Where’s Barry? New Air Force commercial has interesting omission [VIDEO]

I was watching my Atlanta Falcons lose to the New York Giants yesterday — bad football weekend for me — and there was a TV commercial that caught my eye. It was for the U.S. Air Force and it is simply OUTSTANDING. The U.S. Air Force is bringing back its “Aim High” advertising slogan after a 15-year hiatus with the “I am an American Airman” recruiting campaign which launched in September. However, there was something noticeably missing from this incredible video – actually a somebody.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person who noticed it, as reported by the Tea Party News Network, “Watch this inspiring new Air Force commercial, which was published barely three weeks ago. It features four presidents, with excerpts of uplifting speeches about this crucial branch of America’s military. However, there’s one very recent commander-in-chief (CinC) who’s not in this new 30-second commercial, even though two out of the last three are featured. Can you guess which president is missing?”

I can tell you that sitting there watching the ad, I was waiting for that final CinC to show up — and he did not. Now, was it a slight or could it be there’s just nothing inspirational to include from the missing president that would inspire young men and women to “Aim High?”

Heck, why’d you want to include a clip from the person who has degraded our U.S. Air Force to its smallest and oldest flying fleet? Regardless, you can bet General Valerie Jarrett has already called over to the Pentagon and demanded the commercial be dropped — before too many people get to see it. It would certainly be obvious if all of a sudden the advertisement were changed to include Barack Hussein Obama — but you know his glass jaw took a hit and his narcissistic character is fuming.

Enjoy the video before it’s pulled — hat tip to the U.S. Air Force, “We live for fame or die in flames, nothing can stop the U.S Air Force.” Off we go!


  1. Since the quotes ranged from JFK to GWB it can be said that several presidents were left out of this commercial, not just the one being implied here. However, it didn’t bother me one bit that that particular President wasn’t featured!

  2. i agree. It was weird that hey left out George Bush sr.

    Actually, I thought it was pretty balanced, two Democrats and two Republicans

      • No, black women. Plus why would he want to be in a commercial to recruit women in the military when the military still hasn’t fixed it’s sexual assault problem?

      • The military is just like the civilian world. All the same crime you see in the civilian world you will also find in the military. There is no “fix.”

      • I did a paper on this recently and there are not just women being assaulted but men as well. And they are working on it just as they are in civilian life… sadly not a lot of these crimes are reported until years later.

      • Yes, I read that abt men assults.
        I think it’s so sad that a young girl who joins to be like dad, brother or grand da would face assult, by a supireror no less.

    • Is that the best you have? Because there are no black women in it? Or perhaps the people who made it decided he wasn’t worth putting in because of his lack of support for our troops…

      • This is not the only video they have out there… not every race and culture can be represented in a 2 to 3 min commercial…. 🙂

      • Whats wrong with having 6 whites? I have seen many many of these recruiting commercials where no whites were in them at all… they were hispanic, asian, black and not one white… so why is it bad for them to have this many whites? Do we have to have a mix of every race and culture in every commercial?

      • Sweetheart I didnt bring up the issue of race, you did… I can care less if there are only blacks, hispanics, asians…. why is it a crime that there were 6 white guys and no black woman? You seem to have the problem, not me

      • You made a ridiculous, racial inflammatory statement about a recruiting commercial. I will not ask where you saw theses “no whites” commercials bec there is no commercials. You are inflaming the white victimization argument and should be ashamed.
        please, prove me wrong abt commercials…

      • Are you serious? What exactly did I say that was inflammatory? I just asked you as question as to why it was wrong to have 6 whites in the video… I’m not upset that more and more minorities are getting into these commercials etc… more power to them… all I did was ask you why it was wrong to have 6 whites and no blacks…. Does every commercial have to have a mix? You really have some very serious issues hun… And I have seen some that didn’t have any whites.. so what… does it really bother you that much??… I’m not upset about it silly one… really stop looking for crimes or people playing the race card where there is no issue there…. Like I said sweetie… I don’t care how many whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics etc are in a commercial… YOU are the one who brought race in this discussion in the first place… I was just making my point about it… sorry if it got your face in a twist…

        And by the way… It is not a crime to have only one race represented in a commercial.. so get over it already….

