Four words that should ensure GOP victory in November

We’re in the full throes of campaign season and all the political ads running for various levels of government. I am perplexed that there’s no clear philosophical delineation presented. If you are at all aware of what’s happening in America, this election should be a hands down victory for the GOP. After all, the progressive socialist-dominated Democrat party has severely failed our Republic.

The ideas of “hope and change” and “forward” have taken us completely backwards with no real hope in sight. When we have people in charge who term the beheading at work of a 54-year-old American woman by a savage with clear intent and definition as “workplace violence” – these “leaders” are clearly incapable of their most basic responsibility: protecting American citizens.

But it is in the philosophy of governance where Americans should be able to make a clear choice in these midterm elections. Forget the ads for the moment. I’d like to share a very prescient quote from an astute, impeccable American president from Illinois in 1864:

We all declare for liberty; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the product of other men’s labor. Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things, called by the same name—liberty. And it follows that each of the things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names—liberty and tyranny.

Of course the president was Abraham Lincoln. Liberty is equated with the pursuit of happiness and a governing philosophy — and policies — that promote an individuals’ attainment by advancing their growth and opportunity. Tyranny on the other hand strives for a guarantee of happiness by driving the collective towards egalitarianism and predestined outcomes. It truly is the defining separation between constitutional conservatives and progressive socialists. I know, I can hear the detractors already typing away.

While Lincoln stated that true liberty is the ability of one man to do as he pleases with himself and the product of his labor, Obama of course has a completely different idea. During a speech in Roanoke, Virginia in 2012, demonstrated his perception of the rights of the individual and the indomitable entrepreneurial spirit with “you didn’t build that.” If there were ever any clearer indication of whom Barack Hussein Obama is and what he believes, it was in those four words (except for the Muslim call to prayer “is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth“). “You didn’t build that” defines Obama and his policies — which according to him are on the ballot this midterm election.

The problem with the GOP is that the party seems incapable of presenting a defined national message and drawing a philosophical difference between itself and the Democrats. The last U.S. president who did that was Ronald Reagan who stood upon the principle of advancing the growth, opportunity, and promise – in other words, liberty. Reagan won 44 of 50 states against Jimmy Carter and then 49 of 50 states against Walter Mondale — both of whom represented a far left progressive socialist agenda. Just like those two who lost to Reagan, Obama doesn’t believe in what individuals can do with the product of their labor, but believes in what others can do with the product of their labor, in other words, tyranny.

Obama’s four words are the essence of the progressive socialist psyche and its disdain for the individual and the elevation of collectivism — the guarantee of happiness – or more realistically, equal misery. Obama’s four words are a disrespectful slap in the face of hard working Americans who seek to provide for and build a better future for themselves and future generations. It’s reflective of a man and an ideology which is the antithesis of who we are in America and our Declaration of Independence.

Government doesn’t build anything. As a matter of fact, it apportions the fruits of our labor — taxes — in order to fund itself and wastefully spend. It is the individual American warrior who fights, not the government, and can we see right now how government can dork up a combat operation.

It was the intent of the Constitution to limit government’s intrusive and invasive nature and make the rights, freedoms and liberties of the individual preeminent. Sadly, progressive socialists lump everything collectively as a right simply to advance their belief that it is THEIR duty to grant — and indeed take away — those freedoms and liberties.

The simple litmus test in this midterm election cycle should be the philosophy of “You didn’t build that” — and the resulting policies. Any incumbent, regardless of party, should be asked the question, “Do you believe Americans didn’t build that?” It’s a yes or no answer — so don’t ask Kentucky Senatorial candidate Allison Lundergan Grimes — and after the politician bumbles around trying to answer, just examine the voting record.

If incumbents have voted with the policies of President Barack Hussein Obama 75 percent of the time or higher, it’s clear indicator that they don’t believe in the entrepreneurial ability of the individual. It shows they don’t really believe in your “pursuit of happiness” but rather their guarantee of happiness – dictated by them.

If you ask that question of a candidate for office make him or her declare Obama was wrong on the record in his assertion that “You didn’t build that.” When I see all the closed storefronts, it’s a direct result of what Obama believes — is that what the candidate accepts? The GOP and Mitt Romney failed to articulate the danger of Obama’s four words — and of course the leftist progressive media just did everything it could to cover, explain and even say Obama misspoke — he does that quite often, apparently.

Yes America, you did build that, and that’s why we live in the greatest nation the world has ever known. We are exceptional because of what we’ve been able to produce in 238 short years. However, we have come to a point where loud voices decry that we’re no greater than any other country. These loud voices are in the minority but are elevated by a complicit media propaganda machine, which condemns our Republic while lacking any commitment or conviction to uphold our fundamental principles and values. As a matter of fact, they are working to fundamentally transform our America.

Two years ago, Obama insulted this great nation with the statement, “You didn’t build that.” Now, two years later, we can begin correcting the mistake of believing what he said.


    • Have you lost your TIN FOIL HAT WEARING MIND? The man has no chance of winning the republican nomination….NONE!! He has only a few supporters and the majority of those are NUTS!!!! This blog and the ending of his militar career is enough to prevent him from running! Mark this day on your calendar…ALLEN WEST will NOT run for president! Now lets just wait for his blog post to say it

  1. “Hope and Change” and “Forward” are classic examples of the Glittering Generality. A propaganda technique that uses language to promote an emotional response while meaning absolutely nothing.

