Must watch: Most powerful message of 2014 midterms [VIDEO]

This short video may just be the most powerful message of the 2014 midterm election cycle. Lousiana State Senator Elbert Guillory, who made the courageous decision to switch from the Democrat party to the Republican, gives his reason why.

You can change the location in the video from Academy Street to any street in the black community and the result is the same — including my own Boulevard Avenue in Atlanta. It’s easy — actually cowardly — to attack Senator Guillory and hurl epithets, which will probably appear in the comments section here – I know them well. However, men and women such as Elbert and myself refuse to be modern-day slaves on the progressive socialist 21st century economic plantation where the harvest is all about votes.

It’s not just Mary Landrieu, but all these progressive socialist white Democrats who offer crumbs from their exquisite table and a government-dependent hammock to lie in forever. Of course, the overseers of this economic plantation who are members of the Congressional Black Caucus — the purported “Conscious of the Congress” — continue to advocate for economic enslavement instead of economic empowerment. They are the true sellouts.

As Booker T. Washington stated, “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

I often refer to Washington as the first black conservative because of his agenda of education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance as a means for the black community to find success and achievement, even under the harsh Democrat policies of segregation and Jim Crow — yep, DEMOCRAT policies. Study your history if you don’t believe me.

So, just remember it was the first black president, Barack Hussein Obama, who cancelled the DC school voucher program. It was the first black Attorney General, Eric Holder, who brought a lawsuit against the State of Louisiana because of its school choice program. And it was avowed socialist Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, who threatened to shut down charter schools, of which one of the most successful was Success Academy in Harlem. And by the way, he was supported by the right Reverend Al Sharpton.

So go ahead, give them your vote, as Obama’s girls attend prestigious Sidwell Friends School. Landrieu lives in a million dollar Capitol Hill home in DC. Sharpton dines at all the high dollar restaurants in New York City (although he apparently eats less these days…)

You, the black community, are stuck there on Academy Streets, all over the decimated inner cities that have been ruled by the masters of the progressive socialist Democrat party. Yep, Elbert and I are indeed “free at last.” During the 2014 midterms, you have a chance to prove if you are as well.


    • Yeah, back then, there were no drug dealers standing on every corner. Kids playing in the street, safe from predators. Dads at home after work, cutting the grass, playing football with the boys in the neighborhood. The Baptist Church down the street packed every Sunday.
      The only crime was white and black kids stealing street signs or climbing the water tower after one too many beers. Kids went to all black schools but they actually graduated with a good education. Today, the graduation rate across La for blacks is barely above 50%.
      We left behind some awful times in our history but unfortunately we also left behind values, morals, and the idea that hard work equals independence. Independence is equality. Dependency is entitlements, and entitlements equal slavery but to a very different looking “boss”…
      Bon jour mon ami…

      • @Cajun_2, good post. And that scene played out all over the country “back in the day”, in many different neighborhoods, black, white, brown, what-have-you. I believe where we “all” went wrong was accepting the attitude of “let the government fix it”. We were all convinced, and it didn’t happen; centralized control never fixed anything. Now we have to reassert (sp) control back at the local and state level. I’ve been “governed” so damned much I don’t know which way is up. As a people we need to begin again to look out for our neighbors.

  1. I am a Conservative,and Have very Right wing Views,But as Much as I would Like to “BLAME HER”,I cannot!!!WHY??Because it is The Peoples Fault that their Neighborhoods are in that Shape!!!!It is Because Those people in those towns Chose to Live in SIN,rather than to Choose GOD and His Ways!!!!There is NO POLITICIAN that can Solve The Problems we have here in AMERICA!!!Let’s STOP Blaming Politicians,REPENT of Our SINS as a Nation ,and Turn BACK TO GOD!!!!He Will Answer us!!!How Many Abortions are Committed in The Black Community??? 6 out of every 10 Babies are MURDERED By Abortion Doctors,{PLANNED PARENTHOOD},WHERE is The OUTCRY From those “POVERTY PIMPS??”Sharpton/Jackson!!!

    • Ok since you want to throw God into this. Politicians hold out the “apple” of welfare to poor people, offering them a lie for their vote. They ARE to blame. They have attacked God’s churches, corrupted His words and twisted history to chase people from God so while you want to blame everyone else but the devil in disguise realize that the only fool you are fooling by claiming to be a Conserve is yourself.

