My official announcement: what I’m doing next [VIDEO]

There are times when opportunities come your way, which just humble you and such has happened for me.

I have the honor of being named the CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA), a free-market/free-enterprise policy think tank headquartered in Dallas, Texas. This position will afford me the opportunity to have an impact on the development of policy positions, which will advance economic growth, individual opportunity and restore the promise of America for current and future generations.

Read the NCPA press release here.

My vision for NCPA is for it to become exactly what its name suggests – the “National Center for Policy Analysis.” I see NCPA being the hub of policy analysis with collaborative efforts alongside other entities as its “spokes. Growth is aimed towards our economic practices and policies. Opportunity seeks to promote those policies and the concept of “equality of opportunity” versus that of “equality of outcomes” – and that starts with a good quality education. Lastly, promise refers to securing the American Dream stating that regardless of where you are born or from where you come, you are endowed with the right of “pursuit of happiness” and NCPA will advocate for the policies enabling everyone to pursue – as opposed to policies that give a “government guarantee” of happiness.

My goal is for NCPA to be the preeminent Constitutional Conservative policy analysis entity, not advocacy group. We want to align ourselves with the fundamental principles of governance of America as a Constitutional Republic and promote the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, free market economy, and strong national defense.

As we examine the policies in synchronization with the governing philosophy and principles, we become focused not on party but rather effective and efficient governing policy – and we must be able to simply articulate that in the public sphere.

NCPA’s current focus is on tax, retirement, healthcare, energy, education, and raw material policy. As we further develop NCPA as a policy center and nexus, the objective is to expand to the three legs of security – economic, energy, and national. We seek not only to advocate to elected federal lawmakers, but to be “America’s Think Tank” by becoming a repository of information where Americans can turn to find principled analysis. That means we want our message to reach the kitchen tables of everyday Americans – the middle income family.

And we want to hear back from you, my fellow Americans, to garner your input and also your ideas. Most of all, I look forward to expanding our base of volunteers at NCPA and our next generation group of interns who will set the stage for our future statesmen and women.

Why these three categories of security? They will keep our think tank on target and purpose-driven.

Economic security assesses the tax, regulatory, government spending, and monetary reforms that affect the advancement of a free market economic system. In this leg we also must continue to address the issue of healthcare reform and spending considering it is one-sixth of our economy. It is critical that we never lose sight of free market ideals and solutions – not government-driven.

Our economy has drifted to one drive more by government spending driven than the free market – and critical to that are our small businesses. We must examine our budgetary process — how can we move away from the baseline process towards a zero-based budget — and what the true solutions are for the mandatory spending side of our budget. We must slow down the debt clock.

Energy security is vital, as we should be producing, consuming, and exporting our energy resources here in America. Part of the 21st century battlefield is energy resources – just look at how Vladimir Putin leverages it against Europe. NCPA can be a leader in analyzing the full spectrum development of our energy resources – an energy Manhattan Project. And this leg promotes our economic growth, offering better opportunities for Americans — as we see emanating from the Bakken fields in North Dakota.

Lastly, nothing matters if we fail in the number one responsibility of the Federal Government: “To provide for the common defense.” NCPA can be a voice that objectively identify what a 21st century U.S. military force should look like to meet the challenges of this battlefield with non-state, non-uniformed unlawful combatant belligerents and the adversarial nation-state actors. Our think tank has to be versed in national security policy and how the current threat environment shapes our force structure — not the defense industry or budgetary constraints. Defense policy has to return to the premise of “peace through strength,” but it must be based on a fiscal responsibility, not political gimmickry. We must return to sound principled policy based on our Constitutional Republic philosophy of governance, fundamental principles, and proven policies for success, prosperity, and security.

It’s not about attaining political office for me – it’s about a better-engaged and informed electorate regarding the policies that advance America. It is about the oath of office I took many years ago — “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” And NCPA has so blessed me to be a voice that can have an impact on the future of my country. Folks, it just does not get any better than that!

And as Davy Crockett said — y’all know I am a Tennessee Volunteer — “You all can go to hell, I am going to Texas.” Well, ten years later, I get to go back to Texas, the place of my last Army duty station!

Rest assured, I will continue to make my voice heard on this pages, and to each and every one of you, I shall remain Steadfast and Loyal.


