GOP agenda for next Congress: Where’s the beef?

If Obama and his policies are so unpopular and Americans believe our nation is on a horrific track, then why are Senate midterm races so close – particularly when you have Democrat incumbents who voted with Obama on average 94 percent of the time? It doesn’t make sense.

But that’s because the GOP has not presented a defined alternative. There’s no national legislative policy agenda from Republican leadership such as the “Contract with America” that lays out their vision.

I’d call that vision “Growth, Opportunity, and Promise,” and if I were the House Majority Leader, I’d have met with the Senate Minority Leader back before Congress recessed for the midterm elections, developed that legislative policy agenda and would have gathered together all incumbent Republicans and candidates for this cycle to present to the American people.

The policy agenda would have centered on three pillars; economic, energy, and national security. The focus would have been conveying that vision to Americans to advance and restore our nation’s growth, opportunity and promise under GOP Congressional leadership.

Needless to say, none of that happened, and so we have GOP members and candidates out fighting on the battlefield of politics without any strategy. Now, we know what the Democrat strategy is: fear mongering to collective groups and lying about their support for Obama and his failed policies — along with the usual character assassination.

So here we are two weeks before the midterm election and, well, finally House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has unveiled THE plan and strategy.

As reported by Politico, “House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced that streamlining government agencies will be a central goal in the new Congress. In a memo sent to House Republicans Wednesday morning, McCarthy (R-Calif.) said that “restoring competence in government” will be a major focus of the GOP in the 114th Congress, which begins in January. “The inability of the government to accomplish its most basic tasks has eroded the public’s trust in government, as polls have repeatedly shown,” McCarthy said. “Worse, throughout the country there is an emerging sense of resignation that our great country is on the decline. The memo comes two weeks before Election Day, as the House GOP is expected to expand its majority in the chamber. McCarthy, the No. 2 House Republican, said he expects a Republican Senate to take up energy-related legislation like improvements to “the permitting process for pipelines.”

McCarthy said he also wants to cut down on superfluous agency reports.

Ok, here’s my constructive assessment. Why not first immediately highlight the nearly 360 pieces of legislation passed in the House, which sit on Harry Reid’s desk as an immediate objective?

And under the three pillars I recommended, there should be major economic reforms; tax, regulatory, governmental and monetary. The purpose will be to unleash the individual entrepreneurial spirit and unlock the potential of the American free market/free enterprise economy. Yes, I do agree with Majority Leader that streamlining government agencies is important — but it’s not a strategic imperative. And “restoring competence in government” is not a major focus — that is a result.

As well, we must advance policies that enable America to be the full-spectrum global energy leader — producing, consuming, and exporting energy resources and capacity. Energy security is a major aspect of the modern 21st century battlefield — and leverage against Vladimir Putin and OPEC.

Lastly, the most important duty and responsibility of the federal government is to “provide for the common defense” in what must be seen as one of the most dangerous global environments – certainly not tranquil as Josh Earnest chimed. Therefore, we need a GOP-led Congress to articulate how it will restore “peace through strength” for our military with proper fiscal responsibility, enabling America to combat and deter a myriad of enemies.

Now, I could go on forever and lay out specific policy points, but my purpose was to provide a strategic framework — and “streamlining government agencies” is not a central goal. That is an enabling task, a supporting principle, but does not represent a goal.

A goal would be to evaluate fraud, waste, and abuse in government agencies. A goal would be to create a tiered prioritized system for House Appropriations bills — there are 14 appropriations bills in the House, what are the priorities? We know that the regulatory environment is strangling our small business growth — what are the key regulations to eliminate or retain?

And we all know that Obamacare is looming as a great jobs killer and the employer mandate delay will run out — what is the GOP private sector response? The House doctor’s caucus developed the American Healthcare Reform Act (AHCRA) but I haven’t heard a single person discuss it with their constituents this election cycle. It’s a good piece of policy, certainly a start, allowing the good parts of the Affordable Care Act to be maintained, such as pre-existing conditions coverage.

