Do not surrender to the redefinition of America

Well, I’m back on terra firma and yesterday morning went for a run on land where I could feel my legs getting used to being on solid ground. The final sessions this past Saturday of the National Review post-election cruise were very insightful. They dealt with the topics of PC, progressivism on college campuses, and conservatism’s future. One of the key points consistent throughout was the concept of language being redefined. And so I pondered that point and as I did my four-mile run on Sunday many thoughts came to mind.

I immediately considered the quote often (mis-)attributed to George Orwell, “in a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

Think about what has been happening in our America. We speak of liberalism but is it really the true definition of liberalism as intended by John Locke? That of course is classical liberalism, which promoted the rights of the individual — life, liberty, and property. It was Locke’s theory of classical liberalism and the concept of natural law and the social contract theory, which defined the relationship between the governed and government. However, today’s post-modern liberalism is a complete redefinition and does not advance the rights of the individual but rather focuses on the manipulation of collective groups.

American author, Upton Sinclair, (best known for his 1906 muckraking novel The Jungle) who twice (unsuccessfully) ran for Congress on the Socialist ticket and (also unsuccessfully) ran for the governorship of California as a Democrat in 1934 said “The American People will take Socialism, but they won’t take the label…There is no use attacking it by a front attack, it is much better to out-flank them.”

It is the careful covert redefinition of language that can ensnare an entire nation and in turn affect the entire political landscape.

Somewhere, tucked away behind closed doors, there are those working on redefining America. Take for example constitutional conservatism — closely aligned with classical liberalism – which is redefined as extreme, and those who advocate those associated principles — limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, free market/free enterprise economy, and strong national defense — as extremists. It is the same label given to Islamic terrorists, because for some reason we have redefined Islamo-fascism, jihadism, and terrorism into something we can find more accommodating to our sensibilities: extremists. We recently wrote about how it seems the chosen remedy to defeat ISIS is to simply call it by a different name. Then again, we don’t have wars or combat engagements any more — we have overseas contingency operations. We don’t have Islamic jihadist or terrorist attacks in America — we have “man-caused disasters.” An attacker can stand on a table shouting “Allahu Akhbar” while gunning down American soldiers and civilians and we redefine it as “workplace violence.”

Who are the folks in these hidden rooms who are redefining America? They’re the ones feeding us acceptable adjectives – with complete hypocrisy. They tell us what is inflammatory rhetoric or incendiary speech, but for some odd reason the redefinition does not equally apply.

Criticize the actions or policies of the president and you’re referred to as “racist” – but no such labels are given to those who criticize black conservatives, because we’ve been redefined as “not really black.” And so it goes for other minority groups who don’t fit the new redefinition — or as Greg Gutfeld calls them, the “Not Cool.”

But then again, what is cool? Once upon a time the pursuit of happiness, a hard work ethic and striving to create a better life for yourself and your family was cool. We now know the once indomitable American entrepreneurial spirit has been redefined and dismissed, since “you didn’t build that” is the new definition of American entrepreneurship.

Now it seems being a part of a redefined American “dependency society” or a welfare nanny-state is cool. Then again, even having a family is no longer cool and those folks in that far away room have redefined what a family is — through their impact on culture and the media. Family is no longer a female mother, a male father, and children — it’s whatever those who have redefined America want it to be – as in California where marriage licenses must by law now list Spouse 1 and Spouse 2 rather than husband and wife. And if you don’t acquiesce to the redefinition of family — indeed marriage – well, you’re not cool and will be viewed as archaic and unacceptable to the “mainstream” — as redefined by the people in that far away room.

As family, marriage and life itself are redefined, so are individual rights. If as a business owner you have certain beliefs contrary to the redefinition of America – whether you’re a photographer in New Mexico or a baker in Oregon — the government will use force, coercion, and intimidation to make you accept the redefinition. Even in the case of respecting life, the issue of terminating life has been redefined as women’s reproductive health rights — which we all would define as finding cures for ovarian, cervical, uterine, and breast cancers or eradicating fibroid tumors. But the people redefining America don’t want to talk about killing unborn babies — they prefer a more “nuanced” redefinition.

