Please send this to a liberal before next Tuesday’s Time for Choosing

I had a great time up on ol’ Rocky Top for the Alabama-Tennessee game, but it is time to get back to being the sentinel — and in one week it will be our “Time for Choosing.”

Today is the 50th anniversary of the seminal conservative ideology speech given by Ronald Reagan — October 27th, 1964. Reagan’s speech laid out a clear vision for an America that embraced its history as a Constitutional Republic and the intricate relationship between government and the governed. Reagan’s speech seems prescient now — it is certainly quite telling of who we are as Americans.

I sincerely ask that you please watch this speech — no teleprompter, no fake Greek columns — just one man’s insightful thoughts and perspectives.

And after watching Reagan deliver this speech, ask yourself, are his words still relevant? As The Washington Post writes, “The Reagan whom Americans saw on the night of Oct. 27, 1964, was not the avuncular, optimistic Reagan of his film roles, or of his subsequent political career that emphasized “morning in America” and the “shining city on a hill,” but a comparatively angry and serious Reagan, serving up partisan red meat against liberalism and the Democrats.”

“Our natural, unalienable rights are now considered to be a dispensation of government,” he declared, “and freedom has never been so fragile, so close to slipping from our grasp as it is at this moment.” The speech couldn’t save Goldwater. And his landslide defeat by President Lyndon Johnson was thought at the time to represent a sweeping repudiation of conservatism. Yet “A Time for Choosing” created a groundswell of support for Reagan’s own entry into electoral politics two years later. It also provided a template — an understanding of government as ruinously ambitious and out of control, projecting weakness and uncertainty to our enemies abroad — that still defines conservatism today.”

Some try to say conservatism is about punishing the people — quite the opposite — conservatism is about elevating the individual and with a structure governance that promotes their growth, opportunity, and promise. Conservatism is inherently “compassionate” and needs no one to try and qualify it — just embrace its fundamental principles: limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, free market/free enterprise economy, and strong national defense.

I just have to ask, who would not agree with those precepts?

Um, well, the folks who bring you “you didn’t build that” and “corporations and businesses don’t create jobs” — the progressive socialists. They reject the preeminence of the individual for the manipulation and subjugation of the collective. Conservatives believe there must be a safety net for citizens as they climb the ladder of personal success and achievement — but as Reagan believed, we want you to continue to climb.

Instead, progressive socialists prefer to provide a hammock, as they do not advocate for the advancement of the indomitable individual entrepreneurial spirit — they just promote sound bite gimmicks that result in economic enslavement.

Progressive socialists believe they can and must determine individual outcomes because they believe individuals have no right to do that themselves. Conservatism believes in those three rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We don’t guarantee happiness, but we create an environment where it can pursued and achieved.

As my mom would say, “Self-esteem comes from doing esteemable things” — conservatives want individual self-esteem — progressive socialists prefer to destroy individual will and determination in order to establish dependency.

Ronald Reagan’s “Time for Choosing” speech is far more than just relevant for today — it is crucially necessary. If we don’t draw the complete distinction between what Reagan addressed and that which Obama professed then the growth, opportunity, and promise for future generations of Americans will be lost.

Sadly for America, not enough people watched this speech when the time for choosing came in 2008 and 2012 — they preferred the teleprompter aural honey that dripped into their ears which was simply disguised poison that found its way into their cognitive reasoning.

But perhaps, just perhaps, today there will be enough Americans who will take the time to view this video and share it with others. In a week there will be another “Time for Choosing” — let it not pass without our nation making the right choice — for life, liberty, freedom, and government enabling the individual pursuit of happiness — and not the false promise of a tyrannical government guaranteeing a collective happiness.

Reagan’s message was prescient. We don’t need someone who tries to be a lesser version of a progressive socialist, we need someone who can reignite that fire.

But until then, we have this time to choose.


    • That’s one of the characteristics of conservatism. It never goes out of style and is transcendent, regardless of the accusations by the predominantly white male leftist establishment, of conservatism as being geared towards white males.

  1. The Republican Party has the Dream Candidate if invited in the 2016 program. The answer is AmericaIdea.Com. Bless Reagan. Time is running out. The GOP will not listen. But it’s not close between the Dream and the runners-up.