I don’t know. Maybe what I am presenting is just too deep for the American people, but I think not. The problem is that the arena known as politics has become the playground of the inept, incompetent and ignorant. We need more statesmen and women who can discuss policy solutions and can connect with the American people. No more gimmicks or soundbite memos two weeks before an incredibly important election.


  1. Races are close in some cases because people are too stupid to do their homework and examine the candidates. Instead they rely on ads that are either chock-full of lies or half truths. I know where my candidate stands on the issues. Google is your friend, use it. And with all due respect Mr. West, I don’t need the RNC to come up with slogans or contracts in order to ‘define’ themselves. The other issue is that there is a large group of the electorate that do not want the cheese to go away. Those people do not want to hear about reducing the size of govt. And there are those who buy into the class/race warfare being promulgated by the left since LBJ. In many states blacks vote with Dems 95% of the time. Even though the Dems have screwed them over since LBJ they nonetheless vote Dem. Also, it looks as if the GOP is dithering insofar as legislation because Reid has ignored the 387 pieces of legislation sent to him by the HOR. The GOP is doing their job. As far as the ACA goes, I am well aware of alternative approaches offered by the GOP since 2009 i.e; letting insurance companies sell across state lines, torte reform.

    So I would suggest, Mr. West, that you take this issue up with the voter and not the GOP. Remember the old adage about the horse being led to water? It applies here.

    • Andy you are a IDIOT!! You actually believe republicans want to REDUCE THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT when republicans EXPANDED GOVERNMENT….its the SAME FOLKS getting elected over and over again. Republicans voted for more spending and change their minds for their own POLITICAL purposes.
      Seems to me that you need to do YOUR research and check which republican has voted to expand government and increase spending. I bet if you did…you’d be surprised!

      • Alternatvie approaches to the ACA?? Tort reform (insures NONE) buying across state lines (insures NONE) Republican plan for healthcare…..GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM or DIE!!

      • Tort reform will drop the costs of malpractice insurance. Buying across state lines gives people more choices and drives costs down via competition.

        Your lying POTUS said his plan would insure everyone. 30,000,000 are still uninsured……….by design. In many cases you cannot keep your doctor as your liar said you would be able to. And premiums have gone up along with deductibles. And then there’s this……………………

        Obamacare will increase the long-term federal deficit by $6.2 trillion, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released today.

        Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), who requested the report, revealed the findings this morning at a Senate Budget Committee hearing. The report, he said, “confirms everything critics and Republicans were saying about the faults of this bill,” and “dramatically proves that the promises made assuring the nation that the largest new entitlement program in history would not add one dime to the deficit were false.”

        President Obama and other Democrats attempted to win support for the health-care bill by touting it as a fiscally responsible enterprise. “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future,” Obama told a joint-session of Congress in September 2009. “I will not sign it if it adds one dime to the deficit, now or in the future, period.”

      • COMMON SENSE tells me that buying across state lines does not insure ONE person that couldn’t afford insurance. It doesn’t cover one family whos child was kicked off of insurance because of a serious illness!
        TORT reform does not INSURE ONE PERSON that wasn’t able to afford INSURANCE or kicked off because of a illness!

      • You have no common sense Earl. You’re an Obamite.

        If you can buy something cheaper, are you better off or not lefty?

        Obama left 30,000,000 uninsured via the ACA. He lied and people died. Just like the VA scandal. Your POS POTUS kills Americans. Whether it be the ACA, Benghazi, the VA, Fast and Furious, sending soldiers into west Africa’s Ebola zone, funding Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, this piece of human waste of a POTUS kills Americans.

      • Once again LOON….Buying across state lines does not insure a person with a pre existing condition . Doesn’t insure one person that now has insurance via Medicaid expansion ……

      • If you can’t afford it in ONE STATE LOON you won’t be able to afford it in another….AND…what protections do a person have that they will not be kicked of if they get a serious illness??? There are some GOOD things in the ACA…how about fixing whats not good

      • Competition brings prices down scum. Look it up.

        Obamacare already ‘kicks off’ 30,000,000 people inbred. Look that up also.

