More bad news for Dem Senator Walsh: Army War College revokes his degree

I’m always entertained by the hypocrisy of the progressive socialist left — and especially their media accomplices. They’ll do anything to cover for the corrupt actions of their own, yet decry anything committed by a Republican as a national affront.

Here’s yet another story receiving very, very little attention from the media — the case of Montana Senator John Walsh. Senator Walsh dropped out of the race for reelection in Montana — he had been appointed after former Sen. Max Baucus departed. The reason for pulling out? He was caught plagiarizing his Army War College thesis. Of course Walsh blamed PTSD for his actions — typical of Democrats to seek sympathy for their corrupt actions. And what was even more disturbing was that Chairman of the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Co) said they “absolutely” stood by Walsh despite the plagiarism incident — can you imagine what Harry Reid would have said if the roles were reversed?

Last Friday, the venerable Army War College, in Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, revoked Walsh’s War College diploma. Not a big news story huh?

Well, I found a good story on this in the Independent Record of Helena, Montana which reports, “The U.S. Army War College on Friday revoked Sen. John Walsh’s master’s degree after its investigation concluded that he had plagiarized his final paper in 2007. “Your U.S. Army War College diploma, Master of Strategic Studies degree and credit for completion of senior service in college are revoked,” Maj. Gen. William E. Rapp, commandant of the Army War College, wrote Walsh on Friday.”

“Rapp rejected Walsh’s appeal and upheld the Aug. 22 conclusion by the Army War College’s academic review board that Walsh had plagiarized his paper. The board described it as “egregious.” After the decision Friday, Walsh’s name was ground off a Army War College plaque that listed those who had received master’s degrees there in 2007, Carol Kerr, the college’s public affairs officer, confirmed.”

Now, we all know if this had happened to a Republican Senator just three weeks before a crucial midterm election, it would be playing non-stop on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, and MSNBC – hear anything? It would no doubt be the front page story of the New York Times every day until the election. And we would have the pleasure of Nancy Pelosi stating “it is time to drain the swamp of corruption.” Nope, not a peep.

Consider this, a sitting U.S. Senator and Army Colonel has had his War College diploma, Masters degree, and completion credit revoked — and his name ground off the graduate plaque. Heck, the only thing left was to have him submit his officer’s sword, break it before him, and make him walk off the post in shame.

What happened last Friday to Sen. Walsh is monumental, but he is a Democrat so he gets a pass. I’m quite sure the Army War College review board will be blamed and the progressive socialist media will say it was a GOP plot all the time.

“Though I disagree with the findings made by the War College, I accept its decision with great humility and respect for the U.S. military,” Walsh, 53, said in a statement. Walsh had appealed the review board’s ruling, apologizing for his mistake but asking Rapp to also consider his career accomplishments after he completed the Army War College. The decision will not affect Walsh’s final military rank. He entered the Army War College as a colonel and retired as a colonel, his office said.”

Actually that’s not correct because the Army could review his case and determine whether or not his actions were honorable and conduct unbecoming and could decide to reduce his rank to the last of his deemed “honorable” service, Lieutenant Colonel. That wouldn’t be unprecedented since it was done to General Kip Ward (US Army, Retired) who, based on some financial improprieties, had his retired rank reduced.

The case of U.S. Senator John Walsh just goes to further demonstrate the Left’s hypocrisy. This story should have received more attention, but it’s all about who controls what’s reported. Cadets in our service academies live under a code of honor — I wish our elected officials would as well.


  1. Liar.

    West claims no one is reporting it, yet … FOUR DAYS AGO …

    ABC News covered it.

    The New York TImes covered it

    Time Covered it.

    Tired of URLs? Here’s just a list of outlets that covered this FOUR DAYS AGO

    FOX News
    Huffington Post
    Washington Post
    Raw Story
    NBC News
    CBS News
    MSNBC News
    Salt Lake Tribune

    Need more? Use google, refine by “last week.” This isn’t hard work.

    West just lies and lies and lies — and not one of you sheeple say a word back to him!