      • Support our troops means absolutely nothing to you? Feel free to go and stand your liberal ass in front of them and do us a favor!

      • Then please tell me what it means to you…because it seems like nothing but a catchphrase that you either have to agree with, or it means you want babies to be murdered.
        What does it mean to support our troops…sounds very vague to me…
        Do I support the illegal wars that we have sent people to die in…no.
        Do I support the policing of the planet…no.
        I do support an individuals decision to be employed however they choose…absolutely.
        Do we as a nation make sacrifices because we are at war…hell no!
        not like my parents’ did during WW2.
        The citizens of this nation have a huge debt to our soldiers that we cant be bothered to deal with…because we cant bear the idea of paying what the rest of the world pays for gasoline.

      • I bet you’re ecstatic over obama’s ENDING the WAR! hahaha it’s funny watching him try to be a peacenik and warmonger at the same time. His mouth is stretched to the limit from talking out of both sides.

  2. Obummer has NEVER been accountable for anything. Everything has been GIVEN to him from day one. He didn’t even attend his college classes regularly but he still passed. He didn’t even win 2 elections…his communist friends put up millions of dollars to buy the presidency for him. He is going to get us killed one way or another and the liberal demoncrats are helping him every step of the way.

  3. “You didn’t build that!” …. I like it… when I first saw the email subject line that said “Four words that should insure GOP victory in November”, I thought the four words were going to be “Send us more money”. ….. Thanks for the break, Mr. West :o)

  4. but believes in what others can do with the product of their labor, in

    No, Allen, that is called Marxism:

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to
    his need.”

  5. (R) thought these four words would propel Romney into the WH. Why didn’t they? Because Americans were able to read and listen to the full quote. When the did so, Romney just seemed small and desperate. It was immediately clear that Obama’s word was being taken out of context.

    Here’s the whole quote

    || If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet. The point is, is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together. ||

    Obama wasn’t saying what West claimed he was saying.

    • So my grandfather born 1899, that had no schooling past the 7th grade. and taught himself how to be a machinist, built his own business without a bank loan, built his house by his own hand, only succeeded because somebody else made a road ? GTFO the government only hinders an individuals progress

      • And that’s a fair comment on Obama’s comment. You didn’t try to claim, like West, that Obama was claiming people didn’t work hard. Instead you went right to the heart of Obama’s claim, that people need government to help them succeed by providing roads and schools. Well done, the counter argument is that modern life if different, but your argument is well made and devoid of any West-imagined shenanigans.

      • Nice try, if My grandfather needed a road , he would have built that also. My grandfather did not go to a government provided school , in the mid 20’s the government do not make the roads. Obama did not say people did not work hard, he said when they did, it was due to someone else effort. Geeze

      • and so much for me thinking you had a real argument to make or that you had decent reading comprehension.

      • I have great reading comp. By the way what kind of jobs do you create ? Is prostitution legal in Yuma..oh wait you don’t create jobs, somebody else does that.

      • I’m sure machines at the time had computerized computer chips you could program and understood the manuals completely with his 7th grade reading level. Had all the city ordinance to build his house up to code with sewers, running electricity and water and hooked up the internet connections himself. Along with the 8 flat screens and the alarm system. It’s 2014 you fool.

      • man you are an idiot, that machine shop is still in the family est.1927, according to Obama, your lazy ass must have built it back then. Right , your not really typing inane comments, somebody else made your keyboard. SMH moron

      • Yeah, the government regulation made it so the Unions could underbid on all the contracts, not make better parts You know the same kind of unions that are making the great recall GM automobiles. And yeah it happened under Nixon

      • Hey, you do realize that in 1899 – what ever time your grandfather left school, that the education he got was probably 1000 times better than today’s average college graduate can lay claim to? The result of government hindering the educational system.

    • News flash” Obama NEVER says exactly what he is getting at. NEVER. Every thing he says is a twisted, perversion of some truth. The man is an absolute phony. The fact that you can’t see that doesn’t alter the fact that the man is as duplicitous and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He’s congratulated on his oratory abilities when the fact is, he’s just another socialist grease ball, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a pied piper piping to his “children” the tunes they want to hear while leading them over a cliff to their doom. When Obama says something like “you didn’t build that” he meant it in exactly the way Mr. West interpreted it. Obama presents himself as an all-wise, all compassionate, er, uh, hmmm “savior” when the truth is, like I said, he’s a grease ball.

      • Not necessary. I already know the difference between a conservative and a liberal and I know which one I am.

        But, you’re right, I am pretty biased against liberals, socialists, democrats, communists and any other group of people who seek to make it in this life by lying, stealing, character assassination, false accusation, hypocrisy, personal insult, demonization, tendentiousness, duplicitiousness and any other dirty trick that makes their boat float. I just really can’t stand any one like that… you might even call me an equal opportunity bigot, I hate those things in anybody, regardless of their skin color, religious creed or lack of it, gender, gender preference, monetary or celebrity status, national origin or any other means that democrats use to divide one set of Americans against another set of Americans.