  1. Congratulations Congressman West! Like many others here, I fervently hope this position will lead back to the Department of Defense, as its Secretary! Just as aptly, many of us hope that will lead to your run for the presidency!

  2. Well, I can’t decide which is better – having you in Texas or having you as president. Either way Texas wins! Congratulations. Looking for a new home in the Dallas area? I can help with that.

  3. Another day, another whopper from West.

    Here’s what he wrote:

    || My goal is for NCPA to be the preeminent Constitutional Conservative policy analysis entity, not advocacy group. ||

    Nonsense. Once you attach “conservative” or “liberal” or “tea party” or “progressive” to a thing, you’re conceding a bias and announcing the side you will be advocating.

    True Constitutional analysis is neither liberal nor conservative, it’s just analysis.

    So, once again. either West is too dumb to know something so basic, or he thinks you are too dumb to catch him.

    Finally, given that West doesn’t understand much of the Constitution, such as the laughable nonsense he published yesterday about the Captures Clause, or his repeated misquoting of the First Amendment, or his failure to understand the overt meaning of “naturalization, or, for that matter, his insistence that the Establishment Clause doesn’t exist (even though we can read it, right there, in the First Amendment) isn’t it odd that West is in charge of a Constitutional analysis anything?

    Here’s what is going to happen. This fund (that’s what it really is, a fundraising tool) will be intellectually adrift. If there is a (R) congress, then all powers in the Constitution will vest with Congress. When a (R) wins in 2016, that will all change.

    West will do whatever it takes to rile you up, so he can get to your checkbook.

    End of story.

    • You do absolutely nothing to contribute to the betterment of this country. Sitting on a website bashing Mr. West because he is trying to help our country only cements that fact.

      • Revealing West as a fraud takes five minutes out of my day. I do a lot more with the other 15+ hours of the day than you can imagine.

        West is bad for America. He spreads lies, hate and misinformation — all so he can get into your pocketbook.

        Calling him out on his stupidity is a pretty good use of those minutes.

  4. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Continue to be a man of integrity and everything will work itself out. Way to set the example sir and I share the sentiments with everyone here when I say that I’d be “okay” with you running for president in 2016 or 2020, but that decision is yours and yours alone to make. Semper Fidelis

  5. Congratulations sir-I will pray that your company can make a difference and connect to colleges and community colleges so that the next generation of leaders will have a principle centered world view-it is vital to freedom

  6. I love this idea and I am so glad you are willing to work for this. Thank you so much for all you do for our country. Praying for you and others.

  7. I’d love to see you in Hagels position , hopefully in the near future. Say In 2016 , thanks for all the you have done and will do for us in the future Your a Great &True American “GOD BLESS YOU EVEN MORE SIR “……….”SALUTES”

  8. No surprise here.
    All your supporters imagined you would run for office.
    The rest of us knew you were unelectable political poison and figured you would cash in and go work for some Koch brothers funded policy think tank, speaking out on behalf of corporations… and that’s exactly what you did.
    Congratulations on your big payoff from the Kochs and other corporations that oppose oversight… you served them well.

    • Why do the losing Liberals try to use the Koch Brothers who are creating American jobs and spreading their wealth through charitable donations but neglect to call out the huge Democrat donations that George Soros makes to buy Liberal Politicians? Soros is doing his best with his exaggerated wealth to destroy this country by buying politicians, donating to different groups that their main agenda is to destroy the Christian Churches, and donating to any organization that push genocide through Abortion.

      • Far from that Earl… You don’t care a thing about the people here, you only want to try to discredit West at every chance you get. You are an obsessed loon… and probably dangerous too as you froth as you spew your hatred for this man. I hope he looks into who you are and is watchful.

      • That’s rich, coming from a black Obama voter.
        How’s the hope and change working out for the black community?
        Why don’t you go laugh at the genius posters over at the NAACP blog? Oh wait, because there’s no black bloggers over there. They are too busy participating in looting and burning down their own neighborhoods to see that the system they vote for is the system that oppresses them.
        Now THAT is funny.

      • You are the one who has been had and are now a has been…. the votes you said were out there to take over lol… aren’t there!!! Look at it and weep….