      • I will say to ALL of you that Yes,it is these Progressive DEMONCRATS who “Lure”these people in,BUT it STILL comes Down to Personal Responsibility!!!!That is All I am saying!!Would ANY of You Who Responded to me Be Ignorant Enough to Say that there is a “Political Party”or a Certain Man/Woman Who is Out there that Could Come ANYWHERE CLOSE To Solving The Overwhelming Issues we Have here in The USA??And Yes,I do believe in Choosing GODLY Candidates who will NOT give into the “Elititist Schemes Of Washington DC,But I also know there is a “Bigger Picture”Than The Ballot Box,

      • I’ll give you that. Personal responsibility play a huge role after all they pull the lever. But you know don’t loose hope we were in the mud with Carter and out of nowhere came Ronny and won the 80’s as a decade of awesomeness. Just keep praying for a Godly man. Prayer always works. In the meantime, we have to get those who are standing in the way out of power so go vote in Nov. and support those who have awakened.

    • There may be no politician who can solve it, but at least we can have politicians who do not actively work to make it worse.

      • exactly if they’d stand out of the way like the Founding Fathers wanted them to we the people would be able to fix our own lives. But then there’s no total power in that for them.

    • I will partially blame the democrats.
      We all know the fix for blacks to take control of their neighborhoods, and that is to cut off welfare. Cut off many of the entitlements.
      The DNC could start this, and with 95% of the black votes, be supported by them. They could start campaigns to have kids start pulling up their pants, stop listening to violent filled music, learn that being a father and staying with your child is the greatest thing a man can do, to teach black women to say no, to have children strive for good grades and not gang memberships, etcl.

      The DNC could start a campaign to do all of this and more. But they’re too chickens**t with their political correctness. They’d rather keep the norm.

    • You are missing one major part of the picture. It is rather easy to sit back and say that people must take responsibility for the ills of their community, but you need to realize that the Democratic Party has not simply “failed” the lower socio economic black community, it has “targeted” and “attacked” that community with a viciousness rarely seen in America. The Democrats intentionally implemented policies designed to destroy the black family which had been strong, destroy the religious faith which had been strong in that community, destroy the will to succeed which had been strong in hat community. Jeremiah Wright said that drugs were intentionally introduced into the black community to destroy it I did not see that. but from what I did see I am certain it is true. What Wright fails to say, though, is that it was *his* progressives/Democrats, his “Nation of Islam” that did this. Malcolm X learned of all of this and was killed.

      • Exactly. Just take a look at child support court proceedings in every state. Rarely is the “baby daddy” forced to pay child support more than $25 per month. Because, more than that is counted against her eligibility for welfare, food stamps, rent in public housing and Medicaid. If the child support is too high , the woman can be cut from Medicaid though her children will be covered. But the rent on her projects will go up, food stamps go down. It is designed to keep the family on entitlements and dependency.
        So basically what the system, both legal and entitlements, has done is punish single mothers and reward irresponsible fathers . That is why 75% of all black children are born to single mothers and 65% are born into poverty.

  2. That was Brilliant, absolutely brilliant and every single word 100% true. All a person needs is their own eyes to see the truth of it.

  3. I agree with every thing this man said and would add it isn’t just Black Americans our Government is failing but the vast majority of us. And like he states it isn’t likely to change due to the fact they are not there to help us, they are there to help themselves. I like this and support Lt. Col. West and his direction in our Country!

  4. Allen West you must run for president. We need someone like you in office. I love everything you stand for. Equally, fairly and justly. This was a brilliant post. Hopefully people will begin to open their eyes and see these people for who they are and not make it about race and religion.

    • I WISH elections would be more about content of what they say and success or failure of what they’ve done then about the letter after their name. I knew people who voted for Clinton because of his hair…yeah his hair. They knew NOTHING of his views. NOTHING of what he did in Arkansas. And I loved the ones who said they supported his educational plan but couldn’t tell me what the plan was. All they knew was he had a (D) after his name and that was good enough for them.

      • Remember how the liberal media made fun of Sarah Palin in 2008 because she didn’t know what the “Bush Doctrine” was??? Well, Obama has been in office for almost 6 years and NOBODY knows what the “Obama Doctrine” is, including the liberal media.

  5. Political Junkie here. Col West, I have NEVER seen a more POWERFUL message of truth in my lifetime-68 YOA!!
    Col: Thanks for all your efforts to help our country. (White, Christian, Southern Male)

  6. Awesome ad!
    Says it just how it is, and what the DNC really does to black communities. They destroy them, not build them up.

