Obama poised to grant amnesty to 11.5 million: Only one way to stop this

With B. Hussein Obama, everything is about politics and the fundamental transformation of America. And so Obama felt the sincere need to reassure the radical Hispanic lobby at a gala event on illegal immigration that its members wouldn’t be disappointed.

As reported by USA Today, “President Obama reassured supporters Thursday that he will issue new orders on immigration within the next three months. “It will be taking place between the November elections and the end of the year,” Obama said during a gala for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. With an immigration bill blocked in the Republican-run House, Obama is reportedly considering a series of orders that would grant status to many of the 11.5 million people who are in country illegally. Obama and aides said they are delaying executive orders on immigration until after the Nov. 4 congressional elections because immigration has become such a volatile political issue.”

So Obama the Courageous doesn’t want to tackle this issue before the midterm elections for fear of reprisal. Well, this is the remedy since Obama fails to comprehend that according to the Constitution, only Congress can take actions and make laws regarding naturalization, Article I, Section 8, Clause 4. What must occur is for Obama not to have his progressive socialists in control of either legislative body in Congress. Therefore, any of his attempts to circumvent the American people can be met with the cutting of funding.

The power in Congress is the purse strings and right now with Harry Reid controlling the Senate, Obama’s destructive agenda is easily enabled. The unifying message for constitutional conservatives — heck, all Americans — must be “America first.” Obama and the open borders Hispanic lobby led by LULAC and La Raza want a demographic shift in America that will further exacerbate the growth of the welfare nanny-state and the dependency society. Obama has now clearly admitted that he cares not for the dismal plight of the black community — heck, why should he and the Democrats — since the black community will blindly follow Obama into the abyss.

USA Today says “illegal immigration advocates have criticized Obama for not moving quickly enough on the issue and attacked him for a record level of deportations. Pablo Alvarado, executive director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, said that Obama “has unnecessarily destroyed immigrant workers’ families and repeatedly delayed use of his existing legal authority, all in pursuit of a failed legislative strategy.”

I’d like to ask ol’ Pablo about the millions of American citizens who’ve been out of work and have dropped out of the workforce — what about the decimation being done to their families, the hard working, middle income Americans?

Obama is afraid to admit to the American people his desire, instead choosing to make a covert announcement at a Hispanic progressive socialist gala — and we thought he took an oath to faithfully execute and uphold our rule of law? Ha.

We all know our southern border isn’t secure. And therefore there can be no “pathway to citizenship” or amnesty granted until we have cut off the flow of illegal aliens into our Republic. That doesn’t seem to be the priority for Obama and the Democrats. And we shall not go down the path of 1986 all over again when amnesty was granted to 2 to 3 million illegals and the federal government never owned up to its Constitutional responsibility.

We need to clear out criminal illegal aliens. We need to get Americans back to work and reform our economic systems to spur on growth — which is not happening. We need to have a phased legislative plan and policy — not some “comprehensive” 2,000-page document that no one will read and will be amended by executive action — basically Obama cannot be trusted.

It was Obama’s Dream Act Executive Order which created the surge of illegals from Central America — and where are they now? We reported here that Obama is giving away $9 million in taxpayer funds for illegal alien lawyers.

America, there is only one way this ends: vote out the Democrats in the Senate and expand the GOP House majority — unless you want to encourage this lawless administration.

Per USA Today, here are Obama’s words, “In his remarks to Hispanic lawmakers and activists, Obama said he plans to spend the next few months “explaining why immigration reform is good for our economy.” Obama asked supporters to continue pushing for a congressional immigration bill and give him political support when he takes action on his own. “For any action to last, for it to be effective and extend beyond my administration — because I’m only here two more years — we’re going to have to build more support of the American people so that it is sustainable and lasting,” Obama said.

In other words, Obama’s legacy is not about growth, opportunity, and promise for Americans – it’s about the demographic remaking of America in order to guarantee a permanent progressive socialist control of our Republic…a national one political party America. You can choose to allow this to happen and not show up in November, or send Obama a message: you may not have two years in office if you take this course of action.

The great thing about Barack Hussein Obama — as well as his Islamist friends — they tell us exactly what their objectives are. We just have to have the courage to stop them.

Molon Labe.


  1. “according to the Constitution, only Congress can take actions and make laws regarding naturalization, Article I, Section 8, Clause 4. ”

    Yes, but what does that have to do with Obama potentially changing immigration status?

