“Beheading is planned” threat against Rhode Island schoolchildren

Yesterday we shared the video about the Harvard University students who believe America is a greater global threat than ISIS. As you know, Harvard is located in Massachusetts. Maybe those mindless lemmings should read about what just happened south of them in Rhode Island. Let me try to give them a hint — ever heard of Beslan, Russia? Of course those empty vessels of progressive socialist indoctrination haven’t. It would be far too much to ask of them to have a clue about the real global threat, Islamo-fascism and jihadism. So here’s a little taste.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that, “Police in Rhode Island said they received a letter that contains threats to behead children in the state. The letter specifically threatens elementary school students, according to WPRO. Col. Steven McCartney tells WPRO-AM the threat specified that “beheading is planned.” He called the nature of the threat targeting children in Warwick, Cranston, and Johnston “chilling.”

“There was a specific mention of elementary schools in this letter, the other thing which was the specific type of threat, which was beheading, is planned,” McCartney told WPRO.”

Of course, I suppose these Harvard students have already forgotten about the Chechen Tsarnaev brothers’ heinous attack in Boston last year – and have no idea it was Chechen Muslims who carried out the attack against the school children in Beslan.

You see, this is the depraved nature of the enemy, which we just continue to dismiss as we witness the cultural jihadist apologists find it easier to blame America — or even Christians — rather than place the spotlight where it belongs.

We reported here how the former Imam of the Oklahoma City mosque where beheader Alton Nolen attended is now at the Boston Islamic center (which the Tsarnaev boys attended). Trend analysis – that’s all I am presenting — and we must take the threats seriously before another incident of “workplace violence” or worse, “schoolyard violence” occurs.

The Beacon says “the threat was sent anonymously through the mail, but police are taking it very seriously. Some parents have decided to keep their children out of school due to the threat as well. Police are trying to reassure those parents of their children’s safety. “The intent of the Warwick Police Department is to allow the education of the students to continue safely,” McCartney told WPRO. Cranston Supt. Judith Lundsten says recess will be canceled and students will not wait outside but will enter immediately.”

Our precious American children are suffering from a mysterious respiratory illness that magically appeared after the Obama administration allowed countless illegal alien children to be dispersed and enrolled in our schools without any medical screening. And now we have an anonymous threat against their safety in a most brutal manner — and intent. While Obama has a problem defining his strategic objective in combating Islamo-fascism, the jihadists and terrorists know exactly what their strategic objective is — to terrorize our country by inspiring “lone wolf” jihadist attacks.

You see, the problem we have in America is these cultural jihadist apologists like far left progressive socialist nutcase Eric Michael Dyson who presents an unfathomable case of relativism. He says Islam is ancient and honorable and we ignore the Christian terrorism all around us. Just watch this little video exchange between Dyson and his guest James Peterson who makes sure to top Dyson’s stupidity by saying that Christians are just as homophobic as Muslims in the Middle East.

It’s right up there with ol’ Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation who believes Christians professing their faith and witnessing in the military are guilty of sedition and should be court-martialed. Where in God’s name do they find these people? Harvard, I guess.

Wonder why we’re losing against ISIS? Because we can’t even admit they are indeed an enemy, an Islamic terrorist organization. We refuse to see the violent nature of Islam – it’s just a man-caused disaster and workplace violence. Everyone rushes to defend Islam, why?

But worse, why do the far left progressive socialists find it easier to join forces with the Islamo-fascists and attack Christians? When ISIS gave Iraqi Christians their time-honored tradition of choice — convert, be subjugated, or be killed — no one on the left stood up and vehemently condemned this action. What they did was try to dismiss and apologize, or declare this wasn’t part of Islam, just something ISIS came up with.

Well, hate to burst your bubble, but beheadings were commanded by Mohammed, with the first massive beheadings at the Battle of the Trenches circa 628 AD against the Banu Quaraya tribe. And it was his letter to Byzantine Emperor Heraclius soon thereafter when he offered the three choices to the Christian kingdom. Folks, you can find this in the Hadiths — the traditions of Mohammed — and he is deemed the “perfect man” by Muslims, that is, practicing Muslims.

Stop the damned apologizing and attacking Christians in some warped relativist argument to make yourself comfortable — the enemy is within the gates.


    • There’s no ‘if’. It already happened in Ok, and in London.. Sure, it wasn’t a child, it was adult women, but it was one strong man against innocent women. They will always target the defenseless and weak, so there’s nothing to be shocked about when the go after children.
      When that happened, did things change? Did they stop blaming the United States, or trying to take our guns?

      • “They will always target the defenseless and weak” – the jihadis are modern-day Amalekites. In Deuteronomy 25:17-18, God commands the Israelites to “(17) Remember what Amalek did unto thee by the way as ye came forth out of Egypt; (18) how he met thee by the way, and smote the hindmost of thee,
        all that were enfeebled in thy rear, when thou wast faint and weary; and
        he feared not God,” in directing them to utterly crush the Amalekites and “blot out” the remembrance of their name for all time. We must treat these jihadis the same way.

    • I bet the Left will blame the Right. We’re so intolerant and mean to those poor Muslims, they felt the need to defend themselves against the crazy Christians. You know, by beheading our children.

  1. If they’ve not been woken up yet then they never will, ever.There are a good number of liberals who don’t care about children at all. If they cared about children, they’d be protesting the white house right now because of the enterovirus that wouldn’t be here in the USA if Obama would simply have deported the ‘children’ who amassed on our southern border during this last summer.
    These liberals don’t care about children even 1/100th as much as they care about abortion. Forget the notion of them waking up to radical Islam, they simply never will, Ben Aflek is proof positive of that.

  2. I am sick and tired of these damn mooselims and isalami the false muhhammede dude they call a prophet. They don’t act like a bunch of cavemen.. They all suck and need to go away. Why is we have to put up with crap they are giving us and why the hell should we even allow them in this Country? Screw isisissies, screw ilsalami, and screw mooselims and muhhammede.. I am just up to “HERE” with these morons and just kill all of them that cause problems. We could be a peaceful Country if they would stop threatening us and demanding we covert or die and we need shierra law. These people are still in the stone age, so let’s bomb them back to it and be done with them. I am a firm believer in peace thru superior firepower and we need to use it. It wouldn’t be a problem if we didn’t have president mooselims in the White House. He doesn’t want to kill other mooselims and he just does as little as possible because they are “mooselim brothers in isalami” and he doesn’t want to do it to protect this Country. Well, come on over and start your crap over here and you find a cemetery you want to be put in so when you are made to go away, we have a paupers grave to put you in. We have more weapons in this Country than most of the nations on the earth put together, so come on butt wipes……..

    • I am not a loon. Just study history and you might understand and know why the Crusades were undertaken. If it weren’t for oil, we could care less about what happens over there. They could kill each other as much as they want, but how about they just leave us alone? What is wrong with that. Look at the problems in London and Paris with mooselims wanting shierra law when there is already laws in place. You just don’t come into a country and demand that they change the laws to accommodate you! You either adapt and become an American or get the hell out of my Country and that means abiding by our US Laws not this shierra crap. They have tried it and will keep trying to do it, but I can tell you that I and the majority of Americans will not abide by their stupid, archaic and moronic laws. They want to have shierra law, go sompleace else. I hear they are taking people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran, so just pick one and get the hell out of here. Take your fake prophet and your fake religion and put them where the sun don’t shine…..

    • It’s about time someone got serious… because it is NOW serious business! We don’t need to be fearful nor hate; what we need is a concerted dose of reality.

      • By posting a blog? No…. 1) by understanding and acknowledging that we ALL have a problem in the White House! And 2) by attacking the demon(s) on election day. At some point, no matter our party affiliations, we as citizens need to come together for the good of the country!

    • Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

    • Ohhhh poooor Earl he’s lost and doesn’t understand what’s really happening, because if it goes against his party’s teachings and doesn’t fit into a box that his beloved dems define then it must not be right and must be put down. Oh I feel sorry that you can’t think for yourself. It’s too bad that there are so many people just like you wondering around drinking way too much kool aide. It must be Bush’s fault, huh?

  3. If Muhammad himself came back (from the dead) and beheaded 10 Jewish children at a school, Obama and like-minded liberals would:
    1. Label it just another case of “schoolyard bullying”
    2. They would look us square in the face and say, “Muhammad doesn’t speak for all Muslims, no religion would condone this, and Muhammad is not Islamic.”

  4. We are between a rock and a hard place ! Even if they behead children and we turn on the muslims here then O will declare martial law and isn’t that what he wants ?

  5. *”You see, this is the depraved nature of the enemy”*

    Which enemy, ISIS or Harvard liberals? The fact is both are enemies, and frankly both are just as dire. Sure, ISIS is the immediate in your face threat, that many of us would deal with promptly and properly (as in militarily wipe them out, and domestically by rounding them up and mass deporting muslims because enough is enough).

    Liberals are as much a threat, because any deadly threat to our people is dismissed, ignored or mollycoddled by these morons. That’s why Ebola is now in the US, and Spain etc. The previous doctrines kept it contained, both in the affected area in Africa and from spreading within the affected country by isolating the source immediately. Liberal progressivism has infiltrated there and the response was lacking resulting in a 3 country epidemic.
    There are a lot of threats that can kill you, and liberals are the one that will get you killed.

    • Mass DEPORTATIONS! YES! Enough is enough! The muslims are just getting started. This liberal BS of ignoring the obvious is going on in the UK, France and other Western countries.
      I will assume you read the report our own federal government is flying illegal muslims into the country by the plane full, by passing immigration and handing them a fist full of dollars and benefits as they let them off the plane. Its been reported Obama claims this will be a muslim country by the end of his term in office. Everything I’ve read lately leads me to believe he’s working on it. Makes sense he is pushing AMNESTY. He’s loaded the boat with muslims.
      If you’ve read anything about Geert Wilders from the Netherlands you know for a decade he has been warning the government in his country to wake up and get their heads out of the butts. Wilders was prosecuted for standing against islam, for speaking the truth. Why Western cultures put up with this craziness is beyond me. This is a mixed up world.
      You are so right! Liberals!!!! I think the liberals should self deport with the muslims.

      • Geert Wilders is right. People should have heeded his warnings because he has LIVED IT in his own country. He just wasn’t blowing smoke. People should watch his short film on the internet called, “Fitna” and learn. People need to keep reading Col West’s site to learn more about the history behind these enemies and heed his warnings as well.

  6. Why can’t something be done to stop obh, declare him not only incompetent, but not sane? No sane person would allow our borders to be left open and those that are in office that DO agree that our borders be opened should be dismissed from their office.

    • Remember in November everyone on the ballot knows what we know about Obama. Therefore, if they don’t speak up they are our enemy and the enemy of our country.

    • all in the plan for the new world order as old man Bush told us.all in the plan. AMERICANS BETTER WAKE UP FAST I don’t think this country will last another 2 years. some thing has got to give. any one that can do some thing to stop the little o just sits by and does nothing. they will die with the rest of us watch and see. it is a sad time in AMERICA HEART BREAKING. AMERICA BLESS GOD AGAIN.

  7. When is someone with a megaphone going to start asking the real tough questions an exposing the enablers that have us in this current position.

    Let’s start with openly exposing Hillary and Bill Clinton for what they knew about Obama in 2008 and never told we the people? View the below video interviews and ask Hillary Clinton what and when did she know this and who did she tell.

    Bettina Viviano interview with Jerome Corsi

    Michele Thomas interview with Jerome Corsi

    Someone step up and represent use. We are going to step up this November.

    • No matter who are Reps and Senators are, although we do need lots of Conservatives, bho is still in office and he is doing his best to thin the population in this Country. This I don’t understand, why can he not be stopped. Frankly, Biden would be doing nothing but causing lots of laughs. He would not do nearly the damage bo has done. So I say without any problems, President Biden until 2016

    • Interestingly, even without knowledgeable input from the Clintons, there was a myriad of credible information about Obama that should have given voters pause for concern at the onset. But, no. Unbelievable, eh?

  8. I dare the Islamic terrorist! Seriously. They pull this atrocity, the full might of this nation’s military will crush them. Even liberals will be on board.

    I believe that it’s a scare tactic to disrupt our daily lives & give them a sense of control over us.