    • He said “received very little coverage.” His point was, that if this had been a Republican it would have been all over the mainstream media as a National scandal. Front page news, for weeks on end.

      • It received a ton of coverage, and its only been 4 days. Kinda premature to whine that it hasn’t gotten weeks and weeks of coverage, no?

        He’s not a candidate anymore, and more than 1000 new stories have been written about his plagiarism problems. That’s hardly a media cover-up.

        West lied to you, you know that, but you just don’t have the personal integrity to stand up to him.

      • Funny….I am a FOX News junkie almost 24/7..and this report from Col. West the first I’ve heard of this story about Sen. Walsh having his AWC diploma revoked…..So…..I’m saying…to you..that if this had happened a Republican like Col. Allen West …..I would have heard about it….over and over…and over…and….

      • I’ve heard it’s more like 6% but the relevant fact is that Murdoch owns 80%. Fox New’s editorial position reflects his ideology more than anything else.

      • Focus child – we’re talking about a discrete case where West lied and claimed the media wasn’t giving this case its due coverage. I know, you can’t answer on the merits (largely because West’s argument has no merits) so you’re only hope is to pull a play from Saul Alinksy’s handbook for radicals and try to distract and divert the discussion.

        Sorry, radical child, today we’re focusing solely on the LIE West sold to you and that you ate right up.

      • Shut up jackass, you can’t even be honest about your party affiliation. Is your name Gwynth or Allison?

        The argument is bias in the media, try to keep up.

      • Geez psycho. How many hours a day do you spend chewing on Wests’s leg here? Do you have an obsession with West? Seriously. All the bandwidth, time and energy you expend freaking out over everything West says tells me you have a real problem. Now either you work for the DNC or you have a serious stalking problem son. Did someone take your lunch money? Pizz in your Wheaties? Were you bullied? You use a nic that is 180 degrees from what you really are and you come here every day to call West a liar. Nothing else. Now you can do whatever you like but you’re looking like a psychopath. If you want to talk about lies, then look at yourself. You’re a flaming, whacked out lib calling himself a red stater.

      • It’s not even a front page story on Fox News or the National Review. We’ve got ISIL in Syria, Ebola in Dallas, a national election coming up, and it’s football season. Even the right wing partisans don’t think this is enough of a story to repeat over and over again at the expense of other news stories.

    • And yet, you are so enthralled with who reported what and when, you completely blow past the whole point of the article. Typical! ” Look over here, hey, yoohooo…. over here! Pay no attention to the house fire behind you.”

      • What fire? When the proof of the fire – the non-reporting of a story – turns out to be a lie, what makes you think there is a fire?

        Think of it this way: if a prosecutor is found to have lied to the jury about his evidence, can he then tell them to look beyond the false-evidence to go ahead and accept his conclusion the defendant is guilty? That’s the whole point of the prosecutors case, don’t just blow by it because he has no evidence!

        Of course you wouldn’t do that. Yet, that’s what West has tried to do … and you’ve bought into it.

      • In this case, there is NO false evidence is there? Ok, so the story has been covered already, perhaps even at length. THAT is what is being disputed, not the presence or absence of evidence. It has been proven the guy cheated on his paper. Do you deny that? I think we can all accept the accusation as being true. The argument you are making is the REPORTING of said infraction. Your analogy of presenting false evidence in a court of law does not wash.

      • West’s complaint is that four days after the story, there hasn’t been weeks and weeks of reporting, He then went on to complain that it was unfair that weeks and weeks of reporting hadn’t happened in those four days because they most certainly would have had weeks and weeks of reporting (presumably in the same four days) of some unnamed (R).

        There is no evidence the story has been under-reported and there is no evidence that a (R) similarly situated would have been treated any differently.

        The post to which I was responding chastised me for getting caught up in the details and not focusing on the ultimate issue West was presenting – the media bias. I was presenting an argument that you missed: there is not proof of a media bias here. None. It was widely reported and no similarly situated (R) has been shown to have been treated differently.

        I’m not sure where you were going with your response.

    • Liar, how many times was Larry Craig featured front and center.

