Ferguson: the progressive socialist Left’s racial Waterloo

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It was supposed to be that seminal moment, shining a glaring light on the abject horror of white police brutality towards young black men. It was intended to be a triumph for the champions of race baiting. It was intended to be a midterm election rallying point for the black vote, staving off an electoral debacle of monumental proportions. It was intended to be a victory for victimhood and mob justice over the rule of law and judicial process. In the end, Ferguson, Missouri resulted in a Waterloo for the Left — especially the liberal progressive media who was caught perpetuating a lie of epic proportions.

And now Ferguson burns and a family is embarrassed not only nationally, but internationally.

First, my heart goes out to the parents of Michael Brown who were used as pawns in a game of politics with the vehicle being the tragic loss of their son. It was never the intent of anyone passing themselves off as their “sympathetic friends” to know the truth — it was their goal to advance an agenda, at their expense.

Second, the media owes an apology to one Ferguson Police Officer named Darren Wilson — yeah, I know, it will not be forthcoming. Wilson survived death threats, a bounty, and his name being horrifically smeared by a mob spun into a frenzy by a sensationalist Leftist media machine not interested in truth, fact, and evidence — just a story that fit their insatiable hunger.

Third, a special hat tip goes out to St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch who realized the volatility of the situation and delivered what was the most articulate and meticulous grand jury summary we may ever come to hear. His careful explanation of the entire proceeding, and decision to make public the evidence and findings de-fanged a multi-headed hydra that was poised to strike.

Of course, the hydra decided to strike anyway, displaying true disregard once again — two weeks in a row — of the rule of law in America. The real losers in all of this were those like Jesse Jackson Sr., Al Sharpton, and the mob who, even in the face of truth, made a conscious decision not to abide by it — or accept it.

Consider the Democrat Party of Georgia, who unabashedly used images of Ferguson, Missouri in campaign materials to stoke racial animosity during the recent Senate race. They likened a vote for the GOP candidate, David Perdue, to being supportive of another “Ferguson” occurring in Georgia. One has to ask, will the Chairman of the Georgia Democrat Party issue an apology statement to the people of the “Peach state?” I certainly don’t expect one to be given to Senator-elect Perdue.

And what now of the public image of our law enforcement officers, who have seen their collective reputation besmirched all in the name of what? Some ill conceived sense of “social justice?”

Shall we now — in light of the truth of Ferguson — realize these men and women place their lives on the line every day for the sake of the preamble of the Constitution which states, “to establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility?”

The men and women of the “Thin Blue Line” are the everyday soldiers on the front lines, fighting to maintain a peaceful environment in which we can all find the “security of the blessings of liberty.”

Are there bad cops out there — yep — just like there are bad anything. However, the blanket assault on the honor, integrity, and character of the American law enforcement officer must end. After all, where are the protests and rioting when one of them loses his life? Recently we’ve even seen that come at the hands of illegal immigrants who have been deported on several occasions, only to return.

Ferguson, Missouri and the case of the shooting of Michael Brown must awaken in all of us the notion that individuals are responsible for their actions — and there are consequences. It was not just the actions of Michael Brown, but the despicable actions of those who would willingly lie as Prosecutor McCulloch brilliantly presented in his grand jury summary.

Where are we going in America, when there is no compunction to tell the truth when it comes to the life of another human being? We must understand the closed grand jury hearing was necessary in order for the truth to surface and those who could speak it could do so without fear of retribution. And again, a hat tip to McCulloch for being astute enough to protect the names and reputations of those who would commit perjury — and for what?

In closing, Ferguson, Missouri was a triumph for the system of federalism once again displaying the preeminence of the state over the federal government in such a matter. There can be no doubt that the federal government under the social activist agenda of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder sought to fully interject itself.

However, with complete transparency of witnesses and physical evidence, Robert McCulloch checked and checkmated the secret whims of Obama and Holder. And that was clearly visible Monday evening when President Obama rambled on after the decision, still straining to stoke the fires of racial animosity.

Yes, we do have a problem in America and it is with raising our young black men to be respectful and responsible — there is a reason why we have a Ray Rice or an Adrian Peterson — it starts early. We have a problem with media sensationalism and truth. We have a problem with the respect of the rule of law. We have a problem with regard for our law enforcement officers. We have a problem with victimization and the politics of race and the advancement of a “by any means necessary” skewed vision of justice.

Officer Darren Wilson was “innocent until proven guilty” and too many forgot what that meant. He has been exonerated of any wrongdoing as he was attacked. We must ask ourselves, would we feel better as a nation is we had buried Wilson? Would there have been incessant media coverage and protests? Sadly, we all know the answer to that question. Our law enforcement officers die and no one really cares, save for the families who go missing a loved one — as seen in the murder of Captain Kevin Quick in Virginia. Or does anyone remember the name of the NYPD rookie who was attacked by the ax-wielding jihadist?

I thank God that even in the face of all this negativity — and at times hatred — we still have young men and women who will serve and protect us on our streets, preventing complete anarchy and lawlessness. In the end, we should all take a pause and thank a law enforcement officer today for his or her service, sacrifice, commitment, and bravery. Thanks guys, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.


  1. Spot on! Too bad our President, Attorney General and the likes are unable to control their venom. They encouraged the destruction and rioting resulting in innocent people losing their livelihood. What I don’t understand is why the President continues to get involved in what he speaks as racist and then sending Eric Holder to encite racial tensions. And what about him coming on TV last night….just inflamed the rioters to loot and burn. My heart goes out to those in Ferguson who lost their businesses and property. They will get their justice one day!

