Liberal lunacy: Animal rights group seeks “personhood” for chimpanzees

Photo: Cleve Hicks

The hypocrisy of progressive socialists is seemingly endless. Consider the case being heard in court about a chimpanzee named Tommy that would redefine “personhood” in America.

The progressive Left went into an apoplectic state of hysteria when the Christian Right began to promote the idea of “personhood” for unborn human children — a heart rate begins at 18 days after all. But nah, human fetuses don’t really count. I guess some folks on the Left have been watching way too many “Planet of the Apes” reruns on Sci-Fi channel or something.

But I swear I’m not making this up. As reported by the UK Guardian, “An animal rights group will argue a claim of wrongful imprisonment of Tommy, a chimpanzee held in a trailer park shed in New York. Chimpanzees could climb closer to the status of “legal persons” on Wednesday, should an animal rights group convince a New York court that an ape held in a trailer park shed may be wrongfully imprisoned.”

“Tommy, a 26-year-old privately-owned chimp in Gloversville, New York, is the plaintiff in a suit brought on his behalf by Steven Wise and the Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP), a group of environmental lawyers who seek nothing less than to break through the “legal wall … erected between humans and nonhuman animals”, as Wise told the Guardian. But before the US can consider pongid personhood, Wise must argue before a panel of five appellate judges, who have agreed to hear out his petition for a writ of habeas corpus – an order demanding that the custodian of a prisoner prove a legally justifiable reason for detainment.”

Where do they find these people? Mr. Wise has nothing else better to do than waste the time of an appellate court to hear a case on behalf of Tommy the chimpanzee? Have we forgotten what a chimpanzee did when it attacked a woman a few years ago? So, does that mean that chimp chump would get charged with assault and battery and have to stand trial? And you mean to tell me this appellate court has nothing better to do, no better cases to hear than this? We are so upside down.

Nowadays in America if you fight for the rights of an unborn American child, you are attacked viciously and ridiculed. Yet the Far Left loons are tying up our legal system trying to get habeas corpus applicable to a chimpanzee?

But this isn’t the first case of liberal hypocrisy when it comes to the sanctity of human life. Consider here in South Florida all the precautions and preparations that go into sea turtle nesting season. You want to see people go nuts? Threaten a sea turtle nest. I’m sure many of the same people out there strenuously protecting sea turtle eggs have no issue whatsoever about killing a human baby while in the womb — some right up to the time of birth.

The Guardian says, “Wise argues that the court should recognize Tommy as a limited legal person entitled to the bodily liberty that habeas corpus protects. Presented as evidence to support his claim are affidavits from experts in cognitive science, psychology and behavioral biology, as well as Wise’s own rich knowledge of philosophical arguments and studies on chimpanzees. In the past 15 years, particularly, studies have convincingly shown that chimpanzees possess self-awareness,empathy, elements of culture, complex memory and recognition of death, and Wise argues that the long-perceived barrier between certain animals and humans is both thin and porous.”

So what about all the scientific evidence of cognitive development and the ability to feel and experience pain for a baby in the mother’s womb? Nah, that means nothing to the progressive socialists. Heinous procedures in late term abortions are just fine to the Left.

And I wonder how Mr. Wise feels about Barack Hussein Obama who once sponsored legislation as a state Senator declaring baby that survived an abortion still deserves to be killed — that is infanticide. Would Mr. Wise go to court and take up the cause a surviving baby?

According to the Guardian, “should the appeals court issue the writ, Patrick Lavery, who owns Tommy, would have to file his case and the state supreme court would schedule a hearing. Lavery has waived his right to make an argument in court.”

I must ask, what kind of society do we have in America where a court is listening to a case that could establish chimpanzee personhood and rights — all the while dissecting babies in the womb under the premise of women’s rights? How many of us have read to our children while in the womb and could sense their listening and the peace of their hearing our voices? America seems to have forgotten that the first unalienable right endowed to all men by their Creator is life.

I find the case of Tommy the chimpanzee very disturbing — but quite telling about who progressive socialists really are.


  1. People in the United States have to adhere to PC rules that come and go at the whim of some nebulous liberal elite that can’t be seen, let alone reasoned with. So our rights, i.e. the first amendment of the bill of rights, mean little to these people. But still that said I feel fortunate when I compare my rights to that of the unborn, who are subhuman garbage as far as the left who rule this country are concerned.