The hypocrisy is blatantly obvious because an innocent life has no voice — as redefined — but a criminal who has violated the rules and laws of society has a voice, according to those who redefine America. The same ones who say we cannot legislate morality — well, we have laws that delineate right from wrong, a fundamental responsibility of government.

And what of that most fundamental governmental responsibility — providing for our common defense? Well, it seems what is honorable is being redefined as well. We imprison the men we deploy into combat zones to defend us while we free the unlawful enemy combatants against whom they fight — because we have redefined who is a greater threat.

It is honorable service to those redefining America to desert your post in a combat zone while abandoning Americans to die in a distant land and lying about it — well, “what difference at this point does it make?” We deploy troops to fight a virus, but to those redefining America, we cannot put “boots on the ground” to fight an enemy that has declared war against America and is beheading Americans — but after all it is just a man-caused workplace violence disaster. And now we send troops wearing boots walking on the ground into combat zones in a non-combat role telling them to not engage in combat — oops, sorry, “overseas contingency operations.”

Perhaps this is all a bit too deep but that’s just what the folks in the far away room redefining America want from you. They don’t want you to pay attention to what is happening. As a matter of fact, they’re busy following Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals number 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)”

These “redefiners” like to make people toxic and cut them off from any alliances — their favorite ploy. Which is why we need highly principled men and women who have no fear. We must embody the motto of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division — “Currahee” — which in Cherokee means “stands alone.”

In World War II when those “Battling Bastards of Bastogne” were asked by the Germans — isolated, freezing, cut off, surrounded — to surrender, the response was “nuts.”

Don’t surrender to the redefinition of America and its fundamental transformation. Tell the people in the far away room and all of their followers, “nuts!”


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  2. Great article, another one that goes along with the topic at called “the real Barack Obama and the transformation of America” by ex CIA Kevin M Shipp. Talks about Obama’s war against Christianity and pushing Islam among many other things!

  3. This is not the America I grew up in, nor the America I want my grandchildren to live in. America’s schools have been dumbed down, changed to liberal agendas cheating the kids out of a decent education that will help them have a good future. The ugliness around us, the favoritism of gays, Muslims, blacks and illegal immigrants against whites and Christians is dividing the nation into segments instead of uniting us.

      • I see you’re stuck on stupid again Brenda. When you contrive laws that FAVOR a group of people, guess what, it’s favoritism.

        We’ll start this lesson nice and easy for you. Take hate laws for example. Why? There is a BOR that apply to all. Why is it different if a gay is attacked as opposed to a straight? Muslim v Christian? BLACK V WHITE?? And as far as illegals are concerned, look up the word illegal alien. You DO know what ‘illegal’ means. Don’t you?

      • Those laws were necessary, Andy, because these “groups” were being denied their basic civil liberties as American citizens. Gee, I wonder why they were treated in that manner?

      • Bullcrap! Dead is dead. If one white guy beats another white guy, civil rights are being denied. You’ve got people killing each other for nothing. Only a moronic dimbulb lib would think there are different levels of dead.

      • “Whites Only”
        “Blacks (or worse) Not Allowed”
        Blacks Need Not Apply.
        “‘Chinks'” Not Allowed
        Japs Not Need Apply
        Irish Need not Apply
        Italians Not Welcome
        “No Puertro Ricans or Dogs Allowed” (A personal account from a friend of mine)
        Women’s Suffrage (1920) WY (1869) UT (1870)

        Read some history, Andy!

      • Good point. Democrats did start the Klan and are still the party of racism today. But your lame examples are inoperative per this convo. Try harder.

      • You have no concept of history. BTW, your listing of George Wallace was incorrect. But that won’t matter to you. You use history when it is to your personal agenda and deny it when it conflicts with your personal agenda. Read your own posts.

      • What’s wrong suck azz? Your party’s history making you uncomfortable? You only like history when it works for YOU? The sad reality is that your party is STILL racist punk.

      • George Wallace changed his ways. Both parties have historical dirty laundry. I know that. You refer to Blacks as, “Apes” and accuse Dems as “racist?” Nice try.

      • [[ George Wallace changed his ways ]]

        Yet the rest of your party hasn’t.

        [[ Both parties have historical dirty laundry.]]

