Bad news for Democrats in midterms: Obamacare will cancel 50,000 more plans

Thursday while speaking at Northwestern University, President B. Hussein Obama took the time to tout his “signature domestic policy,” the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. The echo chamber in which he resides leads him to continually express his glee regarding the success of the policy. Well, sure, some folks are getting free healthcare — at the expense of others who have seen their healthcare premiums rise. And then there are those who lost the plans they had while we’re still wasting billions on a defective website — and the effects of the employer mandate still haven’t manifested, thanks to the un-Constitutional executive branch-ordered delay.

Well, there may some more surprises a-coming, thanks to that fantastic bill that had to be passed in order to find out what was in it (thank you, Nancy Pelosi).

As reported by The Daily Caller, “Tens of thousands more Obamacare cancellations are going to pile up over the next month, potentially putting pressure back on the health-care law in the weeks before the election. Insurance companies across the country are slated to send close to 50,000 people cancellation notices before November, according to the Morning Consult. That includes at least 30,000 New Mexicans who will be kicked off their plans, the Albuquerque Journal reported Tuesday. Another 14,000 people in Kentucky (mostly Humana customers) and 800 Moda customers in Alaska will receive cancellation letters by Oct. 1. Both states accepted three-year extensions of plans not compliant with Obamacare regulations, but top insurers are ending their plans early. It’s a financial boost for Obamacare exchange insurers (both Humana in Kentucky and Moda in Alaska offer exchange plans) to terminate their noncompliant plans.”

So what gives? I’m sure those folks were told they had a three-year extension — well, it didn’t even last one year. And remember Obama’s unilateral voice command to reinstate those insurance policies deemed non-compliant? It came after he’d chided folks for having these plans in the first place. This is the never-ending shell game that is Obamacare.

When customers first began receiving notices in 2013 that Obamacare regulations had made their health care plans illegal, the public outcry at President Barack Obama’s outright lie that if you liked your plan you could keep it prompted the Obama administration to issue one year-long delay, and then another. However, states that went along with the extension now realize that insurance companies don’t have to keep offering the plans. In many cases, it’s much more beneficial for insurers to discontinue the noncompliant plans.

Why not just allow people to have Health Savings Accounts — non taxable, which is not what Obamacare does. Furthermore, in many cases, Obamacare has just expanded MEDICAID coverage — meaning somebody pays. The uncertainty is hurting our middle-income American families who are working so hard to make ends meet — and what happens when the employer mandate delay runs out?

The Daily Caller says, “also this month, around 2,000 people will receive notices from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. And Colorado officials admitted last month that another 2,000 customers would be losing their coverage this year, on top of almost 250,000 who had their policies cancelled in 2013.”

Remember the fundamental premise of Obamacare is that it requires more healthier individuals to sign up on exchanges in order to assume the cost of the less healthy. Therefore, it was necessary to push Americans off plans deemed “non-compliant” onto the exchanges to cover costs — just as with young people being forced onto the healthcare exchanges. It was all about reducing options to consumers — certainly not a free market principle. However, when the Obama administration extended the plans, many insurers were left in a bind because they didn’t see the influx of healthier, previously insured customers they had expected. This was a factor in the Obama administration’s decision to pave the way to expand a risk corridor program into handing insurers federal taxpayer funding — in other words, the insurance company bailout plan.

We wrote here earlier about the Obama administration’s attempts to coerce and intimidate the insurance industry into not releasing higher healthcare premium rates entering into Fiscal Year 2015. Now you’ll have another round of insurance policy cancellation notices going out just a month before the crucial midterm elections. There was anger a year ago, there will be anger again.

How can anyone say Obamacare is a success? It’s a serious case of “whack-a-mole” and you never really know where the mole will pop up next.


  1. “Hype” and “Chains”, don’t you just love it? November is just around the corner, show this incompetent administration just how much you “love it”.

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      • Earl . . . That is true. When Democrats are voted out this November, some of the Democrats up for reelection in 2016 can pressured into over riding Obama’s vetoes. If Republicans play it right, Democrats can be threatened with being voted out in the 2016 elections.

