Blatant racial hypocrisy: Death penalty off the table for black attackers charged in murder of white officer

The nation is walking on eggshells and the governor of Missouri has declared a state of emergency as we await the ruling from a Grand Jury hearing regarding the shooting death of Michael Brown by Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson. It seems that the premise of our judicial system and individual rights of “innocent until proven guilty” has no standing in this case. And if the evidence is proven to support charges not being brought against Officer Wilson, why is it that we must fear riots? Recent pictures of the city of Ferguson make it look like folks are preparing for a hurricane.

However, in the midst of all this, there’s another interesting case, which clearly demonstrates the hypocrisy surrounding Ferguson.

As reported by Fox News “U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has taken the death penalty off the table for four people charged in the gang-related slaying of a reserve Virginia police officer. Federal prosecutors said Friday that the four co-defendants will instead face the possibility of life in prison for their alleged role in the killing of Capt. Kevin Quick.”

“The 45-year-old Quick of Waynesboro was reported missing Feb. 1. His body was found several days later in Goochland County west of Richmond. The Daily Progress reports that authorities say the three siblings and another man charged all belong to the Bloods gang set 99 Goon Syndikate. The four charged in May are Daniel Lamont Mathis, Shantai Monique Shelton, Mersadies Lachalle Shelton and Travis Leon Bell, also known as Kweli Uhuru.”

Yes, the Virginia reserve officer is white and the four assailants are black. I guess you haven’t heard about this story — hmm, wonder why? Could it there’s a double standard in America? Is it acceptable to gun down our law enforcement officers? Perhaps the family of Capt. Quick should go to the U.N. Committee on Torture and state their case.

And who is the “white” version of Al Sharpton to go out and rabble rouse the populace and incite them to riot? Will Attorney General Eric Holder visit with Capt. Quick’s family and how many White House officials attended the funeral of Capt. Quick?

Now of course, the liberal progressive left and their black compatriots will go apoplectic over these – because it’s embarrassing and reveals a prevailing truth. Why did Eric Holder interject himself in such a manner in the Virginia case? As reported by the Daily Progress, “I know the attorney general takes these cases very seriously,” said Timothy J. Heaphy, who is prosecuting the case against siblings Daniel Mathis and Shantai and Mersadies Shelton, as well as Kweli Uhuru.

“Heaphy did not say whether he agreed with the decision or whether authorities have identified who fired the shot that killed Quick, 45, a new father who was last seen leaving his mother’s home in Afton, Va on Jan. 31. He sent a text message to his girlfriend at 10:14 p.m. saying he was on his way to visit her and their infant daughter in Albemarle County, and another at 10:49 asking if she needed anything. That was the last anyone heard from Quick. His remains were discovered six days later in rural Goochland County.”

“The night Quick vanished, Mathis used Quick’s DuPont Community Credit Union card to withdraw $203 at an ATM in Fork Union, according to a search warrant initially sealed in federal court. By 3 a.m., when the siblings picked up a friend in Bumpass driving Quick’s silver Toyota 4Runner, the 20-year veteran of the Waynesboro reserve force was gone, the records state. Surveillance records and witness interviews detailed in the warrant place the defendants with Quick’s debit card at banks in Charlottesville and Manassas in the following days. On Feb. 2, Mathis and Mersadies Shelton participated in a failed robbery in which one person was shot and another pistol whipped, the warrant states.”

So, where are the protests and riots? Where is the outrage over the senseless shooting of this reserve officer possibly related to a gang initiation?

Compare this to the reaction of the leftist media and the rabble rousers in Ferguson. Do these four savages deserve the death penalty? I think yes, for whatever reason they took the life of an innocent man, a law enforcement officer. And with such disregard that they used his credit and debit cards for their own pleasures as they drove around in his vehicle. I just have to ask, were his hands up?

Capt. Quick was last seen leaving his mother’s home on the way to his girlfriend and their newborn. He was not last seen assaulting a storeowner and taking products. Yet, we know nothing of 45-year-old Capt. Kevin Quick. Apparently, Quick’s crime was being a white man in America and not considered a victim — just someone who got what he deserved at the hands of society’s victims, young black men, gang members who have been badly treated and denied social justice. Are these four black assailants racists?

I hear there’s a bounty on the head of Ferguson officer Darren Wilson. What would happen if someone did the same against the four who “allegedly” shot Capt. Quick?

And does anyone truly wonder why race relations in America are in such poor shape? Here we have a black president, black attorney general, a black homeland security secretary, black national security advisor, and blacks are still ranting about no justice? So what justice was there for Capt. Kevin Quick? Well, it seems that’s just another example of the redefinition of America.

Call me Uncle Tom, Sellout, Oreo, or whatever you wish — y’all know this is wrong, and if you start any rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, then go riot for Virginia Captain Kevin Quick, and tell Eric Holder to reverse his decision. Of course you won’t, and that says it all.


  1. Holder’s opposition to the death penalty appears to be across-the-board, however. It’s not noted here, but of almost 1250 possible death penalty cases, Holder has rejected capital punishment as an option almost 98 percent of the time. People reading race into this really are presuming too much. The death penalty is not really a deterrent, and chances are that they’ll spend decades there before being executed anyhow.

      • They won’t kill again if they’re in prison for life without parole either. There is no difference except when they die.

      • you are wrong Guest, they can kill even when they are in prison,that type only death will cure.The black man who killed my brother(a cop on duty)and a retired Navy Vet, is still alive after roughly 50 yrs, keeps my family torn up as he is always going up for parole.

      • Do you think killing him will alleviate any more pain for your family? And why do you put the label “black man”? You are a racist.

      • No Nathan Footlonger, I am not a racist, the talk on here is white and black, what good would my comment be if it where white on white, he WAS a BLACK man, if he had been an other race I would have mentioned it also. Nothing will lessen the pain, Two girls 5&7 grew up without a father, the week before he’d tried to rob a drug store where my brothers wife neice work. He was a habitual and attached to the Black Panthers
        on parole from Calif. So before you call names you should check that you do not live in a glass house.,You have no solutions, you are part of the problem, how’s that for name calling. I’d appreciate that you do not reply.

      • What are you saying? It’s written like someone who has no command of the english language. Gobbledygook.

        Do you have an education above middle school? I mean that sincerely.

      • I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a
        moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Negro community
        and their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them
        ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting
        skills unrivaled by any other culture.

        Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and
        serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real
        Estate values are fueled by the influx of North American Negroes into an area
        due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example
        of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard
        work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative
        drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

        enriching the cities of Spokane WA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Washington
        D.C., St. Louis MO, New Orleans LA, Los Angeles CA, Flint MI, Baltimore MD,
        Pontiac MI, Gary Ind., Newark NJ, Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA, Richmond VA,
        Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, Camden NJ; and let’s not forget Detroit, the tourism
        capital of the world!

