? Sponsor any law? Just beats on his own community. That’s a 20th century house [email protected] Don’t plantations have tractors and Mexicans nowadays?

      • I bet you worship the ground Barry throws his cigarette butts on. You have picture of Barry and Jessie in home, right next your picture of you and girlfriend, Becky. Who’s cool though..

      • It’s a honor to serve others, even if it is only a mere chicken sammiche lol. My commander serves us all lunch once a month on him out of his own pocket and he puts on an apron when he does it 🙂

    • Liberal nonsense people like yourself praise Barry for being another “community organize”r that did nothing but allow his part of Chicago to get shot up, and his do nothing short senate career that capitalized on gentrification & kickbacks and his Presidency “if you’ll call it that” that floods illegals into the hood to move you out. I’m from Watts L.A. county and just like me there’s no Boy’z N the Hood just Ellos en la Barrio Y no su bienvenidos, “Boy’s in the hood and your not welcome. So shuffle your jive somewhere else. West is a role model that many black and white should look up to.

  23. I spent 23 years with the military, in all that time i can’t remember any of my
    Black buddy’s ever talking about racism.
    I believe the term Afro-American has done more to separate the races.
    I come from Irish back ground, but it would sound silly to call myself an
    Irish-American especially,seeing as how I have never been to Ireland.

    Why is it so hard to just stand proud and say I am an American??

    • The earliest thing I could remember hearing in the Marine Corps was that we are no longer black white, brown or polka dotted. We were all green.

    • Interesting…we don’t mention anything about race until when we are stopped for doing nothing, shot for doing nothing, arrested for doing nothing. There is a difference between the races in this nation.
      Just look at the people that marched from ferguson, mo to jefferson city, mo. Those people were mocked…called the N word…..please don’t try to tell me racism exists only because black people make it so

  24. Col., that has to be one of your finer articles! It was on target and 100% correct! I am old enough to remember Black & White people who while segregated in schools etc still worked and played with and respect the Black man as a good Christian Family man, which he was. Fortunately segregation is long gone and most of us have allowed the color of ones skin to lose any meaning between us. We shop, learn, work, live, eat, worship, and even inter-marry each other now. It seems the problem comes in when you have so many single Black males having babies and abandoning them and not even looking for work but living off the taxpayer and whatever else they can find to do even illegal things. With Obama’s policies causing so much unemployment the Black men cannot find a decent job. We need to concentrate on getting businesses to open up and thrive so they can hire the unemployed and get them off the welfare teat! Then we need to have our Black Leaders once again preach and instill into our Black men and women AND White men and women how to act in a decent an moral manner and get back to being in our Conservative way. Bless you Col. West. I pray for your continued health and your ability to speak up for all Americans.

    • Amen to that! People need to get off the welfare teat! If you can do one thing do that! It will open up the entire world to you. Great post btw thx 🙂

      • Thx Elle. I see many Black Americans who are pulling themselves out of being made a Thug and someone who is greeted and greets others by saying ‘ Whad up Nigga?” These Americans then become Black-Americans or just plain Americans instead of that Afro-American garbage. The become useful and successful and make a better life for them and their families. They do not deserve to be called names or condemned. Those that do that are simply mad that he has wealth and most of all RESPECT which is something he does not have and never will being nothing more than a street thug.

  25. If you want to find out who will be good for this country, just watch and see who the dems and libs hate—that’s the guy to vote for! I really hope we get to see a Carson/West, or west/Carson, ticket in 06.

  26. All LIVES matter; God formed each one in His image, in a mother’s womb. There’s no mention of skin color differentiation, or gender, or any other human -devised category. There IS only 1 “race”: HUMAN. GOD grants us certain unalienable rights, NOT the government, and each shares equal worth in His view, but outcome depends on OUR life choices, and will never be “fair” or equal! We each have UNIQUE gifts, talents and abilities, and how we use those will determine how and where we end up. Human government cannot, indeed doesn’t intend to, make things truly equal; they believe themselves better than the rest of us, regardless of skin colors, etc.