    • Well, at least they want to keep them down trodden and dependent on the federal government. The Democrat’s war on charter schools that were helping black students get a better quality of education was ONLY because the teachers UNIONS were threatening to stop funding their re-elections. These Democrats care more about protecting the UNIONS to get UNION campaign contributions rather than protect the average American.

  7. Go over to the DNC webpage and look at the entry for “our history”. The very first line has the DNC claiming that “for over 200 years, our party has led the fight for civil rights…”

    Democrats supported slavery, opposed the 13th and 14th Amendments, created the KKK, authored Jim Crow, supported Eugenics and the forced sterilization of “undesirables” which led to the Holocaust, were the greatest champions of segregation (George Wallace, Bull Connor, Sam Ervin, J. William Fulbright, etc.) and racist practices in American history, and engineered the utter destruction of the black family through Johnson’s “Great Society” scheme. Yet, bald-faced, they claim to champion civil rights back to 1814.

    You *literally* have to be stupid to support Democrats.

    • The Dems would tell you all of those southern Democrats became Republicans and all Dems Democrats, blah blah and blah. This is a feeble excuse to excuse their past racism.

      I won’t even touch their current racism.

    • So why doesn’t some conservative PAC put out ads to teach people the true history of the Dems vs Republicans in the arena of Civil Rights? I think there could be some powerful footage from the 1960’s (and earlier) that shows the horrible things going on and the narrator could point out that it was DEMOCRAT Governor George Wallace who did X, and DEMOCRAT Bull Connor, etc. Run these ads on the shows that draw black viewers. EDUCATE the people, because you know they’re not getting this message in school or any other arena.

      • The current bunch of RINOs we have in Congress and running the RNC would be afraid to run ads explaining the truth about government programs destroying black society through dependency because they are afraid the liberal media pundits will call them “racist”.

      • Doesn’t mean a conservative PAC couldn’t do it. They don’t answer to the Cocktail Party GOP goons, nor do they answer to the RINOS in Congress.

      • President Lyndon Johnson was right when he pushed and signed the Civ
        il Rights into law.”I ‘ll have those N#[email protected]#% voting. Democrat for 200 years”.It was all a ploy to garner all the black voters by making them beholden to the Gov,and its still happening.

    • Funny how everyone seems to forget that the Democrats almost singlehandedly blocked the passage of the 13th amendment. Today it’s just another form of slavery… a much worse form. You think you’re free… yet the govt really controls you and your life.

    • Well, our voting districts have been fixed so that she is in an all dem district. She is not in my district so can’t even vote to get her out. Trust me, it is as frustrating for us as those outside of our state.
      And just in the event many bash Elbert Guillory, let me say that I have known Elbert for a very long time. He is a great guy and tries hard to help the black community. But let me tell you how difficult things are down here outside of politics for people like Elbert Guillory. He is of Creole heritage. That is French people of color. He is not of “African American” heritage and I have heard many times that blacks do not support Elbert because he is “not one of us”.. William Jefferson was “one of them” and a crook. Ray Nagin was one of them and a crook. Mary Landrieu’s brother is Mayor of New Orleans, a major democrat city with a large black voter population. New Orleans is not like the rest of the state for one reason is that the last republican Mayor of NO was in 1872. And look at the mess they are in, very much like Chicago and Detroit.
      And just to throw this in , please, whoever is reading this, do not consider Bobby Jindal a conservative. He is a self serving RINO just like McCain, Graham, McConnell.

      • Mary Landrieu is a SENATOR, not a Representative. That means her name is on the ballot statewide. Each state has 2 Senators and Mary Landrieu is one of 2. Only Representatives have districts. If you live in Louisiana, anywhere in Louisiana, you have an opportunity in the next few weeks to NOT vote for her out.

      • Not quite. There are State Senators and US Senators. Each state has only two US Senators but can have many State Senators based on the number of districts it has. Louisiana has 39 State Senators. Mary Landrieu, however, is a US Senator.

      • Like every state, all 57(/s) we have TWO US Senators. But unlike every other state, we have two clearly identified districts.
        The state is divided in half from Ark border to the gulf. Landrieus district has been gerrymanded to cover very democratic area. She will have a difficult time but only if the democrats in that area have had enough of her.