    • Will BO be on board? Or will it be school place violence? If they try it I hope some one has a gun to shoot the SOB to death. Unlike the guy from OK who can now brain wash inmates in the prison and recruit more terrorist.

      • I want our military to shuffle President Obola out of the White House and lock him up pending charges of High Crime and Misdemeanors.

      • The only person who can do that is the U.S. Sargeant at Arms. His name is Andrew B. Willison. His phone number is 202-224-2341. Perhaps if enough Patriots call him and demand that he remove the vermin from the Oval Office, something will be done.

  9. As long as we have a President who is a undercover-Islam-sympathizer/member, they will continue to infiltrate the United States. Obama refuses, to this very day, to even say the words” Islam/Muslim Terrorist” and forbids all Federal Employees to say them. They were taken out of all Federal Manuals (which took years to accomplish) as soon as Obama took office. Until he is gone, and his Appointee henchmen are gone, America will find these foul terrorists among us, right next door to us. We can thank all those Americans who voted in this traitor of a President. I truly hope and pray they are seeing and experiencing, the damage they have caused our Nation.

  10. I wonder what the Obala going to do if children got beheaded, the same with the children that got shot in the school, I know he is not going to do anything because its a Muslim thing

    • Well I think that the dems would try and pass legislation making any knife longer than 1 inch illegal because knives kill people, just like cars, planes and base ball bats. But now they can blame the NKA (the National Knife Association) for the killings. Wait I don’t think there is an NKA…so they will have to start one so they’ll have someone to blame. The can have Bush as their first President and then they can blame him also. Gee two birds and all.

    • well Paul! look at what happen when kids were being killed in the school nothing is done about it, what would think it will be done when a child got beheaded by ISIS? we have murder in Chicago and they blame gun for it

  11. I’m here to tell you.Any acts of madness by this people,would bring a backlash by the American prople that would be unstoppable.NO Muslim would be safe ANYWHERE.

  12. Every American muslim that cares about this country better stand up against these devils now and speak up. If these threats are carried out it won’t be only ISIS that will incur the American people’s wrath. Every muslim in this country will have to be on high alert. America will not stand by and let Islam behead our children. Obama could put a stop to this now but he won’t secure the border or call a war against ISIS, he is an ignorant coward Or he knows exactly what he is doing and is helping them.

    • Right. If Christians can still get blamed for so-called Christians did centuries ago and yet never again, the moderate Muslim community should tske heed lest they fall into the same condemnation trap. Guilt by association is the twin brother of the scapegoat.

  13. Here, here. Always be prepared. Wouldnt be having these issues if edu-libs prepared for the inevitable. If kids die, it’s on the libs. They know and choose not to defend. Can’t fix that.

  14. We’re at war, military families have been threatened, one woman has already been beheaded, four young men were murdered by a man who claims he did it for jihad, and our President has done nothing to secure our border, states he will give amnesty after elections, and sends our military to be exposed to Ebola. Now this threat, Congress needs to get it’s act together and put a stop to this madness. We are supposed to be a nation of checks and balances and I believe we have seen enough Red Flags coming out of the White House that it’s time for you guys to shut up and take action.

  15. It’s sickening that animals like ISIS and their supporters are feeling emboldened, all because voters did not do their own research and properly vet obama before stupidly helping to bring him and his regime into power. And now our enemies feel emboldened and ready to kill us because they now know obama will do nothing to save his own people. obama is a pretty sick guy but those who voted for him may just as well be too.

  16. The only people who need to apologize for Islam are the women who bore these monsters and the males who raised them. I do not adhere to Ethnic Cleansing but these are a petulance that needs to be destroyed for the health of Planet Earth!

    • I can’t blame the women, many are raped and forced into motherhood. For that matter most would love nothing more but to walk away from islam, and for those who would not it is only because they have been brainwashed into believing by fear and absolute submission.

  17. clearly we have enemies of America in high places within our ivory tower so called institutions of higher learning. These institutions are producing a generation of ignorant, educated, idiots who believe the lies they are being indoctrinated with at these places. We need to put a stop to what’s going on and prevent all the anti American studies conducted there. A mind is a terrible thing to waste but some of the brightest young minds we have are being poisoned against our nation and our culture at these evil institutions. And it’s not just coincidental that our media and many in our government have the same anti American mindset as these young misguided would be intellectuals.

    • And now we are fortunate to have Common Core (Government Education Indoctrination) for our elementary and high schools. Aren’t we just the happiest people too have a CORRUPT government????

  18. Then why do we just ask for donation and questions like should we impeach obumma. Instead why don’t we get on with it and get rid of the problems and get back to restoring America to the country it was. Are we waiting for him to completely destroy America and then try to do something?

    • If the House holds hearings of impeachment and ultimately votes in favor of impeachment, next step is for the Senate to vote on it as well. Obviously the Senate will never even take up the issue of Impeachment as long as the Democrats are in control and Dingy Harry Reid are in control.

      • A counter coup requires a coup. There has been none. Instead, there have been fair and free election. Yes, that scares you. You clearly hate democracy, and are by no means brave enough to live in it. You should leave, seriously, and go find a place where you get to demand your desires over the rights of others.

      • Oh really? The New Black Panthers made sure the ’08 election was “fair and free” didn’t they! And what about the thousands in the south east states that voted several times?! Fair and free my tush! We need TRU THE VOTE! We need VOTER I.D.!

      • Yes, really. No one in the south voted many times, and if they did it either didn’t matter because Obama lost the south, or they voted for Romney.

        The three black panthers did not prevent anyone from voting, and if they did, it was at one precinct that was statistically likely to vote for Obama anyway, and the interference was only for a short time.

        You can claim it was a crime, and I’d back you, but only a fool would argue this instance affected the outcome of the election.

        Personally, I would have liked to have a trial for all three just so we could learn what happened and what was claimed to have happened by liars such as West. That we got one conviction against the ring-leader is still some solace.

        There were only 10 instances of voter impersonation in the 2012 election. It was a free and fair election. You lost, and that scares you, because people like you are basically afraid of democracy. You’re happy when you win, outraged when you loss. You’re willing to work to suppress voter turnout if that means you get your way. It’s not that you’re a bad sport, it’s that you’re a bad American.

      • Really, then that proof should be very easy for you to present here … please do prove me wrong.

        Here’s something to mull over:

        One of the best studies on the subject was conducted by Justin Levitt of the New York University LawSchool. Its conclusion is simple: allegations of widespread voter fraud are greatly exaggerated.

        “Many of the claims of voter fraud amount to a great deal of smoke without much fire…Most allegations of fraud turn out to be baseless—and that of the few allegations remaining, most reveal election irregularities and other forms of election misconduct, rather than fraud by individual voters. The type of individual voter fraud supposedly targeted by recent legislative efforts—especially efforts to require certain forms of voter ID—simply does not exist.”


        See also: http://www.factcheck.org/2013/01/voting-conspiracies/

        Q: Is it true that there were more votes than voters in Wood County, Ohio, and St. Lucie County, Fla., and that Obama lost every state with photo ID laws?

        A: No. A viral email that makes those claims is bogus. It fabricates Ohio and Florida results. Also, Obama won four of the 11 states with photo ID laws.

        See also: http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/robert-schlesinger/2012/11/20/the-108-ohio-obama-voter-fraud-myth-and-the-recount-petition

        No, there isn’t an Ohio county where Obama got 108 percent of the vote

        See also: http://www.propublica.org/article/everything-youve-ever-wanted-to-know-about-voter-id-laws

        Just how well-founded are fears of voter fraud?

        There have been only a small number of fraud cases resulting in a conviction. A New York Times analysis from 2007 identified 120 cases filed by the Justice Department over five years. These cases, many of which stemmed from mistakenly filled registration forms or misunderstanding over voter eligibility, resulted in 86 convictions.

        There are “very few documented cases,” said UC-Irvine professor and election law specialist Rick Hasen. “When you do see election fraud, it invariably involves election officials taking steps to change election results or it involves absentee ballots which voter ID laws can’t prevent,” he said.

        An analysis by News21, a national investigative reporting project, identified 10 voter impersonation cases out of 2,068 alleged election fraud cases since 2000 – or one out of every 15 million prospective voters.

      • I was asking for proof of voter fraud? You haven’t presented any? Why not?

        Managing the rolls is an important task, one that has nothing to do with Voter ID. There were NO double state voters in 2012 found, and only 10 instances of voter impersonation nationwide. Post election, it’s easy to use computers to see if a person voted in two states, it’s easy to see if a dead person voted, it’s easy to see if an illegal alien did the same.

        You know what typically happens when (R) start purging voters? Rather than do the job right, they game the process such that legitimate voters are kicked off the rolls. It’s called Voter Caging and it’s illegal. Sure makes you proud, doesn’t it, supporting a party that wants to restrict votes – to deny the absolute foundation of the Republic’s existence – just so it can win a few lousy elections.

        I feel your pain, I’m registered (R), but I’m willing to try to make the party better, to make it what it once was, not this abomination that wouldn’t accept Ronald Reagan as a member.

      • I agree voter fraud MIGHT not be as big as both sides claim but I can’t see any argument against requiring voters to show ID.

      • Yes, it most assuredly does. The SCOTUS acknowledged that it does, but said that a bad idea does not mean an illegal idea. It doesn’t fix any problem, but (R) want it so very much — why? Because they think and hope it will reduce voter participation by people likely to vote (D). Every honest commentator understands this. The issue is whether what is legal is also what is in the best interest of America, of freedom, of Democracy. That’s the only area intelligent people disagree.

      • google “voter id laws reduce turnout”

        When I post lists of links my posts get deleted.

        Bottom line, it affects poor blacks more than poor whites, for whatever reason, and reduces turnout by about 2-percent. In a close election, that makes a landslide …

  19. Pretty soon we will have to add an extra S to USA.. United Socialist States of America. Look BO is not protecting the citizens of the US he is in violation of the Constitution. Let’s face it 9-15 sortees a day is not going to do anything to ISIS except annoy them. We need 200 sortees a day to have any effect on them physically and mentally. Maybe MORE

  20. (1) Just because a crazy person says there will be beheadings in a note that make no reference to Islam, somehow that’s Islam’s problem? Of course not, it’s just poor logic by West. He’ll use anything to move America towards the religious war he envisions … and to get you to send him more money.

    (2) The left universally condemned ISIS for its stance on Christians – heck, Obama is leading a coalition that is bombing the crap out of ISIS. Why did West have to lie – because he’s hoping for a religious war, one seeing a rolling back on freedom … and that causes you send him money.

    • That’s your opinion and you have the the right to it. But, I am just thinking here, with what a great privilege that this is, that maybe you might want to honor that privilege with…
      …especially when you use your opinion to impugn an honorable man’s character.
      …just thinking here. 🙂

    • You honesty believe that? Obama started all this in the Midde East, he is an Islamic extremist and is doing the minimum he has to until the mid-terms and then he will stop do anything to help Christians. He is allowing thousands of Christians to die and is sending our young servicemen into harms way intentionally to kill them with Ebola or bring it back home to make people sick. He will not secure our borders. He is an Enemy of our Republic, and Traitor in Chief.

      • You seriously believe that Obama is a secret Muslim who is deliberately plotting the death and destruction of America?

      • I don’t think he has any faith. He was raised in the Muslim faith so I don’t believe he is a secret Muslim so it may be true he has a leaning towards it.

        I do not think he is deliberately plotting to destroy America. That would say I believe he is competent enough to do it deliberately.

      • There is no secret to it. Do some research on Obama. He wears the shahada on his ring, the first declaration of the Islamic faith on his ring which states “there is no god but allah”. He has the Muslim brotherhood working in our nsa. He visited the mosques from where the guy who converted and then beheaded his co-workers (and they call it workplace violence) to thank them. He called the attack by Nidal Hasan on our military base workplace violence, and the guy has sent a letter to Isis supporting them. He could have stopped isis on the road back last Spring, didn’t because he supports them. They started their march across the middle east after he traded a awol jihadi traitor for 5 of the worst Taliban members at Gitmo. He’s allowing thousands of Syrian Muslims to come into the United States as well as he won’t protect our borders or prevent ebola people from Africa from flying here. He sent 4000 troops who have no medical training to fight a disease, so they will die or bring it home. If he isn’t an Islamic extremist then he is the closest thing I’ve seen to being the anti-Christ. He’s and Islamic extremist, everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. That is allowed in Islam to take over a Country it is called taquira. Do some investigation. even some in the media is now recognizing him for what he truly is.

