Young Muslim convert shot dead after killing a Canadian soldier: Time to shut down mosques preaching jihad?

Martin Couture Rouleau

If you think we have a homegrown Islamic terrorist — lone wolf — problem here in America, it seems our compatriots to the north do as well. As reported by the Washington Post, “A young convert to Islam who killed a Canadian soldier in a hit-and-run had been on the radar of federal investigators, who feared he had jihadist ambitions and seized his passport when he tried to travel to Turkey, authorities said Tuesday. Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said the attack Monday was “clearly linked to terrorist ideology.” Quebec Police spokesman Guy Lapointe said the act was deliberate and that one of the two soldiers was in uniform.”

Let us remember the heinous and barbaric attack of British Soldier Lee Rigby by two Nigerian jihadists. And we know ISIS has called for attacks — actually terming it “slaughter” — of American service members including their families, on social media. This just goes to show once again, we need to take this threat seriously.

The one good thing about this episode — after a high speed chase, this jihadist was shot to death — which should have happened to Alton Nolen in Oklahoma City. We’ll have to see the full details of what’s unfolding in Ottawa to see if we can add that attack to the list.

We must begin to root out the snake pits from whence these homegrown jihadists find their venom. The time is coming when we will have to finally begin shutting down the Islamic centers and mosques where violent jihadism is being preached and proselytized – and not like Houston’s mayor subpoenaing Christian pastors for their sermons and church bulletins.

Our western civilizational values are being undermined right before our eyes and we insist on dismissing this abhorrent behavior — all to the gain of our enemies, and the deaths of our fellow citizens.

According to the Washington Post, “police said the suspect, Martin Couture-Rouleau, called 911 to report his hit-and-run as police chased him in the Quebec city of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. He later was shot dead by police after his car flipped over into a ditch and he brandished a knife as he exited his car. A second soldier suffered minor injuries in the attack. Couture-Rouleau, 25, was one of 90 people in the country suspected of intending to join fights abroad or who have returned from overseas, according to Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner Bob Paulson. He first came to attention of authorities in June because of Facebook postings that showed he had become radicalized and wanted to leave the country to fight, said Royal Canadian Mounted Police Supt. Martine Fontaine.”

So why was this savage not apprehended back in June? Is it that — as with Alton Nolen — we continue to play the political correctness game and not confront this enemy, and the pit of snakes? Could this attack have been thwarted with the resolve to connect the dots based on the trends being displayed?

According to the Post, “police seized his passport at the airport in July when he tried to travel to Turkey, Fontaine said. He was arrested and questioned but there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him with a crime, she said. Fontaine said police subsequently met with him several times, including as recently as Oct. 9, when she said he indicated that wanted to take steps to change. They also met his parents and the imam of his mosque and tried to exert a positive influence over him.”

So much for the positive influence — the mosque should be shut down and the imam deported. Perhaps that’s the only thing that will get through to the Muslim community — you will be held culpable and complicit in the actions of these jihadists who have been attending your mosques and Islamic centers. There has to come a time when we no longer accept “he was a good boy and we don’t know how this could have happened.”

Now the cultural jihadist apologists will retort with the weak relativist argument that we should then do the same for churches that have folks committing crimes. Just a minute my cowardly progressive socialist friends. These individuals are killing us based on the ideology preached in their gathering places — furthermore, their social media indicates their desire to commit jihad which is a violent tenet of Islam — I ain’t buying that lovey-dovey jihad personal struggle crap. I want to find out who and where these cretins are being radicalized and drain that pit — and as long as we allow these imams and mullahs to deny any responsibility and accountability, it will continue.

And as long as we continue to find blame elsewhere and dismiss these actions we will suffer.

For example, I want to know where and from whom did three American teenage girls from Denver get the idea to join ISIS. They were caught in Germany trying to get to Syria. As reported by ABC News, “The girls have not been identified, but law enforcement officials said two are sisters — 15 and 17 years old — and one is 16 years old. The two sisters are from Somalia and the 16-year-old is from Sudan, according to a federal law enforcement source briefed on the case. This is part of a worrisome trend of “disaffected youth” who are being radicalized, the official said, pointing to the wider phenomenon of foreign fighters converging on the conflict in the region. There have been other cases of high school age kids trying to get to Syria that haven’t been made public, the official said.”