      • why should they get to live after they took the life of another? crime and punishment. the punishment should fit the crime. life in prison does not fit the crime of murder.

      • What punishment fits the crime is subjective…as I noted earlier, Republicans tend to favor capital punishment more than Democrats. A Republican would go full-steam-ahead with the death penalty while Democrats tend to be categorically opposed to it. Why do you think that most states with the death penalty actually used are red states?

    • Holder had no business getting involved regardless of the case. He involved himself simply because the defendants are black and for no other reason. Your reasoning is sound on the time spent with appeals and such. Holder just needs to butt out.

      • Except that this is a federal case, because Capt. Quick was killed on the orders of members of a criminal organization acting as members of such, in violation of the Hobbs Act (if you read the article, the murder was by an organized criminal syndicate – a gang that is a member of the Bloods.) Murders committed against law enforcement by members of organized crime are almost always federal cases and not state cases. (This is a virtual carbon copy of a case in New York City just over 10 years ago or so – see Ronell Wilson.)

        @Alex:disqus – I don’t see any hypocrisy here, because Holder rejects the use of capital punishment almost all of the time. This instead would do with how each political party views the death penalty. Republicans tend to use the death penalty more judiciously than Democrats. There was no race issue here at all until Trace Gallagher created one.

        @Patrick Bowling:disqus – gun ownership exists in a separate paradigm from punishment meted out by government.

      • Eric the Fool has been meddling in Ferguson quite actively and yes, Eric needs to go wipe his butt and leave the state’s to do their own job.

    • If the “death penalty” is not a deterrent, then that logic should assume that gun ownership is not a deterrent to certain crimes.

    • That may be true but that fact that the media has remained largely silent on this case speaks volumes about race relations in this country.

  2. Thank you Allen West, you are a bright light in this age of darkness, i.e. the dissolution of this once great country. If only common sense could penetrate the divide between the races and between religions. It looks like what’s happening between the Israelis and Palestinians is what’s happening between the whites and blacks in Ferguson and in many more places in the US. It’s all just beyond sad.

  3. “Open racism is simply not tolerated in white America today, but black racism is the toxic glue that holds the progressive coalition together.”

    • The pickle the Blacks are in is of their own making. The nuclear family is nonexistent, their music vilifies law enforcement, demeans women. It’s cooler to be in a gang than in school. Not one of them has suffered slavery (except that inflicted upon them by the Democratic party) or any injustice for which they are due anything. Clean up, stay in school, get an education, work hard and quit stealing stuff. Too many blacks just listen to the likes of Jackson and Sharpton and think those scumbags are working on their behalf. They are working only on their own behalf. The Democrats are using blacks, counting on the fact that so many are uneducated or stupid or both. They give you freebies (which are paid for by hardworking taxpayers – not the “Government”) and in exchange they are re-elected. Rangle, Jackson-Lee, Hank “Guam will tip over” Johnson, are just a few who are corrupt or just idiots. And when an intelligent, educated conservative speaks up, tries to tell you the truth, they are labeled Uncle Toms or have other insults throw their way. Blacks should be striving to be more like the Condie Rices, the Allen Wests, the Mia Loves.
      You bring this upon yourselves.

      • I couldn’t have stated it better, Gayle. I keep saying the same thing, over and over. Too bad that blizzard that hit Buffalo didn’t hit Ferguson and STL. That would chill ’em all out for a while.

      • Say what you want abt Jesse. At least he gets things done. Who’s your spokesman for those so called black on white crimes? Still waiting. All I see is wacky right websites crying abt ” where’s the media!!!!” How is that going to help? Or do they want to help ?

      • LOL you primate punker. Jesse gets NOTHING done moron. I live in Chi just like he does. People of ALL colors look at that hustler like a used car salesman.

        And here’s how effin stupid you are white-bread. You think Jesse gets things done when blacks are killed by whites? Where? When? We have blacks killing each other like it’s a shooting gallery here in Chi and Jesse NEVER pops his bloated head out to say chit about it. But you keep on blowing him white boy.

      • And tell me when was the last time black republicans came to Chicago? I don’t mean a flyover like Bush with Katrina.

      • So that’s your diversion from black dems screwing blacks? And why would any black Republican go to Chicago? The dems have run the city for 60 years.

      • Why would a black rep not go to Chicago? Don’t go and stop bringing it up every chance they get. The crime, Obama, blk on blk crime. If it’s the Dems fault and they don’t want to hrlp, then shut up and don’t mention it.

      • [[ Why would a black rep not go to Chicago? ]]

        Poor form to answer a question with a question. Obviously you can’t answer mine.

        [[ Don’t go and stop bringing it up every chance they get. The crime, Obama, blk on blk crime. If it’s the Dems fault and they don’t want to hrlp, then shut up and don’t mention it. ]]

        Chicago has a mayor. A DEMOCRATIC MAYOR. We have had a POS DEM mayor for decades. Obviously the people want dem POS mayors. So one more time fool. Why would a black Republican go to Chicago? And Obama will be part of that discussion as long as he pokes his punk azz into every black and white issue that pops up. Tell your azzho’ POSTUS to keep his phukin racism to himself if he doesn’t want to hear about his effed up city. He and Holder are a tag team of racist scum who love to bend over BLACKWARDS on any issue involving race.

  4. Racist Chief Wygum and gutless prosecutor thought they could manipulate the system the media and public opinion. No surprise they now have an angry mob on their hands. Hopefully they will both be history after this fiasco.

  5. Are you people crazy!!Obama was not put in the office to bring any one together, he’s there to promote socialism, and probably start WWlll with his foreign policy, which would make Soros and many more of his communist radical friends filthy rich and richer in some cases..

  6. A shocking…….maybe NOT so shocking……disparity in the way the media has dealt with each of these cases! It has become very apparent that there is a glaring difference in the way interracial crime is being treated in America. Allen West is to be commended for speaking candidly about this oh-so-touchy subject, when most people are scared to death to address it. Are criminal acts any less criminal when committed by Blacks?? Political figures and the media walk on eggshells, in mortal fear of saying or doing anything that might even REMOTELY be interpreted as “racist.” Had this police officer been Black, and his assailants White, one can only imagine the resulting scenario…….mass demonstrations, rioting, demands for a Federal prosecutor to investigate, intervention from the highest law enforcement official in the land, a media circus, and so forth! But THIS case? Had Fox News not mentioned it, nobody would have even known about it. Clearly, we have become so obsessed with not wishing to appear ………dare I say it??……..yes, “racist,” that we are willing to overlook wrongdoing or violent criminal acts when they are committed by Blacks against Whites. It is the “elephant in the room” that everyone knows is there, but no one is willing to acknowledge! This is a stunning development that will only serve over the long period to intensify racial animosity. Historical injustices against Black people can, in no way, justify this failure to focus equal attention on crimes that are directed by them against White people.