      • First, if there was a commerical with no whites, was the comnerical specially for minority requirment?
        , this is an Air Force requirment commerical to requirment all Americans. I guess if little Condi Rice saw this commerical, she would have said- they don.’to want black women.

      • PP this was a couple years back and it was for a military recruitment drive… Im sorry I do not have access to it but of course you will not believe me and frankly I don’t give a damn…. The point is, PP, is YOU are the one who brought race into this discussion, YOU have your panties in a wad over the fact that there were 6 white men and no black females, so YOU are the one playing the victim card, not me… I merely stated that it is not a crime to represent only one race or just a couple… With the amount of videos out there from our military they seem to have covered all bases, perhaps not in every video but over many… get over it already… geez!

      • I mentioned there were no black women in a AF recruitment commerical. You mentioned you saw a commerical with non whites. I asked if your comnerical was for minority recruitment ? Bec my commerical had white men and women and blk men. I didn’t demand blk women , I asked where there were. Maybe I should call condi Rice, Stacy Nash or that blk lady on fox to ask , would take make it better?

      • Really PP…. end it… I saw it a few years ago … so freaking what… There are many that do not have EVERY race in it but there are many that represent all races… meaning…. They make MORE than one video to try to cover all of them… get over it all ready…. they don’t have to have all the races represented… they don’t have to have both sexes represented or religions or anything… seriously PP you are making this more important than it needs to be… SO WHAT if there were 6 white men and not one black woman… there are other videos that DO have them represented.. get it now??? Im through with this discussion on this topic..

      • Guess you didn’t watch it, did you? So in your poker game 1 black woman trumps 2 black men, 2 women, and 1 or more hispanics/non-whites?

      • It’s a recruitment commerical. RECRUITMENT. You target your best candiates. Black women are out. Would a recruitment commerical for the republican party not included black women?

  3. Obama being included in this ad would have just ruined it. After all us in the military already knows he hates us. Having Clinton in the same commercial with JFK voice was bad enough, should have kept him out of it too, Clinton that is. If Obama wanted to be in this he would have. He did not want to represent our Air Force.

  4. Maybe the author, Allen B. West, of the article should do his research before misquoting the Air Force Song. It is “We live in fame or go down in flame”, not die in flame.

  5. Let see Obama is EVIL and A traitor and HATER OF our MIlitary and A Hater of the constitution, THE only thing that would have made this better is the military surronding the WHITE HOUSE and OBAMA and his staff being taken out in CHAINS, place on the front steps of the capitol, Reading charges of high treason against them, and then sentencing them to DEATH for there crimes

  6. If Obama was included it would seem political, he’d be accused of using tax payer funds to drive his political agenda before the mid-terms.

    Danged if you do, danged if you don’t.

    What’s truly funny is that West continues to demonstrate that his only intellectual footing is on whatever ground Obama is opposite.

    As I’ve written before, if Obama nominated West to be a dog catcher, West would denounce himself as a communist and a Muslim.

    • What are you, racist? A lot of people are polar opposites of Obama. Good Americans should be. He is ruining our country. I can’t believe you call yourself a conservative. Maybe your moniker should be TrulyBlindConservative. You could keep company with the Blind Sheikh.

      • Good Americans can be opposite Obama, but they should hold that position prior to Obama articulating his. If all you do is stand opposite a person, then you’re not exercising your head, your exercising your knee, as in knee jerk reaction.

        Thinking is so better, don’t you agree?

      • There is no hope for you true Liberal, that really is your name.The only people who support this anti American are racist and fruit cakes

      • Let us know when you start that “thinking” thing. Based on your comment, you haven’t started yet….

