Questionable witness in Michael Brown case gets government job

Given the general problem with “truthiness” many folks on government paychecks seem to have these days (I’m looking at you, Jonathan Gruber and Lois Lerner), is it really any surprise that Dorian Johnson, the chap who was with Michael Brown on that tragic day should be rewarded with a government job?

As reported by our fellow Liberty Alliance partner, Liberty Unyielding, Dorian Johnson has been hired by the City of St. Louis for a job paying about $8.50 an hour.

You might recall Johnson initially lied to authorities regarding his account of events that proceeded the shooting death of Michael Brown and then reportedly recanted his claims.

I suppose this is testimony to the generous and forgiving spirit of America that Johnson is getting a new start. But it certainly brings deeper meaning to Ronald Reagan’s famous quote, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Read more at Liberty Unyielding.


  1. How do you get a job with the city having a criminal record? Try that in my city they’ll tell you “Ain’t gonna happen jack”

  2. Well there you go,,,,we’ve been saying the Government is corrupt and filled with crooks and liars. Bet if Obama had a son he would look just like Dorian Johnson. Wonder if Obama and Holder made this hiring possible. After all Dorian has the qualification that Obama looks for,,,,”A Liar”.

    • Why this White House has even found work for Al Sharpton, and we all know how employable he is.

      Shoot, I guess anything is possible if you know the right people!

  3. I wish the Officer Wilson would file a civil suit against DJohnson, Michael Brown’s family, Eric Holder and the scum figures who tarnished his name for doing his job. Cops need to start fighting back. If an officer is going to feel threatened for losing his job because of doing his job no one is going to want to take this thankless job on!

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  4. Almost every day I think I’ve read the craziest crap that could be found in our world, then I find a new limit has been established. Today I read that in a FL city council they had a prayer that extolled the virtues of Satanism, atheists, and paganism and more. Then I find that this creep is now working for the government. Hmmm, well, on the other hand, I guess he would fit right in with them.

  5. Just wondering how did he get this job, did someone help him get a government job? If you work for the government can you have past arrests? Do you have to pass a drug screening?

      • What facts? Fact is he pulled his pants up and got a job. Dead homies tend to have that effect. That young man should be celebrated. But Allen West would have rather written a piece about his arrest.

      • I think the only problem with it was not that he got a job, but HOW he got the job. Also, was he stealing as was Michael Brown and wasn’t convicted of it? Was this job handed him as a pay off? $8.50/hr is more than a lot of people are making, but did he go out and get the job or was it handed to him because of something he sold out on? I think thats what most people wonder. And companies don’t charge you for the drug tests for a job. They pay for it.

      • Gimme a break how hard is it to get an 8.50 hour job? I made more doing summer jobs in college. He was probably the only applicant who could string a sentence together. Get over yourselves people. Police could have arrested him at the scene of the shooting but chose to let him go. Doing that would have meant having to charge DW since they couldn’t ignore his deposition. That’s why he’s not in jail.

      • In that case they would have probably burned down another town to prove they were upset. Not really thugs work in mysterious ways.

      • The other fact is that he committed a serious crime which led to a more serious and deadly series of catastrophic events that has leveled part of Ferguson, and should not be rewarded for it.

      • He was thrown a bone because of Brown. Only in Obama’s America is a thug azz ape given a job because he’s a thug azz ape.

    • Rx.. you probably need to be drug tested.. Allen West earned his retirement from the military after serving after qualifying himself to serve his country in the capacity that he did. What did this thug Dorian do to earn the job? Not a damn thing but lie.. and that’s the point. The job was not earned or deserved… it was given for his complicit misrepresentation of the facts in order to promote a political agenda… period. You need to wake up.

    • It’s not that he got a job, it’s the idea that he was given a job because of his relationship to the ferguson mess. I hope and pray he will get his life together, and I pray good things for his future life. I don’t think Mr. West is wishing him ill!

      • Look, this isn’t touchy-feely land. If he needs to be arrested, he should be arrested. And our “feelings” about it should be that of any good citizen: knowing that justice is served and hoping that he can make better choices next time and become a better citizen. I don’t know Mr. West personally, but I’ve listened to him enough to know that he is not wishing anything bad on this guy. In fact, I don’t think this article is about this man at all; it’s about our messed up government that cripples folks instead of helping them succeed.