      • Yes, in the way he spoke. I’ve never heard of a President getting involved in a police matter and he has done it twice. Not only that but he sent in Eric Holder and then Sharpton involved himself. If Obama really wanted to help, he would do it for all. Here in Utah we’ve had black officer killing a white, unarmed kid. Hear about that? No, not too many have. Did the President speak about that? Did he send representatives? No. What is more interesting, this kid wasn’t out stealing or doing anything wrong but someone called the police saying he was trespassing, which turned out he had lived at that residence. The police force and Utah Attorney general is reviewing this case and I’m sure there will be no rioting.

  2. There will always be Al Charlatans and Jesse Jacksons in this world. My issue is with the pot stirring that happened at the highest levels of our government. The top cop in the country immediately took sides against the cop while his boss lectured us on how far we have to come as a nation. The divisiveness is unprecedented and unacceptable. We are better than that and we deserve better than them.

  3. I feel extremely sorry for the Brown Family, but what about the ruined life of Darren Wilson for doing his Job? His life is over.

  4. Our son is a sherrifs deputy…this could’ve been him. Dashboard cameras will certainly help. I wonder how these people would react if it were a black cop instead

  5. Outstanding analysis, Col West. I agree completely that the Chief Prosecutor did an incredible job of conveying the Grand Jury results. Thank you for ALL you do and best wishes for a meaningful Thanksgiving holiday to you and those you love.

  6. the story of Ferguson isn’t a story about the Left being wrong and the cops being right. It’s a story about the left being wrong and the cops being wrong. Both have fault here. Yes, This officer acted appropriately. Let me say it again before I start getting attacked… This officer acted appropriately and justifiably. That being said, there’s almost new video out on a weekly basis of cops abusing their authority.

    The left wants tyranny. The left wants riots because they bring martial law. When we buy into the “cops put their lives on the line and their the good guys” narrative, we’re buying the lie that we need more government to protect us. We need more cops, more swat teams, more battle vehicles on our streets, and more government control.

    The black community in chaos is a creation of the left… So is the militant police officer beating the crap out of them every day. Both are bad for a free society.

  7. At one point in our history, we had the draft. Young men were, by law, brought into military service. There were multiple benefits to Selective Service. I believe this was so, particularly for our black youth. For all our young people , it brought the races together and in terms of combat and risks of everyday life, friendships were developed that would otherwise nor happen. They had to depend o each other to stay alive, to accomplish their mission whether peaceful or combat..

    Our young black men who may have come from a single parent home were forced to learn discipline and the consequences of not maintaining that discipline. The feeling of family was most constructive for them. Look around at all the ‘Nam vets. Most do not see skin color. They see OD, they see navy blue, they see someone covering their six.

    But even the military are not in favor of the draft. They allege that forced service results in recruits too difficult to handle. Amazing! When I was a recruit when my CPO told me to do something, I did it! I wonder why. To those military who hold this opinion, I suggest that you modern day trainers want it as easy as it can be for you and I understand that. But–just as you step forward and risk your lives for our country in combat, so too should you step forward and accept the stress and difficulty of shaping raw teenagers into men and women of respect for our country.

    Please look back in time and see what happened to Rome, whose civilization disappeared when they turned the care of their nation over to outsiders. Reinstating the draft is a two for one win. We have Americans defending America, learning the value and the blessing of having been born here and we have young men and women learning trades and skills to help them to succeed in civilian life.

    I firmly believe that the decline of America has, in a large part, been furthered by the elimination of the draft.

  8. Where was the outrage when Bush used his image of flying over Katrina on AF1 for funding raising? The NRA using Obama’s image after each school shooting? The republican’s who used Benghazi?
    Al and Jesse use hateful speech… What about Rush, Bill O’Reilly and Hannity? They have a bigger media presents, BTW. And made millions doing it.
    Where the the Black Republicans? Where they in Ferguson or safe and sound on FOX? PLUS, why is it hat FOX only has white people talking about race relations? Can you image the hissy fit there would be if MSNBC had all blacks talking about race relations.
    West, if the cops pull you over, how soon before you pull out your “Do you know who I am” card?

  9. Good point on McCulloch’s presentation of the Grand Jury proceedings and NO TRUE BILL decision. Anyone of the leftist race class hustlers who say a thing should be disregarded unless they can prove that they have completely reviewed the evidence seen and heard by the Grand Jury – I was a little surprised that it was completely released immediately. However, it is overwhelming proof that this process was eminently fair to both Michael Brown and to Darren Wilson.
    The left has had a really poor run – and their emotions are at a breaking point – I see it in forums and various social media – they cannot come to terms with the fact that the American voter has summarily rejected them and their policies. As Obama continues to show lawlessness the great majority of American taxpayers and voters will continuing to reject him and his policies even more..

  10. Great piece and spot on as always! As layman and factual as Attorney Robert McCulloch’s summary was, we all knew it would never change the minds of those who have no respect for the law, their communities or themselves!

  11. Obama and Holder wanted an indictment and did not get it. Obama sent 5 high ranking officials to this man’s funeral and sent nobody to the funeral of the highest ranking soldier to be killed in action in the last 45 years. If that doesn’t tell you where Obama’s priorities lie than I don’t know what will. People are killed every day by others of color and of the same color. Where is the outrage? Police officers are killed by thugs and not a single protest would ever happen when they would go free.Sharpton hasn’t paid taxes in 6 years and yet he walks free from prosecution. Where is the justice in that?

    • If I recall correctly, there are TWO Federal investigations on this incident. The grand jury may have voted not to indict, but I fear the officer will face federal charges down the road.

      • Eric Holder said today that he is continuing the investigation into Michael Brown’s case regardless of the outcome of the Grand Jury. Poor Officer Wilson may be facing federal charges due to Eric Holder when this should never be a federal case at all. Eric Holder says this may be a civil rights issue. Well Michael Brown was not Martin Luther King, Jr. or Medgar Evers so it makes no sense to claim it’s due to civil rights.