      • Not a single thing you wrote is true. Each has been debunked so resoundingly that if you were a person of Integrity you would feel shame. You’re not, so there’s no point in taking the five minutes to prove you wrong. Everyone here can execute an Internet search for themselves to see that you are a liar.

      • You are blinded by the Devil. I am not a liar, every word I said is true. He is an Islamic extremist and hates America. Why didn’t he stop ISIS on the roads back in the Spring, why is he allowing invaders from South America, Islamic Nations and now from W. Africa with Ebola. He creates chaos whenever and wherever he can. Why would you send 4000 troops to fight a disease? They are not medical personnel, because he hates our young patriots and are trying to kill them and us with this disease. You better wake up Buddy! You are crazy if you think he isn’t trying to destroy America. You must have drunk the Kool-Aid and voted for him.

      • You’re the one-blindsided. Every claim you made about Obama has been proven wrong. The people telling you that which is demonstrably not true are the ones leading you down an evil path. Honor the 9th commandment – you’ll be meeting Jesus someday and I want you to be well-received.

    • Well one issue that can’t be denied RedStateJoe,
      Islam / Muslim is an all male Cult working toward world domination waging war on women and children! In fact it’s been a business for 14 centuries of Slave Trades! There are no Moderate Muslim’s and no woman can actually be a Muslim because she is owned from birth with no voice, no rights and no choice!

      • If that were true, then why have more Muslim run countries had women leaders than has the US?

        If Muslims hate women so much, why did they elect 8 women to be their respective country’s highest office?

        Here are the women leaders of Muslim-majority countries, most of them freely elected by Muslim publics and all of them respected by the latter:

        Tansu Çiller, elected prime minister of Turkey, 1993-1996

        Benazir Bhutto, elected prime minister of Pakistan 1988-1990, 1993-1996

        Mame Madior Boye, appointed prime minister of Senegal, 2001-2002.

        Megawati Sukarnoputri, elected president of Indonesia, 2001-2004

        Khaleda Zia, elected prime minister of Bangladesh, 1991-1996 and 2001-2006

        Sheikh Hasina, elected prime minister of Bangladesh 2009-

        Roza Otunbayeva, president of Kyrgyzstan, 2010- 2011

        Atifete Jahjaga, elected president of Kosovo 2011-

        Hear that sound? That’s your phony know-nothing analysis going up in smoke.

      • Christians were in that business for a long time, as well, and self-proclaimed Christians in the former Soviet states continue to be to this very day. Support for slave trading, sexual slavery and enslaving non-believers is in the Bible. Do you accept the slave traders from Russia and Ukraine as your brother in Christ? Of course not.

        Radical Islam is practiced by a small percentage of Muslims. Most polling radical participation at 7-percent, some discredited polls claim 20-percent. In the US, it’s less than 1-percent.

        It is mathematically and logically wrong for you to make a claim about Islam because a minority of Islam act and think a certain way. That’s called generalization and it’s a form of bigotry.

        If 80 to 93 percent of a world-wide faith act one way, and 7 to 20-percent act another, is it really honest to claim that the smaller group speaks for the larger group? Of course not.

        Now, how about answering my question: if Islam hates women so much, why have eight Islam-controlled countries elected women to be their highest leader?

      • I agree with most of what you say here but like I said before – Why aren’t moderate Muslims publicly speaking out against radical Islam?

      • Because there is no such thing as a Moderate Muslim. If they love their “prophet” and their quran, they do what it tells them to do. There are 109 verses in the quran that tell them to kill or butcher anyone who believes differently than they.

      • They are. If you don’t think Muslims are speaking out against ISIL and other radical groups, then you aren’t listening to Muslims.

      • I AM! And all we hear is CRICKETS! If you hear more than that, you must be INSIDE the mosques. You must be ONE of them!

      • You’re lying.

        I posted a list of links to Muslims speaking out against ISIS and radicalism and people like you flagged it as inappropriate.

        Search the internet for “muslim leaders speaking out against terrorism” and then read, read, read.

        You’re lying.

      • http://www.globalresearch.ca/muslim-leaders-worldwide-condemn-isis/5397364

        ABC News’ Laura Ingraham, Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Fox & Friends and other U.S. media commentators say that Muslims are silent and complicit in the barbarian crimes of ISIS. Fox News host Andrea Tantaros said that all Muslims are the same as ISIS, and implied that all Muslims should be met “with a bullet to the head”.

        Why don’t we hear Muslims condemning the barbarian ISIS terrorists?

        Turns out they are loudly condemning ISIS … but our press isn’t covering it.

        Father Elias Mallon of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association explains:

        “Why aren’t Muslims speaking out against these atrocities?” The answer is:Muslims have been speaking out in the strongest terms, condemning the crimes against humanity committed by ISIS (or, as it is increasingly called, IS) and others in the name of Islam.

      • why is what I shared wrong? Were the quotes not real? Was the information cited on the page I provided not authentic? It proved your lied when you said Islamic Leaders weren’t speaking out against ISIS.

        Did you try the google search I suggested? Of course not, that would require you to confront your own miserable deceptions.

        Here’s what you missed ———>

        Two of the leading voices in the Muslim world denounced the persecution of Christians in Iraq, at the hands of extremists proclaiming a caliphate under the name Islamic State.

        The most explicit condemnation came from Iyad Ameen Madani, the Secretary General for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the group representing 57 countries, and1.4 billion Muslims.

        In a statement, he officially denounced the “forced deportation under the threat of execution” of Christians, calling it a “crime that cannot be tolerated.” The Secretary General also distanced Islam from the actions of the militant group known as ISIS, saying they “have nothing to do with Islam and its principles that call for justice, kindness, fairness, freedom of faith and coexistence.”

        Meanwhile, Turkey’s top cleric, the spiritual successor to the caliphate under the Ottoman Empire, also touched on the topic during a peace conference of Islamic scholars. <————–

      • Here’s a nice list of all the Muslims speaking out against ISIS


        Want to repeat your lie some more?

        You and I know the truth: now that you know Muslims are speaking out against ISIS you will continue to tell the lie that they aren’t. When someone claims that he’d respect Muslims more if they denounced ISIS, you’ll give an upvote. When you do that, however, I want you to remember your admonition about character. What does your deliberate lying tell you about your own character?

      • In Reality, Top Muslim Leaders And Groups — Like The Organization of Islamic Cooperation — Have Condemned The Islamic State

        The Organization Of Islamic Cooperation: The Islamic State Has “Nothing To Do With Islam,” Has Committed Crimes “That Cannot Be Tolerated.” As the Vatican’s internal news source reported, the Secretary General for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which represents 1.4 billion Muslims in 57 countries around the world, condemned the Islamic State’s persecution of of Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq, saying the “forced deportation under the threat of execution” is a “crime that cannot be tolerated.” According to the Vatican:

        The Secretary General also distanced Islam from the actions of the militant group known as ISIS, saying they ‘have nothing to do with Islam and its principles that call for justice, kindness, fairness, freedom of faith and coexistence.’ [Vatican Radio, 7/25/14]

        Al-Azhar: Islamic State Is Corrupt And “A Danger To Islam.” Lebanese paper The Daily Star reported that Al-Azhar’s Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam, Egypt’s highest religious authority, denounced the Islamic State as a threat to Islam and said that the group both violates Sharia law and humanitarian law: “[They] give an opportunity for those who seek to harm us, to destroy us and interfere in our affairs with the [pretext of a] call to fight terrorism.” [The Daily Star, 8/13/14]

        Arab League: “Strongly Denounced” The “Crimes Against Humanity” Carried Out By The Islamic State.On August 11, Nabil al-Arabi, the Arab League Chief, denounced acts committed by the Islamic State in Iraq as “crimes against humanity,” demanding that they be brought to justice. According to Al Arabiya News, he said in a statement that he “strongly denounced the crimes, killings, dispossession carried out by the terrorist (ISIS) against civilians and minorities in Iraq that have affected Christians in Mosul and Yazidis.” [Al Arabiya News, 8/11/14]

        Turkey’s Top Cleric: Islamic State’s Threats Are “Hugely Damaging,” “Truly Awful.” Turkey’s highest ranking cleric, Mehmet Gormez, decried the Islamic State’s declaration of a “caliphate” and argued that the statements were damaging to the Muslim community, according to Reuters:

        “Such declarations have no legitimacy whatsoever,” Mehmet Gormez, head of the Religious Affairs Directorate, the highest religious authority in Turkey, which, although a majority Muslim country, has been a secular state since the 1920s.

        “Since the caliphate was abolished … there have been movements that think they can pull together the Muslim world by re-establishing a caliphate, but they have nothing to do with reality, whether from a political or legal perspective.”

        Gormez said death threats against non-Muslims made by the group, formerly known as Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), were hugely damaging.

        “The statement made against Christians is truly awful. Islamic scholars need to focus on this (because) an inability to peacefully sustain other faiths and cultures heralds the collapse of a civilization,” he told Reuters in an interview. [Reuters, 7/22/14]

        CAIR Repeatedly Condemned The Islamic State As “Un-Islamic And Morally Repugnant.” In a July 7 statement, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) called the terrorist group “un-Islamic and morally repugnant,” noted that the Islamic State’s “human rights abuses on the ground are well-documented,” and called on other Muslim community leaders to speak out against the violence. CAIR reiterated the condemnation of the Islamic State as “both un-Islamic and morally repugnant” on August 11, and on August 21, CAIR once again condemned the group, calling the killing of American journalist James Foley “gruesome and barbaric”:

        We strongly condemn this gruesome and barbaric killing as a violation of Islamic beliefs and of universally-accepted international norms mandating the protection of prisoners and journalists during conflicts.

        The Geneva Conventions, the Quran – Islam’s revealed text – and the traditions (hadith) of the Prophet Muhammad all require that prisoners not be harmed in any way. There can be no excuse or justification for such criminal and bloodthirsty actions.

        We also call on those holding Steven Sotloff and other prisoners to immediately release them unharmed so they may return to their loved ones. [Council on American-Islamic Relations,7/7/14; Council on American-Islamic Relations, 8/11/14; Council on American-Islamic Relations, 8/20/14]

        The Muslim Council Of Great Britain: “Violence Has No Place In Religion.” The Muslim Council of Great Britain condemned the Islamic State’s actions and expressed that they do not represent Sunni Muslims, according to The Independent. Shuja Shafi, a member of the council also said: “Violence has no place in religion, violence has no religion. It is prohibited for people to present themselves for destruction.” [The Independent, 7/11/14]

        The Islamic Society of North America: The Islamic State’s Actions “Are To Be Denounced And Are In No Way Representative Of What Islam Actually Teaches. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) released a statement denouncing the Islamic State “for its attacks on Iraq’s religious minorities and the destruction of their places of worship.” ISNA President Imam Mohamed Magid said, “ISIS actions against religious minorities in Iraq violate the Quranic teaching, ‘Let there be no compulsion in religion’ (Surat al-Baqara 2:256),” adding, “Their actions are to be denounced and are in no way representative of what Islam actually teaches.” [The Islamic Society of North America, 8/9/14]

        100 Sunni And Shiite U.K. Imams: The Islamic State Is An “Illegitimate, Vicious Group.” As the Huffington Post reported, 100 Sunni and Shiite Imams from the U.K. came together to produce a video denouncing the Islamic State, releasing a statement that they wanted to “come together to emphasise the importance of unity in the UK and to decree ISIS as an illegitimate, vicious group who do not represent Islam in any way.”