      • A comment about Obamacare not this article. My son thought Obamacare was a good thing when it passed. He now realizes it is not. His Health ins through his company is about 100 a month and 20 a month for each of his children. His wife would cost another 500 a month. He told me the other day it will be way cheaper for him to pay the fine than insure his stay at home mom wife. He is a hard worker and these are the people who are getting screwed by Obamacare.
        Within a year of Ocare passing my son-in law’s HSA was reduced by half and many of the benefits he had before are no longer available. The only people this law hurts is the hard working American.
        I am retired and my health ins has gone up more in the last few years than the previous 20.

      • I suppose you wouldn’t want me to point out that the good news is that if your son gets pregnant, he’s covered… he can get an abortion… or that if he should ever become addicted to heroin, he can get free marijuana for his withdrawal pains… It is off the subject, but yes, Obamacare is an absolute abomination… Speaking for myself, I think of Obamacare kind of like the iceberg that put the the hole in the hull of the Titanic which, as I recall, every one said was to big to sink.

      • LOL, if my son got pregnant by his wife he’d be a billionaire.
        I had a job with health ins and retired with it. In January of 2004 while still employed I woke one morning and was in so much pain I could not lift my foot more than a few inches off the floor. I saw a half dozen doctors and received a half dozen prescriptions. None of which worked. I saw a rheumatologist, neurologist, internist, family doctor. heart dr etc. The internist prescribed lipitor for my cholesterol which gave me headaches and hypothyroidism, for which I received two more prescriptions. It is a roller coaster. after a few months I left my job and found my pain went away. (STRESS). A few years later I gave up all meds and my hypothyroidism and headaches subsided. I have had enough of doctors. We are all going to die someday. I now have quality of life as opposed to quantity. When I go at least I will have enjoyed what I had. The health care industry has people running scared.

      • Don’t bother, “Joe” is a concern troll, simply looking out for the GOP’s best interests.

        Just like Obama does.

    • I read this ten times and it still says” you didn’t build that”. you and Mr. earl Lee and everybody like you have got to be the most ignorant folks on earth. I did build my floor business and ran it for 50 years and you or nobody else ever helped me or gave me one red cent! I applied for a small business loan only once and was told point blank ” we’re only loaning to minorities right now, so if you can get a minority partner, we would be glad to do it.” so you socialist sobs can stick it where the sun don’ shine.

      • You’re lying about the loan, of that I am highly confident. As for the quote, it backfired on Romney, and you don’t understand Obama’s point. Your business benefited from roads, from innovations, from schools, from police, from fire, from any number of things the government and the COMMUNITY provides. I can understand disagreeing with Obama on this issue, it’s not a fav of mine, but it helps if you first understand his point. Others do, and when you misstate it ….

      • You sound as though you have no clue that businesses also pay property taxes, gas taxes, and other taxes, which help to build those roads, pay the police and firemen, pay for the schools, and more. The government and the COMMUNITY [sic] provide nothing without the tax money received from businesses and individuals.

      • You sound as if I’m endorsing Obama’s position. I’m not. I’m placing it in proper context so as to discourage its use ala-West, that just makes the user of the phrase sound like an idiot.

      • You seem to forget the ‘community ‘ you mention is US! the tax payers who paid for all that ‘government help’! Your failure to make a logical deduction is astounding. but that’s exactly what you lying liberals do, you know I’m telling it like it is but YOU are the lemming.

      • You missed this part of my post:

        ” I can understand disagreeing with Obama on this issue, it’s not a fav of mine, but it helps if you first understand his point.”

    • Too funny….your conclusion is unsound. Obama is a collectivist and so even if you put his statement in the most positive light, it is untrue based on his beliefs. Not someone, but something, the Constitution, gave us the ability to thrive. Why do you deny Obama’s beliefs? What is so hard to acknowledge your beliefs and the basis for your support of Obama? People have more respect for someone who stands by their beliefs than someone who hides behind denials.

      The thought that keeps coming back to me is the old saying about those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. A thinking person does not just accept the words of others or only ideas based on how they benefit them, but to find out ways of avoiding the pitfalls learned through history. Funny how the religious collectivists are merely concerned about how to maximize their own returns.

      • History is that using this meme backfired against Romney. The (R) should take control of the S and HR this midterm. Don’t blow it.

      • BTW: I like your use of the term collectivist. I had to look it up. I think it’s a good description of Obama. (emphasizes the interdependence of every human. Collectivism is a basic cultural element that exists as the reverse of individualism in human nature)

  6. Mitt Romney spent a whole summer repeating that “you didn’t build that” until he turned purple. Still lost. Conservatives are shaking in their boots, they starting to think black people might show up at the poll. No surer sign than their selling of a happy ending, I still remember the tears when Romney lost. Can’t wait for the cries of voter fraud. And how come someone always raging against the politics of soundbytes bases his prediction of the outcome of the midterms on four words? Reeks of desperation.

    • “Can’t wait for the cries of voter fraud”

      Hey!!! you and I agree on something! We both already know the Democrats will lie, cheat and steal their asses off! We both know they wouldn’t have it any other way!

    • Che…

      Doubtful that many are “quaking in their boots,” but more than a few disappointed in the sad state of the country. Although there are many bigots and racists on both sides of the ideological aisle (check the mirror), they have little affect on the whole so most ignore them.

      Societies cycle through these times, but most will grow weary of socialism as it continues to increasingly affect liberties, freedom, and the economic health of the country. At that point we start to swing the other way until society tires of unrestrained capitalism again.