      Why was Christie shutting down a bridge of national import?

      Wow, and you’ve got the audacity to call yourself a Republican?

      Go shill your mierda del toro at Daily Kos, you kool-aid drinkin’ dope.

      • Liar? Did the links not work? Did I claim a paper reported the diploma when in fact it didn’t.

        Point out the lie.

        Quote me, using quote marks and everything, prove your accusation.

      • Every major station covered it and there are more than 1000 news articles about the perjury. Does that sound like very, very little. Further, West whined four days after the event that weeks and weeks of reporting had not happened. Do you understand how shallow that makes West sound?

    • He said it is receiving little national media which is correct, posting to a website is akin to putting it on the 6th page of a paper, West’s point was the Democrats would be screaming from the tree tops about it if it were a conservative, you are the one that is distorting facts more than West which makes me wonder why you are even here other than to be a shrill

  2. I get the point. Democrats get away with murder, while Republicans are held under a microscope. But, it’s because of articles like this that people attack republicans. West said:

    “Of course Walsh blamed PTSD for his actions — typical of Democrats to seek sympathy for their corrupt actions.”

    Walsh is a veteran of 33 years with a Bronze Star Medal from his tour of duty in Iraq and has been diagnosed with PTSD. Yes, he made a mistakes, but you can’t stand there and scream “Support Your Troops,” when you just threw one of them under the bus by discrediting his service and struggle.

    • It’s not a mistake when you knowingly commit a fraud. When did doing something we know is wrong become a “mistake”? Would he have come clean if he’d not been caught? What you call a mistake is a fraud.
      Can we ask you when you started wearing lady’s underwear? You’ve obviously become very soft Sallyveteran

    • He was making excuses for what he did. He later withdrew his claim on the PTSD connection to what he. He knew what he was doing at that level of education you are very aware. And the work was turned in twice so obviously he was given a second chance at a rewrite. Cheating is dishonorable, Army should take some rank.

    • Veterans4Veterans-I totally respect Walsh’s military service and regret that he is afflicted with PTSD as many veterans are. He casually mentioned that PTSD may have affected his decision to err as he did. If he had felt strongly about the fact that PTSD did play a significant role in his ill fated decision, he should have stuck to his guns . People are forgiving and understand that humans make mistakes. I do not think many voters cared about whether he even attended the War College. They want to know what he will do for them and the country. He obviously had a lot to offer . The army does not usually give away Bronze Star Medals. They have to be earned. Good Luck America !!!

  3. The only proof needed to convict CNNBCBSABC of bias is the question, Is Biden the plagiarist, misogynist and all around gaffe machine Vice President of the United States of America?

    This fellow? Well, it’s not as though he shutdown a bridge. ( a truly national catastrophe)

  4. Incredible, yet is today’s society, no one assumes responsibility for any wrong doing.
    It is sad, and I as a retired Army officer, I am ashamed that a fellow Army Soldier would have done that. I guess the Army values do not apply to all.

    • 787DJ-it seems like even a short stay in Washington, D.C. tends to corrupt even the best among us. Believe central government is the cesspool of America and only the strongest are able to stay above the fray. There is way too much money and graft for the average person to withstand the temptation. Good Luck America !!!

  5. “Here’s yet another story receiving very, very little attention from the media” What are you talking about? This was on CNN a few days ago.

    • I find it odd that no one is outraged at West mocking a combat veteran with PTSD. The guy clearly deserved to have the degree withdrawn and it was good that he dropped out of the race before this story broke, but to then taunt a combat veteran because he has PTSD – of all the low-down, disreputable, despicable things I have seen West do, that’s a new low.

      • Meh. I hate Allen West as much as the next guy with a functioning brain stem but Walsh didn’t cheat because he had PTSD. He tried to use PTSD as an excuse when he realized he was busted. If the guy really had such bad PTSD that he couldn’t finish his own thesis then it’s morally inexcusable for him to have run for Senate in the first place.

      • Actually Walsh brought a lot of that down on himself.

