Green light for ISIS? Syrian forces will be trained to defend, not retake territory.

Some time ago, President B. Hussein Obama delivered his ISIS strategy — he was adamant about not having American combat troops as part of any operation. Obama stated that the solution would be to utilize the Syrian Free Army — a group Obama had one time referred to as “fantasy” and just a bunch of “doctors, farmers, and pharmacists.” It was former U.S. Marine Corps 34th Commandant General James T. Conway who stated President Obama’s strategy doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding.

Now, as reported by the Washington Post, “The Syrian opposition force to be recruited by the U.S. military and its coalition partners will be trained to defend territory, rather than to seize it back from the Islamic State, according to senior U.S. and allied officials, some of whom are concerned that the approach is flawed.”

“Although moderate Syrian fighters are deemed essential to defeating the Islamic State under the Obama administration’s strategy, officials do not believe the newly assembled units will be capable of capturing key towns from militants without the help of forward-deployed U.S. combat teams, which President Obama has so far ruled out. The Syrian rebel force will be tasked instead with trying to prevent the Islamic State from extending its reach beyond the large stretches of territory it already controls.”

Ok, so it seems to me that President Obama — instead of accepting exactly what General Conway stated and perhaps listening to professional military officers — is just changing the criteria. In other words, Obama’s strategy to “outsource our national security” to a Syrian rebel force to fight ISIS — without American combat forces on the ground — is no longer viable.

Therefore the rules of the road changed — the Syrian rebels will just defend their home turf. In other words, what ISIS has gained ISIS can keep — and I can bet t if ISIS wants more, Obama, as long as he is president, will just change the rules again. This is like Charlie Brown playing football with Lucy, the ball always moves.

“We have a big disconnect within our strategy. We need a credible, moderate Syrian force, but we have not been willing to commit what it takes to build that force,” said a senior U.S. official involved in Syria and Iraq operations who, like others cited in this report, spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the training program.”

Big disconnect? There is no and never has been any connection or a strategy – and I bet these officials are speaking on condition of anonymity because they fear retribution from the wicked one, Valerie Jarrett. We do not have a credible, moderate Syrian force.

While we sit back and ponder what to do next, ISIS continues to grow and its coffers increase. And with the continued success, comes the expansion in recruiting efforts — and the ability to market globally and provide compensation to wannabe fighters. So chances are by the time we get to the “defend territory” phase, ISIS will probably have already seized that terrain — and that means no attacking of ISIS to retake the territory.

The Post says, “military commanders are reluctant to push Syrian fighters into full-scale battles with well-armed militants if they cannot summon close air support and medical evacuations. Military officials also want U.S. and allied special operations troops to advise opposition forces if those forces are thrust into combat, helping them to fight effectively and reducing the chances that the new units will disintegrate in the heat of battle. “You cannot field an effective force if you’re not on the ground to advise and assist them,” said a senior U.S. military officer with extensive experience in training the Iraqi and Afghan militaries.”

This is just another one of those “October surprises,” but of course you won’t be hearing many progressive socialist media outlets discussing this revelation, will you?

According to the Post, “Lt. Gen. William Mayville, the director of operations for the Pentagon’s Joint Staff, said the opposition fighters would receive “basic training to secure their villages.” The force, he said, “will have some effect,” but he acknowledged that the fighters “won’t have the decisive effect” in the battle against the Islamic State.”

However, this fully contrasts with what President Obama and SecDef Hagel originally said. “In announcing the campaign to confront the Islamic State, the president said the United States would “strengthen the opposition as the best counterweight to extremists.” The Pentagon subsequently announced that the U.S. military would seek to train as many as 5,000 Syrian fighters a year, aiming to build what Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called an “effective opposition force, not just a hit-and-run group of rebels.”

I trust the words of LTG Mayville over those of Obama and Hagel. There will be no trained force of Syrian rebels. ISIS will not be degraded or destroyed — certainly not under the ineffective and disoriented guidance of Barack Hussein Obama. It is rather pathetic that all these ads we see on TV are just the usual back and forth between two people — never a serious inquiry or discussion about the threat of ISIS which is growing, accumulating $1 million in black market oil revenues, and conducting multiple offensive operations across the Iraq and Syrian battle space.

No General Conway, it doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding — another sad reflection on America.


  1. To play devil’s advocate:

    Let’s face it – there is little to no difference between ISIS, the Syrian forces, or any other Islamic rebel group – they are all savage barbarians.

    To train these people in US offensive tactics would easily come back to haunt us.

    • Maybe. But I think the only truly safe ally we have there would be the Kurds. They are capable to wiping out ISIS if we treated them like allies and put more of our resources to them. They need some weapons.

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    • The fact that no one wants to face is that in that part of the world, the Islamic Middle East, there is no one to recruit to be on our side. No one, but the few Christians that haven’t been already killed or run off, and the Israelis are the only ones who hold values that even remotely resemble ours.

      After the debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan the remarkable thing is that anyone still believes that are any locals to recruit to fight for us.

      Another fact. The Islamic world intends to force their way of life on the rest of us. They tell us that every day. They push for it every day. They make progress to that end every day. And we sit back and pretend they don’t really mean it because we don’t have the will to defend our own way of life. We foolishly pretend that all cultures are equal even though everybody knows that isn’t the case but because so many bow before the alters of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism we do nothing.
      Ultimately the end game will be Us or Them. That’s what the Muslims have been saying for 1400 years.