        The dems live in filth.

        [[ You refer to Blacks as, “Apes”]]

        Rioters, looters and thugs. What do you call them? Your kids?

      • Of course it is, Andy. Never heard of Phil Ochs? Here, I will make it easier for you. YouTube – Phil Ochs – “Love me I’m a Liberal. “

      • Your definition of favoritism is wrong.
        Equal rights are not favoritism.

        As to hate crime legislation… that is a separate issue and i feel in most cases, the additional charge of hate crime to a violent crime is redundant and unnecessary… but as absurd as I think those laws are, they are not applied with favoritism… they are applied equally.

        It is not different if someone is attacked for being gay or straight… though, in fairness, people are rarely ever attacked simply for being straight.
        also, your black and white example is also faulty.
        There have been numerous cases where hate crimes were charged in attacks against whites when race was identified a cause

      • More stupidity from Brenda. One more time leftard. The BOR covers EVERYONE. And hate crime is noooooo different than other crimes. Hate crimes=favoritism. When you get attacked it makes no damn color or sexual orientation you have. A beating is a beating and murder is murder. Friggin’ libsucm fool.

      • What insults? If you can’t see that certain groups are favored over others, you are either willfully ignorant, blind or stupid. Obviously you got my point otherwise you wouldn’t have diverted to discussing my posting style.

      • Oh no. Libtards and white guilters have put them on the endangered species list. You think anyone other than white people need special consideration.

      • No need to get your Tampon in a bunch punk. Don’t get pizzy because I’m telling the truth. Now go tend to your apes.

      • No. I am responding to your post, Andy…on my own. You denied insults. Just used your own words to point out you do insult people.

      • Andy, wonder what you are going to have to bitch about when your his Republicon heroes pull a Thelma & Louise on us?

      • A reference you don’t get. I’m disappointed. Watch the movie. They will drive this country over a cliff.

      • Oh I saw the movie. Now HOW will they drive the country off the cliff? Pay attention and think a little deeper.

      • Because the House Republican caucus has already proven over the past six years, Bohner has been able to control them. No problems will be resolved by legislation. Ergo, this country will be driven over a cliff. We wouldn’t be in this immigration mess if Bohner brought the bill to the floor for a simple up/down vote. But no, he has kept it on his desk for 512 days as of today. And yes, Harry Reid is as culpable. Politics and ego before doing anything positive for the country.

      • So unless the GOP kisses your POS POTUS arse, it’s their fault? Keep sucking Obama joint moron and read the Constitution.
        Oh and BTW dope, your POS POTUS had both houses for two years. What happened? And Reid’s punk azz has ignored 387 pieces of legislation the GOP has sent him for two years. Your party is inept and imbeciles.

      • Pot calls kettle black. I take no sides. Republicans? Dems? Equally responsible. Best you reread the Constitution yourself. Unless you believe Cruz (who channels Joe McCarthy) or FOX, Obama was within bounds. But you will never consider that.

      • You took a side left nut. You blame the GOP for your party’s failure to lead. You’re a sperm-burping POS pole smoker who says the GOP took the nation off the cliff and was shown to be a friggin’ moron.

      • My post from two days ago: “They will drive this country over a cliff.They will drive this country over a cliff.” Do you need new reading glasses?

        BTW, sorry to hear about your CP. Sincerely. But I am not surprised you have ulcers, given the obvious vile hate you carry around within you. Your doctor ever speak with you about that. Surprised you don’t have high blood pressure, too.

        I did notice a pattern you have. You challenge everyone to post their DD-214’s who post that they are veterans. Yet you posted that you volunteered for VN, but “claim” that it was over by then. Are you implying that you declined to enlist?

        As for your repeated posts that the KKK was “founded” by Gordon, you leave out that it was actually founded by six well educated, Democratic, Confederate officers. That was a historical inevitability given that the Confederacy was beaten by a Republican administration, Republican general, and was outraged by cruel Republican “restoration,” carpet-baggers and scalliwags.

        Besides, that KKK petered out on the late 1870’s. There have been two other incarnations of the KKK, 1915 to 1945 and another in the 60’s in response to desegregation and civil rights. Neither of which bore any resemblance to the original.