      • Any proof he was “given a job because of his relationship to the Ferguson mess”?

        You realize that sounds ridiculous, right?

      • If there were no evidence, you might have a point. Again, I hope he gets his life together and I hope he does well. I just wish our government would help people succeed instead of holding them back and manipulating things to achieve their goals. Most of the folks in Washington don’t care about this man or any other poor American. They just use them for their agenda.

      • “If there were no evidence…” So is there evidence? or not?

        Even those outside of Washington care little about this man & just use him for his agenda > I’m talking about Allen West, who doesn’t offer any evidence to support what he’s suggesting here, he’s just using this kid to score points.

      • Open your eyes…or not. It’s right there in front of you.

        You have such a low opinion of Mr. West, why are you here? Oh yes, I know, to “enlighten” the rest of us. That’s hilarious.

      • Then point it out, cite it, be specific – instead of copping out behind “its right there” which is about as vague and weak an answer possible.

      • Yeah I read it, basically it says “hey, this guy has a job. I think you should be suspicious.”

        Lol, lots of evidence there!

      • Did you even read the article, or are you just here to argue with people? Either way, go be stubborn with someone else. You are here to prop up your agenda, not to find truth.

    • Darren Wilson is going to need a lot of money for legal representatives. The false claims by all the thugs should be the ones on the hot plate. Lies got out of hand and off they went tearing up the town. He won’t work long.

    • You are such a bonehead. Darren Wilson hasn’t made any money from the justifiable shooting of a criminal michael brown. Why would the City pay a liar to work for them? Maybe that’s one of the problems with St. Louis???

    • Are you under the impression that he won’t anyway? Hopefully he wants to get his self straightened out, and make a good life for himself.

    • No shame, just common sense.
      Johnson has the same choices as Col Allen West,
      viz: join the Army, get some training & deal with what life throws at you like going off to fight in Iraq as did West. Stay in long enough & you can get a retirement.
      Sorry I didn’t donate to officer Wilson defense fund, didn’t know there was one, but then he didn’t have a race baiting Al Sharpton coming to the rescue.

  6. This crap bag has a warrant for his arrest from the Jefferson City Missouri Police! A wanted person and yet is helped by the government in getting a job. Damn pathetic !!!!!

  7. Why is it so hard for people to figure out that we desperately need integrity in our local, State and Federal Government. Our Country is going to Hell in a hand basket and it is our fault, period.

  8. Phew! I thought he was appointed head of something for his part in the Ferguson mess. That’s what usually happens to those who do favors for liberals… An $8.50 an hour job might keep him too busy to rile up more protestors in Ferguson, but it doesn’t require much in the brains, experience and training department.

  9. I love how these idiots sit here an make a villan out of a witness to the murder of a unarmed black man…sick amerikkka in the flesh

      • There are upstanding people who can’t find a legitimate job. I could care less about him being hired, I just can’t stand when good people get over looked for the jerks. Happens in most government jobs though

      • 8.50$ times 8 hours that’s exactly 68$ before taxes. That’s what our friend here will be making with his “government job” every day. How much you wanna bet Allen West spent more than that on lunch today. That leaves him with a yearly salary of about 17 680$. That price tag would make Allen West consider buying a better car for his daughter. Dorian Johnson will do about as well with that job as a Mexican lettuce picker. Maybe the white people who can’t find jobs should go pick lettuce.

      • White people who can’t find jobs should go pick lettuce, I agree! The problem with democrats is they support illegal workers which supports lower wages. I don’t know of any government job that pays only $8.50 an hour. Why are you so hung up on the money Allen West makes? Are you trying to tell my Dorian Johnson is as qualified to make the amount of money Allen West makes? What has Dorian accomplished to deserve a phat paycheck??

      • Maybe some blame should be shifted to the “job creators” who use those illegals to depress the job market. I don’t have a problem with the money Allen West makes per se. He has done well for himself and his family and I respect that. What I find reprehensible that as someone who a young man like Dorian Johnson should look up to chose to denigrate him for even making an effort.