        Here ya’ go again, Check this site out. The red line from north to south is the 2 VOTING districts for US Senators. Landrieus territory is to the right side of the red line. If you do not live in that area, you cannot vote in the coming election regarding the Senate race.
        We are not like other states. I keep telling you that but you assume I am uneducated. And you know what they say about assumptions…

      • Again, your map is only showing the 6 districts for your 6 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The line down the middle is only in your imagination because it’s only part of the 6 districts. It has absolutely nothing to do with your U.S. Senate race. I challenge you to vote this year so you can learn how U.S. Senators are elected and that’s by every voter in your entire state. Boy are you going to be embarrassed.

      • Seeing how the topic was U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, one would assume that the topic was the U.S. Senate race and NOT the state Senate race.

      • Seeing as how you took it upon yourself to correct cajun_2, who veered slightly off topic, I offered to round out your explanation, without the ALL CAPS.

      • FYI, it’s part of an ongoing debate between cajun_2 and me. He thinks that U.S. Senate seats are chosen by districts. He thinks the state of Louisiana is divided in half, into 2 separate districts. He says he is not able to vote for or against Landrieu because she is not in his district. Thats why he says of Landrieu “She is not in my district so can’t even vote to get her out.” I guess he’ll find out if he votes in this year’s election that she and her opponent are on the ballot statewide.

        Since when does one word in a comment being in caps equate to “ALL CAPS”???

      • Hate to tell you this but YOU ARE WRONG. In La we do not have open state wide elections for senate. We have two districts for Congressional Senate like every other state. One is held by an R, David Vitter, I live in his district. Landrieu’s district is the eastern and southern half of the state and I do not get to vote for or against her in that district.

        State senate and representatives are by districts as well. Elbert Guillory lives in my district.

        The state is divided into two districts basically half the state. The red lines also show that Landrieu’s district is also cut and paste. Her area is mostly democrat. The west side of the state, (that’s the left side of the red line) is very conservative and that seat is held by Vitter.
        We are not like other states , politically nor culturally, so our elections are unique and annoying as well.

      • Baloney, cajun-2. Your state has an “open primary” race. Google “open primary” because it would take too long for me to explain it to you. Primary races are the how they decide who will be on the November ballot. The U.S. Senate race, no matter what state you live, in is a statewide race and every voter in the state is included in that election, just as every voter in your state can vote for your governor.

      • Let’s try this again. We do not have state wide Senatorial elections. We have two distinct senate districts. ONE is held currently by Landrieu. I do not live in HER designated district lines. I cannot vote for nor against the witch. The ballot in her district is an open ballot and everyone of her opponents are on that ballot.

        Listed on the ballot.
        Mary Landrieu D
        Wayne Ables D
        Vallian Senegal D
        Bill Cassidy R
        Thom Clements R
        Rob Manness R
        Brandon McMorris Libertarian

        Instead of having separate votes for D’s and R’s, it is an open primary with ALL candidates on the ballot. That is almost guaranteed a win for Landrieu .

        Look on the map I posted. Her area she “represents” is the eastern part of the state. The other “district” covers the western part of the state. That district does not have a US Senate election until 2016 when Vitters term is up..
        YOU ARE WRONG. Study La again. I live on the west side of that RED LINE in the map I posted. I CANNOT VOTE IN THE ELECTION FOR LANDREIUS SEAT.
        We are not like other states. How many times do I have to tell you that.???

      • Just because there is an “open primary” or a “jungle primary” doesn’t mean Louisiana’s U.S. Senators have districts. U.S. Senators represent your entire state in Congress and will be elected on statewide ballots. There is NO “district” for a U.S. Senator. The reason why you aren’t voting on BOTH U.S. Senate seats in this election is because U.S. Senators have 6 year terms and David Vitter was re-elected in 2010. He won’t be up for re-election again until 2016. It has nothing to do with “districts” and everything to do with U.S. Senators not being re-elected during the same campaign year.

        Apparently you didn’t do very well in school when studying history, civics, social studies or government.

      • How many times do I have to tell you this?
        Those of us who live in the western part of the state CANNOT vote in the coming election because our TWO US SENATORIAL seats are designated SEPERATE districts. The purpose in doing this is when La went republican, the democrats in power had to make sure that at least one of our two US Senators would always be a democrat.
        OUR Senatorial elections are NOT state wide elections. Look at the map I posted again. The red line from North La all the way down to NO is the separation between the two districts. Landrieu on the right(east) ,Vitter on the left(west). Half the state of La will NOT be allowed to vote for or against Landrieu or anyone on that ballot that I also posted.