    • I get tired of everyone calling Obama a black man. He is only 1/16 black, half white, and the rest is Arab. His father was mostly Arab. Arabs are not considered black.

      • why does Obama have to explain his color to you? If he says he’s black so be it. Do you know how many blacks have white DNA?

      • He’s half white punk. If you’re going to worship this POS POTUS, at least know his lineage. Funny how the Great Ape never discusses his white half though. It doesn’t comport with his agenda.

      • Again, what makes you an expert on color? If a person says they are…, why they have to answer you? Second, he has talked many times any his white randparents and mom. Or do you think every black person grew up in a ghetto or sharecropped?

      • [[ Second, he has talked many times any his white randparents and mom ]]

        LOL! Didn’t you just say that he’s all black?? You dope.

        [[ Or do you think every black person grew up in a ghetto or sharecropped? ]]

        Projection becomes you racist.

  7. The sad fact is that your own race will be harder on you than anybody else – you speak the truth. I have often asked where was Sharpeton and crew when the FAMU band member was beaten to death on a bus, yet his murderers were only charged with a hazing crime – seriously why is there no outrage over all of the black on black violence ?

    You had my vote this past election and will continue to have it and I am a white, over 40 women voter – but I am outraged – if this had been a black officer or a white kid there would be no protesting no outrage.

    I believe that racism still exists but I also believe that episodes like this only serve to produce sheer frustration in people who otherwise may have been a voice of support.

  8. Domestic violence and abuse by those below who do it daily!
    Yesterday, was Veteran’$ Day, and everyone is thanking us for service and protecting this country. Now when are those leaders going to protect the Veteran’$ rights? Like against the corrupt judges, lawyers, and their criminal court appointed deputized united Way’$ affiliates. Harbor House, and their lying employee. People, who have violated this Disabled Vets, and my friends constitutional right, civil right, human …rights, and their own. their own oath of office. They have abused us in the corrupt state of Florida. They have altered documents, with held information. Everyone have played their parts well. To include Bank Of America. Judges lying under oath. But yet they say, they are honoring. US tomorrow. Why the state of Florida abuse us from A-Z. While everyone are very much a wear of these crimes, But they choose to look the other way. But yet they want honor us. While my friend James Fraleigh, Melissa. Alexander, Trayvon Martin, and other 10, young men. Who was also murdered in Sanford, to. Show more respect. So remember that statements in the Muhammad Ali’$ movie. During the military scene. So where is our real protection and honor?

  9. Given Obama’s a lawless president, how is it surprising his cohorts aren’t as well.

    Obama, Holder and the rest of the SDS radicals seek an implosion, aka fundamental transformation of the nation. They will use any means necessary including undermining the Rule of Law and race baiting.

    A thug who robs stores is a hero and a cop is somehow worthless in Obama’s world.

    2016 can’t come soon enough

      • And then we’d be vindicated for our warnings about Obama which for many years have fallen on deaf ears. You’d better hope Obammy doesn’t pull that off….but then I don’t suppose you can see the ramifications or the larger picture. What sort of grades did you get in history?

    • So many ppl are NOT aware of the history of Barry, Eric and Valerie. If people would EDUCATE themselves, read “Rules for Radicals” and open their stupid eyes, they’d realize they’re following the Pied Pooper and being manipulated as toys- dispensable TOYS.

  10. Because the progressive liberals said they could. The very people they cherish with blind loyalty are the ones helping destroy them.

  11. Oh…just leave it to Allen (UNCLE RUCKUS) west to post something NEGATIVE about black people to get all the racist white folks up in arms so with will donate more to his fraudulent GUARDIAN FUND or buy one of his tee shirts!
    I know his parents are turning over in their graves…this man is a DISGRACE!!!

  12. If Eric Holder did make the decision to take the death penalty off the table for these four murders-Allen West is right-totally. And you are the disgrace for thinking covering up the facts of this case is ok.

    • Except that Eric Holder has only approved the death penalty for capital cases just over two percent of the time. The death penalty seems to be loved almost exclusively by the Republican Party.

      • the death penalty IS a deterant. those who say it is not, are nearly all libs. and they dont beleive in consequences. over anything. except if you disagree with them.

      • Life without parole sends the same message and is a consequence of murder. If the death penalty were a deterrent, then there should be studies that demonstrate causally that the death penalty lowers crime or is a primary factor in such; none has been published that is scientifically worthy.

  13. There are those circumstances when a Police Officer may be shot. This is not one of those times. Execute the bastards, if convicted.

  14. The only one making this tragedy into a racial issue is YOU, (why am I not surprised.)
    You say, BTW, when this country had a white president, JG, white cabinet, white SCOTUS, plenty of white cops were shot.

      • Maybe he doesn’t want to be…it can be a very thankless, dangerous job. Probably has a pretty bad taste in his mouth right now. You judge the officer without knowing him or his character which obviously is better than the character of the deceased. How can you possibly know what was in the officers heart and mind? Cops are people, they aren’t immune to fear. But we do know that Brown was a bully and used his size to intimidate people. What a fine, upstanding guy.

      • Truth is you don’t know anymore about the deceased than I do about the “officer”. Yet you are acting like you can read his mind. If a cop let himself get intimidated to the point where he has to shoot an unharmed suspect. Maybe he should have thought elementary school. Cops (good ones) don’t get “bullied”.

      • I know that Brown robbed a store and physically assaulted the store owner. I know that Officer Wilson is an honored officer who has been recognized for outstanding service. Brown used his size to intimidate the store clerk. What makes you think he doesn’t do this more often? Apparently he felt it would work on Officer Wilson as well. Brown may not have had a gun, but he was armed with physical mass and fists. He had to know the cop was armed and would use whatever force was at his disposal to protect himself. They are allowed to do that, you know. Officer Wilson didn’t get bullied….he nipped that in the bud.

      • Doesn’t seem to be that hard to be recognized for outstanding service in that department. Got the first one by muscling a black suspect maybe he was going for commendation #2. I wonder how you can tell what’s going on on someone’s mind three months after his death. Do you have that much insight into lottery numbers? I can use a win right now.

      • Silly, boy. Bless your heart. Of course I don’t know what was in the mind of Wilson. And you don’t know what Michael was thinking but it was obviously not very smart. I thought we were just having a friendly discussion. If I knew the winning lotto numbers, to share them would be a redistribution of wealth. You need to pick your own numbers and win it yourself.

      • I don’t think any of the protagonists acted smart in that situation. But only one of them had a gun. I don’t think it’s obvious at any time what can be in anyone’s mind.

  15. He talks about race baiting and inciting riots while making comments that could do the exact same thing. It amazes how he has no problem tearing down an entire race while at the same time saying the other side is racist. If someone said half the things about whites that he says about blacks people would go crazy. He even speaks in tone that makes it sound as if he is not black. Whether you like it or not he is no better then Sharpton or Jesse.

