Facts that seem to be missing from all these shooting stories [VIDEO]

I’ve been watching all the commentary and punditry surrounding these recent police shootings in the news. Folks are coming up with curt slogans and railing about conversations on race. However, there is a very simple lesson to be learned from the events of Ferguson, Staten Island, Missoula Montana, Brooklyn and now in Orlando — the actions of an individual have consequences.

It seems everyone has forgotten a fundamental principle — individual responsibility and accountability. Lost in many of the conversations is a foundational fact — individuals made decisions, a choice based upon their freewill, that led to a consequence.

We seem to find it much easier — at least some do — to search and place blame elsewhere and never ponder why did someone place themselves into a certain situation in the first place? I understand emotions and the problem when people stop being rational and lean towards emotional, then it seems the consequence ends up being small business owners who see their livelihoods burned to the ground.

Let’s start with the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. This young black man awoke that fateful last day in his life with the freewill afforded to all Americans. He possessed the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But at some point in that day, young Mr. Brown used his God-given right to make a decision to go and steal from a store and assault a store owner.

He further made the decision to assault a police officer, who was sitting in his vehicle and attempted to take his service weapon. Michael Brown somehow decided that his “pursuit of happiness” was more important than the rule of law and the delicate balance of society that protects others from the unlawful actions of another. No one told Michael Brown to take these actions, he made those decisions, and sorrowfully, when he decided to charge Officer Darren Wilson, he surrendered those rights, which he had upon awakening that day.

Now, many want to make the Ferguson case about Darren Wilson and race. Those are the ones who are evading the real issue — why did Michael Brown feel that his freewill outweighed the freedoms and liberties of others? What made him believe that his individual decision didn’t have any consequence — and why do some in America feel he wasn’t not responsible for his actions? Why hasn’t this been part of the dialogue? Seems the low hanging fruit and easy target is the officer — perhaps it would be preferable that he would have lost his life? God knows we have many law enforcement officers who do, such as Virginia reserve officer, Captain Kevin Quick.

“Hands up, don’t shoot” is nothing more than an empty token slogan — not to mention a false narrative — offered by those who don’t wish to ponder this case at its beginning…the moment Michael Brown entered the convenience store — work back from there if you really want to solve the case.

Then there’s the case of Eric Garner in Staten Island. Again, many want to impose race upon the situation. Well, here are some facts:

1. A crackdown on the sale of “loosie” cigarettes has been ordered by NYPDs highest ranking black officer, Phillip Banks
2.The NYPD was responding to calls in the case of Eric Garner based on complaints from black business owners

3.Eric Garner’s arrest was ordered by a black officer and supervised by a black female NYPD Sergeant,
4. Garner had been arrested 31 times and eight of those had been for selling loosies. His rap sheet goes back decades and includes arrests for assault and grand larceny
5. At the time of his death, Garner was out on bail after being charged with multiple offenses, including illegal sale of cigarettes, marijuana possession, false impersonation and driving without a license.

So again, do we completely dismiss the responsibility of the individual residing in a civil society based on the rule of law? And when confronted for arrest, why not make the decision to comply, instead of resisting? Mr. Garner didn’t lose his life due to asphyxiation, he died as a result of poor health and cardiac arrest. Mr. Garner was obese and had a history of asthma, diabetes, and other health issues resulting from his poor medical condition.

At no time was it the intent to kill Mr. Garner — it was about subduing him, but the manner used was indeed not an approved technique — and the Officer has paid the price for that decision. He has lost his job. Sadly, Officer Darren Wilson lost his job when doing nothing wrong. Yes, Garner stated, “I can’t breathe,” but he stated so quite often — trust me, I’ve trained in hand-to-hand combatives, and had the breath knocked out of me on several occasions. If you can’t breathe you don’t have the breath to say so.

Eric Garner struggled to breathe by simply walking. The real issue in this case is health among black men and criminal behavior. Somewhere along the line of life, Eric Garner made decisions that had an adverse affect upon his life and health — and the consequences of his continued criminal behavior led to his tragic death.

So, for those NBA players wearing t-shirts that say “I Can’t Breathe” ask yourself, if you have a bad night on the court and get benched, is your benching the coach’s fault or the result and consequences of your poor play?