    But yeah, chimps are people. Did anybody bother to ask the chimps if they want to be treated as ‘well’ as people?

  2. I am far from Liberal, but a chimp should not be held in a shed. That is wrong. As far as granting person status?? I think that would be an insult to chimps.

  3. If granted personhood status, would that grant the chimp the right to vote…at least vote democrat? A whole new voter base just waiting to be exploited!!!

    • Not just that but can you imagine if this chimp is given “personhood” Lord have mercy we will now have another “what constitutes marriage.” I mean if they are considered a person??? UGH the thought makes me sick – but leave it to the liberals.

  4. Liberals just want to have sex with chimps. What? They already are having sex with chimps? They just want to legalize it? Oh my goodness.

  5. It IS absolute lunacy–and totally agree with Mr. Allen’s view—but with that said, haven’t we stated that going down a slippery slope, head on with ludicrous “rights” being made into laws? People need not only to open their eyes, but really SEE what is going on right in front of them. Slaves couldn’t even get personhood and they were human beings!! Marriage to animals was said to never happen, but it’s happening. People define what they want and our weak “civil servants” serve themselves by not upholding common sense and decency. Maybe because they have none. Judgment is already upon them. Are we really good people if we stand by and do nothing?

  6. This all seems so ass-backwards……chimps being considered as humans, and then Nebraska wanting to do away with our children being defined as boys or girls, and replaced with a neutral, all inclusive description such as, let’s see………PURPLE PENGUINS……Lord help us.

  7. That’s what they get for monkeying around with DNA. A chimp of the old block. These people are insane. A chimp is a person but an unborn child is a non-person. Now I have to shoot myself.

  8. A whole new money making audience for lawyers. They would be able to rep a monkey. All about money. Forget about how ludicris it is. Beyond common sense.

      • The real racists are the ones that try to suppress educational opportunities of a race(ex. anti-vouchers/crumbling inner city schools run by liberals), give free money and unhealthy food to lure away a person/race from the opportunities of dependable full-time work and personal pride in self that a good job/health brings, and take away their 2nd. amendment rights so they can’t protect themselves from roving raging gangs that terrorize their neighborhoods……..aren’t ya glad you’re a liberal Joe?…….ya may want to look in the mirror…….PS……Most Blacks are not Liberals…..they just have been hoodwinked by them…..

      • Those wouldn’t be racists (look up what the word means), but they would be wrong and they would have a deleterious effect on society – but the chucklehead to whom I responded is a racist and none of you good Christians said a dang think about it – you even came to his defense.

        Again, I ask, do you really wonder why people think the radical right is racist?

      • Hey Joe racist is not in the dictionary but RACISM is and it means Theories that say human abilities are determined by Race……and the DemonRats and Leftys have been treating blacks as unable to get educated, get a job, and be a productive members of society since their days of openly managing the KKK…. wonder why you can’t see the radical left are opportunists and patronize the poor and less educated(and they are determined to keep them that way evidenced by the school systems and welfare in liberal controlled cities)…….They want their votes and thats it… further their fascist ideology…. hmmm sounds like racism to me…..

      • Actually, racist is in the dictionary. It’s a word, that’s why people use it.

        Racist means a person who practices racism. Racism, in turn, means that one race is superior to another.

        The word you are seeking is racialism, the belief that race predicts behavior.

        Get a real dictionary.

        Your rant, btw, still fails. You present a strawman argument, which is particularly bad when you don’t need to.

        I depart from the (D) on this issue, and its the strongest reason I remain registered as a (R). Democrats don’t have social programs because they think blacks can’t find work. Indeed, the vast majority of social safety net spending goes to Whites. (

        Your strawman argument is that (D) pathologize blacks as unable to take care of themselves. That most spending goes to whites destroys that argument, but reveals an ideology of greater issue: democrats think the poor can’t take care of themselves. In one sense they are right. If poor people could take care of themselves, then they would. However, their cure for the problem of poverty just makes it worse.

        Had you not gone all radical-crazy and accused the (D) of being racist or racialist, but instead went with “here’s why they are wrong,” I’d agree with you.