We’ve seen this happening in the Minneapolis area, and previously there was another American girl from Denver who was caught and charged for aiding ISIS. So who was it, where, and who provided three girls the funding and resources to travel to Germany and potentially onto Syria? Someone bought those tickets.

My point is simple. We have to view this as an enemy infiltration and attack it as such. No more Mr. and Mrs. Nice Guys, it’s time to find the source and eliminate it. Will it happen under this president, Barack Hussein Obama? I can answer that with his own words: “Let me make this very clear, ISIS is not Islamic.” Nuff said!

These Islamo-fascists and jihadists want to take America? Molon Labe!


  1. Which is why they are building a MEGA-Mosque in Apopka, Florida. I am totally convinced that maybe, just maybe this will be the one to preach peace and love.

  2. I just don’t get it??? Everybody keeps permitting these lowly evolved entities into the country and then they then show their hatred for us all by attempting to destroy us and make us the same as the primitive places they came from….. Doesn’t anybody get it yet, these entities hate us and will attempt to indoctrinate as many a possible here and destroy the rest!

  3. As if closing mosques will make a hoot of a difference. These people recruit online and they can congregate in private settings. Like Col. West says himself where did those teenage girls get the idea to run and join ISIS. Public shooting is a public shooting, when done by a white christian american male. He’s a poor mentally ill sap when it’s a Muslim it’s terrorism. Who does more public shootings? If he The building doesn’t have to have a sign that says Mosque to be one. Besides it’s Canada paranoia doesn’t sell as well over there they are committed to multi-culturalism.

    • LOL! ARe you Ben Affleck? Because you sound just as ignorant as him. Canada is finding out it’s not paranoia, but reality. Maybe you need a dose of reality, because you are clearly living in la la land.

      • Ever been to Canada? You think no Canadian died in the WTC? You’re the ignorant living in lala land. The World is not as small as in your head. Another things Canadians are is virulently secular. Churches are closing left and right. Quebecers in particular worked hard to get religion out of their public life. They call the period they where run by the Church ”la grande noirceur” or the great darkness. Canadians will investigate this as a criminal act like any civilized society. Any other way and the terrorists win.

      • You are so full of garbage. I go to Canada all the time, I have friends in Canada and nothing you say pertains to them. You make up leftist BS on a daily basis. The Canadians I know all recognize terrorism for what it is and aren’t afraid to call it that no matter how much you leftist freaks cry about it. Only a fool can’t recognize Islamist terrorism in this day and age. YOu fool.

      • Then you should know that Allen West wouldn’t get elected dog-cather in Canada. You should know that Premier Harper the motion to authorize Canadian airplanes to join the airstrikes barely passed parliament on a 157 to 134 vote. Only conservatives voted for the motion. The Canadians you know are morons.

    • And you think Islam preaches multi-culturalism? They preach that there is only ONE culture and that culture is Islam. You have a lot to learn.

      • Well I wont let Islam dictate who I am. They can be whoever they want to be. I’ll be who I am. You are already thinking like them which is what they want. You have nothing to teach me.

      • They can and they will, eventually – it is their stated goal. Deal with it now or deal with it later, but you will deal with it.

  4. This has to stop! Neither America nor Canada needs to lose another good person to the terrorists – and that’s what these people are. Time to shut down mosques preaching jihad, indeed. Get them out of Canada and America – all of them because this is only going to get worse. That’s what they advocate, violence and death. They are determined to kill anyone who isn’t them. End of story. They need to be gone!

      • Actually Harper’s motion for airstrike barely passed the House of Commons. And only with Conservatives votes. It’s basically Harper’s war.

      • GOOD! Or are you the type that prefers to wait until they are at your door before trying to take them out.