Black lives do matter but yet again, another trite slogan from people who cared little for Eric Garner’s chronic health issues — and Obamacare ain’t the answer. These same people care little about the millions of black lives lost from abortion or the hundreds of black young male lives lost in gang violence and black on black crime. Just more cherry picking for selective political gain — “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Out in Missoula, Montana we have the case of Markus Kaarma who in late April fatally shot 17-year-old Diren Dede after being alerted by a motion detector in his garage. Defense attorneys argue the man was protecting himself and his family from an intruder. However, the prosecution states that Kaarma — who had been the victim of previous burglaries — lured this young man in to be shot. Now, I don’t have a dog in this fight, but it does present another interesting issue — Kaarma left his garage for open and it has been presented that there was a purse in plain sight. This reminded me of trappers — or even back when I was growing up knowing you had a mouse in the pantry. In order to catch the mouse you set out a trap with cheese or something enticing for the mouse — and in the morning chances are you’d find the mouse, trapped, dead.

But my question here is simple. Why did young Mr. Dede make the decision to go into someone else’s garage? Young Mr. Dede’s decision led to a consequence that again, tragically resulted in his life. Mr. Dede was responsible for his actions because at some time he was no different than the mouse, who sought to get the cheese. This young man could have gone on his way and bypassed trouble — but he did not. His decision. His consequence.

I have to wonder if the NYPD will be praised by the masses — as they have been vilified — after the shooting of a Brooklyn synagogue attacker? As the New York Post reports, “Calvin Peters, a black man, entered into the world headquarters of Chabad-Lubavitch in Crown Heights happened shortly after 1 a.m. A Chabad spokesman said witnesses reported that the man said “Kill the Jews.” And the result was Peters’ unleashing a knife and attacking Levi Rosenblat, a young rabbinical student from Israel. The 22-year-old is in stable condition at Kings County Hospital. Mr Peters made a decision and even after being asked to put down his weapon by responding NYPD officers, then went back to pick up his knife. Therefore the consequence of his decision was his death.


You just have to ask, will this get the massive amount of news coverage as with Michael Brown or Eric Garner? What will be the words coming from the mouth of New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio — was this racist? Shouting “kill the Jews,” will that now be turned into a slogan?

It’s easy to run out into the streets to yell, shout, or lay down and obstruct others. But America, individuals make decisions, and when they make really bad decisions there are consequences to them. The ability to live in a free and civil society also comes with a high cost — individual responsibility.


  1. Okay I agree 100%. Now my question is this. .. These ‘ protesters ‘ that are clearly breaking the law, permits have not been acquired to protest, boundaries and laws concerning protesting, etc. These people blocking PUBLIC roads, which state no pedestrians, laying down on amtraks, train tracks, impedance of normal business by protesting or laying down blocking people from shopping. All of this is against the law, but they are not going to jail. As a consequence of their bad decisions they get ran over, who is at fault? Personally I would not stop, I would proceed at a slower rate of speed giving them the chance to stop blocking a public area or road, but if they don’t move? Why should I be penalized? And true to form many of the idiot protesters attack the vehicle, throwing bricks and rocks, cursing, jumping up on vehicle. Why aren’t they arrested, why aren’t they held liable when they are factually breaking the law?

      • A lot of cities have ordnance that require a permit be filed for protest, parades etc. Most all have laws restricting where protest can be done, ie not preventing or interference of businesses. And not putting civilians in danger. Which honestly makes sense.

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      • Veterans and their families traveling to Washington DC to view War memorials built in their honor, the open-air monuments – r barricaded – by Obama – in his Hitler-esque hostile government takeover – to block American Patriots having access to US soil and Green space – during the government shutdown that Obama and Reid caused.

        . But at the same time, illegal aliens were allowed to protest – on the Washington Mall with out any permits – for illegal aliens to push their demands for Obama’s illegal Executive Amnesty.

  2. Thanks Alan. You pointed out the high number of people who lack the ability to think and it is incredible the number of people who lack the wisdom to see what is really happening. And Blindly follow the Crowds who only want something free..