      • Where’s your research libtard? Everything your Muslim POTUS wasted money on are the very same things the GOP fought against. Obviously I hit a nerve with you. And you did what libtards always do. Instead of defending the present POS in the WH, you attack an old regime that no longer occupies the WH. At least the right calls their own out when they aren’t doing what they are supposed to. Where do you think the term RINO came from? Libs? The slimier they act, the more people like you embrace them.

      • RESEARCH??? MEDICARE PART-D….how many of your REPUBLICANS that are STILL in congress VOTED FOR IT? It EXPANDED government and increased SPENDING

      • LOL! So you lefties don’t like Medicare now? You guys cried like babies when no Republican would back the ACA though.
        The GOP also votes to expand military spending. Comment?
        The nat’l debt has gone up $9,000,000,000,000 under Obama.

      • How did I avoid it? I addressed it directly in my last post as well as a prior post. I referred specifically to the term RINO which was coined by Republicans to differentiate between those who are conservative and those who spend like libs. Same goes for the Tea Party.

      • SURE DID…they majority of those republicans that are yelling for smaller government and less spending are the SAME that increased the size of government
        and spending! You wouldn’t know because you are a fox news LOON!

  2. The ideological divide has grown so wide and the political system has become so rigged that I fear nothing will change for a long time. I believe in a strong two party system where the best ideas from each side are brought forth, debated, and compromise reached. Unfortunately with our Us vs. Them political mentality, I just don’t see it happening. Not to mention the gerrymandered districts……I realize that there are districts that have been designed to benefit both sides but the current system is completely broken. Until that is fixed I fear nothing of substance is really going to happen in DC!

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  3. The GOP establishment is fresh out of ideas, and are apparently passionately committed to destroying any new political star who appears on the horizon.

    • What’s wrong with the ideas they put out during Reagan? What new ideas will lure libs to the right? Empty promises? Pandering to certain groups and then screwing them over? Class and race warfare tactics? Using buzz words like ‘investing in our future’ which is code for more govt programs? Or should they stick with the ‘old ideas’ like self determination, rugged individualism, empowering businesses to expand by not beating the hell out of them with more rules and regs. These are the ideas of Reagan and they worked just fine. So outside of becoming liberals, what do you want the GOP to do? If people want their cheese, they’ll keep voting Dem. Do YOU have any ‘fresh ideas’?

      • Reagan’s ideas worked, and that fact is backed up by data. When Reagan ran for re-election 1984 GDP growth was 7.2%, a good sight better than any growth obtained by the failed “progressive” ideas being imposed by the barry husein “progressive” dictatorship. Cutting taxes always results in private sector growth, which results in the IRS collecting more revenue from a growing workforce and growing businesses despite the lower tax rates. Reduction of the current wet blanket of regulations on the private energy sector, combined with lower tax rates will result in an explosion of energy development that will put Americans back to work not only in the energy sector, but all the supportive industries of construction and retail that will be needed to sustain the growth. For every new mine, drilling or fracking site begun by investment that is spurred by reduced regulation and taxes there will be a need for new roads, bridges, homes, shopping centers, schools, etc. Once the private sector has recovered then there will be a need for workers, who will become available when government departments are cut.

      • The damage was done. Reagan was still the best POTUS in my lifetime but he made a huge mistake. So if you’re going to be anti amnesty then you’ll have to be anti Reagan if that is your litmus test for today’s GOP.

      • Wrong.
        There is no logical reason to repeat Reagan’s mistake about amnesty. If not making the same mistake means you’re anti-Reagan then the USA is totally screwed.
        You can kiss U.S. sovereignty goodbye…and start studying Spanish ASAP.

      • You missed my point. These days Reagan would be called a RINO by some. He signed off on amnesty and actually raised some taxes. But he cut more than he hiked. Personally, I find the term ‘RINO’ to be rather stupid. The GOP has pegged itself to the idea that there can never be any compromise. That if you do, you’re a ‘RINO’. I disagree. Reagan had to compromise with all the libs he had to deal with. Which brings me back to my point that RR would be called a RINO today. And JFK would be called a right-winger. Get it now? 😉

      • If I “missed” your point it is simply because you did not successfully enunciate it.

