Another ax attack and an attempted beheading: what is happening to our nation?

I suppose it could be dismissed as just a copycat attack, or perhaps even another instance of workplace violence – that’s what the powers that be would prefer.

However, we’ve just had another episode of a police officer being attacked by someone with an ax. As reported by WTOP, “D.C. Police are at a heightened state of alert after a man with an ax attacked an officer early Friday. The incident happened around 3 a.m. in the 3800 block of 13th Street in Northeast, several blocks east of the Catholic University campus. An officer in full uniform was in a police cruiser when he was ambushed, according to Officer Araz Alali, a D.C. police spokesman. The suspect swung an ax and shattered the cruiser’s window. The officer got out of the vehicle and tried to apprehend the suspect. Alali said he was injured in the struggle, not by the ax, and was unable to stop the attacker.The officer was taken to the hospital, and was expected to be OK.”


The suspect was able to flee on foot and police do have the ax to process it for evidence. Regardless of motive and intent, we must pray that this is not becoming some new trend against our law enforcement officers — who most of the time are simply attempting to perform their duties.

The number of law enforcement officers who are killed and wounded is far too high and the recent shooting in California leaving two sheriff deputies dead at the hand of an illegal immigrant evidences the lack of our governing policies to protect the men and women of the thin blue line. But we must also not rule out the effect of recent social media encouragement by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS for police and military members — including their families — to be attacked, actually “slaughtered.”

We reported here about the Australian plot that was foiled involving a mass attack or public beheadings against civilians — that was also called upon by ISIS. And police did shoot a Muslim teenager in Australia who attempted to stab and behead a police officer.

And then there is this story out of Oklahoma where — as reported by KSWO — “A man from Stillwater has been charged with first-degree murder for nearly decapitating the son of a state trooper. 21-year-old Isaiah Marin of Stillwater was charged in the attack that killed 19-year-old Jacob Andrew Crockett Wednesday. Police say Marin was arrested Wednesday afternoon after someone saw him walking down the street carrying a large knife. The witness’s call came just before Marin called the police himself. Marin remains in the Payne County Jail.”

There is some horrific evil afoot in our America. I grew up in the inner city of Atlanta and don’t recall fellas going around wanting to behead each other. Now, we would fight but mostly it was with our fists and none of this shootings and such. Do I believe there is any terrorist plot behind the incident in Stillwater? That can be decided by local law enforcement in their investigation. But what does disturb me the most are the actions of a segment of young people in America.

When we start to have teenaged girls wanting to travel and join terrorist groups, when we have young men leaving the greatest nation in the world to join and fight with a terrorist group, when we have horrific assaults such as this in Stillwater, perhaps there is a greater concern beyond ISIS. What is happening in American culture?

I often hear people criticize fundamental values — maybe we need to restore those “old school” ways of strong families, respect for adults, dignity, and respect for authority. There is a looming breakdown in our country and it is showing itself in a very troubling manner. Recently conservative pundit Mark Steyn mused on how the GOP could win the election on November 4th, but “Election Day is one day a year, and the culture is the other 364 days a year. So if you’re not in there competing in the schools, competing in the pop culture, competing in the media, competing in the main-line churches, then the air we breathe becomes liberal.”

I concur with Mark Steyn.


  1. Colonel West, THIS is the reason we need YOU as our President. It would seem that of all the possible nominees, you are the only one who understands that Islam is NOT a religion of peace and that it is a threat to Western Civilization.

    • Cobalt-Blue,

      Hear, hear! I would vote for Allen B. West in a heartbeat. Political correctness and pandering to the Liberal Democrat Socialist worldview are the very matters destroying the Republic, and are why West left the military and then left The House of Representatives. In other words, Leftists have short-circuited (by proxy) two attempts he has made to serve the Republic. Perhaps the third time is the charm. We need a leader in the same league as Netanyahu, to right the ship of state. Allen B. West is of comparable calibre.


  2. Thank you, Allen West, for your continued voice of truth and guidance. I am 62 years old now and would not have believed even 10 years ago that the U.S.A. would be in such a mess. I agree a strong, concerted effort to restore the morals and values held by our nations founders is needed – this effort should be driven by all leaders, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, as well as every other sensible, mature adult in America.

    • Deb,

      Absolutely. It is the only way. Why need we sit jealous of Israel’s Netanyahu? We cannot allow the major media to determine which candidates are “electable” anymore. We must refuse to accept their false assertions.


