Awesome video to share: A Soldier’s Christmas

We are now officially into the Christmas season and I just wanted to share this song, “A Soldier’s Christmas,” by the patriotic band, Madison Rising. There are two prominent pictures displayed in this video of two U.S. Navy SEAL Team VI Warriors — Aaron Vaughn and Michael Murphy — both of whom, along with many others, will never be home for Christmas again.

Our men and women in uniform don’t get to take a “holiday recess.” They continue to stand guard and protect us while we go out and do our shopping and spend time with family and friends sharing gifts.

But what they give do us is the greatest of all gifts — our freedom.

So listen to this song and please share it.

This is the paradoxical riddle of the warrior. We serve to safeguard the liberties of a nation, yet must sacrifice those same liberties for ourselves. But it is our honor to do so.

No one can guarantee the safety of those in harm’s way because the enemy has a vote, but we can all wish for those deployed away from their families — good aim!

Steadfast and Loyal.


  1. Totally amazing video! I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I sure share in the love and warmth of the season! I appreciate the faith and especially the pride in America, with the greatest respect for the military. May they all be blessed. Amen!

  2. Irionically, because of our military hillary clinton can celebrate Christmas with her first grandchild but Aaron Vaughn and Michael Murphy will never be able to with theirs.


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