        Do I regret that is part of Democratic party history? Of course. But do I hold the Democratic party responsible for something that happened nearly a century and a half ago? No. With a clear conscience. I will forego insulting you with Republican “misdeeds.” Some of which are quite recent.

        Be well in the Windy City.

      • [[ “They will drive this country over a cliff.They will drive this country over a cliff.” Do you need new reading glasses? ]]

        And yet you have no proof. Just leftardian ramblings. Do you need your head extracted from yer azz?

        [[ BTW, sorry to hear about your CP. Sincerely. But I am not surprised you have ulcers, given the obvious vile hate you carry around within you. Your doctor ever speak with you about that. Surprised you don’t have high blood pressure, too. ]]

        No need to project child. I’m fine, thank you. But I understand you’re out of intellectual ammo and have become quite sensitive to my obviously accurate assessment of you. Otherwise, why the need to access your inner third grader with such an embarrassing rant? You are to be pitied kid.

        [[ I did notice a pattern you have. You challenge everyone to post their DD-214’s who post that they are veterans. ]]

        Yes. And?

        If someone is going to argue with me then invoke the ‘I served, did you?’diversion when they are in a pinch in debate, prove you served. Be proud and post it.

        [[ Yet you posted that you volunteered for VN, but “claim” that it was over by then. Are you implying that you declined to enlist? ]]

        Wrong liar. I said I was sent a notice to register for the draft as Nam was still going on. I was never called and the war ended shortly thereafter.

        [[ As for your repeated posts that the KKK was “founded” by Gordon, you leave out that it was actually founded by six well educated, Democratic, Confederate officers ]]

        My bad. I forgot to cite the intellectual component of your racist party which has not changed since then. So your party is a well educated group of racists. Better?

        [[ Besides, that KKK petered out on the late 1870’s.]]

        Really stupid? So the KKK was insignificant during the 1960’s. Is that your ignorant POV?

        [[ Do I regret that is part of Democratic party history? Of course ]]

        And you’re dumb enough to think your party is no longer racist.

        [[ I will forego insulting you with Republican “misdeeds.” ]]

        You can’t post what doesn’t exist leftard.

      • In light of some personal attacks I’ve gotten recently, this came along at just the right time.

      • Sorry, Andy. My bad. I believed the
        link would display something a friend mine postd on FB the other day.
        I rechecked the link and discovered my error. So here it is:

        Liberals got women the right to vote.
        Liberals got African-Americans the right to vote. Liberals created
        social Security and lifted millions of elderly Americans out of
        poverty. Liberals ended segregation. Liberals passed the Civil Rights
        Act, Voting Rights Act, Medicaid, clean Air Act and the Clean Air

        What did Conservatives Do? Opposed
        every one of these programs. EVERY ONE!

        drove LBJ from office. Liberals ended the Vietnam War. Liberals
        brought down Nixon.

        when you try hurl the word, “Liberal,” at my feet as if it were
        dirty, something to run away from, something that I should be ashamed
        of, it won’t work. I will pick up that that label and wear it as a
        badge of honor!

        before you pull out that red herring and argue that Medicaid, food
        stamps and Medicare put people on the government dole, remember this,
        ALL federal employees and the employees of EVERY state in America are
        on the government dole.

        good for the goose is good for the gander!

      • [[ Liberals got women the right to vote ]]

        Really? Who were these ‘liberals’ in 1919?

        [[ Liberals got African-Americans the right to vote.]]

        And who were these ‘liberals’ in 1870? Lincoln was a lib? LOL!

        [[ Liberals createdsocial Security ]]

        And robbed it when LBJ put SS on budget.

        [[ Liberals ended segregation. ]]

        No they didn’t. C’mon up to Chi and observe the many segregated areas today.

        [[ Liberals passed the Civil RightsAct, ]]

        Wrong again lefty………

        [[ Voting Rights Act, Medicaid, clean Air Act and the Clean AirAct.]]

        Nixon passed the EPA and OSHA. And as a percentage, more dems voted against the Voting Rights Act leftard by a huge margin………..

        TO PASS H.R. 6400, THE 1965 VOTING RIGHTS ACT …


        House Vote #87 in 1965, in the United States Congress.