      • We the people allow the establishment GOP to tell us “a conservative candidate” cannot be elected POTUS. That we have to have a “middle of the road” republican in office for the country to function. We can see what 2 “middle of the roaders” got us the last 2 election cycles. It is past time for the conservative wing of the party to grow a pair and tell all the RINOs to take a hike – by way of the ballot box. The establishment screwed and disenfranchised all the conservatives here in MS, please don’t allow them to do likewise elsewhere.

  3. Allen B West,

    We have hastened the end of our Republic–which is like no other in history–by ALLOWING the media to choose our candidates FOR us. George Soros is as interested in a true Conservative being elected to the Oval Office as a cat is in taking a shower. Voter fraud by physical and electronic means has become so egregious as to call into question all of the assumptions we used to be able to make about fair and free elections. The International Socialists have successfully hijacked the other party, and Liberal Democrat Socialists are endemic in academia, government, Hollywood, the major media, and even some churches.

    If we continue on this course much longer, there will be a second revolution or civil war. I do not relish that, but would have to be a fool to deny it.


  4. On the other hand, I’ve been reading the news and have seen lots of news stories & YouTube videos about bad behavior by cops – “civil forfeiture” taken to great lengths, where cops stop a car & want to search it: upon gaining access, they will take and keep any money (and pretty much anything else) they find, for no reason. Shooting people’s dogs. Home invasions done in the name of serving a warrant – at the wrong address; flash-bang grenades tossed into baby cribs that injure the baby, with no apology or financial help. Beatings – after chases, while suspects are handcuffed, while helpless (the lady by the freeway with the CHP officer on top & beating her, or while in an epileptic seizure), while helpless and handcuffed in the back of patrol cars (are you really safe while in police custody while in the patrol car? In jail? In prison?) I’m very much a law-abiding citizen, but I can’t help wondering about our law enforcement and their supposed commitment to the community as a “civil servant”.

    • Yeah! Down with the cops. All of ’em. Oh, wait. Not all of them are bad. In fact most of them are our neighbors, sons and daughters, AND that last line between us and the crooks and thugs WITH the ILLEGAL GUNS. Just as all people are not bad, not all cops are bad. These guys are being gunned down right and left. Their families are being attacked. Just like we citizens. If we don’t have them to help and protect us, and our homes are invaded and our weapons taken, brother are we in for a fight that many won’t walk away from.

      • True … not ALL are bad … and they are our neighbors. Still … when I see a cop, I turn & go the other way; I don’t go to the problem areas in the city where I live; and I’ve got a CCW permit. By the way, it’s not a police function to protect us; that was decided in a Supreme Court judgement handed down in the 1990s. It’s their job to write reports, investigate crime, and catch lawbreakers.

  5. The breakdown isn’t looming, it has already occurred. That’s why people are flocking to islam. Nature abhors a vacuum. Christianity/traditional morality/values have been replaced by national relativism, but despite protests to the contrary, people can’t live that way; they need an anchor. If not Christianity, then something else. The church has been so badly diluted in its effort to remain “culturally relevent” that it no longer has any absolutes to offer. Enter islam. It is all about absolutes, and not only is it not compromising, it has gone to war. Well done, america. You created the conditions that made this inevitable.

  6. The spirit of Islam is upon us, a sword of judgement in God’s hand. May God have mercy on us all. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We get the government we deserve, and the evil sweeping our land has been a long time coming. It’s not like He hasn’t warned us, over and over again.

  7. Obama is encouraging tribal warfare.Such as they have in Africa, tribal genocide of all outside of the ruling tribe. The uncivilized and criminal behavior of the ISIS , raping, looting and killing. We are having the uncontrolled riots, killing and looting He wants to have hate, riots and violence divide us to control the country. As a black panther once told me, ” They lied to me, they told me that the white’s caused all of our problems. Where I grew up there were no white people, we had to create our own problems.

    • We delude ourselves when we think Barry is just “their most willing pawn”. HE is determined to conquer America by any and all means to further his islamist terrorist brothers – he is NO pawn!!

