9 instances of duplicitous hypocrisy from the left that have me boiling mad

I’m reflecting on this past week and what is undoubtedly a very disturbing issue in America — the duplicitous hypocrisy of the progressive socialist left.

If we are to restore our Constitutional Republic, it truly becomes a challenge to contest against that which claims no standard of character and regards no rule of law.

And it becomes a seemingly insurmountable task to disseminate the truth when there is a media machine that subjectively decides what is truth — as determined by its preconceived ideological ambitions. It is as if that famous quote is now a living organism: “In a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

This list should bother you too,

1. Consider the Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee who releases a partisan report denouncing interrogation tactics because she felt it was important for our country to bare its soul.

As well, this same Chairwoman speaks of the need to be “transparent.” Yet, the released report including no input from the opposing minority party — nor were any of the individuals from the agency attacked interviewed or allowed to provide an alternate point of view.

2. When it comes to transparency, how come that doesn’t apply to this same group of politicians when it comes to the IRS, Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi, or any of the countless other issues that have characterized the federal government?

It’s “transparently apparent” to me that transparency only works when it serves the purpose of one group. And that fact goes completely unreported. Just like the Jonathan Gruber episode — which oh by the way, this week, the Senate Democrat report was released on the same day when Mr. Gruber was on Capitol Hill, blubbering before a hearing.

I suppose you can guess which got the most coverage from the liberal progressive media.

3. Why must the incoming GOP Senate Majority be forced to consider undoing the current Senate Democrat Majority leader’s change of the 60-vote threshold rule for presidential judicial appointees?

If that standard needed to change for the Democrats, then it should stand, for all. If you like your 60-vote threshold, you can keep your 60-vote threshold. Period.

But this is just one among many of the duplicitous hypocrisies of the current Senate majority.

4. Why is it that no one reports on the nearly 370 pieces of legislation passed in the House that sit on the Senate Majority leader’s desk? Yet, which party is castigated as “obstructionists” on Capitol Hill?

How can it be that the Senate under Democrat control can go an entire year and not pass one appropriations bill and we’re told it’s because of a “do nothing Congress” — wink, wink, meaning the GOP controlled House?

And oh by the way, when the current Senate Majority leader, who will be the minority leader in January, states that he will be an obstructionist — where are the media reports?

5. What happens when the leader of our nation is rewarded with the infamous title of “Lie of the Year” in 2013? Remember the countless chimes of “Bush lied?” Funny how quite a few Democrats seemed to agree about Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction, but you never hear that anymore (but here it is on video).

6. How about a president who can state nearly 25 times that he doesn’t have the power to do something, then turn around and say he can do it, then he does it, and then says he never said he couldn’t do it — regarding immigration reform. All of a sudden it’s fashionable to claim “prosecutorial discretion” — which down South we call cherry picking — when it comes to the oath of office to “faithfully execute the laws” of the United States. The oath doesn’t anything about executing this one or that one. It’s not about the political ideology, but rather realizing that you lead all Americans — not just the ones you heard who didn’t vote in the midterm elections.

If the U.S. Constitution means so little to the chief executive — and the media — then what is the future of our Republic? I fear a dangerous precedent is being established — or at least a duplicitous standard for one party.

7. All lives matter, but apparently right now only “black lives matter.” But exactly which black lives? Certainly the lives of countless young black men in the inner cities of America don’t seem to matter — Chicago comes to mind. And what of the millions of unborn black lives — who speaks for them, where is their voice? Do they really matter? I guess not because it’s not a part of the progressive socialist agenda. So a butcher like Kermit Gosnell could commit horrendous crimes and barely receive any attention from the liberal progressive media — don’t those lives matter? Then again, we have an Attorney General who injects himself into a case in Virginia involving the kidnapping, car jacking, and murder of a reserve police officer denying the death penalty in the case. The officer was white, the four assailants, black. It seems to the far left, innocent lives are guilty — and guilty lives are innocent, at least when it comes to the issuance of the death penalty. Quite hypocritical.

8. How is it that a Marine with two combat tours suffering from PTSD was abandoned for months while a soldier who deserted is heralded? If we so needed transparency with the Senate Democrat report on enhanced interrogation techniques, where is the transparency on the Bowe Bergdahl investigation? And why isn’t the liberal progressive media asking the same question?