        [Huffington Post, 7/12/14; YouTube, 7/11/14]

        Saudi Arabia’s Highest Religious Authority: Terrorists Like The Islamic State Is The “Number One Enemy Of Islam.” On August 19, Al Jazeera reported that Saudi Arabia’s grand mufti, Abdulaziz al-Sheikh, the country’s top religious authority, said that terrorism is anti-Islamic and said that groups like the Islamic State which practice violence are the “number one enemy of Islam”:

        Extremist and militant ideas and terrorism which spread decay on Earth, destroying human civilisation, are not in any way part of Islam, but are enemy number one of Islam, and Muslims are their first victims. [Al Jazeera, 8/19/14]

        Muslim Public Affairs Council: Condemned The Islamic State And Called For “Stand Against Extremism.” On August 20, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) released a statement condemning “the barbaric execution of American Journalist James Foley by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).” MPAC urged “all people of conscience to take a stand against extremism” and offered condolences to Foley’s family. MPAC also noted the importance of countering ISIS and other extremist groups by working “to empower the mainstream and relegate extremists to the irrelevance they deserve.” [Muslim Public Affairs Council, 8/20/14]

      • NO ONE IS READING YOUR MINI THESIS MORON What must be condemned is ISLAM. It is where the evil comes from. Until ISLAM is condemned by anyone you list, what they say is worthless. Yes not worth anything. The quran lays it all out for you, the hadith explains how you are to live as a muslim, and both would be better put to use to wipe your backside in the latrine.

      • Look if you want to post like that get your own blog chump!

        Learn what? More of your cut and paste muslim propaganda. Speak for yourself silly. Oh wait you can’t cause you don’t actually know anything about islam LOL!

        Again, advise you get a quran and hadith and get busy, or shut up, I already studied that evil vile book years ago, then again, and then a third time in islamic historical studies over two years of course work. I know more about islam that I ever wanted to know. If I had not have paid so much for my copy of the quran I would have burned it in the wood stove – in fact a few of my classmates had a quran burning party once the course work was complete LOL! What’s the matter, afraid of a little knowledge that won’t agree with your intellect? LOL!!

      • What’s really funny is that you posted that of your own volition and you actually think it makes you seem more, not less, credible.

      • No not at all – I could not care less if I tried as to how credible I seem to you. Does burning the quran offend you? Sorry, I said I didn’t burn mine. But my friends did, they had cheap copies, I had an expensive copy. I just couldn’t burn it despite how disgusted and sick I was of it. But maybe I will reconsider and do it in your honor!

      • Get this into your thick head – the atrocities come from islam. The atrocities are a part of islam. What must be condemned is islam. When a muslim does this, they are speaking out, when a muslim condemns ISIS atrocities, they do nothing. OF COURSE THEY CONDEMN ISIS you MORON!!! But do they condemn what fuels the atrocities, that would be islam in case you can’t follow here – no they don’t. ISLAM IN AND OF ITSELF IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN.

      • Get this through your thick head, for more than a billion people, Islam is a religion that teaches peace and plurality. For a minority, it teaches something else.

        Let’s go to war with the minority (with the help of the majority) and leave the peaceful people to be, well, peaceful.

        Sorry you’re so bad at math.

      • LOL – get this through your thick head: if more than a billion people were fighting against the minority, the fight would be over, in fact there would not be a fight – guess what? They aren’t fighting against anything, sorry you are so bad a math.

      • You don’t really understand how war works do you? Just because 2 million Muslims in America denounce what 1 million Muslims do in, let’s say, Iraq, that doesn’t mean the 1 million stop what they are doing.

        You’re hurt and scared, I understand, but you need to put on your big boy pants and get out into the world.

      • You really don’t understand how islam works do you?

        You’re hurt and scared and delusional, I understand, but you need to put your big boy jammies on and go to bed. And don’t forget to take a pee, we don’t want you having another accident lol!

      • They are too afraid to speak out against ISLAM. Not just condemn actions of ISIS, but speak out against ISLAM. Can’t you see that you blind man muslim? Keep playing games. Islam is the problem in it’s entire practice. The muslim is too fearful to condemn islam, sort of like you – right?

      • Why should peaceful Muslims speak out against Islam? To them it’s a religion that informs and fills their lives with peace, prosperity and a commitment to family.

        I’m a Roman Catholic. I don’t support the acts of 2-percent of the Priests, and I’ve condemned them, but I don’t need to condemn Catholicism.

        The overwhelming majority of Muslims hate radical Islam the way I hate pedophile priests. Neither means we need to leave our respective faiths.

      • Good for you, you are a Roman Catholic LOL! As if it matters what you are or think. Islam must be condemned entirely. It is a rare and not often ever seen muslim that steps forward and tells the truth about islam: That it is backward and that it is against modern civilization and humanity. Very few will tell the truth about islam. Very few are brave enough to say islam must evolve, reform to remain in the modern world and be a part of humanity if that is what it wants. Very few will condemn islam, that is the truth. The quran should be throw into the rubbish heap – it is a satanic book that has brought nothing but misery to humanity. KEEP ON POINT – we are NOT talking about Christianity, we are not talking about Catholicism. We are talking about islam. You liberals like to use your diversion tactics don’t you LOL!

      • Yes, you’ve made your hate very clear. You’ve demonstrated that facts can’t get in the way of a person committed to religious intolerance and fear mongering.

      • That’s a straw man. You’re attributing to me that which I never said. Focus on what I did say.

        9/11 was an act of terrorism perpetrated by radical Muslims. Let’s go get the radicals, I’m all for it. Let’s join with the peaceful Muslims who have been denouncing the radicals for generations. Let’s just not pretend that the acts of the radical speaks for the lives of the peaceful.

      • If all of Islam is radical, then why are all 1.6 billion Muslims trying to kill you in your sleep? Or, do you think they are?

        If all Muslims are radical, then why are they fighting back against ISIS? Why have more Muslim countries elected female heads of state than has the United States? Eight muslim countries have been ruled by democratically placed female leaders.

        If all of Islam is radical, then why does the majority decry those who practice its extreme form?

        What makes you think you know Islam better than 1 billion who practice it and think it is a religion of peace and plurality?

      • If called up and given the opportunity, they will.

        CBS 60 Minutes went to Texas a few years ago and interviewed several high school Muslim girls. They asked if the girls would be willing to strap on bombs and detonate them in a crowded place – if their Imam asked them to. Every one of them replied “yes!”

        So take your ignorance elsewhere, we don’t need it here.

      • and that’s why you’re called a radical. You think all muslims are waiting in the dark to slit your throat, to blow up your starbucks.

        You’ll do well to stay here, on the Internet.

        BTW: a got a cite for that 60 Minutes piece you quote?

      • If I’m a radical because I know what Islam is about, then so be it.

        I don’t stay in the internet, but I do have a license to carry concealed to protect myself and others.

      • Not all of them are trying to kill us in our sleep idiot. But that is an oft repeated song sung by liberals, WTG. They are “killing” us by the numbers, a perfect example is to look at Sweden, or GB, or Germany. There are no-go zones for non-believers in Europe. If you enter these neighborhoods you will be harassed and worse. This is called cultural jihad. They immigrate, and flood the population. They max out the social welfare systems. They demand that their laws, that would be sharia, be placed into the legal system. They start to demand that their “host” country change for them, rather than they assimilate into their new country. They do not become Britains, they remain loyal to islam and place their loyalty to islam above their new country. They demand special food, they demand roads be closed off for their prayers, they demand that free people be prosecuted for drawing cartoons, and in fact put fatwa out. They are doing cultural jihad. Those who cannot go and join a violent jihad, support those who will. It’s all rather complicated. I don’t expect you to understand it. You have to look at the reality and stop hawking over and over again that muslims speak out against radical violent islamists. They do not speak out against ISLAM. Something you should have noticed by now. Islam is the source.

        So then there is political jihad. Muslim communities grow and eventually become political, hopefully placing persons in political positions that will bring islam into our political system. Already in the US there have been attempts to recognize sharia in our legal system. All of this is another form of jihad. A taking over.

        Then there is also the violent jihad which I don’t need to explain as we have watched it happen in Iraq.

        What more do you need? You are out of touch with what is happening in the world.

      • There are no no-go zones in Europe. If you think there are, then show me them on a map. Give me the GPS co-ordinates.

        Stop lying.

        Yes, immigration affects culture, just ask the native americans. Muslims make up less than 2-percent of the US. We’re fine.

      • Do your own goggle liberal. I don’t work for you LOL!

        Keep telling yourself you are fine. Just like the nice lady in Oklahoma. Don’t even start with the indigenous peoples of America. Can’t compare that to modern times immigration. Only an idiot would try.

      • You just wrote there are no go zones for Catholics in West Virginia or in the south. Why is it so difficult for you to understand there are no go zones in Europe? You are stepping on your own toes liberal.

      • No, I am not. One is a no-go of exclusion, the other of inclusion. One is group 1 is excluded, the other is only group A is included. Exclusion no-go zones are plausible. Inclusion no-go zones are not. There are no places the police don’t dare go, where only Muslims may tread. Gangs, for example, can keep other gangs out, but once they try to keep civilians and police out – heads get cracked. The UK is not ceding sections of its territories to Sharia.

      • You can split hairs over no go zones all you want, but like it or not, there actually are places in Europe where yes the police do stay out albeit but for a total catastrophe. In France there are about 700 No Go Zones.

        They call them Zones Urbaines Sensibles, or Sensitive Urban Zones, or ZUS. They are publicly listed, and mapped. France had to do this, too many non-muslims are mugged and actually murdered in ZUS. Lots of tourists end up in the wrong place. It is quite easy to get lost. Hardly a town in France does not have a ZUS. The French state does not control these areas. Do police and fire rescue go in, I am sure they do. I would hope they do. But they seldom patrol these areas. They are high crime areas, lots of drug trade and they are also sharia areas. That is not the point.

        Civilians, non-muslims, are openly warned not to go in. Have you by chance been to France recently, or say in the past 5 or 6 years? It is ridiculous for you to try and minimize it all. It’s the same in the UK, quite common knowledge.

      • If they are publicly listed, then you would provide the link.

        It’s just a myth you radicals tell yourselves to make you feel better about engaging in unAmerican activity.

      • Some no-go zone. Police are there, non-muslims are there. Who exactly is not allowed in this no-go zone?

      • Yes they decry those who practice its extreme form and then go to mosque and study quran that tells them to smite off heads – yeah they are a little twisted, just a little mixed up – maybe they are just saying what someone like you wants to hear? There’s a thought. Can we just maybe count on all that bad stuff in the quran that just maybe they will just ignore all that right? Like even though they are appalled, their own holy texts demand it. But you are going to stand up for them and say no, they don’t believe all that right? Like they are only half muslims, they don’t follow the quran at all, but they are muslims right? Will you for the love of the Almighty please learn.

      • No, they don’t. No more than you and I learn that we must burn children on an alter or that we should sell our daughters to old men as sex slaves.

      • I already told you, we are not commanded to live by the OT. What don’t you understand about that? You seriously need to read the quran, and even more read the hadith. You don’t have a clue what they teach or what they learn.

      • But what are we to do with the muslims that celebrate 9/11? You are in a self-made maze. There is no moderate, there is no peaceful, there is only islam and only different levels of radicalism just like there are several types of jihad. You have a lot of catching up to do, better get started.

      • The day that islam edits their holy book and removes the parts that command death to all non-believers, is the day that they will be tolerated. The day that muslims stop their cultural jihad on other nations is the day that they will be tolerated. I will tolerate no one who will not tolerate me. If you do not want to be a Christian I will not kill you, or tax you, or drive you out of your own country. I believe in freedom. Islam has no freedom. I believe in co-existing with all religions, but all religions have to feel the same way or the equation won’t work. Islam does not tolerate any other religion. It is that simple. Study islamic history and you will see and understand the past 65 years and what is happening right now. Just the history, nothing else. But it is best to start at the beginning and span the entire 1400+ years to fully grasp what is happening currently. If you decide this is too much for you, so be it. Relish in your own ignorance.

      • Why should they when the Bible hasn’t done the same? Lots of violence in the bible – killing non-believers, human sacrifice, slavery, sex slavery, selling children in slavery, selling daughters to old men, destruction of whole cities of non-believers. Where’s your outrage at our books?

        When has a Muslim denied you your religious freedom? Have they blocked the building of a church you wanted to attend? Did they demand that you alter their holy books to fit their sensitivities? When have they demanded that you not look “too much like a Christian?” When have they demanded that you not be allowed to hold public office, that you not be allowed to vote, that your children be shot in the head?

        You find that everyday here on this board and you never bat an eye.