  8. Well when we have Educated People like Malik Shabazz the one time leader of The New Black Panther Party Telling His People to Resist the Police & Violence Against Whites,,there is no Reason to Wonder why Some one would Go Across the Road When they See A Black Man Not Even Sure What Ethnic Background This Person In The DC Police Attack Was But Listening To The New Black Panthers Cover Page in the Tampa,,St Pete Fl,,I Have Never heard so much Hatred Towards the Government Whites or Jews ,,doesn’t matter if your Red ,,Yellow,, Black or White if You Oppose You Will Be met with Violence Much Like Islam,,But Even the Nation Of Islam Has Distanced Itself From them & Much Like ISIS They say they Do Not Have Any Religious Preference,,They Want There Own State,, There Own Police & Also There are White Supremest Groups who Have The Same Beliefs & Have Supported there Rally’s & I have Not Heard One Church Leader & Or Government Official Tell them They Have Lost There Minds & Are Blinded Bye Hate,,, I am Not A Racist But The Bible Does Say God Takes Care Of Those Whom Take Care Of Themselves,,My View Self Defense,But In The Twisted Minds of Some it Seems That Random Acts Of Violence & Terrorism is Defending Themselves & Or Beliefs ,,,,Step Up Barrack & Tell Them To Stand Down,,,I Could Go On But Really Doubt Many Will Even Read This,,Its Not A Black & Or White Thing,,Its Just Hate & Hate Will Destroy A Person & A Nation,,,,FYI Malik Shabazz is Back To Claiming to being Just A Lawyer,,A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

    • Love almost everything you wrote, but no need to Capitalize Every Word like that.

      Muslims and Blacks are obvious the biggest danger to this country. With Obama now stirring up more racial divide than ever, from Trayvon the criminal to Brown the criminal, etc.
      Obama doesn’t care about the non-black Marine who was held in Mexico for over a half year. He doesn’t care about ISIS or their beheading of Americans, because none of them looked like the criminals Brown or Martin.

      • No, people like YOU are the biggest threat to this nation. Bigots like you will turn this nation into a prison.

      • Muslims and Blacks are obvious the biggest danger to this country????

        nope,, nit-wits like you and your outlook are….

  9. Off topic here, but on this page, {here in Illinois} one of the ads is for Gov. Quinn (D) attacking his opponent Bruce Rauner (R). Just a suggestion Col. West: watch who advertises on your web site. As a business owner, I do understand the cost involved, but I know that this was not one that you wanted on your site.

  10. This is not just about ISIS and Islam but Ferguson as well and of course this is becoming a trend as there has been nothing done about the Ferguson rioters as they are allowed to continue their rage on the city and elsewhere and those who have been called to Jihad as lone wolves to murder innocent people on the streets as the imposter in chief sits in his oval office and fails to call them for that they are… terrorists.

    On Ferguson no one is being held accountable but told they are just acting out of desperation because of racism… really? This is not the 60’s anymore and we need to stop this madness that our current administration is allowing to continue as they coddle these criminals while making remarks such as “If i had a son he would look like this”.

    Its not just about Islam, but people thinking they are entitled to whatever they want to do to get what they want, whether it be forcing everyone who does not convert to Islam to those who want who are on a cop killing spree to those who hate whites and want to see them all destroyed. Its all about hate and greed and this current administration is aiding it all by turning its eye away from this destruction of this once great nation and turning into a third world cesspool of decadent degenerates….

    Its sad, because we used to be the ones sitting in front of our TVs watching the nightly news as this sort of thing happened to “other” countries, being proud as we thought, this would never happen to us…..

    • So what you’re saying is that people should go home and allow the police to discriminate against them? If your family were the ones being killed by police on a daily basis, you’d be squealing like a pig.

      • You’re joking, right? You try to take the gun of a cop and believe regardless of your race you’re not asking for trouble?

      • I don’t believe anything I said there indicates that is what I would suggest. If anyone in my family were to commit a crime, then try to take the gun from an officer, beat him while he was in the car then run away, I wouldn’t “squeal like a pig”. I’m not a democrat thank you. But I would be upset, hurt and want to know what happened, not go out and destroy my community or point fingers at others, attack innocent people. But there is a difference here sweetie… my family isn’t going to do something stupid like that as they were brought up better than that AND know the consequences of committing crimes.

        There was no injustice here, but perhaps could have been handled differently, maybe not shoot him till he was dead, but if you were the cop, what would you do? You can’t answer that as you probably aren’t a cop and haven’t been in a situation where its you are him….