      • I dare you to go out and vote this year. You are going to be so surprised at how wrong you are when you see Mary Landrieu’s name on your ballot. Federal law pertaining to how U.S. Senators are elected require statewide elections for U.S.Senators because they represent your entire state in the U.S. Senate. Your state can’t reject federal law.

      • We can’t reject federal law? Ha…we do it all the time. The feds have taken us to court 5 times in the last 3 years. Oh and we won 4 of those 5 lawsuits. Regarding voter Id and other issues but the only one we lost was “gay marriage ban”…

      • You are referring to state issues that have not made their way to the U.S. Supreme Court, whereas the method by which U.S. Senators are elected by ALL voters in your state is due to the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and has been in place since 1913.

      • Your site has nothing to do with the 17th Amendment and the federal law requirements that ALL voters select your U.S. Senators. Deflection?

      • You denied that the 5 lawsuits against La had to do with federal law….DOI was imposing oil and gas drilling moratorium with no basis. The Federal Judge found Salazar in contempt.
        Sometimes states rights DO over ride Federal regulations.
        On the election…stay tuned.

      • It’s one thing to file a suit against a department of the federal government. It’s an entirely different thing to suggest that your state is fighting the 17th Amendment. To pass or change an Amendment to the Constitution, it must first be passed by two thirds of the U.S. Senate, by two thirds of the U.S. House of Representatives and then must be ratified by at least two thirds of the state legislatures as well.

        If you don’t know the difference in a law suit against a federal bureau and trying to change an Amendment to the Constitution, you must have flunked history, civics, social studies and government classes. Clearly you are not very well educated.

      • From Wikipedia

        Elections to the Senate are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even-numbered years, Election Day, and coincide with elections for the House of Representatives.[20] Senators are elected by their state as a whole. In most states (since 1970), a primary election is held first for the Republican and Democratic parties, with the general election following a few months later. Ballot access rules for independent and minor party candidates vary from state to state. The winner is the candidate who receives aplurality of the popular vote. In some states, runoffs are held if no candidate wins a majority.

        Please not, cajun_2, where is says “Senators are elected by their stat as a whole.” It’s federal law and your state abides by this federal election law.

      • Again, you are looking at a map showing the 6 districts for the 6 U.S. Representatives in your state. All of those candidates will be on a statewide ballot. If one candidate does not get at least 50% of the vote, there will be a statewide run-off race in December between the top 2 candidates.

        Apparently, you have never voted in the past or you’d know that you CAN vote for Landrieu. I challenge you to get out and vote this year just so that you can see that your U.S. Senators are elected in statewide elections because Landrieu will be on your ballot. What you don’t seem to grasp is that elections for U.S. Senators is statewide because they represent your entire state, just like your governor does. This is due to federal laws pertaining to how U.S. Senators are chosen, meaning that your state is required by law to hold statewide elections for U.S. Senate seats.

        I’m becoming bored with this thread and the fact that you are so wrong and won’t admit it. I just dare you to actually go out and vote this year and it’ll prove my point.

      • The map site you referenced is the U.S. House of Representatives’ districts for your state. Honestly, cajun_2, there are NO districts for Senators. Congress is made up of the U.S. House of Representatives (Louisiana has 6 Representatives, therefore your map shows those 6 districts) and the U.S. Senate (every state has 2 chosen in statewide elections). One day, when you recognize how wrong you are, you are going to be really embarrassed.

        As someone who has had family living in New Orleans since the mid 1870s, I know that Louisiana is unique with its parishes and Napoleonic Laws. I am not lying to you. I’m only trying to open your eyes to the reality that ALL voters in your state choose your U.S. Senators as every state does. This is written in federal law, not state law.

      • Last time.
        La is not like other states. the state of La will vote on Nov 2nd and Landrieu and her opponents will NOT be on t he ballot for half the state.
        As soon as the official ballots are published, I will post a copy so you can apologize.

      • I’m afraid you’re going to be really disappointed when you see the ballot because your state can’t alter the federal laws on how U.S. Senators are elected and they require U.S. Senators to be elected by ALL voters in the state.

      • Thanks for your comments, Cajun. It helps to have people comment who are in the districts in question, who have to live with the results of other people’s votes. I wasn’t aware that Jindal was a RINO, because all I ever hear about him is that he’s so conservative.

