Even libs have had enough: Saturday Night Live skewers Obama’s executive orders [VIDEO]

Well, it seems Saturday Night Live had some fun with the old Saturday morning “Schoolhouse Rock” cartoon. Y’all remember those and how we would learn about many different points of education?

Funny, now we don’t even have Saturday morning cartoons on network TV. Well, SNL made a little using the old “How a Bill becomes Law” story. As I was perusing the internet, assessing reaction – I came across the Think Progress site — they didn’t like it one bit.

C’mon guys, no sense of humor?

But you gotta laugh, because sometimes that’s all you can do while suffering through the fundamental transformation of America.


  1. This was hilarious. You’re right, Colonel, sometimes all you can do is laugh. It would be much more funny if it wasn’t the way things were.

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  2. Now that was one of the few times that I really enjoyed a skit from SNL. Even the liberal side can see catastrophic the effect Executive Orders can present the American pubic.


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