        You’re a hypocrite and a fool. Things you don’t understand scare you. Tough. Put on your big boy pants and go out in the world.

      • Christians don’t live by the OT. Muslims live today, this day, by the quran. You can try to use that old tired comparison, just don’t work. When is the last time you saw a Christian behead someone? Fail.

        I’m sorry, don’t understand your disjointed rant in your second paragraph lol!

        They burned an 1,800 year old church in Mosul. That was my church. But wait, that wasn’t islam right?

        Guess you can’t hang with the truth – just call me a hypocrite and fool LOL!

        Been downrange much? You literally have no idea what you are fighting for. Give it a rest, you can’t handle the reality. Islam does not want to make nice with you.

      • They won’t speak out against it because it is their doctrine to do it and anyone who says likewise is completely ignorant or intentionally lying. BTW it is also in their doctrine to lie about their true intentions and behavior to fulfill the mission of world male dominance!

      • They already have spoken out against ISIS and terrorism. I’ve posted the links to the lists of lists of lists of Muslim and Muslim leaders speaking out – why do you continue to tell the lie that they haven’t?

      • You seemingly don’t know what that word means. However, you’ve captured its new common usage: it’s a word used by bigots to excuse themselves when they are caught in hypocrisy or outright lies.

        You sustained the lie that no Muslims are speaking out against ISIS and terrorism, having been shown that they are, in fact, speaking out, you resort to misusing a very simple religious idea: that it’s okay to deny your faith to avoid persecution, to avoid a fight with your wife, to smooth over a disagreement and during times of war. Each of those instances is also approved for lying in the Bible.

        Otherwise the Quran is very specific about the need to be truthful to get into heaven.

        Nonetheless, I’ll accept your use of it as your admission you lost this point.

      • What a silly little peon you are, I am actually laughing at you out loud!! Seriously I am!! Ok so see here’s the catch that you outright missed: (whispering this to you) they want you to believe what they say. . . . .and you do. FYI it is you that has not grasped the full meaning of the word. Do please tell where in the Bible we are given approval from our Lord to lie as you say just like in the quran LOL!

        It must be quite disturbing for muslims to learn, if they ever do, that they all go to hell with the exception of those martyrs for Allah, like the suicide bombers and such. Apparently they get a pass straight to paradise lol! (no disrespect to the people they murder along with them). This is the primary motivation for these people, as according to the quran which is quite contradictory on the matter, like: There will be no one of you who will not enter it (Hell). This was an inevitable decree of your Lord. Afterwards he may save some of the pious, God-fearing Muslims
        out of the burning fire. — Sura 19:71-72

        They all go to hell but a lucky few will be rescued out of it. Sura 3:157-158; 3:169; 9:111 – there are other verses that address the topic but there is no sure salvation in islam albeit but the martyr. If a muslim is truthful or not makes no difference as to their admission to heaven, they all already go to hell. Read the quran, it’s right there. You don’t know jack about islam but keep trying to make stuff up, it is mildly amusing, your confusion.

        Don’t bother to accept any admission that I did not make you pompous child.

      • I have no debate with the good Saint or with you. Yes let no evil be spoken of . . . . . . . . .evil. Shall we just all pray for the muslims?

      • some people (you) are educated beyond their intellect. . . . .seems you can’t really say what you mean or mean what you say, pity.

        you are a roman catholic, they burn your church, guess that is ok with you

      • I oppose the radicals in Islam. I oppose the radicals in Christianity. I’ve suffered more discrimination from American Christians than I have from American Muslims. Catholics, as you well understand, are not well liked by the radical factions of Christianity.

      • Oh boohoo! Those mean American Christians! You don’t even know what Christianity IS, yet you think it’s worse than Islam?! You don’t even know it, but you’ve been HAD!

      • Did you get kidnapped and held hostage by a radical Christian? Did they behead you and post it on youtube before demanding 6 million dollars? Oh, I guess not, you are still hear talking smack. PLEASE TELL how an American Christian discriminated against you dear Catholic. I am waiting on the edge of my seat here. I truly want to know about your suffering at the hands of those radical American Christians.

      • They burned my family’s farm, tore down an entire side of the house. Fired my grandfather from the mine when they discovered he was a papist. Beat up his kids, my uncles, and tried to rape my mom and her sisters. Pressured the school to expel them, least there be fights every day. They were driven from their home and their town for being papists.

        Now, tell me what American Muslims have done to you.

      • And no one died during all this – dude this is America, you do have the 2nd, just saying.

        You say tried to rape your mother and sisters in my playbook would mean a dead man tried to rape me and died trying.

        Your grandfather has an excellent lawsuit on his hands from the mine that employed him, should find a good attorney.

        Now just who were “they” and which town was this from which they were driven from their home and driven from their town?

        Burned your farm and torn down the house, it’s call trespassing, and it is posted on my farm property they will be prosecuted, rather swiftly if I caught them in person and I am within my rights.

        Any such person(s) that choose to trespass pose an immediate threat to me and mine. It’s center mass, shoot to kill. We do have horse thieves and Arabians are quite valuable. I live out west, we sort of have to know how to take care of ourselves and render justice where needed.

        So again, just who is “they” besides radical American Christians?

        And to answer your question American Muslims have not done anything to me and I fully intent to keep it that way 🙂

      • You really don’t understand much of how America works, nor do you understand the importance of religious tolerance. These were events from 50 plus years ago, and because the local people looked upon Catholics as agents of the devil going to hell, whatever they did to my family was permitted. No recourse was available, not without death being the price.

        My heritage predates this country, but because I’m Catholic, there really are no-go areas in West Virginia and other parts of the south.

        That’s why I push back on you hate-filled philosophy. We go after the radicals, the ones that will do us harm, but we respect the religious rights of those who aren’t. The peaceful are always relevant, just ask Jesus.

      • The evil must be exposed and understood, not accepted and apologized for. Jesus would not apologize for islam and he would not tolerate islam. What he would do is tell them the way as he already has to a great many prior muslims.

        You want to ignore the appalling parts of islam and would rather just stand up for religious tolerance. You do this based on your emotional past experiences of your family and the intolerance they experienced. There is such a vast difference from their experience and islam in the world today. Yes we all have our right to choice. But islam is beyond a right of choice. This is clear across Europe, this is clear in Iraq. This has been clear for 1400 years of islamic aggression.

        Respecting the religious rights of islam has to go hand in hand with respecting child rape and domestic abuse. If you can do that, you need to re-evaluate your faith.

        I think Jesus would side with the child rather than the religion of islam. After all islam does not even acknowledge that He died on the cross.

        When any religion perpetrates violence on nations, on children, on women, on other religions, even upon itself, it cannot benefit from the tolerance you seek. In fact I am not sure we can even include it as an actual religion, it is more an ideology veiled as a religion.

      • Because none of them say what Bahraini Liberal Author Dhiyaa Al-Musawi has said. He tells the truth, islam has problems. His point is the same as mine, it is not just the violence of radical islam, it is islam itself.


        Very few muslims say the things he says. Islam is backward and has far too many gallows of ideology.

      • Yes, we know. All Muslims are going to hell so it’s okay for you to lie about them and to try to deny them their religious rights.

        You are the very person the FF feared when they drafted the religious protections built into the US Constitution. Sophomoric in every regard, unable to argue with fact, devoid of focus with precious little cogent thought – and yet you want to tell everyone what the right religion is.

      • I am not trying to deny them their religious rights – I simply want them to stop trying to take over the world sort of like what the caliph has in mind, is that too much to ask? LOL

        And I am not lying about them going to hell – that information is in their own book.

        I’m sorry, there is only one true God and it is not allah, and despite what your muslim friends try to tell you, they are not the same.

      • Good, you won. Islam is not trying to take over the world. Radical Islam is, which is why Muslims are involved in hot war right now trying to stop them.

      • Wrong again – you just simply are not listening. Islam is trying to take over the world and nothing would make islam happier than this. Just take a look at Sweden, or France. There you go, take a good look at France, and then examine the UK. Yes they are in fact trying to take over, as hard as that is for you to imagine. And no what is happening in Europe will not happen in the US in a large part because of what has happened to Europe. Sadly they have bee a perfect example for us about what not to do, and that would be to politically correct ourselves to death. You need to work on that concept personally. You can also look at the historical islam, if you really want to see exactly what islam wants to do. Go ahead and challenge yourself to actually learn the history of islamic aggression. And btw, yes muslims fight each other, there is nothing new under the sun.

      • For those who want the truth about the so called moderate Muslim’s just check out what France, Germany, Britain, Sweden and other countries are experiencing with their so called “peaceful moderate muslim’s’ because they became exceptionally unpeaceful after their population increased just a little bit. Now the Citizen’s suffer from threats, beheadings, rape of their young daughters, stoning of their teen’s as well as themselves. Many area’s it is no longer safe to travel in some countries. I have also read and seen video’s where the citizen’s are talking about war due to the abuse of their citizen’s!
        Regardless of the la-la land redstate lives in, just search and you will get truth about these so call moderate peaceful muslims!

      • Nice, a modern blood libel … good on you for outing yourself as someone married to rumor and adverse to fact.

      • Of all the most unlikely places on the planet, Sweden is the rape capital of the world mostly or possibly entirely due to muslim immigration. Sweden is fcked due to their desire to be PC. It is a nightmare over there for Jews. They suck the social welfare system dry, terrorize the Swedes and are running everyone else out. I read somewhere by the year 2030 Sweden will actually cease to exist as Sweden, the Sweden we knew. This is called cultural jihad. Lots of people want to deny this and argue about it. I have a friend in Sweden, her family have lived there for 5 generations. Their liberal immigration policies have destroyed Sweden and it is doubtful it will ever recover. And yes, sadly, she was gang raped by 5 Pakistani immigrants. Yes they were muslims. She covers her head when she goes out in fear of offending muslims. We want to sponsor her immigration to the US if she decides on this. But this is happening all over Europe. France is having a hard go of it all as well.

      • Oh Elle, how HORRIBLE!! I will pray for her and hope she can get out. Political Correctness is destroying freedom just about everywhere!

      • It is hard decision for her. Her great grandmother is still living. The Swedes are very very family strong people. She does not want to leave, but we will sponsor her if she decides to start the process. We have done this before. We got a trusted interpreter out of Iraq a few years back. It took 3 years to get him here. He had family up on that mountain top in Iraq. Was very hard for him to leave his family there, but had he stayed after we pulled out he would have been murdered because he worked with us. Let me know after you read this as I need to edit, just wanted to let you know sponsorship and legal immigration is quite a process. The American sponsor literally has to put their entire lives on record down to the last detail on file. It is quite invasive really ad seems to go on forever, especially getting someone out the the middle east. Anyway, yes pray. Christians are being persecuted very much now.

      • I’m not surprised that the state dept. makes you jump thru hoops – while they play their little coverup games on things like Benghazi and the Secret Service.

      • The file was 6 inches thick by the end of it all. It was a great day. We did not give up, and yes it almost seems as if they make it so hard that most will just give up. But we could not do that. He saved our lives, and we in turn needed to save his. We were never giving up till we got him here. It was an amazing story really.

      • Do you have proof as to any of your claims? No? I thought as much. BTW, do you work for the Obama administration? Just asking.

      • TODAY – give us today, not years ago. It’s almost 2015.

        You only gave 2 current woman, one who is out of politics now and whose country is not controlled by muslims. It’s muslim majority just barely, not controlled by muslims. She is agnostic and completely bowed down to islam. Her country is Russianized. Does she count, sure. Is she a muslim woman NO. That would be most admired Roza Isakovna Otunbayeva. But she can’t really count for your argument, she isn’t in office anymore. Not good example.

        Atifete Jahijaga. Only relevant example you gave. Elected by parliament in Kosovo and I agree an anomaly considering Kosovo is 90% muslim. She is sunni muslim and perhaps it is her desire to engage Kosovo into the EU and such added to her previous statue as a General, that has enabled her to rise. Also has a lot to do with the secular muslim presence there and the young people that want more. Only time will tell, Kosovo is ripe for problems ie Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The whole world hopes for her and Kosovo, she is a light that needs to shine brightly in a huge world of darkness, that would be islam.

        So islam is still to the everyday woman or girl child a nightmare. Do please let us all know when the leader of the monarchy of Saudi Arabia becomes a woman, a muslim woman. We are waiting for that one lol!

