Political savant Gwyneth Paltrow has a crush on Obama and wishes he were a dictator

Since the late 1880s, entertainers have known “there’s a sucker born every minute” – but out in Hollywood they don’t seem to understand it applies to themselves as well.

We’ve covered Gwyneth Paltrow’s pronouncements before, when she compared enduring mean Twitter comments to being in a war zone (a Green Beret set her straight). But this latest one she spewed at a fundraiser at her home really turns my stomach.

As Hot Air reports, “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly,” the actress, singer and food writer gushed after introducing Obama to several hundred supporters seated on white fold-out chairs in the lush backyard of her home in the movie star haven of Brentwood, a neighborhood in Los Angeles…“I am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest, and have been since the inception of your campaign,” she said, adding that she thinks both of his campaigns and his presidency will be one of the most important and most scrutinized of all time.

“Paltrow noted the approaching Nov. 4 midterm elections in which Democratic control of the Senate is at risk. She called it a “critical time” for Democrats and seemed to urge everyone to vote. “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,” she said.”

I think this sucker needs to be reminded we live in a Constitutional Republic, not a dictatorship. But while Obama was out there being admired and adored — ISIS is operating within Baghdad and closing the noose on Kobani. Hope Obama had a nice time with the Hollywood one-percenters everyday Americans are concerned with Ebola, their kids contracting enterovirus, losing their jobs, and dealing with the threats of those peaceful homegrown jihadists.

Yes those suckers are all over the place and we call them progressive socialists.

Ms. Paltrow, please stick to your scripts. Just like Obama and his teleprompter, when you guys go offline, you embarrass yourselves.


  1. Gwinnie gives new meaning to the word “insufferable”. I would have loved to have seen the look on moochelles’ face as Paltro drooled over ol’ Handsome Barry.

  2. I’m not sure her comments actually imply that she thinks Obama should be a dictator. Given that the context of the conversation has to do with the midterm elections, it seems likely that she just wants people to vote democrat so the democrats will have more votes in congress and (consequently) Obama will have more power to pass his proposed policies.

    • Yes in her fantasy, the Democratic Party will win the house and the Senate and be able to rubber stampall of Obama’s leftist /statist agenda. But he already has marginalized the “people’s house” with his “pen and a phone”, he’ll continue to do it to the Senate when they lose it in November.

      • Whether Paltrow’s optimism about the democrats picking up seats in congress is justified is a separate issue. I was simply pointing out that nothing she said implies she thinks Obama should be a dictator.

    • Yes Ryan, a statement like “It would be wonderful if
      we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things
      that he needs to pass,” is absolutely dictatorial in its very nature.

      What part about “ALL THE POWER” do you not understand? Let me
      spell it out for you. Someone with ALL
      the power is a dictator.

      • Given the that the context of this statement is a discussion about the upcoming mid term elections, which of these options do you think is a more LIKELY interpretation of what she means?

        (1) I hope that enough democrats are elected to congress to give president Obama all the power he needs to pass his policies.

        (2) I hope that the entire American system of government is overthrown and Obama is named supreme dictator.

        Doesn’t it seem like a bit of a stretch to attribute (2) to Paltrow based on her comments and the context in which she said them?

    • Unfortunately, those in power right history. So his two terms will undoubtedly be the best in the history of the U.S.

      That has to change. History has to record facts and not any personal opinions and anyone in charge of the archives that allows personal opinion to creep into it should be shot by firing squad.

  3. She is an actress, not a politician, and an American. She is entitled to her own point of view. That being said, the political pendulum has swung back toward the center and the mid terms this year are going to reflect that fact.
    I fully expect both houses to become controlled by the Republican party, however not overwhelmingly so. This means that the only political card the President will have left to him will be the veto.
    The Presidential race in 2016 is another matter. It would be foolish to assume Hillary Clinton will not be the Democratic nominee baring something unforeseen and she will be a force to reckon with. Her record as Secretary of State aside, people vote in accordance with their pocket books and know she is pragmatic when it comes to dealing with conservatives. She also has a huge presence in the national conscientiousness that will be aided by the popularity of her husband who, polarization aside, is without question is one of the best politicians of the 20th. Century.
    To underestimate her is to lose.
    To win the eventual Republican standard bearer will need to project a youthful dynamic appeal that people can identify with. In other words, be the sophisticated every man. He will need to bring a fresh approach to the current problems of domestic and foreign policy issues now facing the country without resorting to decisiveness, polarizing language in order to attract the large base of swing voters who are out there and can sway the election either way.
    He will also need to adopt a clear, concise agenda that shows people just how he intends to go from point A to point B to achieve concrete results.