        You can be sure that Eric Holder is not going to investigate the unarmed 20 year old white boy killed by a black officer in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 11, 2014.

      • Okay so he sent one “official” to the funeral of the highest ranking officer killed in 45 years, and 5 to browns funeral. Thanks for clearing that up.

      • But did your correcting Lucian that he was “off by one” make any difference in what the facts imply?
        No, the truth of what these facts imply are still the same (i.e. Obama’s sentiments are supportive of criminals, simply because they are of the same race).

        It would be like someone stating that the IRS under Obama targeted twenty-five Conservative groups, and you vehemently corrected the claim by emphasizing that Obama’s IRS only targeted twenty-FOUR Conservative groups, NOT twenty-five (as if somehow one less erases all injustice).

        So the disproportionate emphasis given to black criminals and NOT given to Veterans speaks volumes.

      • False equivalencies, Bill. It wasn’t simply about “correcting by one” – it’s about the omission of the official, spreading disinformation and/or the failure to fact check when it’s not convenient to one’s ideology. It’s not hard to confirm or debunk such things, just takes a few clicks on a mouse.

        Since you decided to dig into this, what is the weight given to the Secretary of Defense going to one thing, and a few unrecognizable people going to another? Did you realize it wasn’t even 5 people who went to Brown’s funeral, it was 3? Even Foxnews-dot-com confirms that.

        Who were the 3 “high ranking” officials that allegedly went to Brown’s funeral? Did you check that before writing up your diatribe? I did it for you:

        “According to a White House official, Broderick Johnson, who heads the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper Task Force, will attend the service along with Marlon Marshall, a St. Louis native who attended high school with Brown’s mother. Heather Foster, who works with Marshall in the White House Office of Public Engagement, will also be in the pews at Brown’s funeral.”

        Have you ever heard of Johnson, Marshall, or Foster? Have you ever heard of the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force or the Office of Public Engagement? Probably not, and I would guess that most people don’t. But hey, as long it makes the President look bad, you might as well put them up on the same level as the Secretary of Defense.

        By the way, I guess everyone just assumes the Secretary went alone, did you stop to think Hagel may have had a few people with him? Would that make you feel better if you discovered it was actually 2 to 3, 3 to 3, or a better ratio? I doubt the Secretary cared about the numbers, as he probably didn’t plan to dishonorably use Greene’s funeral to make political points, too bad others can’t help themselves from doing so.

        You should use facts when deciding to lecture about them.

      • Let’s see, can you be more specific? There have so many instances where a cop was killed and the city erupted into discontent, bringing about riots, protests, national dialogues over race and police militarization, and non-stop & intense media coverage.

        So which one of those other instances are you referring to?

      • More things to clear up for you: it was 3, not 5 who went to Browns funeral. And they were “high ranking officials” (lol) from the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force & Office of Public Engagement…

        …vs the Secretary of Defense…

        Happy to have cleared that up for you.

      • Make no mistake people, this might not look like much to us – but for a mind of Andy’s caliber, this is Shakespeare.

      • Oh it’s definitely Shakespeare for libtards. I use such verbiage only towards left-nuts. They’ve earned it.

      • The Secretary of Defense is not the President. The President is the Commander in Chief and when a general is KIA, he should be there. He’s a sorry excuse for a Commander in Chief.

      • Pay attention people, Digger has a newsflash: the Secretary of Defense is not the President.

        Thanks digger.

        This is the “the Secretary of Defense DID indeed attend Gen. Greene’s funeral” subsection of the comments. The “the President should have gone instead” subsection has not been started yet.

        While that may be a worthy point of debate; it has nothing to with misrepresentation of facts regarding who actually did attend.

        By the way, the last General KIA was Maj. Gen.
        John A.B. Dillard, whose helicopter was shot down in Vietnam, 1970. Nixon was President at the time. Nixon did not attend his funeral.

        Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude died in the Pentagon attack on 9/11. Do you remember who was President on 9/11…he did not attend his funeral.

        >>> Questions for you: when you state the President must attend the funeral of a general KIA, what precedent are you citing? Did you criticize Nixon and Bush for the same offense? Dying to know.

      • Pay attention folks. Notice how the forum stalker hijacked the thread in order to avoid the OP’s point. JMPunk here can’t have the post stand on it’s merits which is Obama’s and Holder’s obvious racism. It just incenses JMPunk to the point that he MUST try his damnedest to divert and deflect. This is typical leftard ‘debating’. It must suck up sooooo much energy defending liars and racists all the time. No wonder LIEberalism is a disease. And JMPunk here is patient zero.

      • Was that one of your alleged ‘intelligent’ responses you claim to offer? You have to be the stupidest POS here.

  12. Where do we go, what do we do, where do we turn repubs wonder …
    better hurry up, get with the Dream, before ’16 arrives and you go under
    … View AmericaIdea for the only GOP 2016 Dream Candidate.

    • Yes, because the fact that the prosecutor didn’t present a single item in front of the GJ and only talked about the results is appalling and watching Brown’s step father incite riots and the entire town burn to the ground is just awesome.

      You are everything that is wrong with this country.

      • From me to YOU, thank you. It’s not easy making kids understand this. You sometimes have to be hard on them. You know, tough love and all. Been there. Raise them to be color blind and righteous.

        One of the most profound things I have learned in my life has been that it is about the person next to you. Right next to you. That’s what we are really.

        I’ll take this off but I already told you I raised 8, yes 8 boys to men in my house. It was hell on earth sometimes. At any given time we had 1 or 2 “staying” with us for months on end. There was a time when I hired someone to cook in my house! I could not deal with it and work at the same time! We even PCSed with a kid once LOL. The tough times don’t start till about 9 to 10 maybe 12. The younger ones see the older ones F up and see what to do. Six of those boys were mine, 2 I adopted from a family tragedy. Let me tell you when my family showed up, we made a statement just by our presence LOL! We lived all over the world, gov/mil, been quite the ride. Would rather die than change a thing – but it is not easy teaching/raising children to understand life is not a game. Gotta be a hard ass even though in your heart you are soft to them.

