Hamas busy rebuilding Gaza infrastructure – of war

After the most recent Israeli-Hamas conflagration, the terrorist group was rewarded with new aid and funding from Western nations — something we reported on here. The West seems to continue to believe that Israel is the aggressor and in the wrong — as Israel is continually condemned in the United Nations.

I must again ask the rhetorical question — how does one have a “cease-fire” agreement with a terrorist organization whose charter calls for your destruction? And we know that in response to the vicious and savage terrorist attack on synagogue worshippers in Jerusalem this week, citizens of Gaza celebrated, dancing, and handing out sweets. Yep, those are some folks with whom the Israelis can find peace.

And so this recent report should surprise no one, as we all knew it was coming –because as former President John F. Kennedy said, “the absence of war is not peace.”

As reported by Fox News, “The Israeli military said Thursday that militants (in other words, Islamic terrorists) in the Gaza Strip have test-fired rockets into the Mediterranean Sea, in an apparent attempt to show off their capabilities amid increased tensions in the wake of this week’s deadly synagogue attack. Four rockets were fired in the past 24 hours, the military said, without elaborating on the test or type of rockets fired. There was no immediate confirmation from Palestinian officials in Gaza.”

I must ask, was it prudent and sound policy for the United States, amongst others, to provide millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to a terrorist organization, Hamas? It was the previous boatloads of cash that were supposed to go to infrastructure repair in Gaza that ended up being funneled to tunnel construction into Israel — then again, perhaps that’s what Islamic terrorists classify as infrastructure repair.

And why is there such silence of the lambs — the United Nations? Where is the condemnation of Hamas, especially the joyous reaction to a barbaric attack in the Jerusalem synagogue?

Fox says, “tensions in the region have spiked in recent weeks, largely over a disputed holy site in Jerusalem sacred to both Muslims (which could be historically debated) and Jews. Palestinian attackers have killed 11 people in five separate incidents, including Tuesday’s storming of a Jerusalem synagogue that killed four worshippers and an Israeli policeman. At least five Palestinians involved in the attacks were killed. The violence has prompted anti-Arab demonstrations by Israeli right-wingers. On Wednesday, Mayor Itamar Shimoni of the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon suspended Israeli Arab laborers from work. They were renovating bomb shelters at local day-care centers.”

Then again, you can fairly well understand the suspicion and the reality of having to take every precaution necessary by Israeli leaders. Perhaps the day will come when the Israeli Arabs will put more pressure on Arabs to cease their attacks — which has a collateral effect on their quality of life as well.

According to Fox, “Arab Israelis make up about 20 percent of Israel’s population of 8 million people. Tensions over the Jerusalem holy site have infiltrated into their community as well, prompting angry demonstrations and in one case, the fatal police shooting of an Arab Israeli man who approached a police car wielding a knife.”

If the Islamic terrorists are able to create a fissure in the Israeli Arab community, that does not bode well for the internal relations in the Jewish State. There can be no doubt that one of the propaganda aims of ISIS is to rally Islamists to their cause and the goal of restoring Islamic dominance — of which the claims to the site in Jerusalem become a hot potato in this endeavor.

The current Obama administration continues to pressure Israel to support a “peace process” while failing to realize that there is actually no willing partner for peace on the other side. Even Egypt is cracking down on Hamas and its terror tunnels — while we provide more funding allowing those tunnels to be rebuilt.

America is going to have to make a definitive policy stand in the Middle East because at this moment we have none — and our actions are increasingly confusing to our supposed allies, and emboldening to the folks who should be our enemies.

We predicted on these pages that Hamas would just rearm, refit, and reorganize for their next attack — seems they’re more interested in testing rockets than building schools.

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I’m sure Israel is keeping a watchful eye on their activities!


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Gazan’s are doomed. They are the doomed led by the doomed. Can’t win. Their god is a loser. In general all Muslims are doomed and can’t win. They will be like shreds of toilet paper in a forest fire when Elohim is ready.

Grey is a Lie

I’ve never pitied Palestinians; Yes their children die when Israel has no choice but to fire back but it’s my conclusion that Palestinians willingly sell their children to death. This is what believing in the religion of Satan does to someone; It kills even the most basic human reasoning – love for your own flesh and blood. Every Syrians are more loving towards their families and children. When the rebels started using them as human shields to attack Assad forces, they chose to be refugees in another country rather than sacrifice their families for a murderous Sunni cause.