9. How can it be that we reward Lois Lerner with a six-figure taxpayer-funded pension, while we send “pink slips” to our men and women serving in combat? As a matter of fact, how can one president who admittedly associated with domestic terrorists and other subversives, regularly consumed illegal substances, and traveled to a country on the no-travel list for Americans receive a top secret clearance — when no one serving in uniform could do likewise?

I am constantly amused that this website gets so much readership from the left, who go out of their way to target and attack what they fear – particularly when their hypocrisy is brought to light. But those of us who do refuse to surrender will do our best to inspire others to make a stand for the future of our nation.

For the left, it is about power and their playbook is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, from which two immediately come to mind:

Rule 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules. (This is a serious rule. The besieged entity’s very credibility and reputation is at stake, because if activists catch it lying or not living up to its commitments, they can continue to chip away at the damage.)

Rule 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.).

The left fully embraces those rules, and therefore it’s hard to hold them to any standard of governance of the fundamental principles of our Republic — after all, it was about the “fundamental transformation,” remember?

Consider the meaning of the word “compromise” by the left — in the first two years of the current administration was that word ever used by the media? However, as soon as a majority was lost in one chamber of the U.S. Congress, the cry became “compromise” — which is actually a code word for acquiescence and submission to the left.

The left seeks to advance its agenda via lies, deceit, coercion, deception, intimidation, and if need be, mob violence. They live by one rule: “by any means necessary.” And when the progressive socialist left comes up against anyone willing to take a stance, well, they resort to Alinsky’s Rule 12 — the politics of character assassination – believe me, I know.

However, those who believe fervently in the principles and values of liberty and freedom, will not cower nor relent — just as our Founding Fathers and the Continental Army did not relent against the British, starting with the Declaration of Independence.

So how can those who seek to restore our Republic through effective governing policy succeed against such odds? We must not succumb to their tactics and recognize them at every turn. We cannot cower away in fear of the attacks and reprisals and we cannot allow those who take a stand to be isolated through the Alinsky practice of demonizing, denigrating and dehumanizing.

My friends, this is what we’re up against, but we’ve been brought into existence for a time such as this — a defining moment for America. Join the resistance.

Molon Labe.


  1. It is so sad that the media would do this to any party or person. The classes I took in journalism taught to report (who, what, when, where and how. No slant, no preference. Unfortunately our collective intelligence has been lowered so far, few question what comes from the media. I use all available sources to determine my stance. The backlash against FOX news is led by the other media to gain control. Stand strong Allen.

    • If you believe that media is liberal biased the. You’re hopelessly delusional. 90% of networks in America is controlled by Republican-lean idiots.

      • Please. It’s all over the Internet. Even MSNBC execs admitted that they went to most of ALEC-hosted events, went to Koch bros’ events, and attended RNC events. CNN execs admitted that their viewers are mostly liberals because it help boost the rating while favoring Republicans.

        Oh wait a minute I’m arguing with Allen West licker, never mind. Did you know that West also broke record for most pants on the fire comments last month.

      • Could you repeat that in English please? If they went to conservative hosted events it was for free stuff, trying to get ammunition by getting out of context sound bites and trying to subvert those events with disruptive behavior.
        In case you missed it liberalism has only one effect on ratings and that is dropping them into the sewers. How does attacking Republicans and lying about them help them? How do you help conservatives by portraying them as racists, misogynistic, theocratic monsters?
        You have no facts and you refuse to acknowledge facts like the actual owners of the liberal biased media. You do this because you know the truth is not on your side. The statistics don’t lie when it comes to coverage blackouts for Republican wins, anti-pro conservative numbers of stories, and the FACT that when a Republican gets into trouble they are reported as a Republican at every opportunity and the Democrats are never called Democrats in any news story when they get in trouble. You are talking point buffoon. It is that simple.

      • Your comments sound like a google translation, where did you learn English the. As for “CNN execs admitted that their viewers are mostly liberals because it help boost the rating…” is a pretty sad statement since CNN is surrounding the drain, as we speak…

      • You are misinformed. Look again, if you even bothered to look a first time or are just spouting what you were told. I did an entire reseach project on this subject. The majority of media owners are liberal. And they are very rich and greedy. Hypocrites.

      • LOL, now I see, you’re a writer for John Stewart’s “comedy” show!

        You need new material.

        Is the IRS part of the VRWC when it targets Tea Party groups?