        Hang on to them as tight as you can if you love them. Bring them into being men in this world, but do it with blinders on. Race has to stop ruling the world one family, one street, one neighborhood, one town, one city – at a time. It’s about what is right.

        I am feeling pain and have been for this mother and family. I have lost a son. I know what it feels like. A part of me in the back of my mind says I wish Michael Brown could have somehow known better.

        Time will never take away the pain of this family over this. It will soften it, but is will never be gone. Forever will be the “what if” in the mind.

        Teach your children to be strong and push their education to the highest limits. Make it no limits if possible. It is your sacrifice to them if you love them. Through your children race will someday truly be irrelevant. But it must truly be unbiased, and that is the the hard part no?

      • He was a human being Andy-a wrong human being, but still human. I am white, and I believe it was the right decision. I will never understand why he laid there for 4 hours and someone should have to answer for that and lose jobs if it comes down to it. The courts don’t always get it right-look at the Trayvon Martin case. The idiot that killed him should be sitting in a 6×6 cell. Trayvon’s murderer was much like Michael Brown-a big, bullying thug.

      • Too………damn……..bad. Human beings do stupid things and are a danger to society sometimes. The cop he tried to kill is a human being. The clerk he roughed up is a human being. Look up Karma Jinny.

        He laid there because there was an ongoing investigation. If you know any cops who work homicide ask them if it was unusual for a body to stay untouched while forensics does it’s job.

        Zimmerman should have been charged with manslaughter IMO. Wilson is a cop who was defending himself.

  13. Perfectly put. I don’t see a single derogatory comment. Even the trolls that are normally quick to add their self loathing comments to your commentary know what you have stated is such absolute fact that they have nothing.

  14. Meko Riley…You say, sorry for cussing–y’all made me. That’s where you’re wrong. No one MADE you curse. And no one made Michael Brown rob a store, assault a clerk, and walk in the middle of the street, disobey an officer of the law, call him names, and charge Officer Wilson…You use the same excuse as Michael Brown’s supporters, i.e. no autonomy, no self-control!

    • your right evelyn..i did curse at will…but you never met mike brown so to judge him would not only b unfair…but also misguided..

      • what about the video of him walking across the stage graduating…was that enough to make a judgement…o ok..dont b stupid

      • Now THAT was was dumbass comment! Him walking across the stage graduating has nothing to do with the video of him robbing the convenience store. You are trying to compare apples with a turd!

      • thanks…you think your video makes a point and mine doesnt…thats the kind of ignorance that got us here…if that video proves hes a thug…mine has to prove he was a educated thug…my point was to not blow 1 video out of proportion….if u can make that assertion so can i

      • Which video do you think his parents enjoyed more-the one of him graduating or the one of him robbing the store? Where is his parents responsibility in this-that they raised their child to walk into a store and slap a little man around and steal? They might as well pulled the trigger!!!

      • That’s probably the problem in that his parents weren’t around. He was being raised by his grandmother. His step father was seen on video last night egging on the violence and yelling “burn the b***h down, burn it down now!”

      • If he was so educated then why was he robbing a store? Were his parents proud of his accomplishments robbing the store? You can’t compare videos, one doesn’t cancel the other. In one video he graduated something,we don;t know what for sure. In the other video he was robbing a store and strong arming the owner. These were felonies he was committing. You can’t argue with facts. Any jury would have convicted this felon having seen this video robbing the store.

      • Would you feel any better had the store owner grabbed his gun and shot the bastard for stealing. It would have been well within his right to do so. Would that make you feel any better? If he didn;t die there on that street by the hands of a well trained officer then he most assuredly would have been killed by one of his black brothers in the community sooner or later given his criminal history.

      • Don’t be coy, the video of him stealing from the store and strong arming the owner was more than enough damning evidence.

      • Nothing tragic happened here. The store owner was robbed of a few cigars. That’s the real tragedy here. The bastards life meant nothing to law abiding citizens, for sooner or later he would have been dispatched by a citizen that would not have put up with his criminal actions.

      • And you never met Wilson, so the point is…we must let the facts play out according to the law before rushing to judgment. That is how the legal system works, and we must remember, we are innocent until proven guilty. P.S. We do, however, have some evidence, a tape, of Brown bullying a store clerk just minutes prior to the encounter with the officer. This lends itself to explaining the frame of mind Brown was in prior to the confrontation with Wilson.

  15. Yep… it was tragic… but the investigation found that the officer acted properly.
    It’s a shame that some people don’t believe the investigators and don’t believe facts and they continue to be outraged over the false premise they were sold

    it is, however, ironic that Allen West would write this article saying that elements on the far left were do worked up in pushing their political narrative that they couldn’t handle it when the facts of the investigation proved their beliefs wrong… when you consider that just yesterday, Allen West wrote an article rejecting the facts of the congressional investigation into Benghazi because it contradicted the political narrative he was pushing.

    Facts are facts, whether you like them or not….
    You have to accept them whether they fit your political beliefs or not.
    Officer Wilson acted properly and Michael Brown’s death was the fault of Michael Brown.
    The investigators presented all the evidence to the grand jury and they heard from all witnesses.