    A person who was not born a U.S. citizen may acquire U.S. citizenship through a process known as naturalization. Obama hasn’t proposed any ex-legislative means for anyone acquiring citizenship, so naturalization is not an issue.

    If West knew thing one about the Constitution then he would know that he’s just making a fool of himself.

    Further, notice that West admits he doesn’t know what Obama is going to do, or how many it will affect, but by G-d West knows he opposes it. The only good indicator of where West stands is to know where Obama stands. If Obama nominated West to be a city dog-catcher, West would denounce himself as unqualified and possible Muslim. Who knows, on that he might jyst be right.

    • Tea Party darling and frequent Fox News screeching-head Allen West was so upset at the military’s new police regarding recruitment that he told those currently enlisted that it was their duty to disobey President Obama’s orders. There was a time, not long ago, where those words would be considered beyond the pale, but now, they are just what we’ve come to expect from the right-wing echo chamber.

      West is so far gone that he believes anything the president does is illegitimate and therefore not to be respected. Unlike other Fox News pundits, whom I suspect only believe half of the crazy things they say to fire up their viewers,
      West is all-in.

      Of course, he doesn’t see himself as treasonous. In fact, he thinks he’s saving the country. West, a retired Army Lt. Colonel whose military career was cut short after he was found to have assaulted an Iraqi prisoner during an interrogation (also known as, torture), has a blind hatred and fear of Islam.
      And because he frequently equates Obama with Islam (as demonstrated by the fact that West includes “Hussein” in Obama’s name at every opportunity), West believes he’s fighting Islam by fighting Obama.
      Incredibly, one day after advocating for the military to stop listening to their commander-in-chief, West was back on Facebook — this time saying that he wished America would be more willing to charge people with acts of sedition.

      If we were to start enforcing laws against seditious speech, Allen West and his non-stop Obama-bashing would make a great first trial.


      • You progressives sure love to lie. Col West did not torture an Iraqi suspect. And it’s well known that Obama is a strong supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. And we all know that Obama is not serious about taking out ISIS. And we all know that Obama covers for Islam and even lies about it telling us that it doesn’t condone violence.

        But you keep spewing your nonsense. It’s what progressives do.

      • West agreed that he tortured the man when he took his plea deal and was forced out of the Army. Your argument is with West.

        We all don’t know what the hell you are talking about. We all think you’re just repeating what you heard on some radical right wing news outlet.

        Think you’re right – provide support for each and every claim you stated.

      • I’ll make it very simple for you: Obama is sympathetic towards the goals of groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and has been since the start of his presidency. His actions have proven that. If progressive socialists like you have been paying attention you would know that.

        As for West, threatening to kill someone is not torture. And he has clearly said has no regrets for trying to protect his men.

      • No, Obama’s actions have not. You radicals like to claim that he has, but your fanatical fantasies are most always revealed to be false. Obama loves Islam so much he has given more to Israel than any other president, including re-arming it last month after it ran out of ammo killing Muslims in Gaza. Obama loves Islam so much, he’s bombing the crap out of ISIS. With friends like Obama … oy gestalt!

        West having four men beat a man pulled off the street for an interview, then shoving that man’s head into a sand barrel followed by shooting a round next to his head in a mock execution is textbook torture.

        You don’t just pull people in for interrogation and beat them and make them fear you will kill them — unless you condone torture. No actionable intelligence was gathered, no plot was revealed, no bomb was found.

        West simply lost his mind while conducting an interrogation he wasn’t qualified to conduct. By his own admission, West brought dishonor to his uniform and to his unit.

        West could have fought the charges, but he took the cowards way out. He took a deal. He knew what he did … and I have to believe he knows he was lucky to avoid prison.

      • West claims he did get information and there were no further attacks on his unit. You can argue all you like but you weren’t there. And you can disagree with his actions but any good soldier would do anything to protect his men. Furthermore, he was honorably discharged. Can’t see how that brings disgrace to his unit.

      • You’re lying … or West is. I don’t have to have been there, I can rely on the record from the investigation and from West’s confession. The military concluded the guy was innocent.

        You want to know what West does admit now — that the guy could have been innocent for all West knows. Even West has more integrity than you.

        West was found guilty in a non-judicial hearing and allowed to resign. That was the deal his buddies in the Congress got him. He admitted the harm he caused his unit and admits he breached the Code of Conduct (that’s dishonor), paid a hefty fine and then resigned. Otherwise, he was facing 11 years in prison.