    • I’ll call you a waaaaaambulance. Barry is an international disgrace and you cannot be American and agree with what that prick has done to this country

    • Sorry cod, you are eat up with the dumb ass. There is none so blind as those who refuse to see.Obama is Americas #1 enemy.

      • Who do you think financed, armed and trained ISIS. Yours truly, Obama & company.How is it that you can not name one thing Obama has done pro America but everything He does is pro Muslim. Please remove your head from your azz

      • I’m not here to defend Obama, but I like that he doubled the boots on the border and that by the time he leaves office he will have deported more illegal aliens that any other president. That was pretty pro America.

        The idea that a president, even one I dislike, is out “to get” America. He’s not a mole, he’s not a traitor, he’s just a man who has a different political view than we do.

      • Where in the hell are you getting your information. I don’t recall even one illegal Obama has deported. He cut back on the border patrol and their deterrence to stop these disease carrying mongrels, rapist and murders.Obama his self is a counterfeit and was placed into office after a 10 year grooming period.He was never voted into the oval office by the people, The communist media that hoodwinked people into believing Obama had Osama Ben Laden killed when Osama was pronounced dead of kidney failure a week before Obama ever set his Muslim ass in the WH

      • I knew that is where you were being deceived. All of these sources are Soros controlled, Forget what is being said by these liars,look what is being done. just the opposite of what is being said. Look what Obama just did in OK. praised the head chopping muslims for doing a good job after a 52 year old grandmother was beheaded.Every time a act of terror is committed here by muslims in this country, the news media must not refer to it as a terrorist act, They will call it a work place crime. Just like Al Sharpton, Holder, Oprah and other high profile racist. always praising the black thugs of this country,

      • You’re an old and hate-filled man. I will pray for you. No measure of logic or fact will affect you now. Satan has you in his grasp. Get right with Jesus, you’ll be meeting him sooner than you can imagine.

      • You are so right about filled with hate, I hate liberals that are throwing this country away before they will stand up and demand the truth, People like you that is a disgrace to this country. Obama hates all Americans that includes Americas servicemen & women. I’m sure you have never served this country in any capacity, just another gimme. Yes my time is short on this earth but at least I saw the best of this country, Now this country is over run with wimpy azz idiots, too dumb, lazy and scared to make a stand for the real God, family and country.

      • Well, you’re wrong, but I don’t hold it against you. I wish you nothing but the best and truly hope you get right with Jesus. Peace be with you.

      • Jesus preached against liberals also. They are lazy azz Hippocrates, Anything & everything is OK with liberals, Supporting the Sodom & Gomorrah life style, murdering little babies in the womb, always have there hand out to receive what they did not earn etc. You might want to rethink telling someone to get right with Jesus when you yourself are living and doing the work of Satan.

      • just as Bill Clinton funded through the CIA Osama bin Laden, so too did Obama fund the Free Syrian Army, which became ISIS.
        dispute that.

      • Earl is bragging to hearmetalking, about his comment winning the loon of the day award.Earl you deserve that award, You also qualify for the bend over liberal media award. and the Obama knee pad award. just keep your head up your azz and you can have all these liberal awards

      • The most clear and present danger to America today is the fifth column traitors among us. Go look in the mirror, you are the enemy within.

  7. I do know BHO underlings, and maybe Obama, are livid. You can take that to the bank. The Military does not honor traitors. However, the Services may be ordered to produce ads with Obama as the only president mentioned.

  8. He’s missing alright. Missing in action, missing any human compassion, missing any common sense, and missing the love of country that every person in leadership in America should have.

  9. Obama will go down as the most hated President we ever had. He will be scrubbed from the history books and relegated to a small pip in relation to our great history. But his legacy should never be forgotten lest generations from now other might repeat the ” Big Mistake ” of 2008 and 2012. It is unbelievable that this POS was elected 2 times. We are indeed an apathetic nation. read 2 Chronicles 7:14 it is our only hope !!!

