Two-thirds of Americans are unhappy with Obama’s leadership: I hope they’re voting today

Americans are going to the polls today to voice their concerns about the policy direction of their country. After all, President Barack Hussein Obama stated his policies are on the ballot this day. The difference between a midterm and a presidential election cycle is simply night and day. In our modern times, presidential elections have begun to resemble a sort of national “American Idol” contest — more about popularity than substance — and hence why our nation suffers countless afflictions.

During a midterm cycle, it’s not so much the poll-tested marketing messages and political gimmickry – it’s about substantive policy debate. Sadly, this midterm election has not been much about the latter as there has been an attempt to make it into a popularity contest — the gubernatorial race here in Florida is a testimony to such. Instead of hearing about how legislators will promote policies that advance America’s growth, opportunity, and future promise, voters are just getting a belly-full of why the other person sucks — or what will this person take away from you. Of course the elected are a reflection of the electorate and it will be interesting to see what transpires this day.

In the late days we’ve seen a full throttle effort by the progressive socialists to drive out the black community vote — regardless of knowledge of current issues — just a vote. And this is how the presidential election cycle is morphing into the midterm election cycle. In 2010 the constitutional conservatives premiered a grassroots base called the Tea Party, which redefined the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort. Of course the Democrat party has been able to leverage the “first black president” mantra to drive out the black vote – but they’ve struggled to replicate that in the midterm cycles.

However, regardless of the results of this evening, there is a dictate being issued from the American people in this midterm cycle and it is bipartisan. They’re not happy with Obama’s leadership.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, “More than two-thirds of Americans want to see President Barack Obama make a substantial change to the way he leads the country, according to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll – and virtually no one is happy with the president’s leadership. When asked how much change they would like to see in the direction Mr. Obama has been leading the country, the survey found 67 percent of registered voters would like to see either “a great deal of change” or “quite a bit of change” to Mr. Obama’s direction. Another 23 percent called for “just some change.” Only 8 percent said Mr. Obama should make “not that much change” to his direction.”

Only 8 percent believe Obama should stay the course of his far left progressive socialist big governance agenda. That’s the key message being conveyed in this election cycle.


And for those who question the validity of the poll, it consisted of 1,200 registered voters and was conducted from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.83 percentage points.

The real question is whether or not Obama will heed the voices and end result of the midterm elections — if the end state is a GOP-led House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. Will Obama show deeper intransigence and push harder to condemn and negatively attack the GOP? Or could he learn from former President Bill Clinton who, after his midterm 1994 debacle, understood that his first two years of a hard left progressive direction did not resonate.

And the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll was not just a bunch of folks surveyed from the right. The poll assessment stated, “Not surprisingly, Republicans – 87 percent — would most like Mr. Obama to change how he operates, but even Democrats are unsatisfied with the president’s direction. Among Mr. Obama’s own party, 47 percent said they want substantial change in his direction. Only 39 percent said he should make just some change. Another 12 percent of Democrats said there should be not that much change in his direction. If it wasn’t clear already that voter disenchantment with the president is bleeding into votes for GOP congressional candidates, 25 percent of people who say they want Republicans to have control of Congress say it is specifically to protest the performance of Mr. Obama’s administration – a figure 10 percentage points higher than at this point in the 2010 election cycle.”

So even among Democrats, 47 percent want a new agenda direction from Obama.

Therefore, regardless of today’s outcome, Americans have a message for President Barack Hussein Obama — will he listen? There are two possible key outcomes for this evening — Democrats retain control of the U.S. Senate and they gloat and scream much ado about nothing. Or the GOP wins control of the Senate and expands a majority in the House and retains and wins some governor’s seats – in which case, Democrats will decry political extremism.

Nonetheless, this poll clearly demonstrates Americans are refuting the Obama agenda — and that is separate from the politics of the midterm election. Sure hope it will be enthusiastically reflected in the midterm election.

Gonna be an interesting week.


  1. I voted. Since Obama said his policies are on the ballots,,,,made damn sure I was at the polls to vote against them. Hoping to get Governor Quinn OUT and Senator Durbin OUT.

  2. I voted a straight Republican ticket. Vote out all the Demonrats, and then we’ll start ridding ourselves of the RINOS.

  3. Where do we go, what do we do, where do we turn repubs wonder … better hurry up, get with the Dream, before ’16 arrives and you go under … View AmericaIdea for the only GOP 2016 Dream Candidate.

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