Israel eases gun controls after synagogue attack

One of the great protections we the people cherish here in America is the Second Amendment. I have always stated, an unarmed person is a subject and an armed person is a citizen. And importantly, an armed citizen is not a victim.

That sentiment is now taking root in Israel — especially after the most recent attack in a Jerusalem synagogue where five Jews were killed while praying – three of whom held dual citizenship American –Israeli citizenship.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post, “New guidelines on gun licensing went into effect on Thursday, easing the restrictions on firearm possession across the country. Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch approved the guidelines during a meeting he held on Wednesday night with officials from the Israel Police and his ministry’s branch that approves firearm permits. The decision comes after a series of terrorist attacks in the capital and elsewhere, and the minister’s promise earlier this week that he would order an examination into whether firearm restrictions could be loosened, as a way of providing security in the face of the threat. The guidelines will add Jerusalem and 41 other cities, towns and local councils, to the list of areas considered “high-risk” or “high-priority,” such as including West Bank settlements, where residency can make it easier to receive a permit if one meets other criteria.”

You have to wonder how long it will before gun control advocates rail against this change in Israel’s policy. What they fail to understand is that security is a personal responsibility and since Israelis live in what is devolving into a combat zone, they must be allowed to protect themselves. As a matter of fact, something that impressed me when I’ve visited Israel is the fact that soldiers are authorized to carry their personal combat weapons with them — everywhere.

Contrast that with our soldiers who are sitting ducks even on their own military installations — let us not forget the jihadist attack of Nidal Hasan — oops, sorry, the “workplace violence” assault. Speaking of which, I wonder how the Obama administration would characterize the Jerusalem synagogue attack?

And it’s quite interesting that when I recommended jihadist attacks in America must have a consequence — any tie from a jihadi back to a certain Imam/Mullah/Cleric should result in that individual’s deportation as inciting radicalization, and whatever Islamic center promoting radicalization should be closed — the leftist progressive socialists went apoplectic, as expected.

Now, in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responds by bulldozing the house of the jihadist attackers — of course the Media Matters, Think Progress, Daily Kos crowd probably perceives this as harsh. So what do you call it when two cousins enter into a place of prayer and worship with knives, ax, and pistol and begin hacking up and shooting innocent civilians praying? I stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu. The consequences must occur and they must be severe — as the only thing understood is strength.

And how does the anti-Semitic crowd explain the joyous celebrations in Gaza over the brutal and savage killings at the synagogue? These are the people with whom the world expects Israel to have a cease-fire and actually “coexist?” Gimme a break.

The Jerusalem Post says, “the new guidelines in Israel also extend to security firms who can now let guards take their firearms home at the end of their shifts. Soldiers who served in certain elite combat units; any reserve officer of any rank; and firearms shooting instructors will be able to get permits. People with older state-issued firearms can swap them for newer guns, and the police security branch commander can authorize on a case-by-case basis the carrying of military grade firearms. Aharonovitch said, “The decision to ease the restriction stems from recent events and the need to strengthen the sense of security among the general population and due to the recent terrorist attacks that have struck us. Issuing permits will be done responsibly and with scrutiny and discretion, and in keeping with the approved criteria.”

“However, Minister Aharonovitch did make a clear delineation between Israel and the United States clarifying, “As opposed to the United States where gun ownership is a right, in Israel it is a privilege given to people who meet certain requirements. The licenses have only been issued to those who work in security or law enforcement, or who live in settlements or other places where the state has an interest in them being armed.”

The State of Israel now recognizes that the security of its people is indeed job number one — and the Israeli law enforcement and security forces cannot be everywhere — at a moment’s notice. This is a good change in policy to meet a changing security environment and the threats being posed and executed.

The “Palestinians” clearly don’t appear to want to control the Islamic terrorist influences and actions so this is a viable and appropriate response. It’s no different anywhere you travel — terrorists, criminals or any devious intent look for targets of vulnerability. If there is just a moment of hesitation when the enemy must ponder the response — then it reduces the chances of an attack. However, the first step is to recognize and admit there is indeed a threat — not try to redefine it or wish it away.

If these jihadis seek an eternal existence in their concept of paradise as a reward for this violent, savage, and barbaric actions, we must prepare ourselves and be ready to afford them that opportunity — before they inflict their terrorist intent.


  1. Hope this becomes a deterrent rather than an escalation of violence. Just like the Swiss, Israeli men and women between the ages of 20 and 30 report for training and are issued military weapons, however unlike Switzerland’s they may not keep at home. I believe that once these trained marksmen gain access to guns like their swiss counterparts, the communities living in the settlements and high risk areas will no longer become soft targets for terror. Israel already practically rid itself of any outside terrorist infiltrations and now faces a new threat from within, namely, it’s israeli arab communities. The murderers in Har Nof were israeli-arab citizens, (in fact, the sister of one of the murderers happens to work as a social worker for the jerusalem municipality!?! She has an office in the Town Hall building!?! THERE’S MORE… They allowed her to go on leave to mourn her brother, she will not be fired!?!) people who would have had to think twice before risking being shot dead in their tracks.

    Just FYI, Israel rejects 40 percent of its applications for a gun, the highest rate of rejection of any country in the world! And even when you get approved, the law states that “all guns must have an Interior Ministry permit and identifying mark for tracing.” That seems like it might make people think twice before they shoot from a gun they know the government can track.

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