  3. We shouldn’t have cops enforcing nanny-state laws like selling loosies or Big Gulps.

    “Don’t support laws you are not willing to kill to enforce.” -Ilya Somin

  4. Cliven Bundy violates a FEDERAL court order and he is hailed a hero by the Right for his breaking the law. Meanwhile these same morons support law enforcement i.e. state agents when unarmed black men are being killed by police across America. It’s hypocrisy and shows something uglier. Whites will argue government shouldn’t impede their actions but are quick to support the state when blacks are the ones oppressed.

    If militia groups are so anti-government shouldn’t they be marching with black protesters?

    • Illegal aliens violate legal immigration laws. Shouldn’t militia groups be on our US borders to assist our US Border agents?

      • Minuteman Project — Bringing national awareness to the …

        Get the latest news about immigration, compiled by the Minuteman Project. … ‘At least ten ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the Mexican border’.
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      • Hey sperm burper. Do you know how to follow a thread? The OP was talking about militia groups helping to guard the border.

      • No because militia groups aren’t federal agents. They’re fanatical right wing zealots with nothing better to do.

    • Brown tries to kill a cop and leftards martyr his dumb azz and riot.

      [[ Whites will argue government shouldn’t impede their actions but are quick to support the state when blacks are the ones oppressed.]]

      Who was oppressed? The fat ape charging the cop???? Please. The kid reaching for a gun? The guy resisting arrest? You libtards are a joke. You cry your eyes out over white cops killing blacks yet sit on your hands when blacks kill blacks or blacks kill whites. GFY.

      [[ If militia groups are so anti-government shouldn’t they be marching with black protesters? ]]

      Do YOU like every aspect of our govt? People should have the right to protest or not. But when morons want to protest some animal getting killed for trying to kill a cop, there’s something wrong and it ain’t the cop. How about they find jobs instead?

      • Racism permeates your post. Ape? Animals? the old black on black crime myth? Keep in mind most crime is intraracial as it’s a matter of proximity and since most neighborhoods in the U.S. are segregated people are going to victimize those closest to them. Also 84% of whites murdered in 2012 were killed by other whites. What about white on white crime?

        You also make the mistake of assuming black protesters are unemployed. What about these jackass militias that engage in stand offs with the federal government? Why don’t they go to college or work rather than travel hundreds or thousands of miles to defend a man that violates a federal court order? They have too much time on their pathetic hands it seems.

      • Screw you and your race card libtard. You try to kill a cop, you riot or you loot, you’re a friggin’ animal. Deal with it. And don’t throw your black on black stats at me lib. I live in Chicago. I KNOW what I’m talking about. White on white crime? What about it? Do you see whitey rioting when an ape kills a white man? No? I wonder why. 16% of blacks are unemployed in Ferguson BTW.

        I give a crap about the militias. But they aren’t the ones out there rioting, burning, looting and killing. The apes are.

      • 82 shot, 14 killed in Chicago 4th of July weekend shootings …
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        Chicago Shootings – Huffington Post
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        Boy and Girl, Both 15, Among Five People Wounded by Gunfire Tuesday Morning. Separate shootings occurred in Uptown, South Shore, Roseland and on the …

      • were you there in MLK’s day?? I was. I saw a lot of violence. But it wasn’t what he wanted, he wanted everyone to respect each other as humans. But what Allen west is saying is the truth……it’s about personal responsibility from everyone. An that cop in ferguson, he was in the wrong place at the time. the kid just dot done stealing, unknown to the cop but the cop gets attacked?? What would you do? blow kisses at him?

      • the ape you refer to was a young man that was just doing bad things he knew he shouldn’t but all our young people are being taught to be “tough” or “bad” it’s kewl. So instead of being insulting an disrespectful how about trying to teach kids what the true meaning of respect is, it may of helped Micheal Brown.

      • @ Rafael X It does you idiot, even whitey would have been shot down for doing what Brown did. But that does not advance your black racist agenda. Shut your pie hole, as a predominantly white society, we are sick of you damn dirty apes asking for more, while worshiping a rap culture and perpetuating your baby mamma drama. Your rhetoric is tired, and you have no case. Your people are self destructive, a culture that condemns proper behavior as being an “Uncle Tom”, a culture that does not understand personal responsibility. I cannot wait until the last black is killed by the last black to be jailed for murder. Your kind are disease, one that is in desperate need of eradication. Grow up, or go away.