    …and facts are facts, whether you like them or not…
    there was no Benghazi cover-up and the Congressional investigators reviewed all the evidence and interviewed all the witnesses

    • There is a huge difference in the Michael Brown case and the Benghazi terrorist attack. You’re comparing apples and oranges. The federal government was not blocking evidence or witnesses in the Michael Brown case. The federal government tried to sell the Benghazi terrorist attack as a peaceful protest and tried to blame it on a Egyptian Coptic Christian in California for making a little seen video trailer. The federal government has been caught manufacturing their talking points rather than telling the truth. The federal government has not been transparent about their decision to stand down when the Benghazi Consulate was attacked. The federal government has blocked witnesses from testifying. The federal government hasn’t been forthcoming with requests for documents. Besides, why would our federal government care about 4 white guys being murdered in Benghazi since it doesn’t help their political party’s agenda.

      • Actually, the points you brought up about Benghazi, which have been repeated with great anger on countless news sites and blogs… about the stand down order, withholding documents, blocking witnesses from testifying… were all proven to be false by the Republican led congressional investigation.

        that’s part of why i made the comparison.
        news sites and blogs were reporting that Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot and that he also was shot in the back.
        The investigation proved that those things were not true… but the people who want to believe there was a police cover up to a wrongful police shooting can’t let the facts of the investigation dismiss what they wrongly believe in their hearts.

        Just as people who spent so long believing there was a cover up and a crime surrounding Benghazi can’t let go of those beliefs and accept the facts of the investigation.

        i also deliberately made the comparison because it fits precisely to the contradiction in Allen West’s own words.

        Just one day ago, he wrote an article wherein he explained that he refused to accept the findings of the congressional investigation into Benghazi simply because it didn’t support what he believed… and now, today, Allen West writes an article attacking those on the left for not accepting the facts of an investigation that doesn’t support what they believe.

      • Yes Andrea… and just like the Benghazi investigation, the investigators got to the truth and found there was no wrong doing.
        Try to keep up junior

      • No Brenda. I said there were liars in both instances. Those who said Brown had his hands up and those who provided cover for this corrupt administration you genuflect to. Keep slurpin’.

      • With one huge difference. I accept the process but disagree that the truth was told to Congress nor am I rioting. The only one getting apoplectic over this is you. Leftards aren’t good at accepting dissenting POVs. We agree to disagree.

      • You don’t accept the findings of the investigation.
        A handful of extremists who refuse to accept the findings of the grand jury in Ferguson are rioting.
        They are wackos.
        just like the wackos on the far right that call for the overthrow of the administration because they don’t believe the congressional investigation.

      • [[ You don’t accept the findings of the investigation ]]

        Nor do I have to. I am always suspicious of known liars.

      • Happy thansgivibg. Are you going to the homeless shelter this year? I would reconmend the wine but you do enuff whining . Only kidding.

      • Of course you don’t.

        And to you, liars are anyone who doesn’t support your beliefs… even ii it’s investigators who review facts and you have none… you choose to believe your gut feelings over facts.
        good for you.

      • so you’re admitting that you don’t know who the investigators talked to.
        They talked to the men on the ground and their commanders.
        Those are the people you are also calling liars

      • Not regarding Benghazi according to the thorough investigation.
        Why don’t you read it?
        Are you aslo calling the men on the ground who testified liars?

      • After the Gruber expose’ and the ongoing IRS investigation, I am doubtful that we have gotten to the truth of the Benghazi attack and have extreme distrust for this administration’s entire executive branch. Obviously Allen West shares my distrust. I don’t remember ever reading an article where Allen West attacked the left for not accepting any investigation. Could you state what specific investigation you’re talking about?

      • Two things…
        First, the investigation was not conducted by this administration that you don’t trust.
        it was a Congressional investigation, run by Republicans, including Trey Gowdy, that cleared the administration of wrong doing.

        Second… you are asking what article Mr West wrote wherein he attacked eh left for not accepting any investigation.
        That would be this article… the one on the top of this page about Ferguson that we are all commenting on.

      • Yes, I know Benghazi was a Congressional investigation but it was related to the actions taken by the Excutive Branch. You may claim that the administration has been cleared, but I doubt this is the last we’ll hear of this and I expect hidden evidence to be uncovered in the future, IMHO. If so, they would reopen the investigation.

        My question on “what specific investigation” was because I was unclear on whether you were talking about Benghazi or the Michael Brown case.

    • The Missouri Lieutenant Governor and the Mayor of Ferguson have accused Governor Nixon of not deploying the National Guard on the night of the Grand Jury decision due to influence by Obama and Eric Holder. That would be political influence, wouldn’t it?

  16. Oh….UNCLE RUCKUS is at it again….when will you and mrs RUCKUS fly to Ferguson Allen and help heal the that community? When are u scheduled to give a uplifting speech?? Nope….Uncle Ruckus knows that he will lose support if he shows ANY concern about the black community!! Your parents have to be spinning in their graves for raising sunc

    • Interesting point. West sure has plenty of strong opinions regarding the black community, national leadership among the black community & endless harsh words for the most recognizable faces: the Obamas, Holder, Rice, Sharpton, etc.

      West has enough to profile to get attention; why has he not lifted a finger (other than for blogging) to do something about Ferguson and the national dialogue? It’s been more than 3 months, why hasn’t he been there?

      • Because Uncle Ruckus would lose all of his support! He can never, nor has he ever, shown support for the black community! No matter what your political leanings are he could raise his voice for support or healing! NOPE…Uncle Ruckus only cares about the $$$$$ and will never give up his support. His parents raised a DISGRACE!!

      • To paraphrase an esteemed member of the Allen West community:

        “Seriously, yes! No, you’re not really thinking that.

        Why not say something for yourself.

        Why don’t you just man up and say something in an intelligent way so we can talk about about? Really lay it out.

        Are you able to do that?”