      • HA !!! HA-HA !!! HA-HA-HA !!!
        Yeah, RIGHT,

        “As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a FOOL earl lee REPEATS HIS FOLLY.” – King Solomon (Proverbs 26)

        KEEP buzzing, LOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Oh Tony… just another tool I take it… Yeah it is fun now watching him squirm as he gets his panties in a wad that he can’t do anything to hurt Col West. I have great pleasure in Earl’s suffering, he brought it on himself after many many times I have pleaded with him to get help and showing how wrong he was he refused… so yeah I guess I am sick… and it feels so good to see it happen to this POS… good day Tony

    • You do absolutely nothing to contribute to the betterment of this country. Sitting on a website bashing Mr. West because he is trying to help our country only cements that fact.

      Typical leftist extremist nobody

    • I still say they would have been unstoppable!
      As i see it big money and the GOP have other plans for US, if we let them!!

      • I guess guys like this have nothing better to do–just like the constipated senate under Horrible harry—

      • As you think you see them. And your constant hahahahaha–lol there’s a psychiatric dx for a mindset like this———

      • You don’t find it amusing?? For months people been asking this CLOWN to run for president and for MONTHS he KNEW he wasn’t running. Complain and talk is all you get…and you LOONS donated to his fraudulent GUARDIAN FUND! This is just too funny to me…its like YOU’VE BEEN had again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  9. principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual
    sovereignty, free market economy, and strong national defense – sounds good to me

    • I believe Col. West will be President one day. And soon I hope he will be Sec. of Defense. Our military will have to be totally rebuilt in two years, if we survive that long!

      • Time will tell. I have been watching a lot of potentials the past year or so, and I like what I see in both Carson and West. Cruz, Paul, and some of the others ok but- rather mediocre—and no females at this time. Because almost all of the international stuff they will have to deal with will be Islamic countries, a female president would be inneffective because these countries have no respect for women to begin with. But we’re going to be going nowhere fast until we are rid of the pretender in the WH.

    • West always gits-r-done. Never disappoints. Never tires. Never stops loving this country. Watch for him to make more happen.

  10. Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!! Alert !!!

    Dear People,
    The Mental Institution in the D.C. is looking for a few escaped extremely paranoid and delusional patients. One of them is “Earl Lee”.

    He was diagnosed with the IDIOTITIS.
    Here is the summary of this Mental illness:

    IDIOTITIS causes the brain to shut down and the mouth to keep repiting NONSENSICAL DRIVEL and LIES.
    Thousands DemonRats and Libs are affected.
    Might be contagious for the Fools and Ignoramus.
    Best defense: Just ignore ALL Liberal Trolls.

    Warning: the Mental condition of Earl Lee has dramatically worsened after November 4th. So the recommendation is — JUST IGNOR him !!!

  11. I’m waiting on someone to say…YOU WERE RIGHT EARL! You have to be a SPECIAL kind of STUPID to believe this man was going to run or even have a chance of getting the republican nomination!
    You people cheer and congratulate even after you’ve been HAD!!! A LOON AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED!! HAHAHAHHAHAHHA

    • WOW !!!!!!!! WHAT Obola hysteria !!!!!!!!!!
      People, we have here a case of so severe INSANITY, it just unbelievable.

      Earl Lee has to be put into the White robe with the looooong sleaves.

    • I didn’t think he was going to run for president. He can’t stand Washington DC.
      Earl, you are a special kind of stupid.

      • I’m sorry LOON but if you didn’t…u are alone! Read the comments here and on his facebook page with all the people begging him to run for president! AND..if the man can’t stand washington DC…why did he run for re-election? I smell b/s!
        The man knows he doesn’t stand a chance of winning the republican nomination. When u finish 9th in a straw poll at a event YOU SPOKE AT…that told him he didn’t stand a chance! BUT YET THERE IS HOPE….Ben Carson is about to announce…I think we should move over to his page!! AT LEAST he has the GUTS to run!!

  12. I think West has a good plan. Sounds like he always does; steadfast and loyal to our country and always ready to kick butt. Thank God he never tires! Thanks, Col!

    • WRONG!! Talk and complaining is only that! How bout he run for office if he is serious about making a change! All talk and NO ACTION!!!