      • christianity? How’s it have anything to do with what happened?? The officer also had personal responsibility to control himself, he didnt need to shoot the kid that many times. But I say kid he was a young man doing things he knew were wrong or he’d not of attacked the cop.

      • [[ were you there in MLK’s day?? ]]

        This march was two blocks from my home in 1966…….

        Cicero March (Film Group Inc, 1966) – YouTube

        ► 8:34► 8:34


        Mar 29, 2012 – Uploaded by chicagofilmarchivesproduced by The Film Group, Inc.(found in Chicago Film Archives’ Film Group Collection),1966, 16mm., B&W ..

      • yes there were marches oo but violence also, I was young so what I remember was hoping we didnt get drug outa the car an beat.

      • I checked the video, Andy. Seems the “by standers” were the agitators. 🙂 After all, the police kept facing the by standers on the side walks. BTW, you never answered the question. Where were YOU when this march was taking place?

      • [[ I checked the video, Andy. Seems the “by standers” were the agitators. ]]

        Yes they were. And?

        [[ BTW, you never answered the question. ]]

        The ‘question’ was whether or not I was around during MLK’s time. The answer is yes.

        [[ Where were YOU when this march was taking place? ]]

        24th place and Cicero as they marched by.

      • You dehumanize by calling ANYONE apes, Andy. by extension, you find no problem that unarmed Black males are killed by cops 21 times more often than unarmed White males. Just keep on looking the other way.

      • [[ You dehumanize by calling ANYONE apes, Andy ]]

        Good! Those who I call apes are not human IMO…………………Jay.

        [[ by extension, you find no problem that unarmed Black males are killed by cops 21 times more often ]]

        By who’s ‘extension’? If you are committing a crime or resisting arrest, you may die at the hands of a cop.

        [[ Just keep on looking the other way. ]]

        Just keep defending criminal apes.

      • Jay, had to respond to your absurd statement that police kille 21 times more blacks. Saying it doesn’t make it true. More whites were killed by police shootings than blacks even though blacks disproportionately commit more violent crime than whites and hispanics combined. Google is a powerful tool. You should learn to use it.

      • Wrong? Now it’s you turn to prove you have a heart. It sure isn’t reflected in your posts. Your posts just reveal you to be a bully.

      • WFT does a heart mean azzho? Ignoring the apes that are killing people…………especially their own…………..all over the nation? Lib sludge like YOU can’t stand to see reality exposed and stick your tongues up the azzez of garbage like Al and Jesse instead.

      • I didn’t post anything about Jessie or Al. Stay OT.

        “”Sometimes people do not want to hear the truth, because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” – Nietzsche

        And I’m not posting about me, but about you West lemmings. And where is Allen (Steadfast and Loyal) West’s outrage over Tom Coburn killing 22 million dollars for veteran suicide prevention? Of course you don’t have a dog in this fight. You chose not to serve rather than enlist. You don’t “volunteer” for the draft. You caught a break and took it. You have no right to question those of us who served. No standing. No right to demand any of us about our service.

      • Hey screw you pimp. I AM OT. You blabber some crap about ‘having a heat’ yet don;t say a damn word as to what that means. So I’ll draw my own conclusions lib-pimp. To hell with a heart. Get a dose of reality. Take the same advice you puked up in your quote. Got it race lemming?

        How does ANY amount pf money stop someone from killing themselves? You libtards are all alike. Throw money at any problem you see and it fixes it. WRONG! So phuk you with your faux diversion race pimp and get back OT! Stupid MF’ers like YOU think that suicide is only a problem for soldiers. But you actually don;t care about this subject but are using it as a lame azz brickbat to deal with me. Look up red herring you moron. And the only thing you have ever served here is thugs and apes.

      • You don’t believe in civil liberties nor civil rights. Your posts are rife with obscene, sexual and derogatory responses. Ergo, you are heartless.

      • Show me where I have “coddled” criminals and posted anything about hating white cops. Again, I have never posted anything about Al or Jesse. Resorting to making things up now?

      • I checked your link. I found the titles disgusting. Your true racial hatred is abundantly clear. As usual, you never answered my question. I expected no less. Ever the evader.

