No end to barbarism: Jihadist in Israel runs over 3-month-old baby girl

In an honor killing in Arizona, a Muslim father used his car to run over his own daughter whom he felt was becoming too Western. Just this week a Canadian Muslim jihadist convert used a car to run over two Canadian Soldiers, killing one. However, this use of a car in a terrorist attack took my breath away.

As reported by Arutz Sheva — Israel National News — a three-month-old baby girl was murdered when an Arab terrorist mowed down pedestrians with his car at a light rail station in Jersualem’s Ammunition Hill. Arutz Sheva says the grandfather of the three-month-old girl, named Chaya Ziso, issued a heartbreaking statement in response. She was among nine people wounded and succumbed to her wounds shortly afterwards. “Her parents waited for a child for many years during which they did not merit to have children,” said grandfather Shimon Halperin. “Today they were coming back from praying at the Kotel (Western Wall) and a terrorist came and ran over their baby. He told of her parents’ joy after she was born, and described how he enjoyed playing with his granddaughter during her tragically short life. He and his wife had just arrived in Israel from the US to meet his grandchild, but only had a few short hours with her.”

Chaya held dual American and Israeli citizenship for her short life, and it was her first visit to Israel. Fortunately, her murderer was shot and killed.

Ladies and gents, this savage barbaric pestilence has to be defeated, destroyed, eradicated and I mean with a wholehearted commitment to crush Islamo-fascism and jihadism. Because not only do they care little for our children, they care even less for their own — as we we’ve reported here with Hamas’ commitment to use children and civilians as human shields. We also shared this interview with an Arab woman whose child’s life and been saved by Israeli Doctors — yes, Jews — yet she clearly stated she would be proud to have her son die to kill the same people who had saved her son.

What manner of sickness is this? How can we continue to dismiss this and seek to blame everyone else — except the violent ideology of Islam and its jihadist followers? As we reported, in Canada there was an attempt to “talk” with the jihadist who ended up running over the two Canadian soldiers — thank God he was shot to death.

In Jerusalem, Arutz Sheva says the terrorist — who killed little three-month-old baby Chaya — was a resident of the Silwan neighborhood with previous terror convictions.

We are still reeling from the news of the Canadian Soldier shot and killed at the War Memorial — the Canadian version of our Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Reports say there has been an increase in chatter from ISIS and other Islamists advocating for the attacks against Soldiers n Canada. Can you imagine some jihadist firing on and killing one of our honored warriors who stands guard in Arlington Cemetery? Well that’s what happened in Ottawa yesterday.

But to take a car and use it as a weapon against innocent civilians just standing at a rail station is beyond barbaric — seeing a family with a little baby girl in your sights and pressing the gas pump harder?

So, explain to me how we “coexist” with this? And don’t give me the fear mongering line or condemn me as an “Islamophobe.” Anyone who can apologize or dismiss these attacks in Jerusalem or in Ottawa is just as bad as the jihadists — you are an enabler for their despicable and heinous actions.

God bless little Chaya who had her sweet life taken away far too soon by an animal — who it seems was not a successful rehab. And yes, God bless the children who are being taught hatred so they will be the next generation of jihadists — that is, if they survive being used as human shields.

I wonder if the International Criminal Court has the cojones to bring charges against Hamas and all these Islamic terrorist groups who target and kill children — ours and theirs. I bet not, they’re probably working on indictments of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel as we speak.

Damn it all, these barbarians make it very easy to hate them — and yes, I do.


  1. So what’s the solution? How are we supposed to make people see through their blind eyes? Or are we to resign ourselves to the evil taking over this world? How are supposed to combat the lies that people scream?

    • Many people know what should be done, but precious few have the courage to speak it. We did it to imperial Japan and Nazi Germany, utterly crushed them, destroyed their armies, literally wiping out a generation of fighting age men, as well as their ability to make war, then installed governments of our own hand-picked choosing, and occupied them under close scrutiny for decades.

  2. Uhm, you do realize, don’t you Allen, that Arutz Sheva is an underground media outlet that is well known for “reporting” anything to further the cause of killing any Muslim, anywhere. It’s so radical that even Israel won’t grant them a media license.

    When you’re so desperate to find reasons to kill Muslims, including Americans who are Muslims, that you’re willing to use a resource that even Israel says is too radical, too unreliable, then you’re really, really out there as a radical yourself.

    • How about the NY Times camel phucker?

      Driver Plows Into Group at Jerusalem Train Station, Killing ……/2-israeli-soldiers-wounded-near...

      The New York Times

      1 day ago – … killing a 3-month-old Israeli baby and injuring eight other people. …Palestinian news outlets called the crash an accident and identified the driver as …wing of Hamas, the militant Palestinian group that dominates Gaza, who …

      JERUSALEM — A Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem plowed his car into a group of pedestrians at a light-rail station in the northern part of Jerusalem on Wednesday, killing a 3-month-old Israeli baby and injuring eight other people. The police said they were treating the crash as a terrorist attack.

      The driver tried to flee on foot and was shot by police officers, according to Micky Rosenfeld, a spokesman for the police. The officialPalestinian news agency, Wafa, later reported that he had died of his wounds.


      Now keep sucking that Hamas knob punk.

  3. Ever wonder why these slime balls who kill there own because they were becoming to “western” come to this country in the first place? This leads me to conclude that Muslims have no intention of assimilating.

  4. Islam is a cult that kills,steals and destroys. They are evil to the core. They have never known peace and they will never know peace because they follow a book of lies created by a false Prophet.

  5. Some of the greatest men and women of God have been involved formerly in terrorist activity. To say that there is no hope for a Muslim is to imply that GOD is not who He says He is. If we view these people with hatred and animosity, we have become what we despise . I am not willing to do that.

  6. This is just another disgusting incident that a totally innocent victim lost their life. The people and groups that do this are pure brain dead scum. Even though I consider myself a good Christian I would have no remorse or sorrow seeing them all killed.
    But what angers me the most was the fact that the DoJ and the Marine Corps placed a group of Marines on trial for urinating on a group Taliban corpse’s. In my eyes they should have been given medals. But ISIS and these lone wolf’s can target and kill innocent people and children. Many were brutally decapitated and no one seems to care for more than a few moments. Radical Islam is nothing more than a contagious disease and should be treated as such and eradicated by any means necessary.


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