    • My favorite is Senator John Thune (R-SD)
      Thune has a good record in the Senate and is well liked and respected. He’s young, dynamic and good looking plus he has a wonderful touch explaining things to people on T.V. Kind of like a Republican version of John Kennedy without the accent.
      The thing is getting him to run for the Presidency. I’m not sure he would want to.

  4. What a laughable fool this pinheaded, talentless woman is! This woman is a fan of a crack-smoking tranny who has bombed more people than 43 presidents combined and helped spread terrorism to new levels? Says it all. This is the kind of woman who would have voted in Hitler if she could.

  5. I would prefer Paltrow to encourage Obama to join as one of the Hollywood stars..It seems acting is his talent as what he is doing now as president, always pretending to be….then I’ll be one of his fans..

  6. I wish her and sean penn and others exactly like them , move out of the US and go to Venezuela or north korea or cuba,,, so sick of their disrespect for our Country.
    I boycott hollywood as it is, won’t give a penny to tools like her.

  7. OH dear, another Hollyweirdo heard from! Yes, stomach churning. In fact, between this airhead and Affleck, one may very well believe that the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia isn’t rampant within the White House, all the while illegals aren’t purposefully running rampant in America, as they bring in contagious diseases with her hero giving them a wink and a nod too!

    Paltrow, shut up – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/10/14/hollywood-liberals-their-cozy-left-wing-political-relationships-protecting-islamic-interests-huma-abedin-plays-ben-affleck-like-a-fiddle-commentary-by-adina-kutnicki/

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  8. West is a Psycho moron… Why would anyone with a fraction of a brain pay any attention to this raving idiot anyway.. Pulleeezzzz!

  9. Just another one of Obama’s Useful Idiots….but it gives her a pass card from the IRS and other governmental agencies – no audits, no harassment guaranteed!

  10. I’m glad she agrees with the President. What I want to know is when is she going to distribute her WEALTH. I’ll be waiting for my share.

  11. He’s so handsome she cant speak properly? Seriously? I knew the girl had very few brain cells to rub together but WHOA…

  12. Only the most mendacious of readers would think Paltrow was advocating a dictatorship.

    It’s a mid-term election, she is advocating that Obama get support in Congress, in contrast to dealing with congressmen who shamelessly proclaim that their job is to defeat Obama, not further the interests of the United States people.

      • Odd, one doesn’t normally deploy the school yard “I know you are, but what am I defense” and then continue on to tell another to “please grow up.”

      • The “defeat” idea is to stop Obama from turning this country into a single party socialist state with a tyrannical government. We wanted him to “fail” to push through his far left socialist agenda.

      • Good news – you won. Obama isn’t doing any of those things. Nice job! Now, can the sane people have their Congress back, please?

      • Can you remind us all, please, RedStateJoe, when the last time we had the “Congress back?” Then tell me that you didn’t vote for Barry! I thought Red was the color of conservatives. I’m thinkin’ you may be arguing against yourself. Please stop. Don’t give John Stewart more fodder, please!

      • Not illegitimate at all, it just isn’t working to further the best interests of America. It’s about politics and intransigence. About stopping Obama on whatever he does, not supporting each action he takes on its own merit, or lack thereof.

        It’s never been ideal, but Congress wasn’t always this way. Clinton worked with Gingrich to balance the budget, and they didn’t like each other. We should have a congress that is willing to put the interests of the country first from time-to-time.

      • So, if Obama’s will is denied, it’s intransigence? What’s in the best interests of America that Obama’s articulated that’s been hampered by the GOP?


        Clinton worked with the GOP to actually eliminate the deficit, do you really believe Obama is seeking to reduce spending?

      • If you’re not going to be honest about what I wrote, relying instead on strawmen, then there is no reason for us to discuss anything.