        Instead, you tried to cover up the objectively racist statement of a fellow radical with a pathetic attempt to divert and distract, just as your hero Saul Alinsky taught you in your manifesto “rules for radicals.”

        The reason right-wing radicals are called racist is that they act like racists and then give cover for racists.

        If you don’t want to be called a racists, then don’t give cover to those who so clearly are. You can’t whine about it when the reputation of your associates effects your own. I would have thought you would have learned that in high school.

      • True more whites are on welfare but percentage wise Blacks are much higher…..and they don’t usually live under the propaganda machines the liberals have organized in the city….also whites are better educated because they do not have to suffer under third-world style education foisted on them by smiling liberals…..Saul Alinsky was a left wing radical……who both Hitlery, Rahm, Jarrett and OBola follow dearly…..So that was a weird reference……wonder how you judge racists from non-racists….whats your criteria for who is a racist and who is not a racist…..And what makes one a Right-winger VS. someone like you..Read alot of your posts and you sound very left of center…..Are the Tea Party members racist?..Can you please delineate for us…..I feel Barry and Holder are radical left-wing racists… you?…oh….your liberal panties were showing when ya made your off-handed swipe about me only (probably)having a HS education…..have 2 Bachelors, 2 masters and a doctorate…..but fortunately never attended liberal dominated brainwashing institutions…….I consider myself a conservative/libertarian……hope ya take the time to research the history of the Democratic party as I suggested before……..

      • No, I don’t think they are racists because I actually understand what that word means. You want to distract from the racist language used by the original poster, I get that, you think it’s fun to give cover to racism.

        I agree with you on many of your issues, except as they relate to being born in racism. As you point out, the average welfare queen is a white woman living in the suburbs. It’s not racism. It’s bad policy emanating from a bad ideology, but not racism.

        Want to see racism, read the post above, and ask yourself – do you finally understand why people think right wing radicals are racists?

        When you associate with racists, particularly when you try to give them cover, you can’t whine about being labeled a racist as well.

  9. Two right wing radicals went on a killing spree this summer, can the acts of those two be used to impeach the integrity of all right wing radicals? Of all Republicans? Of course not.

    The acts of one left wing radical can not be applied against the whole of the liberals.

    Of equal interest is West repeating a “Pants on Fire” lie about Obama.

    If West could win your support using sound logic and truth, he would. Because he can’t, he resorts logical fallacy and outright deception.

      • Oh, that’s why you didn’t mention them by name, you and everyone else on Earth already knows that they’re OWS far left racist scumbags. Most of that being redundant of course.

      • No, they are Right Wing – just because you people in the bubble like to circle jerk to a lie does not mean that thinking, moral people don’t’ know the truth.

        These were Bundy-ranch defending, Brietbart and Infowars lovin’ right-wing nut jobs. The man repeatedly posted his utter contempt of liberalism, which he considered a brain disorder.

        You and the Tea Party own them and any effort to lie just proves how disconnected you are from reality.

      • Never a part of OWS – they went to one Mask March, meanwhile

        Bundy Ranch

        Gasden Flag

        Liberalism is a Mental Disease

        Facebook “likes” included the ill-fated Operation American Spring, the NRA, The Heritage Foundation, Three Percenter Nation, and Ron and Rand Paul.

        Tea Party. Right-Wing tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy radicals.

      • The painting of the Swastika on the police was to “label” the police as Nazis.

        Further, they routinely called Obama a socialist and a tyrant. Furthermore, they moved to Nevada to support the American Independent Party.

        So, that’s what, eight indicia of right-wing nuttiness against one non-OWS mask march?

        The problem with you radical ideologues is that you latch onto one piece of a multivariate pie and then declare that the slice you like represents the whole.

        That’s poor logic and informs us why you can’t be trusted – on anything. Every thinking person recognizes these people are right wing, but you’re here to huff and puff and hope that somehow you’ll prevail, facts and logic be damned.

      • He was a hardcore anarchist, who wanted to move to Argentina or Venezuela, because he believed that a socialist government was better than the system we have here. conservatives believe in faith and limited government. not no government, no rules. That’s the leftist mantra.

        but it doesn’t really matter, 99% of all of these modern day mass shootings are done by leftists.