      • Actually unrestraigned capitalism is on life support. It’s not sustainable as a system. That’s why they hire people like Allen West to preach their gospel. As far as bigots and racists not sure how you got that from me.

      • It is naive to think that wealth will not play a part in politics and history shows us that the intermarriage requires markets to be let loose on occasion to satisfy the powerful. The pragmatist knows that the animal must be fed to build economic power, and that throwing cash in the streets devalues it’s worth to the markets. Choose the short term illusion of wealth through redistribution or the long-term reality of economic opportunity. Not much of a choice to me…

    • That’s a lie mr. lee. if you’re talking about ‘potential presidential’ polls? I can name a few but it wouldn’t do YOU any good. You can’t see truth if it knocked you in the head.By the way,why are you so pissed all the time about Allen West? He has said time and again he’s NOT running, (which is THE reason you don’t see him on all of those ballots.) Are you afraid he’s going to become a real President and undo the damage your lord and savior, barack husein obama has done? Hmmm just might happen

      • Excuse me SKIPPY but ….allen (rob these loons blind) west finished 9th in a conference that HE SPOKE!! That told him that he didn’t have a SHOT of getting the republican nomination and soo thereafter he posted his excuse of why he is not running for president. What I got from that blog post was HE IS TOO AFRAID TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT!

  7. I am going to say something that the American people, may not like and that is , our freedom, liberty, constitution, is gone, we are more than socialist,communist, colonialist, its going to get worse as the day goes by

      • Ever wonder why Obama wants to fundamentally change America? I think the fundamentals of the American are the best in the world. Maybe you’re the idiot.

      • If you mean to define “loon” as those who disagree with you, then I am certain many will be proud to wear that label. Somehow I think you giggle with glee with the idea that people on a blog reading your nonsense will weep uncontrollably when reading your opinions of their intelligence. A little secret…people are laughing at you.

      • No….I define LOON as a person that take myth and talking points as FACT. A loon is a person that doesn’t research ANYTHING and just accept opinion as FACT! You are a LOON!!

      • Everything I post here can be backed up by FACT!! Allen (rob these loons blind) once posted that his source was someone sitting on a plane that knew someone…..REALLY??

      • You have never posted any facts on this site, the only things you’ve ever posted are opinions, propaganda and lies. You have been spoonfed liberal ideology and you have eaten up every bite. The social engineers who you have allowed to enslave your mind, laugh at you as they count your money. You believe their fraud to be a fact, and rail against the truth as being fraudulent.

      • I never posted allen was relieved of command. FACT
        Military career ended horribly…FACT
        Guardiand fund collected over 4 million FACT
        Guardian fund gave out only 35k of 4 million to candidates…FACT
        over 3 million of 4 million of guardian fund collections went for FUNDRAISING…FACT

      • “Guardian fund gave out only 35k of 4 million to candidates…FACT
        over 3 million of 4 million of guardian fund collections went for FUNDRAISING…FACT”

        That leftist website, just like you have been debunked. That is propaganda, not fact.

      • So you are interested in the WEBSITE instead of RESEARCHING the number for yourself….interesting….you stay in the dark LOON!!

      • You mean the way you did not research that website that you post on here all the time as being factual or fraudulent?

      • if you look around you and talk to other people you will open your eyes to the truth, they will prosecute those who said homosexual is a sin, the hate crime, its all in the news I heard in the news that a 17 years old male accused of sexual misconduct with a women that is just one case my friend its around you they will throw you in jail if you hate some body freedom of religion, freedom of speech is all gone its all around you

  8. OH and by the way….if u read down a couple of post you’ll see that the YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT statement has been DEBUNKED!!!

  9. Allen West gives us this very important insight into the character of Obama. It isn’t the length of Obama’s speeches that shows his character; it is the disclosure of the self governed direction he displays with a buried few words inside his speech.
    Obama is also very good with double entendre. I defy anyone to give me an accurate explanation of what he meant when he used his election motto, “Change You Can Believe In.”
    Marvin Fox

    • Amen to that. Obama (probably with a lot of help) is very good at hiding his true intentions an a ton of verbal fluff. Every word the man speaks has a hidden meaning behind it, or in it.

    • Allen West doesn’t have anymore insight into Obama’s character then he would a brick wall. Conservatives been peddling the same talking points for almost six years don’t you guys have any imagination?

      • The only requirements for insight into Obama’s character are these: Open ears, open eyes, some knowledge of history and a refusal to lay down just because someone else will accuse us of something if we do not. Conservatives do not lack imagination. It’s just that we refuse to live in lala land with liberals. Ticks you off, doesn’t it?

      • I remember that line! It came right behind “If you like your health care, you can keep it” and “If you like your doctor, you can keep him” and “What time do we Tee off today?”

      • Good grief. You know, you should apply for a scriptwriter for MSNBC. They might have a place for you. I wouldn’t apply at the white house though, they already have Joe Biden. LOL

      • Guns & Bibles will be the only way that we are able to bring this Country out of the mess that you and your ilk have brought us down to.

      • Krs-1, and Africa Bambatta, created hip hop.

        but that’s not the point, it’s LIKE a white guy saying “you didn’t build that.” when in fact, you actually did. its a slap in the face, an insult. Nothing more. Its Obama not liking things the way they are and him wanting to change it into the way that he sees the world.