        Here’s the timeline about Walsh and his PTSD excuse. When first confronted with the plagiarism he stated “I don’t want to blame my mistake on PTSD, but I do want to say it may have been a factor,” (Walsh told the AP). After the “S-storm” of controversy that started, he then said “I am in no way, no way, tying what I did to any type of PTSD” (interview with KMMS radio in Bozeman). Walsh also confirmed to Yahoo News that a Doctor prescribed him medication for symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder but he was not clinically diagnosed as having PTSD.

        In a three page letter to the War College Review Board Walsh stated on page one “I do not contest that I plagiarized.” He also mentioned PTSD several times in the letter as a contributor to the plagiarism in his paper. If PTSD had nothing to do with this, why does Walsh keep bringing it up?

      • So now it’s West’ fault. Friggin liberal idiots! He should be mocked. This is the type of person that gets troops killed with bad decisions.

      • Joe-your interpretation is wrong. Mockery and taunting are a figment of your imagination and knee jerk re-action. What West alluded to was that this Senator stooped to blaming PTSD for him lying about his degree. That the Senator used this dreadful disease as a cover for his despicable act in attempting to embellish his resume, should be where you direct your anger. If PTSD were the real reason for his fake resume he would still be in the race. West merely reported what really happened. Despite what you may think of West, he is viewed as a hero especially by the men whose lives he saved by putting his military career on the line. He is the victim of a politically correct military and political correctness has never won any wars. With the current administration, our combat military troops are fighting with one hand tied behind their backs., Good Luck America !!!

      • Agree with much you say, except the part about West. The Military determined he tortured an innocent man. No plans were found, no weapons confiscated, no attack executed. West lost his mind when he tried to run an interrogation with neither authorization nor training. That was his first and last interrogation, he was drummed out of the military soon thereafter. Bottomline: West went out of his depth and harmed his unit, something he agrees with, per his plea bargain.

      • Joe-West was interrogating an Iraqi policeman suspected of being a traitor and having knowledge of an ambush planned to kill West and as many of his men as possible. There happened to be a barrel (filled with sand) in which weapons were cleared by firing to ensure a bullet did not remain in the chamber, next to the Iraqi.. West, knew there would be serious repercussions, but fired into the barrel in an attempt to get information from the traitor. The traitor did confess to the planned ambush which saved West and his men’s lives. He was disciplined for improper discharge of a firearm and fined $5000.00. He was given an article 15 which is one step above a slap on the wrist. He chose to retire because he knew that there would not be any future promotions. West, as I stated before, was a victim of political correctness and rules written by armchair quarter backs in Washington, D. C.most of whom have never been subjected to anything more than traffic gridlocks. Good Luck America !!!

      • BS – the only political correctness on display is yours – the politically correct idea that we need to stand behind our soldiers no matter what they do and the politically correct idea that the government is out to get you. PC comes in both radical (L) and radical (R) flavors.

        The man “confessed” to stop the beating and mock executions. He gave a bunch of useless information that turned up nothing, leading West to later admit the man “could be innocent.”

        West lost his cool. He had no training in how to conduct an interrogation, he was so stupid he thought torture would lead to actionable intelligence, something real Intelligence Officers know is nonsense.

        The investigating body wanted him held for criminal charges. West pulled strings, got a bunch of Congressmen to buy into the same lie you repeat above, and negotiate West’s way out of prison.

        Bottom line remains – the Army kicked him out, recognizing that he wasn’t worth the hassle of letting him stay as an officer.

  6. Walsh is a liar and an embarrassment. His actions have not only caused pain for his military brothers and sisters but, for all those who struggle with disabilities.

  7. He blamed PTSD. At first I laughed at this then I feel so angry for he seems to undermine all those service members who have been duped into wars such as Iraq war and now suffer at home waiting for the VA to assist them access health care and find new meaning in life.

  8. For those posting here who are concerned that a PTSD veteran has been mocked, how many of you have emailed the White House to urge Pres. Obama to intervene in the case of a PTSD afflicted Marine languishing in a Mexican Jail ? ([email protected])


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