      • But you know just like I do that republicans will NOT play it right. They will not pass bills that democrats CAN support without LOSING their base! Its a lose lose situation and nothing will change. Well….one thing will change and that is now OBAMA will have the opportunity to veto many bills that will not be overturned!

  2. “Whack-a-mole” is such a good description. Seems all Obama has created out of the insurance companies is more liars like himself.

  3. I heard from an employee benefits consulting firm that MILLIONS of retirees will be losing their Medicare Supplement plans after the first of the year. I hope this is announced to the affected retirees PRIOR to the November elections. Thanks, Obamacare.

  4. So… now we know where this Administration will focus it’s efforts, hiding the problem best they can till after the elections, that’s their MO.

      • U3 is the metric we use to compare presidents and to measure the health of the economy because it is the one that best aligns to changes in overall job availability. The participation rate changes for reasons other than job availability. Each is important to understanding the health of the economy, but U3 is what we use, particularly when grading out presidents.

        Let ask you – prior to Obama lowering U3, but witnessing the lowest Participation Rate in 36 years, did you know what the participation rate was? Is it likely that your news sources didn’t talk about Participation Rate until it because uncomfortable – and in opposite their agenda – to report Obama doing well on U3?

  5. Recent reports suggest they might have reason to start hoping eventually. Employers have added 226,000 jobs per month, on average, this year — a healthy pace that more than keeps up with natural population growth.

  6. It’s somebody else’s fault, you’re a racist and government intrusion into your personal affairs is ALWAYS the best way to solve any problem. Barry said so and we all know he is as credible as any other pathological liar.

  7. New Mexico votes heavily Democrat anyway. Not likely that cancelling 30,000 policies in New Mexico is going to make much of a difference politically, those individuals will still most likely vote Democrat. After all, they now need a new policy and expect Democrats to give it to them for free.

  8. Wonder how Barry is going to spin this? Is this the Republicans or Bush’s fault? Have to wait for the saga. Maybe another crisis will arise before election to take our mind off this horrible mess he has gotten us into.

  9. J.C. Watts – who has returned from obscurity after apparently not suffering enough abuse in the party – says that Republican candidates need black strategists at the table to help them win over black voters and avoid controversial remarks. “Somebody that looks like us needs to be at the strategists’ table to say ‘I know what you’re trying to say, but I wouldn’t say it like that,” Watts said at an even hosted by black tea party darling, Rep. Allen West (R-Florida). West said that blacks have conservative views but don’t vote Republican.

    Watts and West are missing the point. Having a black face at the Republican race-card table never changed the game, and they are proof of it. They are the only ones who don’t realize that they are the punch line to this offensive joke, and the joke’s on them.

  10. INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW: This is a RECORD 55th straight Month of job creation under Obama.. If he makes to 60, will people STILL be yapping about he has been a failure

    • In general, Obama is a failure as a president. In particular, he’s failed to keep promises. He’s failed to live up to his oath, which he took twice. He’s failed to provide national security. He;s failed to surround himself with advisers who had credible governing experience, which is a double failure since he himself had none either. He failed ad is failing in the Middle East, which has permitting the up rise of ISIS. He’s failed to call the war on terror the war on terror! He is a failure, and an embarrassment.

      • On whose watch were more Americans killed by terrorists? Reagan, Bush I, Clinton or Bush II?

        – Ronald Reagan 1981-1989 – Total deaths = 675; per month = 7.4

        — George HW Bush 1989-1993 – Total death = 0

        — Bill Clinton 1993-2001 – Total deaths = 444; per month = 4.6

        — George W. Bush 2001-2009 – Total deaths = 3,075 plus the terror attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq. Count civilian deaths and Bush43’s numbers get to more than 100 a month.

        — Barack Obama 2009-2014 – Total deaths = 7; per month = 0.1

        You were saying about Obama not maintaining national security?

      • He is a failure. Deaths by terrorists is only one measurement of national security, a weak one at that. Tell us that the our southern border is secure.

      • Double the boots on the ground and record immigrant deportations.

        While you and yours keep begging the jihadist to come and kill Americans by crossing the southern border with a dirty bomb, for six years they have failed. You keep telling them – “come on over, the border is open, Obama won’t stop you”, but your dreams of dead Americans never comes true.

        Just another reason it sucks to be a radical like you.