    • Believe it or not, some people can speak off the cuff, not relying on speech writers. Last I heard, President Reagan occasionally spoke with notes written on index cards as an aid to topics he spoke on. President Reagan was formerly an actor before he entered politics. Years ago, I worked at Taco Bell and joined the military, but that doesn’t define my subsequent years.
      You really should get a life Earl (No-Such-Thing-As-A-Black-Conservative) Lee and stop stalking Col. West.

    • Oh, you mean like the Kenyan born traitor sitting in our white house giving weapons and billions of dollars to Islamo-facists who are murdering thousands of civilians in the middle east. I don’t give money to West but I am forced to give money to the traitor in the white house. You’re nothing but a paid troll who is drunk on the eutopian lies the liberal-socialists spew.

      • Still entertaining here!! As long as Allen (rob these loons blind) west continue to post lies and falsehoods….I WILL BE HERE!

      • I’m not trying to entertain….I’m here to debunk the lies that you LOONS refuse to look up yourselves!! Allen (rob these loons blind) west is getting rich from you LOONS and you get BLOG POST in return.
        For example the fraudulent GUARDIAN FUND has collected over 4 million dollars…which only 35k has went to conservative candidates while over 3 million spent on FUNDRAISING! How in the world do you spend 3 million only to give out 35k??

      • I’m here to make sure his tin foil hat wearing followers knows that this fraud is a conman only seeking to get their money!!! How do you collect over 4 million dollars only to give out 35k while spending over 3 million on fundraising…this man is a fraud

  2. I love Reagan’s speech – very moving. Here are some of the things that Reagan chose once he was president.

    – Amnesty for 3 million illegal aliens
    – Executive order granting resident status, without Congressional approval, for 300,000 more who did not qualify for Amnesty nor for Asylum.
    – Raised taxed 11 times.
    – Signed the largest tax increase in US history
    – Tripled the federal budget deficit.
    – Saw unemployment RISE to 10.8 after the one time he did cut taxes.
    – Sold weapons to terrorists in Iran
    – Vetoed comprehensive anti-apartheid legislation.

  3. Here’s an intellectual exercise that’s pretty easy to do: cut and paste all the horrible, nasty, scary things that West claims liberals want and then ask your liberal friends if West has it right. Ask them to explain why he’s wrong.

    I’m not saying the (D) are right, I’m just saying they aren’t wrong for the demonstratively untrue reason West provides.

    The reason West has to make up a strawman for what a liberal thinks is because he doesn’t have the intellectual wherewithal to take on the liberals honestly.

    That’s the best reason for why West will never, ever get elected to office again .

    • You talked about a whole bunch up there but pointed out nothing. Then attacked the man on his own page, about said “nothing.” Make some reasonable points about actual events and thoughts instead of blithering on with no direction or point. You talked about a straw man while using the same fallacy yourself. What are these “demonstratively untrue reason West provides.”

      • West asked you to send the Reagan clip to your liberal friends. I asked you to send his comments along with it.

        See where I called it an “exercise?” That’s what it is. Do something (exercise) and learn something.

        West makes everything seem like liberals are out to destroy this country deliberately, that the issues that separate (D) from (R) are huge, monstrous gulfs. The reason why the Presidency changes political party with high frequency and why the Congress does as well, especially lately, is that the gulf between the two parties is actually pretty small.

        People move from favoring one party to the other with astounding ease, and that annoys the radicals on the fringes of both parties. Guys like West have been working to create a corrosive environment where if he doesn’t get his way, then there must be no compromise. The result is an even more dysfunctional government.

        West is lying to you about why liberals vote the way they do and think the way they do. He’s harming America in so doing. I’m encouraging you to learn that for yourself. West fears the day you do anything other than eat-up what he tells you. That might be the day you stop sending him donations, and that might be the day he has to go get a real job where lying would get him fired

      • Get out and talk to your liberal friends. If you don’t have any, then what is the basis for the many, many derogatory claims you have made about liberal thought?

        West wants to cram ideas about liberals, or more accurately, any person, no matter where they are on the political spectrum that is left of his far-right radical agenda, down your throat.