        Those who most impulsively throw the term RINO around are those who have a strong affinity with Ronald Reagan and are also those opposed to amnesty and the clear and obvious threat it poses to U.S. national sovereignty. Those people are not the “establishment” GOP.

        The “establishment” GOP is more than willing to compromise on amnesty because of their reliance on donations from huge U.S. based multinational corporations who seek a massive influx of low wage workers from south of the border.

        Those who use the term RINO side with small businesses and entrepreneurs who have risked their own resources and do not have the funds multinational corporations use to influence policy in DC by hiring big law firms, accounting corporations and lobbyists.

        You are confusing the “establishment” GOP with Americans who correctly see the “establishment” GOP and their willingness to compromise with “progressives” Democrats as part of the problem.

        While “progressives” have existed in both major American
        political Parties for over a century, in recent years “progressives” have consumed the Democratic Party’s structural hierarchy while simultaneously increasingly insinuating themselves into the ranks of Republican Party
        leadership. This has led to a blurring in the minds of the American voter of the distinction between the two major
        political parties. Combine that blurred distinction with the growing reality that members of both Parties are increasingly interested in keeping their own powerful, lucrative and
        prestigious positions, replete with benefits comparable to royalty, and it becomes dangerously less possible to distinguish between the two parties.

        When Republicans sound and act like Democrat-light and
        Democrats hijack the rhetoric of and abduct issues from the Republican Party, how can the voter reasonably expect to decipher the difference?

        The American political system has been corrupted by self-interested career politicians far more interested in their own political survival and the accompanying feeding from the public trough than they are in looking out for the interests of the American voter.

        Americans need to realize that the Republican versus Democrat political paradigm, if not dead, is limping along, being propped up by a rapidly failing life support system.

        Being a Republican no longer consistently means standing for constitutionally limited affordable government, lower taxes and a free market capitalist economic system. Today’s
        Democratic Party is definitely not the Party of John F. Kennedy. The Party of “Ask not what your country can
        do for you, ask what you can do for your country” has regressed into the Party of steal from the productive and control the redistribution of that wealth to a government dependent class which cries out: “give us more free stuff.” In the interest of getting themselves re-elected, members of both political Parties have moved in the direction of giving away “free stuff,” be it in the form of Welfare and Food Stamps to an inner city poor created and perpetuated by historically failed big government socialist programs or in the form of subsidies and tax breaks for special interest groups eager to be on the receiving end of crony capitalism.

        In the twenty first century, the contemporary political paradigm in America is no longer Republican versus Democrat. It is Americans versus “progressives.”

        If you are a “progressive” you are not an American, and if you’re an American you will never be a “progressive.”

        Upon what foundation can such an assertion be made?

        Today, the political philosophical divide in the United States lies between the intent of America’s Founding Fathers and the intent of “progressives”, who strongly and openly favor the Marxist view. The Marxist view is directly, fundamentally
        and diametrically opposed to the uniquely American view.

        America is the birthplace of freedoms that allows everyone
        the right to own private property.

        How will Americans react if, after years of struggle to make
        their mortgage payments, they finally own their own home, then, what they thought was an American government “informs” them that their home does not belong to them after all, it belongs to “all of the people” and Americans will be forced by the State to follow government mandates to allow strangers to live on their property and in the home they have long labored to purchase…whether they like it or not?

        The American idea, the shot heard round the world, is that the people can govern themselves. By the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God, Americans are entitled, by virtue of their humanity, to the maximum amount of Individual Liberties consistent with law and order, and to the Right of private ownership, not the least of which is the Right to own and decide for themselves. Where to live, what to do for a living, what to eat, where their children will go to school, what motor vehicle they will drive, how to worship, what healthcare plan and which doctors work best for them. These Liberties and Rights are to be equally protected by a constitutionally limited, representative government that derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.