  13. Well it seems that BEN CARSON has bigger ones than ALLEN WEST!!! Allen is only about talk…AT LEAST ben carson is man enough to try to make a change!!

    • Hey stupid, you need to review your data before you post it.

      Texas on education———

      Hazardous waste——

      The top five states with the greatest number of hazardous waste sites are New Jersey with 109 hazardous waste sites, Pennsylvania with 95, New York with 83, California with 88 and Michigan with 77.

      Hazardous waste—correct

      As far as the uninsured is concerned, your POS POTUS said the ACA would cover everyone. What happened?

      Voter turnout is on any lazy azz who won;t go out and vote.

      Mental health spending? What does that even mean? Your POS POTUS went on a spending spree in 2009 and made matters worse. Idiot.

      Riiiiiiiight. Only Texas has pregnant women. Moron.

      Executions? Good for them! Why doesn’t yourbleeding heart LIEberal azz take one of these killers home and ‘rehabilitate’ him?

    • You are unfortunately 100% correct! I feel sad for my state we are led by horrible people, and the more crazy they are the more the majority seems to believes in them. Watch out Ted Cruz there’s a new nut in town that may just have you beat.

  14. Allen West had TWO opportunities to help expose Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) for his fraudulent activity that enabled him to become POTUS. He was hand delivered the evidence, once in his Congressional office and once at CPAC and he refused to help those that collected and evaluated the evidence that would have destroyed Obama years ago. We are still living the Obama nightmare thanks to Allen West.

      • Do your own homework and google Allen West and Lt. Mike Zullo and/or Sheriff Joe Arpaio and/or Carl Gallups confronting West at CPAC. I wouldn’t make accusations if I didn’t have proof but I am not doing the work you can do for yourself. We already landed ourselves with an unvetted usurper in Obama, we don’t need an unvetted Republican to replace him. West was hand delivered evidence in his Congressional office in DC and he was approached by Lt. Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups at CPAC. If I am right what say you?

      • Was I right? Was he approached by Gallups and Zullo? What is the “crap” you are talking about? Why is solid evidence call “crap” by you. Do you really believe that these men would approach a United States Congressman with evidence they they thought was bogus. You are a fool. Once the finally get that platform from which to expose this Fraud in Chief you will be the fool.

      • Birther’s are idiots hence the ‘crap’ tag you and your crew so richly deserve. You guys are an embarrassment. If you fools think you have so much evidence, take it to DC where they have a court system to deal with this. Or why not lobby other reps? Why did they lobby West? Because he’s black and it would have been a better optic than having a white guy you your bidding? It’s been 6 years fool. Obama ain’t goin’ nowhere at this point. Find a better cause.

      • They called the Swift Boat idiots until it was proven that they were a huge factor in the take down of John Hanoi Kerry. Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama; Harrison J. Bounel; Barry Obama or whatever name he has used) will be taken down before his second term is up and it will be the patriot birthers who do it.

        Of course they lobbied West because he was black, wouldn’t you with all of the pathetic false racism that this Soetoro administration was hurling around. That is smart positioning besides West was a staunch conservative who better to run with the evidence. It is West who isn’t going anywhere because he let this Fraud in Chief walk.

      • The Swift Boaters came out BEFORE the election. That is why it was effective. Plus there were guys who were there with Kerry. A helluva lot more compelling than birther bilge.

        So you chose West because he was black in order to go after another black? So who’s the racist again? Get a clue pal. You’re pizzed at West because he wouldn’t let you guys play him to do your racist bidding. Now if i can see it, don’t you think HE saw it? I’ll bet part of that convo with West included a question or two as to why you guys came to him. Funny how that wasn’t reported. Obama ‘walked’ because idiots voted for him. If you clowns thought you had a case you would have lobbied ALL reps. Not just the black ones. So tell me racist, what other reps have you lobbied? Never mind. I know the answer.

      • You think West is a choice because he is black? He is a choice because of his message, courage and background. You try to make it about race, get over yourself.

      • Yeah, I thought that would be your response. Fine, Yuma AZ anytime, just leave a message. Be certain I will be there.

      • Excuse me but COURAGE doesn’t apply to Allen (rob these loons blind) west. COURAGE applies to Dr Ben Carson because he is actually trying to MAKE A CHANGE!! Allen is only about BLOG POST and getting money for his FRAUDULENT GUARDIAN FUND!!!