      • Hallelujah!!!
        Some common ground. Let’s just enforce the immigration laws we have at the border & apply the same to the companies hiring the illegals (Chamber of Commerce wing of the GOP & critics of the Tea Party) viz: make them (companies) pay the local county & towns for the social programs the illegal hires use. Watch this problem disappear pronto. ie: no jobs for illegals to fill & severe penalties for those that hire.
        And guess who else was against illegal immigration. Not the white racist bigot as you might imagine, but farm labor organizer Cesar Chavez.

      • Allan West served with honor in the Army. He did not go out and rob and loot. He earned whatever he is getting now. There is no comparison between him and Johnson.West is an upstanding citizen, and Johnson is punk.

      • BTW, Rafael, some of “white people” started our lives doing those farm jobs, including picking and a whole lot more. The difference for me and all my friends and classmates was that we didn’t stay at that subsistence level. We roomed together, shared expenses, joined the military and served our country, go educated, worked our asses off 12-16 hours a day….and eventually made good livings or hired the same kind of people we were when young.

      • [[ That price tag would make Allen West consider buying a better car for his daughter. ]]

        Worry about that POS son of yours.

        [[ Maybe the white people who can’t find jobs should go pick lettuce. That would help the “illegals” issue.]]

        How about getting those k00nz off the streets of Ferguson and send them to the cotton fields? Your turn ape.

      • Allen West earned all that he has by putting his ass on the line for ignorant whiny liberal pantie-waste plantation slaves like you. But I know “earn” is a foreign word to you.

      • Allen West is a stand up guy who’s action save the lives of his men by thwarting an ambush plot.
        Transparent in
        reporting his own actions to his superiors & took accountably.
        Something sadly lacking in the White House today.
        PS: You need to ask Gen Chesty for forgiveness.
        Simpere Fi.

      • Dorian will get fired with in a month for calling off, drug abuse, and poor performance. I’ll bet the box of cigars they stole from the corner store.

      • So I take it you have personal knowledge that “good people” were passed over for this particular job, hence your disdain that this particular individual got it instead?

      • With any luck, Johnson may get put on light duty & just stand/sit around all day on the job site & do nothing useful.

      • [[ Taking a break from playing with your own feces? ]]

        That’s your mother rolling in my scat.

        [[ When I’m interested in your input, I’ll let you know.]]

        Ignore it if it bothers you pole smoker.

      • You got the wrong one when you say lies, b ut kill at will -Yes. I Just don ‘t find many reasons to kill anything and we know where a high level of rapes occur. Black or white or any other color attacks me – I will kill without regret.

    • Other than lying and the earlier crimes he had committed That Dorian was just a real peach, wasn’t he. Apparently, Brown didn’t need any weapon besides his size to assault the store clerk….and assault the police officer. I guess his girth just wasn’t enough in the end. If not that day, it would have been another.

    • You mean the guy who committed perjury by lying under oath? Go back to the liberal plantation where you belong. Massuh Obammy gonna beat you.

      • Sad that you have to call names like a school girl. Behind your computer you act real tuff but in real life your most likely a scared duch bag with little education and a ugly girlfriend if anyone is dumb enough to lay up wit a idiot

      • You are more than welcome to come to my door and run your infected mouth punk. Get your affairs in order and tell your mommy you won’t be home for dinner. I’ll send the b!tch home as soon as I finish running this train on her.

    • He had no arms? I thought that where the found gunshot residue, after he beat the police officer and tried take his gun and shoot him. Looked like very big arms with dangerous weapons attached to one end.

    • The unarmed black man beat a brown man and stole from him…and later assaulted a man in blue. The only victims are the police and business owners in Feurgeson because they have to live in the chaos.

    • Unfortunately, most likely not. I retired from a municipality that was predominantly black and the municipal government will pander to him. He will get away with being late, coming to work loaded, insubordination, refusing to work, calling in sick when he is not, better evaluations, and many other perks others don’t get. In my experience, he will probably see supervisor within 5 years if he stays.

      On the other hand, we don’t know this man personally and he could be the most conscientious worker they ever had.

      Stats tend to suggest otherwise, though.

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  11. Frankly, I’m surprised Obama didn’t offer him a job!!! That’s the kind of people Obama wants working for him….and all of his cabinet are just alike….crooks and thieves!!!


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