      • WHY???? Why does a businessman “need government” to start a business? Oh wait….cuz your socialist forbearers have put into place a tax and fee infrastructure making in incumbent upon the “maker” to bow down to the government and “ask permission” to start a business. USA did far better business wise when government stayed out of it.

      • He doesn’t need government to start a business and doesn’t need permission to start a business. But one way or another he will use something provided by the government. Like you posting nonsense of the internet. Your provider did not invent the technology, government did. DARPA invented the packet switching technology that is the building block of the Internet. If government why useless why have any at all? I don’t understand people who don’t trust the government they elect but trust corporations who only care about their shareholders.

      • I don’t know why you consider that comment dumb. It’s a true statement. However, since you brought up the subject of “dumb” I do have a couple of things to say… most “hip hop” that I have heard (I grant, not all of it) espouses moral depravities that I find disrespectful and abhorrent. The other thing is this: It has been made plain to me by years of experience that really dumb people are unshakable in their belief that it is every one else who is dumb.

        But, if you’d like to hear something really “dumb” about hip hop, here it is: “Hip Hop originated from “Rap” which was an affirmative action program for black folks who can’t sing and white boys who want to be black”. <—- Now that's dumb! But it makes me laugh :o)

        Frankly, I miss the hell out of Rhythm and Blues and Soul music, you know, back in the day when musicians could actually sing and had decent things to say in their music as the general rule, not the exception. I miss Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, Roberta Flack and Joe Simon. I'd take any one of them over a thousand "hip hoppers" any day.

      • So, how many times does a fella have to get hit in the eye with a stick before he decides he doesn’t like it?

        If it’s any consolation, I grew up on country music. These days, I find it just about as entertaining as hip hop or rap, the difference being, I really can dance better to hip hop. It would be a vast improvement if those who do it would just stick to the music and shut their mouths… as for country … I guess I’ve heard all I need to hear about tight fitting jeans and pick up trucks.

      • Insight isn’t required when it comes to religiously political ideologues as you know. It is clear that Obama is a collectivist and gives little credence to individualism, so for you to merely sidestep the issue is childish. His religious dogma is little different than the “it takes a village” mantra spread by Hilary Clinton, but I understand that you might have difficulty agreeing to an idea that was not received well by the public. While people can believe whatever they want, the success of this country over the years has always been tied to the freedom to turn ideas into something real. The idea of American exceptionalism is based on our individual opportunities to succeed. People can take that for granted, but there are few places in the world where such a freedom exists. The history of this country is full of stories of individuals who found success despite the lack of structure or support, so to say that collectivism is the basis for American economic strength is nonsense.

        Imagination implies a need for creativity. Most Americans are weary of the meaningless feel-good pablum offered by politicians, and certainly in Obama’s case he would not have been President if he told the public the truth about his vision or religion.

        The activist handle and avatar you used is pretty funny, but perhaps a little imagination would help in creating something original.

      • Actually, conservatives are a whole lot more proud of Allen West for being a conservative than they are for being black. Being proud just because you are black is much more a liberal concept, kind of foreign to conservatives.

        But, yeah, we like him. Kind of makes you want to puke up your liberal kool-aid, huh?

        While you’re heaving, I have another tidbit to keep you puking up the kool-aid….

        Martin Luther King Jr, posthumously hijacked hero of liberals and leftist all over the world was a Republican……. Maybe you ought to ask yourself why that was and while you’re at it, ask yourself why you are never taught that in schools in February when his speech i(well, the parts of it liberals can use, any way) is hammered into the heads of children in order that black children may be proud of their color and white kids may be taught to be ashamed of theirs.

        Wanna really do some dry heaving after the kool-aid is all gone? I have a quote of Martin Luther King Jr that sends liberal politicians into a panic when they think there is a chance their collective(s) constituents might take it to heart and act on it: “Nothing pains some people more than having to think.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr ~ Republican.

        Hey, try a little baloney on a saltine cracker. It’ll help settle your stomach.

      • You’ve been hanging out with to many skinheads, my friend. If you think what they believe is sincere American conservatism, then again, you’re just not thinking …. you strike me as one of those mental midgets who listens to people from the extreme edges of anything but rejects any possibility that there is anything more to reality than what you can see through a keyhole with both eyes at the same time. If I look up “narrow minded” in the dictionary, will I see your photo? Maybe even a selfie?

      • I didn’t need a school assignment to read MLK did it on my own when I was 16. Truth is MLK had no party affiliation. I don’t like crackers. Thanks for the history lessons.

      • ” I don’t like crackers”

        You’re a stone cold racist. Exactly the kind of individual MLK was referring to when he said “Nothing pains some people more than having to think”

        I’m sure you did read up on him when you were 16. You read exactly what the liberals who have hijacked the educational system wanted you to read. You are obviously not an individual given to doing much homework. If you were, you’d know just how phoney you appear from your comments.

        You ever happen to have an original thought? You know, something outside of “Polly want a cracker”?