    • So Obama has the authority to unilaterally grant amnesty and issue illegals work permits? I thought only Congress has the power to make such laws.

      • There is no amnesty on the table, at least not as that term is defined by law. Obama has deferred action against some illegals who were brought here when they were under the age of 16. Those covered by DACA can get work permits every two years, subject to review and renewal.

        Amnesty is unconditional and unrevokable. There would be no opportunity for review nor for renewal.

        So, this is well within the discretion afforded the president as the chief executive. That is not to say it’s a good idea – I truthfully don’t like it. I do support a weaker version of the DREAM Act, but I think it is important for the US to confront its mish-mash of Immigration Laws. We won’t get there with action like this by Obama.

        Continuing: Congress has authority over naturalization – that is to say, granting citizenship. The President can not offer citizenship without a legislative bill or program behind him. If Obama does, I’ve got a pitchfork at the ready. I’ll join the mobs in the street at that time.

        Finally: I know it seems I defend Obama. What I’m really trying to do is knock down the stories, lies and misconceptions we too often hear from the radical right. Conservatives can stick to the facts and prevail. When we confuse and conflate issues — like naturalization with Immigration — we lose credibility. The (D) I know love West for precisely that reason.

      • Amnesty means that illegals are allowed to stay. Whether its for a limited period or permanent, it’s still amnesty. And DACA is a form of amnesty.

        In other words, the president is nullifying the nation’s immigration laws, something he swore to uphold. Pretty sure that’s illegal. And there’s nothing radical in pointing that out.

      • Sorry, no. You may want to think of it as amnesty, but words have meaning. Here’s the meaning of Amnesty:

        : the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals

        Here’s the meaning of Pardon

        noun ˈpär-dən

        : an act of officially saying that someone who was judged to be guilty of a crime will be allowed to go free and will not be punished

        Deferred action is not a pardon. The person can still be held to account for the “bad behavior” at a later time.

        Not only is it lawful for a president to use executive privilege concerning immigration, it’s also common. We’ve got forms for it and everything. Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama all have used what are known as Deferred Enforced Departures.

        Critics of Obama have taken to labeling his acts as an unconstitutional end-run around Congress. This critique ignores not only the historic use of prosecutorial discretion to manage resources, but the recent Supreme Court decision that recognizes the executive branch’s authority to grant deferred action. Moreover, since the Reagan administration, federal regulations have authorized the issuance of work permits to immigrants who are granted deferred action. Thus, far from thwarting the will of Congress, the initiative is consistent with federal law. That SCOTUS decision is available here: http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/11pdf/11-182.pdf It’s an easy read, I recommend you review it in its entirety.

        Continuing: Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) is in the President’s discretion to authorize as part of his power to conduct foreign relations. Although DED is not a specific immigration status, individuals covered by DED are not subject to removal from the United States, usually for a designated period of time. http://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/temporary-protected-status-deferred-enforced-departure/deferred-enforced-departure

        You can get a decent non-lawyer write-up here: http://www.nilc.org/execauthorityimm.html

        That’s the nature of the law.

      • So what you are saying is that Obama is not going to grant these Illegal aliens citizenship but to “defer ” their deportation. Since they have not be tried and convicted in a court of law for their crime they cannot be pardoned. If a criminal is pardoned he cannot be retried for his crime. So this is just a misunderstand and poor choice of words on Obamas part? That he really meant to say green cards?
        What I get out of Obamas speeches are that these people are going to be made citizens of the U S of A with all the privilege that, we that were born here, ancestors that fought and died in wars to preserve these freedoms, they, by the stroke of a pen get first in line for all the things that our tax money the Government hands out but I, a single mother raising two kids alone couldn’t get a college grant for my kids to go to college. They didn’t go because I sure couldn’t afford it.

      • You’re deeply confused about what Obama did with deferred action. No one jumps the line on anything and DACA are specifically not eligible for federal financial aid. The only privilege they get is to stay in the US and work and join the military. Not eligible for welfare, not for free medical, not for most everything except a tax refund where appropriate. I’m not a fan or a supporter of the program, but we should talk about it honestly. I think we need to rewrite our immigration law and trying to solve it in patch work by executive order, even if legal, is a bad idea.