        America’s Founding Fathers declared that all men are created equal; that in effect, all men are kings, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They believed that a self-governing people could thrive without the “benefit” of having an oligarchy ruling over them.

        A system which allowed “common people” to own property without first obtaining permission from a “divinely ordained” ruler – the American system – was a radical, truly progressive departure from centuries old norms. As originally designed by its Founding Fathers, America was a place where anyone could come, work hard, earn money, save those earnings, purchase property and elevate themselves and their posterity to a level that had hitherto been unattainable whenever and where-ever individuals remained shackled by the constraints of older political systems. America was designed to be the place where undue government interference was not permitted to prevent individual achievement.

        This is a distinctly exceptional American idea.

        The “progressive” idea is that an all-powerful centrally planned government, with extreme hostility towards private ownership, forces redistribution of wealth in the name of social or economic “justice.” In order to ensure “fairness,” an oligarchy of self-imagined, self-appointed “intellectual elites” will control businesses, industries and people who are deemed incapable of governing themselves. This was the position of a fringe minority who called themselves “progressives” until early twentieth century Americans saw for themselves exactly how bad “progressive” ideas were.

        These “progressive” ideas are European in origin, they are not American.

        By fleeing Europe, America’s settlers rejected Europe’s failed ideas in pursuit of a better system and a brighter future. A future where their dreams and ambitions were no longer restricted by the outmoded constraints imposed upon them by the tried and failed European socio-economic class structure.

        For over two centuries America has been an unprecedented
        success where a five thousand year leap was possible. Because the United States of America existed, the living standards of common people throughout the world have improved. Since its birth America has been a beacon to freedom seeking people because the American idea is the better idea.

        Among Americans there is no debate that the United States of America is by far the most inventive, productive, prosperous and charitable nation in the history of the planet.
        Among “progressives,” America is populated by backwards thinking, greedy, evil bigots who need to be “enlightened” and shown the error of their ways by their “progressive” superiors.

        There has yet to be put forth one rational, logical argument
        to support abandoning the highly successful American idea in favor of European ideas that are currently failing in Europe itself.

      • Hey look. I’ll make it real easy. RINO is a dumbazz term thrown around by fools who actually think that RR would not be considered one today. RR signed off on amnesty. He hiked some taxes. You yourself said that amnesty is unacceptable. Fine. Then using YOUR logic, RR is unacceptable for being pro amnesty. THAT is my point.Too many GOP’ers using that idiotic term to define those who would do what Reagan did. You gettin’ it now? Reagan compromised. RINO bleating morons loathe compromise therefore logically they would have to loathe Reagan. You can’t have it both ways. I’ve sent Rush Limbaugh this same argument when he started using the term RINO. Like I said, if Reagan first came onto the scene today talking about tax hikes, compromise and amnesty, you and the rest of the hardliners would call him a RINO. How’s that for ‘enunciation’?

      • Seriously…you still feel a compulsion to “explain” this to me or “make it real easy”?

        And I’ll thank you in advance for no longer putting words into my mouth by saying that “you and the rest of the hardliners would call him (Reagan) a RINO.”

        If you were paying attention you would have already noticed that I have not used the term RINO to describe any Republican, much less Ronald Reagan.

        The “progressive” movement in America first appeared
        during the late 19th century in response to so called “robber barons” such as Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan. The “progressives” saw what to them was unbridled capitalism being practiced by these men and deemed it to be injurious to the well-being of “the masses.” Early “progressives” included Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

        Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft were Republicans. Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt were Democrats.

        There are still “progressives” in the GOP. These are the people who fiercely opposed Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980. They are the ones who called Ted Cruz and other American Patriots “whacko birds.” They are the ones who gave us Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney…all failed presidential candidates.

        A “progressive” is a politician who grows the size, scope and power of government t the detriment of America’s Constitution and its citizens.
        Need I remind you that George H.W. Bush spoke from the Oval Office as well as before a joint session of Congress, waxing on about a “New World Order” to be administered by the UN?