      • All and all, it might just be YOU and those like you who appear as the “useful idiot” of this administration.

      • Because I’m not a drool-bib wearing birther? Are you one of those clowns too? Why? What does it get you fool? Me and those like me understand that this birther crap had zero traction after the election was over. Once Obama was elected he was not going to become un-elected by way of this dimwitted approach. And Obama looks at everyone as idiots You think he gives a damn about the birther brigade? And clean your bib.

    • Always a POS in the Wood Pile & you’re It this time & you definitely are a POS turncoat Odumber Lover, have a great 2 years under Real American Rule…..

      • Fox News has been intimidated by Barry Soetoro’s FCC just as the Tea Party was railroaded by the IRS, locking down their campaign contributions leading up to the 2012 elections. Fox employees are all cowards, they praise our troops for their willingness to take a bullet for their country when they are not willing to use their pens and shows to expose this fraud. Shame on all of them. Someday they will be forced to cover the story and they will come up with any lame excuse that the suckers who watch them will believe. Think about this for a minute, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was their best friend for years, have you seen them ask ONE question about his THREE year criminal investigation of Barry. There you got your proof that they have been intimidated.

    • No amount of evidence against Obama has hurt him. The liberal media and the liberal left has seen to that.
      So what are you talking about?

  15. Sir: I don’t have much, but what I have is your’s if you’re ever in the NY metro area.

    I will always have your back! Congratulations!!

  16. Congratulations Mr. West. Your good, solid leadership shows you are deserving of this position. You are not afraid and have made me not afraid also.

  17. I was praying for a run at 2016. After reading your book I really see you as the next Ronald Reagan; but I wish you luck in your new position nonetheless.

  18. My first thought/wish also was that Colonel West would announce his candidacy for President in 2016. On the other hand, after reading his statement I am actually hopeful that he can do more in the next 2 years as CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA). My reasoning is that what we really need in this country is a NEW CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY (aka The Tea Party maybe) to choose from. This organization appears to be such that it might help bring this about. With Colonel West as CEO, who better to push for it. Maybe this organization will generate enough interest and influence in the next 2 years to accomplish it. Then Colonel West would be the perfect Constitutional Party Candidate. In 1854, the Republican Party “emerged in order to combat the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which threatened to extend slavery into the territories. The party had almost no presence in the South, but by 1858 in the North it had enlisted former Whigs and former Free Soil Democrats to form majorities in nearly every Northern state.” Then, “The new Party decided to hold an organizing convention in Pittsburgh in early 1856, leading up to the Philadelphia convention. As the convention approached, things came to a head – and to blows. On the floor of the Senate Democratic representatives Preston Brooks and Lawrence Keitt (South Carolina) brutally attacked Charles Sumner with a cane after Sumner gave a passionate anti-slavery speech which Brooks took offense (he was related to the main antagonist of Sumner’s speech, South Carolina Senator Andrew Butler). Both representatives resigned from Congress with severe indignation over their ouster, but were returned to Congress by South Carolina voters in the next year. Sumner was not able to return to the Congressional halls for four years after the attack. Brooks was heard boasting “Next time I will have to kill him,” as he left the Senate floor after the attack.” The first Republican Presidential Candidate was Abraham Lincoln in 1860. My point in repeating all this history, is that it might just be that it is time for the emergence of yet another political party, coinciding with the demise of an existing Republican party which has lost sight of its roots. This time it could be the Constitutional Party (currently aka The Tea Party), and it could be under Colonel Allen West. Unfortunately, as is shown by the history above, this might take some time. But maybe, just maybe, in a couple of years …

  19. my saying is wests the best…….. he continues to prove what a leader he is to our nation. I pray for this man to help make our country strong in what ever he endeavors…… he has my vote too

    • UH…how does he prove that he is a leader?? A LEADER would run for president like BEN CARSON!! Sorry…leader doesn’t apply here…COWARD DOES!!

      • Your baiting with Ben Carson is only a deception. After all, you don’t believe blacks can be conservative, bigot.