      • Why not attempt to answer the question, what power has Obama been denied that Paltrow and apparently you believe he should be accorded?

        What initiative of Obama’s has been thwarted that a majority of Americans seek implemented?

      • [[ Not illegitimate at all, it just isn’t working to further the best interests of America]]

        Really idiot? You DO know that Reid has 387 pieces of legislation before him form the GOP House that he will not bring to the floor. Don’t you genius? So just who isn’t doing their job again?

        [[ We should have a congress that is willing to put the interests of the country first from time-to-time.]]

        Translation: Suck Obummer’s arse like Pelosi did.

      • What? So Obama can push through his failed policies in his last 2 years with a liberal Congress??? No way. Just looked at state by state approval numbers for Obama this morning. It suggests he has a real problem since his approval rating in New York is 39% and is only 45% in liberal California. Maybe that’s why Congressional candidates, Hillary and Leon Panetta are all distancing themselves from him.

      • If his policies haven’t been tried, then they can’t be said to have failed. Liberals don’t like Obama because he hasn’t been able to put into place the policies they believe are needed to save the country. The right doesn’t like him because he’s trying to get legislation they think will destroy the economy.

      • What??? Are you kidding??? None of Obama’s policies have not been implemented??? Ha, ha, ha!!! What a joke!!!

    • Perhaps you should figure out how to use the word ‘mendacious’, RedStateJoe. And, yes, that is exactly what she is advocating. However, in her own (despite whatever degrees she proclaims to have) ignorance, she has not idea that that is exactly what she is advocating. Surely, RedStateJoe, you see it! Don’t get lost in the pasty-white ignorance!

    • Only a [p]sycophant could read this and not realize Paltrow wasn’t talking about the senate.

      “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,”

      • It was an event geared to affecting the midterm elections. Her comments, read in that context, clearly indicate she wanted more support – more power – for the president in the Congress. The whole point of the event was to get people to vote (D) in the election, which she was explaining would give the president the power to do what he wants.

        When radicals on the left or the right fight so hard to keep context out, it’s more likely than not the radical is lying. You’re a radical, you don’t want the quote considered in context …

      • Ah, all about context and not the actual words she used? What power has been denied Obama?

        Isn’t he waging war in the Middle East without the consent of Congress?
        Hasn’t he provided amnesty by executive fiat?

        Ah, I am a radical because I don’t agree with you? Perhaps, you’re the radical who would seek to give Obama more power than the Constitution provides?

      • Name the straw man. Try, then again, odds are you can’t and won’t. Need a refresher?

        “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,”

        What power has Obama been denied? Somebody taken away Obama’s ability to sign a duly passed Congressional bill? ( sarcasm isn’t a straw man ).

        Wait, do you believe Congress authorized bombing Syria? Got a lick of proof to that contention?

      • Moving the goalposts again? I’m not Paltrow’s surrogate. You want to know what she wants Obama to do with better support from Congress, ask her.

        My comment was simply to the logical failure that comes when radicals like you demand that a quote be used out of context. Both matter – what was said and the context in which it was said.

        My point is simple and unassailable: West lied when he said that Paltrow wants Obama to be a dictator. Her quote, in context, clearly shows she was advocating more democratic support for the President in congress.

        What she would hope Obama would do is something you’ll need to take up with her.

      • Goal posts haven’t moved at all same questions apply, but it’s duly noted you’ve still not answered what “power” Obama has been denied?

        What’s the full context you believe has been distorted?

        Do you need the quote again? Are you going to address the words that Paltrow used or not?

        Radical? Are you reduced to ad hominem?

      • This started as a discussion of West, and you, lying about Paltrow wanting Obama to be a dictator.

        She was speaking at a midterm election rally trying to get more (D) into Congress, she was clearly speaking to the “power” a president has when he has a congress that is on his side.

        Have lost that point, you now more the goalposts to petulantly demand to know what Obama would do with the power that comes from having Congress on his side.

        You’re making a fool of yourself.

      • “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,”

        The article is about Paltrow or do you enjoy shooting the messenger?

        What power is denied Obama that’s missing today? What legislation is so pressing that’s denied today?