  10. Do you see how easy it is to get these loons up in arms? Something simple as this?? No wonder people like Allen (rob these loons blind) west can get you to donate to the GUARDIAN FUND knowing he will get RICH and you LOONS won’t even bother to look up how the money is spent!

      • LOL…PAID?? Hardly!! I enjoy this too much!! Its amazes me that you LOONS will follow someone like Allen (rob these loons blind) west. How do I know that the fraudulent GUARDIAN FUND only gave out 35k out of the over 4 million collected to CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATES??? How do I find out that over 3 millions dollars went to FUNDRAISING?? You people don’t realize or understand when you are being USED for financial purposes ONLY!! Sarah (I QUIT) Palin done it first and Allen (rob these loons blind) west is doing it to you again!!! Notice after 2008 Sarah hasn’t said ANYTHING about running for public office and ALLEN has already said HE IS NOT RUNNING!! Your DONATIONS only give you BLOG POST!!!

      • if Col. West makes money off of this website. I say good for him. it just goes to show you what is possible in a capitalist society. Since you’re so eager to live under socialist despots. Why don’t you just move out of your section 8 housing and move into a mud hut.

  11. Carter was missing. George the elder was missing. Nixon was missing, Ford was missing. I give this big humongous so the ef what

  12. I sure the hell wouldn’t join the military if I had to follow a CIC who cares more about his latte then to give a proper salute to the Marines who guard his worthless ass.

      • Sorry Earl, you and other O fan-boys are always referring to that picture purportedly showing GW saluting awkwardly with the dog. That’s actually looks more like a pic of him taken after he’s given a proper salute (dog in the off hand, right hand empty and arm in correct position), showing him
        while he’s in the process of putting both hands on a squirming dog. About 10 seconds on Google can find the actual, proper salute pic.

      • Sorry LOON but when the pic was exposed with BUSH with the dog in his hand …this became a NON ISSUE! Same as the marine holding the umbrella or the TAN SUIT!! OBAMA IS NOT THE FIRST you LOONS!!!

      • GWB saluting with his RIGHT hand and the dog in his left (either picture, awkward or carrying dog) is actually THE CORRECT WAY to salute. Why are you here, Earl? Where’s your facts? Pretty drunk on the left-aid or maybe it’s the weed, now that it’s so accepted…

    • Do you know what the purpose of this website is? Its to inform us about what is going on in our government, our nation… our world…. so what if the majority of it is to criticize Obama? Obama is a failure and so is the majority of those who are in office right now and something needs to be done about it… If this bothers you so much why do you come here? You know what will be written about on here… so if it bothers you that Col West writes about it then don’t come here… makes sense to me… If you don’t agree discuss the issues that are being discussed why attack the messenger who is giving his opinion about the issues we face?

      • This site isn’t for information!! This site is designed to MAKE MONEY!! Nothing more….all over the Internet are FACT CHECKERS that are debunking the majority of the things this con man is telling you people!! I just read one today wher this con man signed something to let illegals enlist THE PROGRAM WAS STARTED BY BUSH!! Stop taking the crap this LIAR as truth and start looking up some of this stuff for yourself!!! Don’t be so gullible!! You know what they say…A LOON AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED!

      • I have checked many things on here to see if it is true or not and when there have been stories that have proved to be false I have said so in the thread and wrote him a message telling him so. There was one a few months back that he had posted about and after several people told him it was false or it was a different issue he pulled the post….

        Earl I really feel bad for you because you think its such a bad thing for a person to make money… if it were designed to only make money then we would all have to become paid members to have discussions on here… I have not spent one penny on this site… have not clicked on any ad and have not donated anything…. Have you?

      • So my question to you would be sick u faced checked yourself and found the man to be a liar why would u continue to support?? He is LYING for a reason…you get it don’t u??

      • SO you LOONS are staying…it doesn’t matter if allen (rob these loons blind) west is lying! It doesn’t matter that the information he is giving is FAKE…oh no…that doesn’t matter that this man is a FRAUD!