      • I respect ANYONE that is willing to do what Dr Ben is about to do! We had a expression in my neighborhood…DON’T TALK ABOUT IT…BE ABOUT IT! Its apparent now that Allen (rob these loons blind) was only about TALK! Dr Ben is about ACTION!! I have to hand it to Dr Ben Carson for having the COURAGE that allen is lacking!

      • You lack the courage, as a black man, to acknowledge that these men, and many more, are black conservatives. You’re tripping all over yourself with absurdities like “there’s no such thing as a black conservative”.

      • So can Dr Ben count on your vote Earl – is that what you are saying? – you are voting Republican?

        Will you cast your vote for President Carson?

      • Ben said he believes that Obama would cancel the 2016 elections…sorry but that disqualified him as a serious candidate

      • Well that remark did raise a few eyebrows lol – he went on to explain that in 2 years we could have anarchy – that took some courage to say!

      • Do you think the commercials that will feature him during the republican primaries will show him explaining anything?? The only think you’ll see is the comment that made him look like he wear tin foil hats

      • Unless of course he ends up being right LOL – but in all seriousness, I admire the man very much in so many ways, I just don’t see him as POTUS. And yes of course he’s gonna get reamed from the opposition with the anarchy remark. I hesitate to be critical of him mostly because I don’t know much about him or what he says he’ll do and so on. Guess we’ll find out 🙂 He’s a smart dude, I’m sure he already knows what he will be up against.

      • Well Earl it appears that you have a severe mental instability, to call a decorated member of the armed forces a coward lends to the certainty that you need professional help.

  20. This may well be the only time I tell a military man to run, but Col. West, RUN, that is for the President of the United States. We former and current military will have your back.
    Semper Fi

  21. Congratulations, sir, and welcome to Dallas! This position is more good preparation for the Presidency, And everyone knows a lot of POTUS came from Texas!

  22. I congratulate Dr Ben Carson for having the GUTS to really try to make a change in this nation from the OVAL OFFICE!! He has just proved that Allen (rob these loons blind)west is a COWARD!!!

    • You have the balls to tell him that face to face? You are a loudmouth punk that makes no sense, and your courage being non-existent you lash out at those of proven valor. So long paid troll. Are you in Ferguson now or did you recently leave?

      • I have something that allen doesn’t have GUTS and COURAGE!! It takes both to do what Dr Ben Carson is about to do…Allen is only about BLOG POST!!!

      • I’m willing to bet your exit interview with the jar-head hearing went like this:

        “I know the method I used was not right, but I wanted to take care of my soldiers,” a (crying like a little b*tch) West testified to a military courtroom of observers and some teary-eyed T-bagging troops formerly under his command.
        Asked if he would have act differently if under similar circumstances again West shuffled, scrapped and then sputtered this imbecilic and totally irrelevant gibberish, “If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.”
        Fools in a fools’ paradise! (haha)

  23. I guess this blog will go away since all the LOONS is now on Dr Ben Carson’s blog…that man has COURAGE unlike Allen (COWARD) west

  24. Whatever you do, Allen, we have your back. Steadfast and loyal. Just be ready to take the helm of whichever position President Carson needs.

    • I gotta hand it to Dr Ben Carson….at least he has the GUTS to run and try to make a change. Allen proves again what a COWARD he actually is….ALL action

      • Nah Earl, that toms useful date expired, the election’s over. He was allowed by FakeNews to “resign”, just like “uncle Eustace”! When will the ‘fecthits ever learn?

  25. Are you Republican lemmings delusional? Allen (I got thrown out of the Army) West? Presidential candidate? He couldn’t even get re-elected for his congressional seat! IN FLORIDA! I’ll have more later, but football out-weighs posting today!

      • upto I saw the bank draft saying $9223 , I did not believe that my father in law woz like actualey bringing in money in their spare time from there computar. . there uncle haz done this for only 8 months and just cleared the morgage on their place and bourt themselves a volvo . visit this site…>> -> NICEST WORK!!!! <-

      • Surprised to hear from you, Flower. Considering your last reply to me. Remember? “Catholics spit in the eye of God!” Not a very Christ-like thing to post.