      • Hahahaha. They show nothing of the sort…they don’t care about the crying mother. They care about lining their pockets. They show up to stir things up because it’s what they do to insure their relevance and job security. They’re no better than all those filthy rich, scumbag televangelists. They are using her to further their agenda…dragging her off to Switzerland on a fool’s errand. Sharpton is a tax evader ( how does one get to the point of owing over $4M), Jackson’s kid is in jail (apples don’t fall far from the tree). These guys make millions, they hob nob with the rich and famous, get invited to the White House and live the good life. If they cared about blacks they’d be encouraging education, self responsibility, they’d be showing you the light instead of keeping you in the dark. A pox upon them.

      • Really?

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      • Whoopee. Does that make you smarter? It hurts to realize you’ve been sold a bill of goods. Makes one feel foolish. But these scumbags have been polishing this act for a lot of years now. There is no shame in admitting you’ve been had. Always time to change direction. Seriously….think about it.

      • No you don’t. You don’t see anything clearly. I’d rather have Col. West show me the light than trust race baiters and con artists. No rose colored glasses there.

      • They don’t care bout the crying mother.the mother doesn’t care bout the dead thug her son .they wanna see riots,rapings,loitering of thugs taking what they want.hopefully someone does that to members of their family right

      • you mean tubs “the clown” brown’s crying mother? yeah she be cryin…she and the family tearin it up over them T-shirts…she be so pi$$ed she cryin..

      • They don’t care about anybody but their own agenda! Between the two of them they make a yearly net worth of $15 MILLION. Why aren’t they helping “their people” with it? Residents of Ferguson actually told Jackson NOT to come back when he started pandering. WAKE THE HELL UP! Sharpton has been a sneaky, lying, conniving, race baitor most of his life. Wonder where Tawna Brawley is these days… Sharpton incited anti-Jewish riots on more than one occasion, he’s one of the biggest Jewish-haters there is. As if the Tawana Brawley lies weren’t enough, he promoted the same kind of lying BS with the Duke lacrosse case. Sharpton by his own mouth uses slurs against other blacks “cocktail-sip negroes”, “yellow n*gg**s”, and of course, he’s never called on it. Sharpton on numerous occasions uses the term “homos” and “faggots”.

        Sharpton often threatens to organize black boycotts of corporations on grounds that they supposedly discriminate against African Americans. Those companies, in turn, typically try to pacify Sharpton with cash; sometimes they hire him as a consultant. For example:
        •In June 1998 Sharpton threatened to call for a consumer boycott of Pepsi, alleging that blacks were underrepresented in the company’s advertising. Less than a year later, Pepsi hired Sharpton as a $25,000-per-year adviser until 2007.
        •In November 2003, Sharpton threatened to lead a boycott of DaimlerChrysler over the allegedly pervasive “institutional racism” in the company’s car loan practices. Within six months, Chrysler began supporting Sharpton’s NAN conferences.
        •Also in 2003, Sharpton complained that American Honda had too few blacks in management positions. Company executives met with Sharpton, and within two months they began to sponsor NAN events.
        •According to one General Motors spokesman, NAN repeatedly asked his company for contributions every year from 2000 through 2006, and GM each time declined to pay anything. Then, in December 2006 Sharpton threatened to call a boycott to protest the carmaker’s closing of an African American-owned GM dealership in the Bronx. In 2007 and 2008, General Motors made monetary donations to NAN.

        Jackson campaigns exclusively for unions, liberals and big government. He used it to become a multi-millionaire and to get his son into congress. In the 90s, Jackson and his sons would protest large businesses until they paid a “donation” to one of his tax-exempt corporations. Jackson is a Rev?, and yet he’s NEVER been to any school of divinity. He has NO true justification of the title “rev”. Jackson lied for YEARS about being the last person MLK spoke to, until King’s entourage published the true account. Jackson has ties to Chicago’s most violent gangs. Arabs rewarded him well for supporting Arafat. His son left politics in disgrace. His brother is serving life in prison for murder-for-hire.

        You need to pick better heroes!

    • And where is allen (UNCLE RUCKS) west?? He has a opportunity to help the black community but he refuses too…he knows that his support comes from people that hates the black community so he will NEVER show up!!
      Such a disgrace! His parents HAS to be spinning in their graves!

      • The black community needs to HELP ITSELF!!!! …everyone has been trying to help you since LBJ. Nothing has changed. The likes of Sharpton and Jackson have blacks convinced they are victims and they are owed something. Bullschit. Their boots are on you neck, holding you down guaranteeing their own success. You are responsible for yourself. Get educated, drag yourself out of the gutter and stop the behavior that keeps you there. There are many successful, honorable blacks, Col. West among them…Condi Rice, Herman Cain, Colin Powell, Tim Scott, Daymond John, Madame C.J. Walker, Robert L. Johnson, Kenneth Frazier, and yet when those who have reached the pinnacle try to show you the way out, you call them Uncle Toms. You are the disgrace.

      • And where is Allen (uncle ruckus) west?? Is he helping the black community to take care of itself are using the black community to scare a bunch of WHITE FOLKS??

    • I guess the truth hurts. Sometimes things need to be torn down and rebuilt. If people behave in a manner offensive to civilized society, that would certainly preclude getting any respect. It’s counterproductive behaving abhorrently- rioting, destroying neighborhoods, killing, looting. These losers need to get off the dole, exhibit some self-respect and personal responsibility. Quit blaming whites for this self imposed situation – whites have been trying to help y’all out since Johnson started this War on Poverty, yet here y’all are still in the ghetto, still demanding what hasn’t been earned, in spite of all the opportunities offered and summarily rejected. It’s easier to just bitch and complain and be angry. All that anger needs to be directed in a more productive direction. This is true for whatever color skin you happen to be in because it’s not so much skin color as character.

  16. Hey Mr. West surely not related to Kanye. If you are going to pretend to be white at least model yourself after a normal white person. I understand you are playing a character but the caricature is kind of off-putting. You don’t have to parrot the most backward inbred you can imagine. Mr. West if you want to make a joke of yourself it’s your prerogative. The people in Ferguson are serious.

    • You are guilty of the mindset that believes black people can’t be conservative. (And, btw, who in hell would want to be related to Kanye West? That dude is seriously f’d up as are you and your friends in Ferguson). They pull all this crap and then expect respect? Hannity had Derk Brown on his show last night. Brown is the founder of “Justice for Mike Brown”. He’s so ignorant he couldn’t even articulate answers to questions posed of him. He pretty much sat there like a deer in headlights. He’s going to get other people killed with this nonsense. I sure wouldn’t put my life on the line for a thug like Mike Brown. But I guess as long as your skin is black, character doesn’t matter.