        Tell you what darling, when you are in that situation, remember, don’t protect yourself or if your family is around, don’t protect them and just let the offender beat the hell out of you or your family, then come back and tell me what a good boy you were…. Good day.

      • What a loser. “go home and allow the police to discriminate against them”…against what? A thug who jacked up a store clerk and stole cigars, then assaulted an officer.
        What you describe is a situation where a dark-skinned non-thug with no police record or ties to gang activities or drug activities, was at home sleeping in his bed minding his own damn business, or perhaps doing his college homework after having worked an 8 hour job as a productive member of society when Mr. White Prejudiced patrolman suddenly bursts through the door and beats him senseless and then shoots him dead. Now THAT would be a prejudiced type of discriminatory behavior. I’d have to agree.
        But when a 6 foot 300 pound THUG beats up on a store clerk 1/2 his size, feeling entitled to get whatever the f he thinks ‘the man’ should give to him, then saunters down the middle of the street attracting attention to himself with his fist full of stolen cigars, and then tries to take a gun from a cop…. not quite the same.
        Here’s the bottom line chummy….we know better. We’re not falling for the okie-doke. Straighten up or face the consequences. People are tired of the criminal element, lazy-non-contributing-gimmie-mfers-who drain our systems and give nothing back but a hard time.
        You keep voting Dependotard and stay broke.
        Poor people have been voting Democrat for 50 years and they’re still broke. Look at Detroit.
        Done… it’s falling on deaf hard-headed ears….but remember, a hard head makes a soft ass.

    • There is plenty of racism on the Ferguson issues. upholder and obammy made an issue of it. With Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and others were there to incite more violence. When did they ever listen to the people. That was one way to get their votes from the blacks. That is not a very good way to do it, but they always do it. They haven’t done a thing to help the blacks with employment, housing or things that they need. This is pure racist.

    • More of today’s youth can tell you when Miley twerked with Robin Thicke than when the Civil war was fought.
      They might still be alive to see the 2nd Civil war.

      • I’m hoping there isn’t need for a second civil war but I get your point. The lack of knowledge is revolting. College students couldn’t identify Hitler. Horrific.

      • Yes, actually we can. Isn’t he the guy on the canned spaghetti? By the way, if you guys are planning a civil war, be sure to have a lot of coffins on hand.

      • Your ignorance is staggering. Trust me they will not waste the time burying you so they will not require the need of coffins. But I pray it doesn’t come to something so senseless. You on the other hand, want blood showing how foolish you are. Oh and next time you should direct your little threat to the person who wants a second civil war, moron. Your reading comprehension skills show the height of your stupidity. Your parents are wasting money on your “higher” education.

      • They’ll need two for him, one for his body and one for his head after the muzzies are done playing ‘kickball’ with it.

      • Those youth will be fighting in it. If they had learned and were taught good, then we would not be having a 2nd Civil war. The war will be soon after the elections.

  11. Its time that the people of this country open their eyes and see what’s going on…. this is the to time to be aware of what’s going on… time to stand up and fight back and rid this great nation of this evil attacking from within OUR borders

      • Mike Mike,

        Repel all illegal alien invaders, by force. Go house to house. Just because the invaders are not all wearing the same uniform, or carrying weapons at all times, Americans have been encouraged to believe that they are anything but what they are: A foreign invasion. If they resist, kill them…publicly if possible. They are not covered by the Bill of Rights, because they are not citizens. Stay on track, and they will self-deport.

        Live up to our oaths, and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Eject from public office all of the American Communist fifth column sabatours and traitorous Liberal Democrat Socialists…on the point of a bayonet, if necessary. Try about 10,000 people for sedition, treason, inciting riot, perjury, subornation of perjury, arson, looting, murder, malfeasance, and abuse under colour of authority. Have the Marine Corps execute those convicted on the White House lawn.

        There is a reckoning, approaching. We do not just have the right to change our government, we have the responsibility to do so. That responsibility is going to come down to using force, to redress our grievances. We had a revolution and threw off British rule under far, far less provocation. If we are to survive as a nation, we will have to do it, again. This time, everything can be televised, and ad time sold to major sponsors. We have been slowly nudged to the Left. We should pull hard and quickly to the Right, and return our government to a Constitutional footing in practise, rather than just in theory.