      In the end WE will have to conquer THEM and impose our ways on THEM or THEY will conquer US and impose THEIR values on US.

      The can will no doubt kicked down the road to our children and grandchildren. But it will happen.

      • Yep……nazi Germany was a “culture”……..Stalinist Russia was a “culture”,etc. Libtards seem to forget that.

  2. Obama continues to protect all he atrocities performed by his muslim brothers, continues to fund and arm isis. Who do the American people have to turn to for protection these days?

  3. Obama never had a strategy and he’s merely doing what he’s always done. Duck, cover and ignore the media until the next scandal rears its ugly head.

    The media play along, because Allah forbid, their messiah is held to account for the actions ( inaction ) under this presidency.

    The media had no trouble reporting on every fault, failure or error the Bush administration encountered. None. Where are the daily reports of the dead in Afghanistan? Where are the Code PInko losers?

    Fine, no boots on the ground, how about a hundred sorties a day taking out artillery and personnel carriers.

    But waiting on Obama is about a fruitful as waiting on Godot.

  4. In combat, you have to attack as well as defend. You have to keep your enemy off balance. They should not know where you are coming from next. And…you do not tell them what you are going to do, unless you want to be defeated. Training an armed group to defend only is utter nonsense, is poor strategy and will get you people killed. As someone here already said, if you defend only, your enemy will spend all his energy looking for your weaknesses and none defending you. Look at what happened to the French at Dien Bien Phu, in Indochina , where the enemy had all kinds of time to prepare. They didn’t have to defend anything. They spent all their time planning for an attack. They literally dug under the base. They had artillery in the hills surrounding the base. The French were soundly defeated.

  5. Key board cowards and their grifter cheer leaders to the rescue! Bush (the fool) wasted $ trillions of our treasure and thousands of American lives including 4,400 deaths, diverting our forces from Afghanistan and from the search for Osama Bin Laden and instead sent them to murder hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children, in the process converting that country from Iran’s worst enemy into its closest ally. But none of that matters to the p*ss your pants and hide under the bed T-bgrs. Losers all!

  6. The way Obama is fighting this war is disgraceful. It is clear his objective is not victory over the enemy. At this point there is no purpose in our presence in Iraq or Syria and I believe these countries would be much better off with another country leading the coalition or leading it themselves with our assistance in weapons. You don’t let an incompetent, anti-American, Islamist sympathizer at the very least, with no military experience run the show. I voted for the first time in the mid term elections the other day. I’m an Independent voter who will never vote for a Democrat in my life time. I voted straight Republican. I may not agree with every issue Republicans support, but at least their not out to change our country for the worse. I hope the Republicans take the Senate and House and their first order should be to call for the Impeachment of this sorry excuse for a President.

    • Impeachment……and arrest for treason over Bengazzi and releasing terrorists out of GITMO who are now joining the fight with ISIS.

  7. The problem with recruiting and training 5000 hard seasoned fighters is the same problem we have experienced with these so called moderate anti-Syrian forces in that slowly they are defecting to join ISIS…Duh!…Is Chuck Hagel asleep at the wheel or what?

  8. Why is no one calling for Kerry’s resignation over his statements blaming Israel for the rise of ISIS? When Obama took office, Islamic terrorists were on the ropes — Obama has made sure that Islamic terrorists KNOW that he will protect THEM . . . he has THEIR back — he saved the Taliban, he saved Al Quaeda, he saved Hamas from Israel, and he did NOTHING to stop “ISIS” murdering Christians and Yezidis until he was FORCED to by political pressure . . . and THEN has made sure that “ISIL” – as he calls it – will face minimal military interference with its plans. WHY did he relieve sanctions on Iran FOR NOTHING — and why is he NOT committed to stopping Iran’s development of nuclear weapons? [Of course, Barack Hussein Obama considers himself a Shiite . . .] – – -Why does he always respond to Islamic atrocities by assuring that “The United States is NOT at war with Islam and never will be at war with Islam” ?
    Face reality: Islam IS at war with the United States — the claim that MOST Muslin’s are ‘moderate’ is pure fantasy — what Muslim countries DEFEND the United States?
    For Christians and Jews to support Obama is equivalent to German Jewish support for the Nazi party in Germany in the 20s and early 30s – – – When vicious psychopaths tell you that they are going to kill you, they mean it.

  9. Ok, so Iraq. It may well be that the situation begs the U.S. to take the country as American territory. For one, I did not give that land to you. My military (if I’m elected) did not go to lose thousands of lives, to have tens of thousands injured, and to help Iraqi people have a free land to do with what they wanted, to have it turned over.

    It is clear what they are (perceived to be). Pawns in the game. One moment an administration pulls them one way, and the next they get told to let all their work and sacrifice go down in vain. The widows and orphans left behind? No word in the news, no thanks, and no mention.

    View AmericaIdea for the 2016 Dream Candidate’s Iraq response.

    This candidate specifically pointed out what to do before the enemy gained ground. But no. The real solution and assistance for a country and people were nowhere to be found. And so history goes.


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