VIDEO: How easy it is to commit voter fraud with no ID

We just recently wrote about issues with voter fraud and it didn’t take long for another post-Halloween spooky story to surface.

As reported by the UK Daily Mail, “North Carolina election officials repeatedly offered ballots last week to an impostor who arrived at polling places with the names and addresses of ‘inactive’ voters who hadn’t participated in elections for many years. No fraudulent votes were actually cast: It was the latest undercover video sting from conservative activist James O’Keefe, whose filmmaking résumé reads like a target list of liberal causes.”

He famously shuttered ACORN, the community-organizing outfit once linked to Barack Obama. He dressed in an Osama bin Laden costume and waded across the Rio Grande from Mexico to America as a show of disdain for U.S. border policy. He videotaped people admitting they sold taxpayer-provided cellphones for drugs, shoes, handbags and spending cash. Now O’Keefe has strolled into more than 20 voting precincts in Raleigh, Durham and Greensboro, N.C., proffering the names of people who seldom vote in order to test the integrity of the election process. It seems to have failed on a massive scale. ‘I just sign this and then I can vote?’ he asked one poll worker. ‘Yep,’ came the reply.”

Of course O’Keefe — an exceptional young man I’ve had the good fortune to meet – didn’t go into the areas I visited this past Saturday in North Carolina. He went into Democrat strongholds — cities. Watch the video and tell me, Mr. Attorney General Eric Holder, that we have no issues with voter fraud and integrity in our process. Well, that’s what a true progressive social activist says anyway.

As the Daily Mail reports, “North Carolina is one of 33 states – plus the District of Columbia – where voters can cast ballots long before Election Day — known as “early voting” — and one of 19 states where people can vote without showing any documents whatsoever. In 2016, however, an aggressive voter ID law will take effect in the Tarheel State.”

Yes, in America there are 19 states where people can vote without displaying any documents whatsoever – amazing — and we wonder why there have been illegal immigrants voting in our elections.

Here is my recommendation. First, we eliminate early voting, because the processes and procedures are not standardized across our nation. And the possibilities for — let’s just call them, issues — are highly possible. There should be a National Election Day, which is a federal holiday. Election locations should open at 7am and close at 9pm, which gives 14 hours to be at your requisite poll location. There should be an Election Day analysis of voters and density, and if deemed necessary and required, then an auxiliary polling site should be opened. If anyone can’t make it on Election Day, they should request an absentee ballot.

Now, I do have some issues with the Colorado system of complete mail-in balloting, because it just seems like there’s so much potential for nefarious actions. The bottom line is we need a national standard for our electoral system — the every two years first Tuesday in November cycle. We are all over the map, and unfortunately we have a progressive social activist as the Attorney General who is more of an impediment than an enabler.

But back to James O’Keefe. “Last week O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action organization took its first deep-dive into North Carolina election politics, filming Democratic campaign workers saying they would help illegal immigrants vote for incumbent Senator Kay Hagan. ‘They wanted to protect the system,’ O’Keefe says in the video, released exclusively to MailOnline. ‘They had to break the rules to do it.’ ‘Of all of the undercover investigations I’ve conducted, this was by far the easiest,’ he said Monday.’They were willing to pass out fraudulently obtained ballots like it was Halloween candy.’ ”

Our democratic voting process shouldn’t resemble trick or treat — and the American electorate is starting to get tired of the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” by-any-means-necessary tricks.


  1. I just love how if a Republican wins, everything is good and fair. But if a Democrat wins, there’s no way so many would vote Democrat! It MUST be fraud!

    • Yeah Tony, right. So give me a headline from a reputable press outlet showing a Democrat complaining about Republican voter fraud! (Your time is UP)

      • Remember the 2000 presidential election? And no, I’m not a Democrat, I’m just tired of this blame game, from both sides.

      • As a matter of fact, I do remember the 2000 presidential election. It was very, very close. Sadly, the state of FLA had a poor election system causing many disputed ballots. Also,I remember the results being very delayed. I also remember no Republican fraud, but I do remember most of the disputed ballots were from Broward county, which had a Democrat office holder in charge of the electoral process. I remember the US Supreme Court declaring George Bush the winner, but I don’t remember the court declaring Republican fraud.

