Iran executes woman who killed her rapist

The Obama administration is seeking to ease nuclear sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Democrat party is also using a tired theme of “war on women” in this midterm election cycle. Perhaps they should pay attention to the nexus of these two points as reported by The Jerusalem Post.

This weekend, ” A twenty-six year-old Iranian woman convicted of murdering a man she accused of trying to rape her as a teenager was hanged on Saturday, the official news agency IRNA said, despite international pleas for her life to be spared.”

“Reyhaneh Jabbari walked to the gallows at dawn on Saturday in Tehran’s Evin prison after failing to secure a reprieve from the murder victim’s relatives within the 10-day deadline set by sharia law in force since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. In 2007, Jabbari was arrested for killing Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, a former employee of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence. Jabbari claimed that she was defending herself against Sarbandi’s sexual advances. She was given the death penalty by a Tehran court in 2009. The Iranian supreme court denied her appeals against the sentence.”

Remember, under Islamic sharia law, a woman needs three male witnesses on her behalf in order to corroborate any accusations she may bring against a male — as part of the traditions of Muhammad. So, as in the case of the Sudanese Christian woman Meriam Ibrahim, where were all these feminist voices to speak out against this action? I guess Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz, and Fluke — as well as Sen. Mark Udall — are just too “politically” busy to address a real war on women. No, feminist groups would rather video little girls in princess outfits dropping f-bombs to help their cause.

Of course this only represents the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the abhorrent conditions for women in the Islamic world.

Where is the Freedom from Religion Foundation or all the other “separation of church and state” organizations who want to use the IRS against Christian pastors? What does the lesbian Mayor of Houston have to say about how Iran — and Islam — treats homosexuals? I guess she sees Christian ministers and their sermons a bigger threat because I’ve never heard her use her “activist” voice in this matter.

The case of Ms. Jabbari was decided under sharia law — not the rule of law and jurisprudence of individual rights and equal protection under the law. So where is that venerable international organization promoting global rights and freedoms — the United Nations? Well, I doubt they UN Human Rights organization with its stellar list of nations cared much.

Especially since that same body has adopted UNHR Resolution 16/18, an initiative of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (formerly Organization of Islamic Conferences), the confederacy of 56 Islamic states. Resolution 16/18 seeks to limit speech viewed as “discriminatory” or which involves the “defamation of religion” – specifically that which can be viewed as “incitement to imminent violence.” In other words, it effectively condemns anyone deemed “offensive” or “critical” of Islam — to the possible point of criminal indictment.

Perhaps that’s why former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as former UN Ambassador Susan Rice both speak very little about the plight of women in the Islamic world — after all, they both supported the March 2011 resolution.

The bottom line is, why does the Obama administration wish to circumvent the U.S. Congress and relieve sanctions against Iran, allowing it to march towards a nuclear capacity — and not for peaceful means? Iran still holds U.S. citizen and Pastor Saeed Abedini — but I guess his life just isn’t worth anything to the progressive socialists and Islamist enablers of the Obama administration — namely Barack Hussein Obama himself.

In the end, the war on women is just a political gimmick for Democrats to use against their political opposition. It certainly isn’t the fundamental basis for a policy to put pressure on such countries as Iran, Saudi Arabia and others in the Muslim world.

It further demonstrates that in America, politics and gimmicks trump principled policy — sadly Ms. Jabbari was executed with nary a peep from the hypocrites on the Left. Thankfully Meriam Ibrahim, wife of an American citizen and mother of two American children, was rescued by the efforts of the Italians — certainly not a finger was lifted by Obama, nor was there a hashtag campaign by First Lady Obama, heck, not even a mention — nor an invite to the White House.

The real war on women is against those women not deemed politically expedient to the progressive socialist political cause.

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Can anyone tell me ONE republican female politician who has addressed this issue? Or do they know where the Mid East is located? I think they are busy painting their face black and bruising up their eye for their Janay Rice Halloween costume

Barry Oldfield

Thank you for raising this question. …it’s not just the left ignoring the war waged on women in the next of islam

You do know this country can not do solve all the world’s problems. What abt children? The elderly? Animals? Let’s take care of this country and wait until things blew up in out faces in other countries before we try to fix something else. Let’s do what we do best and throw $$$ at it . As usually West’s outrage is late to the party.he should have written abt Jabbari when her conviction came down 2 weeks ago. Not after she was hung. Maybe He just found out about it during his morning talking point session with his republican buddies.

This is horrifying, garbage law. The Republican Party has the Dream Candidate if invited in the 2016 program. Instead, vote for the Republican best of ’16.

Earl Lee

Now Allen (rob these loons blind) west cares about IRAN??? How you idiots can follow this CLOWN is beyond me!



Juline An

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The legacy that hillary clinton is leaving behind for her new granddaughter is that of an uncaring, cold-blooded murderer.

No one could have stepped in and helped this young woman, the government in Iran used her as a example or a warning to other women not to do or try to do what she did or you will end up like her. Governments like Iran us fear to gain complete control over certain segments of their population to discourage anyone from taking a stand no matter how small against the government. If Iran does finish assembling its nuclear bombs without the Israelis bombing the site or sites it will hold all of the Middle East hostage and start making… Read more »

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Liberals won’t address this crime because they don’t care so they attack Mr. West.


The barbaric religion of peace takes yet another victim.