        Your whole worldview springs from your own subjective, hatred that you believe is “thinking”. The only thing it’s ever going to do for you, other than put other peoples hard earned money into your taking pockets any time you get the chance for that, because you, being a liberal and a democrat, will probably spend your whole life thinking someone owes you something you have not earned. (perhaps just for the color of your skin), is derail your own life. A man whose whole worldview is conceived in his own subjective hatred can not possible life happily all the way through life. I’d guess the only time you’re happy is when you think you’re sufficiently insulted someone else, all without ever bothering yourself with thought.

        “” I don’t like crackers” …. and you are probably stupid enough to think that makes you a righteous good guy and a real man. …. LOL

        Good luck with that.

      • I rather learn about history from books than youtube. And MLK is much more then who he registered with. I know conservatives want to claim him as their own today but you know what they called MLK back then? A race-hustler and an agitator. Sounds familiar? So go watch your little videos and get back to me when you know the whole story.

      • obama DID give a hint tho in his diatribe to Joe the Plumber when he said “I just wanna spread the wealth around”. “Red flag” right there……including pun.

      • Obama is a symptom, but not the root cause. Many in government have a stake in perpetuating the welfare state.

      • I think you need to pull your head out of the sand–or return to a libby blog where you obviously belong—

  10. I always thought it was dangerous that Barack Insane Obama wanted to “fundamentally change America”! Why the hell would he, or anybody else, want to do that? He didn’t deserve to be the POTUS for one day, let alone for 2 terms!

    • I think it was all a plan, put in place, long before he ran the first time. It had to be, for all the cover up of his true id and intentions. A previous head of Russia once declared that he could “take America down without a shot”– looks like that might be in the works unless people in this country wake up and stop this “change” that’s ruining our country.

      • Yep…..Nikita Cruzchev’s “propheces” been in the works and coming true before our eyes since the 1950’s.

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  11. Americans must believe that U.S is the greatest country in the world and work to maintain it. Just as Russians must have this belief about Russia and Chinese about China. This is what patriotism is. Without patriots country is doomed. Any country. Even U.S.

  12. ok, I didn’t read the article or any of the comments, The 4 words are it’s not my fault. Or, I didn’t do it. Am I right?
    Oh, dang, It’s you didn’t build that. Oh well, I was close.

  13. Hitler, as well, called himself a progressive. Remember, it was Progressives who planned and enforced the Tuskegee Experiment and sterilized non-white women as young as 12-years-old. Anyone, whites included, who supports people like BO are traitors to their own families. If you want to be a sheep, go to some other nation and leave us at peace.

      • Yeah, and how weird is it that they’re main supporters are the children of their former slaves? It’s rare you’ll find a Native American vote for a dem. We know who destroyed us. Not America, but the DNC/KKK=Nazi Party.
        BTW, have you read the web site Rainbow Swastika? Check it out. Very cool. there should be info there on how the Grand Mufti if Jerusalem in the 40s was a big Hitler fan and in ’43, Hitler put him in Charge of his Serbian troops.

      • Yep. Mel Gibson made a movie based on it, no? The Australian position was nearly overrun by Turks, but they held them off long enough for most to escape.
        Shortly prior to WW I, Germany forced a war on the Herero tribe in Africa and almost wiped them out. Their leader, the widow of their king, took control and fought them to a standstill, then kicked them in the crotch. They lost some 68%+ of their people, but did not lose the war. Germany should have seen it as a sign and dumped atheism.

      • OR………as Woodrow Wilson who coined the term in the first place it sounds better than “communist”.

  14. “You didn’t build that” was a deliberate stick in the eye from the Communist Party to its subjects in America. Obama loved delivering that line. At that point, the reds thought their conquest was complete.

  15. Our responsibility in this Republic called the United States of America, is to not believe that somehow we are BETTER than any other person (or thing), but to BE better than any other person (or thing). Having gratitude for what we have is how we pay our dues, but being arrogant at the same time, like this SORRY president, does not advance the greatness of this nation. We are great because we BELIEVE in ourselves as INDIVIDUALS, not WARDS of the STATE.

    • What makes America exceptional(great) is that for the first time in the history of man, a government was formed that acknowledged that we have unalienable rights granted to us by the Creator. That these rights cannot be taken away by man. That government should be limited so as to promote the freedom and liberty of the individual. What other country is formed on this basis? This is why America became the greatest nation on earth in such a short period of time. Sadly, the politicians pay lip service to our Constitution and have moved very far away from what the founders intended. Limited gov’t, individual freedom and liberty-that’s what we need more of.

  16. Come Election Day, I imagine the words to an old Elton John song will be on the minds of many Democrats, it will go something like this; “President Obama, I can’t light no more of your darkness”.

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  17. No, the trouble with the GOP is just like the man says, “Here’s the attitude. Ohhhh. Don’t make me do this. Ohhhh. This is too hard,” Boehner whined before a luncheon crowd at Brown’s Run County Club in Madison Township.

    “We get elected to make choices. We get elected to solve problems and it’s remarkable to me how many of my colleagues just don’t want to … They’ll take the path of least resistance.”

    Boehner said he’s been working for 16 or 17 months trying to push Congress to deal with immigration reform.

    All they have done for the last six years is to develop a culture of obstruction. If it moves, they try to stop it. If it looks like it is going to work, they do everything in their power to shut it down. Never mind that most people want their Healthcare, and that the GOP has no idea what to replace Obamacare with, 53 times is still not enough challenges to rape the taxpayers with.

