Secular “brownshirts” try to silence churches before elections

Many were disturbed and disgusted when ISIS gave an ultimatum to the millennia-old Christian communities in Syria and Iraq to convert, submit, or be killed. Well, there’s a very thin line between such a life-threatening ultimatum and the recent threat issued by a secular humanist atheist group, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

As reported by our hometown BizPac Review, “Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, an organization that seeks to do exactly what its name says, has sent letters to thousands of pastors ahead of the midterm elections reminding them that they can be punished by the IRS if they speak out, according to Fox News.”

The unholy alliance between progressive socialists and secular humanists never fails in its design to rule by way of intimidation and coercion — right there with the Islamo-fascists. Part of the letter sent read, “If the IRS has determined your place of worship has intervened in an election, it has the power to revoke your tax exemption. It can also levy significant fines on an offending congregation or its leaders.” Father Jonathan Morris told Fox News that the organization wants to intimidate places of worship into total silence when churches should only be reminded that they cannot endorse candidates.”

Funny thing, I still remember former U.S. Congressman Robert Wexler hand-carrying Barack Hussein Obama to just about every Jewish synagogue in South Florida back in 2008 — where was this group then? Or how about when John Kerry and Hillary Clinton were busting down the doors in black churches? And oh by the way, I know of many black churches where the pastors were telling their congregation to go out and vote for Obama — and y’all know exactly what I am talking about. Not a word of protest.

You see, the duplicitous hypocrisy is laughable and simply reflects a Democrat Party concerned about losing the midterm election. We reported about the progressive group in Fayetteville, NC that placed flyers on cars of black churchgoers depicting the despicable image of a lynching to advocate voting for Democrat Senator Kay Hagan — separation of political activity?

I believe these actions will backfire against the progressives and the secular humanists. Don’t forget it was the Democrat Party who had to vote to put God back in their platform at the 2012 convention.

The action by this ill-named group is all about voter intimidation and suppression, and borders on violating the First Amendment rights of selected Christian churches. Certainly there were no letters sent to those black churches busing Democrat voters as part of the “souls to the polls” effort– nah, they are good to go. We reported yesterday about the plight of Rev. Corey Brooks of the New Beginnings Church of God in Chicago who made the mistake of endorsing the GOP candidate for Governor in Illinois, Bruce Rauner.

The jackboot tactics of threatening calls and having $8,000 stolen from his church are just an indicator — and he made his endorsement not from the pulpit but as a private citizen. You can bet the IRS will not be far behind.

The time is coming when men and women of God find their courage and strength and refuse to be scared, intimidated, and coerced by the hate-filled political machine of the liberal progressive socialists and their secular humanist “brown shirts.

As I said, there is a very thin line between this tactic and that of ISIS — yep, I said so. How dare this group send letters threatening churches before an election — a blatantly obvious action attempting to force political submission. This is not what our Founding Fathers intended for America — this tyranny against our freedoms and liberty. This is not about “separation of church and state.” This is about the decimation of religious liberty and freedom in America — the destruction of our Judeo-Christian faith heritage, and the ability of Christians to participate in the electoral process in America.

So what is next? Who will be the new progressive socialist Emperor Nero to usher in a new era of Christian persecution? Once again we are being taught what the meaning of “tolerance” is for liberal progressive socialists and secular humanists.

But we shall not take this and I urge Evangelical Christians from all across this land to make the stand, fight back, and get out and vote. And pastors, be the leaders that God has called you to be, “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, but unto God that which is God’s” — and that means a just government so God continues to bless America.

The response to Americans United for Separation of Church and State is simple: Molon Labe!


  1. More incoherent logic from West.

    If you think reminding someone of the law is what the Brownshirts did, then you, West, are clueless about history. That’s all this group did – remind them of the law. What, you would prefer the Churches violate the law? That the Alliance then sue the Churches in court?

    Finally, the Alliance takes on Churches that unlawfully support (D) and well as (R) candidates. You LIE when you try to make this a partisan issue.

    Another day, another example of West losing his mind under even the slightest pressure.

    • Americans United for Separation of Church and State is a very evil organization that are against Christians and God. They twist the Constitution to their liking and wouldn’t know anything about the mind of Jesus Christ.

      • You are only here to beat your own drum to a beat that is strictly out of hate. You couldn’t discredit Col West on your ravings about his leaving the military, so you started a campaign to attack him on other issues, and now you try to discredit him about his Guardian fund… get a life Earl… really, this is eating you alive and all this bitterness will destroy you….

      • His leaving the military stands on its OWN….3 words…RELIEVED OF COMMAND! Darn near everything the man post is a out right lie or MYTH!! Some of these people are too stupid to look it up for themselves so there are a few of us that will do it for them!!

      • What is all comes down to darling, is you have a very obsessive hate for Col West and will stop at nothing to try to bring him down… I hope you get help for this soon, before it completely consumes you… but Im afraid its probably too late, as your bitterness is very deep that is has you very delusional.

      • Not hate….just debunking the LIES and MYTHS dear. Someone here has to because its apparent that you loons have NO INTEREST in the TRUTH or to make sure someone is telling the TRUTH!!

      • You haven’t shown any proof of your accusations…. so why would anyone believe you… Ive checked out all you tried to “debunk” him with, and none of it holds water… get a new line, this one has been worn out….

      • And speaking of proof…the GUARDIAN FUNDS numbers has been updated….over 6 million collected and only 60k given to 9 conservative candidates. FRAUD!!!

