Other than Egypt, name one Muslim nation intent on destroying ISIS.

Besides combat, what’s happening in northern Syria around the town of Kobani offers some interesting indications about the nature of the conflict with ISIS amid the Muslim world.

I’m glad to see some dedicated U.S. air strikes in that area, but ISIS reinforcements are pouring in and the Kurdish forces aren’t receiving much in the way of supplies or weapons support. But what I find most interesting are the pictures of the Turkish Army tanks just sitting on a hilltop taking it all in – as interested bystanders.

Furthermore, we know the Turks are now bombing the Kurdish people in Turkey itself who are protesting this abhorrent inaction. On several occasions we’ve written about Turkey’s actions — namely those of Recip Tayyip Erdogan.

However, I came across a piece that well defines not just Turkey’s recalcitrance to deal with ISIS — but that of the Islamic world itself.

As written by Nonie Darwish for Front Page Magazine, “Muslim legal systems in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan and Yemen, do not hesitate to whip, amputate, stone and behead those who violate Islamic sexual taboos, but never behead, amputate or whip jihadists who terrorize in the name of Islam. Almost all Muslim governments claim to be moderate, but none have apologized for 9/11. They have no interest in rounding up terror groups except those who point their guns at Muslim governments.”

“Why is that? Why is it that many Muslim governments allow the financial support and accommodation of terror groups as long as terrorists do their business elsewhere? Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf countries financed the radical resistance against Bashar Assad for one reason: he is not Sunni. And now when the radical resistance turned into ISIS, these same nations are asking the US to do something.”

It’s time someone in the U.S. had the courage to stand up to the Islamic world and challenge them. Instead we get the typical actions of appeasement and accommodation as indicated by the surrender of more hard-earned American taxpayer dollars to Hamas in the Gaza strip — believing that behavior will change. Some say just let them kill each other — well, that’s not a viable option because the victor will have gained strength and will still focus on the West as the target. We need a policy and a plan to seek out Islamic terrorism and destroy it wherever it exists — with no responsibility to rebuild anything.

At some point in time, we in the West will have to send a message that Islamo-fascism, jihadism, and its state sponsors will not be tolerated — including the host countries of the West where the cultural jihad seeks to desensitize us to its nefarious intent and objectives.

Darwish writes, “there are approximately 1.5 billion Muslims divided among 49 majority Muslim nations around the world and all claim to be peace-loving and “moderate.” Many of these Islamic nations have some of the largest and well-equipped armies in the Middle East and Africa. Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons. Egypt’s military has approximately 468,500 active personnel, in addition 1 million reservists. Turkey has 662,719 active personnel. Saudi Arabia’s military is estimated to have 150,000 active personnel and Pakistan has 550,000 active troops, 500,000 reserves.”

So I just have to ask, will these Muslim armies fight against ISIS — even better, why aren’t they fighting against ISIS now?

Darwish provides a response:

“If Muslim governments go to war against ISIS, there is a good possibility that their armies will not kill ISIS but might actually join them against Arab governments. This is why: The ultimate holy goal of Islam, both “moderate” and “radical,” is to reestablish the Islamic Khalifate and control the world. That is the goal of jihad. Historically all Islamic States were established by the sword, terror and violence. Even Mohammed himself established his first Islamic political entity in Arabia through the sword, violence and terror. Mohammed himself said in a hadith “I have been victorious through terror.” His followers took the sword, terror and beheading throughout Arabia to bring Arabs back to Islam after the death of Mohammed. Historically, Islam never created and maintained a Khalifate without the sword and the cruel punishments of Sharia. So the fact that ISIS is violent does not disqualify it in the eyes of Sharia from doing holy jihad in the name of Allah.”

It’s well known that ISIS grew out of Sunni support to Islamic jihadists from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. No, I don’t advocate any type of alliance with Iran and the Shia, who support Hezbollah. And we also have the shadow group, the Muslim Brotherhood, based out of Egypt. Interestingly, it is only Egypt which is willing to fight jihadists wholeheartedly. Where is Kuwait or Jordan?

The Obama administration touted this “air armada” of Arab nation support to the bombing of ISIS — heard anything lately about their assets flying? Sure, we got the propaganda photo of the first female combat pilot from the United Arab Emirates — how many other combat missions has she flown?

The point is, why does Islamic jihadism exist if these Arab nations really didn’t want it to? Why are these nations looking to America to clean up their Frankenstein monster? As Ms. Darwish writes, these nations really don’t want to commit their forces to fight them.

And sadly, we’ve witnessed the commitment of the Iraqi Army in the face of ISIS – barely even a paper tiger. So far one Arab country – Egypt,the largest one — has shown itself committed to fighting islamic terrorism. And its willingness to do so has drawn the ire of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama — all the while counting Erdogan as one of his best friends.

The one ethnic group which does not embrace Islam-fascism is the Kurds, and we’re allowing them to die a slow death. America has allowed the Islamic world to reveal our weakness. We have enabled our dependence on their energy. We have allowed them to infiltrate and promote their agenda in our schools and government. We are allowing them to buy favors from our elected officials and political organizations. And what have we got in return? Most recently, beheaded Americans.

It’s time we let the Islamic world know the clock is running out — fix your little jihad problem or we’ll elect leadership in America, finally, that will — and folks that’s a bipartisan problem.

Ms. Darwish concludes her article, which I recommend you read in its entirety, in a very pointed manner:

“President Obama today refuses to put troops on the ground in Syria and Iraq to destroy ISIS. I hope his refusal is because it is in the best interest of the United States and not because he too, like Arab leaders, does not want to destroy the first budding Islamic State In Iraq and the Levant.”

Sorry ma’am, but it seems our president is an Islamist sympathizer.


  1. It should be pretty obvious to those that bother to read history that the Muslim Brotherhood has roots in the early 30’s and that they are related to Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, etc. Egypt is the most secular; that is, non-muslim country in the Near East. By non-muslim, Egyptians may claim Islam as a religion but the government is more secular unlike that of Turkey, Iran. Syria, Iraq, and others are mostly muslim but are not ruled yet by Sharia law. It is time for us to recognize this historical and present day differences so that we can constitute a foreign policy that makes sense. Iraq is the best example of our failed policy. It was Hussein that kept together Sunni, Kurd and Shiite Iraq, through the Bath party. Without that over guiding control from the Bath party, Iraq is divided again into Sunni, Shia and Kurdish. No consolidated govt. controlled by one of these groups will lead to a united Iraq. Our leaders do not get this.

  2. The UAE has seen the light (well, the money actually). Dubai has designs on being the premiere destination in the world for high-end tourism. There is no way they will give up their newfound lifestyle for jihad.

  3. Mr. West, Since this entire conflict is based on religion I suggest you invite the Sunni and Shia leaders to join you. Fisticuffs to the near death and the winner wins all. The religion of the winner becomes the religion of the area. You’re built and buff, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Absolutely nothing is going to change until the radical religious can agree to a cease-fire on the ground or in the pulpits.


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