        Need I remind you that George W. Bush created the DHS in response to an investigation that concluded that 9/11 was a result of the FBI and CIA failing to share information about relevant terrorist suspects, when the proper use of an Executive Order telling the FBI a the CIA to share information was all that was required?

        “progressive” Republicans are the ones pushing amnesty because their big multinational corporate donors want cheap labor.
        Need I remind you that George W. Bush sought amnesty, as does his brother Jeb?

        Never mind that amnesty will doom America to third world status, ruled by a “progressive” Democratic oligarchy of self-imagined, self-appointed “progressive” “intellectual elites who will be elected in perpetuity by illegal aliens who favor “progressive” Democrats by huge margins because they give them “free” stuff.

        “progressive” Republicans are OK with being a permanent minority party as long as they can continue to enrich themselves by feeding from the public trough until the United States collapses into poverty through massive federal debt. When that happens, they will have the cash to live like kings wherever they go. You and the rest of America are not their concern.

        Ronald Reagan compromised because the “progressive” Democrats controlled the House. He got most of what he wanted from them to put America on a much better track that it was on under the “leadership” of Jimmy Carter.

        Once the economy heated up as a result of 25% tax cuts, selective tax hikes were a way of preventing it from overheating and creating inflation, which acts like a tax.

        And Ronald Reagan stated that amnesty was the biggest mistake he made because he trustee “progressive” Democrat Tip O’Neal when promised border security would follow. To make the same mistake and trust “progressive” Democrats about border security again would be totally stupid. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

        You can now stop talking down to me like you know it all, and that I’m your “student,” because you don’t know it all and I do not require your “tutelage.”

      • [[ Seriously…you still feel a compulsion to “explain” this to me or “make it real easy”? ]]

        Yes! If you feel the need to offer smug retorts like ‘you didn’t enunciate your position too well’ as a reason you didn’t get my point.

        Let’s cut through the sophistry. Do you think the term RINO is appropriate or not?

        And stop alibiing for Reagan. So he said he made a mistake. That makes it okay? The damage is done. Reagan also hiked taxes for whatever reasons. He had to deal with Tip and therefore COMPROMISE! Yes, Reagan got more cuts than hikes which was great. I have nooooooooooooo problem with that. Now had Romney won and had to compromise with Pelosi/Reid, how would you and other ‘purist’ felt?

        Obama made many mistakes his first term. Were you of the opinion that he deserved a second chance if he had fessed up and admitted his mistakes? Me either.

        Reagan compromised out of necessity. Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney would have had to also had they been POTUS with a dem HOR. You’re point? You think those three failed in their runs because they were too progressive? Think again. They weren’t progressive enough.

        [[ A “progressive” is a politician who grows the size, scope and power of government t the detriment of America’s Constitution and its citizens. ]]

        So how bad have our resources been strained and how much has govt expanded thanks to Reagan’s amnesty?

        [[ Never mind that amnesty will doom America to third world status, ]]

        That started with Reagan.

        [[ Need I remind you that George H.W. Bush spoke from the Oval Office as well as before a joint session of Congress, waxing on about a “New World Order” to be administered by the UN? ]]

        So was that a ‘mistake’ like Reagan’s amnesty? Tell me which ‘mistake’ was moire costly to us.

        [[ Need I remind you that George W. Bush created the DHS in response to an investigation that concluded that 9/11 was a result of the FBI and CIA failing to share information about relevant terrorist suspects, when the proper use of an Executive Order telling the FBI a the CIA to share information was all that was required? ]]

        How naive and uninformed are you? What does creating the DHS have to do with two agencies trying to outdo each other? Your loathing of any Republicans besides Reagan have you ignorantly blinded.

        Project Bojinka was uncover in the Philippines in 1995. Do you know what Project Bojinka was about genius?

        Terrorism trial begins in New York
        3 men accused of plotting to bomb U.S. planes
        May 13, 1996
        Web posted at: 11:35 a.m. EDT

        From Correspondent Brian Jenkins

        NEW YORK (CNN) — Jury selection began in New York Monday in the federal trial of three men accused of plotting to bomb 11 planes headed for the United States on a single day in 1995.