        Question is/was, can you give the name of a reputable media outlet which had Democrats factually declaring Republican fraud in that election?

      • The entire state didn’t use the same machines. It was only counties in southeast Florida who used those machines. That’s why SCOTUS stopped the recount when they found the problems were exclusive to those few southeast Florida counties. Those counties were predominantly Democrat and all had elected Democrat Supervisors of Elections.

        The county with long lines and problems in 2012 was one of those same counties. It had a black, female, Democrat Supervisor of Elections. She opened fewer polling stations than even though voter turnout was expected to be high and the Florida legislature had 12 State Constitutional Amendments on the ballot.

        For some reason, the Republican areas of the state don’t seem to have the same problems as the counties surrounding the Miami area.

      • Off the top of my head, no. I read about a lot of controversy, and I suppose as far as I know, there was no official fraud. I don’t claim to know everything political, but that’s why I come to places like this; to hear differing opinions, and get as much as I can from it.

    • Stop fighting ID laws and you democrats can’t cheat, 2 have already been convicted this year already, probably more that I’m unaware of! Yes you did build that!

    • Even when Democrats won, they were still crying about “gerrymandering” BS for years. As if Democrat legislators don’t “gerrymander” their states??? The states the Democrats accused Republicans of gerrymandering had to send their maps to the DOJ for approval due to an almost 50 year old law. Those states have a higher number of black registered voters, higher number of blacks participating in the vote and a higher number of black elected officials.

      The state with the lowest number of registered black voters, the lowest number of black voter particpation and lowest number of black elected officials per capita is Massachusetts, a true blue liberal state.

  2. O’Keefe has been exposed as the real fraud in every instance West listed. ACORN – cleared of wrong doing in three (R) lead investigations. Wading across the Rio Grande? Yea, with a police car parked next to him and border patrol watching him at every instance.

    O’Keefe tried this in 2012 and not only failed then (but lied and told everyone he had succeeded) he was nearly tossed in jail. His defense? That he had lied and that no vote was ever submitted and that no vote could be submitted. He got off going to jail because (1) the election official did the right thing and (2) the law did not prosecute attempted fraud. He had to admit he lied to stay out of jail.

    Need more, I got more … not to mention his effort to wiretap a congressional office.

    I wonder how long it will take for this “expose” to be revealed as also a fraud.

    This will go the way all of O’Keefe’s investigations go: the right wing radicals will jump all over it for three days, then the professional media will examine it, demonstrate how it a fraud, and O’keefe will slink away, all to the praise of men like West, for whom the truth never matters.

      • The person crying is the one that is lying. O’Keefe is a serial fraudster. Every time – and I mean every time – O’Keefe comes out with one of these tapes it’s proven to be a hoax on the part of O’Keefe.

        Integrity used to stand for something in America, then guys like West – and I suppose you – decided that winning was more important. Who’s to blame for America’s slide? It’s you, ya chuckle-head.

      • Please tell me where you got the information about O’Keef’s tapes being a hoax. All I can find are articles whining about how he dared to disguise himself and do video. Oh, and crying about how he helped get ACORN shut down.


        If what O’Keefe reported were true, then ACORN was violating the law. ACORN was cleared. O”keefe was later proven to be a liar.

        Which one you want me to destroy next?

        Here’s a bonus: O’Keefe crossing the Rio

        The Border Patrol was watching him the entire time, but let him go because … he was there in a marked sheriff’s car with the local sheriff.

        Seriously, which one you want next? I can undo them all. Unlike West, I don’t fear the truth.

      • No, it turns out it wasn’t. The only one who was likely to go to jail was O’Keefe. He only got out by admitting that his video was a hoax.

      • Your articles don’t even come close to proving that his tapes are a hoax, and I don’t give a hoot about Acorn being cleared of anything. OJ Simpson was “cleared” too.