      • He is conservative on some issues but he has made some serious mistakes regarding Teachers, Law Enforcement, State Employees Pension plans and Health coverage. All of them, he has removed surplus so that he could balance the budget leaving those state constitutionally mandated programs in deficits. A one time fix is to make him look good but over time will devastate those pension programs that were all run efficiently and had a surplus. Especially the state employees health program that will now be a heavy burden to those retired.
        The one thing he has done well is deal with the idiots at FEMA and other Fed agencies trying to destroy our own efforts to protect our water ways, (over 35k of them), our wildlife, coastal areas, hurricane and flood prevention. There are many problems he has to deal with. For instance, Colorado and Wyoming have higher % of revenue from oil and gas than does La. Theirs is almost 50% .. Why is that? The felon known as Edwin Edwards, former governor(D),, is the one who made those agreements. The feds over regulating and limiting oil and gas has caused a serious drop in revenue. We believe that was deliberate by Obama. But it is causing a serious financial deficit for the state.
        He has had DOJ also file 5 different lawsuits, which we have won 4 of them, to fight our laws on different issues. It’s not all Jindals fault because Obama has targeted La since he came in office.

  8. 99 years later….Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson.

    As Booker T. Washington stated, “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

  9. I am so glad to see someone open their eyes to the self destructive nature of the majority Black voter and do his best to present the facts to the average voter.

  10. hahaha… that ad was hysterical.
    That ad just did everything that wackos like Allen West accuse the Democrats of doing.

    “Vote for me because I’m black! Don’t vote for the rich white lady!”

    Race card and class warfare card all in one ad

      • Which is exactly what the Dems stand for..devision! I hope the Black Community think long and hard about what they want and would serve them better!!

      • Next time we “THINK” the dims are playing the race card?! That card was worn to a fuzzy rag since they overused it so much–every danged DAY!!! No “think” about it; they HAVE nothing else, & because they cried “wolf” ‘way too often decades ago, they don’t REALLY even have THAT! LOL!

        =We= KNOW we aren’t racist (& no-one ELSE’S opinion matters), so we just ignore this kind of twaddle, even laugh at it, ’cause it’s pretty pathetic….. Too bad you guys have NOTHING else. Take up knitting, or something productive.

        People are catching on, finally, & that’s why Congress & BO have SUCH low poll numbers, now. People see through their smoke & mirrors!

        “Race card.” Hah!

    • Brendan, you’re a typical uninformed liberal Democrat. This video is made by Lousiana State Senator Elbert Guillory and he is NOT running against Mary Landrieu. Mary Landrieu’s opponent is Bill Cassidy. Get a clue.

      • Down-vote for seeing what you want to see in the video, and not what it actually says, and for not eating your proper share of crow when called out for your mistake.

        In answer to your question; yes, it is ok to point to the incumbent’s failings, and suggesting that the incumbent doesn’t deserve your vote anymore — the video doesn’t even tell you who to vote for, just who to vote against.

      • So not being black is a failing? and being rich is a failing?
        Of course the video doesn’t tell you who to vote for. I looked it up. It’s an outside PAC that skirts around election laws that put that commercial together

        In La alone, the Senate Dem Pacs are spending almost $8million to make sure Landrieu gets re-elected. So the Koch brothers joined in but spending a lot less than the various dem PACS
        The democrats, and Soros groups, are terrified that Landrieu will lose so spending record amounts with terrible nasty ads against her opponents.

        $1million being spent anti Landrieu, $6million anti republican.

        Disturbing to us because so much interference and influence coming from outside the state. Which means, best interest of La is not the priority.

      • ‘”Vote for me’
        Guillory is not running up for election. FAIL. You have already heard that and, apparently, don’t even know how to use google to verify it. FAIL AGAIN.

        ‘because I’m black!’
        While Guillory is black, Bill Cassidy, the GOP opponent in this race, is white. So, the vote isn’t “because he’s black”. FAIL

        “Don’t vote for the rich’
        Her father was the mayor of New Orleans and the HUD secretary. She probably has family money behind her. Yet, you wouldn’t know that from the video because her family wealth is never mentioned. The only thing the video says is that she is living well at the expense of her constituents. The video asks you not to vote for her because she is grievously and unremorsefully taking advantage of her constituents, not simply because she is rich; it accuses her of being a thief. Class warfare??? FAIL.

        ” white lady!” It is apparent that the incumbent is a white woman, but Guillory never indicates that should be a reason to vote against her. Are you really suggesting that Guillory is using her race and gender against her because he had the audacity to (gasp) show her actual image? Get real! FAIL.

        ‘Race card’. FAIL, see above.
        ‘ and class warfare card all in one ad.” FAIL

        Another down-vote for being told you were wrong and to research a little but then not conducting adequate research, but continuing to insist you aren’t wrong.