      • I have not found him to be a liar…. I like to read his opinions on the issues he brings to our attention. I find you to be contemptuous and jealous of the attention he gets. You come off as a sniveling cry baby that gets your panties in a wad because you don’t like him, YOU find everything you can to try to bring him down, the very thing you are accusing him of you are doing yourself hypocrite…. I applaud Col West for being a strong man to carry on doing what he is doing even in the face of crybabies like yourself… Have a good day Earl… God Bless.

      • Well this one explains it all….the man knowing lies and don’t bother to think about why he is lying??

      • You haven’t found him to be a LIAR but have you really LOOKED?? Once you see that the man is LYING do you ever as what is the PURPOSE of this lie? I’ve figured out this con artist MONTHS ago. He is only out to make money from people exactly like you and others. He knows his followers will not research that CRAP that is coming out of his mouth. He says it…they believe it…and they DONATE!
        They donate to the fraudulent GUARDIAN FUND when has collected 4 million while only giving 35k to conservative candidates! IF you read the mission statement of the fraudulent GUARDIAN FUND the money given out doesn’t support what its for….which then makes it a FRAUD!

      • You keep saying he is making money off me… darling I have not spent one penny on this website, i have not bought his books nor have I gone to any ads on this site and have not donated one cent to the Guardian fund… lol get over yourself….

        When he makes a post on here I don’t take it all for gospel… I do my research, thus the reason I told you I told him about a couple of his stories were false as did some others because he didn’t do all of his research first…. and he removed them when he saw they were wrong…

        Now sweetie… do you have proof he is not using the funds for what he said they are for… It seems you are just a very bitter person with nothing better to do than to attack Col West. If there is anything illegal going on with the fund it will be investigated and thus far it seems its legit… Stop grasping at straws hun… your house is about to fall down… Please go get some help hypocrite… good night

      • Oh I see.. you are the self appointed savior of all these people who gave to these funds… wow talk about narcissistic, paranoid, jealous hypocrite…. You really need to get off the computer for a while… pretty soon you will be equipping a suit of armor and go riding down the streets of DC wielding your sword of justice against all politicians… and I hope against Obama too as he is the biggest crook and fraud in this nation at the moment…

      • Hey Earl: Your comment is completely incomprehensible.

        Your Mom just called and said leave her liquor cabinet alone, get out of her basement and cut the lawn.

      • And still…its proven that ALLEN (rob these loons blind) is posting LIES but you loons don’t bother to do any research on the claims that he makes? That is BEYOND stupid! Take everything this conman says as TRUTH without questioning ANYTHING??? Speaking of drinking KOOL-AID!!

      • FO Earl. It’s his site, he can do as he pleases….much as liberals do with their multitude of sycophant news outlets….you know, those news outlets you don’t bother fact checking.

      • If all the author wants is everyone to praise his infinite wisdom he should turn off his website and distribute flyers at church. Trey Gowdy select committee on Benghazi been live for two weeks now. Not one piece about it, why? Because there is no side-show about what kind of chocolate milk Hillary had that night or what color pajamas the President was wearing. I’d like to know what issue exactly is discussed in that article. All I see is a gratuitous attack on the President for something he has nothing to do with.

      • What does it matter to you which person or persons, issue or issues he decides to vent about? This is his website, it does not belong to any syndicate that requires he write about every issue.. His pet peeve is Obama and his lack of leadership and the issues Obama is very negligent about.. So what is your purpose Raf…. to only attack Allan because he doesn’t like what this administration is doing? Get real man! We all have our thorn and this one is his! If you don’t like what he has to say then debate the issue not the man… he is entitled to write about anything he wants to here or leave…. it’s no big deal either way….

      • Nothing I said in my comments where personal attacks on Col. West get real. All I said that he would not have liked the commercial better if the President did appear. The piece is about the commercial right?