      • Thank you for proving you have no clue what you are writing about.

        The farthest left strategy is communism, which is all gov’t, all the time. The leftist mantra, then, is not anarchy.

        These two HATED socialism and were contemptuous of Obama for being one, they claimed. You claim they wanted to go live under a style of government they hated, but what they did do was move to support the radical right-wing American Independent Party.

        But hey, let’s not let your refusal to face facts get in the way of another ridiculous rant.

      • BTW: when you write the demonstratively false claim that 99-percent of mass shootings are done by liberals you simply are reinforcing your reputation as an ideologue who can’t be trusted.

      • No, it’s pretty good. You don’t like it because it routinely outs the memes you buy into as lies.

        That’s your problem, not politifacts.

      • No, I don’t like it because they don’t tell the truth. Find a different source or your arguments are nothing more than hearsay.

        Of course, you can continue to make an ass of yourself if that is what you like to do.

      • You don’t understand what hearsay is … but that is okay.

        Politifact sources there articles. You can follow their logic to facts, not just opinion.

        But, what fact-checking service do you recommend?

      • Hearsay – hear·say
        information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor

      • Then you should know that politifact, which sources it’s arguments so you can substantiate them, is not hearsay.

      • what do Angie Drobnic Holan, Amy Hollyfield, Louis Jacobson, Aaron Sharockman, Jon Greenberg, Steve Contorno, Katie Sanders, Lauren Carroll and ring leader Bill Adair, have in common.wait for it……. yes all democrat and all liberal. why are they important? hold on ……. Politifact Staff. Not a republican or conservative in the mix. They also are the same employees of punditfacts. wow I got chill bumps no bias there

    • West exploits this followers…he knows they are IGNORANT of the facts and will remain IGNORANT of the facts if he has anything to say about it

  10. Liberal always stand on the wrong side of common sense.

    LIBERALS: … Abortion is GOOD, Executing convicted Murderers is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Getting Robbed & Murdered is GOOD, Owning a Gun is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Islam is GOOD, Christianity is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Higher Taxes are GOOD, Lower Taxes are BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Communism is GOOD, Capitalism is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Gay ‘Marriage’ is GOOD, Traditional Marriage is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Black People are GOOD, White People are BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Welfare is GOOD, Working for a living is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … illegal Aliens are GOOD, Americans are BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Sharia Law is GOOD, The U.S. Constitution is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Homosexuals are GOOD, Heterosexuals are BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Teaching Kids about Sex is GOOD, Teaching about God is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Teaching Evolution is GOOD, Teaching Creationism is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Atheism is GOOD, Believing in God is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … High Energy Prices are GOOD, Drilling for Oil and Gas is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … The Mutant Federal Government is GOOD, Freedom is BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Traitors are GOOD, Patriotic Veterans are BAD!!

    LIBERALS: … Anti-American Communist Obama is GOOD, Bush is BAD!!

    • Nice strawman. When you grow up and can argue like an adult, hope you come back and apologize for posting this litany of lies.

      BTW: I strongly suggest you read the 9th commandment. Even if you’re not a Christian, it’s a pretty good rule.

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  11. I cannot recall the precise date, but over 20 years ago a claim for human rights was made on behalf of Dolphins an an aquarium in Hawaii. It was rejected by the court, but the issue keeps returning. A couple of years back the Great Ape Project was launched to provide rights for Apes. They recently abandoned the project. One of the problems with rights theory is that it leads to claim about the kind of mental or physical properties that qualify for rights. Usually the human fetus is a loser. If you care about the welfare of all animals, then the rights path is not the best way to go. Best to examine welfare conditions. Establish the legal concept of abuse. And remember it is an abuse of a fetus to tear it from its mother.

  12. I thought the chimps were emancipated back with Lincoln in the 1860’s Hell, we even have a trained one in the Oval Office

  13. First of all Colonel.

    I would dare you to call me a lunatic, literally. I am a Real and True American and a Republican.
    Animal rights are not an “it is what it is” issue or agenda. Who the hell are you to define human, or not?