      • In 1983, 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the U.S. Now only 5 huge corporations — Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom (formerly CBS) — now control most of the media industry in the U.S. General Electric’s NBC is a close sixth controls 90% of the media. These six Corporations are control by some 223 Wealth Liberals and they do not hide their political opinions. Many reporters have often seen their stories refused or edited beyond recognition. An example the repeated refusal of networks to air “ads” from religious groups like the United Church of Christ, regardless of factual basis, Yet promote anti-war advocates to liberal groups like MoveOn.org. opinions.

      • Do you realize that your comment talk points has been debunked many times. Keep it up with latest, not year 2004 news.

      • You need to tell that to Wikipedia, the New York Times, Corporation.org, and businessinsider.com that their facts are wrong. You seem to think you know more than these sites know for a fact. You are not very smart and can not back up your claims. I can and do back up anything I state.

      • If most of the media is controlled by “Republican-lean idiots” why is their reporting most always left leaning? Why are do their commentators clearly come down on the left side of nearly every issue? Your claim has no basis in fact.

    • Wally, you must have studied journalism a very, very long time ago. I know a young journalist who got her Masters in Journalism from Columbia about six years ago. When I told her that I thought journalists were supposed to report W,W,W,W,H, she informed me I was incorrect. She said their job was to take that information and process it through the journalist’s own life experience and worldview (because, after all, they are soooooo much smarter than the rest of us), then report it to the reader/viewer in such a way as to influence how the r/v thinks about it. In other words, they are taught to slant the reporting of the facts in a way that fits their point of view. I noticed later that the local news station advertises that they “not only report what’s happening, they help you understand why it’s important to you.”

      The young journalist also informed me that there is no objective standard of truth. She said we all have our own truth and her truth is just as valid as mine, even if they don’t coincide. I told her that, no, truth is truth. She is entitled to her own OPINION, but not to her own FACTS.

      As for the guy who posts under the name Avatar and uses the ridiculous Guy Fawkes mask as his picture, pay no attention. Anyone who would identify with that image is nothing but a smug loser.

      • Facts mean nothing when the narrative must be pushed.

        The Rolling Stone “reporter” shops for a story and doesn’t even bother to check the facts, all to lie about a “culture of rape”.

        All part of the moral relativism of the left.

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      • It was a while back, I am in my 50’s, but it should not change the facts. It is no longer journalism, but opinion. That is why there is an OP/Ed page of most newspapers.

      • I agree, Wally. Of course, another thing she learned in J-School is that the goal of good journalism should be to shape the culture. And here, all these years, I thought it was only to report the facts. Silly me.

        The irony for me as well is that this 27-year-old woman whose professional mission is now to “shape the culture” by “filtering the facts through her own life-prism and worldview” NEVER took a college level class in Economics or History or Science or Math. She did, however, minor in Womyns Studies as an undergrad. I am continually trying to explain basic economics to her (I majored in Econ and have an MBA) and her response to me is always, “But where is the justice in that???” when I try to get her to understand how free markets work.

  2. Allen B. West!!!! You hypocrite. You got caught plagiarizing articles from posts across the Internet. Now you have no credibility left except for people who still believe there is “liberal-biased” media network. Good job for making your commenters one of the most gullible bloggers of all. Allen B. West I’m glad you’re not in Washigton anymore ever.

      • Obama Lies

        Obama Lies! Since being in office Obama continues to lie. From failed campaign policies to misinformation, half truths and lies. We give you the truth about the …

      • As long as it is Obama doing the lying all is just a-okay
        With the left even when those lies directly affect them.
        “Obamacare is definitely not a tax”- lie
        “Insurance premiums will go down $2500 per family”-lie
        “You can keep your plan” -lie
        “You can keep your doctor”-lie
        “American voters are stupid”-lie(only Obama voters are)

      • Liberals can’t even admit these huge lies about Obama Care by the left! Proves they can’t think for themselves!

      • Hard lining leftards……redundant…………..gladly bend over for Obama or any other far lefty. Libtards are stupid sheep who have never formed an intelligent thought nor ever offered a coherent political post on any forum I have been on in 15 years. They are the stupidest waste of DNA to ever be malformed.

      • The Leftist extremists used to tell half truths and have secret hidden agendas, today they just straight up lie about everything! And they know everyone knows it!

      • Let’s keep it simple. Please provide just one thing Mr. West lied about and provide us with the evidence that it is a lie.

      • You are the one living in fear, Avatar, that’s why you last out. Of course, you don’t realize it, but that’s ok. We do.