        That has been simmering on my back-burner. So, I looked into Messianic Judaism. An interesting amalgam of Judaism and “Reborn Christianity.” Not sure if you folks are a sect or a cult. the first thing that struck me is that you folks believe in atonement of sins…past, present AND future ( “Everything you need to grow a Messianic Synagogue”. pp. 5–6.). A bit presumptuous IMHO. Kinda gives you free rein on whatever you want to do. Free license?

        only came about in the ’60’s and 70’s? Not accepted by the Israeli Supreme Court (“Jewish Conversion – Giyur”. 2009. Retrieved 2009-02-05. “We recognize the desire of people from the nations to convert to Judaism, through HaDerech (The Way)(Messianic Judaism), a sect of Judaism.”

        Robinson, B. (2006). “Messianic Judaism”. Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. Retrieved 2008-04-29.

        “Recent incidents suggest rise in violence between Haredi, messianic Jews”. 2006. Retrieved 2008-04-29.

        Haberman, Clyde (1993-02-11). “Jews Who Call Jesus Messiah: Get Out, Says Israel”. New York Times. Retrieved 2008-04-29.

        Berman, Daphna (June 10, 2006). “Aliyah with a cat, a dog and Jesus”. Haaretz. Retrieved August 9, 2010. “In rejecting their petition, Supreme Court Justice Menachem Elon cited their belief in Jesus. ‘In the last two thousand years of history…the Jewish people have decided that messianic Jews do not belong to the Jewish nation…and have no right to force themselves on it,’ he wrote, concluding that ‘those who believe in Jesus, are, in fact Christians)?

        Open “discussion” (Conflict?)

        “Typical Messianic Statement of Faith”. Messianic Jewish Alliance of America. 2007. Archived from the original on April 5, 2007.
        Retrieved 2007-08-23.

        I could go on, but it looks like you folks need to get your stuff together. Oh, one last thing. Your goal is to convert the whole world? What happens if you gain a majority? Will you remove freedom of religion?

        Belated Veterans Day wishes…

        God is too big to fit into one religion.

    • The funny part is….Allen (rob these loons blind) west KNEW that he wasn’t a viable presidential candidate but these LOONS refuse to except it so he EXPLOITS their stupidity!

      • Uncle Ruckus has left these loons to themselves…he now has a good paying job and don’t need them anymore! They are so STUPID that they still believe that he will run for PRESIDENT!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHHA

      • Sorry for the delay, Earl. Good to hear from you again. Belated Veterans Day wishes. What these West lemmings don’t realize is that no matter the congressional leaders, they are probably going to pull a “Thelma and Louise” on this country. I continue to fear our government and love my country.

        Guess it’s true. You can’t fix stupid.

  26. I hear you Col. West. I hope being the President one day soon won’t be too much of a burden that you might feel would get in the way.

    GINGRICH/WEST 2016/2020
    WEST/? 2024/2028

      • OK…here is a lesson in politics. When you post such hate and bigotry you can’t run for president. These post would be used against him in a presidential run by republicans. PLUS…when you finish 9th in a straw poll at a event where u were one of the keynote speakers….that told him then that he couldn’t win the republican nomination!

  27. Too funny…altho Col West hasn’t announced that he’s running for president, according to their reaction to the latest news, Libs are STILL blowing a gasket over him. Gee, they’re not afraid of him AT ALL. No siree bob! They’re just keeping their eyes on him for “just in case” because, well, ya never know…LOL

    • Why would Democrats be afraid of allen (rob these loons blind) west? He hasn’t ran for office since he was defeated in florida. Also, by him taking this job…he isn’t running for president so…why would democrats be afraid??

    • I watch and read the news on a daily basis and ALLEN (rob these loons blind) west’s name is never mentioned. He isn’t relevant in 2014 politics!

  28. “The truth is, he had used up his welcome in Florida. He wasn’t going to get elected to anything here. So there was no real political benefit to him staying here,” said Charles Zelden, a professor of history and legal studies who specializes in politics and voting at Nova Southeastern University. “What happens to politicians when they’ve used up their welcome is they go on to get jobs either on TV or in think tanks.”

    • Let me explain it to you….if you are running for president it starts probably officially jan 2015. There is no way that this man would accept this job if he knew he was running for president. Unlike you LOONS this man knows that he can’t run for president….when you finish 9th in a straw poll at a even that you SPOKE at tells you that you don’t have a SHOT of getting the republican nomination!


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