      • And all the cops putting their lives on line for Darren Wilson. Are they any smarter? Cops can get killed too. As evidenced by this article. I know I wouldn’t put my life on the line on a coward like Darren Wilson. But you are right it is about color, there’s no going around that.

      • They are putting their lives on the line for all of us. Of course they can get killed and they know it. Fear revs you up, you have milliseconds to make life and death decisions. You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t fear for your life if a big guy, who you know is suspected of a strong arm robbery, starts a scuffle with you. You’d fear for your life as well. The tragedy here is not how many bullets struck Brown or who did it because I believe sooner or later someone was going to do it. The tragedy is that this kid had to grow up in a culture where there is little chance of success and less desire to try. The whole mindset of this culture is to sit on your butt and get what you can from the government. And where does the government get the money they so freely use to hook voters? From the hard working taxpayers who are really, really getting tired of this merry-go-round ride. And you are wrong…it’s NOT about color, it’s about character. All these protestors are doing their best to make it about color but if Brown and Wilson were both green, Brown was still a thug and bully and Wilson was a cop trying to do his job.

      • Good for you if you know who started the scuffle because I don’t. Voting is not crack no one gets hooked on voting on way or another. Paying taxes is not a special power either, get over yourselves. A lot of black people pay more taxes in a year then what you earn in a lifetime. No one is forced to be a cop. And police culture also have their own issues to deal with. How Mr. Brown was killed on who did it is all that matters. It matters as much to you as it does to me. If it wasn’t about color, racist media would not be making up stuff about what happened that day.

      • You’re parsing words here. Perhaps “hooked” was not the correct word – I was being metaphorical. And we are not talking about blacks who have escaped this culture. I know there are many, many fine people of every race – they are not part of this problem or discussion. And, you have no idea what I earn in a lifetime. No, no one is forced to be a cop but no one is forced to be a thug, a crook, a criminal. Every person is responsible for the choices they make…only that person. Michael made some pretty stupid choices about the kind of person he wanted to be and it got him killed. He took that path.

        Not every encounter police have with suspects can be resolved without violence. That’s why they carry guns. There is some expectation that they must have to use them in some cases. This might just be one of them. Are you a cop? No? Then how can you know what they face every single day.

        I surmise that Officer Wilson normally isn’t scared of his job. But when a big man assaults a cop through his car window, I believe that gives the officer reason to fear for his life. The initial autopsy showed that one of the bullet wounds in Brown’s hand was at very close range which substantiates that there was likely a fight over the gun. Consider this: Oct 18, 2014 – (CNN) — Forensic tests have found the blood of Michael Brown on the gun, uniform and police cruiser
        belonging to Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot the unarmed teen
        two months ago in Ferguson, Missouri, The New York Times reported.
        Does that pretty much confirm that Brown did assault the officer inside the car?

        Yes, there are bad apples in law enforcement – just as there are bad apples in the ‘hood. And each bad apple gives the good ones a bad name. It is imperative that we know the good apples from the bad before we lynch them (metaphorically speaking, of course). But that’s just what the protestors in Ferguson are doing- lynching this officer without benefit of due process.

        I wonder what the statistics are on black cops killing white kids? There was a case just days after Brown’s killing where a black cop shot an innocent white kid, 19 years old, at a convenient store…why aren’t we hearing about this? Because it has nothing to do with the story line that blacks are targets of unfair law enforcement. And you know it.

      • Are you black? Have you lived through a police encounter as a black person? The story line about the poor oppressed cop is even more ridiculous. A shot went off in car, MB could have been struggling for the gun he could have been pushing it away. No one knows for sure. Those who pretend to are liars on both sides.

      • I’m not black and I have never had any police encounters other than a speeding ticket or two. I have been married to two of them though and have many friends who are/were cops. I’m 63 years old and while I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I’ve had years to gather a bit insight into this.
        Look at this:
        Until the black culture cleans up its act, of course you’re going to encounter more negative encounters with law enforcement. It’s common sense. Cops can’t read your mind or see into your character when they first encounter you. If you want to be angry, be angry at the black men who are not supporting their kids, being in the home or leading by example. Be angry at rappers who fill your heads with hateful and demeaning lyrics. There has been a horrible, tragic breakdown of black society and contrary to what you might believe, your government isn’t doing anything to help. A caring government would address the root of the problem…not just pass out money. It will never end if no one takes responsibility and keeps denying and passing blame.

        Instead of protesting over Michael Brown, clearly a kid who invited this trouble, protest the breakdown in black society. Speak out for the young folks who have no idea how to get out of this mess. Speak to the absent parents or parents who have no idea how to be better parents. Do something about that. Address the lack of self respect and lack of personal responsibility in these young folks. Encourage kids to stay in school, treat others with the respect they want. There is so much to be done that can be done if everyone admits there is a problem and that it’s been that way since LBJ started the government plantation. Do you think he truly meant to help? It’s all about votes, about power. Here is what the man himself said:

        I’ll Have Those N—–S Voting Democratic For The Next 200 Years.-LBJ
        You’re smarter than that… This is what is behind how much the Democratic party cares about any of us. If you want to be angry, be angry at them. Be part of the solution.

      • Same thing over and over. The endless and self-satisfied diatribes about what I should care about. Let me tell you something. If I was to take up the cause of children without fathers. I would concern myself equally with white and black ones. But I’m not so as an individual I can only worry about my own. I don’t see why I need to take responsibility for others. Why should I concern myself with the black bad parents but ignore the white ones. I’m having a hard time being a parent myself not my place to lecture strangers. I wont even address the plantation analogy, this one turns my stomach for obvious reasons. LBJ or democrats did not shoot Michael Brown to death.

      • But the factor is not equal between black and white children. Black children are born bastards more than 70% of the time in the US and their fathers are also from a generation with a high bastard birth rate. Incredibly high for such a small segment of the population. And most of them go directly onto government assistance to the point that nearly half of black Americans are on government handouts.

        So don’t waste your time equally between the white and black folks. The black folks clearly need a great deal more. It’s clear too many have sold their souls to sheer hedonism which might be fine if not for the fact they are doing it to their innocent children as well. Dooming their lives needlessly.

        If a “sand-n!&&er” can see this, plenty of other people can see it as well.

      • kingy is not interested in facts, I threw one or two out before I saw your post above…what has happened since the introduction of the Great Society by LBJ in the mid 60s has gone a long way to establishing the black racist society that we have now…honkies are still guilty of all the wrongs…and they lie..and they are racists….

      • At least LBJ was right that they’d be voting Democratic for 200 years…We’re 1/5 of the way there. Politicians play these games and everyone else pays the price.