        Face it, you and Paltrow are Obama [p]sycophants and believe denying Obama’s agenda is somehow wrong. Odd you won’t come out and explicitly state what legislation American’s are begging Congress to pass.

      • Please quote the “lie” I’d made about Paltrow. She’s clearly stated Obama should be accorded more power.

      • A strawman is
        a sham argument set up to be defeated.
        You presented at least two sham arguments, falsely attributed to me.

        1. Ah, all about context and not the actual words she used?
        2. So, if Obama’s will is denied, it’s intransigence?

        Neither of those represented my position, yet you made them so you could pretend to defeat my position. I understand why you did – because you can not sustain the fanciful claim that Paltrow wants Obama to be a dictator.

        West lied. You lied in support of him. That’s my only point.

      • You’ve failed. Neither is a straw man. You’ve failed to provide context regarding “power” Obama’s been denied, nor legislative initiatives so pressing Congress is intransigent.

        Why not attempt to refute the points made? Are you a liar or just a Soros shill?

      • BTW, wasn’t your “complaint” Paltrow’s words were taken out of context!? How in the world is your own argument a straw man?

        Too Funny.

      • [[ Her quote, in context, clearly shows she was advocating more democratic support for the President in congress.]]

        Then post the whole conversation before and prior to that quote. THEN you may have a case. Until then, YOU are the liar.

      • Are you really this naive? Her quote is very clear……..“It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,”. What ‘context’ are you referring to? Do you think this dumb broad is smart enough to know how our govt works??? Now if you have a quote from her either before or after this one that makes you case, post it.

  13. I am sure that Gwen’s gushing came off like the restaurant scene in “When Harry met Sally” only she wasn’t faking it. The problem with actors is that they live in a land of make believe and can’t separate their imaginary world from the real one. She stated that he was so handsome she couldn’t speak properly. Too bad his looks didn’t render her mute!

  14. These socially blind folks want to be lead by another blind person. Mislead. Misinformed. Misdirected. Down right deceived.

  15. Apparently Allen West thinks someone wanting democrats to win elections in our constitutional republic is inconsistent with that person understanding that it is a constitutional republic.

    • I guess you didn’t see the part where Gwyneth Paltrow suggested that Obama should be given dictatorial powers that are designated by our Constitution to belong to Congress. It was Gwyneth Paltrow who doesn’t seem to understand that we are a Constitutional democratic republic and have a representative government, not a dictator.

      • She was talking about democratic control of the senate so Obama would have more power to pass laws he wants. That was the purpose of the event. This is our constitutional process. The fact that Allen West’s ridiculous interpretation of this as asking for “dictatorial powers” is broadly accepted at this website eliminates this as a serious political forum. Goodbye and happy hallucinations.

      • The Senate has been under the control of Democrats since the 2006 election. Duh? Heres the quote; ““It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass.” I didn’t see any mention of the Senate or the House. She said “give this man all of the power” and not the Senate. She also said “to pass the things he needs to pass” when presidents can only sign or veto laws and can’t “pass” laws. Gwyneth Paltrow is a high school drop out and it’s doubtful that she was talking about the Senate races. It’s more likely that she was talking about unconstitutional powers like executive order over-reach with his pen and his phone.

    • Didn’t read the article, did you?

      “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,”

  16. Come on people this is the same poor woman who said her life with kids is so hard…Gwenny come and live our real lives. You wouldn’t last 10 minutes in” Obamaeconomy” The real public is suffering.

  17. This airhead woman has just give all of us the biggest reason to make sure we vote for anyone who will not support anything ovomit wants to do. he is destroying the United States and he must be stopped!

  18. This poor girl she is dumber than she looks, thinking obama is good looking i am sure she needs her brain and eyes checked no one can be this damb dumb honestly if people really are this stupid america brace for hell because if some dumbasses keep voting for peices of crap like obama we are screwed!

  19. I think the Democratic National Committee now has a HUGE problem on their hands. Paltrow’s “fangirl” attitude during that fundraiser just turned a HUGE number of people, including many in the entertainment industry. If Harvey Levin–runs the influential TMZ website–thought the whole thing was nauseating, you know moderates and conservatives are shaking their heads in complete disbelief Paltrow would live down to the “limousine liberal” stereotype.