        BTW, please share how a PAC breaks the law and no one gets prosecuted for it. I’m sure the DOJ would take up the cause.

      • I love you. Too old to bear your first born, but I’m there in spirit. THANK you for exposing that cretin. Thumbs up!!!

  11. Just wondering, but isn’t this the lady who doesn’t even live in the state she represents? IIRC, she doesn’t live there, but her parents do and she uses their address or something like that

  12. Ignorance is bliss. Black, white, and brown, there are people who will never learn that by taking “help” constantly, and continue to blame others for their issues, will remain down; will always live life with their hands out. Great message, and I think the quote from Booker T Washington couldn’t be more accurate!

  13. The BLK community is stuck on Academy Street? Funny, all the blacks people I know live in the suburbs and look down at the black community of live in the ghetto. Is this the election tactics for black reps? To play the democrats blame game- THE DEMOS ARE KEEPING BLKS DOWN? Sorry, but blks are keep themselves down. Nobody is forcing you to take $$, demote education, have sex without protection, create a society of fatherless children. The demos are not holding a gun against blks heads to take entitlements. This is just the black republican smoke screen-Point fingers with no solutions or plans.
    * Obama, like every other US president with young kids, has sent their kids to private schools. (epx Cater who sent Amy to public). Or is this another example of “Obama is the first”?
    * The Republicans let the south pass Jim Crowe laws and did nothing to stop them. (despite the 14 Amendment clearly guaranteeing equal protection to former slaves)
    *Vouchers are different than charter schools
    Hey Black republicans, why didn’t any black person in Ferguson notice there were only 3 blk cops and one blk councilmember until after Brown got shot? I bet no blacks ever showed up to country council meetings.

    • The democrats passed the jim crow laws, the republicans had nothing to do with it.

      I do agree with you that blacks are responsible for allowing their enslavement by the democratic party. If they were not complicit the dems would not be in power. Blacks have allowed themselves to be placed on the democrats government plantation, being told that they are to stupid to take care of themselves, so the dems have to do it for them.

      You get what you vote for, and blacks have consistently voted for the dems, and therefore, for the poverty that they live in. People not in poverty will not want nor need the dem base, whose only mantra for blacks, gays or any other supposed victim are “We are here to help”. No victims, no democratic party.

      As for the republicans, there are some that you can not distinguish from the dems. They are just as corrupt, and they have to go.

      • Sorry, dool, but the reps were more interested in unifing the country after civil war, than helping former slaves. The millions of illiterate, unskilled blacks were marginally protected. The south were forces to ratify the c14 adnedment, but found other ways to limit blacks freedom. Reps did nothing.
        Please name ONE black republican civil rights leader of modern times -post 1960? Or white rep civil rights leader?

      • The Republicans gained cloture to pass the 1964 civil rights amendment after a 75 day democrat-party filibuster. Every Republican who voted for cloture in 1964 was a civil rights leader of modern times post-1960.

      • Funny how no republicans never made made of that EVER!!! Like Goldwater and Nixon NEVER mentioned the republicans help in passing the civil rights bill during their campaigns or during Republican Party platforms in the 1960, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or even today.

      • Johnson a Dem signed civil right legislation, but was shamed into it by Republicans. You may have a bit of a problem finding the words he used to describe what the Dems decided to do… Something along the lines of “If we give these (N-word) a few dollars now we will have them eating out of our hands forever.”

        You don’t find many people willing to talk about it because the low education sheeple all believe that Dems are for blacks. Bringing it up is fruitless.

      • Funny, you reps love using that quote but have no info if it’s real. The journalist, Ronald Kessler, who heard that quote from un named person who over heard that quote told to 2 congressman sitting with LBJ. Are you kidding me? That won’t stand up in court, but you fools think it’s gospel. WHo, WHo and when????

      • You have all the time in the world. Your argument just fails when you run up against someone who knows the facts. Like most so called “progressives”, once your first few rejoinders are rebutted, you start with the name calling. At least be honest with yourself: you don’t really wish me “peace”. Like most marxists, you’d like to load me in a freight car and ship me to camp.

    • Democratic POLICIES are keeping blacks down. Democratic POLICIES have destroyed the inner cities like Detroit. They have killed businesses and made it harder for blacks to find employment. Obama is the vilest president we have ever had or are you too blindly following this evil man to notice?

      • Answer: Too blindly following to notice. It’s also a bit of shell shock. Imagine trying to wrap your head around having voted for this idiot.