    I am a career Soldier and frankly, if I saw a baby on one side of a road, and an animal on the other side, I go to the animal first. The hypocrisy by idiotics who

    It is ok to use “chimpanzee’s” as pin cussions or as human “test puppets” because they so closely match the human make up, and using chimpanzee’s as test mock ups to help in the health and cure of human kind. So to consider treating them, as exactly what you are using them for, kinda like “crash test dummies” is a tribute to moral and ethical values. For some..

    You mention “cognitive” as a proven function of a chimpanzee. You also mention the “creator”. How ironic that not only did the “creator” pass his will onto the “animal kingdom”, he did it long before as man came after the ape, and the environment came with the animal kingdom. Yet, while contradicting yourself, and showing intellectual ignorance, you show a hypocrisy that mirrors patheticism.

    Selective and cognitive theory? Is that you Colonel?

    Remember, I am a Soldier, a Republican, and most importantly, a Real and True American. What about you? If you are truly a so called “christian” or whatever your religious identity, stop thinking and realize that the “creator” created all around you, long before you.

    It is a weakness that one must abuse so as to try and show his “strength, however fallacious”.
    Because of human two legged trashcans and their psychotic stupidity, animals deserve rights just as humans. Hell!! Criminals, illegals, islam, and obama get more rights than “animals”…

    I fought for my country, now I WILL FIGHT FOR THESE CREATED partners in life.

    I hear some of you use the term ”

    • I really feel sorry for people like you. You claim to be a republican and ex military, but with comments like you would help sn animal before a child shows me that you are much more liberal than you profess, not to mention derranged! I would venture to guess that you have no children of your own and if you do, then i am saddened for them.

      • First of all, you womb rejected piece of human inconvenience, don’t you ever challenge my patriotic or family values. Liberal?? You wouldn’t know a liberal if it “were your own thought”. As if…
        You respond without argument, intellectual prose, and certainly without class.

    • “Hell!! Criminals, illegals, islam, And Obama get more rights than animals” Hell!! They all get more rights than they should !!!

      • @#//:””& to you too… you womb rejected piece of human inconvenience..
        Parade deck?? Yet another azzwipe with nothing more than bad breath and staggered vowels. You dont even make a case. Just words of illiterate ignorance.
        You gay crack.. You are damn right I am not a conservative. I am a Republican. And a COMBAT VET of only which you know in hollywood terms. I dont need to hyphenate my political affiliation to feel like a purpose.
        Now, you lo-life, make a point or block your nose. Your parade deck is a disgrace

    • I almost bought into that rhetorical babble, till I read,”I am a career Soldier and frankly, if I saw a baby on one side of a road, and an animal on the other side, I go to the animal first. If I were to come across that scenario, I would save the baby first, The only conservative thing about you, is using God given common sense. I do not believe in harming animals, unless they are a threat to your life. So man came after the ape? God created evolution? You actually know God passed his will to animals? Your a Republican, A REAL AND TRUE AMERICAN? Is that saying democrats are not true Americans? You just gave a liberal A+ rant on the creator and creation. You sir are a walking talking bag of contradiction.

    • Genesis 1:26
      – And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and
      let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of
      the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every
      creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

      There is the separation between man and beast. As stated by God. He did not say they were equal to man. But to be cared for by man and used as man required.

      So put that in your crack pipe and smoke some more!!

    • Your last name describes what most people think of your post, especially you choosing animals over babies! No one loves animals more than I do, but you show an extreme hatred for man an d a low IQ understanding of what “A REAL AND TRUE AMERICAN” is!

    • You, sir, make me sick! Talk about animal rights but nothing about the abortion issues. The liberals are surely looking out for the animal kingdom. Destroying a bald eagle egg is a $250,000 fine and 5 years in jail. Animals are so much more valuable than a human life!

  14. They need the.voters, but I think the chimps might surprise them. The first generation chimps might go lib, but I bet the second generation, the more established middle class business.owning chimps would lean conservative.

  15. This, more than anything, shows you what Allen West is all about. He pretends like he’s really, truly concerned for this country and wants to make sure he gets true conservatives elected to office. However, he’s just saying these things to his supporters so he can grift whatever money he can from them. It is all about running a con game on those idiotic enough to believe in him. He just takes, takes, takes. Just don’t expect him to give back. That’s not how the game is played.