      • These guys always existed, tried to get themselves killed in Syria. They where dormant until Harper gave them a reason to act out. They are no more or less terrorists than the guy who took a shot at Mme Marois or those kids who shoot up their schools regularly in the States.

      • Because up until 2008, the free world didn’t have a ‘leader’ who calls terrorists ‘jay-vee’ and let them metastasize. Your gutless POS community organizer started his love affair with terrorists with his apology tour in 2009. Then his orgasmic love affair with the Muslim prayer. Then his funding of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Throw in Benghazi, Obama’s refusal to prosecute Hassan or even deal with him prior to the shooting at Ft. Hood and you obviously have an idiot POTUS who emboldens terroristS like ISIS. How’s that for an answer Ruffy? Your ignorant azz POS Obama has rolled out the red carpet for ISIS as well as other groups. You dumb jag-0ff.

      • So it’s Obama fault for apologizing but Harper declaring war and sending in CF-18 did not matter in the attack. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but I thought you conservatives didn’t believe in those.

      • Can you be anymore childish? Address the whole statement or don’t address it at all. Your lazier than Allen West no one falls for the cropped statement anymore. What are you six?

  5. What these girls don’t understand is that they aren’t going to be running around with AK 47’s, they are going to be given as wives, living in poverty and made into actual sex slaves for these men. Just ask the two girls from Austria who now are both pregnant and hopelessly regretting their mistake. They want to go home but cannot. This is where parents need more control over where and what their children are doing. Start paying attention to your children!!!

  6. It’s funny, if Obama had run on a platform with a foreign who’s stated goals were that Muslim extremists who hate the United States would take over the area from Tunisia to Iraq, and that Iran would get the bomb in the process, would he have won the election? And yet we’re to believe that none of this was intentional because…he and Michelle are so obviously patriotic?

    ? s/ ?

      • He’ll negotiate with them so long as they don’t have hostages. If they do then it’s ‘so long white/jewish hostage, we don’t negotiate or pay ransom’.
        He’s all hard line when someone’s life is on the line. When it comes to setting the terms of his message to them, he’s all lax.

  7. Take note as to how the libtards still claim Islam and ISIS are not threats. Libtards, plain and simply wish to be contrarian to anything the right says even to their own detriment. I have my fingers crossed that when ISIS hits the US, they have the good sense to make a bee-line to all the libs. I suspect they are capable of sniffing out the weakest link. Off with their heads ASAP.

  8. Some misguided crazy listens to some garbage on the Internet and acts on it all of a sudden it’s enemy infiltration. Is that Allen West guy a real journalist? Where does he wor? He seems to want people to panic how’s that responsible journalism?

  9. Okay…. I just finished reading this absurd article, followed by the absurd comments. Most of these comments are completely ignorant, and have no factual basis to them.

    To begin with, in Arabic, Islam means “submission to God”, Muslim means “one who submits to God” and “Allah” means “God” plain and simple. Arab Christians also call God “Allah” and it is no moon god or anything of the sorts – It is the SAME God that is followed by the Jewish and Christian religions.

    In regards to all this craziness going on in the world, and yes, I am referring to ISIS – That is an EXTREMIST group… It is not the norm, or the majority – but the minority. It saddens me to think that all of this “mainstream” news is promoting hatred and prejudice against another nation simply due to fear or misinformation. ISIS is a real problem, I am not saying no or minimizing that to any degree, however… while what they are doing is WRONG, it in no way has anything to do with Islam. Islam is a religion of peace – and like ANY holy book, some of it is left open to interpretation, which is why we have scholars, priests, imams and rabbis to sort this all out – because they are well versed in their teachings. Otherwise the persons intentions, or thoughts tend to shape their interpretation – for better or for worse; especially with a lack of knowledge.

    This is exactly the sort of discrimination that the Jewish nation went through during Hitlers reign – and while the details and situation is different, the results are the same – Hate through conditioning.

    At the end of the day, people are people. Judge the individual who is committing the atrocities, not the nation as a whole.