      • your full of it, much like a stopped up sewer….try to pay attention to the facts in the testimony…some of which comes from young men of color, not that punk criminal friend of tubs ‘the clown” brown….those young men have said that tubs went for Wilson’s weapon, he was shot in the hand….the forensic pathologist’s report and those young men’s testimony is available and will be what the grand jury bases a decision on…

      • You have shown. us all you have no knowledge of law enforcement. Your ignorance speaks volumes. It is also about why he was killed. But I’m sure your not interested on that.

      • Were you there? Are you on the Grand Jury. No, your part of the problem and have nothing to do with a solution.

    • those clowns in Ferguson are visiting rioter/looter/protester/arsonist punks that need to be rounded up and put in a FEMA tent camp for 90 days then fined and returned to their homes, that is if the folks there want their punk azzes around anymore…

    • The truth hurts you, doesn’t it King Solomon? Can’t take the truth, especially from a Black Conservative! Go cry me a river, sissy!

    • Sorry but there is nothing HONORABLE about being relieved of command! There is nothing HONORABLE about turning your back on your own race. NOTHING HONORABLE about attracting known racist to your BLOG!

      • How is he doing anything other than telling the truth? And he is a traitor to his own race?!? WTF, Dude?? Take your racist mindset and personal bias out ofnrhe equation and realize, black, white, brownnor green, Mr. Allennis a member in Good Standing ofnrhe HUMAN RACE, and that is the way it should be. If a person elects to call out a POS president just because both are black? Man, YOU ARE A SUCKY RACIST! To insist someone side with a person just because they are of the same race regardless they are right or wrong smacks of insanity! Get your head examined, Asshat.

      • Really ??? How many blacks do you think voted for Odumba just because he’s black and have never voted before ?? Much to say about this but I think the people that need to know already know. .

      • There’s nothing wrong with turning your back on your own race if they aren’t worth your loyalty. Some people need to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to see the error of their beliefs. West knows the truth and is smart enough not to let ignorant members of his own race bring him down.

      • ahhh, Earl Lee there in lies the problem for you” Turning his back on his own race”. You are NOT a follower of Dr. King and just as bigoted as any KKK member

      • Wow you are obviously a RACIST, considering how you mentioned RACE as a point here. Oh but WAIT, as you are probably black I guess you CANT be a racist, right? After all, isn’t that the “new definition” of racism (as defined by the militant black and liberal left)….”Racism: discrimination against others based on race, but only by white people”

      • More white people get killed by police than blacks. We only hear about the blacks.. Before you reply with something stupid, look it up..

      • Is this a revelation? Non-Hispanic whites make up 63% of the population, Non-Hispanic Blacks 13%. Outnumbering blacks 5.25 to 1, I think one would expect that more whites are killed by police than blacks.

        Question is: do police homicides follow the same proportion?

      • If its racist to say this man is a DISGRACE to our history and the black community…then I’ll be that racist!!

      • Wilson thank you for confirming your total ignorance. Typical of racists, as soon as someone points out obvious racism, like a 5 year old child you respond with “No, YOU’RE THE RACIST”

        So please grow a brain before you try pointing fingers at others to try and hide the truth about yourself

      • looks as though you are not doing well in the “up down vote” there silver…considering that Mark is on the money…we are watching the most race mongering administration in the past 150 years do their best to start a race war and you are still sitting there with blinders on…

      • It could just be a bit of “White Racial Fatigue”. It comes from a steady diet of being told that since you’re white, you must be the racist spawn of slavers and will have to beg forgiveness eternally. Some of us are bored with it all. Bigotry and racism are universal and have little to do with external power structures or any of that other horseshiite used to try to justify black American racists. Why is that message so difficult for so many black Americans to understand? If you hate people just because they are white, you’re a racist. Bingo, it’s THAT simple.

      • too bad that he did nothing morally wrong…”a simulated execution”…of course the kind of officers that kenyan boyo is forcing out of the military give rise to the question of who is being left…yes people that will carry out the “new” pledge of turning weapons on US citizens…?? and just what did he do that can be considered “turning your back on your own race”??

      • Wait a minute. If I’m a person of the “paler persuasion” and I see or allow to happen a “bad” thing done by my “persuasion” I must report it and condemn it because that’s just the right thing to do. Yet, if I was of the “less than pale persuasion” I must not view the “bad” things done by my “persuasion” as “bad” and I must ignore it because I wouldn’t want to turn my back on my people even though it’s just as wrong? What makes this any less racist than the other? Answer: nothing. There is no turning your back on “your own race” because that’s bullshit. So much for MLK’s dream, may he rest in peace and not roll over in his grave because of this kind of separate but “equal as long as I benefit from it” school of thought.

      • But if the ONLY thing you do is report and condem bad behavior for profit…..if you never participate in helping the community… have turned your back on that community! You are not trying to HELP that community in any fashion and you never post about the POSITIVE that comes out of that community….that makes you a DISGRACE to your race!!!

      • What profit are we discussing? What are you referring to with these “helping the community” comments? The community does not only consist of “less than paler” people. Your comment makes no sense. If one is to help a “community” then they must address the needs and concerns of ALL the people of the community. Your statement is as racist as it gets simply by the mere fact that you’ve indicated that the “less than pale” people of the community at large are the only ones with a right to bitch about anything. That community has an obligation to do some hard self analysis and look inside itself to find answers to it’s own problems. The Fed, bloodsuckers and bottom feeders like Sharpton, Jackson, and all of the wanna-be activists looking for a pathetic cause (yes, I mean all of them, pale on not) need to stay out of issues that they are not involved in. Those scumbags have caused more rioting, discontent, and hatred than Mr. West has even come close to. Had they not shown up in force to capitalize on any incident that THEY can profit from then none of the massive problems we have would ever get as out of control as they have. Have you ever seen anything POSITIVE occur as a result of their interventions? Honest answer: NO! Nothing good has ever come from those morons fomenting problems, only more anger, frenzy, and destruction. Somehow they also manage to be absent when the madness erupts. I wonder why that is? Do you think they might know “exactly” when the violence is about to start? I’d bet they do. Focus your anger on the ones who are the real disgrace.
        I’m a realist, and the reality is that this is a one sided media circus that turns a profit for itself and the “paler” folks are just as angry when a blind eye is turned on a situation that is even more blatantly racist because it’s not as politically explosive or the press can’t get as much mileage from the story no matter how horrible it is. You never did respond to the item regarding Obama. Omission and opacity is not addressing a problem. Funny how THAT works.

  17. Mr West you are a real American. It is nice to see someone that brings stuff like this to light. I don’t get how the laws are being bent depending on race. It reminds me of Eric Holder letting the New Black Panters off from the voter intimidation case when there was clear video of them doing just that, yet if it was the KKK intimidating the black community from voting the Libs would be loosing their minds and Holder would be wanting there heads.