        Why don’t you try being a patriot for once? Quit inviting the terrorist to test out southern border just so you can win some crappy election.

      • Oh ok, civilians, you can add the 9-11 deaths to Clinton. He is the one who refused take Bin Laden out multiple times, while cutting our military in half as well as the intel budget. He did nothing but embolden them by his non actions after the USS Cole, first WTC bombing, African embassy attcks, and the crew up in Somalia.

      • What I posted are facts. We don`t need the stolen classified documents in Sandy Bergers` pants to know that.

      • I was referring to national security breaches that Obama instituted: drastic military budget cuts and firing generals left and right; inviting immigrants to illegally enter our borders and transporting them throughout the country without knowing the identity or origin of these people, and not keeping track of them. This alone put increased strain on our economy, school systems, health care systems, etc.; continued, heavy dependence on foreign oil; the doubling of the price of gasoline since his taking office, and the like.

        To your point, might the lost souls, their families and loved ones, as well as we as a nation, been spared the horror of the attacks to our home land on 9/11/2001, if Clinton had been hawkish, and acted to prevent known terror threats by bin Laden? I wonder! Obama’s death total cited above does not include tens of thousands of Christians and Muslims slaughtered by ISIS as a result of Obama’s purely political promise of bringing troops back from Iraq. A force left in Iraq as advised by Panetta would have served to deter the death march of ISIS through the Middle East. Obama’s death total doesn’t include those occurring now during the bombings in that region? Very experienced Generals have been quoted saying that we will have to reinstall troops in Iraq in order to destroy ISIS! And then there’s Ebola. He’s allowing direct flights from Liberia and other West African points to land at JFK. What doom will this cause?

      • Obama purging the Military?

        Just a myth from the radical right.

        Obama inviting illegals?

        He doubled the boots on the border and has deported more illegals than any other president.

        The strain from 53k captured children hasn’t been a blip on a nation of 380MM and Obama was acting as required by law signed by Bush.

        Doubling the price of gasoline?

        You must be really pissed about Bush increasing it more than 300-percent!

        Gas prices dipped for a week or so, and yet you use that to blame Obama? No credible person thinks that Obama has anything to do with that.

        Your argument are pretty pathetic once you hold them up to light outside the bubble!

  11. Private companies decide to terminate non-compliant plans so they can move people onto compliant plans those private companies offer … and this is Obama’s fault?

    Remember the “Lie of the Year” in 2010 when guys like West said the ACA was a government take-over of healthcare? Well, here’s just more proof that government isn’t pulling the strings, private industry is. I’m sure Obama would love to ride out his term and never have to deal with more plan cancellations, but he’s powerless to keep any company from offering any plan.

    The free market is driving these companies to close those plans early because there is more money in new, compliant plans. What do you have against a free market?

    • Hey stupid. If you have a company paying $8k per years of a $12k policy and can pay a $2k fine if you dump them into Obamacare, WTF would YOU do idiot? Your punk azz POS Obama created this mess. Stop copping Obama’s knob and admit that your boy-toy is responsible for policy cancellations. Your scummy POS POTUS created a cluster-hump program demanding that HE get covered what HE wants covered instead of what people need and/or want. IOW maggot, a govt takeover of HC as we used to know it.

      • Nice insults. Got any facts or cogent argument to go with the hyperbole?

        This is why this conservative hates the radical right-wing … you guys are all hat and no cattle.

      • Yeah you flaming moron! Open wide and say AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH


        The Fiscal Times

        January 23, 2014

        This week, another major U.S. retailer, Target, announced that it will be cutting health coverage for its part-time workers in response to changes stemming from the president’s health care law.

        The Minneapolis-based company now joins the likes of Home Depot and Trader Joes, among others, that have decided to dump part-time employee coverage to save on health care costs.

        Related: Obamacare Fallout: Cut Worker Hours or Drop Coverage

        “Health-care reform is transforming the benefits landscape and affecting how all employers, including Target, administer health benefits coverage,” Jodee Kozlak, Target’s executive vice president of human resources, said in a post on the company’s website.

        The companies say the move benefits their employees, who, with employer-based health insurance, would otherwise not be able to get coverage and subsidies through the exchanges.