        If you’re a single mom of two – there’s financial aid out there for you. I come from a family of single moms, all who got their degrees after their divorces and I worked in the financial aid office when I was in undergrad. You can do it. You can earn a degree. Go to a state school, not one of those for-profit rip-off programs. Seriously, if you think a degree would help you, go get it. It’s hard work, but I truly think you can go it.

      • You’re not fooling anyone here. We all know what deferred action means. In this case it’s Obama’s way of ignoring immigration law and putting illegals on a “path to citizenship”. That’s the end game. Yes, DED was granted in the past but usually the reasons were humanitarian or for temporary refuge. Obama’s reasons are entirely different. Saying that there are people “living outside the system” as Obama does is not an acceptable reason for DED and is illegal.

        By the way, true conservatives insist that immigration laws be enforced so you should probably change your name.

      • You need to read what I written. I am critical of Obama’s decision.. I do not support the policy. However, it most certainly is lawful. Just because you fear it will lead to a pathway to citizenship, it, at present, does not. We don’t impeach people because of what you fear they will do, we impeach them for what they have done.

        Obama doesn’t have the power to offer anyone naturalization absent a program or means approved by Congress. He does share with Reagan the ability to defer immigration. FWIW – Obama claims that his grounds are humanitarian, as well. He claims that it would be wrong to kick a person out of the only country he has ever known and make him return to a country where he might not even know the language.

        You and I might disagree with Obama, but his sense of humanitarian is the only one that matters at law. You and I get our say at the ballot box. We lost. He won. That’s the way it works.

  2. Col West, I agree. obama’s legacy “is not about growth, opportunity and promise for Americans”. It’s about an ideology that, for instance, allows a minority group that he refers to as being “the JV team” called ISIS to run rampant, brutally murdering and beheading Americans and our allies.

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  3. Guess the writer, another hardline republican die-hard. Your Republican leaders especially, in contemporary times, driven by greed and insatiable quest for wealth and power devise treachery and execute them in foreign countries, notably Communist, Socialist and Left-leaning nations like Venezuela, Cuba, U.S.S.R, Bolivia, Columbia, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana, Libya, Zimbabwe etc. The repercussions are the so-called illegal migrations of foreign citizens especially South Americans whose countries have been riddled with economic challenges as a result of the clandestine activities of Republican-Wests.
    You stand up, make noise and oppose possible social intervention programs when your cohorts draw the wealth of these nations’ citizens for their greedy and selfish selves.

    • Socialism works well for those who care not to work or be responsible for themsleves. Baa goes the man who thinks he is entitled to anything but opportunity and single handidly support criminal theft of citizenship. Don’t like freedom there are planes and boats going to where you practice your bent world view. Ask not what you can do for yourself but demand what others should do for you!

    • You forgot the greedy, more wealthy left who are backed by big banks, wall streat, labor unions, and characters like Soros and Gates. The right support business, whether it be small, medium or large. The right have big business supporters such as the Kock brothers who provide thousands of jobs. Just look at the difference between the states or just cities that are left wing or right wing ran. Left wing are going bankrupt and on more gov dole. The left have controlled Congress since the last 2 years of the last Bush presidency and look where we are now with the continuous spiral down. The thing is that it is in overdrive now.

    • Franklin, since you are an actual African, it’s understandable that you have no idea what it means to live in a democracy and have the freedoms that come with that. We treasure our independent and open society… and have NO desire to trade that for Socialism, Communism or any Government ordered society. I think it is fair to say that most of the blacks in the USA today, seem to prefer the idea of ruler’s… as long as they side with them… provide cradle to grave caretaking, and pass around the money… taken from others. Sadly, that seems to be what your culture is comfortable with, which is why Africa can not dig itself out of the poverty, war mongering ethnic brutality, actually selling your neighbors into slavery, mutilating your you female Muslim children, murdering people who have enough human compassion to go there and TRY to help stop the Ebola epidemic, I could go on, and on, and on… and you know it. SOME blacks in this country have educated themselves… worked hard, and achieved the American dream. Why don’t you ask them if they’d be willing to give everything away to you and your people, so that you don’t have to work, learn, or show compassion in a way that proved to the world that your civilization is worth saving. In case you haven’t figured this out yet… under the Socialist regime of Obama… the poor lower classes, have NOT gotten a better deal… but ALL of O’s friends have become MORE wealthy. HOW can that be? MAYBE some day you will actually decide to investigate what life with Obama in charge has done to our society… and your’s… and it isn’t very good!

