4 symptoms of Ebola FUBAR

It’s difficult to ascertain who’s in charge when it comes to the whole Ebola procedures and guidance debacle here in America. We’ve got four symptoms of why this whole thing is FUBAR.

1. There is no travel ban but there will be screening at selective APODs (Aerial Ports of Debarkation).

2. Folks flying into America from West Africa are still getting past the screening and being released – like the doctor in New York City.

3. States are taking the lead to quarantine individuals entering their states — but the Obama administration has taken umbrage with their unilateral decision — guess Obama now knows what that feels like.

4. And now the latest in this ongoing kabuki dance as reported by Fox News, “The Joint Chiefs of Staff have recommended that all U.S. troops returning from West Africa undergo a mandatory 21-day quarantine, senior Defense officials told Fox News — a step the Army already is taking. Even as the White House fights such mandatory quarantine policies in New York and New Jersey, the U.S. military is moving in that direction as a precautionary measure.”

“On its own, the Department of the Army has issued guidelines ordering troops returning from West Africa into a 21-day isolation, separated from their families and other troops. Currently, a team that consists of a major general and 11 other troops is being held in isolation in a building at their base in Vicenza, Italy, after returning from Liberia. “There are several dozen more people due in, and they will go through the same procedure,” Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said, adding that “no specific event or incident” triggered the policy.”

But wait a minute! I thought we were told our troops deployed wouldn’t have any contact with Ebola patients — so why is there a need for a 21-day quarantine?

In any event, the military, namely the U.S. Army — in true honor of the legacy of General George Patton — has sent a message to the White House of “lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.”

I was taught in the Army that in absence of clear concise guidance from higher ups, make a decision — and so it seems that is still a viable maxim in the Army.

Now I don’t agree with deploying our troops into the Ebola “hot zone” for facility construction, when the UN and the World Health Organization could fulfill that mission using contracted host-nation labor. Of course, it will be interesting to see if the White House pushes back on the Pentagon as they have done with the governors of several states on the issue of quarantine – we’ve already seen New York’s Governor Cuomo grow a yellow stripe and back down. Something tells me the uniformed leadership of our military will not do the same — well, I don’t believe they will.

So where is the Obama Ebola Czar Ron Klain on all of this? I thought he was brought in to synchronize efforts – I guess this was just another show pony action — politics not policy. But it’s extremely confusing to the American people. The Obama administration makes a policy that doesn’t prevent Ebola cases from entering America. The governors come together to make tougher standards to prevent Ebola from entering America — the Obama administration scoffs at the governors. And the military comes up with its own policy — namely one branch, the Army — without consulting the Commander-in-Chief.

Clear. Right?

Fox says “the Army made the decision separately from Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who is mulling whether to accept the recommendation of the Joint Chiefs and impose that policy across the military. Asked if Hagel thought the Army’s decision was a good idea, Warren said “he would have to get back” to Fox News on the question. The secretary is deliberating, and no final decision has been made. “Secretary Hagel has a big problem,” one senior U.S. official told Fox News, referring to the decision he has to make.”

Seems to me Hagel is Oscar-Bravo-Echo as we say in the military — “Overcome by Events” — meaning the decision has already been made and anything he says or does to the contrary will be severely questioned. I find it simply unconscionable that the Obama administration — the Commander-in-Chief — would order our men and women into an Ebola hot zone without any consideration as to the redeployment procedures — something we mentioned here about the decision to deploy the force in the first place — along with the ROE.

So with all those advisors, why couldn’t they have thought this issue all the way through from deployment to redeployment to reunification with their families?

Confusion abounds, “If the Pentagon does decide on a 21-day quarantine for all returning personnel, it would represent a major shift in its Ebola response policy. And it presumably would put them at odds with the White House. “The Obama administration is going to war with New York and New Jersey, but its own military is recommending the same thing,” a senior U.S. official told Fox News. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest stressed Monday that the Defense Department’s policy for all branches has “not been settled and implemented yet.” He also drew a distinction with the policies implemented in New York and New Jersey, noting that they singled out health workers.”

There is complete lack of guidance and direction at a critical time in dealing with a critical issue. It just reminds me Abbott and Costello’s “who’s on first” routine. In the worst way.