  27. I couldn’t have said it better if I had taken a month to write it myself. Thank you sir for calling it like it is. I hope you don’t take too much flack for it.

  28. Excellent article, US Congressman Allen West, Colonel Allen West, Mr. Allen B. West = Thank you for your Service to our country and Standing Up for America forevermore.

    American Patriots appreciate you for all you have done – and will do – for our Constitutional Republic.

  29. LTC West
    I sever as well in the Army. We didn’t see race in our unit. We saw each other as comrades. A team that worked hard. I still miss my comrades and still stay in contact but my question is when is the black community going to see the light of these liberal democrats are the ones who are causing all this hate. Can’t we be americans and love one another?

    • Anyone in the military who is a racist is an outsider. They are not a part of the team. They stand outside the circle we make. They make enemies fast and have few friends. They will have problems throughout their service and will likely never make much rank and get out. Racism isn’t a part of the military. It will be seen, it will be noted and you will suffer for it. Lots of people learn this when they take their first step off the bus and put their toes on that line. Some see the light, others don’t. The ones that don’t fail. The ones that do succeed.

      On a side note ~ the bonds you make in the military are so strong and so unique. It is good you have kept up with your comrades. Keep doing it till the day you die. One of best experiences I have had, actually many times at this point, is popping smoke, only to bump into someone I was stationed with 10 years before at the Class6 or the Commissary 😉 LOL!

    • Brace up Dr. Stranglove LOL! Things get a little rocky but hang tight. These voices are sometimes harsh but as a whole you must look at what you read as how the “people” feel, regardless if it offends or you agree or disagree. In it’s own way this mass communication has a certain brutal beauty to it. You can’t turn away. I like your avatar pic and congratulations on your recoveries! And I really mean that!

  30. Best article I’ve ever read regarding the race problem in this country. It all stemmed from Johnsons Great Society. Of course I’ve been saying this for decades, and all I have gotten is ridicule from my friends on the left. The shackles of plantation slavery have been replaced with the shackles of the government welfare state. Pop out as many kids as you can to get more “free money”, just don’t let dad live with you. This enables black men to go deposit their sperm into any receptacle that will take it. The black family is almost non existent. 72% blacks born into unwed families. Now granted, that doesn’t always mean that the man isn’t involved, just that they’re unmarried, but it usually means the man has split, moved on to the next whore.

    • So sad and so true. People need to learn anything that is given to you by the gov isn’t yours. I too have been saying exactly the same thing for years. Dragged a few of my friends out of welfare kicking and screaming. It is a system of slavery. Why the hell can’t people see this?

    • Crackers are on welfare more than any other race or ethnicity. Statistics prove this. White women and girls have babies out of wedlock all the time. Your daughters suck dick and screw anything with a pulse. Don’t talk about others when your race does worse.

      • Try again ape love. And I see you blow yourself by linking your own posts.

        28.75% of Blacks are on welfare compared to 5.13% of Whites

        According to [link to wiki.answers.com]

        – 29 million people are on welfare
        – 39% white: 11,661,000
        – 38% black: 11,362,000

        According to [link to en.wikipedia.org]
        – US population: 313,544,041
        – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
        – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549


        Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
        Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

      • Your arguing with an idiot. Your armed with facts, and he’ armed with innuendo and name calling, because that’s what liberals do.

      • I know the feelin. This idiot said some very nasty things about my daughters, or conservatives kids, I don’t know, but I reported his ass.

      • So did I. I don’t mind an honest debate, but when you attack or say vicious things about someone’s daughters, that’s where the line is crossed. I always thought that liberals were suppose to be understanding, and tolerant. Guess that only applies to us and not to them.

      • It takes a real low like son of a bitch to attack someone’s daughters like you just did. Your the lowest scum on this thread. You are no longer worth my time.

  31. Thank you Colonel West. You can always be counted on to say it like it is! Too bad so many young blacks choose the wrong heros……………..heaven knows there are plenty of good examples of what they should aspire to be starting with you!