    • Mike Mike,

      I have agreed with most of what you have posted. In case you missed it above, I will repost my first response here to your earlier asking of this question:

      1. Repel all illegal alien invaders, by force. Go house to house. Just because the invaders are not all wearing the same uniform, or carrying weapons at all times, Americans have been encouraged to believe that they are anything but what they are: A foreign invasion. If they resist, kill them…publicly if possible. They are not covered by the Bill of Rights, because they are not citizens. Stay on track, and they will self-deport.

      2. Live up to our oaths, and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Eject from public office all of the American Communist fifth column sabatours and traitorous Liberal Democrat Socialists…on the point of a bayonet, if necessary. Try about 10,000 people for sedition, treason, inciting riot, perjury, subornation of perjury, arson, looting, murder, malfeasance, and abuse under colour of authority. Have the Marine Corps execute those convicted on the White House lawn.

      3. There is a reckoning, approaching. We do not just have the right to change our government, we have the responsibility to do so. That responsibility is going to come down to using force, to redress our grievances. We had a revolution and threw off British rule under far, far less provocation. If we are to survive as a nation, we will have to do it, again. This time, everything can be televised, and ad time sold to major sponsors. We have been slowly nudged to the Left. We should pull hard and quickly to the Right, and return our government to a Constitutional footing in practise, rather than just in theory.


  12. What happened to America u ask? Obummer is what happened. We didnt have this kind of Evil of ax’s & beheadings EVER B4 . The Evil in him is spreading…..

    • How very true that is. Remember he supports all radical groups and ISIS with our tax money. He has been doing that for 7 years.

  13. I sleep with a weapon and carry a weapon…bottom line. Come at me to kill me bc if you leave me breathing I will kill you!

  14. “But we must also not rule out the effect of recent social media encouragement by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS for police and military members”

    Or Eric Holder’s dept of Injustice attempting to fan the flames in Ferguson.

  15. I’m pretty damned sure that if someone came after me with an axe my carry permit would come into play and my weapon would conscientiously but effectively be used to stop the axe wielder in his tracks. Call me silly, but I don’t like axes much except with regard to chopping wood. My feelings only.

  16. Young Muslims are being radicalized online and in their mosques. Why is the government not monitoring and stopping the incitement?

    • Of course…they call arson and robbery ” protesting”. . That’s just BS…its opportunity…as seen by adults with underdeveloped mental ability acting lwith the understanding of infants. …..young thug killed ……..lets go act like savages and degrade whatever shred of dignity might have been afforded the foolish young thug in death.

  17. The ‘ice bucket challenge’ that went crazy this past summer was but an actual Satanic ritual washing, preparing us, as a nation, for ritual sacrifice. We’ve had a Black Satanic Mass held in Oklahoma City, OK. There’s a statue of Baphomet (Baal, Satan, Tammuz, Nimrod, whatever you want to call an evil spirit) going up on the lawns of the state capitol grounds, near where the 10 Commandments monument once stood (it was knocked down last week by an individual who self-admitted that he is a Satanist) but will be replaced with a larger monument. The beheading in Stillwater was not by an Islamic believer, but by someone who I believe had been possessed by a demon, brought in by the Wiccan practices of his victim, who practiced it with his brother. They were roommates with the self-admitting murderer. So, all in all, it leads to one entity… Satan.

      • Col West was forced to retire from the Army because he beat and threatened the life of an enemy. A man who was coordinating an Ambush to kill Americans. You find issue with West for that apparently, you would take the side of an Enemy over that of another American. Its not a question, I know you would. That makes you a traitor and liability to lives of other Americans around you. Who wouldn’t you sell out Earl?

      • First of all Allen (rob these loons blind)west was wrong and has admitted he was wrong. I’m on the side of HONOR…something allen west wouldn’t know about

      • REALLY? I guess time will bear out that I speak truth, then. Because that’s the only thing you’ll trust. Just remember that, come next September… but of course, you’ll fall for the lies… the ones that are gone were non-believers…. you’re the good one because you got left behind. Hope you enjoy your life under Satan’s rule.

      • Sure! It’s not a drug of Big Pharma, but the blood of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. You want to know how to get it?

  18. The one in OK was committed by someone who was “hopped up” on multiple strong drugs and he beheaded someone whom he believed was engaging in witchcraft, they knew each other prior. In the DC case…until someone is arrested, I can’t comment further.