  18. Once again we see the reverse side of the coin where discrimination and racism never exist at least ipso- facto Eric Holder and this entire administration. The fact being there are tons of Black on White crimes that never gets called for what it really is RACIST!!! These are violent heinous crimes committed by the most despicable individuals on this planet but nothing is ever heard on main stream media and little is reported in the aftermath. These people go quietly to their grave where no outcry is ever heard or violent riots displayed in their name.

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  19. Well, obama has done it. He used the commie slogan “Forward” for his own campaign and has succeeded in taking this country backwards and plunging us into a sort of hell he has created because he thinks of himself as a god here on earth.

    Barack Hussein Obama -Worst President Ever.

    • that is what the visitors in Ferguson want…the authorities should set up a huge screen and show the four on it being charged and then an actor comes to the mike and says “all four of these punks will be taken out of the jail in the morning, transported to the local landfill to be shot and buried”…My guess is the the visiting rioter/looter/protester/ arsonists in Ferguson would suddenly go bonkers…might have to shoot them the way you would a rabid dog….especially that life long protester from Washington state..

  20. Eric Holder is living in his Ivory tower surrounded by armed guards, he feels no need to up hold law and order. His wife doling out the abortions and kids are in the liberal echo chambers.

  21. The only thing the President has done is what the congress will not do as part of their job. THey run their mouth and prevent progress for the AMerican people. SO if we put “them thugs” back on the streets, for your street justice, then should we put the cop that killed Brown back on the street for street justice? If you wan to be a hypocrite, at least use common sense. BOTH should be tried and let a jury say what should be done. But listening to West, will make liquid out of your brain. Because he is all about making trouble, not finding justice or progress.

    • When the results of a Grand Jury impaneled to hear the “facts” are made public then is the correct time to determine whether or not to try anyone….you “charge” someone with a crime if no evidence beyond hearsay develops the charges are dropped…In the case of Officer Wilson the evidence from the forensics lab is overwhelmingly in support of his testimony and that of others that were present that day….this situation with Officer Quick has a great deal of evidence pointing at the defendants, but until there is definitive proof that one, or all of them are linked forensically to the victim there should be no trial…that being said the items cited above should make it easy to get a “no bail” at arraignment…

    • Vincent, Obama broke the law! He does NOT have the authority to make law, only to enforce law that Congress makes! You support LAWLESSNESS!

    • Would you have known of this murder, by the four gang members, if Col. West had not written about it? And if he turns your brain to liquid…WHY do you read his column?

      • Keepyourpower, I write on west page because I want to bring what is sorely missing 95% of the time…..COMMON SENSE! Your question, and those who think like you, prove my point. No, I didn’t know about it, until I saw it on the news, after I read it on west page. But like you and so many, you missed the whole point. There was no injustice here. Just tragedy. The black killers of that white cop were promptly arrested and thrown into prison. Can you say that about the white cops that killed black males under questionable circumstances….NO?! Or are you to blind and ignorant to see and acknowledge the difference??

      • IMHO you are so full of yourself, and true cannot see the forest for the trees. Maybe, one day, one of your bros will show you what it is like, to be on the opposite end of a gun!

  22. Those people are Black? Our President is Black? LMFAO, another coon who calls any mixed person “Black”. These people are mixed and so is our president. Stop it.

    • Our president isn’t even black based on what I’ve heard. He’s mostly Arab. From the Sep 2008 Idaho Observer: [ Journalist Kenneth Lamb, upon digging deeper into an article by Richard Cohen published in The Washington Post,
      claims that BHO is descended from Arab slave traders who settled in
      Kenya. His research shows that Obama, Sr., had one black African
      maternal grandfather and the rest of his genealogy is Arabic.
      So, Lamb reasons, Obama is 50 percent white on his mother’s side and
      43.75 percent Arabic on his father’s side. That means Obama’s genetic
      makeup is only 6.25 percent black African.
      In order to legally qualify as a “minority,” the government requires
      that one’s genealogy contain one-eighth, (or 12.5 percent) of that
      specific minority.
      According to Lamb, Obama’s claim that he would be the first “black”
      president is not legally defensible].

      • More material from the Idaho Observer.
        April 2007:

        Article states that 41st President George H.W. Bush was actually German-born George H. Scherff, Jr. – the son of a Nazi accountant. The article, among many other claims, states that President George H.W. Bush was “was trained as a spy and sent to America to work for Adolph Hitler.”

        Lol, I kid you not.

        So, basically, The Idaho Observer says that two of our presidents were sent here as a mission by Adolf Hitler for Nazi Germany.

        The Idaho Observer. Wow. Sounds like a VERY sane and reasonable news source. There’s gotta be more great material by these people, I just need to stop laughing hard enough to look for it.

      • Clearly the only problem with the idea that Pres. Obama is an Arab is that the Idaho Observer wasn’t the best choice to present that data.

      • Even so, it’s fact. Arabs paid for his education and he’s obviously a plant. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have surrounded himself with Muslim Brotherhood people in our government.

      • Of course, makes total sense. We got the Muslim Brotherhood sending people to become members of the President’s Cabinet, and the Nazi’s sending over people to become Presidents.

        This story hasn’t been broken yet, but I’m sure the Chinese aren’t happy to not be a part of the action and both the Senate and House are actually completely filled by Chinese communists. They have 1.35 billion people – I’m sure they were able to spare the 535 needed to fill Congress.

        My question: where do we think Cuba, Venezuela, the Roman Empire and the USSR have sent their spies? My guess is the 50 Governer’s seats.

  23. Thank you Lt. Col. Rep. West. That gang is savage, what they did to that officer is brutal, savage, but it’s not PC to state that, because the gang is black and the cop was white.
    And why no riots for Quick? Because we whites know rioting will not achieve anything but death and destruction and nothing more.
    The blacks of Ferguson are not disenfranchised in any way. They’ve never been slaves or segregated–although they do prefer segregating themselves from whites, whom they hate and want murdered because they assume they can rob and assault and get away with anything without law enforcement putting a stop to their violence.
    Brown was a violent criminal who was shot because of his violent actions against a cop, and all the black eye-witnesses have told the grand jury Brown did in fact assault the cop and tried to take the cops gun, but Ferguson thugs don’t want to hear the truth from their own, who have to remain unknown publicly because they’ll be killed for telling the truth abut a thug.
    These rioters are not oppressed in any way. They want to oppress whites for no reason other than they hate. We whites are not doing the hating. Al Sharton and Jackson are inciting hate, encouraging it in blacks who want any reason to riot and burn and kill.
    That’s a mindset in a group that wants us versus them. They have created the hate that backfires on them and then they riot over what they caused.

  24. If you seek violence, you will get nothing but that and that’s what so many blacks seek, live by, do, and then when the violence they live by comes back at them, they scream racism, despite the fact they brought it on through their own actions.