      • But of course ape licker! You found the TITLES disgusting but not the attacks. Again, your animals humpin’ azz took the bait. I could have searched ‘blacks attack whites’ but I chose the other term KNOWING FULL WELL your thug luvin’ azz would cry about the titles but not say ch!t about the attacks. And guess what thug punker? You have just now shown YOURSELF as a POS who coddles criminals. Not a damn word about the animal attacks on whites. Good job monkey punker! I expected no less. Ever the thug lover.

      • “…but not the attacks.” I never posted that. Making things up again. I’ve already posted my opinion on criminal acts. Not going to repeat myself. Look at my posts.

      • I read all I needed to read pimp. Like the pathetic sukker you really are, you took the bait and did EXACTLY what I thought you would do. So how many apes are runnin’ a train on your lily white azz today?

      • The opening which I have been waiting. I’m tired of your obscene sexual references. BJ’s and ass posts. The clinician makes my wonder if you are fighting your own sexual orientation. It’s called over compensation.

      • Sit the phuk down inbred. I post the way I do SPECIFICALLY for thugs/ape lovers and white guilters who don’t have the SAC to call these POS for what they are. Typical coward who all of a sudden wants to talk about my posting style as a diversion from his ape luvin’ hypocrisy. So what are YOU overcompensating for by blowing thugs? Your black pappy leave you and mamma? It happens a lot with them.

      • What I was focusing on was where you stated that the police killed 21 times more blacks. It is more like 2:1 ratio when adjusted for population differences. Unfortunately, blacks also commit a very disproportionate amount of violent crime which leads to violent confrontation and shooting deaths. The Gangsta lifestyle, single parent families and drug culture in the black community encourages bad behavior as well.

      • As do lack of education, under employment or no employment opportunities and racial discrimination…for starters.

      • Jay, It starts with education which leads to employment. Whether that be in a trade or college type profession. Unfortunately, in urban settings mostly, the prevailing gangsta/black culture discourages education as acting too white or Asian. It is a culture of self-defeatism and dependence which leads to a downward spiral. I work with many blacks, we all get along good and they have one thing in common with each other, they didn’t buy into that culture, got educated and joined the ranks of the middle class and are doing very well and contributing to society..

      • My word son, has your head been buried in the sand that long. Racially biased? This comes from numerous Black Leaders and pundits, people like Charles Payne and Dr Walter Williams. There are books written about it. Facts know no race. They are just facts and numbers. Stop with the race card…it belittles your argument. Why don’t you read and educate yourself. Here is a link to get you started. BTW, a bigot or racist has now been redefined as “anyone winning an argument against a liberal.”


      • Checked out your references. The link took me to a writer who based article on a 56 year old publication. Hardly a relevant source.Williams? A free market supporter? Great work. The “free” market has allowed 10% of the population to control 73% of America’s wealth. (The distribution of net wealth in the United States, 2007. Edward E Wolff)



        Little money, little opportunity for higher education.

        Payne? Publish or perish. I’ve been to grad school, too. Quite familiar with academic politics.

      • Here’s what the article says azzho’………

        The killings are self-reported by law enforcement and not all police departments participate so the database undercounts the actual number of deaths

        Your dumb azz thinks that means the cops are hiding the shootings. You’re a phukkin idiot. They report to their superiors then it goes to a higher level if need be. And so damn what if they shoot blacks? Bing your sorry race hustlin’ azz up here to Chicago so I can take you around some of the hoods. And before you flap your infected gums that they are being profiled, look up the crimes rates in Englewood, Austin, Lawndale, Little Village and any other black community up here. Stupid azz white guilting phuk.

      • What’s wrong animal lover? Why did my link bother you? Because it was about blacks attacking whites? I don’t do PC punk. And your link is race baiting crap ape lover. White guilting garbage like you think this is about keeping score. These animals wantto run the streets bangin’, they can get killed.

        Apes need to go………………

        Article: http://usconservatives.about.com/od/capitalpunishment/a/Putting-Gun-Death-Statistics-In-Perspective.htm

        Source from the CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr61/nvsr61_06.pdf

        Here’s what it says:

        a staggering 80% of gun homicides are gang-related. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), gang homicides accounted for roughly 8,900 of 11,100 gun murders in both 2010 and 2011. That means that there were just 2,200 non gang-related firearm murders in both years in a country of over 300 million people and 250 million guns.

        specifically: “80% of gun homicides are gang-related”

        Can anyone else tell me if I’ve missing something? It seems like an excellent data point to bust out during debates.