      • You must have missed this part:

        “It seems that the master of the cleverly edited—if highly deceptive—video reel is now being required to pay the sum of $100,000 to Juan Carlos Vera, a one time California employee of ACORN. Mr. Vera had been portrayed by O’Keefe as being a willing participant when O’Keefe and his accomplice, Hanna Giles, proposed smuggling young women into the United States to work as prostitutes.

        While Mr. Vera had no idea he was being surreptitiously video taped—which is not surprising given that California law expressly bars the secret recording of one’s voice or image—there was also something Mr. O’Keefe did not know until after he released the damaging video of his conversation with Vera for broadcast.

        As soon as O’Keefe and his partner-in-crime left the ACORN location, Mr. Vera called the police to report the entire incident. It turns out that Vera had been playing along with O’Keefe in an effort to ensnare O’Keefe and Giles whom Vera believed were in the act of breaking the law by proposing to engage in the importing of young women to become prostitutes.


        As part of the settlement, Mr. O’Keefe was required to say that he “regrets any pain” he caused Mr. Vera—although I have some doubts as to whether O’Keefe has been losing any sleep over his illegal behavior and the harm he did to Mr. Vera.”

        O’Keefe had to pay the man because he lied about him. His video was a cleverly edited hoax.

      • What does this quote have to do with the price of tea in China OR the tapes mentioned in this article? You know, the article about how easy it is to commit voter fraud with no ID? As in, the article we’re commenting on right now? Tell me how those particular tapes are fraudulent.

      • You need to go back and re-read what I wrote. I stated that all of O’Keefe’s past videos turned out to be hoaxes (and they have) and then I predicted that this one will turn out to be a hoax in a few days, week max.

        Past performance is a pretty good predictor of present prevarication, don’t you think. O’Keefe is a serial liar. I think that’s why West likes him. Neither let the truth get in the way of a good story.

        Just look at how West embraces O’Keefe’s ACORN stories, even after ACORN was cleared of wrong-doing and O’Keefe had to pay $10k for lying about one ACORN member specifically.

  3. I live in NC. I once pulled out my DL by habit because it is needed for almost everything else that I do. I got the “put that thing away look with “no , you do not need to show the DL.” I voted and I got the uncomfortable feeling that my “scared right to vote” could have been easily violated. It is crazy to me that the liberals are so crazy against this. maybe they do not care if someone else votes for them.

      • I’m thankful that there are some who think it’s important enough to be government watchdogs and want to show the corruption of government today. It once was the job of journalists but they don’t do it anymore. Liberalism and Democrats seem to want to protect the corruption because they are the ones who benefit from it.

      • You’re not a journalist if your story is a hoax. Every expose this guy has aired has been exposed as a fraud. His most famous is ACORN, and he was ordered to pay the person he slimed and had to offer a public apology. He later avoided jail by admitting his reporting was fake. This guy is a loon, not a hero. He’s making people distrust the free and fair elections we have, he’s harming democracy.

  4. Who cares if he is a fraud the fact is he’s Republican which means he will expose everything the Democrats do just as the Democrats do to Republicans. Both sides are total frauds, that is no big secret. The fact is no ID for voting is fraud and the fact to that is anyone can go in there from a minor to an illegal immigrant all the way up to a felon with murder and rape on his record. Anyone that don’t see that are either stupid and should have their heads examined or frauds themselves.

  5. How about before eliminating early voting, we do a work-study to determine if all of the polling places are capable of accommodating all of the voters in the precincts they serve, in the time allotted to vote on election day? Include parking space, wait times, access to public transportation, etc. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that that’s impossible in many of them. Let’s be sure to include parking space, wait times, access to public transportation, etc. Maybe we could make this a rider on voter ID bills that everyone is so eager to get passed.

  6. Once again Allen (rob these loons blind) west attempts to trick the STUPID that live among us! Only the STUPID would believe that voter fraud is so massive in this nation that it has swayed the results of a election!
    Only the STUPID would believe something like VOTER FRAUD when there is NO evidence to support massive voter fraud!

    • Here comes Earl Lee again. Liberal troll. He can watch this video and still claim the honor system works and that there is no voter fraud? Any liberal who opposes Voter ID is a supporter of voter fraud.

