Turkey now on the side of ISIS? So much for our “ally”

Without a doubt Ferguson is dominating the current news cycle, but there are still other issues going on in the world for which we must remain focused and vigilant.

Yesterday we discussed the expansion of ISIS into Libya, a country which our own foreign policy is responsible for destabilizing. There is yet another very disconcerting action regarding ISIS which should cause concern.

As reported by The Hill, “The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacked the Syrian border town of Kobani from Turkey on Saturday, according to Kurdish officials and activists. According to local reports and officials, a suicide bomber drove to a border crossing between Kobani and Turkey and detonated an armored vehicle, the Associated Press reported. ISIS “used to attack the town from three sides,” Kurdish Democratic Union Party spokesman Nawaf Khalil told the AP. “Today, they are attacking from four sides.” Kobani has been in danger of falling to the terrorist group for several months, raising questions over whether the U.S.’s strategy against ISIS is working and prompting U.S.-led airstrikes in an effort to save the Kurdish town. Mustafa Bali, a Kobani-based activist, told the AP that ISIS has taken positions in grain silos on the Turkish side of the border, and are launching attacks towards the border crossing. He also said U.S.-led airstrikes were launched Saturday morning.”

We know Turkish forces idly sat back and watched ISIS launch attacks against the Syrian-Kurdish border town of Kobani. We reported here that evidence indicates members of the Turkish secret intelligence force have been fighting with ISIS. May I remind you of the claim on a Sunday morning talk show by National Security Advisor Susan Rice that we had secured agreements for support and use of air bases in Turkey to strike ISIS — an assertion that was quickly refuted by Ankara.

The only assessment that can be deduced from this report is that Turkey is actively supporting ISIS in its destruction of Kurdish forces — in essence doing their intended dirty work. And of course we know our own President Barack Hussein Obama has referred to Turkish President Recip Tayyip Erdogan as a good friend and ally. Sadly, that is very far from truth and once again it appears to the Kurds that America has abandoned them.

The Hill says, “It is now clear that Turkey is openly cooperating with Daesh,” Bali said, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State. Turkey denied in a statement the fighters entered Kobani from its territory, which would be a first for ISIS. “Claims that the vehicle reached the border gate by crossing through Turkish soil are a lie,” the statement said. “The security forces who are on alert in the border region have … taken all necessary measures.”

Regardless of the declarations of the Turkish government, there are a couple of things that are undeniable facts. First, countless amounts of foreign fighters are transiting into Syria to join with ISIS through Turkey. Secondly, it has been through Turkey that ISIS has been able to transport its seized oil resources to sell on the black market. Turkey has been completely complicit with the development, funding, and support to ISIS. And yet, America has not taken any real policy actions against Turkey — as well as against Qatar — to disincentivize their support to Islamist causes and Islamic terrorist actions.

There is no doubt that Turkey wishes to have ISIS take care of its “Kurdish” problem because it doesn’t want to allow a Kurdish nationalist movement to take root within their borders. And just so everyone understands, the Kurds are the words largest ethnic group without a homeland. For some odd reason we find the progressive socialist left supporting “Palestinians” who are nothing more than Arabs – with no distinctive language, culture, or history. That is completely different from the Kurdish people who are exactly what we should seek to embrace — secular Muslims who are pro-Israel, pro-West, pro-American, and have evidenced their ability to govern themselves — peacefully. Of course they are ruthlessly persecuted by Turkey and Iran — and we all remember the horrific gassing of the Kurds by Saddam Hussein.

So just as we are watching ISIS expand into Libya due to a poor policy decision by the Obama administration. We are also watching ISIS slaughter Christians, religious minorities, and attack the Kurds — while Turkey, a supposed NATO member, sits back and does nothing. And President Erdogan is on record with many anti-Semitic statements.

Al Sharpton visited the White House for the 82nd time yesterday. And ISIS is visiting all over the Middle East, while the policy failures of the Obama administration are mounting.

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Robin Rosenblatt
To all those people living in the Land of Oz . We are in a World wide Islamic Cultural War or 1400-year-old Jihad. We each see a different parts of it in the world and if you put all the violent parts together it adds up to only one cause: a 1400 year old Islamic Cultural War. It is the same as that joke of four blind men touching the elephant. 
The names of the Arabs and Muslim Terrorists change but the behavior has been always the same for the last 1400 years. It is not about land, rights or… Read more »

I agree with you. The sons of Abraham, Ishmael and Issac, started two good religions. Issac the Judeo Christian and Ishmael the other, both were good religions. Mohammed changed the teachings of Ishmael and then the Islamic religion changed to a satanic cult type worship. Refer to Shoebat.com and look under Phrophecy.


The U.S. leadership does nothing. Thousands of U.S. lives lost, tens of thousands injured, Iraqi lives lost, all for our effort to assist into a new way called freedom. All in vain currently in the least. Worse state than before we did anything at all as the U.S.

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