  19. I would like to know just WHO these so-called ‘white people’ are, anyway.
    Who is ‘white’ anymore? Most of America is a melting pot of people from all over the world, few, if ANY having to do with any of the issues of the 60s. In fact 50 years ago those ‘whites’ were probably in their 30s which means they’re in their 80s now. Old wrinkled up decrepit dusty ass farts sitting on their porch swings in a nursing home in the South if they are even alive. The rest of the ‘whites’ are the sons and daughters of the hippies who marched along side of the blacks fighting for equal rights.
    Our homes are integrated with multi-cultural family members now. Whites marry Blacks, adopt Black kids, Blacks and Browns and Reds marrying Japanese or Vietnamese and having biracial children, Asians marrying into American families with many ethnicities represented at the dinner table. Our neighbors are Jews, or Irish, or Armenian, Turks, or Italians, Asians, French or German, who had NOTHING to do with slavery, or any of the civil rights violations.
    So just WHO are the white people?
    Anyone with skin lighter than 3 shades of brown?
    How pale do you have to be to be considered ‘white’?
    What nationality is a white person? European? Swiss? German? French? Anything “not Black”? Isn’t that a bit racist to assume because you are not dark skinned you are ‘white’? They called Zimmerman a “White Hispanic”. So “Hispanics” can also be ‘white”?
    WTF is that?
    Show me the ‘white people’.
    This really is insane.

      • Thug life leads three places. Prison, death, hell.
        I take it that it doesn’t matter much to you.

      • It doesn’t have to be that way. Choosing that life of self destruction, is no different than a life of indentured servitude. Don’t you have a father figure in you life giving you positive influence rather than this life of degradation?

      • I’ve had more than one father figure and I am a father figure to more than one child. You don’t know what kind of influence I’ve had. It doesn’t have to be that way for individuals who chose not to make it so. This the Internet I don’t know who you are and you don’t know who I am. I’m just giving a raw glimpse of the other side.

      • People without fathers involved in their lives need father figures. My father made mistakes, but he was always there for me so I didn’t need a father figure. It is a sad truth that 73% of black children are illegitimate and most don’t have their biological fathers involved in their lives.

      • I raise them to take responsibility for their actions, and to know their history. I haven’t failed so I’m not setting them fail. Thanks for your concern.

      • More blacks die at the hands of other blacks than by police. Check the statistics of any inner city, especially Chicago, Detroit, D.C., and Atlanta.

      • How stupid are you really? Come up here to Chicago and watch the news when these shootings take place. Listen to the families of the deceased talk about how blacks are killing each other. Get educated you foolish azz.

      • Better then to give that choice to a police officer in a bad mood 18 years later. Slaves used to do that to their children rather then raised them in slavery or see them sold away. You know slavery? That thing Allen West likes to compare everything to.

      • You DO believe in religion Raffie! You believe in espousing your evangelism, which is America is bad, religion is bad, (except for Islam), white people are bad, Obama is good, he is not Muslim, there is nothing to see here—move along, Allen West is stupid, Democrats are great, etc. You state the same thing all the time, along with your homeboys Earl Lee and Red State Joe, and the others on here. You have made 4596 comments, Earl Lee 3256, and Red State Joe 492. He’s getting there, or is that another name for you or “Earl Lee”? I cannot imagine having made that many comments. You all have to be spending a good part of your life doing this, how do you make a living? Or is this your how you make your money? You show proof of all the comments that you made and get paid accordingly. Do you get paid by the volume or the sheer stupidity of the comments? You surely can claim welfare benefits, food stamps, free medical care, etc. also, right? So while you are collecting all this “free money” on our dime, you try to “educate” us on how stupid we really are? Thank you Raffie for this kind service that you so thoughtfully provide us! Isn’t it funny how America is so bad, but people still want our benefits!

      • I forgot, it is the duty of a Muslim to take full advantage of whatever the heathen, infidel, or Kuffar, is offering. It is your Jihadi allowance, your welfare benefits for Jihad.

      • You cannot imagine having made that many comments because you don’t have anything of note to say. How I make my money doesn’t concern you, it’s legal, that’s all you need to know. Unless you want to hire me but I doubt it’s something you can afford.

      • Here ya go Ruffy. Your bias makes you think it is only white cops who do bad things?

        Chicago Police Cmdr. Glenn Evans has been relieved of his duties and charged after he allegedly placed the barrel of his gun into a suspect’s mouth.

