Great session on day 2 of the cruise: Once you go black…

Yesterday was a great day to awake at sunrise and enjoy a 3.5 mile run on the ship’s promenaded deck track. We were pulling into port at Nassau in the Bahamas and as I went around the aft area of the ship, I could see three other cruise ships — what a wonderful sight.

Angela and I had breakfast and then disembarked for a few hours in Nassau — and boy did the rain come down. It was a nice visit and the folks were very welcoming. Then it was back to the ship for our first group of sessions as part of the National Review cruise.

Most interesting was the session with Guy Benson and Brent Bozell, who analyzed the double standards in the mainstream media — no surprises there. It was great when Bozell asked everyone if they knew who John Walsh was — I smiled knowing exactly where he was going. Without a doubt there were some serious political insiders, and even they weren’t aware of the travails of the former Montana Senator Walsh – who we wrote about here — who resigned in disgrace after a plagiarizing incident at the U.S. Army War College. Based on Bozell’s Media Research Centers analysis, the mainstream media covered the story all of 31 seconds.

The most illuminating session for today was that of my friend Deroy Murdock on “Once you go black…why and how Conservatives should ask for black votes.” It was a stellar presentation showing the real history of the Democrat Party with black Americans. The presentation was based on the work of Bruce Bartlett and his book, “Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party’s Buried Past.” And the topic was so very pertinent after the unbelievable race-baiting political tactics we saw in the closing weeks of the 2014 midterm elections — which we highlighted here. And the topic was right in line with the points stressed by Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory in his amazing video.

The questions posed to Deroy were very insightful and pointed. John Fund brought to everyone’s attention the Congressional victory of Congressman-elect Will Hurd (R-TX) in the 26th district. Will Hurd is a black former CIA agent with combat experience who won in a heavily Hispanic district against an incumbent Hispanic liberal progressive — Rep. Gallego. It all goes to prove again that principles and policy can triumph over politics — and race identity politics.

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Like an old friend told me today, it may have taken a long time but the tide is finally turning back to all that is good. We must continue the fight to spread Conservative Values, Morals and Principals and revisit the same courage it took for our forefathers to plan and protect our freedom and liberty as a nation. Whenever our jet fighters are heard overhead, we need to remind ourselves that it is the sound of freedom that brought us to where we are today.


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David Gearhart

It is not Obama’s ethnic that bothers people it is his hate for the White’s that sets him at odds with the majority. We were never told that he was a member of the Black Panthers and his being a member of Rev. Write’s Church or white hate for ten years was brushed over as our racist attitude. Affirmative Action gave us no information on Obama. Every aspect of his history was hidden from us.


“Montana Senator Walsh – who we wrote about here – who resigned in disgrace after a plagiarizing incident at the U.S. Army War College.”
This slack jawed uncle tom is stone cold Steve Austin mad! For him to even mention “resigning in disgrace” is beyond the realm of belief. It’s a job thing he found another grifting job off of the Reklans because he’ll never be elected to so much as cotton chopper. (haha)

Christine Gtodd

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