Behold: the decimation of the Democrat Party in the Deep South

Remember all the chatter about how the final determination for the control of the U.S. Senate would probably come down to two runoff elections — in Georgia and Louisiana? Pollsters and pundits claimed were tight races and these two would hang in the balance, and the whole nation would be focused on them in December and January.

Boy howdy, did they get that all wrong! The race in Georgia between David Perdue (R) and Michelle Nunn (D) wasn’t even close. And in Louisiana, the venerable Senator Mary Landrieu who comes from a political household family name — and had served 18 years in the Senate — went down in flames, basically holding on to the same number of votes she acquired in the Louisiana “jungle primary.” (is that racist?)

As reported by Fox News, “Louisiana Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu lost her reelection bid Saturday in a runoff race with Republican challenger Rep. Bill Cassidy, despite a relentless, against-long-odds effort. Landrieu, who was seeking a fourth term, trailed by double digits and had lost most of her support going into the election. With 100 percent of the precincts reporting late Saturday, Cassidy had received 56 percent of the vote, to 44 percent for Landrieu.”

Nationally, probably more folks were tuned into the college football conference championship games than the Louisiana Senate race on Saturday. But my interest isn’t in discussing the intricacies of this Senate race — or even how bad the pollsters did this past midterm election cycle, hurting their credibility.

Having been brought up in the deep South, I must say there’s something far greater afoot– a sort of changing of the political guard across what some used to refer to as “Dixie.”

red state
If you look across the southern states, you’d be hard pressed to find any Democrats holding statewide elected office after this election — and control of State legislatures is also a phenomena — nationally the GOP holds some 69 of 99 state legislatures (Nebraska has a unicameral system).

Since Missouri is in the SEC, I’ll count them in and they have a Democrat Governor and Senator, along with Virginia –- northern Virginia has a lot to do with that — but Ed Gillespie came darn close. Kentucky has a Democrat Governor but two GOP Senators. And in Florida there’s Democrat Senator Bill Nelson.

But when I reflect on my days growing up down South, the place was a Democrat stronghold — some folks just couldn’t get over the whole Civil War (or War of Northern Aggression) thing — and as we know from history the Democrat Party was the party of the KKK, Jim Crow Laws, segregation, poll taxes and literacy tests, while a study of GOP history makes clear its stance for individual liberty and civil rights.

Remember it was a GOP Senator, Everett Dirksen, who enabled passage of the civil rights — Democrat Senators Robert Byrd and Al Gore Sr. weren’t having it. And Dwight D. Eisenhower offered up similar legislation as president only to have it thwarted by Democrat Senators.

There has been a seismic change in the South, which the National GOP should recognize and understand. Down in our “neck of the woods,” the Democrat Party and its policies are no longer regarded as those of the working man and woman.

And more folks are beginning to reject the victimization and welfare nanny-state message and embrace the message — as Booker T. Washington championed — of education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance.

The Democrat Party has become more aligned with far left progressive socialist ideals — which are the antithesis of the South’s values of faith, family and duty to country. The Democrat Party has become the party of the elites, who feel they can better determine how you should live their life than you can.

And as long as the leftists and their media allies embrace the sense of mobocracy and disregard for the rule of law and the judicial process, they’ll find themselves at odds with the fundamental conservative values of the South.

Now, it becomes vital for the GOP to champion principles and policies that promote the growth, opportunity, and promise of Americans. They’ve been handed an opportunity to govern, as Americans are rejecting the “big government” solutions from today’s Democrat party.

Now, the ideological battle for the soul of America is far from over, as a matter of fact, I think it’s about to get even more vicious. But, if the message centers around principle, not party; policy, not politics — the greater days of America lie ahead. The key is to take that message into every corner of our Constitutional Republic — and that means the inner cities where we sorely need a sense of hope and opportunity.

I believe that in the presidential election of 2012, Mitt Romney won some 72 percent of counties in the United States but that only resulted in a larger electoral college defeat. Why? Because the Democrat party has turned presidential election politics into a science, knowing exactly what counties and what precincts in what states yield them a resounding victory. That is the challenge.

But the GOP cannot win by pandering, but rather by engaging, inspiring, and enlightening the American populace about the right choices for its future — and that of their children and grandchildren.

Yep, in my lifetime I have seen the first black president — and also the decimation of the Democrat Party in the Deep South.


  1. sadly those two tiny blue spots in NYS are the cities. 🙁 Break the unions and bust up the zoning and you can turn those blue spots red again.

      • can’t they are run by thugs. The workers themselves are not the problem but they won’t rebel against their “leaders”

      • Organized labor hasn’t done a thing for the working man in almost seventy years, and even in their actually useful period, they laid the foundation for the gang rape of the Free Market and ushered in the steadily growing octopus of Mixed Economy.

        Unions helped everyone in the short term, but the chicken of “workers’ rights” (pfft) has come home to roost. You know its nesting grounds by its nickname: “OUTSOURCING”.

        As long as we continue to mutilate the economy and trash capitalism, we DESERVE to be outsourced. I support outsourcing because it puts our greedy, entitled workforce in their place.

      • those blue spots are examples of the black vote going to Democrats without question. No matter how bad their communities get, thru still seems to vote Democrat. One day someone may wake up and say”hey lets try the other side, it can’t any worse.”

    • Poor Earl Lee has an obsession with trolling Allen West’s threads. Just a year ago he was saying that in the 2014 elections the Republicans would never take the Senate and would lose seats in the House. He was wrong then and he is wrong now. The American voter learned that electing an unqualified candidate just because he would be our first black president was a huge error and they won’t elect unqualified Hillary Clinton just because she would be the first woman president. Liberalism has proven to be a failure in economic, domestic and foreign policy over the past 6 years.