        Evans has been a favorite of McCarthy, and was promoted to commander of the 11th District in 2012 despite a history of alleged abuse that resulted in 14 complaints between 2001 and 2006. He was even named a defendant in several police misconduct lawsuits, the Tribune reported.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_970/commander29n-1-web.jpg

      • Rafael X: You are forgetting the “love slaves” that the muslim CULTISTS in the middle east are bragging about. I understand you can buy a human for $10.00.

    • Or the pathetic apes in Ferguson, or the sleazy monkeys playing the knockout game, or the thugs killing throughout the streets of Chicago.

  20. Fema camps and obama is a muslim….you people are FUNNY! Some of the DUMBEST people on the planet!!! Some of you actually believe, like Ben Carson that obama will cancel the 2016 elections….COMEDY!!!

    • Fema has built camps around the country which are not currently occupied. They may or may not be intended for forced relocation,re-/education, we will have to wait and see. Agenda 21 was agreed to in 1992 in Rio by George HW Bush. Fema is on record for purchasing 140 million body bags, millions of coffins, MRE’s, ammo.

      Obama, both his Biological and adopted father were Muslims..whether or not Obama is a Muslim or not, he has certainly been very sympathetic to their causes. Who is to say what the truth is, you dont know for certain that he isnt any more than someone against can claim that he positively is. His actions carry weight, his proclamations for being the call to prayer one of the most beautiful sounds he has ever heard is damning. For me, it makes my skin crawl.

      How do you know that Obama will not cancel the elections in 2016, whether its the deficit or for some other reason..Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. His psychological tendencies observed over the the last 6 years clearly point out a Narcissistic personality with no respect for anyone who stands in his way. He has overstepped his authority many times already. Executive orders do not give the president the authority to create or amend laws. It gives him the authority to clarify laws that were otherwise ambiguous
      The USA has three branches of government, not one all powerful one, Obama has demonstrated his disdain for those restrictions the Constitution places upon him and he has followers who agree he should have more power.

    • Dam were you been Earl????? It”s a done deal,new law allowing more than 2 terms being passed as we type. WAKE UP EARL LEE!!!!!!!

    • Why are people still in denial? Obama has admitted by his own mouth that he is a Muslim – oh, that’s right, snopes said it was dubbed…

    • Earl Lee you sound like a backyard hick in the hills. You are the dumb one and a jackass at that. Poor thing has no sense and just another liberal who is crazy like Obama the liar and his lieing bunch of Dems. Are you black, illegal immigrant,muslim or homo or transgender or lesbian or pervert or a nasty ass pedifile…are all of them..nasty nasty. Well as you know Obama loves all of these perverts because he is one himself & the biggest liar of all!!

      • Congratulations on proving the ignorance and bigotry conservatives are known for. You’re one prime example of why the country laughs at Republicans, and just can’t take you seriously. This willful ignorance is also why I refuse to identify myself as a conservative anymore.

      • betty clause is a reactionary, not to be confused with a conservative, the traditional “liberal” group. words are devalued, please dont abet newspeak!

  21. This pisses me off to no end! It has gotten to the point that police officers are almost afraid to defend themselves for fear of retribution from the likes of Jesse Jackson, that little sawed off twerp of an Al Sharpton and of course our Illustrious President himself not to mention, his not yet replaced, Attorney General. This officer was attacked with an ax! He has every right to defend himself with a bullet to the heart or head!
    It makes no difference if the offender is black, white, brown, yellow or pink! Kill the son of a bitch! Do not let him have his day in court at our expense and then have us provide him with food and housing for the next 20 odd years while he learns new tricks, with the pros.

  22. Allen, we have children leaving America and committing heinous crimes because of the break down in morality. Morals cannot be taught by man out of his own interpretations of the laws and man’s individual interpretation of morality. Take the government out of the morality business and put it back in the hands of God, the churches, and the parents.

  23. Allen, it is false generalizations and comparisons like the one you are trying to do that makes for good headlines, but worthless and incompetent for truth. Who said this was an attempted “beheading”? Only you or anyone wanting to get in the news. This was a sick individual with a deadly weapon, an ax, who attacked a police cruiser and smashed a hole in the window, NOT SHATTERED because he window is still in place. Just like the previous attack in headlines you erroneously classified as an attempted beheading, this was just a simple sick attack to hurt or kill an officer. STOP trying to connect or equate everything to an ISIS related event. Which you in turn try to somehow shift back to President Obama!!


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