    • You are totally lost dude! Shut your mouth. What’s left of the little brains you still have are leaking out your ears. No one wants to hear your lunatic drivvel.

      • Yea..FACTS man….you loons can’t comprehend that you are only being USED for his financial GAIL hidden under the vail that “I MIGHT RUN FOR PRESIDENT” EXACT same thing that Sarah (I QUIT) palin did….notice she has’t ran for ANYTHING since 2008

      • His finantial gain?! He may take a small fee, but 95% of what hes brought in has and does go to those campaigns he’s helping. And theres a huge difference between him and Sarah, he hasnt even once declared that he’s running for president. Now as to whether or not he’s thought of running, only he knows, as I nor anyone on earth, except God, knows whats going on in his head. Your so called facts, lame and unprovable as they are, can’t possibly match what actually is. If you only knew, you’d go running to your mama. Now stop bothering people!

      • Sorry LOON but only 35K went to candidates out of 4 MILLION collected while over 3 million went to FUNDRAISING. How in the WORLD do you spend 3 million to give out 35k??

      • yeah Harley and Obama’s net worth has grown 438 percent since he has taken office. his paycheck is 400k a year. Yet he and michelle take 2 million dollar vacations numerous times a year. Yes your tax dollars pay for that. If you take the time and check all his spending habits, let’s just say he loves to spend other peoples money. His profit from his 2 books do not make up the difference. Is anyone keeping up with all the money he has been pulling in, on all the fund raisers he has been attending. HHHMMMM I wonder if he is thinking ahead of the curve. it cost 180k an hour to operate air force one. ok I don’t have the will or the time to type it all down again. Why worry about someone with Chump change (west), When the commander and thief works on a higher level.

      • You mean like every democrat does. Look at Obama he has done nothing but fundraisers to raise money for his cohorts. And you are accusing West of what your party is doing. Laughable!!!

      • Interesting but then your PACS is to support conservative candidates and they only get 35k out of 4 MILLION while 3 million goes for fundraising something is stinky about it. How do u spend 3 million only to give out 35k?

      • He is as entitled to his opinion “drivvel” as you are to your driVel!!! Drivel is spelled with one v 🙂

    • Just keep striving for your make believe future of progressive utopia. Can you guys speed it up a little so we can watch it crash and burn (it always does) and then we can all move on to reality.

      • Ok Mr Lee, I served in Korea as a Combat Photographer. Then I served in Vietnam as a Medic on a Special Forces A-team back in 1964-65. Later went to other areas of operation supporting the Vietnam war. I managed to survive and during that time, had a few article 15’s myself but still was considered honorable. Article 15 (nonjudicial punishment) however, sort of spells the end for a career officer but has no reflection for an enlisted man for we don’t have superiors that can evaluate our actions regarding rank and get passed over like officers. You calling him dishonorable because of an article 15 is not fair and reflects your true nature.

      • Mr Lee, Col West’s actions were for the good of his men and for the good of everyone involved. You don’t mollycoddle these type of people, they’ll kill you soon as you turn your back. You have your own reasons for not approving of his actions, that is your right, but you cannot judge him fairly for you were not there and are not privy to the details of this situation so be honest and say you do not like him or his ways the same as you do not like any Republican. Be honest. As for me, I am a Buddhist and I walk the middle path. Good Thoughts, Good Speaking and Good actions. Have a good day.

      • Mr West actions were not good for his men…ALL OF THEM lost rank and PAY. Come to find out that the information that he got was BOGUS! If you are beating a man for almost a HOUR ….yep…he will say ANYTHING that you want to hear.
        The problem I have with the man is that he was a OFFICER….in charge of his men and he FAILED those men!

      • That West didn’t follow “proper procedures” in questioning the prisoner is undisputed. The colonel acknowledged that, in saying he did it in order to protect his men. The outstanding career officer said at his Article 32 hearing
        that he would “walk through hell with a gasoline can” in his hand if it meant he could save his troops. “I am prepared to lay down my life for any one of them, if need be,” he said.

        Sounds to me like the type of leader we need in a combat situation.

        Once word got out, one fell swoop, Odierno, the “political general,” succeeded in destroying morale, not only in the 4th Infantry Division, but throughout the U.S. military in Iraq. He embarrassed the U.S. Army, the Pentagon, and his commander-in-chief, President George Bush.

