Football Saturday!!

We are getting down to the nitty-gritty for the 2014 college football season and the dust is far from being settled. This past Thursday evening were two games that had an impact on the college national championship landscape. Duke was in place to win their Atlantic Coast Conference division but fell to North Carolina setting up a potential Florida State versus Georgia Tech ACC Championship game — right now FSU is ranked number one but has three games to go, including that championship game.

And over in the Big 12 my favorite team, Kansas State, went on the road Thursday night and pulled out a victory against the Mountaineers of West Virginia, 26-20. K-State has only one loss in the conference – TCU – but they still must face a tough Baylor team in Waco.

And this week Baylor faces Oklahoma State who would love to upset the Bears and take them out of contention for the conference championship — don’t think that will happen. Out west there are two games of significance: Arizona goes to Utah and the battle of Los Angeles, UCLA vs USC. These games probably don’t have much impact on the national championship landscape since the big dog out in the PAC-12 is Oregon, who seem coasting towards the conference championship and what is certainly a top four finish heading to the college football championship playoff.

But back down South, there are a couple of games this week that can impact the SEC scene as they draw close to determining the final two for the SEC conference championship in Atlanta. The number 8 Ole Miss Rebels travel to Arkansas to take on the Hogs who are coming off a big upset victory over LSU last week. Ole Miss is still relevant and Miss State wants them to be as they head towards the Egg Bowl showdown. A Rebel win makes the final game against Miss State prominent right along with the Iron Bowl between Auburn vs Alabama. If Bama loses to Auburn while Miss State can defeat Ole Miss — who they hope defeats Arkansas — the Bulldogs of Miss State will be in Atlanta and a victory there would certainly put them in the top four.

But the game I’ll be tuned into Saturday night will be the Missouri Tigers coming to Rocky Top to face off against my Volunteers. The Tigers are ranked number 20 and could be heading to a second year appearance in the SEC Championship game. The Tigers are 8-2 while the Vols could become bowl eligible with a win are 5-5. But the Vols have seen an incredible offensive surge since the emergence of QB Joshua Dobbs. It will be a tough game for the Vols since we have such a young offensive line and the Tigers have an experienced couple of defensive linemen. Gonna be a close one indeed, and it just depends on which Tennessee team shows up — since the first quarter of the Bama game, the Vols have truly played exceptionally well.

So for Saturday, after our Allen West Foundation annual motorcycle ride up to the U.S. Navy SEAL Museum in Ft. Pierce – it’s all about the college football.

And just as a heads up, the West family will be spending Thanksgiving in College Station, Texas as guest of U.S Rep. Bill Flores and Texas A&M University. We’ll be attending the Texas A&M versus LSU football game. I am truly looking forward to taking part in the tradition known as Aggie football. So, hope to see y’all down in Aggieland and wish ya a howdy!

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