And the CDC is supposed to release “new guidelines” which most likely will be in contradiction to what the states’ governors have implemented.

Fox says, “Defense Department officials have made clear that no personnel are going to be treating infected patients and that the vast majority of the troops in Liberia are logistical experts who are establishing the medical infrastructure for health care workers outside the Department of Defense. But a growing number of U.S. military personnel are being deployed, and would be affected by any blanket quarantine order. As of Friday, 686 U.S. troops were in West Africa as part of that mission, with hundreds more expected to have arrived over the weekend.”

Oh — UN Ambassador Samantha Power is also in West Africa at ground zero of the Ebola hot zone — will she undergo a 21-day quarantine? This is a national issue and we don’t have a national policy or a visible leader — oops, we do have Ron Klain.

Well, here is my simplified equation Ebola + Obama = FUBAR.


  1. Based on the White House objections to quarantine of military members upon return, I recommend this alternative…billet these troops on the 2nd floor of the West Wing…they can be both in a contained area, as well as providing additional security presence to block the “fence jumpers”.

  2. So Ebola procedures and guidance are a debacle here in America. The West African epidemic began in Guinea in Dec 2013 > here we are in Oct 2014 and (outside of the patients flown in for Ebola treatment) there have been 4 confirmed cases in the U.S.

    But the U.S. has an Ebola debacle.

    Request: Whenever the CDC, or whoever, gets done fixing the Ebola debacle can we get someone on the case to fix Allen West’s chronic hyperbole debacle? Thx in advance.

    • Yes because there shouldn’t have been ANY Ebola victims AT ALL in this country. Ebola has been noticed by the western world since the 70’s NO OTHER US president was DUMB enough to gamble the odds with this illness but this moron OH the great healer can save the world. He BROKE quarantine protocols! How dumbass can you get. 1 I mean 1 American on American soil getting this is a debacle because preventing that would have been the easiest and the most logical thing in the world. Go drink your koolaid somewhere else.

      • You mean like Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush did? Oooops, they didn’t. There is no established flight restriction protocol.

        That’s the point – the yahoo above claimed that Obama wasn’t following the protocols other presidents put into place.

        All you did was prove my point. The more you post, the better I sound. Keep it up!

      • I don’t remember an Ebola outbreak that threatened the US before. Do you leftard? If your POS POTUS needs a previous protocol to govern when it comes to ebola then he shouldn’t be in office. Now if you want to blabber about protocols, tell the class the former protocol for going on apology tours or trading five terrorist leaders for a traitor. Or fast&furious, Benghazi, using the IRS to go after his political enemies. Your POTUS is a devout coward and you morons alibi for him constantly. Keep making MY point.

      • Thanks, again, for demonstrating why the best protocol on this board is just to ignore your childish posts.

        The claim was made that Obama violated previous protocols, including your insane claim that previous presidents had travel restrictions on Africans.

        When pressed for proof, you lost your mind. No wonder you like West so much, he can’t keep his cool under pressure either. Just ask the Army.

      • [[ Thanks, again, for demonstrating why the best protocol on this board is just to ignore your childish posts.]]

        Says the moron as he responds to my ‘childish posts’. Dope.

        [[ The claim was made that Obama violated previous protocols, including your insane claim that previous presidents had travel restrictions on Africans.]]

        I’ve never said any previous POTUS imposed a travel restriction. Put the crack pipe down leftard.

        [[ When pressed for proof, you lost your mind.]]

        Proof of what? Some feeble straw-man argument YOU contrived? My point was rather simple. One more time loon……………”If your POS POTUS needs a previous protocol to govern when it comes to ebola then he shouldn’t be in office”.

        [[ No wonder you like West so much, he can’t keep his cool under pressure either.]]

        Because I pointed out how your punk POTUS can’t do his job? Because I pointed out how protocol has nothing to do with this? I never mentioned protocol RedAzz. And this still stands unanswered libocrite…………….. “Now if you want to blabber about protocols, tell the class the former protocol for going on apology tours or trading five terrorist leaders for a traitor. Or fast&furious, Benghazi, using the IRS to go after his political enemies.”

        After all, you idiotically think that a POTUS should govern by protocol. Or is that only applicable under certain circumstances.