        TO PASS S. 1564, THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT OF 1965 …


        Senate Vote #78 in 1965, in the United States Congress.

        [[ What did Conservatives Do? Opposedevery one of these programs. EVERY ONE! ]]

        Wrong leftard. Read my links.

        [[ Liberals drove LBJ from office ]]

        Wrong again. People didn’t want any more dems and voted for Nixon instead of Humphrey. LBJ knew he made a mess of Nam and refused to run in 1968.

        [[ Liberals ended the Vietnam War. Liberals brought down Nixon. ]]

        Nixon ended the war kid. And the Washington Post brought him down.

        So now what kid? You’ve made an azz of yourself yet one more time. I’ve destroyed everything you puked up. Got anything else? Oh and BTW, I will give you guys ‘credit’ for one thing. You started the Klan.

      • I’ve got material. My family is more important than answering your droll! Who spending Thanksgiving with? I’ve already reviewed your “links.”

      • Well…I’m back, Andy. so, let’s get started.

        1. Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, led the fight to for getting women the right to vote, “The National American Woman Suffrage Association, not the National Woman’s Party, was decisive in Wilson’s conversion to the cause of the federal amendment because its approach mirrored his own conservative vision of the appropriate method of reform: win a broad consensus, develop a legitimate rationale, and make the issue politically valuable. Additionally, I contend that Wilson did have a significant role to play in the successful congressional passage and national ratification of the 19th Amendment.” (Beth Behn, “Woodrow Wilson’s conversion experience: The president and the federal woman suffrage amendment.” (PhD dissertation, U. of Massachusetts-Amherst, 2012, on-line quote from abstract)

        2. Lincoln may well have been a registered Republican. However, he proclaimed himself to be, “an old line Whig, a disciple of Henry Clay.” (Donald, David Herbert (1996) [1995]. Lincoln. Simon and Schuster. ISBN 978-0-684-82535-9.)

        Look up Whig. It transitioned into a LIBERAL party. Yes, Lincoln was a liberal/populist.

        3. So Social Security was, “…put on budget…?” The money to make it viable had to come from somewhere. Now, your Republicans want to cut it or reduce it. What’s wrong with this picture?

        4. The 1964 Civil Rights Act ended “legal/social” segregation. Because people chose, or are forced to live in communities of their own preference, does not negate the Civil Rights Act. Your, “South-side” reference is just a red herring.

        Oh, I checked out your link to I found it to be as reliable as FOX News; e.g., Sean Hannaty’s reports on witness #40. She was debunked by the FBI and DOJ. But Sean chose not to report that part.

        5. Voting rights, Medicare/Medicaid and clean air/water acts all started during the Johnson administration.

        6. Voting rights and your “proof” that a greater percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for it, only proves that you know little to nothing about the role of percentages in fundamental statistics. Percentages, alone, mean nothing. Specially since those Democrats who voted against it were ALL southern Democrats. No surprise there. Your “point” is of no value.

        6. I read your links about this.

        7. The rising liberal tide against the Vietnam War fractured the Democratic party into four factions: LBJ, RFK, Eugene McCarthy and George Wallace. Johnson could see no way to unite the Democratic party as long as he viewed that the VN “War” could not be won, he knew he could not win the nomination (Gould). Therefore, he opted out of running. We, and his own Democratic party brought him down.

        8. Nixon far from ended the Vietnam War. Well, to be fair, he and Kissinger could have ended it in October 1972. After Linebacker II, December 1972, they got the same “Peace Accord” on January 27, 1973 that they could have gotten in October (Ambrose, Stephen E., The Christmas Bombing in Robert Cowley, ed. The Cold War: A Military History, New York: Random House, 2005.)

        Me blown out of the sky, half my crew dead along with another 275 dead…for nothing. And a little known fact. The “war” continued in Cambodia (2/1/73) and Laos (2/1/73). yet we remained on Guam until October 1973 when the Yom Kippur War broke out. Liberal resistance to the war brought it to an end. NOT Nixon! he was faced with no choice. maybe if you had enlisted, rather than duck the draft, you would understand. I expect no understanding from you.