  25. There wont be any justice for Office Quick because he was murdered by a black gang. The gang will be viewed as kids gone bad because of black circumstances that are nothing more than what they chose–violence as their life career.
    And no, this officer’s death is completely ignored by media who will use Ferguson to hype ratings and hopefully a race war for al and Jesse to use to enrich themselves further while those they use stay in the slums their in, but worship the two pimps that whore them out for race wars that make Al and Jesse the ones who get rich–not their rioters

    • Fantasy. There wont be any justice for Officer Quick? Are these a-holes going free? No, they’ll get life in prison, sounds like the justice system handing out punishment to me. I think execution gives them an easy way out of what’s going to be life-long suffering in a tiny box, and I’m sure the guards will make it extra unpleasant life as well.

      But it’s not justice because Allen West tells you it somehow relates to to the Brown case? What a load of bullshit. Hypocrisy? There is no media attention because the system is going to slam it’s boot down on these gang bangers and everyone agrees they deserve it, white or black or whatever. There’s no community divide over this.

      Darren Wilson has online defense funds that have raised loads of money for him – where are the GoFundMe campaigns for these scumbags? Oh, they don’t exist. Is that hypocrisy? Nope, it’s just common sense that no community is going to help them out. There are rallys where you can buy “I Am Darren Wilson” t-shirts, where are the rallys selling “I am 99 Goon Syndikate” t-shirts? Oh, don’t exist – hypocrisy? Only in Allen West’s mind would there be some kind of bullshit parallel to Ferguson.

      • [[ Only in Allen West’s mind would there be some kind of bullshit parallel to Ferguson.]]

        Funny how you prefaced this last comment in your rant with three paragraphs of subterfuge in order to justify it. You don’t see the parallels because your bleeding [bleating] heart won’t let you.

      • Yes, amazing isn’t it? I set up the final thought by first listing various things that I felt supported it. That’s fantastic that you were able to pick up on that; I mean, it’s how most people would set up an argument, I just think it’s great that you were able to keep up.

        (pat on the back)
        Good job, Andy!

      • You set up a reason for not giving these apes what they deserve, the death penalty. Thank you for making West’s point about Holder and his history of racism as an AG. You also disgustingly whine and wail that your precious,murdering apes do not have a defense funds yet Wilson, who shot a charging animal, does. That seems to be a problem for you. It takes a special kind of scum to equate your three animals with Wilson. And then you have the idiocy to chastise West for pointing out Holder’s habit of interjecting himself to anything involving blacks? Well done leftard!

      • Andy, Andy, Andy… I’m very disappointed in you if those are the conclusions you drew. And here I thought you were doing a good job keeping up! 🙁

        Gonna have to bump you down, you’re now just the 2nd smartest person on the Allen West forums.

      • If you don’t like Col. West, why are you here? You seem to enjoy the fact that you aren’t welcome with your low-information tripe.

      • If you don’t like Obama, why are you in America?

        Oh right… we’re free to disagree, even vehemently, with anyone/anything. A perk of being in America. (even if you believe America is going to hell in a handbasket thanks to the islamo-facist-Kenyan-born-antichrist-socialist-progressives)

        Besides that, good mornin’ to ya, Flower!

  26. Please Mr Holder, put the death penalty back ‘on the table’ (I’m so sick of that cliche, aren’t you?) We need to both cleanse the gene pool of these bottom suckers, and YOU need to realize that you and your elitist buddies are fomenting a race war. Maybe you’re not so worried about it, seeing as how you’re living all safe and secure in your ivory tower, but the rest of us in the real world are. We don’t want our towns, lives and property destroyed.

  27. Why is no one mentioning ‘Big Mike” Brown’s criminal record . . . or the fact (I am reliably told) that he had outstanding warrants for his arrest even before he committed a strong-arm robbery and battery of a store clerk — for a lousy box of “cigarillos”? Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, and Al Sharpton have done more to destroy the credibility of the civil rights movement than I would have believed possible – – -Dr. King must be revolving in his grave!

    • I think the majority of the rioting has been done by Islamic factions that Obama sent to Ferguson to stir the pot. Ferguson residents have pretty much stayed out of the mix and in my opnion should sue the Governor for not protecting their properties with the National Guard as was planned!

  28. Colonel — Barack Hussein Obama has done NOTHING to better the lives or prospects of Black Americans . . . as long as the life expectancy of black males is less than 50 yrs., we cannot expect long-term planning to be important to them — if Obama really cared anything for African-Americans, he COULD have made a real difference — by creating a public-health initiative to control hypertension and diabetes in black males — and by re-establishing affirmative action — and by putting an end to the ‘war on drugs’, which has, historically, been a war on young black men.
    – – -Hope you have a great thanksgiving, Col., and thank you for proving that we still have honest,. courageous Americans.

    • Life expectancy for black men is expected to be 75 years in 2015. Life expectancy for that demographic hasn’t been at 50 years since ~1930.

    • Affirmative action is nothing more than racism given another name. I know you don’t care for Obama, but please don’t promote affirmative action in any way because it is not right. Any hiring or any promotion in any job should be based on merit alone and not based on the color of a persons skin.

  29. Sadly, Flower, I think you are right — Obama does NOT really care about civil rights, or immigration – – – this is just his way of distracting attention from his effort to save “ISIL” – as he has saved Hamas, the Brotherhood, etc. – AND to help Iran GET nuclear weapons . . . he thinks of himself as a Shi’ite Muslim, NOT a black man OR an American. The Republican mid-term success was, in fact, driven by Americans’ feeling that the Democrats were NOT protecting us from Islamic commitment to kill Americans, Christians and Jews. What president BUT Obama would have stood by while Islamic terrorists crucified Christians, announced their determination to eradicate all Christians, and slaughtered Christians in increasingly large numbers? And what president, BUT Obama, would NOT declare war on a movement that was recruiting zealots to kill Americans HERE? Did you know that “ISIS” has offered to send “fighters” to Ferguson, Mo.?

    • You forgot climate change, which is just an invention by Obama so he can pass laws that will prep the earth’s atmosphere for an alien invasion from outer space. True story.

      Almost forgot, the extra terrestrials are Muslim and intend to make Tehran the capitol of the conquered universe. The aliens also offered to send troops & ray-guns to Ferguson.

  30. Wait. Is this written by the same Allen West who tortured and mock executed an Iraqi police officer? Please, tell me more about hypocrisy.

  31. One reason they state for taking the death penalty off the table was the time factor in appeals. They will be in prison anyway. So that’s not a big problem. They will be fed and medical treatment given anyway. The appeal lawyers will probably still be Public defenders or if they have their own, will cost them. Not that much extra. I say fry them. Eric Holder, stay out of Virginia’s business. Again you’ve proven your racism.

  32. Hard not to view the latest DOJ Report as the Greatest Crisis of the Entire Obama Presidency, and one unduly shamesful and ignorant of its people! So shocking and disappointing to persons of compassion and caring.



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