    • 204 was not that long ago. And how much of 2012 defeat wa due to ant-Mormon racism preached by the hate-God followers of obama?
      Or to the dad voting (and I am not talking about the brain dead)?

  2. Ignorant racist protesters blocking traffic, making people late for work, preventing ambulances with children from getting to hospitals in the name of would be cop killer mike brown people associate with BO and the “progressive” liberal democrats. The protesters are protesting the democrats right out of Washington and BO and all his communist loving, muslim friends with them.

  3. But….too many republicans act as if they are democrats! Take Amnesty….how many republicans holding office agree with it is mind blowing

    • I do not oppose Amnesty of illegals who have not done additional crimes. I oppose Amnesty solely because an Ambesty without border control would restart the entire immigration bane again.

      Amnesty triggers more illegal immigration. I strongly support a blanket amnesty, but I will fight that very thing tooth and nail UNTIL WE SECURE OUR BORDERS AND PREVENR THE NEED FOR FUTURE AMBESTY.

  4. Pop got out of the democratic mindset early, when I was just a kid. My first election to vote in was between Reagan and Carter. The stuff Reagan preached resonated much more with me (and most of the country) than anything Carter said, despite Carter’s being an Annapolis graduate.

  5. This map shows why the Article 5 Convention of the States is the right thing to do. It is a means of harvesting the power of all that red!…State legislatures, will be able to pick delegates for the convention and rollback the tyranny of DC. It is our only peaceful avenue left to us!

      • It’s not a “Constitutional” Convention but a Covention of the States or States Convention. Since Congress would NEVER vote to shorten their careers in Washington, even though they get more corrupt and more concerned about their leadership positions than doing what’s right for the people, it would be the ONLY way to get term limits and a less corrupt federal government.

        Mark Levin does a good job of explaining it. You can google him and find out more.

      • Yes, but if an Article V convention is triggered, what would stop a Runaway Convention except that all proposed Amendments must first be Ratified by the states?

        How would delegates be selected? How would we stop bigwigs who want to entrench bad ideas into our founding document from being sent to a Convention?

        Remember that the Framers who gave us our Constitution convened to revise the Articles of Condederation, but it turned into a Runaway Convention and they started from scratch. By the grace of Gid, they created a better document than before.

        A Runaway Convention happened once and it will probably happen again. The difference, though, is that great men like the Framers are long gone except for a few scattered candles in the cold, dark winter’s night.

      • I believe that those at the state level are much less corrupt than those at the federal level. We can’t continue to allow Congress and the executive branch to take away the powers guaranteed to the states in the Constitution.

        The reason why I recommended you google Mark Levin is because he is a Constitutional Scholar and has inside knowledge of D.C. politics. He has been promoting this idea for a long time and has a working knowledge of how to reach that goal. The founding fathers included this option just in case the federal government usurped its Constitutional powers just as it increasingly has in the past 50 years.

  6. This election cycle was something to behold. Nearly every part of our nation showed strong in the ideals of our Constitution. Something tells me that Washington has taken notice.

    • Keep a close eye on them. This summer the Boehner and the House leadership tried to sneak in legislation that would fund Obama’s efforts to import more children from Guatamala, El Salvador and Honduras. Members found out about the change and got the word out before everyone voted on a bill that had been changed without their knowledge. They blocked passage of this altered bill.

      Then this week, Boehner and House leadership tried to slip in legislation that would strengthen Obama’s amnesty push by changing the bill during the night and not informing members of the change. They posted a bill and then stripped it and replaced it without letting members know of this change, too. It’s corrupt and unethical. GOP leadership is not to be trusted because they want amnesty. They don’t mind running as conservatives and governing as liberals.

      Those members of Congress, not in leadership positions, will have to hone their skills in scrutinizing the RINO leadership so that those of us who elected them will actually get a representative government. We not only have to defend ourselves against liberal Democrats but against powerful RINO Republican leadership.

  7. What the H…is up with Minnesota??? Or is that the state being overtaken with Muslims & Al Franken?? They will have to change their license plates to read ‘ The Land of 10,000 kooks’ or idiots. ..

    • Lived in Minnesota all of my life and I still can’t figure out why the state leans left either, every person I know is typically conservative in their thinking but most still vote liberal, makes me sick to my stomach how ignorant people can be

    • The light red signifies leans Republican and that’s what you’re seeing in eastern Louisianna. Dark red is solidly Republican just as dark blue is solidly Democrat while light blue means leans Democrat.

  8. Oh man, many repubs = 1 trillion in new spending perhaps. It really is quite insane of individuals (recent spending proposal). We have really bad debt! Let’s instead think responsibly and want to live within means.

    View AmericaIdea for the only GOP 2016 Dream Candidate. And decide to vote the best instead of ceding the side’s so-called principle to go follow whoever “has the best chance to win”.

    • This is not NEW or additional spending. It’s continue current spending due to expire this week. They are actually passing a continuing resolution.

      I guess you are unfamiliar with the fact that the federal government takes in more than $3 trillion a year in tax revenue. If they don’t pass this continuing resolution, the government will shut down because the current spending bill expires at midnight on Thursday.

      This is just a partial funding through Sept. of 2015. Then if they return to normal order, something we haven’t seen due to Harry Reid since Obama was elected, this spring they can start to negotiate the fiscal 2015/2016 budget year. It would be the first real budget passed by the Congress since spring of 2008.

      • When current spending is continued, it is of course “new” spending. Also, the gov repubs have no business continuing to spend and spend without thinking of great cutbacks.

        As an example, say there is a household with 60k yearly earnings. The personal debt though is 200k. The gov repubs have a direct responsibility to consider great cutbacks to spending, not by going ahead unthinkingly and passing massive “partial only” bills with much more to come. Insane and mindless.


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