      • (lighthearted & paraphrased) LMAO

        Again get a room faggot. 🙂 (again lighthearted) earl is probably looking forward to you manning up LOL

      • Aww, although it’s very nice of you to try and play matchmaker, I’ll have to decline. However, Andy Martin, resident king of homosexual latency around here, might be open to the suggestion. While your singular wit would, mostly, go over his head, I think in him you’ll find someone who could make use your knowledge and expertise in manning up.

        Keep us in the loop.

      • You stalking me fisty boy?

        BTW punk, didn’t you just say to someone………………………….”Why don’t you just man up and say something in an intelligent way so we can talk about about?” It took all of two hours for you to go full libocrite. Now you and your libnuts can go back to your circle-jerks.

      • sorry for calling you a faggot, just wasn’t right for me to do that. I should have just called you an arrogant prick instead. I’ll edit 🙂

      • Lol, that’s very touching. Though apologies don’t become you, elle, leave it if you like. It’s no big deal anyway – certainly not the first time your posts have contained bad info, definately not the last 😉

      • Please do explain to me how racism and homosexuality are now somehow defined as the same thing in your “textbook” 🙂 See RACISM it’s one thing. And then see “homophobic” is another. So how do you just equate both to one thing and say that’s what I am? Just curious on that bottom line ya know?

        fyi – textbooks, mostly a waste of good money, often times outdated and not based on reality and written by some over educated azzhole, especially when dealing with sex and sexuality and such LOL. . . . .so

        have had many many homosexual friends in my life, many in the past, sadly gone now 🙁 and just a few in my life now. One does not care what anyone calls him, he is the queen of queens and loves it when he is called any name, he’s a little sick but I love him, one is very militant and like you takes offense at the word faggot, likes gay the best for some stupid reason. What do you like to be called? Gay, faggot, homo, homosexual, or or or or what???? Let us know 🙂

        And while you are at it, please also explain to me how me using the word faggot indicates that I AM HOMOPHOBIC? LOL such that I or others have an actual “made up” disorder regarding homosexuals? I mean truly, I am a little taken aback here – I don’t hate homosexuals at all. They are just people. How they get off or not I could not care less about if I tried. However, sigh, we are constantly faced with it, and so we must, yes we must, just deal with it all LOL

        We all have a phobia over homosexuals? Faggot is much like Bitch. Is there such a thing as Bitchophobic LOL? Or is it that faggots are just more sensitive than bitches ROTF – seriously cracking myself up with this.

        It’s really not all that personal you know. Just because I may or may not like the fact that you take it up the azz or never had a desire in your very loins for biblical sex does not mean I have a “phobia” over your stupid self lol. When it comes right down to it, I just don’t give a damn how you take it – truly. So get over yourself, we just don’t care.

        So again, tell me how racism and homophobic are the same thing in your textbook?

      • You are right Jimmy D. I’m not above being corrected 🙂 I went back and changed faggot to arrogant prick. That seems to fit better anyway. I usually only call someone a racist when they are just so overwhelming racist that it simply can’t be avoided or ignored.

        You asked if homophobic slurs are OK now – OK now with who?

      • I think its clear that I was asking if these slurs were OK with you and whomever you align yourself with. Deleting from the page is one thing, but you’ve exposed yourself as ugly and lacking any moral “high ground” from which to condemn anyone else.

      • I believe in free speech and never said I was an angel 🙂 but thanks for the critique lol.

        I’m aligned with a vast range of people some very soft and some very rough. I feel like it is a personal choice and don’t judge how politically correct anyone wants to be or not be. It’s call free speech.

      • [[ Why don’t you just man up and say something in an intelligent way so we can talk about about? Really lay it out. ]]

        What the hell have you said along those lines? Practice what you preach libocrite.

      • [Seriously, crazy yes! Wow! No you weren’t thinking that. You are just bouncing off of me. Why not say something for yourself.

        Why don’t you just man up and say what you find dishonest about the article in an intelligent way so we can talk about about? Really lay it out my man.

        Are you able to do that?]


        I wrote that to JMHunt in the above thread 12 days ago. Guess he’s stalking me LOL. Must be still upset about it since he went back to find and repost here poor little guy. We went back and forth a few posts and then my final post to him he must have flagged because it never showed up. It’s marked “pending” in my profile 🙁 Guess he didn’t like what I wrote there either . . .

      • Lol, stalking. Looked up my own response history, took about 30 seconds to find that old exchange of posts, don’t be flattered – or be flattered it only lasted 30 seconds 😉 – up to you.

        Nope, didn’t flag you. I have (just one) post in “pending” – and I know it went so immediately due to the content. Start there.

      • When looking at Ferguson, do you really see a black community that deserves support? Support for what? A flagrant disregard for truth? Law? Civility? WTF did these people’s parents raise? You look at how they act, and you really wonder why white people question their resemblance to monkeys? I hate to go balls-out racist, but WTF? I saw Rise of the Apes, and it really looked a lot like Ferguson….

      • I’m sure it was a very torturous decision for you to go racist. Don’t worry, though, it flowed pretty easily for you – you’re a natural.

      • You riot, loot and burn and kill people, you’re a damn ape. You try to kill a cop, you die like an animal.

      • So John, where is this “individual responsibility” conservatives keep speaking of? There are good cops, and there are bad cops. There are good black people and there are bad black people.

        If you castigate the many, blaming the good for the acts of the bad, what motivation does anyone have to be good if you throw them all into one lot?

        What happened to PERSONAL responsibility, where INDIVIDUALS are judged by their own deeds, and not by the deeds of others.

        You are exactly the problem. There is no reward for being good, if you’re going to attack them for being bad, no matter what they as INDIVIDUALS do.

      • [[ There is no reward for being good, if you’re going to attack them for being bad, no matter what they as INDIVIDUALS do. ]]

        What kind of stupidity is that? You are expected to ‘be good’. You think you should reward animals for NOT rioting? YOU’RE the problem pal. You try to kill a cop, you can die. You riot and loot, you should be shot. It isn’t that hard lefty.