        If anyone should be “punished”, it should be the general, who showed such an appalling lack of leadership and common sense. He needlessly let this case get out of hand and showed what a “small” man he is in the process.

        In my opinion Odierno should have been relieved of command and the moronic JAG officers who
        allegedly advised him to proceed with the assault against West also be cashiered.

        Odierno’s heavy-handed attempt to “destroy,” not just discipline, West got out to the troops, morale plummeted.

        The “politically-correct” Odierno, who first made his general’s “stars” while Bill “I loathe the military” Clinton was still in office, had only succeeded in shooting himself in both feet.

        The sheer cruelty of issuing such an ultimatum, forcing an officer to either forfeit his pension 72 hours short of qualifying – West’s wife Angela, back at Ft. Hood, is a cancer survivor – or risk going to the Leavenworth DB
        for such an “offense,” tells us more about Gen. Odierno than a ream of “press releases” from his boot-licking public affairs officer.

      • They type of leader you need in a combat situation is not the type of leader that will lead his men to a PRISON!!! You are suppose to serve with HONOR at all times! I did it, my grandfather, brother and SON did it!
        There are too many officers that served in IRAQ that had the duty of PROTECTING THEIR MEN that didn’t violate the UCMJ…they didn’t lead their men into ARTICLE 15’s! I’m sure they were under the same stress as mr west and some even MORE! I HONOR those men and women! Allen west is a disgrace to the UNIFORM!

    • Please state what, if anything you have done for this country, or anyone else other than yourself, before attempting to denigrate a man whose entire life’s work has been about serving this country. You make baseless accusations about a man based on rhetoric from a corrupt administration and the media, many of whom have spouses working in this federal government, so as to work in concert with the Democrat spin machine. Stay in used this tactic. Hitler used this tactic. And now the Democrats use this tactic. Please be more informed as it is better to let people assume you to be a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt…

      • What I’ve done…first…served my nation as my gradfather, brother and son has done. 2nd served with HONOR…unlike mr west. All my accusations can be backed up because they are FACTS. I know you LOONS do not deal with facts very well but LOOK THEM UP!! The man is a conman and is not trying to HIDE IT!

    • Here I thought he was a decent man. only to find out, he is still not as corrupted as the commander and chief. Love how liberals think. I’m right there with you

      • Not as corrupt?? Still corrupt and have you LOONS believing that your money that you are donating to the fraudulent GUARDIAN FUND is going to conservative candidates…..Over 4 m illion raised while only 35k went to conservatives and over 3 millions spent on FUNDRAISING. How do you spend 3 million only to give out 35k

  16. Earl Lee, are you one of those ACLU, Animal Rights Activists, Politically Correct, Zero Tolerance dudes who helped the Obamanation of our country? Col West has already proven his loyalty and readiness to help our country. What have you done but sniggle in a comments section of this article? People like you make me sorry I ever served in Vietnam on two tours.

    • Col west has proved he loyalty?? Col West was RELIEVED OF COMMAND! Col west is a DISGRACE to the uniform and the nation. Sorry skippy but I’d rather honor a vet that served with HONOR…that is not COL WEST!

      • If you want to point out the fact that Col West was relieved of command, then include the details and not spin off like most liberals do with everything. Here is the real story and his actions are completely supported by me as another combat veteran. Have you ever been in real combat Mr Earl Lee???

        While serving in Taji, Iraq, West received information from an intelligence specialist about a plot to ambush his unit. The alleged plot reportedly involved Yahya Jhodri Hamoodi, an Iraqi police officer. West had his men detain Hamoodi. Soldiers testified that in the process of detaining Hamoodi, he appeared to reach for his weapon and needed to be subdued. Hamoodi was beaten by four soldiers from the 2/20th Field Artillery Battalion on the head and body. West then fired his pistol near Hamoodi’s head, after which Hamoodi provided West with names and information, which
        Hamoodi later described as “meaningless information induced by fear and pain.” At least one of these suspects was arrested as a result, but no plans for attacks or weapons were found.
        West said “At the time I had to base my decision on the intelligence I received. It’s possible that I was wrong about Mr. Hamoodi.”