      • You must be excited about Allen West relocate his failing business from Florida to Texas. Yeah please keep him in your state. 🙂

      • We proudly accept Allen West into our state. You..on the other hand, please stay out so as not to lower the IQ level. Chances are, you’re just another illegal sneaking in.

    • It doesn’t matter what you think of the person pointing out the facts – the facts speak for themselves. You just proved one of his points.

    • That’s all you got Avatard? Have read the Communist Manifesto? Rules for Radicals? Should be required reading for all Americans especially liberals! If you have read them then it shows you’re in agreement and MY enemy. If you haven’t read them it shows you’re just another brain washed dummied down talking points liberal fool trying to be with in the fabricated in crowd.

      • Well said. Avatard is just another loud mouth communist progressive liberal.
        I wish he would move to Cub, China, Rusia or one of the countries he is matched with.

    • Bwahaha! You are a no named punk that hasn’t accomplished anything in your life. We also know you cant stand FACTS when they call out your leftist, corrupt politicians you love so much. Suck it and enjoy! Your jealousy of Mr. West is laughable.

  3. I quit watching CBS news when in the 2012 election they reported that Soetoro was reelected before all the votes on the East Coast had been counted much less the West Coast. They showed that, in what they say, Soetoro had less votes than Romney and that Soetoro was “projected” to win the West. This very same scenario happened when the US elected a Republican POTUS and the liberals hollered loud “foul”. I was a Democrat but after seeing the direction they were going I went to Republican because they were more in line with my ideals. But the lame stream media sold their souls to the liberal devils. FOX is the only news I watch as they are less bias than the other so-called reporting agencies.

    • I laugh when watching liberal reporters because you know down deep they know they are lying out their asses! The guber Gruber scandal case in point. It’s time to fight fire with fire. We need a book Conservative Rules for Radicals and a Freedom Manifesto to go along with it. Everyone is at a breaking point dealing with the radical left and it’s time to play the same game they do otherwise it’s just going to stay the same.

  4. Gee Allen, all those pesky facts are just ignored by the liberals.They do not want to acknowledge yet alone believe anything bad about themselves. Therefore it does not exist, especially if they did not report it.

  5. Since the, “end justifies the means,” to these people and they aren’t willing to cause terrorists in custody discomfort, it is logical to assume security for this country and its people is not an end they seek.

    • Concur, the left brought up the torture issue years later why??? Interesting… Maybe to take the focus off lying Gruber and the left?

      143 terrorist tortured by waterboarding! That number grew BTW. We should just kill the Guantanamo prisoners with drones, then it will be okay.

      And waterboarding isn’t that bad, last I remember the Geneva Convention allows it as enhanced interrogation. We should be using it on some of the radical leftist in this country. OMG! I’m a monster! If it’s better for you leftist then we can just behead them, you seem to be okay with that.

      • There is either a serious disconnect in the way they think or they are using any means possible to achieve whatever, “end,” they are after.

  6. Another point of hypocrisy from the left comes from the supporters of gun control. They claim to support ending gun violence, but wish violent death upon those who support the Second Amendment.

  7. #2 … Amazing, ain’t it? The emails have trails that lead to Obama, yet the MSM is silent. Where are the Woodward and Berstein’s of today? ( cheering the totalitarian left on, just as they did when Stalin was starving his people and Duranty goy a Pulitzer ).

    #6 Must be the most galling, Obama’s lies through his teeth and makes what is illegal, legal. Not a single national democrat opposes amnesty, not one. The same crowd that crows for $15/hr minimum wage, as though the now “legal” haven’t already depressed the wages of every blue collar worker.

    The hypocrisy of the left will never cease to amaze.

  8. All of this is very disturbing! Great read Mr. West, it was hard to get through because it really does have me boiling mad as well!

  9. As always well said Mr. West. I had this exact hypocrisy fight on FB with my son yesterday. I swear the young on the west coast at least are deeply indoctrinated, I gave him 50 examples of Repubs doing the right thing in bringing in civil rights for all. I swear he responded like a Rolling Stone/Jon Steward robot with a tirade about Barry Goldwater and MLK. Well it got heated when his Lib showed a little too much and he stated that blacks are against repubs because we wont support public funded abortion. In his lib way he told me that the cost for Gov would be to much to raise that black kid so aborting it would be the most frugal tying to do. Oh how I made sport of him starting with “Well how much is a human life worth”. Some response gibberish in Lib-ese. Ending with me stating Zombie land Rule #2. Double tap… when he Grubered himself into submission. He didnt want to “debate” no more. The truth bat wins again. Be cool sir and thank you for your service and wisdom in these tough times….