        In some cases, that might be true. According to CNN, using the calculator, Trader Joe’s officials estimated that 70 percent of their employees who work an average of 17.3 hours and 29.9 hours per week would pay less for comparable insurance if they switched to a plan on the health exchange.

        Of course, the companies will also save some big money on health benefits.

        – See more at:

      • “officials estimated that 70 percent of their employees who work an average of 17.3 hours and 29.9 hours per week would pay less for comparable insurance if they switched to a plan on the health exchange.”

        Thanks for reminding us – the ACA saves money through the use of exchanges.

        The exchanges are all about the free market – and the free market is working!

      • LOL! Saves who money? How stupid are you in real life? You better look up the income thresholds for qualifying for the ACA.

      • That was from the article you posted. That was the evidence you entered into the discussion to support your argument. Now you want to impeach your own sources?


      • I impeached nothing except your inability to respond to my query. So PROVE that everyone saves money under Obamacare.

      • Let me type slowly: that quote was from what you posted. You posted it because you thought it was authoritative. Now you want us to ignore what you posted.

        You don’t know what it means to impeach your own argument, do you?

      • Give it up TruConMan. The ACA is a buster. O-beat-off said he would make sure everyone was covered by the ACA. He lied. 30,000,000 are uninsured BY DESGIN. And what happened to being able to keep your HC plan if you like it? Moron.

      • Still not enough data to know if you’re trolling or dumb. Comment some more so I can make a determination.

      • Hey TruClod. I am not seeking your approval. I’m trying to get your punk azz off Obama’s jock for YOUR own good. The treasonous Kenyan terrorist screwed millions of people via the ACA. Research my data once you’ve dislodged Obama’s unit from your lips.

    • The “Lie of the Year” in 2009 & 2010 was “If you like your health plan, you can keep it.”

      If Obama wants to bring any corporation into line, he has an entire alphabet soup of harassment agencies to call on. And there’s always the trump card — sic the IRS on “uppity” executives.

      The only reason there’s money in “compliant plans” is because there’s coercion behind the compliance. If the government outlawed, say, hotdogs, then (you’d say) the “free market” is forcing hotdog vendors to move to “new, compliant” foods. There hasn’t been a free market in health care since World War II. Kindly stop blaming the people for the greed & stupidity of government, “TruConserv”.

      Best regards,

      • The lie of the year in 2009 was “ACA has death panels.”

        Your conspiracy theories are amusing, but unsupported by the record. Think you’re right, give us examples of to support your wild-arse claims.

        I use Free Market the same way Milton Friedman uses it – that it is bound by market pressures. If you’re looking for a truly free market, something NO credible economist wants, then yea, you have me. Shame on me for talking in the language of the market, about the market.

      • Two possibilities here:
        1. You’re living in a bubble.
        2. You’re trolling.
        In either case, genuine conversation isn’t going to happen between us.

      • Wow – I’m impressed. Three wingnut news orgs and one right-wing columnist are unhappy with politifact. I guess the truth is there really must be death panels in the ACA!

        Oh, wait, there aren’t.

        Three of your links have no credibility whatsoever. The USNEWS link is to an opinion piece that cites that wingnut claims are more likely to be held as false than liberal claims. An avowed far-right ideologue, he rants how that must be unfair, but offers no proof that it is. Did you even bother to read what you linked to? If that’s the best legitimate news source response you have, you must realize why you’ve failed.

        Here’s my take-away: wingnuts lie, and then whine about getting caught.

        There are no Death Panels in the ACA. It was the lie of the year in 2009. That you can’t admit that it was a lie demonstrates that you’re incapable of participating in an honest discussion – and that’s why I don’t like you.

        I’m actually not a big fan of Obama and have never voted for him. I’m just tired of being linked to nutjobs whenever I try to engage in a defense of conservatism political thought With a wave of a hand and a snap of their fingers the libs throw out just a few of the popular lies the radical right has tried and failed to sell to the American people and proclaim that because the right lied there, the right must lie about everything.

        Seriously, you don’t even have the personal integrity to admit there are no death panels in the ACA – you want to defend that crap AND have people take you seriously.

        Good luck!

      • James Rago won a Pulitzer Prize for a collection of editorials including his criticism of PolitiFact’s 2009 “Lie of the Year” selection. Is that credible enough for you?