      • Since you have the idea of what really democracy is or what it means to live in democracy and not Africans, I’ll be very grateful if you could hold an open forum or lectures of some sort educating and admonishing your treacherous and self-centered leaders to stop poking into Africa in matters relating to democracy. As you said, it may just not be right for us.
        Again, Africans are dark-skinned persons and not blacks as is generally said. I wouldn’t accept that we are BLACKS and you are WHITE. NO!. Not even for the rest of eternity!. That’s by the way.
        May I ask you; where on the contemporary African continent did one sell their neighbour(s) into slavery?. I don’t think you have an answer. Unless you want to make some kind of allusion to Child trafficking which existed few years ago in parts of East Africa and very few cases, actually about a couple cases across the Sub-Sahara. Honestly, if my memory could serve me right, I can’t remember the last time I heard of any such thing.
        Again, generally, Africans are very accommodating and friendly especially to strangers/foreigners. If it were not the case, your forefathers who arrived on the coasts of Africa centuries ago, would have been annihilated before they started the mind-game with our grandfathers which eventually resulted in the slave trade. Africans are not hostile, so the talk of killing Ebola aid worker(s) is not true.
        Racism is still on the ascendancy in the U.S too. I’m not trying to equalize as it’ll be of no use. The point am trying to make is, with all your levels of enlightenment and development, U.S’s still struggling with the equivalence of “ethnic brutality” you accuse Africa of. I admit we have such problems and it’s just a matter of time. We’ll reduce this to the barest minimum.

  4. One thing I know for sure this massive rampant uncontrolled illegal immigration across the southern border hurts us economically, by taking jobs away from the people on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder in this country Who can least afford the competition for their jobs. People with little or no identification come across the border we have no idea who they are what the legal statuses or criminal records are we have no idea what the medical status is which is becoming obviously more and more concerning with the and Entero virus running rampant across the country and sickening children at alarming rate and now with the Ebola virus being brought into the country yet we “The left”try and villainize the people who are trying to prevent uncontrolled illegal immigration and protect our country and our citizens! So it begs the question WHY! Why not follow the law ! It’s illegal to be illegal in this country I don’t care what politician say it’s the law . WHY ALLOW ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ! Our laws are to protect our citizens not the citizens of other countries. Immigration statuses and citizenship are not pawns to be used in political chess matches !! CITIZENSHIP IS A PRIVILEGE THAT SHOULD BE EARNED NOT GIVEN AWAY BY PEOPLE SEEKING TO GAIN ADVANTAGE!

  5. On top of this I read where Obama is going to bring thousands of Syrians to the US in 2015..Why?? Just to kill America!!??

  6. When you are really not a true American it is very easy to allow our heritage, our history, our wealth, our rights and freedoms, and everything else that is truly and uniquely American-especially when you look at we have people from all of the world included in our ranks as citizens of the United States of American by following the process established to become an naturalized American. I have a real problem with those who want to grant citizenship to illegals who do not respect the process to become a true citizen but want all the benefits it brings. Maybe Obama doesn’t respect our process and wants to let everyone become a citizen because he himself did not follow the process and is in reality not AMERICAN!!! This is why he is perverting everything American.

    • This has nothing to do with naturalization. It has nothing to do with the granting of citizenship.

      West lied to you. He wants you confused.

      This is a Deferred Action concerning Immigration Status. Every President since Carter (including Reagan) has issued one or more regarding this issue.

      The SCOTUS has been very clear – this is all constitutional.

      West invoked the Naturalization clause because he’s either a fool or a liar and neither of us thinks West is a fool.

      • “Deferred Action concerning Immigration Status” is just another way of saying that Obama and Holder are not enforcing the immigration laws, just another way of saying that they refuse to enforce the laws they swore an oath to uphold when they took office. They didn’t swear an oath to only enforce the laws they like and ignore the laws they don’t like (laws that don’t promote the Democrat’s Party and agenda).

      • I partially agree. It’s certainly a way of not enforcing the law, but it’s a lawful way and a way that we don’t want to take away from the executive.

        I think Obama is pushing the edge of abusing this legal right, but it’s his to abuse, he’s the president. He must commit a high crime or misdemeanor to be impeached. When he does that, I’m with you. Until then, let’s give the devil his due and complain about him intelligently.

        Here’s my conservative take on DACA.