        Edit: The verdict is that it’s 80% of homicides in CHICAGO, i.e. “gun-free” utopia. See here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/29/chicago-homicide-rate-new-york_n_2378073.html

      • (But again, most of this depends on methods of keeping records, and, often, personal opinions.)

        You omitted this caveat.

      • It looks like you forgot the subject. It seems to make your pimpin’ azz squirm………………..

        What’s wrong animal lover? Why did my link bother you? Because it was about blacks attacking whites? I don’t do PC punk. And your link is race baiting crap ape lover. White guilting garbage like you think this is about keeping score. These animals wantto run the streets bangin’, they can get killed.

      • Yeah pr!k. You’re a race baiter. You’ve got a mouthful of excuses as well as outright ignoring what these damn apes are doing and have done. You like animals attacking people? Then you have one serious mental problem. And cry me a phukkin river for calling your savages by their proper name.

      • At this point you STILL have yet to condemn those blacks and their racist attacks against whites. Keep protecting thugs white guilter.

      • No you haven’t thug lover. And you hit-n-run tactics are the stuff punk azz cowards are made of. Gutless, white guilter libtard gibbling on ape pipe. Off yourself pu$$y boy.

      • I’ve already been through the hoods. Carrying a suit case. Had no problems. and, yes. I am White Anglo-Saxon. My work with the State of Illinois took me into the “worst” neighborhoods in south Peoria. NEVER had a problem.

      • Oh bullch!t. You bring your white azz up here and go though the hoods I mentioned with your briefcase. And Peoria is Wonderland compared to Chicago.

  5. What’s missing is YOU UNCLE RUCKUS! You do nothing to help the situation just or uplift! No…you choose the opposite. ..you are a disgrace

  6. Does Allen West know that even police is not allowed to use entrapment? It’s a defense lawyer’s dream, the case gets thrown automatically. Does he know that luring someone to kill them is premeditated murder? Not mentioning that he does not seem to value that young man’s life anymore than he does a mouse? Well Mr. West I have another little funny slogan for you. Yesterday’s pig will be tomorrow’s bacon.

  7. These are some stupid moronic demonic… I’m out of adjectives. It’s too bad judgement day isn’t today. So many of you morons preach hate and call it patriotic. As long as your kids aren’t dying you’re just sitting back watching it on this modern day Truman show. On the Tell-lie-vision. I understand ignorance is bliss. I’m watching it unfold. Oh yes, blame Obamacare on it too. Hate your African- and white president for your refusal to do anything progressive for yourselves or your country. You say you’re not a racist but you capitalize from it and teach your kids this pertual ritual of ignorance that was passed down to you. Yet you want immigration reform when you don’t even support the native neighbor you got. Damn hypocrites.. With bibles going to your segregated place of worship.

  8. I think this is the best article I’ve seen you write. I’d like to share something I wrote on my timeline last week.

    “Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson. Tragic.

    I watched as the mother and step-father of the slain 18 year old, said one thing and did another. I’ve had enough.

    If you had raised your son right, he probably wouldn’t be dead.
    If you had taught him to respect others, he probably wouldn’t be dead.
    If you had taught him that stealing was wrong, he probably wouldn’t be dead.
    If you had taught him that actions have consequences, he probably wouldn’t be dead.
    If you had taught him to be responsible, he probably wouldn’t be dead.
    If you had taught him of his rich heritage, he probably wouldn’t be dead.
    Even if you had taught him to stay out of the middle of the street, he probably wouldn’t be dead.

    While you mourn your loss and defame another, think on who raised that boy, and why he is dead. Your own actions answer the question.”

    Quite frankly I’m tired of all the racist hype BS, tired of all the white cops against blacks BS, tired of listening to all the finger pointing when the individual doesn’t realize that only one finger is pointing forward and all the others are pointing back to the accuser.

    Keep up the good words, Mr West..

  9. Great article, well stated and basically the facts layed out end to end. The problem lays in the non emotional hyperbole that the left lives in. You see, without writing how these black children whose only life was one of poverty and strife, how most certainly they would end up doing what they were doing, then what would ever justify a policeman from takeing their precious gift God gave them..of life. Without the correct narrative, you will never be heard by the Progressive masses.


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