        West was charged with violating Articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. During a hearing held as part of an Article 32 investigation in November 2003, West stated, “I know the method I used was not right, but I wanted to take care of my soldiers.” The charges were ultimately referred to an Article 15 proceeding rather than court-martial, at which West was fined $5,000.

        Lieutenant Colonel West accepted the judgment and retired with full benefits in the summer of 2004. Asked if he would act differently under similar circumstances, West testified, “If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.”
        At his hearing, West said that there were no ambushes against American forces in Taji until he was relieved of his leadership post a month later. After West’s retirement he received more than 2,000 letters and e-mails offering him moral support. A letter supporting West was signed by 95 members of Congress and sent to the Secretary of the Army.

        Now tell me Mr Earl Lee, can a person discharged in disgrace as you would have us believe possibly receive supporting letters by 95 members of Congress? You have no idea of the corruption and politics in our military.

      • As a combat veteran and a leader I know that you DO NOT VIOLATE the UMCJ. I was, and allen (rob these loons blind) west was trained to LEAD which he didn’t do. He threw all of his training out of the window and paid a price for it. I only honor those that served with HONOR as myself, my grandfather, my brother AND currently my SON! You trying to justify his criminal behavior doesn’t make it less CRIMINAL!!!

      • Earl Lee, you are truly ignorant if you do not recognize that Colonel West and many fine officers like him were relieved of their commands out of political prejudice rather than actual incompetence. Or are you foolish enough to believe that the targeting of Conservatives by the IRS was simply a plot thought up by the partisan hack that is Lois Lerner. The demonization of excellent leaders. Men whose skivvies you are not worthy to wash, let alone bad mouth while you sit in the safety and sanctity provided by their sacrifice. I doubt a sanctimonious, self righteous Facebook troll like yourself has ever done anything worthy for this country so please don’t pollute these pages with your uninformed idiocy….

  17. Lemme guess. The progressive socialists will demand rights to enter into marriage with a chimp or a goat. That’s not co-existing, that is sick, just as Cass Sunstein is.

    • I find it totally hilarious that YOU came up with that idea… It shows the signs of someone with a sick and twisted mind… YOU!

      • You must have forgotten that it’s Democrats that are calling for the support of Islamists and Sharia Law.

      • Just simply twisted… A mind that can come up with that sort of tripe is a mind that needs help… My opinion and I am entitled to it just as you are to yours.

    • Why not they redefined marriage, now humans. Guess they are clearing the way for progressive socialists to marry their dogs, yeah that’s sick I know.

  18. Question, since chimps have been known to kill other chimps is that murder? Then how is the “defendant” tried? Who are the chimps peers on the jury?

  19. “Tommy” is a Chimp for crying out loud and not a ‘person’ or ‘human being’. Anyone that thinks otherwise has the brain of a Chimp! The Chimpanzee is an animal who is very intelligent and can learn to do tricks, but it is NOT human! What these wackadoodles need to be concerned with is Animal Cruelty, that’s it.

  20. The inmates are running the asylum. Remember – this is happening in NYS, the state of 16 oz. drinks(NYC), anti-gun nuts, far left leaning liberals, and the east coast land of nuts and flakes.

  21. I guess they want more votes and more ‘person hoods’ on welfare. Funny how they are demanding ‘personhood’ for animals but denying it to prebirn actual humans.

  22. The first step towards the planet of the apes LOL! Let us hope Tommy the chimp hasn’t been hanging around one called Caesar.

    Don’t care how self-aware and intelligent the chimp is, it’s in the DNA. Tommy is not human and he is not a person. A person is a human and that’s that. What kind of idiot judge would even consider letting this come into his court.

    Liberals really like to redefine the meaning of words.

  23. They may not be humans but chimps do share more than 90% of our genetic make up. The animal rights group is trying to give Tommy and other chimps like him a chance at a happy life. They want him to have additional rights that protect him from abuse. He lives in a shed for christs sake. The disregard for life if it isnt human that has been blatantly displayed on this site is not only sad but also very disturbing.
    I understand having a prolife stance on abortion but why does it have to be one or the other? Why cant we protect multiple species? What happened to loving all gods creatures.


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