        1) It is being done to avoid enforcing the law, albeit in an effort to force Congress to act, but that’s not why executive privilege exists. This isn’t a resources issue and it’s barely a humanitarian one. Obama is pushing the limits with this Executive Order.

        2) Piece mealing a solution is not going to solve the problem and it will create new problems, new bureaucracy and new costs in the not so distance future. By issuing the XO for DACA Obama is just kicking the can down the road for the next Administration, that’s not what a real leader does.

        3) Obama needs to show better respect for the executive powers, better awareness of costs and better leadership by taking on this issue now, without delay or “deferment.”

      • That is perhaps the dumbest thing I’ve read this year. Is there a White Preservation prescription somewhere in the USCS or the Constitution I missed? Seriously, what makes you think that the demographic majority has any right to stay as the majority?

      • Well then please enlighten us as to how a non-white majority will be a good thing. Moreover can you imagine Mexico tolerating a demographic shift like the one we’re experiencing? Or China? Or Japan? If you are what passes for a TruConservative, then I suggest you enrich places like Salon and the Daily Beast.

      • And what makes you think that sub species who have already fucked up their countries have any right to waltz into this amazing Country and benefit from the hard work of others, and enjoy the privileges our people have fought and died for? Mainly Black and White Christians? Tell me , who or what gives them that right?

  7. Once again Allen (rob these loons blind) post something SCARY to get these LOONS to continue to donate to his fraudulent GUARDIAN FUND! He knows and count on his followers to be void of ANY FACTS and wants them to remain IGNORANT so he can become more wealthy! Have any of you LOONS even bothered to look up the numbers?? How much has been collected vs how much given to candidates?? Don’t matter to you LOONS just as long as he keep posting LIES to his blog!!

  8. We live so comfortably it is difficult to get us out of our easy lives to actually take a stand when the government fails. In other centuries we would have already defeated our enemies in a civil war. There would be war memorials already across our country where the American People stood up and beat down a rogue government. There would have been patriotic songs written, some of them even funny, about how Old King Obama and Queen Clinton fell with a crash and the banner of America waved.

    Photo albums would be dotted with photos of girls in dresses pointing an ordinary shotgun at the mighty USA Progressives bomb-proof truck. Videos of men in those trucks climbing down and ‘defecting’ home to the American side.

  9. **Obama The Courageous** … **__**
    #BeClingers ———————————> #AmericaRISING

  10. if illegals want to come here to America then they should become Americans.do not tell us we cannot be Americans.if you dont like OUR country-dont come here.simple.if you hurt an American-you and your family loses their citizenship and are deported back to your country.simple.

  11. Another empty promise to the Hispanic group to garner votes for the Democrats in the November election which will be immediately forgotten as soon as he walks away from the dais. If the Hispanics demand that he do it, he will complain and whine that those mean old Republicans wouldn’t let him do it….

  12. When we get control of the house and senate we need to remove this traitor from office. Pure and simple. This president is out to destroy this country and nobody has the balls to stop him. Wake the hell up people!

      • Only if you are devoid of respect for the Constitution. Clearly that’s you, but I think most members of the Senate are better Americans than are you.

      • The democratic process is to respect the rule of the people, as expressed in the Constitution.

        You’ve never read the Constitution, so let me share with you the following:

        “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High crimes and Misdemeanors.”

        You advocate the Constitution be ignored and that any ol’ reason will do if you have “the numbers.”

        That’s what disrespect of the democratic process looks like. That’s how contempt for the Constitution is manifest.

      • I reject your implied premise that Obama, for whom I have never voted and largely disagree with, is sympathetic with Islamo-fascists, especially at a time when he’s bombing the crap out of them.

        Treason is defined in 18 U.S. Code § 2381.

        Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

        Make your case counsellor. Show us you can do something other than spit insults and grab your crotch. Make the case for Obama has committed treason. Show your work, no tautologies, no truisms.

        This should be a softball question for you …

      • You are wasting your time trying to explain this stuff to THESE LOONS!! They are the ones that believed and will continue to believe….BENGHAZI would remove the president from office….OBAMACARE would be repealed and MITT WOULD WIN IN A LANDSLIDE! They are idiots as you can see!

  13. You know the only reason the president is now talking to Latino groups, promising amnesty is to get votes for democrats running , other than that the president could care less about them. Think about it, when the democrats had total control of the house and senate they could have passed amnesty with ease, but they refused.

    • Maybe that’s because he doesn’t want Amnesty.