      • Sounds to me like he is focused on the individual; in this case its Allen West, whom (as far as we know so far) is a good person. Both seem to be insisting that good people take individual responsibility instead of crying “Victim!” and joining the mob of savages.

      • I find it odd that u judge a entire community by the actions of a few… I lived in that community and know that’s it’s not the entire community..geeze

      • I find it typical you don’t call out the rioting animals for what they are. And if you used to live there, go back and help ‘heal them’ you sleazy hypocrite.

      • And if you don’t KNOW ferguson and have never lived there you really shouldn’t judge! 99% of the community do not agree with looting and riots BUT because of foul acts of the individual you RACIST will just a entire community!!!

      • Screw Ferguson. Animals want to burn and loot and tards like you expect someone to go ‘fix them’? How about YOU libscum? YOU going down there? No? Didn’t think so.

      • I think they should leave all that burnt out dead real estate and paint on it “This is the face of Ferguson” and let them live with it for awhile.

    • Heal the community? How about just killing the rioting and looting apes? THAT would ‘heal the community’. Why don;t you go down there with your fellow pimp Al and help out?

      • This is about Uncle Ruckus putting down the black community as a WHOLE instead of trying to UPLIFT the black community! He uses the black community as fear tactics to inspire HATE in some.
        When will he and Mrs Ruckus travel to Ferguson or any other black community in this nation?? He can’t because he knows that the racist that support him will not tolerate him trying to uplift the black community!

  17. Doesn’t sound like it is really over this incident .. but the prior history of a group of people .
    Doesn’t sound too fair for the officer.. for a group assert a desire for fairness..

  18. Don’t doubt that while in Chicago, obama met with cop haters Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers to receive a dressing down over his abject failure.

  19. .Nothing tragic happened here folks. The store owner was robbed of a few cigars.
    That’s the real tragedy here. The bastards life meant nothing to law
    abiding citizens, for sooner or later he would have been dispatched by a
    citizen that would not have put up with his criminal actions.

      • Frankly, I think a tragedy may well have been averted. That monster was on his way to college. With his size and attitude, that college would have its hands full, and doubtless more innocent people would have been hurt.

      • First what he did in the store–stealing and menacing the owner, then walking down the middle of the street–that’s a statement right there. And then here comes this puny cop yelling at him, he reacts quickly and shuts the cop into his car. A thought finally occurs to his mind and he realizes he could get shot, so he grabs for the gun. He was close, it seems, to succeeding there. And then, yeah as you say, even having been shot, he stops fleeing, turns around and heads straight back like his body alone was enough to take that cop out.

      • ”And then, yeah as you say, even having been shot, he stops fleeing, turns around and heads straight back like his body alone was enough to take that cop out.” Yup, That makes a lot of sense if you believe in fairy tales.

      • I didn’t make it up, that’s what happened.–I mean I don’t know what he was thinking but at one point he was headed out, and then he turned and began running back.

      • Was the cop afraid for his life before or after he took off running after MB. He went in less than 30 secs from being the fearless cop at the pursuit of a suspect into a helpless boy facing Hulk Hogan out to rip his head off with his bare hands. The people who lost their kid are supposed to buy that? Without a trial? Because the DA says so? Please.

      • I’m not sure he was ever the fearless cop. When you listen to his testimony, within moments of the HUGE VIOLENT THUG already recognized as a criminal jumped through his window and started punching him in the face. This cop was faced with impending death. Anybody would be afraid for their life. I am well acquainted with a few of these big fellas–nothing short of calling police–who respond with at least four saves me when they get out of line. They are smart enough to submit to the police, but if they don’t I expect they will die.

      • Why are you still whining? This black, worthless, criminal is dead and he isn’t coming back. You are beating a dead horse. The ship has sailed and you missed it completely. You just keep blabbering with your ugly mouth and no one will keep listening.

      • [[ Nothing to refute Mark is right ]]

        Good. Here is what he said………Why are you still whining? This black, worthless, criminal is dead and he isn’t coming back. You are beating a dead horse. The ship has sailed and you missed it completely. You just keep blabbering with your ugly mouth and no one will keep listening.I’m glad you agree.

        [[ P3ssY A$$ cop got away with murder ]]

        Punk azz thug monkey got what he had comin’. No go tell your son what a racist POS you are.

      • YOU brought him up before punk! YOU mentioned how YOU were going to teach him about what happened. Did you forget punk? No one is going after anyone ape lover. Go back and read your posts you gutless puzzy who makes all his posts private. What are you afraid of? You afraid to have your words left out there for all to see? You’re a spineless, racist POS who shouldn’t have kids.

      • So they get a trial, and the police officer is acquitted, for lack of evidence, then what? Ah yes, another riot. That makes a lot of sense, now doesn’t it?

      • I agree, and what most people posting do not realize is that it is the duty of every police officer to protect his side arm to the fullest extent not only is it probable that if the perp gains control of the officer’s weapon that the officer will end up being shot, but also if the officer becomes disabled during the skirmish, the perp now has the means to inflict dreadful damage to countless more people before he either surrenders or is taken down by another officer of the law. Bottom line, the officer must protect and defend his control of his or her weapon at all costs.

      • Apes high on drugs do stupid things Ruffy. You of all people should know that. And like it or not animal lover, there were BLACK witnesses that said Brown charged the cop.

      • Not the kind of drugs he was on. Drugs who make you act like that are chrystal meth, cocaine, bath salts, uppers, or amphetamines. Stuff the white boy like to take. The guy smoked weed. The only reason I can endure you right now is because I’m high.