      I guess we need to get rid of state troopers and use the honor system on highways and interstates. Surely nobody would speed. Then if no troopers are giving out speeding tickets, we can claim there is NO evidence to support people breaking the speed limits on our roads.

      If you don’t look for voter fraud, don’t ask for an ID, you can pretend there is no voter fraud because you’re turning a blind eye to it, just as the poll workers did in the video.

      • One thing you forgot in your little statement there skippy…..EVIDENCE!! You can run around til the cows come home yelling VOTER FRAUD …..doesn’t mean that its TRUE!
        Like I said….TRICK THE STUPID!! (you really fit in that category perfectly)

      • How can anyone get evidence if they aren’t allowed to look for it? Thank goodness there are people like James O’Keefe willing to do that.

      • So voter fraud is sooo massive in you LOONS eyes but YET you can provide NO evidence of VOTER FRAUD?? Do you know how stupid that sounds

      • When a race is as close as Bush/Gore in 2000 or Al Franken’s in 2008, voter fraud can make a big difference.

      • You must have missed the word MASSIVE!
        Voter fraud is sooooo massive in this nation that the republican house have held numerous hearings on the topic….wait….they haven’t! NEXT….thanks for playing

      • We won’t know how massive it is as long as Democrats keep trying to block any efforts to look for it. North Carolina legislature has been trying to do so but have been stopped by Holder’s DOJ.

      • Seriously you are a LOON! Do a search for republicans convicted of voter fraud and tell me what u find. Stop believing myths….makes u look rather stupid

      • You’re the LOON. You spend all day, every day, trolling on all of Allen West’s blogs. Aren’t you attempting to do to Allen West exactly what James O’Keefe is doing to Democrats?

        You’re either a paid troll or you have mental issues causing you to be excessively obsessive over Allen West’s blogs.

      • James is a fraud just like Allen west….BUT…I bet you did do the search….you would rather remain totally ignorant to the facts. ITS NOT ALLEN WEST THAT KEEP ME HERE…ITS YOU LOONS!!!

      • We know. You are all in for rich white Democrats (Hillary, Warren, Tom Steyer, Bloomberg, Buffet, Hollywood elites, pro-athletes, etc…) but think that Republicans should be forbidden to have any money. LOON! FOOL!

      • You get off here now and check yourself into a mental faciltity. Heaven help up all liberals Dems have mental issues big time!

      • No you get off here no one gives a crap what you say moron they know you are a looser and a idiot mental case.

      • Also…I applaud Allen for finding a group of simple minded LOONS that will now research anything he post and get those same LOONS to make him wealthy! It’s the American way…..EXPLOITATION

      • Right here is a loon spouting his stupid lieing crap just like Obama he follows blindly because he is a idiot!!

      • And the republican house has held how man hearings exactly??? You can’t be this stupid…please tell me u are joking

      • They were hearings in the North Carolina state legislature where DOJ expert witnesses showed their racism by saying blacks and minorities were too unsophisticated and uneducated to acquire IDs, to register themselves to vote and to get themselves to the polling stations without help. If they’re that unsophisticated and uneducated, I don’t think they should be voting.

        Talk about a LOON. Ha! Earl Lee is too stupid to know that Voter ID laws are STATE laws and NOT something that would be an issue for the U.S. House of Representatives. Ha!

        I guess Earl Lee has a reading comprehension problem. In my previous post I said, “North Carolina legislature” and he still tried to blame the U.S. House of Representatives. Ha! LOON!

      • Nan you are truly a LOON!! No sense to taking this any further because you are what we call a tin foil hat person…you believe in myths like voter fraud, big foot and Obama is a Muslim…..hahahahahahaha

      • No Earl Lee you are the crazy loon on here poor thing is mentally deranged and need mental help leave right now and check in dumbass all Dem Liberals are known liars and pathetic.

      • How many voter fraud hearings out of Washington dc??? Oh let me guess Eric holder blocked them like he blocked the Benghazi hearings and the irs hearings …get outta here

      • Yep ole Eric Holder is a big fraudster along with the bitch Hillary Clinton all are known coverups and murders and you name it they love money. I guess Eric Holder the liar is stepping down because he wants to go home to mama. Its because the Gops are fast on his tail of his murders in Benghazie & Fast & Furious Obama the liar in chief lies and coverups you moron!!