    We are not all perfect – Look back at history. Some of the most heinous crimes ever committed were from Christians. But does that mean ALL Christians are evil?! No. It means that people have issues and tend to blame their actions on their faith as a scapegoat; when the REAL problem is not the religion, but that they are in fact Psychopaths. Who else would behead another human being if they were in the right state of mind? Come on people, look at it for what it is. Take labels out of this and look at the person(s) whom are committing these atrocities, not the entire religion.

    That would be similar to saying “your father was a murderer, so you must be one too” … Like come on… How ridiculous does that sound?! You cannot put the actions of a few and attribute them to the masses.

    If anyone begs to differ, PLEASE, I challenge you to open the Quran and prove otherwise.

    • Islam IS a religion of peace, but when will THEY stand up against the radical Islamist that are a threat to mankind, the same Islamist that behead innocent children, the blood thirsty, evil psychopaths that are spreading their bile throughout, brain washing their young.

      • Many do stand up and voice their opinions but it isnt always broadcasted on the news because that would make Muslims look good… Its like the media is out to get the Muslim population, and for what?!… At the end of the day, people are people. If you look at the scholars, read the Quran and see Muslims actually practicing their beliefs, you will see that all of this is nonsensical. Yes, there are bad Muslims that give the rest of the Ummah a bad name, which is unfortunate… But there are also bad Christians, bad Jews, and so on and so forth. At the end of the day, if we remove the label of one’s faith, and look at the crimes committed by all parties, than maybe things will be looked at a little differently…

      • Sorry cannot agree with all you say! Some older Muslims maybe, but the young are radicalised through their clerics and Mosques and as the old die the threat will increase. Of course there are good and bad in all but it is the individual that is bad not because of their faith. As for it not being broadcast, that is definitely not true, our media is run by their paymasters and they are allowing this to happen, our police protect the Muslims, protect the Mosques, protect the clerics above all others. Not all Muslims are bad, but all terrorist are Muslim.

      • Sorry, I cannot agree with that. The majority of the Muslims I know are in their twenties, and are far from radicalized. They are hands down the most loyal, kind and peaceful people i know. And no, not all terrorists are Muslim. I cant believe you just said that…I had to write a paper on terrorism 2nd year University and i used the FBI database as a primary source, and Muslims only accounted for about 5% of all terrorist activity, coming in second to last on the list. Surprisingly, Catholic Latino’s took the number one spot on the list. So please, know your facts before you preach.

      • The fact that you know Muslims in their 20s that “appear” not to be radicalised, does not mean very much, families have been duped best friends have been duped, friends that have lived alongside them and are astounded that they turned out to be blood thirsty and evil. I also have and do know a few Muslims that are peace loving , but they are of the older generation. I have seen and heard enough from the “peaceful” clerics that want sharia law in this country, there is NOTHING peaceful about that, I am not an authority on the subject, as you claim to be, but I see and hear enough to make my mind up.

      • When you say “appear”, that can go for literally anyone. We can know someone for 25 years and still not really “know” them. So that goes without saying that no one really knows another person 100%. People change, and people surprise us. However, in regards to my comments about the Muslim people in my life, and speaking as a Muslim convert myself, I strongly oppose what you are saying. Yes there are those who want sharia law, yes there are those who are terrorists, yes there are those that are racist towards non muslims. BUT there are a much larger group of muslims that are against sharia law, against terrorist, and are welcoming to those of other faiths as well. Generalizing a whole faith is ignorant and leads to a lot of misrepresentation. we should judge people not on what they are or what they believe, but on who they are as an individual.

      • When are the “good” Muslims like yourself going to speak up against Sharia Law, as I see it, it is not Muslims per say that are the problem, it is RADICAL Muslims, who want to control the world, I have seen terrible atrocities carried out in the name of Allah, innocent children having their head cut off, it seems that unless there is plenty of blood about they are not happy, whether that be human or animal blood, and I think it is this that moderate peace loving Muslims are ignorant to.

      • I thought that’s what I was doing – Speaking up… Anyway, yes I agree that more should speak up, and that the Radicals ARE the problem, I have no argument against that. However, how these radicals are acting out is not based on Islamic teachings, it actually goes against the teachings of Islam… And I hate how people use Islam as a scapegoat for committing these atrocities. Its infuriating because it makes the rest of us look bad.

