Powerful video: Black folks in an abusive leadership relationship

Hat tip to Rebel Pundit who has the courage and vision to give us the true story of what’s happening in our inner cities.

Listen to Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward deliver a message to black communities across the country. Their message sheds light on who are the “real oppressors” of their community — Black liberal democrats — the overseers of the white liberal progressive socialists.

Please watch this powerful video and share with others to combat the abhorrent Democrat use of lynching images to intimidate blacks into staying on their economic plantation.

But woe betide those who stand against the overseers and the massa. A Chicago black pastor named Corey Brooks of the New Beginnings Church has received threatening phone calls and had his church offering box robbed — $8,000 stolen — all because he has endorsed the GOP candidate for Governor in Illinois, Bruce Rauner.

As reported by USA Today, ” Rev. Corey Brooks, who has backed Republican Rauner in his tight race against Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn, said about $8,000 was taken from a collection box from his New Beginnings Church this weekend. The money was earmarked to help the prominent church on Chicago’s South Side establish a new community center near the congregation hall. Brooks, who has appeared in a political advertisement backing Rauner, says he received threatening messages by phone and over social media on Friday because of his support of the venture capitalist Rauner. In one audio recording that Brooks shared with WGN-TV, a caller left an expletive filled message in which she called “Uncle Tom” and Rauner’s “puppet.”

All this is happening in Barack Hussein Obama’s “hometown” — if he cares this little for them, you know how much he cares about Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, or Washington DC — where he cancelled the DC school voucher program.

Yesterday we shared the 82-year-old black grandmother who is fed up — perhaps the black community is finally realizing that slavery does not just come in physical chains of bondage. It can also happen by way of economic bondage. It’s time to rise up and break those chains.


  1. I like the video, but how do you get this message out to the black community? I doubt many current Democrat voters are reading Allen West.

    • What I liked the most is the evidence of what they are talking about is right in front of our eyes. We don’t need to go to a web page and wonder who is sponsoring it and all that jazz. About the only things that rise under Dems is inflation and taxes. DEFINITELY NOT profit and everyday living.

  2. And don’t just vote in the major elections, vote in the primaries! Get rid of the Liberals/Communists who are in control of the Dem party.

    • It’s not just those in control – it’s the entire party. Look at the voting records we’re seeing broadcast during this election: 97, 98, 99% solidarity with Dear Leader.

      The entire party is a monolithic block of anti-American, socialist traitors. There are no moderate democrats. There are no patriotic democrats. It is a party working with the international communists to destroy America.

      • Exactly right. The low informed Dem voter has allowed the special interest elitests to determine who goes up for general election for far too long.

  3. Presidential elections are important, true. U.S. House of Representatives and Senate seatsare also very important. But it is thelocal elected officials that rezone your single family neighborhood into apartments. It is the local officials that control the zoning and allow strip clubs and pawn shops to open next door to your neighborhood. Which road in your district need repairs v.s. which ones get repaved. Which school gets another building and which one gets their new computers set back another year. National votes are important. State elected officials like the Governer, House and Senate are more important. But the most important elected officials are the Mayors, Wards, County Commissions, School Boards etc…

  4. What amazes me is why any “Black voter” would cast a ballot for any elected official who supports amnesty for illegal aliens. for the 34 million new legal workers in this country, who’s jobs are they going to compete for? The former illegal alien isn’t going to compete for management and CEO positions. They will compete for working class jobs that African Americans traditionally hold. It is hard enough to find a job, what will it be like when you add that many more people looking for work.
    Furthermore why would any young black male ever consider dropping out of school, or not pursuing further education in college or trades after High School? There are going to be plenty of former illegal aliens to complete for jobs that don’t require additional training/schooling. when you stop education you are shooting yourself in the foot.
    A vote for any candidate that supports illegal aliens is a vote to the detriment of Black citizens.

  5. If you take a transcript of this video and replace the word “black” with “people” or “people’s” it is still just as true.

  6. If I was younger I would probably be standing beside these men-I am a white woman but I once had a job driving a Jewish lawyer from Glencoe and during our years of drives itstruck me like a load of bricks-the truth-the Democrats have created slavery all over again in Chicago-just drive from the north to the south of Michigan Avenue or state street and you can’t miss the reality-wake up people of Chicago-help yourselves

  7. Democrats care more about the black vote than they actually care about black people. Yet blind loyalty to the party gives their representatives the clearance to live high off the hog, make sweetheart deals that advance their own interests, and ignore the needs and concerns of the people they are supposed to represent because they know full well that their hatred for Republicans will most likely keep their status of power secure. This has to change. If they accept that the Constitution works for them just as much as anybody and everybody else, and if they take ownership of their communities, and hold their representatives accountable to upholding and advancing their constitutional rights, than black neighborhoods will turn around for the better, and more and more will have the confidence to be job providers rather than struggling job seekers. Again, the Constitution is your license to liberty, just as it is the license to the liberty of every American. Embrace your equality, and utilize it for the betterment of you, your family, and your community.

  8. This so true, but unfortunately the Republican party believes it’s impotent and can’t reproduce itself in any other community. So they don’t enter minority communities or engage issues affecting minorities.

  9. Republicans are not interested in the black community. They use the black community to strike FEAR in their base. They demonize the black community and INSULT the black community and they don’t even GO to the black community.
    Allen (rob these loons blind) west is a perfect example of this! Where are his blog post showing how black people can rise up like he did?? THERE ARE NONE!!!

  10. View AmericaIdea for the 2016 Dream Candidate. Support or repubs don’t get the right leader. Easy to understand. It’s tough though, with no contact form, no email sending allowed, to the GOP site. They are now even locking their site down more and more.

  11. Anti-whites are forcing whites to assimilate with the non-white world
    by chasing us down with diversity
    It’s genocide.
    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  12. Man I bet “Uncle Ruckus” had to really put in some work to find these “gigs”. To bad blacks and most all people of color will sink the RepubliKKKlan party in ’16 just like they did Chris McDaniel. (haha)

    • The KKK was started and continues to be Democrat, just google it and find out the facts before you repeat what you hear, you are not a parrot or a robot you are a human being…

      • Whatever YOU Googled, you didn’t get. Same bs from republicants. Yes the democratic party back then was started by democratics, but you ignorant conservatives refuse to believe they are now republicants. Yes sure, the KKK help put Obama in the Whitehouse . . . TWICE! KKK being democrats now, basic conservative b.s. rhetoric.

      • Democrats may not be the KKK now, but the spirit of holding the black community down is still all on Democrats is still the same..try a little harder looking for info!

      • Stop the flattering, please do not put me in the same character level as our useless Anti-American President, by calling me names like a 3rd grader bully on a playground swing set. If it weren’t for the Democrats, Racism would have chance to die off, but instead you RaceBaiter Democrats are keeping it alive and well. The Black Community is worst now than is was 6 years ago.. Open your eyes and ears! Face it you made a very big mistake voting him in office!! Next choose wisely, a man with morals and of good character before you doom this beautiful country of ours!!!

      • Drooling t-bag loons are a hoot. Yours is the debased white culture of Timmy McVeigh and Adam Lanza. They represent your party and people to a “T”. Do a little research on your kin. Also this thread is over two weeks old, typical of a slow burning inbred mind.

      • Ok I get it, i have to lower myself to your level! Here I go, “I know you are , but What am I ? !! hows that?


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