      • Actually, I gave 8.

        8 more than the USA has had.

        The point is that Islam hates women, people like you claim, but 8 muslim controlled controlled countries have had women leaders.

        Your argument is in shatters.

      • Yes you did, it was 8 of which only 2 are even relevant. Of which only one is even current. Don’t think I can put it in any simpler form. That was then, this is NOW.

      • All 8 are from Muslim controlled countries, that all the relevancy they need and they are all modern era. You’re the loon that claims that Islam has been against women since its inception. I just proved you wrong, wrong, wrong.

        Google “cognitive dissonance” and then go look in the mirror.

      • and I then held up 100 million women. I still win. You childishly declared that all of Islam mistreats it women, and then used examples from a minority. I demonstrated that a majority do not live that way. Heck, Indonesia is the largest Muslim country, and they had a female leader. Hint: stay away from generalizations that depend on anecdotes.

      • Have you gone insane? There are no winners here. Understand that just because a political action elects a female does not change one single thing for the female child that gets sold into marriage at the age of 10 and given over to her new “husband” and his family at the age of 12. You do understand that right? Elected female muslim woman does nothing for the thousands of girls and women still in bondage from islam. You did not demonstrate anything except in your own mind.

      • That’s why we want to go after the radicals while leaving the peaceful alone.

        You’re the one who insists that all of Islam is evil, that nothing about Islam can be defended. I’m just showing you how silly you are.

        I’m not diminishing the need to go after the radicals, I’m simply advocating going after the bad guys and not using group punishment against the good guys.

      • The problem is, if their allowed too lie,how do u separate the good ones from the bad ones, u can’t know what one harbors in their heart, so there’s no way for u, too know if your being deceived or not , and if u assume they are moderate, what will u do, if u find out u were wrong, it will be too late, if they have taken positions of power in our govt???

      • Nice try, but not quite. What about the million muslim women that are not allowed to drive a car? What about the million muslim women that can’t leave the house without a male family member escort? What about the thousands and thousands of muslim girls and women who are forced into genital mutilation? What about all the thousands and thousands of muslims girls, mere children, that are married to old men and have three children of their own before they reach the age of 18? What about the women who have been murdered in honor killings because they tried to run away or they dishonored their family by refusing to marry an old man. What about the muslim women who do manage to run away and have to live in fear for their lives for years after their escape from islam? What about the hundreds if not thousands of muslim women who sit or have sat in a prison for being raped. What about the muslim women, seeing no end to their misery and oppression commit suicide as death looks better than life to them? WHAT ABOUT THEM? DID YOU FORGET ABOUT THEM?? DO YOU WANT US TO FORGET ABOUT THEM TOO? WHAT ABOUT THEM? I guess they don’t count to you.

        Hear that sound? That’s you sweeping millions of muslim women under the rug while you hold up 8 women of which only 2 are even relevant and only 1 even current. Your analysis is disgusting. Keep trying to justify how totally awesome islam is for women.

      • elle, the only reason he defends “moderate” Muslims is because he must be one of them. He’s only here to incite and instigate.

      • True, these stupid ignorant muslim men, they all need to be beaten by a strong American Woman LOL! I say bring it POS muslim. I will always and forever slap you down filth RedStateJoe. Hope he knows, we are here, we know him and his disgusting islam, will always expose his lies and deceit.

      • You can’t take the problem in one, two or even seven Muslim countries and then declare that it applies to all 49 Muslim lead countries.

        What about the hundreds of million so women who can drive a car, who can go out of their homes?

        Female genital mutilation is pan-religion in Africa. FGM is performed by Muslims, Christians, and animists in 28 countries in Africa, a few in the Middle East, as well as some immigrant communities in North America, Europe and Australia. As reported in the AMHSR:

        The “Practice of FGM has no relationship with religion. Muslims and Christians practice it, but it is more widely spread in Christian predominated parts of Nigeria.”

        So, millions of Christian girls are also “circumcised.” Shall we use your logic to condemn all Christianity now?

        Radical Islam exists. Your list of shouting points only proves my point – radical Islam is out of step with mainstream Islam. All the things you shout about are real, in the radicalized or extreme segments of Islam, but are not in the majority of Islamic cultures.

        You make my point for me: we need to respect the religious freedom of the peaceful Muslims who make up its overwhelming majority and focus on the radicalized splinter groups that are not in keeping with the teaching of mainstream Islam and are a threat to the world.

        You hate all Muslims, that’s on you. Those of us good in math don’t have to join you.

      • I asked you what about them and all you can do is say what about the ones who can drive? LOL!!!!!! We are talking about islam, not Christianity, try as hard as it may be for you, to keep that in mind. All you can do is start drawing comparisons instead of addressing the topic of islam. That’s just completely lame and typical of someone who just really truly wants it all to be ok, but in reality it really truly isn’t.

        See people like you, liberal people like you, view the world as you wish it would be, not how it actually is.

        I make no point for you at all, but keep dreaming. Here’s the deal, islam does not want to co-exist with anyone except itself. It does not matter at all that you want to co-exist with islam, islam does not want to co-exist with you. Do you understand that rather simple concept: you love islam, islam don’t love you back. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. I know it hurts, but the truth does hurt sometimes. Once you wrap your clay-brain around that fact you can start to get somewhere with your understanding of islam.

      • You’re a mess of incoherent. Radical Islam is an abomination to Islam. You want to conflate the trouble with a minority position into an opportunity to tarnish the majority.

        What I did was defeat your lunacy. You claim is Islam is bad because women can’t drive, I demonstrate the majority of muslim women can drive.

        You’re angry because you’re losing.

      • You defeated NOTHING except to show your ignorance about Islam! “Radical” Islam IS Islam! It is EXACTLY what the Quran teaches!

        If you had heard the man who was interviewed last week on the Kelly File, you’d know that! He explained that ALL mosques teach radical Islam – to their regular members, but to visitors or the the public, they lie about it. It’s called Taqiyya – it’s what they are trained to do.

      • What makes you think you know Islam better than 1 billion who practice it and think it is a religion of peace and plurality?

      • Huh? I don’t. That’s my point. The majority tell us what the majority believe. You claim to know what they mean better than they do. That’s crazy.

      • AWESOME!!!! Just absolutely great! And I really mean that!!! You don’t know anything about islam, and yet here you are licking mohammed’s offal covered boots based on WHAT???? Do you believe everything you are told? Obviously. Then hear this: Islam is bad, learn about it and you will see for yourself. Either that or you will convert LOL!!! You made your point great – you don’t know jack about islam, you are just another idiotic muslim sympathy drenched person that wants to argue. If you don’t want to be just another apologist for Islam you’ll have to make the effort to learn something on your own. I understand it is so very difficult for you to step our of your liberal comfort zone and actually believe what is right before your own nose, but you should. In fact, you should spend some time in the ME, trust me, it will enlighten you.

      • You don’t have to be a muslim to know islam idiot! How the hell do you think so many know just how jacked up it is? Because millions of other people HAVE studied it and actually know what it means. There are millions of muslims that don’t even speak Arabic and literally have no idea what they are reciting over and over again. They are ignorant robots and only recite to gain a blessing every time they do from “Allah” – Muslims can “think” it is a religion of peace and plurality all they want, but we all know it is really a cult of death and oppression, started by a psychopathic bloodletting maniac centuries ago. YOU study the quran, the hadith, and the life of mohammend. YOU study historical islam. YOU need to find out who he is and stop believing all the BS you have soaked up you poor weak little liberal minded amoeba.

      • Okay. Then you’ll accept that since the majority of posters here think you’re an ISIS sympathizer then it is a fact. Right?

      • No I claim islam is not just bad but downright evil and not because women can’t drive you moron! Are you that stupid? Are you that dense? You bring up 8 women, most who are irrelevant, trying to prove that islam is just wonderful for women. You are an abject donkey arse! LOL!!! You have done nothing, stop stroking yourself you deplorable creep. Go masturbate somewhere else online, everyone on this blog finds it disgusting.

      • [[ You’re angry because you’re losing.]]

        Interesting deflection since you exhibit the most anger here.

      • You cannot defend islam because it is indefensible. You cannot smooth over the oppression. You cannot edit history to fit your liberal mindset. You just can’t. You are a dismal failure. You could never defeat me lol! I walk with Christ, islam is quite busy exterminating Christians right now. And yet you defend islam. If you want to help muslims, then help them get out of islam. That would be helping muslims.

      • Here you go you inbred misogynist…………..


        Women and Property———- When one is given a woman, servant, or cat- tle, one should seize its forehead and pray to Allah. Ibn-i-Majah vol.3 no.1918 p.157. See also Muwatta’ Malik 28.22.52
        Women are Not Half as Intelligent —————–According to the Muslim Sharia (Law), the witness of a woman is equal half that of a man, “because of the deficiency of the woman’s mind.” (Bukhari vol.3 no.826 p.502) Moham- med said that a nation will never succeed that makes a woman their ruler (Bukhari vol.9 no.219 p.170-171). The worst thing is not that Muslim writers would be considered male chauvinist pigs for saying that women have deficient minds. The really sad thing is that an educated Pakistani woman with a high-tech job was trying to ex- plain to me why this was true. Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”
        Women In the Eyes of Islamic Law ————The Qur’an in Sura 2:282 says, “…And get two witnesses, Out of your own men. And if there are not two men, Then a man and two women, Such as ye choose, For witnesses, So that if one of them errs, The other can remind her….” “Narrated Abu Sai’id Al-Khudri: The Prophet said, ‘Isn’t the witness of a woman equal half of that of a man?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is because of the deficiency of the woman’s mind.” Bukhari vol.3 no.826 p.502. So if a Muslim man were to rape a Muslim woman, the man’s word would count twice as much as the woman’s. The word of a non- Muslim does not count at all in a court of law against a Muslim. Muslim man rapes a non- Muslim woman, even if a second non-Muslim woman is present, his word (that he did not do it) would count equal to the word of both of them.
        The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said in an annual report that one woman is raped every three hours in Pakistan. Even worse, 72% of all women in police custody in Pakistan are physically and sexually abused. The Woman’s Action Forum says that 75% of all women in jail are under the charge of “zina” (fornication). It was never stated how many men, if any, were in jail for that. See Why I Am Not A Muslim p.324 for information and examples.


        Sounds like something you would love for your mother to live under. Doesn’t it? Sit down you slimy POS. You disgust us.

      • Ask West, it’s his hope. That’s how he got nearly $5MM from suckers who follow him, and then spent only about $250k on campaigns.

      • No I am asking you because YOU said West is hoping for a religious war and that causes people to send him money. That is what you said and I asked you how so – no answer for your claim?

      • That’s a different question, but one I can easily answer.

        1) West routinely misstates the facts surrounding Islam and radical Islam and terrorism. Case in point, his effort to conflate a threat that references beheading into a planned attack by jihadists, even though Islam is never mentioned.

        2) West routinely calls for the killing of the followers of Islam, including threatening American followers of Islam. He often uses language that is both and likely to provoke outrage. Case in point, claiming that American Muslims have kept quiet about ISIS, have condoned the domestic terror attacks and are covering for jihadist cells in the USA. That West hates Islam, be it peaceful or radicalized, can not be denied.

        3) West routinely misstates, even to the point of using quotation marks, the US Constitution.

        4) West routinely decries as tyranny from an Islamic president that which is actually just the normal course of business in America, and is completely constitutional.

        5) West routinely writes in such a way as to make Americans fear their government is out to take away their freedom while it is granting special protections to Muslims. He is creating an insider-outsider way of looking at life in America, as does every good radical.

        6) West is a very intelligent man, What reason could he have to turn on his country the way he clearly has? Oh, yea, he’s got that PAC that takes in nearly $5MM and give out about $250k. You and I both know, the more riled up West can get his base, the more they will donate to him.


        West is lying to America. He envisions a world free of the Islamic faith he hates and he’s taking in a ton of cash while trying to make it happen.

      • You wrote : “He’ll use anything to move America towards the religious war he envisions … and to get you to send him more money.”

        I asked how does that make me send him money? How is that making anyone send him money? You can’t answer that question or support that claim because it is only your opinion, not factual. I understand you hold great sympathy for muslims and islam. There are milliions of Americans who don’t. You are not going to change that, ever.