        9. The Washington Post did not bring Nixon down. They only lit the fuse. Talk about defending revisionist history. Nixon brought himself down as a result of liberal demands and pressure. He was faced with NO political support, even from his own party: ” August 5, 1974, Nixon accepted blame for misleading the country about when he had been told of White House involvement, stating that he had a ‘lapse’ of memory.” (Ambrose, Stephen E. (1991). Nixon: Ruin and Recovery 1973–1990. New York: Simon & Schuster. ISBN 978-0-671-69188-2.)

        He was also told by: “…Republican congressional leaders…he faced certain impeachment in the House and had, at most, only 15 votes in his favor in the Senate— far fewer than the 34 he needed to avoid removal from office.” (Black, Conrad (2007). Richard M. Nixon: A Life in Full. New York: PublicAffairs Books. ISBN 978-1-58648-519-1.)

        To blame the Post is purely disingenuous. I expected better from you. Nixon’s own party wouldn’t support him. We brought him down!

        10. Stop with this canard about Democrats being responsible for the Klan. Six, ONLY SIX, disgruntled southern Democrats who were also ex-Confederate officers established the Klan. To blame an ENTIRE political party for the actions of six men defies logic. or don’t you get that?

        Taking your logic to the extreme, we should still be hostile to Germany and Japan because of WWII.

        Wake up!

      • 1)

        THE LIES AND RACISM OF WOODROW WILSON. The image of President Woodrow Wilson handed down to us through history is of a democratic idealist whose …

        2) Abe freed the slaves.Dems want to keep blacks enslaved.

        3) Hey stupid. Putting SS on budget meant that it was no longer protected ;like the IRA type of investment it was intended to be. LBJ screwed SS.

        4) The CRA ended nothing insofar as segregation. Like I said oh ignorant one, go through the west and south sides of Chicago and get back to me as to how ‘integrated’ it is. And I have no idea what Hannity has to do with this.

        5) 15th amendment gave blacks the right to vote fool. Look it up. Nixon passed the Clean Water Act libtard.

        6) Hey dope. Like it or not, the CRA doesn’t pass if not for Republicans. I gave you the vote. Sukk it.

        7) LBJ refused to run because he knew he could not win. You really think that LBJ gave a damn about what others thought? If so, you need to read up on LBJ.

        8) When did the Nam war end left-nut? Who was POTUS at the time?

        9) Without Woodward and Bernstein, Watergate never sees the light of day. Quit being such a dope. You’ve gotten two right so far.

        10) Libtards started the Klan punk……..

        KKK Terrorist Arm of the Democratic Party | National Black ……DYKKKKTerroristArm...

        By Frances Rice History shows that the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of theDemocrat Party. This ugly fact about the Democrat Party is detailed in the book,

      • You wrote: “And yet you have no proof. Just leftardian ramblings. Do you need your head extracted from yer azz?

        Ramblings? Now that the Republicans will be in control of the full Congress, they will go nowhere and pass NOTHING for the good of the American population. Mitch has a far right wing that will NEVER agree to compromise, given the likes of Cruz (channeling Joe McCarthy), Ernst (“Make the squeal”) and their ilk. Bohner has already proven he can’t control his caucus. He failed this summer to make good on an immigration bill. Why? He can’t control his right wing. Now it is even larger. Mitch will be faced with the same thing. The ONLY thing they can agree on is obstruct Obama. Guess YOU are thankful for that, but the American people will get squat out of a Republican Congress. Doesn’t do much for the rest of us. But I figure you don’t give a damn.

        I have just begun…

      • Stop blubbering and prove your point. I can find muttering idiots like you at any bar or on any forum.

        [[ I have just begun…]]

        …………… make a fool of yourself.

      • [[ Ramblings? ]]


        [[Now that the Republicans will be in control of the full Congress, they will go nowhere and pass NOTHING for the good of the American population.]]

        More ramblings.

        [[ Mitch has a far right wing that will NEVER agree to compromise,]]

        Is that like your azzho prez with his pen, phone and EO’s?

        [[ given the likes of Cruz (channeling Joe McCarthy), Ernst (“Make the squeal”) and their ilk.]]

        Versus the socialists and activists from Czar Obama’s Klan?