      • Go look it up! That IS a computer right there in front of you isn’t it? Good to know Americans getting infected by a virus they didn’t need to have ANY contact with is a laughing matter to you.

      • Ebola is many times worse than the Spanish Flu which killed millions. I do believe that the return of our military was a gov. / military policy.

      • You made the claim, it’s your to substantiate. I can’t find any protocols that Obama changed from past presidents, so I think you are lying.

        Prove me wrong, sustain your claim. List, with specificity, the Protocols that Obama changed, when and how.

        You know you can’t.

      • How surprising that he can’t be specific. Talking points don’t require specificity nor any basis in fact – they just have to look good and rouse the base.

  3. President Obama’s choice for our so-called “Ebola czar” has exactly ZERO
    medical background, and ZERO experience in managing anything having to
    do with public health. He is just another weasel Democrat political hack
    lawyer whose chief resume credit is that he worked for Al Gore and
    later for Joe Biden Oh well – at least Obama didn’t try to foist a
    “community organizer” on us!

  4. “New York’s Governor Cuomo grow a yellow stripe and back down.” there’s no big surprise. Hey Dems, the ‘don’t worry about Ebola after we hyped it for months and accidentally let it in because we are setting up for an amnesty political play after the elections so we couldn’t ban travel from West Africa’ tack is going to bury you.

  5. LOL – I thought you had 4 points.

    Ya got one – no guarantees. The people with the medical degrees say you’re wrong, and their explanations for their degreed-opinions are all over the internet. They make their position obtainable to the lay person and do so with facts and cogent discussion.

    You could learn a lot from the experts, not only on this issue, but on what it means to be persuasive. Speaking of learning …

    Where did you get your medical degree? Where was your emergency medicine and infectious disease training done? Do you even know what an “ID vector” is?

    Of course you don’t. You’re dreaming, again, of American bodybags in the hope that you can win some political points.

    When Ebola doesn’t destroy America, will it finally destroy the last shards of credibility attached to the name Allen B West?

    • Sorry Joe, but Democrats/Liberals no longer have credibility on any subject. You elected and support an individual who most likely isn’t an American, who lied his way through College, who used personal attacks on his opponents to get into the Senate. A person who has never been in the Military and in fact loathes the Military, a person who has never had a real job, he’s never produced anything, the only thing he’s sold is BS, he’s been employed for left-wing foundations as an “organizer”. While he claims to have helped the Chicago Public Schools with millions of dollars from the TIDES Foundation, instead he and Bill Ayres paid their crony friends to get him into politics and the Schools were worst than before he came along. Democrats never take into account ability, experience or integrity before electing a Representative. Obama knows nothing and the people he’s hired know nothing, he doesn’t even have the sense to surround himself with smart, experienced people. Instead he hires those idiots who have raised the most money for him. Democrats do the same thing every time and we always get the same results, misery, unemployment, inflation, massive spending and taxes, lying, cheating and stealing from the American people. But Obama has even taken it to a whole new level of corruption by illegally using Government Departments IRS, EPA, FCC and the BLM to harass, punish and attack political opponents, Citizens and even States if they disagree with his insane policies.
      Honestly, I believe Obama is mentally ill, he can’t make a rational decision, his mind works like the mind of a serial Killer, he has no concept of right or wrong, good or bad, he bases everything he does on what the political outcome will be. Obama is a very dangerous man. Because so many Democrats continue to defend his outrages actions, you have lost all credibility, Obama has failed in every area of his job yet you still cling to his feet like he’s a God. Sorry Joe shut up!

      • 1) I have never voted for Obama,
        2) I am registered as a (R)
        3) I’m not that big an Obama fan, I’m more someone opposed to reckless prattle that has the effect of making Americans hate their government and anyone opposed to them.

        If it seems I’m on Obama’s side, it’s because no one here is pushing back on the lunatics, so I thought I’d fill the void.

        If you spoke with a registered (D), I think you would find they have reasons for their votes different than you present.

  6. Well looks like the New York doctor who was infected is now free of Ebola. There’s zero cases in the US at the moment.

    So what are we going to do about the complete and utter FUBAR that is this insane Ebola debacle?? I hope A West doesn’t just forget about this, what is the country going to do, what does A West suggest America does to contain this rapidly spreading disease that the government obviously can’t handle?


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