        However West feels about Islam is irrelevant to the fact that anyone donates to the PAC. If West never said one word about Islam people would still donate to the PAC because there are multitudes of Americans who want conservative leaders elected. If you don’t like that the PAC has had success that’s just too damn bad. If you don’t like that he can only donate $5,000 to a candidate that’s just too damn bad as well. West didn’t make the rules, but he follows them. If he could donate more trust me he most certainly would.

        LISTEN UP REDSTATEJOE, no one gives a crap about how annoyed you are that the rest of the world won’t lick mohammed’s filthy boots as you love to do. You suffer from advanced impulsive infantile fantasy that anyone on this blog gives even half a crap what you think about Col West, the PAC $, the way you are in love with islam or the neurotic way you like to yammer on and on trying to make a point about a non-existing issue. You are wasting your time. People will do what they jolly well please with their money and you can have as many tantrums as you want about it, no one cares about your outrage over the PAC or how Col West feels about islam.

        Pleas note: America is already “riled up” – islam got us there over the past 1400 years. Please take your three toed unwashed donkey brain and place it back up your ill-bred backside. Seriously, honestly, we just don’t care how you feel and you will never convince anyone to join you in supporting islam.

        Now put all this in your liberal muslim loving crack pipe and take a good long deep hit and please shut up. Thanks in advance.

      • The more angry some one is, the more motivated they are to participate, the more likely they are to participate, the more likely they are to donate, the more likely they are to donate, the more likely you are to donate to West.

        It’s a numbers game. The more people West can get riled up, the more money he will receive.

      • Wrong again! No one donates to the PAC because they are angry about islam you idiot! You live in a very little small sheltered world called your brain, where it all makes sense and adds up perfectly – the only problem is that it’s just not the way it is. In fact you and all your islam loving comments probably got him even more donations without him doing anything at all LOL! I’ll thank you for him LOL!!

      • You make all these claims yet never offer proof that refutes him. Get a life. You’re losing every argument you spew here lefty.

      • So you not only hate America and Christians you also hate capitalism. Why do you come here if you hate West? I mean you’re getting your dumb arse kicked all over the place. No cartoons on right now?

    • 1] Hey stooge. Are Sharia Law, beheadings, honor killings, stonings and amputations part and parcel of radical Islam?
      2] Are you moronically saying that the Crusades were not a movement by Christianity? You would have to be using your dipstick logic.

  21. I tell you they threaten something like that at my grandchildren’s school any schools around my area, they’ll wish they never made such a threat. So long Mosques.

    • There is no proof that a Muslim made this threat. It’s just something West made up to get you angry — and to collect more donations. The more he riles you up, the more money he can spend. It’s that simple. That’s why he lies. He wants to separate you from your money, lest he have to get a real job.

      • [[ There is no proof that a Muslim made this threat ]]

        And there were equally stupid people in L.A. that said your beheading pal OJ didn’t kill two people.

        [[ The more he riles you up, the more money he can spend. It’s that simple.]]

        So using your logic, you being riled up at us attacking your ISIS pals compels YOU to send THEM more money. Right goat humper?

  22. I used to work in public ed & saw firsthand what a soft target schools were. Such easy targets and such a massive effect. Not the best place (for a number of reasons) to put one’s children.

    As for the RI threat, the local news stations reported the beheading threat initially, but quickly dropped the specifics and just referred to it as a threat of violence. This is probably the most socialist state in the union. The public isn’t entitled to all the facts. Don’t want to get the people all riled up over islamic barbarism, now do we?

    • It’s called being responsible. The note didn’t reference Islam at all. Maybe it didn’t reference beheading either.

      And no, we don’t want to falsely get people riled up about Islam. Radical Islam, sure, go for it …

      • I have not read the note and it seems obvious you didn’t either “Maybe it didn’t reference beheading either.” If you hadn’t thrown in that part I might have thought you had a valid argument. If you knew for sure the note didn’t contain a reference to Islam you would know for sure whether it referenced beheading.

        I agree we don’t want a holy war but we do need to be aware of the very real threat of radical Islam. For some reason the media and the government want to cover up the fact that we have had at least 3 attacks by radical Islam in this country. (Fort Hood, Boston Marathon and the recent beheading.)

      • Yes, radical Islam is a concern. No question about that. That’s where the inquiry needs to stay focused.

        Go out and talk to Muslims in the US, read their websites – they oppose the radicals as much, if not more, than anyone else.

      • Shut up with your muslim propaganda – it just doesn’t work here. Why don’t you go ahead and invite everyone to mosque with you LOL!

      • Why don’t you invite everyone to join you at the mosque RedStateJoe, too afraid to admit what you are? Yes, just resort to calling me a hater and a bigot because I see problems with islam – that’s all you can do. Just call someone a hater when they are critical of islam. Poor little muslims, everyone is picking on them because they have a jacked up faith that lots of people have issues with, and big bad super hero you coming to their rescue. You are an infidel, you are a kafir – accept it, to them you are below their feet idiot. They don’t give two craps if you defend them, unless you convert it’s off with the head! That’s what mohammed says, and this is what is in their hearts. I will gladly offend muslims, they offend me. I don’t hate them, I want them to stop killing people and burning churches and terrorizing people. I want them to stop killing each other. Don’t you get it RedStateJoe, they can do what they want, but they can’t do what they are doing now in Iraq. Stop defending the indefensible.

      • Substitute Jew, Catholic, Hindu, Animist for Islam and you’ve got a pretty “good” hate screed going on.

        We get it – you hate Islam and you want to use the actions of the minority as a means of going after the majority. That’s evil.

      • NO don’t substitute anything for islam. We are talking about islam. I am talking about islam, never once mentioned anything else you little worm. But go ahead, try to divert everything, that’s what you liberals do. You don’t get anything.

      • I’m talking about how your hate-screed is devoid of facts that make it pertinent to just Islam. You’re foaming at the mouth with disjointed hate for which you fail to articulate a reason.

      • No, I am not foaming at the mouth LOL nor do I have disjointed hate. Why is it that no one can criticize islam? Why is that? Why is it that one can look at something and see something wrong with it and point it out and then be called a hater. Why is that? Why is it that you can burn a bible in GB and nothing happens, nothing at all. Why is it that you can burn a quran in GB and be charged with a hate crime and be arrested? Why is it that you can write a book or draw a cartoon and have to go into hiding for the death threats put out on you from islam? Why is that? Why can’t anyone say anything bad about islam that happens to be the absolute truth without someone jumping on you and calling you a hater?

      • Strawman argument. You can be critical of Islam all you want. In America, however, you’re also asked to be tolerant of it, to allow others the right to the free expression of religion. Your posts reveal someone who doesn’t believe in such tolerance.

      • No argument – I asked a question. You obviously can’t answer it.
        Why can’t someone criticize islam without being called a hater – LIKE YOU HAVE DONE TO ME??? I am being critical of islam, you are calling me a hater. Why?

        I am well aware I have freedom of speech and can be critical anytime I want – but why when I criticize islam do you call me a hater? Why is that? You think I am being intolerant because I am critical of islam? I honestly have no choice but to be tolerant of islam. We all have to tolerate islam.

        I will tolerate you right up to the point you murder your daughters, your beautiful sweet daughters, because they were becoming to westernized for your muslim tastes like the man in Texas. I will tolerate you right up until you storm into a building and behead an innocent woman because you believed it was your jihadist mission. I will tolerate you right up till you rape a woman and then put her in jail for adultry. I can tolerate you right up till you sell your child daughter to a man 4 times her age. Yes, I can and do tolerate you until you do the intolerable. At which point I don’t see how you could in any way deserve to express your freedom of religion once you have destroyed basic human rights. You just can’t have it both ways.

        I’m sorry try as hard as you can, you just can’t defend islam, there is just too much wrong with it. Islam is a humanitarian nightmare.

      • Second sentence, you only got half way. The question was why can’t I be critical of islam without you calling me a hater. It was not why can’t I be critical of islam. YOU need to pay attention to detail. I’m sorry you get an F for that non answer and you don’t get a second chance. No need for you to apologize, you already do enough of that for islam.

      • Many people are critical of Islam without being called a hater. Your posts display hate. You say Islam is not a religion, that it can’t be defended, that they are all going to hell, that it doesn’t deserve Constitutional protection, that ALL of its followers must be made to pay for the acts of the its extremist and on and on and on.

        If you don’t like being accused of engaging in hate, don’t engage in hate.

      • Most people that are critical of islam are absolutely called haters. They even made up a fake disease for it called “Islamaphobia” LOL! Of course you already know all this right? Most posts don’t display hate, they display truth. Many people say that islam is not a religion, but a political ideology others call it a cult. I have called it both as well as a religion for simplicity sake. It is an odd mixture of all. For example, what other “religion” wants to insert it’s own set of laws and courts into a legal system? GB has sharia courts. Do Catholics have a Catholic court in GB? Is there a Buddhist Court in GB? I’ve never heard of one, have you?

        You have to admit that there are certain parts of islam that truly are indefensible. We have already discussed those at length. And from their own quran text yes they are going to hell. I already posted the verse for you. I didn’t write the damn quran, it’s their book, their words, not mine. According to THEM they all go to hell. Look it up.

        When a religion breaks the law, causes harm to another person, then I can’t see how it deserves protection. When a “religion” ignores human rights, violates basic human rights, IMO it loses respect and should not have the freedom to continue to perpetrate these violations. The problem is that these violations of human rights are engrained in islam.

        It is an internal problem within islam. I didn’t make the problem and I am not afraid to talk about it, to call it what it is. If Christians were forcing their 12 year old daughters into marriage I would be saying the exact same thing. But they aren’t.

        Now you want to ignore it all. You want to pretend as if these problems don’t exist. You just want to call me a hater. I don’t care what you think about me. I will always and at all times stand up for a girl begging to remain in her childhood. I will always stand up for women who are beaten by their husbands. I do not care what your faith is.

        IF YOU WANT TO DEFEND ISLAM THEN BE A MAN ABOUT IT. Don’t just make it all about me. This isn’t about me and if I am a hater. This is about islam. Go ahead and defend it. Defend it. Don’t just say it is only a few little girls being forced into marriage. That is a lie. Don’t just say women get beaten everywhere. That’s dodging the issue. Go ahead and MAN UP. Either defend islam and it’s practices or just shut up and get off your computer. And please don’t just retreat into religious freedom – that is a death sentence for thousands of muslims girls and women. So defend it if you can. But you can’t. If you don’t care then just ignore the ugly truths about islam. Oh how I wish islam was not what it is. Truly I wish with all my heart that it really was a religion of peace, but it just isn’t. SO MAN UP AND DEFEND ISLAM.

      • Knew you couldn’t man up you freedom hating nutcase. When you need some just waterboarding just start yammering again.

      • FWIW: Islamophobia is in the dictionary and its been in use since at least 1927. No one made it up just for you and West.

      • You do know how to read after all! Great! POS take your dictionary and shove in your mouth and choke on it 🙂 You really don’t get to speak for other people, honestly you really F-ing don’t. Never said it was made up for me or West. Now go burn our flag but first wrap yourself up in it. Have a great day 🙂

      • F U don’t have time for you now having a kick back w my team, they all enjoyed your humungous effort to make yourself one heck of a hideous stain up in this blog 🙂 btw no no no I don’t still wonder cause I never did in the first place – where the hell did you get the idea that I ever did “wondered why people don’t like “‘radicals” such as me ” LOL! I don’t give a damn if people “like” me, especially nice folks like you! Twelve days in first time outside the wire took a bullet in my hand, changed everything on how people like you “like” me lol! Still catching it for that one lol! Anyway I’ll get back to you, we are not even near done discovering just what your problem is besides being such an SOB.

      • On this blog no lol! In general, no lol! I already told you it does not matter what you think of me RedStateJackOff

      • Figured you couldn’t man up and defend islam on it’s ‘merits” instead of attacking me – thanks for not letting me down – WTG

        What don’t you understand about how I don’t care what you think about me? Stop your pansy ass whimpering.