      • I appreciate that, but when you listen to Clerics condoning and indeed calling for violence, it is very hard for people of other faiths to understand, to see beheadings, women buried up to their necks and stoned to death, children being terrorised, we just do not know who to trust anymore. The Koran was once explained to me by a Muslim, some years ago, he also explained where it was going wrong, influenced by clerics in other countries with the sole intention of radicalising the youth.

      • That is the anomaly… I speak from experience. I have been to a handful of Mosques, as I have moved quite a bit over the years, and I have never heard an Imam speak against non-muslims in anyway that was negative. Im sure there have been some, Im not saying no, however from my personal experience I have not heard such things. The only thing that has been brought up about non-muslims is the worldly events, and it was spoken of in a matter of fact type of way – ie. this is what happened, what can we do to help (donate, speak up, etc.)

        You also have to take into consideration that Islam is not the only religion that has bad followers, or leaders – this is an occurrence that happens in all religions. I remember a couple of years ago there was this huge thing about a Christian church in the states that was protesting against gays, and it was promoting hatred, which of course, is not a very Christian attribute. So even with people that do things like that in the name of God, or the name of Jesus, does not mean that the majority of Christians think or act like that. This is another example of people using their religion as a scapegoat for their own personal beliefs.

      • AS you say there are good and bad in all religions, the difference is, they do not ,as a rule, want to kill/chop of heads, stone women to death. What do you say about Choudrey, who is claiming Sharia Law in Walthamstow, sending out groups to make sure the rules are kept, and in his own words, “by any means”.. I will have to take your word that you have not heard any clerics preach hatred towards non Muslims, but they do, they also teach children of 4 yrs old, how to behead someone.

      • This again, is the anomaly… Is it right or acceptable? Absolutely not. However, I have yet to come across a Muslim, or anyone for that matter that has been taught by their parents to behead someone… My bets are these are the ill informed/uneducated that are going by what they are “taught” by bad people – not by what they have read. Because again, this is against the teachings of Islam.

      • I understand it is against the teaching of Islam, that does not change the fact that it is happening, in Mosques and schools, I have seen video clips. I have seen terrible atrocities carried out by Muslims against humans and animals, HOW are we supposed to differentiate between peace loving Muslims an the cruel,wicked, evil Muslims. The Peace loving Muslims should be making more of a stand against the evil.

      • The same way you differentiate between good and bad people. You dont generalize, you get to know the person for the person.

      • Also, as a second note… Taking into consideration everything that Muslims are subjected to, having people from a different country dictate what they can and cannot do, patrolling their streets, enforcing laws, and being very mistreated globally, of course you are going to have those who feel pushed to the limit that act out in ways that are not so positive. Im not agreeing with this by any means, however, if you were to place yourself in the position of say a Palestinian, and you have been forced out of your home, stopped at every checkpoint on your way to work (every day), having your land taken away, having your rights and your dignity stripped from you – all over what? power? control? money? land?… I dont know about you but that would infuriate me. Feeling helpless and not able to do anything to get yourself out of this rut… Watching your family get beaten by soldiers… and then when you try to fight back you get called a terrorist, yet you are standing up for what is yours (and when i say standing up for yourself and your people/land i by no means mean strapping a bomb to yourself). I dont know. Think about the laws in the states, lets say Texas for ex. The law states that if someone trespasses on your land, you not only have the right to defend yourself and your land, but you actually have the right to kill them. So how is it acceptable to do that, yet it is not acceptable for a Muslim to defend their land? Now would I act out in such ways? no, i would not. But everyone is different and everybody has a breaking point. So my point is, every situation has 3 sides – side A, side B and what actually happened… So by looking at both sides of the story, we can grasp a better idea of what is actually happening, and why these people are pushed to do such horrible things. Again i do not agree with violence, or harming others – but if we could eradicate the mistreatment of Muslims, and encourage acceptance than I guarantee that these crimes of war would dissipate.


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