  20. Her F’ed up politics aside, what kind of broad says such a thing about a man she knows is married and his wife will hear the comment and not take kindly to it…? “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly,” Really ? She’s basically saying ” I’d F you if I could ! ” ( if she hasn’t already) Does any woman want another woman saying this crap about her husband ? This is some immature dumb sh it a 14 year old says about the cute boy in school….

    • I will tell you who- Public Relation “broads”.

      It is meant to make those on the Right freak out and say, “GASP! Well I NEVER!”

      And it works every single time. Look! Something shiny.

      Thus why the Right can never get it’s house together. It never will as long as it is run by reactionary Jerry Springer guests like leaders.

      • Really, nanner? What planet are you livin’ on now? Never mind. Don’t care, non-shiny dunce! No one cares, think-I’m-smarter-than-you-dildo-head! Go back to bed so you can keep dreamin’!

  21. I wasn’t aware that she was a High School drop out. Poor dear she might have learned about the 3 branches of our Government and they have equal power Come to think of it Obama must have been absent that day too!

  22. “When the history is written of this era, this is how you’ll be remembered: He was the first black president. That’s it, Mr. Obama. 100 years from now: ‘He was the first black American that got elected president.’ And that’s it. Eight years of your life and that’s what people are going to remember. Boy, I got a feeling, knowing you, that — you’d probably wish you were remembered for a few other things, a few other things you could’ve done.” ~Michael Moore

    • No, that’s not it! He’ll be remembered and his legacy will be that he was the biggest joke ever perpetrated on the U.S. and, unfortunately, as the first ‘black’ president he was a supreme failure. He made no milestone as the whole of America wished and believed – nope, the dope was nothing other than a supreme failure – which had nothing at all to do with his skin color – never does- (but he was supposed to be the touchstone) – but everything to do with his character. Unfortunately for the country, he had none – character, principles, or otherwise. How do we condense all of that to fit on his headstone – the poor FOOL!

    • The funniest and saddest part is he isn’t black, technically he is mixed. His moslem pedigree (in Islam religion is passed down by the father) is undeniable, yet he is always referred to as black. Anyone who points out he’s moslem, which is the truth, is immediately dismissed. Anyone who says he’s black, which isn’t true, gets a pat in the back.

  23. This remark of Paltrow’s really irked me. We live in a democracy, Gweneth, not under a dictatorship, though the dictatorship has come close because Obama damned sure wants to be a dictator. Paltrow is as dumb as a damned box of rocks. I don’t think Obama is very good looking. he has ears like dumbo the elephant. Too bad he cant flap them and fly away.. As for good looking, I think Allen West is great looking. And you better believe, smart. I admire you very much, Allen West. God bless you for all the good you have done. By the way, I am a white woman, also. But I am not a moron supporting a dictator in waiting. I know a good man when I see and hear one, That good man is Allen West. Allen West for President.

    • Agreed 🙂 Wouldn’t it be awesome if LTC West put on a running race or obstacle race? I look forward to his articles every day. I would volunteer. His commitment to physical fitness are part of what makes him a great leader. Hooah!

    • Yea AZ, must be nice to have enough cash to be that ignorant and still live so well. I hope her will goes to charity and she is hit by lightening, that would be nice. Come on karma, go faster!

  24. She’s an actress. Her dad was a director and her mom was an actress. It’s not as if she grew up in the real world. I just roll my eyes and say, “Yes sweetie, very nice. Now go pretend to be Iron Man’s girlfriend. There’s a good girl.”

  25. Paltrow, even less than a useful idiot. A kool-aid drunk, wishing for the despot, because it worked out sooo well for the millions buried by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot.

  26. While she may be smoking hot, she needs to stick to her scripts and stay out of politics, it’s obvious she has no clue as to how the process works.

    • Looks are deceiving and I’d have no use for a woman who is so intellectually bereft she’s incapable of anything but fawning praise for a despot.

  27. “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,”

    Pass things? Is Obama constipated? Kidney stones? What’s he need to “pass”, a Constitutional law class? ( perhaps the “teacher” can teach himself, much like the physician is called to heal himself? )

  28. Never understood why they are so liberal. I understand that they make millions for doing nothing, but come on. They keep promoting people that want to ruin this country. They seems to be clueless about evil. Except republicans, now that to them is evil.