        [[ Bohner has already proven he can’t control his caucus. He failed this summer to make good on an immigration bill. Why? He can’t control his right wing.]]

        As usual, another leftard who thinks the GOP are lock-stepping circle jerkers like his crew.

        [[ The ONLY thing they can agree on is obstruct Obama. Guess YOU are thankful for that,]]

        So is the rest of the country. Check the polls and the last election fool.

        [[ Doesn’t do much for the rest of us. But I figure you don’t give a damn.]]

        The ‘rest of you’ consist of idiots and whiners.

        [[ I have just begun ]]

        Actually you’ve been crying and making a fool of yourself for weeks.

      • “What insults?”
        Are you incapable of reading your own words?
        And your point that certain groups are favored is false and you can’t back it up.
        You think equal treatment means special treatment.
        There is no favored special treatment… and you have not been able to provide an example.

      • Yes Brenda. What insults? Now pick which class you fall into; ignorant, blind or stupid.

        I backed up my point Brenda. Laws pertaining to affording special protections to certain groups is favoritism. Hate crimes are for such groups and therefor are not equal……STUPID.

        the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.
        synonyms:partiality, partisanship, preferential treatment, favor, prejudice, bias,inequality, unfairness, discrimination
        “we want one rule for everyone and no favoritism”

      • No, Andy has no such aspirations. Just a miserable Troll. Wonder what he is going to have to bitch about when his Republicon heroes pull a Thelma & Louise on us.

      • My chew toy is back I see.
        So who pitches and who catches when you and Brenda hook up? Oh and don;t forget to invite puzzy.

      • Well, Andy, just speaking for myself, if we got together we would probably go looking for you and use you for batting practice. This morning I realized something. As much as I find your posts sophomoric and disgusting, I actually feel sorry for you. You have no idea that you are full of shite! 🙁

      • Cyber muscles. How impotent. Don’t bring a bat to a gunfight punk unless you want me to shove it up your azz.

      • That would be a mistake. Once one is blown out of the sky and survives, one isn’t intimidated. Especially by blow hards.

      • Are you describing Thanksgiving at home? When I say home, I mean the place where You and the rest of the nutcases live.

      • My Thanksgiving doesn’t consist of giving thanks to the garbage you embrace. You got a little ISIS on your chin punk. I’ve noticed Jay has decided to make you his reach-around pal.

      • When asked what I am thankful for, I will say, I’m thankful no one has found where you live and strangled you.

      • I’ve put my home addy up MANY times. Now after I finish azz-mastering your mother, you can TRY to come here and deal with me.

      • Funny I would think you would be into my little brother. You can bride him not to luff at your dick if you buy him an ice team cone,

      • I guess you got it wrong punk. I got yo’ mammy shining the helmet as we……………………….I speak. Now search my posts and get my addy tough guy.

      • I don’t give a damn about your DD214 or anything else clown. You want to TRY and beat me with a bat? Then find my addy and come over. It isn’t that hard cyber punk.

      • Really? I was talking to Brenda, not you. Or are you Brenda’s sock.
        Now respond to the rest of my post. Bring your sniveling little punk prison b!tch azz and beat me with a bat as you promised.

      • Andy, now you are making absolutely no sense. Unless of course, you don’t know what, non sequitur means. 😉

      • Of course I do. Obviously you don’t get my point. Your whole existence is a non sequitur Jay, i.e; non-responsive. You prattle and yammer without any direction. How’s that work for ya?

      • Doesn’t work at all, Andy. You obviously don’t get it. Your response to PP (“I guess you got it wrong punk. I got yo’ mammy shining the helmet as we……………………….I speak. Now search my posts and get my addy tough guy.” has no relevance to her original post (“Do you want a shovel to dig your hole? That’s the only way to get away from the ugliness you only see. Pity.) Yes, pity.

      • Then ignore my posts kid. There’s an option for ya. Obviously I’ve gotten to your illiterate azz as you’ve offered to beat me with a bat. You lose at that point kid. You’re just one more in a looooooooong line of leftards that think….THOUGHT……………..they would run me over. You’re another causality for you cause.

      • As before, you are just a miserable troll with no convictions but to insult those who disagree with you. Extremely crude as well.


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