      • If you don’t like it, then leave. It’s that easy. If you hate seeing your sacred cows made fun of, then leave. The door swings both ways. And if someone says something that offends you, then TS

      • He also hates it that Col. West would dare to disagree with another Blackman in general and especially in front of White people. That is very infuriating to 1000’s as you can read on any Black run website. A Blackman doing that to another is like a spy selling secrets to the Russians to us.

      • Actually it is, considering that he is ordering air-strikes maybe he didn’t want to appear like warmonger. Like a certain guy who likes to get off fighter planes on carriers that have big banners that says mission accomplished.

      • It was mission accomplished. That crew’s mission was over, but you already knew what that banner was referring to. And Iraq had surrendered. And he was a pilot and an officer. But of course you also know from Russia to China to all those evil middle east countries, none of them have any respect or fear of Obama or the US. And that puts us all in danger.

      • Obama has launched more missile strikes and killed more people with Drones than any other recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

        I am sure the Nobel committee is very proud.

      • Morning folks. While you were sleeping, Barack Hussein Obama took out his pen and ordered our Military to enlist illegal aliens. In other words, this charlatan has allowed those who have disrespected our Constitution and are not citizens to take an oath to support and defend the very document, our rule of law, of which they are in violation.” – This is the LIE he posted on his facebook page

      • The program in question was initiated by Bush in 2008, before Obama was president. In addition, contrary to West’s sweeping suggestion, experts say it’s doubtful that many undocumented immigrants would be brought into the military. And Obama didn’t order the military to take illegal aliens but rather made it an option. – TRUTH

      • Apparently Earl, this is a new policy that Obama administration has enacted called the “Defend Action for Childhood Arrivals” that will allow some 550k illegals to stay in this country, in addition the new rule is stated here… “The new change, under a Pentagon recruitment plan called Military Accessions Vital to National Interest, would allow some undocumented immigrants with critical language or medical skills to enlist in the armed forces — considerably limiting the number of Dreamers who would be eligible. Roughly 3,000 legal immigrants have enlisted through the MAVNI program since 2009, and now the program will be open to those who are in the country illegally”..

        Read the article here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/30/undocumented-immigrants-military_n_5419734.html

        so I guess Allan didn’t lie after all 🙂


  13. Every time I hear one of our Air Force jets roaring overhead, I am reminded that it is “the sound of freedom”. Every time I hear obama’s voice, I am reminded that his is a tyrannical government.


  15. Talk about narcissistic! You must love to hear your own drivel. I’m glad you served, but that does not make you an expert. Please shut up for a while and give your mouth a break–you’ll serve your country better that way.

    • Something about the man you don’t like there Bobby? Does he strike some lacking chord in your soul there Bobby? Well, it doesn’t matter anyhow since you’re about as significant as the dog crap on my shoe.

    • Hey Bobby, follow your own advice and give your mouth a break. He has and is serving his country just fine. If you don’t like what he has to say no one is forcing you to read it.

    • You need serious mental health services. You go to the guys page to tell him to shut up….bizarre. It’s his page. If you don’t want to read his comments and thoughts, here is a clue…….DONT GO TO HIS PAGE. How hard is that.

      • So you want only people who agree with Allen West to comment on this page. Well I’m ex Air Force from 1967 to 1971 during Viet Nam and I can’t stand the lies coming from Allen West!

  16. Hahahahha! I love that ad! thank GOD they didn’t have Fraudbama saying chit! That would only dirty up the whole ad cuz he’s such a lying p.o.s. traitor to this nation! HA! Love it!

  17. While I applaud the military’s private contempt for weak commanders, the military must at the public level remain neutral. I hope this was an oversight, not a deliberate omission …

  18. Just saw the commercial while watching the Thursday Night Football game and was only partly pay attention. But when it finished, my immediate thought was, “Wait, did they not use Obama for this ad?” I immediately Googled the ad to see if I was imagining things and saw your blog. Wow. Pretty darn blatant. Pretty darn funny!


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