    I would love get a job that pays millions for doing nothing. Where I have servants to bring me everything that I demand.

    • The most ridiculous part is that they don’t realize in a fully socialized country, they would not make the kind money they do now, have the access to the media nor be able to express such views..

  29. This idiotic cow is the poster child for Hollywierd. All the people with any sense in LaLa land are Republicans who laugh at these retards.

  30. Please Sing along to the the tune of Bette Davis Eyes

    Please Enslave Us Eyes – the embodiment of Gwyneth Paltry

    Her hair is Karl Marx gold
    Her heart a red sunrise
    Her hands are Stalin cold
    She’s got Please Enslave Us eyes
    She’ll turn her back on you
    You’ll slip on her black ice
    She’s pure as Gulag snow
    She got Please Enslave Us eyes

    And she’ll tease you
    She’ll unease you
    All the better just to steal from you
    She’s pernicious and she knows just
    What it takes to make a whore blush
    She got Obama stand off lies
    She’s got Please Enslave Us eyes

    She’ll let Mao take her home
    It whets her appetite
    She’ll lay him on her throne
    She got Please Enslave Us eyes
    She’ll take a tumble on Che
    Let’m roll her like a pair of dice
    Until he has his way
    She’s got Please Enslave Us eyes

  31. Not only is she NOT the most beautiful woman in the world, but she is an idiot to boot.
    She should do herself a favor and keep her mouth shut.

  32. Even
    Godzilla might look like a cute lizard with the rose colored glasses
    that Gwyneth wears, but it doesn’t change the fact that he destroys
    everything he comes in contact with.

  33. OK, I guess it’s time for me to cut off the arm. I keep going at it one finger at a time, with the one-by-one celebs who continue to open their mouths and show the effects of industrial strength Kool-Aid. So with the exception of a few brave ones, James Woods, Jon Voigt and the like, I’m just writing off Hollywood altogether, rather than hang on to the illusion that they all deserve a “fair shot”. From now on, if you are a celebrity, no matter what field you are in, music, sports, movies, whatever; and if you’re a Conservative, you have to have the courage of your convictions and “come out” and say so. Quit being a closet Conservative; quite being afraid. They’re not afraid, why should you be? Otherwise, if you choose to be quiet to save your career, and let Hollywood go further down the crapper than they already are, then you’re as complicit as Gwyneth Paltrow, who I once adored and now abhor. Peace.

  34. I wonder how these actors can even remember their scripts sometimes. They seam to have nothing between their ears, but sludge and air space!

  35. I thought her head got cut off in that Brad Pitt movie, yet it is still spewing garbage? New show idea AMC! “The Walking Idiots”- coming to a gastrointestinal disruption near you!

    • Porkchop, and thus followed by a severe case of loud and offensive involuntary Flatulence. Oh, wait, that was B.S. gushing her Marxist tripe trying to get noticed.
      What amazing show of the Streisand ‘ s of the “entertainment” Guild forgetting what the NAZI forbearers of the current Democrats and Progressives did for their ancestors under the rule of the then Obola style rulers of Europe.
      They find it too easy to forget the “Crispy-critter” founder tried to extinguish them ALL, and now this POS President is at it again, but his tools are ISIS and Ebola, plus children’s diseases, slowly ravaging the World.

    • no because Michelle will be out of there in 2 years, gets boring being a single mom like Gweneth knows. Obama will be back to the Chicago *health Clubs*,
      you know the ones that have *baths*.

  36. I hope Gwyneth at least got a joint selfie out of it, even if the President had to pick up the soap for Michelle later that night…

  37. I am 100% convinced that there is something in the water out there. I am also convinced that the “HollyWeird” idiots would follow and support him no matter what the situation good or bad. Blind faith in anyone is scary as hell.

  38. Listen at the haters! President Obama is handsome and a very intelligent man. He knows it and so does you who are hating on him.
    Enjoy the haters president Obama, for they help make you into the confident man you are now!

  39. cannot seriously believe that the large numbers of obama opponents have to be called *haters* merely because they oppose the policies of this inept, unqualified, naive,
    community organizer given the most complicated job in the world. Sycophants are so idiotic, I can just shake my head !


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