        I’m encouraging you to get out and engage in a free and thoughtful exchange of ideas. You’re not likely to find it on the Internet, on (R) or (D) sites, because the anonymous nature of the posting.

        Face-to-face, however, you might get a good conversation going. You might win them over, they might you — or you might stay where you are on the issues, but you’ll no longer demonize each other.

      • I read articles from and about both sides of the aisle, and I do have face to face conversations with people from both sides, as well as other parties. What I have discovered is that most Liberal-Socialists think that anyone who doesn’t think the way they do, on any subject, is a mindless idiot and that their phylosophy of government control of everything is what’s best for this country. I guess you socialists think that if big government controls all aspects of our lives that we’ll be free to pursue whatever we want cuz “big brother” will take care of us. Nothing can be further from the truth. We are a country of free people, free to succeed or fail on our own, on an individual basis. Liberal ideas inspire a sense of entitlement and dependency while impeding entrenaurial spirit and desire to make something of one’s self. By giving big government more power over our lives, we are giving it more of our liberties. I just can’t understand why Liberals can’t see that. BTW, I also find that Liberals can never answer a direct question, like you, CommieStateJoe.

      • Then why did you write this: “What would Liberals know about honesty, Integrity, or truth, let alone true patriotism?”

      • You’re confusing capitalism with corporatism. Capitalism embraces the entrepeneurialism and competition, which results in more businesses, more jobs, better products, and reasonable prices. It is corporatism and government hand outs to those too lazy to get off their dead asses and work to improve their situation that is destroying the very concept that made this country great. Yet, under the liberals, we have more Americans out of work more people on food stamps, more unwed mothers of multiple children on welfare than any other time in our history. Liberalism is and always has been about big government making more and more Americans dependent on it for their very survival, while creating more and more beaurocracy to funnel our money to their liberal socialist cronies.

      • No, I got it right. I appreciate that you understand there is a difference between capitalism and corporatism, but capitalism has its flaws as well. It has to — it’s about human behavior and humans are flawed.

        Economics is the intersection between psychology, math and ideology. It will always have those components. Psychology involves humans, humans will always create inefficiencies in economics. Capitalism is the best of the models we can choose from, but it still needs control and regulation.

        Nobody want a a true free market. No One. Not even you. In a free market, the market eventually corrects bad behavior. No courts. No contract enforcement. No regulation.

        No one wants a truly free market.

        The debate is always about what level of regulation and enforcement should be permitted. That the schism between (D) and (R). It’s not about one side wanting nothing but handouts – it’s about whether the country is better served by having a social safety net as a means of keeping the losers in the game.

        A very, very strong conservative argument can be made for one-payer medical insurance, ala the UK. In essence, it’s this: smart people who want to be entrepreneurial are trapped in under-performing jobs because they need their insurance. If you’ve worked in any major US company at a mid-level manager or higher position, you likely will know that is true.

        The final point: Left and Right are divided not on the large philosophical approaches to the economy, but on the smaller issues. It’s all in the degrees. People like West hate to recognize that because all he has going for him is fear-mongering.

        The differences are important, but demonizing (D) or (R) just makes it so we can’t move forward.

      • The answer to any flaws in capitalism is NOT bigger government and communism however. THAT’s what the liberal left IS about. I compared the dem platform in the 80’s to the communist manifesto. Way too many similarities.

      • Of course the answer sometimes includes bigger government.

        If capitalism determines that child labor is more efficient than adult labor, then you want more government to police against child labor.

        The debate isn’t about bigger or smaller, it’s about when and where is it appropriate.

        In general, we need smaller government, but in some areas we need more.

      • BTW: you got the liberal perspective wholly wrong. No liberal wants the government to control every aspect of their life. None. It’s hard for me to believe that you’ve spoken with any liberals if you think that is their mindset. Further, you do realize that blue states are were the money is made in America, yes? On average, blue states make, red states take.

        Liberals embrace the entrepreneurial spirit very well, they also are able to see where that system is open for abuse. You don’t for some reason.

