Bravo Zulu: Democrat introduces immigration bill to speed asylum for Christians fleeing Islamists

Just last week, President Barack Hussein Obama stated to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Foundation that after the midterm elections he would seek to enact — by executive order — amnesty for some 11 million illegal aliens in the United States. We witnessed the phenomenon of this past summer with the flooding of illegal aliens from Central American countries — El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras. And now we’re suffering from the economic ramifications of the dispersions of these individuals throughout the country – not to mention the health concerns. We also wrote here about the use of $9 million in taxpayer funds to lawyer up illegals, and the fact that the Department of Justice ruled that women from these countries could use a domestic abuse line for asylum.

Well, I came across a piece of legislation that I could support, sponsored by Rep. Juan Vargas (D-Calif) — yep, bipartisanship. The legislation, H.R.5430 – Nineveh Plain Refugee Act of 2014, was introduced on September 9th of this year. Rep. Vargas serves on the House Judiciary Committee and the last action for his legislation was its referral on September 26th to the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.

Basically what this legislation seeks to do is provide refugee status and asylum to those Christians who have been displaced or threatened primarily by ISIS but also by the efforts of Islamo-fascists and jihadists. There is no doubt that the persecution of Christians in the Middle East is at an alarming high — as well as other religious minorities such as the Yazidis. We already have a very thriving and economically viable and contributing Assyrian and Chaldean — as well as Coptic — Christian communities in America. The great thing is that they seek to be a part of the American fabric, not isolated from it.

I believe this is a worthy pursuit and seriously flies in comparison to the politically-inspired goal of open border illegal immigration supporters. I’ve read the numbers of applicant being considered are anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000. As we sit idly by and await another potential ISIS massacre of Kurds in Kobani, there is an interesting question — why has Obama been so disregarding of our rule of law and immigration policies looking southward — yet we’ve heard little to nothing from him about those fleeing the scourge of his Islamist brethren? After all, I guess as Obama has stated, ISIS isn’t Islamic and they’re just trying to be peaceful instructors to Christians, Kurds, Yazidis and other Muslims who don’t agree with their strict implementation of Islam.

So, to Rep. Vargas, I would like to hear more from you on this legislative policy proposal but in principle, you have my support — Bravo Zulu!

Here is the summary of H.R. 5430

Introduced in House (09/09/2014)

Nineveh Plain Refugee Act of 2014 – Directs the Secretary of State to establish or use existing processes in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey, and Syria through which a qualifying alien in such a country may apply and interview for refugee admission to the United States.

Considers such an alien to be a refugee of special humanitarian concern eligible for priority 2 processing under the refugee resettlement priority system.

Authorizes the Secretary to: (1) suspend in-country processes in such a foreign country for up to 90 days, and (2) extend a suspension upon congressional notification.

Directs the Secretary to establish one or more categories of aliens who are or were nationals or residents of a territory controlled by the group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), or any successor name, in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey, or Syria, and who share common characteristics that identify them as targets of persecution in that country on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Provides that:
• an alien provided priority 2 processing shall not be counted against annual refugee admission limitations,
• no alien shall be denied the opportunity to apply for admission under this Act solely because such alien qualifies as an immediate relative or is eligible for any other immigrant classification,

• each denial for refugee status under this Act shall be in writing and shall state the reason for denial,
• each qualifying alien who after June 1, 2014, and before the date of enactment of this Act was denied refugee status shall be permitted to reapply for such status, and
• if the Secretary determines that an alien in such country who has applied for U.S. refugee admission pursuant to this Act is in imminent danger the Secretary shall make a reasonable effort to provide such alien with protection or the immediate removal from the country.


  1. I support this Bill. We can’t allow ISIS and other Radical Islamist Groups to slaughter hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East and Africa. It’s a modern day genocide being perpetrated by these groups.

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  2. I suspect this is an ‘acceptable” precedent, which will provide the precedent to allowing the illegals from S American countries, ruled by dictators to stay. Not sure I support this.

  3. I don’t go with you on this one. I say, we go in, put and end to the BS and let these potential refugees rebuild their own country. Just how many people do we have tio open our door open to before we are no longer the USA??

  4. Yeuppers, save our brothers and sisters. To hell with ISIS.
    King Hussein is going to use executive power huh? Where’s the CIA of the 60’s when you need them huh?

  5. This I may actually be in favor of! Especially if they want to become productive,contributing members of American society.


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