      • And you write like a 12-year-old, infant. Go, shoo, politics is an adult game. ‘Sides that, you should never come half armed to a battle of the wits, no?

      • Rafael X: 3rd grade reading comprehension skills… You do understand, my comment was strictly about your age level. So, has Mommy and Daddy been able to find a nice clown for your next birthday party. And don’t forget the pony!
        what you’ve done is called grammar nazi. But then, you are a neolib, a Nazi. Personally, I make quite a good living off of the English language. Very lucrative, in fact. No bad for a half-breed redskin childhood home had no running water and we more of less lived off the land. Not too shabby a-tall, bigot. Tell me, did you get those flat feet from goose-stepping in the basement? Do you still sleep with the picture of your god, Hitler?

      • You said something intelligent. Congratulations. In my language, we use the term heyoka, a clown, but it also means the designated executioner of criminals like liars and pedos and other assorted neolibs.

      • As Nietzsche said, atheists will destroy atheism. He was talking about Marxism. Yes, but no. Most Marxists worship self (narcissism). I like what people like Max Planck and Einstein said of atheists, they’re all idiots. It’s rare to find anyone in the intelligentsia who will claim to be an atheist these days. The idiots ran them out.

      • I was asking a question, not making an accusation. Thank you for your concern over my reading comprehension skills.

    • It would be nice to hear original thought, but unfortunately we just read the retreaded bullet points from HuffPo and incessant name calling.

      The political establishment does not have a solution to healthcare costs because there isn’t one that is acceptable to a combination of “most people” and business interests. Too many have been sold the nonsense that healthcare can be saved through socialization which does not provide the care people expect and yet can be guaranteed to cost at least as much based on governmental management history.

      The simple math is that healthcare is expensive and someone has to pay. Kicking the can down the street to the taxpayers does not equate to savings…stop drinking the Kool-aid and think for yourself. Stop being blinded by your hatred and religious ideologies…this isn’t a football game

      • I’ll give you most of that, sure. We are a diverse country with wide variations in environment, economies, “values”, even language. Some people believe that 1000s lost their insurance packages because Obamacare hurt the insurance business, some believe that the policies that were lost were substandard worthless frauds which didn’t measure up and instead of adjusting to legal levels the companies dropped the policies. Always three sides to the argument and it doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is wrong.

        That bit I posted should have registered as a blatant lie. He’s the speaker and he’s the one sitting on the bills and he’s the one pushing lawsuit after lawsuit at the president. No, he’s not the whole of the problem, but he rhymes with the problem. $660 million dollars expended on the pursuit of recalling Obamacare. That is quite a bit of money that could have gone in to things like .. say.. researching how to get ride of ebola.. or some other silly idea.

        But what we got, unlike any experience I’ve ever had and I don’t care that it is Left or Right or why, is a government at war with each other, We actually have a Congressman, who is in the committee of Defense, going to generals and attempting to undermine the President while we are engaged in battle. We have a Speaker who thinks nothing of blatantly lying about what is going on .. when it would have been to his advantage to tell the truth. We have a law, that is literally a direct threat to our nation’s schools. It is horribly wrong at this point and causing tremendous turmoil and loss of funds which Congress could have fixed back in 2007, and which Obama has sent no less than 40 requests for them to fix it.. nothing.Apparently they would rather see the schools closed and teachers fired.

        And.. we have a country of people, who are dead on with their evaluation of this congress, the approval rating is only 8% last I read. Yet all of the races in Colorado I just checked in on are nearly tied. The 8% isn’t for dem or rep.. it is for Congress. You would think, with all of the information we have, that whoever was currently in Congress would have a bit of a hurtle to over come. .. no. it isn’t showing up that way. We see the problem, we cite the problems ands sometimes we are even accurate…. but we do not act on the problem.

        It is not the GOP or extremists or weird school board members or a Congress entrapped by a culture of obstruction.. it is us. We the People.

        25 years of poor education based on rote learning rather than critical thinking with nearly 70% not going, or not making it through college. .. That means..we’re uneducated.. the lot of us. The whole of use can’t read above a 6th grade level. We lack the ability to critically look at situations, and problems and to read statement like hat and understand that what he is really saying is that we matter so little to him, he’s not even going to bother making up a good lie. We will contine to vote .. he way they tell us to vote.

      • The problems you note about Congress and some if its members are typical observations and colored by ideology. The illusion that anything is being “fixed” is always relative to what you think is the right path. There is no universal truth about these issues and frankly both sides of the aisle are full of self-absorption and religiously ideological crusades. The presumption that one’s political allies are the only ones working for the truth and the good of the country has always been laughable. Politicians work in their own best interests, not yours.

        The real beneficiaries from Obamacare? Insurance, healthcare companies, and the status quo of big government. Insurers have the possibility for a broader market if all are forced to register and can easily adjust their loss profiles with the addition of even more factors, while healthcare companies can push off the huge uninsured write-offs over to the taxpayer. What a great propaganda campaign this has been and very little will benefit the average person or address the long term issues regarding healthcare.

        Conflict is the basis for our government, so I don’t have a problem with politicians arguing with each other. Change should be measured and cautiously approached. Too often the effects of unintended consequences outweigh the benefits of change.