      • [[ Many people are critical of Islam without being called a hater ]]]

        Who the hell made you hall monitor on what constitutes a ‘hater’? And what about the poster’s Constitutional right to her opinion? Why do you ‘HATE’ her free speech? Effin libocrites.

      • Unfortunately like nazi Germany any “moderates” don’t matter. And again….you haven’t cited or posted any blogs or articles of “moderate muslims” condemming jihaad. In fact I remember after 9/11 the “moderates” were dancing in the streets.

      • All your peaceful nice gentle friendly moderate muslims ARE IRRELEVANT. Stop going back to them again and again – they just don’t matter. They are flacid, like you. They have no power whatsoever to do anything. They can talk all they want, they can condemn all they want the violence, and it does nothing. Thousands of “moderate” muslims THOUSANDS should be marching in the streets, if there are 1.8 billion muslims we should see them thousands of them everyday condemning – but we don’t. You peaceful muslim BS is getting old.

      • AMEN to that! Where the heck ARE they if so many are “protesting”! Joe has defended them all day here. He’s like a dog that keeps going back to it’s own vomit! The Bible warns about people like him and says that very thing about them!

      • Elle is trying to educate you, but apparently, you’re impervious to learning. What she’s doing isn’t hate, but what you’re doing is definitely willful ignorance.

      • But u still have too deal with the fact that their book gives them permission too lie, too achieve world domination. How do u trust any so called moderates,when the book that they revere, says it’s ok too lie too infidels?It’s down right ignorance too think that only radicals think sharia law, should be the law of our land, matter fact, even if u were too ask a moderate,wether they agree with sharia law, their book still reserves the right for them too lie, if need be!Thats the problem I have with so call moderates.

      • No it’s called being told to shut up. Our gov don’t like to say anything bad about islam have you not noticed this lol!

      • Our government says and does a lot about radical Islam, however. Not just words, but bombs as well. That’s how it should be. Go after the radicals that are a threat, respect the religious rights of those who are not. Why does that trouble you so?

      • Look beyond your government to what is right. If you cannot create compassion for a 10 year old child bride forced into marriage after being sold to an older man for money by her own family, then you are an animal. I cannot create respect for religious rights when the religion at hand is a religion of child rape, honor killings, domestic violence, genocide, slavery. How do you have respect for that? Why does that not trouble you as you turn your face away from it?

      • You’re describing radical islam – I’m in. Let’s go get them. Oh, wait, you also want to take away the religious rights from those who don’t condone the practices you condemn. That’s just crazy. You don’t apply group punishment to the majority for the acts of the minority. That’s in opposite the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was founded (look it up).

        You seriously wonder why people think you’re full of hate when you want to hold the majority accountable for the acts of the minority?

      • The problem is he can’t see that all those hateful things in their book is the face of Islam, and your not going too change his mind, he will believe what he believes right up too the time, that the truth will stare him in the face, when he will have to accept it. Muslims believe that Mohammed was greater then Jesus ,the Quran too them, is like the Bible is too christians. If the Bible told me too kill my enemies, and those who would not convert, it would no longer be my book, a guide in my life. How many muslims,will u get too say that Mohammed was not a prophet and that his words are not too be adhered too by Muslims not only that, even if u could get them too admit that the Quran is fallible , u still have the problem of it being permissible too lie too infidels!Its a no win situation for us infidels, and a win win for them!!!

      • Yes my friend, the quran is I honestly think the most evil book on the planet. It has deceived so many people with it’s words. It is satanic and there are scholars that support this concept. Mohammed was no prophet.

      • If I may reply to your question, about respecting the religious rights of Muslims, I have a problem with the Koran when it justifies lying too achieve world domination. How do u know the good guys from the bad guys?Something else I would like too know, where in the Koran were the precepts ever rescinded, about either converting infidels or killing them?Don’t u think it strange,that a person would adhere to the precepts of a book,that’s calls for honor killings, killing infidels, killing gays, treating women like property, and believe in sharia law, what good could possibly be in that book, that would mitigate those actions. Not only that I personally have a Muslim daughter in law, my son was not allowed too marry her unless he converted to Islam, by all appearances u would look at her and call her a moderate muslim,but if she was such a moderate why did he have too convert, why couldn’t she have converted too his faith? Do u understand what I’m saying , I’m saying that my son was forced too convert,because he fell in love, with a Muslim girl, he would not have been allowed too marry her if he hadn’t converted. So excuse me if I don’t belive in moderate Muslims, I believe they come too our country, to have as many children as they can , to change the demographics of our country. Even their imams say that they won’t need too bomb us out of existence, just have children who grow up and enter govt positions, which this president is already doing, by putting them in positions of power in his administration. Why would we put ppl in govt positions who are from terrorists countries, why is Valerie Jarrett an Iranian,the closest confidante of this president?

    • Wonder who sent the order down to hush up about it all? At this point in time, we don’t even need to be told the truth, we already know it. Just connect the dots, it’s islamic terrorism, trying to create the most heinous terror, that which is targeting our innocent children. WTG RI authorities, but we can read between the lines.

      Every teacher should be armed. And if a teacher does not want to be trained and armed then a handful of them should. Every school should be on lock down everyday in these dark times. Every school should place in their budget the money to pay for police protection, at every school, everyday. It should be SOP from this day forward.

      The parents of that school system should make sure those seats and desks sit empty until the full contents of the letter are made public and until they place permanent protection within the schools. There are a lot of people who would gladly volunteer their time.

    • You mean so long as the US Constitution is still the supreme law of the land, then the Muslims are protected from the religious tyranny and religious tests you wish to force upon them?

      Yes, so long as the Constitution exists and real Americans defend it, you will never, ever, get the religious war you’re dreaming about.

      • Every ounce and article in the Constitution – I drank up every bit of what it means to be an American. Why haven’t you. You hate the Constitution so much you want it changed? Why not just leave?

      • Actually, I didn’t. What made you think you could read minds? The tin foil on your head BLOCKS all transmissions, coming and going.

      • You’ve harrassed every conservative on this board and showed yourself to be both a bully and an ignorant fool. Now you can leave. We’re flagging all your posts.

      • Of course you’re flagging them, that’s just the kind of intellectual coward you are. Rather then hide behind your own skirt, why not try arguing with facts and well-constructed logic?

        Don’t like being called out for writing stupid stuff, then don’t write stupid stuff – and don’t call someone an ignorant fool and then whine when your own stupidity is highlighted in response.

      • You’re a liberal, this is a conservative board. You know your comments are meant to instigate. You’ve been brainwashed with the DIALECTIC PROCESS. Go away!

      • You don’t like the flagging option? Leave. Get your own forum or website and YOU can control who posts what and how. Sound good lefty?

      • I’m not a mind reader, but I AM very good at seeing if a person has character or not. You, Joe, do not. Once a person drinks the liberal Kool-aid, they’ve pretty much given up all hope of having good character.

      • Yes, and I bet you think it’s Obama that is the divisive one? No liberals have good character, good to know.

      • [[ I bet you think it’s Obama that is the divisive one ]]

        Don’t YOU? You claim to be a conservative.

        [[ No liberals have good character, good to know. ]]

        Your libtard slip is showing scum. Why do you defend liberals?

      • Now THERE’s a “lie”. Your side HATES the Constitution. YOu use every jot and tittle of it to try to subvert it. YOUR side has the 42 democrats trying to change the Contstitution’s 1st ammendment!! Why don’t YOU leave. I hear Cuba’s nice this time of year. You can live there in communist bliss.

      • The constitution protects us against the government sponsoring a religion and it also protects our right to follow the religion of our choice. It does not protect people that are doing despicable acts in the name of religion or making threats in the name of religion.

        I agree the constitution protects the Islam faith but many of us are beginning to wonder if Islam is a religion of peace. If Islam in general doesn’t agree with radical Islam why aren’t they publicly denouncing the action of radical Islam.

        I do find it interesting how many people use the constitution to defend ideas they agree with but think we should go against it when they disagree. Excessive gun control is an example of this.

      • Actually, the Constitution prohibits the Establishment of a religion, not sponsorship. In addition to the free exercise clause, the Constitution also has a prohibition on Religious Tests.

        If you don’t think Muslims are speaking out against ISIL and other radical groups, then you aren’t listening to Muslims.

      • It isn’t a matter of “listening”, it’s a matter of them actually speaking out. Only one has. Jasser. And while he does seem to be a voice of reason, he is only ONE.

        And, while Jasser MIGHT be a “moderate,” he isn’t following the Quran!

      • You lied when you said that Muslims aren’t speaking out against radical Islam and ISIS. That’s an outrageous lie, one so very easily disproved with just a few key strokes on Google.

        Go. Be gone. Take your naked hate with you.

      • Why do I have a lack of character? Because I can use google to research the truth? Because I use facts in my arguments? Logic?

        No, it’s because I’m more liberal than you and in your mind all liberals, even those registered as (R) for years and years and years, have poor character.

      • You said it. You’re a blind liberal who follows the likes of obama no matter what. obama could be eating children on television and you’d still support him.

      • [[ You lied when you said that Muslims aren’t speaking out against radical Islam and ISIS.]]

        Post proof to the contrary.

      • You can take joe out of the red but you can’t take the red out of joe,,,
        This progressive liberalism is killing our nation.

      • Right Wing radicals don’t want facts, actually if they had it their way we’d all be speaking German right now !

      • Progressive liberals like you are afraid of facts and only want the world to be as it “should be” not how it actually is. Conservatives take it all exactly as it is.

      • Conservatives don’t support child rape but liberals do – they call it religious freedom. You have been whining about it all night lol! If you are having an identity crisis take it to the Chaplin.

      • You know that point in the discussion when the liberal just can’t accept that he can’t have it both ways. . . .you’ve been there for a while.

      • No we aren’t so lucky – wish he would though. Don’t understand why liberals go to conservative blogs except to sit and argue. What is he hoping for, a few converts to his own liberal stupidity? LOL – and thanks for the support, you got mine too! If he does go away, another one will just pop up in his place like gophers LOL! And we will smack them back down in their little dark burrows every time lol! Actually busting myself up here with that visual!

      • Hey dumb-azz. If the govt were to establish a religion that would also mean that they sponsor it.

        Post all the Muslim outrage at ISIS lefty. Especially from slugs like CAIR.

      • Where?? When?? Show an example of any muslims condemming jihaad or these acts of beheadings “comrade”.

      • Wonder no more Sean Kenney, islam is not a religion of peace.

        “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are ruthless
        to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

        It is a religion of peace to muslims, to the rest of the world, no. Understand you are an infidel to muslims, you are a kafir.

  23. Why is islam being defended? Why is it being professed as a religion? The koran calls for the ‘extermination’ of the infadels. Yet, I hear all this crap how peaceful it is to be muslim. Hell, they murder each other in the name of islam. The proof, look around you! The murders by the thousands, rape of young boys and girls, take a look at women’s rights under islamic sharia. Peaceful religion, it is a vicious cult!

    • People defend islam because they are liberal and they are too afraid to throw PC to the garbage where it belongs and face up to the facts that there are some things in this world that are absolutely diabolically evil, like islam. Others just refuse to learn anything about it and just go along with the muslim apologists that defend it never even knowing exactly what they are defending. They don’t want to understand and they certainly don’t want to examine the truth, only make excuses for it.

      • They are cowards! They know that siding against Islam could cost them their sorry self centered lives. They only stand for things that require nothing of them and everything of others. They support that illegal carbon cartel called global warming, because they can afford to continue their lavish energy consuming lifestyles, while the rest of us pay more for energy or do without. They support abortion because there lives are not required of them. They hate Christians because they remind them that there is a real GOD in heaven who they will one day have to answer to for their licentiousness, greed, and contempt for anything pure.

    • Because you have a bunch of liberals who are blind, and a President who is an Islamic extremist. I have read the Koran, it teaches to kill all infidels and that means us. They are allowed to lie and deceive people to take over their Countries, it is called taquirya. Islam is a cult straight from the pits of hell.

  24. C’mon, Allen. Is it possible to be anymore inflammatory? This “threat” was most likely from some “sick” student thinking he was being funny! This is beneath even you.

      • “Guest.” How about signing up for this blog. Hiding are you? Oh, do a little research about adolescent behavior! I taught enough of them to know this is EXACTLY the kind of thing a teenager would pull. Idiot!


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