      Words have meaning. Amnesty has a meaning. It’s not what you seem to think it is.

      Obama has offered no one Amnesty for Immigration. None. He’s deferred enforcement. That means that person may yet be held to account for their immigration status. That means the next president can undo Obama deferred action. That means the person may yet be deported.

      With Amnesty, that does not happen. With Amnesty, there is no going back, there is no going forward. With Amnesty, its’ done. Period.

      That’s not happening here.

      Learn to use the English language, you’ll find life in America a whole lot easier.

      • [[ Learn to use the English language, you’ll find life in America a whole lot easier ]]

        You smug sack of crap. You’re the last person to admonish anyone on how to be an American. You slobber all over the joint of a Muslim POS POTUS as you shill for illegals.

      • Read what you just wrote. It is painfully obvious that you haven’t mastered basic English. Look at how low and gross your word choice is, your retreat to using insults in place of cogent argument. It must be a terrible burden for you, and I’m sure that anger at your lack of education is what drives you to strike out with such uncouth verbiage.

      • Spare me your English 101 diatribe. One more time tap dancer……….You smug sack of crap. You’re the last person to admonish anyone on how to be an American. You slobber all over the joint of a Muslim POS POTUS as you shill for illegals.

      • Actually the president has called for amnesty several times. Amnesty is forgiving transgressions, the only reason it’s brought up now is votes only, if the president truely cared about Latinos he could have done it when the democrats controlled both the house and senate.

      • Can you provide me with a quote from the president calling for amnesty? Not just someone saying he’s asking for it, but for Obama actually asking for it? Amnesty is not forgiveness for a transgression – it’s the granting of a pardon to a population in exchange for nothing. Words have meaning. Let’s use them intelligently.

      • He will start a civil war. I will sit back and laugh. We have no say anyway other than to vote. It’s not fair to give any joe and sally a free ride when others are waiting. We have no power anymore as our government is turning into China.

  14. Amnesty is about votes for the DP and part of the plan to take America down. It is certainly not about common sense or the protection of Americans and America’s interests.

  15. still….WHY GOP ignore this very crucial issue? Now, they cannot fo anything…all they can do is cry and accuse the OBAMA admin of amnesty? why did not solve the isssue themselves..is it not politically inclined too for them? they have to understand, Mr.O is the president…he has power insome sort…that they cannpt contest.

    • What problem? Crossing the border illegally is justification? Who the hell says we owe anybody anything? They need to stay in their own country and make things better. Look at South America and Mexico.. These people ruin everything they touch. Obola is the Muslim Dajjal. He’s a terrorist. He’s a dictator that must be removed from office and deported back to kenya…

  16. Congress may be able to compromise on roads and some other things but
    for AMNESTY ABSOLUTeLY NOT! Obama is using the DREAM ACT for the
    brightest and smartest as a way to bring in more illegals give them the
    right to work then get them citizenship. Obama doesn’t care who is here
    illegally. He WANTS VOTER! PERIOD! Illegals who came here years ago
    BROKE THE LAW the government is the one (without americans approval) has
    decided that they should be granted amnesty. NOT PATRIOTS! Obama is
    bringing in foreigners to fill america up with anti americans who will
    overun us in elections to vote democrat and overtake our government.
    This is not an accident. This is a plan to overthrow america to a
    communist country.
    agenda. Right now people are pouring in to schools without any
    monitoring on their whereabouts. There are no visa checks. People are
    coming here in droves! Obama has plans to fly more foreigners from other
    countries into america. besides the cost of taking care of milions it
    will hurt america! Looke at california they are screaming that illegals
    are taking their jobs. We must have strict immigration laws or we can
    kiss our country goodbye. obama must be impeached if he does this.


    OBAMA is a PRESIDENT who has gone ROGUE!


    To say that PRESIDENT should be PROSECUTED and IMPEACHED is
    he is ready to STAND TRIAL, and so should the likes of U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL

    never ever FORGET that the AMERICAN MAINSTREAM MEDIA – specifically CNN, MSNBC,
    WASHINGTON POST helped put BARACK OBAMA in the WHITEHOUSE back in 2008 and keep
    him there in 2012.

    ACCOUNTABLE for MISLEADING U.S., not once but TWICE!

    NAAWP is calling for BOYCOTTS of the following 10 bogus












    HELP U.S. show the MEDIA who holds their PURSE STRINGS in
    AMERICA in 2014.




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