        I reject the premise we are uneducated because we lack an acceptable level of college graduates. College is only one form of education and most should probably not go and derive little benefit. Do we really need tens of thousands of liberal arts and humanities degree holders at the expense of vast amounts of unrecoverable loans? What return will that grant us a nation? What about the unrealistic expectations of all those graduates who find little value in their “education?” The idea of the need for critical thinking is laudable I suppose but should we have changed our educational system that assumes the need for such a skill set at the cost of constructively excluding so many from the equation?

        I only ask people to divorce themselves from simply accepting the information that makes them the most comfortable and use that critical thinking education to look outside the emotions and bigotry of their ideologies. The world does not and should not operate on the whims of the Kool-aid drinkers on other end.

      • I have no political allies in Congress. There are no bills or agendas which match my own being addressed by them.. It is “broke” because it fails to operate as instructed by the Constitution. They fail to operate in regard to their constituents. The Speaker admits freely that they are the problem and they will continue to be the problem. Their goal, as said by them, is to make the Presidency fail. To me, that is treason.
        In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s sovereign or nation.
        Congress is taking Obama to court because he is not acting in a way which will make his office fail, by allowing another year for companies to adopt the ACA before he begins to enact fines. Never before has Congress performed such an act, and never before has Congress been focused and driven to make our system of government fail.
        Also on their agenda is to default if that is the only way they can get Obama to fail. That will destroy the financial system of not only our country, but several across the globe. Everyone of them that voted to allow the lawsuit should be arrested and tried.

      • Glenn…you are fairly disingenuous and hypocritical in your posting, but frankly ideologues on both sides operate in the same culture. You are saying “no allies” as if you have dissimilar ideologies to those you are arguing for, and equate not supporting all policies supported by Obama as wanting Obama to fail. Both are logical fallacies. Your views though are consistent with most ideologues in that you tend to view the world through your own world vision. Most Americans are not ideologues but want the system to stay fairly status quo with reasoned change. There are no good outcomes to constant ideological driven change to a system that on the whole has worked well relative to the rest of the world. Any system that is ruled by the fringes tends to fail, and treason does not mean what you think it does…

        Our system in theory was never meant to run by the ends justify the means, but realistically that is the way the process is run. How much support would Obama have if he publicly announced his ideological beliefs and the real truths about healthcare and ACA? If you do not want people to challenge your beliefs, then stop being hypocritical. Do you think Obama operates with the Constitution in the forefront? He is just another narcissistic ideological priest who believes the world should be as he dictates. Do you really think the opposition wants our system of government to fail…really? Our system is dependent on opposition…otherwise we have a dictatorship…

  18. Four words that Should insure a GOP Victory.
    Obama is a Usurper.
    Obama is a Fraud.
    Obama’s Documents are Counterfeits.
    Obama has triple Citizenships.

    Should you want all the RINO’s to fail, The four words are;
    GOP Party Enables Obama.
    GOP Party is Self-serving.
    GOP Party are Criminals.
    Republicans Democrats are One.

  19. This liberal is looking forward to a republican victory !!! That way the reps can ‘t blame anyone but themselves for their mistakes. More Benghazi hearings and more votes against Obamacare!!!!! While the demos were part of the do nothing congress, the reps were busy making speeches and grandstanding.

    • And this old conservative is, too– but not for your reasons—but to fix the mess that these liberal dimwits have perpetrated on our country. I’m sick and tired of the race game. This current administration has set race relations back 50 years. It’s time people were judged by their ethics and abilities, not the color of their skin. We got a faker in Obama. Blacks who talk badly about conservative blacks are the racists–Allen West is a good man.

      • No way!! The republicans will do nothing but make speeches. They have 2 years to get ready for Hillary and thru have already thrown everything at her. Don’t rock the boat , don ‘t be responsible. Blame blame blame

      • Hillary won’t be running……….she’ll take her place in obama’s dictatorship as he’s not planning to leave. Funny….speaking of “blame blame blame”……’s still Bush’s fault on everything bad right?

  20. “The problem with the GOP is that the party seems incapable of presenting a defined national message and drawing a philosophical difference between itself and the Democrats”

    Because there isn’t one! THAT is the problem!

  21. He was referring to the “roads and bridges” that lead to those businesses, not the businesses themselves. If I remember correctly, that talk was about investing in updating America’s infrastructure. 🙂

    • Last I checked, it was asphalt and construction businesses that built the roads. A gas tax was an efficient and convenient way to pay for use – that is all. But now with wireless toll tokens, there are alternatives.

  22. The Obamanation of Desolation is utterly clueless & tone-deaf to the cries of the American people.

    The Obamanation of Desolation is truly tone-deaf (and tetched in the head) when he ineptly & clumsily tries to convince us that the caterwauling that spews forth from the minarets is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth”…

    Having visited Israel several times, I can speak from painful experience about that cross between the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard & the shrill, hideous sounds of cats mating — its enough to make you want to pray for deafness​ (or for an icepick to pierce your eardrums!)​!

    ​And they let loose with the screeching numerous times through the day, starting in the wee early hours of the morning! ​

    They all amplify the caterwauling using loudspeakers, turned up to full blast so it sounds even more off-key & shrill — definitely NOT gentle on the ears (could this noise pollution explain the deranged thinking of the jihadis — and the crazy, inane bloviation that is the hallmark of “obama-speak”???)​…​



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