  32. You might want to add this woman to your list of successes and too bad a lot of the young women hooked on welfare and food stamps have never heard about Ms. Breedlove.

    Ms Breedlove was the first female self made millionaire in our

    “Sarah Breedlove was born on December 23, 1867 in Delta, Louisiana.
    She was one of six children; she had a sister Louvenia and four brothers:
    Alexander, James, Solomon, and Owen Jr. Her parents and elder siblings were
    slaves on Madison Parish plantation, owned by Robert W. Burney. She was the
    first child in her family born into freedom after the Emancipation
    Proclamation was signed”.


  33. You Left Out My Favorite Black Scientist–“George Washington Carver”-! As a Kid,
    I don’t think that I could have ‘Lived without Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches’–& I
    still Love Them-! Many of his discoveries made “Life Worth Living”-! The “Smartest
    Man” that I’d ever met in Service was a “Man named Boutell”–he had a ‘Electronic
    Engineering Degree’ & his Intelligence exceeded the Rest of Us in our Squadron-!
    On a Fixed Income of Social Security–I Tried to Support You in Florida–but my funds
    ran out & I became a by-stander-! But I did Help Joni Ernest, Mia Love, Tim Scott,
    & Martha McFadden-! But Col Weh in NM & Terry Land In Mich, Dr. Wehby in Ore-
    all “Threw Away my 1000 hrs of Political Research & they all lost even though I had
    cautioned them that George Soros had bought Censorship Control on 30 “Major TV
    Media & that Democrat Ads were a “Plus” & if he also got the GOP Ads also–He’d
    have “Twice the Money to Defeat the Republican Party”-! He wins–if You Lose-He’ll
    use our own “Political Donations” Against Us-! In the 2010 Elections–I tried to help
    6 GOP Senate Candidates & they had “also thrown the 1000 hrs of Research into
    the Waste-Paper Basket–although I warned them–“Money Alone Will Not Win an
    Election”–But “A Quick Mind with the Right Words CAN”-! They too, didn’t want to
    hear “Input from the Voters” On “How to Win Elections”-! They only wanted Money,
    which from my Soc Sec Income–I didn’t have that much to give-! I do not own a
    “credit-card” because “Hackers” have cleaned-out Many Donors who used them-!
    I’ve also used the Phase–“You can catch more fish by using a ‘sharp-pointed’ hook
    than you can with a Battleship Anchor”-! You need to defeat your opponent by a
    special-subject–such as “Abortions have Killed Social Security”-! (Example–“One
    Working Person” will find it “Impossible” to Pay “Three Older People to Retire”-!
    (That’s a “Punch-Line” of Truth-! All Democrats “Voted to Fund Abortions” & can
    be “Cut to Ribbons” in a Debate that shows they’ve “Suckered Women Voters”–
    where they’ve “Lost All” of their “Rights to $200,000 worth of Soc. Sec.” by
    “Choosing $3000 worth of Abortions”-! 40 yrs ago, there was to be a future young
    Generation of 40 Million Kids–but 30 Million Abortions have destroyed 3/4’s of
    that Generation & in 10 years from now–Social Security is Gone Forever–Just
    like those 30 Million Helpless Babies-! Can you see the picture yet-!?
    “worthless elderly women’ without any money to pay for ‘Food’ can now be “Aborted’
    by a “Cheap Suicide-Pill” from the “Death Panel” in Obama-Care-! (WOW–what an
    ending for a “Horror Movie”–on “Live TV”-! )

  34. Col. West: This was a great read. I try and read all the posts on your web site as I find most of them stating the facts perfectly. There is however one small problem, that is you’re ‘preaching to the choir’ as they say. If only there was a way to get others to visit this site it might make some folks change their outlook. (of course only the people that are not in the left lunatic fringe, nothing will change them I fear). I live in So. Florida, and I’ve met you a couple of times, but my mother has met you more than I, she’s even taken a photo with you! We (my mother & I) are Jewish, a group that traditionally leans to the left, so I think I can understand some of the frustration you must feel!


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