  10. The Muslim’s and the socialist/communist all use the same rules their agenda is their excuse to lie, cheat, or any other under handed subversions. Anyone not agreeing with them is the enemy and people are just to be used to further the cause. The liberals say that they are for the people. their idea of for the people is group mind control and socialist control of your life, since you are to stupid to think for yourself. Always blame others for your mistakes. Capitalism is individualism and being responsible for your own actions and being able to improve your life..

  11. Between barry’s ego and michelle’s bee-hind, wonder how much it cost taxpayers to have the doors at the White House widened. Hope that’s not part of the spending bill.

  12. Dear Mr. West,

    This is an awesome post! I am, however, rather disappointed. There are numerous, and obvious, grammar mistakes in this post!! PLEASE have someone proofread your hard work before posting!!! It will be greatly appreciated and reflect the actual intelligent person you are!!!!


    Dave Whitney

      • That’s not the point MotherBatherick! Mr. West has a PhD so is a very educated man and a professional man at that. His grammar mistakes make him appear less educated and professional than he is and leaves the door open to criticism MUCH worse than that of mine, from opponents MUCH more critical than me! It CAN AND WILL cause him unnecessary negative publicity if he decides to run for President!! I don’t believe any of his supporters, including you if you are one, want that to come back to haunt him if he does!!! I think, in the long run, it would be to his great benefit to correct such a simple, yet extremely important, thing to avoid the possible negative ramifications!!!!

      • Something tells me that Leftist Progressive Socialists and their lame stream media machine will always attack Col West and not because of his blog posts but rather, the fact that they cannot handle the truth.

  13. no elected official has to go through the background investigation that those with TS/SCI clearance have to. Maybe if we required all those who wanted to run for office to be able to pass the background investigation necessary for a TS/SCI clearance…

  14. ALL Liberal HYPOCRISY and ILLOGICAL idea/thinking/way of life [for us, Conservatives] is formulated in their TWO applications and demands:

    1) Tolerance for me, but NOT FOR THEE.
    2) Do as I say, but not as I do.

  15. Allen B. West!!!! You hypocrite. You got caught plagiarizing articles from posts across the Internet. Now you have no credibility left except for people who still believe there is “liberal-biased” media network. Good job for making your commenters one of the most gullible bloggers of all. Allen B. West I’m glad you’re not in Washigton anymore ever.

  16. Who’s that niggra’ wearing that desecrating do-rag in the picture? See that’s what I’m talking about! Vile, copycat thugs have got to be called out. No doubt his father is totally to blame, and his mother………… don’t get me started. Uncle Ruckus shall hear about this.

  17. Thanks for always speaking on the side of truth, Col West.

    Remember, with the Left the “issue is never the issue”….it’s all about their Progressive Socialist agenda and ideology. Damn Commies.

  18. “Burn the b*ttch down!” as shouted by thug Mike Brown’s stepfather. Sounds an awful lot like Leftist Progressive radical Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules For Radicals” in which he wrote “Burn the system down”. Coincidence? Doubt it.

  19. I would certainly vote for LCOL West!
    fmr LCDR MC USNR NUKE – resigned 4 July 1978 – after 8.5 years active – for 2X more $$ a month than the Navy paid me in an entire year.
    retired expatriate (11.5 years in Conde Nast’s 2013 “World’s Best City”) MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR

  20. “by any means necessary”…AND “the ends justify the means”. That is the creed of the progressives, both Left and Right. The Left has been nearly fully consumed. The Right is heavily infested.

    It is unassailably true that what we term the “main stream media” (news, commentary and entertainment) is willingly all but state run by the progressive Left WH. Their “news” either supports the agenda or it didn’t happen. And even though the GOP Old Men’s Club are also progressives, they do not gain favor from the Leftist media. They seem baffled by this…they’re all statists, aren’t they?

    So the hypocrisy above is certainly maddening, openly and actively practiced and never mentioned by the Left… ironically, even more hypocritically since they miss no opportunity to spotlight any hint of it from the Right.

    But I’m incensed over the hypocrisy and betrayal of the GOP progs. Out of 535 members in both Houses of Congress, we can perhaps trust 20%! Mostly…usually…

    Now THAT makes ME boiling mad!


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