U.S. gives Iran conciliatory gestures; Iran gives U.S. one-finger salute

So let’s see if we can wrap our heads around this one. The Obama administration is lobbying hard against the U.S. Senate not to take up renewed sanctions against Iran — for fear it would jeopardize negotiations with the number one state sponsor of terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

But while the Obama administration is trying to “play nice” with Iran and make conciliatory gestures — Iran has sent a one-finger salute about its stance.

As reported by NBC News, “A Washington Post reporter detained in Iran has been charged with “unknown crimes” by a Tehran judge, the journalist’s family said in a statement on Sunday. Jason Rezaian, the newspaper’s bureau chief in Tehran since 2012, was arrested nearly five months ago. The Washington Post on Sunday first reported that the journalist – a dual U.S.-Iranian national — was charged with unspecified crimes in his first court appearance Saturday in Tehran. In a statement provided to NBC News, Rezaian’s family said it was “deeply saddened to confirm that, after being held in solitary confinement without charge for 137 days, Jason Rezaian was charged with unknown crimes by the government of Iran.” “In its ongoing disregard of Iran’s own laws, the Iranian judiciary has continued to deny Jason access to legal representation, denied his request for bail, and prevented access to review of his case file,” the statement added.”

And don’t forget, Iran also holds American Pastor Saeed Abedini — y’all do remember him, right?

In addition, Iran is holding onto former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati who was born in Arizona and grew up in Michigan — perhaps the Obama administration has something about now helping out Marines being held captive?

As Fox News reports, Hekmati, another dual U.S.-Iranian citizen, was arrested in August 2011, then tried, convicted and sentenced to death for spying. Hekmati appealed, and Iran’s Supreme Court annulled the death sentence and ordered a retrial in 2012. The country’s Revolutionary Court then overturned his conviction for espionage, instead charging him with “cooperating with hostile governments” and sentenced him to 10 years in prison. The U.S. government repeatedly has denied that Hekmati is a spy. His family, which lives in Flint, Michigan, says he is innocent and only went to Iran to visit his grandmothers.”

I’m starting to believe we shouldn’t allow dual citizens of Iran to travel back there until the rule of the Ayatollahs has ended.

However, I must say once again, this is history repeating itself. When Chamberlain met Hitler, he took a position of appeasement and acquiescence while Hitler proved to be deceptive, deceitful, and, well, mad — intent on war and domination.

Why, when the sanctions imposed on Iran were crippling the radical mullahs, did we let up on the gas pedal? I believe Obama’s words were ” we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.” Iran’s fist has yet to be unclenched. As a matter of fact, they are continuing to throw punches.

When the Iranian young people took to the streets wanting a change — the Green Movement — it was the Obama administration that stood by and did nothing. How many of you remember the young Iranian woman who was shot while the world watched her bleed to death on social media? Folks, this is what happens when you try to play nice with evil.

And how have we responded? According to the NBC News, “Rezaian’s case has prompted sharp criticism. Secretary of State John Kerry said early Sunday that the U.S. is “deeply disappointed and concerned” by reports that Rezaian has been charged and that a judge had denied him bail. “We are also distressed by reports that Jason was not allowed access to an attorney, which is a clear violation of Iran’s own laws and international norms,” Kerry said in a statement, adding that the U.S. is also concerned that Rezaian is under physical and psychological “duress.”

This reminds me of the courtroom scene from “A Few Good Men” where Demi Moore’s character brought forth an objection that was overruled by the judge. She restated her objection, which was again overruled. She then stated she “strenuously” objected, to which a very annoyed judge once again responded with OVERRULED.

We continue to talk and object, “deeply disappointed and concerned” as if that’s REALLY a policy and position of strength to make the mad mullahs and clerics of Iran quake in their sandals.

In that part of the word, only two things are respected and regarded — strength and might. And when that’s not an evident deterrent, your citizens are taken captive and held. History teaches us of another U.S. President confronted with the same problem by people of the same belief — Thomas Jefferson. When he realized the ideological intent of the Barbary pirates, he sent them a response — not conciliatory weak words — but the greatest fighting force known to the world, the U.S. Marines.

Nah, I’m neither a warmonger nor a “neocon,” but I do understand that sometimes the only thing a bully understands is a hit square in the mouth.

Furthermore, I’ve got a problem when folks are taking fellow Americans hostage, beheading them, and we don’t respond. Sorry, but I’m with Thomas Jefferson on this one.

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Sandra Johnson

No real answer but force. People from the U. S. should not be allowed to go into anti-American philosophy. Photo journalists or others.