        Communism failed because it did not account for human nature. There’s nothing wrong with asking everyone to do their best and that everyone will be paid the same, each having given it their all — except it will never, ever work out. Human nature needs incentives, otherwise people will cheat the system.

        Capitalism has similar risks. With no controls, pure capitalism does not reward everyone according to their effort, ability and ingenuity. In a pure capitalism system, once a person gets ahead, it becomes harder for the next guy to get ahead.

        In both systems, human nature leads to sucky people causes harm to others.

        I’m not dodging you questions – I’m trying to help you get out and learn something. Your agenda may be to have an insult-fest, but that’s not mine. Don’t get pissy because you can’t get your way. Don’t be like Allen West.

      • Answer the man’s question lefty. PROVE what you say. And how is calling a lib out for what he is ‘demonizing’ him? I can
        prove everything I ever said about lib-scum.

      • Tell us how liberals are the opposite of what West says. Give examples. Prove West wrong. Tell us why liberals vote the way they do.

      • Not that you would understand… but West has mad e his fortune by feeding unAmerican divisive trolls like you with hate and fear of Americans that have different political views.
        He has made a career of attacking anyone to the left and anyone non Christian as enemies of America.
        He is a divisive unAmerican hack

      • Gee, Brendan, if you replace “left” with “right” and remove “non” from your statement, you would describe every liberal I hear these days, including you. How far did you get in the military? West was a Colonel. You don’t get that rank by accident. And if you ever took the time to read history you would know that Goldwater, like Reagan, wanted to stop the spread of communism in Viet Nam by stamping out the North. Liberals, on the other hand, wanted a prolonged “police action” not to win the war but to fill the pockets of the liberal defense contractors at the expense of 58,000+ American dead and many times more than that in permanently disabled. Also, once again like all liberals, you resort to personal attacks on anyone who has a different point of view than you do. I believe you to be more of an idiot and an ignorant dolt thanAndy Martin, but I admit, that is just an assumption. And why are liberals so concerned with how Col. West if making his “fortune”? I didn’t know you nor any other liberal had access to his bank statement.The way I see it, he gives of his time making Americans aware of the facts and the truth about what the liberal-socialist anarchists are doing to this country.

      • I did not spend as long in the Army as Mr West… but I also never abused a prisoner or was forced to retire to avoid charges.
        i also don’t hold a grudge against, and badmouth, the military justice system.

        i don’t care that Mr West got rich by stirring up ignorance… I care that he’s stirring up ignorance and preaching unAmerican divisiveness

      • hahaha…Your jealousy is pathetic.
        So what was your excuse for why you didn’t serve?
        Are you ashamed of your cowardice?
        Is that why you lash out at those of us that actually served?

      • Put up the DD214 Brenda! Until then, you are a liar. Just like when you leftards want to see tax returns from GOP candidates, I want to see your DD214. Or remain as I said, a liar and a pretender.

      • Sorry kid… I’m not linking my personal information on a public forum for the world, and a lunatic like you, to see.
        Plus, it means nothing since I could technically post anyone’s DD214 …or even make a fake one… and so could you.

        In addition to my Army record at time of separation from service, and type of separation, my DD214 also has my full name, date of birth, social security number, legal signature, family’s home address, and my mother’s full name as contact,

        You’re not getting that information.
        There was another poster on a separate thread, that you were a part of, who asked for my bonafides… he was rational and had a posting history showing he was a reasonable person… so I gladly sent my information to him on facebook and linked him to my personal page so he could see more information, including pictures and documents and veterans organizations I was involved with.

        So sorry no… you’re a ranting stalker and I’m not giving you my personal information or access to my family’s information.

        I am not running for office. your request is as absurd as if I demanded you publicly post your income tax records to prove who you were.

      • No need to be sorry liar. You can’t prove what you say therefore you’re a liar. It’s not that hard. No need to waste five paragraphs and bandwidth to puke up a reason to deny what you do not have. You can’t prove what does not exist. Don’t make me the bad guy because you’re a proven liar. We had a REAL solider link his DD214 via his FB page and redacted personal info. Obviously you refuse because you’ve lied. Don’t worry about it fraud. There’s a whole helluva lot of you leftard pretenders out there. If you need to play make-believe then so be it. Relax and deal with your inadequacies.