        Ramzi Yousef is charged with masterminding the plot. He also will be tried later this year, accused of planning the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. Four men are already serving life in prison for that crime.

        The alleged plot was discovered in the Philippines in January 1995, when a fire broke out in a Manila apartment 200 yards from the Vatican’s embassy, a week before the arrival of Pope John Paul II.

        Police were shocked by what they found inside: a smoking mixture of explosives in a sink, street maps and garments like those worn by the Pope’s entourage, suggesting a plot to kill the Pontiff.

        They also say they found computer disks containing detailed plans to blow up U.S. airliners.


        So how the hell was 911 about ‘sharing information’? This story was all over the news locally and internationally. Why didn’t Clinton do anything about this? Put the blame where it belongs and stop whining about the DHS.

        [[ You can now stop talking down to me like you know it all, and that I’m your “student,” because you don’t know it all and I do not require your “tutelage.”]]

        Take your own advice and learn something before you speak in the future. Ignorant hypocrite.

      • Terrorists want to kill Americans?

        Thanks for sharing that news flash, otherwise I may have never known.

        If this is the manner in which you presented your thoughts to Rush Limbaugh, I’m sure he cut you to pieces.

        If, in the future, I want your unwarrantedly overblown self-righteousness polluting my thought processes I’ll ask for your opinion. Until then I suggest you take your pompous, half-witted self, shut up and go away. You wouldn’t know American history if it bit off your lower appendage. As for advising people about politics, don’t quit your day job.

      • No reason to be a snide buffoon. If you want to pick up your ball and run home, go ahead. But do so without all the drama.

        Rush has turned into a clown. He never responded since he couldn’t refute my point any more than you can.

        Screw your admonition rookie. You’re a tap-dancer and a pretender. You’re dismissed.

  4. The GOP “establishment”, are progressives and they are pretty much spineless. They aren’t taking Obama’s policies apart or the proposed policies of their various opponents as much as doing the Leftist thing of destroying–by fair means or foul–any conservative challenger. Nor are they sharing any of their vision of where we need to go to right the ship in the future. Because they just want to have their turn in charge of the leviathan. They don’t want to make it …gasp!…smaller. They don’t even very much want to make it more efficient, only to seem so, so they’d approve of expansion in the form of more “oversight” people.

    Allen is correct as is Rush who says that even if the GOP have a bigger majority in the House and even if the have a majority in the Senate, nothing will change…except the excuses for why nothing is changing for the better. They, too, are hoping the damage done already will be overcome by all of US and a real recovery can begin. Stunted, certainly, but at least they won’t have to do anything helpful such as get rid of Obama-doesn’t-care, shrink gov’t, or…grow spines.

    None of my disdain above is directed at those few, far too few, conservatives, the anti-progressives we the people managed to shove down the throats of both Houses of congress. They’re choking on those conservatives and that’s a good thing. WE are choking on O-care (which was forced down OUR throats) and that’s a very bad thing but Obama isn’t the only one who doesn’t care about anything but politics and power and getting more of it.

  5. TheT-bggr “p*ss your pants and hide under the bed”, Greedy Old
    whiteParty has no plans other than that. They don’t have enough of
    nothing to satisfy NOBODY! This is their last hurrah on the way to the
    dust bin. (haha)

  6. Can someone please post a link to one bill…one proposal from republicans in the last 20 years that was designed to help the working person exclusively…ANYTHING

      • Not a answer….your answer is a BALANCED BUDGET….you have to come with something better than that! Nothing republcians have proposed in the last 20 years that directly benefited the american WORKER?? NOTHING??

      • I’ve proven you wrong spanky. Lower taxes always help the working man. Prove otherwise. Now be a good Obamite and tell us what the dims have done to help the working man.

      • In other word….you can’t name one policy, one bill or anything that republicans have done that directly benefited the working stiff in this nation in the last 20 years. Good job Skippy

      • I named it moron. Prove otherwise. Prove that lower taxes hurts the working man. Then show me what the dems have done to help the working man.


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