      • As I said Earl, I’ve looked up the issues you keep bring up and nothing seems out of place. So what if only 60k went out to candidates, there are other things that may need taken care of… as long as he is not using the money for his personal use or gain, then there is nothing fraudulent.

        Let me ask you this… have you ever ran a fund raising campaign? Do you know what it takes to run one? There are bills that have to be paid to, travel expenses and so forth and its not cheap. How much has Obama taken in for from his fundraisers and how much has gone out to the candidates? Or any other dem organization? Are you crunching their numbers as well?

        Again Earl, you are a loon, you are obsessed with Col West and its starting to get out of hand as it drives you crazy that its getting scary and I would suggest that Col West investigate you as you seem so overly concerned about what he is doing or has done, that you are close to the point of being dangerous. Get some help.

    • I think you are wrong. I believe actions against churches will be disproportionate in favor of Democrats. I base this on the IRS actions against conservative groups that did definitely happen and no one has been prosecuted to this day. If you come back with there is no proof, well the proof is in the hiding of documents.

  2. Colonel West, or whoever writes this stuff. There is a pretty THICK line between what Isis is doing to Christians and what this organization does, as misdirected as it is. Don’t minimize the life and death realities facing these folks every day with such a lame comparison/

    I do agree the this group you discuss is hypocritical and that Pastors, speaking as private citizens, can endorse whoever they want (the tax status is the church’s not theirs). When issues are clearly addressed in the scriptures it is their (our) duty to speak out and address them. If we were to lose our tax-free rights that is not comparable, however, to losing our lives.

      • You’re wrong. You’ve confused automatically qualifying as a non-profit by simply complying with the requirements of 501(c)(3) and requesting “recognition” of 501(C)(3) status by filing the paperwork.

        Both groups — those that file for recognition and those that seek status by action — are bound by the rules.

        Many radical sites have gotten then wrong, so don’t feel bad. You’re just repeating bad information.

  3. Nonsense. I dare these secular humanists to interfere with the church I serve. The facts are a bit different. If in fact a complaint were made to the IRS (and it does happen), the normal (if any) response from the IRS is a letter saying “don’t do that again.” Then you start fresh.

    Just as a matter of interest, did anyone from the IRS chastise Jeremiah Wright?

    • Republican operatives reviewed 30 years of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons, they found 30-seconds of objectionable material. If there were more, we’d have heard more.

      If he had tried his hand at electioneering, we’d know – and you know that’s the truth.

      The number one thing that he said, taken in context, was that America was going to he-double-l if it didn’t get square with God. From whom else have we heard that? That’s right, pretty much every evangelical preacher who ever walked, (D) or (R).

      Think I’m wrong? Go listen to the full sermon from where the small soundbites were taken.

      Wright is a loon, IMHO, but I’m a Catholic and I think most evangelicals are crazy.

      • Republican operatives reviewed 30 years of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons,
        they found 30-seconds of objectionable material. If there were more,
        we’d have heard more. .. you’re so full of it.

    Allen West compared upholding the Constitution to threatening to kill people if they don’t convert.

    Wow… the crazy just doesn’t stop

  5. First of all – and you need to pay attention here – those rules that this mayor is referring to regarding political speech only apply to those with tax exempt 501c status. Most churches are not 501c’s because under our Constitution, they are automatically tax exempt. This mayor, in short, is an “idiot.” But what’s worse this is not the “Ok to be Gay agenda,” this is the “Gay is the only way” agenda. And what she is attempting to do is intimidate to silence dissent.

    • No, not even close.

      Most Churches qualify for 501(c)(3) status by compliance and do not file for “recognition” these days, but they did file for it in the past.

      The same opportunity is true for any company that wants to be tax-exempt.

      The “harm” in the IRS scandal was that organizations couldn’t boast of having been recognized as Tax Exempt when fundraising. Not a dang one of them needed to file for “recognition,” they do so to ensure they are complying with 501C3 rules, to have easier audits and tax filings, and to collect donations from people looking for tax write-offs.

      You gain the status of “tax-exempt” by your acts, but if you need, you can also be “recognized” as exempt by the service.

      That’s why the word is “recognize” and not “confer” not “grant.”

      Read more here:

      Bottom line: if a Church doesn’t act like a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, it won’t be treated like one, filing or no filing.

    • The “automatic” exemption for churches comes by filing for a 501(c)3 status. Dana, I’m not sure what you do for a living, but as someone who planted a church 25 years ago, at the time you didn’t need the status. Currently, I believe if I were to start the church I would need fill out the forms. The tax-exempt recognition does have requirements like filing payroll reports, contribution reports, etc. As redstatejoe describes, this is mostly about people making donations and getting a deduction and being exempt from property and sales taxes.

  6. Allen (rob these loons blind) west continue to count on his followers to remain STUPID! They don’t fact check ANYTHING! A LOON AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED!!!

    • Same post every day, over and over. You are dumb and unoriginal. The perfect example of collectivist mentality. A drone.
      You are boring, get a life loser.

  7. Does it phase the Republican voters that the Dream Candidate (the Repub Party’s only one of course) would not allow much of the gov persecution to happen? The awful healthcare mandate vs. conscience for religious folk, is one example. But the way people vote and have gone in recent times says a lot. A lot.

    Here is a radical idea. How about dropping the games, and voting for the 2016 Dream Candidate at AmericaIdea.


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