      • Marijuana poses more risks than many realize – USA Today
        USA Today
        Jul 30, 2014 – Marijuana use is growing as more states either legalize it for ….experience delusions, hallucinations and paranoia, Volkow says. … Older studies also may not be as relevant to the more potent marijuana products sold today, …
        Marijuana ‘edibles’ pack a wallop – USA Today
        USA Today
        May 8, 2014 – Kirk’s wife called 911 to report he was hallucinating and rambling …medical marijuana products can be much stronger but are available for …

      • That’s all you got one wuss who got sick? Out of the millions of daily pot users in the world? I felt the same way after my first beer. Did not make want to kill any cops. And you hear about bar fights all the time ever heard of a fight a a marijuana clinic? You exactly the type who would benefit from a smoke.

      • It is more potent. No debate about that. But still a depressant. Higher level of THC makes you less likely to act violent. Every recreational drug is either a stimulant or a depressant. Too much of a depressant (especially opiates) can make your heart stop beating but wont make you act more violent.

      • You are wrong it is classified asca hallucinagen. Not a depressent. You can’t challenge me here I work with the chemically dependent. Every single day!

      • How many of your patients check into rehab for marijuana dependence? Compared to other stuff? How many of them commit violent behavior? You out of all people should know it’s hogwash.

      • You are just a racist piece of garbage. It’s unfortunate that the protesters weren’t burning your ass instead of private property. Racist trash!

    • No, what is tragic, is that you can’t see the forest for the trees! He was a punk thug! Do the crime, do the time! That guy was trying to kill the police, don’t care what color he was, but he wasn’t successful or Darren Wilson would be dead…..take that to the bank, gansta!

  20. You really have to think about this entire situation. Why did the governor declare a state of emergency prior to the announcement? Why did the prosecuting attorney wait until 8 pm central to make the announcement? Why weren’t the nation guard anywhere near the ferguson at the time of the announcement?? All of these seems odd to me and makes me believe they WANTED people and gave people the opportunity to RIOT! Its my understanding that the national guard was in CLAYTON, MO about 14 miles outside of ferguson

    • Maybe tins are odd to you because you are an oddball racist who supports lynching a white police officer who interfered with an attempt by a fleeing robber to murder him. As the NG the LtGov of Missouri believes that your fellow racists obama and eric holder, were behind their non-presence.

      • TRUTH and once again we hear, “stand down”! Your hero leaders are the real racists. They don’t give a tinker’s damn about you. They use you and since you never got educated, although it was offered, you can’t see the difference. Get educated, get off your ass and make something of your life and then get back to me! THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE, IT IS ABOUT THE LAW!

    • Burden of proof is extremely high for the DOJ to bring civil rights charges against Wilson. Will be nearly impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Brown was shot and killed because he was black.

    • No they aren’t. They know full well there is no evidence for that. They are doing exactly what they did with Zimmerman-keeping the hope of vengeance alive in the hearts of the racists who are too stupid to understand how the system works, milking every last riot, every last fire, every last bit of chaos and destruction they can cause.

      • You are an idiot. What could they possibly indict him for? He did his job the way he was trained and followed it to the letter. He did nothing wrong and he should be commended for ridding society of a lifelong criminal. Kudos Daren Wilson and thank you.

      • By all means, Earl. Let us never violate someone’s right to rob and terrorize a neighborhood store owner. That stupid Store owner should have known better than to expect to be paid for his products or else get his wretched ass shoved into the potato chip rack. The gall of him. Amazing, simply amazing.

      • Still doesn’t mean he should be shot like a dog in the middle of the street…but a dogs live is more valuable than a black mans life….unless you are UNCLE RUCKUS!

      • Murdered Brown? Since when are you allowed to assault an officer of the law or anyone else and get away with it? If he was assaulting me I would have protected myself just like Officer Wilson did and shot the stupid criminal bastard dead. People are sick of getting pushed around by criminals like Brown and they aren’t taking it any more. Come at me and see what you get.

      • Ok stupid, how is defending yourself murder. Also what rights were violated? You can also tell me how you are smarter than any one of the grand jurors.

  21. “Ape lover?” “Baboons?” Mr. West, if you’re going to use social media to extend your brand, you need to hire someone to monitor your followers.

    • Have you considered that rather than antagonistic, they are terrified to even stop someone for a traffic stop. These are human beings too and I bet there is no one out there that would not fear for their life if they were a cop, and I’m talking about BEFORE Ferguson. This world has become very evil and young black men are a good slice of the cause, but these kids have not had good role models, if any at all. Instead of constantly blaming whites for all their problems (slavery happened way before my time and I’m not young). They have been given opportunities that worked FOR THE ONE’S WHO TOOK ADVANDTAGE of the help, instead of just being ganstas and lazy looking for the government to take care of them. These mamas need to find their baby daddies, and he could easily be living in the house with them, and make THEM responsible for those kids and get up yourself and get a job to set an example for your kids. I was blessed to be born white, but folks, my life hasn’t been a bed of roses, far from it, but I just keep on trucking! And, oh, by the way, I can get no help from this damn government now that I am older and disabled. I’m not even allowed to get my husband’s social security. Just SMH!

  22. We need to be able to trust the police, not fear them. There should have been a way to manage the situation that didn’t end with a death.

    • Yes, there should have been and sadly, there were several offered. Mike Brown chose not to be subdued, chose not to give up, preferred to take the upper hand and left no choice for the officer. The TRUTHFUL accounting took a LONGTIME to sift through and THAT IS A SAD SHAME. I think every person who lies/perjures themselves to change a story/crime should be punished to the maximum time allowed. People still believe most of the lies told or want to continue putting them out for evil purposes.

    • I trust the police absolutely. There is a way to manage the situation that doesn’t end in death; comply with the officer’s commands. Aretha Franklin said it best: r-e-s-p-e-c-t.


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