        Probably not; you seem to judge by your own perception of bias. Why not try dealing with the specific arguments? It’s pretty easy to see that PolitiFact blew the reporting on its fact check, failing to recognize that Sarah Palin was simply restating a principle stated by economist Thomas Sowell in personal, figurative terms.

        Surprise me by arguing the facts.

      • Employers shouldn’t be involved in providing health care in the first place. Employment is a very chancy and sometimes very temporary thing. Jobs come and go. But health care needs are always there, regardless of a person’s employment situation. In most European countries, there is no such connection between the employer and the provision of health care. Employers should not decide what level of care a person should be offered based on what employers are willing to pay for. Decisions like that should be decided by society in general, in other words, through our Congress. I have much more faith that Congress, with members subject to re-election, will make wise decisions regarding what health care America’s citizens will get, rather than an employer who may be making that decision based on a “cost to business expense” calculation. My health care deserve better than that.

    • Don’t twist the facts. When Obama took office, he was left with an economy that was losing hundreds of thousand of jobs each month. He was given a horrendous situation to deal with and now e have had over 50 months of job growth. Twist that all you want, CheetoBuster. But you CANNOT change the truth.

      • No twisting, it’s all facts! If you are so caught up in your leftist biased rhetoric that you can’t see the truth, don’t blame me.

    • There is nothing “caring” about Republicans who, during the time period when they controlled both houses of Congress AND the White House (during most of the George W. Bush administration), did nothing substantial to help decrease the number of people in our country who were without health care insurance.

      • It was the Democrats, in the FDR administration, who perverted the tax code to force us to get our health insurance thru our employers. That’s why losing your job means you lose your health insurance. Democrat greed & stupidity.

        No was without health CARE. People were without health INSURANCE (see above: Democrat greed & stupidity) & so had to go to an emergency room to get care but care was available, after you waited for all the paperwork to be done. Paperwork that is required because of Washington DC’s addiction to bureaucracy (Republicans & Democrats can share the blame on this one) & of course, greedy trial lawyers (a favorite special interest of the Democratic Party, & such generous donors, too!).

        All of which came about because of politicians who were all about control, while they gave speeches about “caring”. Stop listening to what they say & start researching what they do.

      • I dispute you when you claim, “No was without health CARE”

        The truth is, millions were without BOTH health insurance AND health care. There is a reason why emergency rooms are called EMERGENCY rooms. They are not intended for ordinary health care use. If people had health insurance and could see a doctor regularly, there would be a lot less need to use emegency rooms. Then you talk about, “Paperwork that is required because of Washington DC’s addiction to bureaucracy.” Seems to me that there is a lot of paperwork even when the government isn’t involved. Things need o be verified and documented. Even PRIVATELY OWNED insurance companies want lots of forms filled out …… not just government insurance programs. Then you say, “Let people decide for themselves what kind of health insurance they want’. So then, if they decide to buy a very cheap insurance policy, which covers practically nothing, and if they then get involved in a catastrophic accident or have a catastrophic illnes and their policy pays for almost nothing, THEN WHAT, jeffersonpayne ? Then, YOU and I (taxpayers) get stuck with the bill because the insured was too cheap to buy a decent policy. Is that what you want, jeffersonpayne ? Think things through before you make lame suggestions.

      • Good, Makikijoe, let’s think things thru:
        The cost of health care in this country is driven by a control-freak government & a lawsuit-happy legal system. That’s what drives people to emergency rooms. By contrast, consider cell phones. The government does not force us, thru the tax code, to buy cell phones only thru our employers. Yet, we have an abundance (even an overabundance!) of phones, & even poor folks often have them. That’s because of the (relatively) lesser government paperwork involved. if cell phones were like health care, the Establishment elite would have the latest smartphones, while the rest of us would be waiting for months to get our employer-selected, 10-year out-of-date phone that doesn’t even have a keyboard for texting.
        So, Makikijoe, please wake up & pour yourself a large cup of your preferred caffeinated beverage. There is NOTHING in America where “government isn’t involved”. Even a little girl trying to sell lemonade on the corner gets her chops busted for operating without a license.
        If the political stranglehold on health insurance were broken, then even pretty good health insurance wouldn’t cost overly much. We aren’t “stuck” with the bill for this — POLITICIANS stick us with the bill – in the name of charity – so that they can do what they do best — spend other people’s money to buy themselves reelection. (There’s a reason why big insurance companies didn’t fight ObamaControl — they figured it was a good deal for the government to FORCE people to buy what they sell.)
        But sure, some people will buy very cheap health insurance & then end up having to rely on our charity. And that’s OK because we Americans are very charitable folks. (And if they are embarrassed at having to take charity, well, then that’s incentive to buy sufficient insurance in the future – choice & consequences necessary for freedom.)
        The real difference here is:
        I trust the American people over Washington politicians.
        You trust Washington politicians over the American people.
        What, in the history & nature of politicians, causes you to have such blind faith in them?

