Iran nuke talks extended – like that’s going to matter?

I just wanted to follow up on something from Monday — as if we don’t have enough concerns.

While we’re focused on Ferguson and President Obama is running around the country trying to firm up support for his unconstitutional executive action granting deferred deportations for illegal immigrants and work permits, we can’t forget Iran.

As we reported, the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the United States failed — again — and a new deadline was to be set. Well, that deadline decision has been made — next year, June 2015. And as I learned during my travels in the Mideast and Afghanistan, a simple maxim of the enemy is, “you may have watches, but we have the time.”

As reported by the Associated Press, “The United States and Iran say a new deadline in nuclear talks could allow them to finally reach a deal. But Tehran’s apparent reluctance to compromise may soon leave U.S. negotiators running out of ideas on how to reduce Iran’s capacity to make nuclear arms. Western diplomats familiar with the talks said Tuesday they have agreed on little more than to keep talking until June 30, after failing to substantially narrow differences by Monday’s deadline in Vienna.”

Apparently Iranian stall tactics are working, as it seems the U.S. “negotiators” are “running out of ideas.” As we mentioned earlier this week – we’re operating from a position of weakness, not strength with Iran. They do not fear America and do not believe there are any consequences to their belligerence. And they’re probably right.

The AP says, “While Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, has backed the nuclear negotiations, he signaled on Tuesday that his country would stand firm, saying Washington and its European allies will be unable “to bring the Islamic Republic to its knees.”

Therefore the entire episode is building Iran’s reputation and emboldening their stance in the world of Islamic totalitarianism. They are elevating themselves to the moral high ground of power and might in standing up to the “great Satan.”

So what exactly is stymying any progress?

The Associated Press writes,

“Key to an agreement for the U.S. is capping Iran’s uranium enrichment program. Iran denies any interest in atomic arms and says it needs to enrich to make reactor fuel and for other peaceful uses. But the West fears that Tehran could ramp up the program and enrich to levels used for the fissile core of nuclear weapons. Iran now has nearly 10,000 centrifuges enriching uranium. Washington came to the negotiating table 10 months ago demanding that Tehran pare down that number to less than 2,000 in attempts to increase the time Iran would need to make enough weapons-grade uranium from a few months to a year or more. The U.S. is now ready to accept just over 4,000, the diplomats said on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the confidential talks. Iran also has moved – but not nearly as much. It is now floating around 8,000 centrifuges as acceptable. Washington also has compromised on the timeline for the enrichment restrictions. Originally it wanted the caps in place for 20 years or more. Now, it may be ready to accept 15 years. Iran, however, wants limits substantially below 10 years, while continuing to insist on expanding the program immediately after constraints are lifted. It is aiming for enriched uranium output at that point that would equal nearly 200 percent more than that the centrifuges it now has.”

The real problem for President Obama, who really wants to get something done here — which you should never allow to be known — is that he no longer has Harry Reid running interference for him in the U.S. Senate.

As the GOP comes in as the new Senate majority next January, they’ve already indicated they’ll seek tougher sanctions on Iran. Of course Iran has confided that they’ll walk away from the negotiating table if sanctions return and are harsher — which they should be.

And right now, it seems you could actually see a bipartisan Senate stand against a presidential veto of a Senate bill advancing those tougher sanctions. Without Reid, who prevented Obama from having to make any major decisions on legislation, an Obama veto of hard sanctions on the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism would not bode well.

The ensuing question would be, where are Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy loyalties? Amidst all the other crises facing the Obama administration — we are about to see a very huge foreign policy issue – a nuclear containment of Iran is not a tenable or viable policy course of action. Iran must be isolated with crippling economic sanctions. We must as well make it very clear that we will freeze and seize the accounts of anyone seeking to do business with Iran. We must reassert ourselves as the “strongest tribe” and push Iran aside in Iraq as well focus on destroying ISIS. And Iran must know we are serious.

Iran, Russia, China, North Korea — a modern day axis is developing.


  1. Allow them nuclear capability; perhaps they’ll get real responsible, and police the vicinity. BTW; it’s Iran, what could possibly go wrong!

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