      • Earl Lee,
        I don’t take issue with insults, but as limited your vocab obviosly is with your constant reiteration of the word stupid, I will just fault the failing education system you liberals so masterfully ruined.

        Have a great day champ

      • Yes its massive its called Democrate cover up and cooking the books he the liar Obama has everything covered up and you are so stupid and blind and ignorant you would not say other wise because you are a stupid follower. You would follow OBAMA AND THE DEMS TO HELL THATS HOW STUPID YOU PEOPLE ARE!!

      • No you are the stupid liberal go and get off here now!! You are making youself look stupid and more stupid jerk!!

    • The first rule of influencing people is to NOT start with insulting them. You, like all liberals hide behind “lack of evidence” and “disenfranchisement” as excuses. Unless you completely lack common sense, you know full well that the current “honor” system of voting opens the door to many forms of fraud WHICH CAN NOT BE TRACKED! Of course there is no evidence. Like Nanette explained in a perfectly logical comparison. It would be like removing cops from the road and having no evidence that there is speeding. I picture you in your basement screaming with your eyes covered screaming, “you can’t prove it, you can’t prove it” like an insolent child. Typical liberal with no common sense.

      • Like I said…do a search for REPUBLICANS CONVICTED OF VOTER FRAUD And and tell me what u find! You loons keep believing this voter fraud myth. You loons do NO RESEARCH. When you have the head of the PA GOP SAYING THAT coder I’d will win them the election….when you have the attorney for the GOP saying that he had NO EVIDENCE of voter fraud…that tells me that voter id has nothing to do with voter fraud. You loons insist on believing MYTHS

      • Earl Lee you are a liar like your nutcase president is! Democrates don’t want voter id because they are the ones that are committing voting fraud. Are you blind are just a dumbass lieing Democrate and corrupted If you saw corruption by the democrates you would and now lieing about it. There is no help for you!!

      • Last time I checked, a mythnis something made up and doesn’t exist. Like I said, your hands are over your eyes screaming no, it doesn’t happen. Even as you are presented with video proof how it happens. So Republicans commit fraud too? Wait, I thought it was a myth, I’m confused, which is it? If it is real, then great, even more reason to close the loophole and require valid ID to vote.
        And btw, the PA GOP head knows the Republicans would win with voter ID because he knows that Democrats are a bunch of lazy, disengaged morons who won’t make the effort to vote if they have to move off their couch. Go back to your Mom’s basement Earl and try again.

      • Describe “spin”. Is that what an inconvenient truth is? Is spin a video that shows in explicit detail what fraud looks like? I have spun nothing. You are hiding behind campaign slogans and when hit with common sense and factual video evidence, you run into the basement and cry for mommy. She can’t help you here because nobody is going to roll over and tolerate your bs.

  7. With elections coming tomorrow and again in 2016 what are we going to do? The idiots in the US don’t want everyone to have a national ID cause it hurts their little feelings and yet jackasses like we have in the Whitehouse between 2008-2016 keep getting into office that aren’t worth the powder to blow them to hell, as the nation continues to go down the toilet at mach 1. This BS is NOT going to stop until everyone is in this nation is identified from birth until death and that ID must be with them at all times or they don’t get to buy a single thing. Maybe someday the people will wake up but I don’t see much hope.

  8. Funny how all it takes is asking a single question to protect the purity of the process for those who participate legally. One question. “ID please?” end of issue. Those who would defraud the process are stopped by that one question. False ID is another issue but can be resolved by other means and other laws.

  9. When I went in for early voting the lady at the desk told me I was listed as “inactive”. I have voted in every NC election offered so I wanted to know why. She pushed a few buttons and called a supervisor over. I waited a little and then asked if I needed to raise my voice to get a ballot. Without any verification of who I was she handed me a ballot and I voted. I resent the fact that I was put on the inactive and worse that I was so freely handed a ballot.


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