Mother of dead terrorist praises her son who murdered 5 [VIDEO]

Peace. It is something many claim they want, but is often defined in quite different terms.

True peace requires two parties — or more — to come to a common understanding and consent for peace. It was Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir who stated in 1957 at the National Press Club, “Peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us.” That day may never come.

You might recall the story of the Arab woman whose son’s life was saved by Jewish doctors in an Israeli hospital — she was even provided gifts and care while her son was being treated. But as you can see in this shocking video, this mother would gladly offer her son in martyrdom to kill the very people who had saved his life. For this woman, her definition of peace was the extermination of the Jewish people by any means necessary.

And her is yet another mother who feels the same, as she glorifies the horrors her now dead son inflicted.

As reported by Palestinian Media Watch, “Two days after two terrorists armed with guns, knives and axes entered a synagogue in Jerusalem and murdered four worshippers and a policeman, an Israeli Arab news site posted a video of the mother of one of the terrorists praising the murderers. Both terrorists were killed by Israeli police who arrived at the scene of the attack. The day after the murders, the mother of terrorist Uday Abu Jamal recited a poem honoring the killers while receiving guests in her mourning tent.”

We all recall the images of celebrations, dancing, candies and sweets being handed out after the heinous and barbaric attack that resulted in the deaths of the five Jewish citizens while praying — three of whom were American rabbis with dual citizenship. What type of depraved mind celebrates such a savage action? It is truly not the mind of one who defines peace as Western civilization does.

As well, the mother of one of the three Arabs who kidnapped and killed three Israeli boys this summer heaped similar praise on her son saying, ” Marwan is an angel. He was loved all his life. Everyone loves him. He is noble, pure and modest – an angel; the hero among heroes and a leader. If Allah hadn’t loved him, He wouldn’t have honored him with Martyrdom.”

What is the definition of peace to those mothers who show honor and pride in the actions of their sons? And how do we promote policies of Middle East peace if the understanding from one side is that the other side must be eradicated — even a three-month-old baby at a bus stop.

Peace requires willing partners, and Golda Meir defined the obstacle to peace in the Middle East quite accurately.

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Rachel Irene Renee Wright
Rachel Irene Renee Wright


Gene Harvey

The US doesn’t have the stomach to do what’s necessary to stop radical Islam. We’re too worried about political correctness and civilian collateral damage to win any war. Here’s a Mother that serves up her son and is proud of his accomplishment. Hard core, boots on the ground military intervention is the only answer. Our soldiers have to be able to win! Wars aren’t designed for peace and love liberal democrats. We need to take a few lessons from Israel.


there is no specific radical Islam. whole Islam itself is radical. Some Muslims are not radical, they are cultural Muslims. For example somebody who was born to Islamic culture, but is not really practicing Islamic cult and do not follow Qur’an completely. As they start following this satanic book, they become radical

Michelle Dover

Them people are raised to know only evil so sad.