      • muckeemuckjoe’s comments below about “taxpayers being stuck with paying the bill because the insured was too cheap to buy a descent policy” is priceless. But the real gem is their comment, “think things through”. ROFL Canada and Great Britain do not have great insurance coverage and… it’s not free. Somebody else is working and paying the taxes so that people like muckeemuckjoe can have medical care. But it’s not free.

    • Actually ……. no. What many of us Democrats wanted was a system similar to what the folks in Canada and Great Britain have. British people and Canadians need NEVER worry about losing their health care coverage for ANY REASON whatsoever. They cannot lose it for merely switching jobs. They can’t lose it for having a pre-existing condition. They can NEVER be denied coverage for any reason at all. Sounds pretty good to me. Also, they manage to cover everybody, by while devoting a SMALLER percentage of their total economy to health care. How ? It’s because their health care systems are more efficient and do not invite fraud, the way the “fee for service’ system here in the United States does. But don’t tell conservatives that. They are too busy hating government to ever admit that sometimes government can do things better than private industry.

    • FYI- The Affordable Care Act (ACA) “Obamacare” WAS a Republican idea! They called it “ROMNEYCARE” & implemented it in Massachusetts when Romney was Gov. It was successful so the Dems thought the rest of the country would like to participate. Dems liking it made the Repubs lose their minds & because Obama liked it, they decided to destroy it, rather than allow the program to help the country & make the Black president look good.

  12. h Allen. You’re steadfast and loyal And wrong.

    Conservatives love to tout the success of Fox News as proof that America is a right-wing nation, but Fox can’t hold a candle to the success of the Affordable Care Act. 7.3 million people have enrolled in the ACA. All total the law is estimated to be providing 26 million Americans with access to affordable healthcare.

    The vaunted number one lineup in primetime cable news is roughly four times smaller than the amount of people who have gotten private health insurance policies from Obamacare. About 26 times more people overall have access to healthcare than watch Fox News’ primetime lineup.

    Fox News is tiny compared to Obamacare. Fox is loud. It influences the Republican Party and the mainstream media, but the top cable news network is a small fish compared to the Affordable Care Act. This simple comparison puts into context how successful the ACA has been.
    There are million of your fellow Americans, Mr. West, who now have health care insurance because of Obama and the Democrats. No thanks to YOU, sir.

  13. We can debate this on a forum, but ultimately, 60% and growing disapprove of Obamacare. It was a nice dream and that is all.

    There is one particular group that have been significantly impacted by this… The working lower and working middle class. Period.

    Aside of interfering with choices and being unconstitutional, Obamacare has little impact on the wealthy. They have the money to work around these speed bumps.

    The entitlement class are getting a free ride, yet most won’t even use it because it may require some out of pocket, and that is not something they are comfortable with.

    The working class are the ones who are being nailed by this. I know, because I am one of them, who has been impacted by increased my monthly premiums, increased copay, increased deductible, resulting in a SMALLER take home out of my pay. The money I used for healthier choices in food, for fuel to commute to work, for pocket change, which no longer exists, used to go back to local businesses, which was my two cents into the local economy. It doesn’t work for me.

    I want this repealed. I want to pay as I go.

    I visit the doctor about 3 times per year. That’s about $115.00 per visit, totaling $345.00 per year. I want to purchase catastrophic coverage only, for $500 – $700.00 per year. Obamacare will not allow this, because it leaves peoples money in their own pockets, under their own control.



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