      • Actually kid.. he was a sailor, not a soldier.
        And I suggest you go back to that thread and read what he wrote.
        I contacted him via facebook and provided my personal information and he publicly vouched for me… or did you forget that part?
        Of course you did.

        In fact, that the very example you just mentioned, was someone who vouched for me only shows how retarded you are.
        Since I know you’re going to deny that he vouched for me after I sent him my personal information, I took the liberty of going back and finding that old thread.
        So here is a link to it to refresh your memory

        Now I understand that you’re jealous of men that served and you want to lash out… but here’s a piece of free advice kid.
        The next time you want to bring up an example to show that I’m lying, you might want to make sure it’s not an example that actually proves I’m telling the truth.

      • Sit down child. You chirp too much and produce nothing. You can’t put up what you don’t have. Get a real life son.

      • No one tells your stupid, ignorant moronic azz to post here Brenda. Go to some libtard site where y’all can sit around circle-jerking in a fit of anger. Sadly for pond scum like you, Americans are entitled to their opinions. And you have every right to disprove his points. But to-date, you haven’t and you can’t. So you and the other addled lib-scum that come here to vent their spleen are reduced to nothing but throwing rocks like the abandoned children that you are. Now do you somehow think that you are any different than West insofar as strong opinions? Don’t shoot the messenger Brenda. Put on you big-boy pants and refute what he says. Or keep crying and whimpering while throwing a fit as you fail to make your case. Oh and BTW, he hasn’t made a dime off me. Take a Midol Brenda.

      • I’ve disproved many of his points little troll boy.
        Funny that you argue in defense of this clown by saying everyone has a right to an opinion… and then immediately follow it up by saying I don’t.

      • You’re one of the forum’s running jokes Brenda. And no one said you didn’t have the right to post your opinion here. But if it makes you so upset to read what either West or other’s post, tell you story walkin’ crybaby. Geez you’re such a puss.

      • YOU ARE “enemies of America”!!! You want a socialist utopia as you masturbate to karl marx. Your party wants the constitution changed to reflect that. Hell….42 of your democrats on congress put up a bill to change/alter the 1st ammendment just this year!! Move to Cuba if you like socialism so much.

    • Now that’s funny. LIEberals will NEVER step up and admit West is right. They are gutless weasels who say one thing and do another.

  4. Col West, seems your article is getting another emotional reaction out of the Libs. Come Election Day, they’ll be needing to wear brown trousers..

      • hahaha… you still don’t know how to read.
        I’m not assigning blame for Vietnam in my comment you idiot.
        Deflect deflect deflect.
        I never said Reagan expanded the war you ignorant dolt.
        Seriously, you need to learn how to read.
        I said this speech was Reagan supporting expanding the war in Vietnam.
        wow… you are special.

      • Then why bring up Reagan with respect to Nam to begin with? What was the point? If you stupidly were trying to infer that Reagan’s speeches were hawkish then say as much. Make sense punk.

      • Wow… you are stupid.
        Why bring up Reagan with respect to Vietnam?
        because that is what this speech was about.
        Do you even know what the article you are commenting on is about?

        I am directly referring to the speech that this article is about.
        Many Reagan worshipers who masturbate to this speech have no idea what it was about.

      • What you said……………………………………….

        [[ Everyone forgets that this speech was also meant to support expanding the war in Vietnam. What a great idea

        Your snark that I highlighted in bold makes it apparent you wanted to rag Reagan for the Nam expansion. Reagan was a private citizen you pathetic leftard. Racist libs LBJ and JFK are responsible for Nam and it’s expansion. “WHAT A GREAT IDEA” born and implemented by YOUR party. You spinelessly ignore the fact that Kennedy and Johnson are fully responsible for 50,000 dead Americans and I called you on it Brenda. You got a problem with Nam? Tell it to them you coward.

        [[ Many Reagan worshipers who masturbate to this speech have no idea what it was about ]]

        Are you this stupid in real life? Did you even listen to the speech? 5 minutes out of 30 were about Nam. The other 25 minutes were about the economy. You are now BeatOff-Brenda.


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