      • Never did that; saw through the communist from the get-go. I have an excellent imagination, but even _I_ have trouble dealing with the utter blindness of those who–knowing NOTHING of his thuggish history–voted for him…& as for doing so TWICE?! Are there really that many brain-dead folks in this country?

        I suppose in part, I could blame the NEA, who have forbidden schools from teaching proper history, socioeconomics, civics, ethics & yes–MORALS (gasp! The =horror!=).

        Blacks used to have it together, & were moving to better realms…but so many decades of living on the Demonrat Plantation has made them FORGET how important school is, or learning patriotism, or self-reliance…in short, ANY of the things that WERE giving them a steady rise. They have become slaves, & many who fought against such–blacks included–must be spinning in their graves. Sad.

    • Look at any city or state in America run by democrats for more than 8 years and you can see the results of liberalism. Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago come to mind. Democrats created this fiasco and are responsible for it. Progressives have been progressing America into poverty for decades through the dumbing down of education since the days of Dewey. We can see the results everywhere we look in this welfare state. Party on and go back to your slumber America. Soon your money will run out, the party will be over, and you will live the rest of your life in poverty. Meanwhile those who work while you sleep and party will live their lives in stability. Then you will become jealous of their wealth and desire to take it from them.

    • You know nothing of La history so knock off your racist bs.
      Where Guillory lives, (we call them Parishes), the mayor, the council, the chief of police, the Sup. of School Board, district and city judges are all BLACK.

      • Let me try to give you a short history of La. The French held La territory for over 100 years until 1803 when they “sold” La to the US government and we became a state.
        Before that, the French empire put into power, French citizens from other areas of the world here in La. The majority of them were designated as “free people of color”. Because of their French heritage from French held territories, they were called CREOLES. They had the money, power, land. Several of them were so rich and large landowners, they were the biggest slave owners in the La territory (which reached all the way to Montana).
        In 1751, French Acadianes (whites) were exiled from Nova Scotia in Canada by the British because they would not pledge allegiance to the British crown. They were sent out to sea without food, water, and separated family members. Thousands died. In fact, many that made it to land at Plymouth Rock were slaughtered as they came ashore because the pilgrims could not feed them. Many of the Acadians made it safely to New Orleans. They were French also but not allowed to stay in the area because they were considered by the “Creoles” to be “bas clas” which translates to “peasants”.
        So the Acadians,, also part of the CREOLE heritage, became known as Cajuns. They settled along the northern part of the Mississippi River and moved west toward an area known as the Basin and the prairie. Today it is called Acadiana. A part of Louisiana that is known for its Cajun culture.
        Back to New Orleans. The Creoles did not deal well with the Africans. They were considered to be uneducated and lessor beings by the Creoles. They had no problem with having African slaves … One of the people who ran the Slave Auctions in New Orleans was a woman known as Marie LaVeaux. She is remembered by most as the “voodoo queen” but actually she , a free woman of color, was the woman in power in New Orleans and ran the slave auctions.
        The reason I needed to share that is because Elbert Guillory is a CREOLE. As am I. He is of French heritage from the settlers in La French held Islands sent to La Territory and I from the French Acadians from Canada who were exiled to French held La Territory..
        But here in La, the black population does not consider those like Guillory “one of them”. It doesn’t matter the color of his skin. He is not of African heritage and therefore will not be accepted by blacks except by other creoles because of both sides being of French heritage. All of us of French heritage are all creoles but the white creoles are known as “cajuns’.
        The black creoles are not well received by the African American blacks here though that has changed for the better as time passes and younger generations lose that cultural identity.

      • My question again, how is the LA BLACK expire nice diff from Blks around the country? Poor is poor. Corrupt is corrupt . Last is lazy

      • Wow! That’s quite a history lesson. I did not learn any of that in school. That’s fascinating.

      • We have many native American tribes. Then came the Spanish, then the French, the Creoles, the African slaves. Then we had many of the Germans running from the Nazi’s, we have a large population of Irish, and then Vietnamese during the war because we have similar climate and geology.
        We are a very diverse state and very different from other states. So many talk about racism in the south but we don’t see a lot of that here because we have so much diversity..;-)
        La history is very interesting and it also makes the race baiters liars . The French Creoles are also the ones that started the first black brigade for the confederates during the civil war because they did not want to lose ownership of their slaves But that’s another story..LOL
        Glad you enjoyed it.

    • This is like having a conversation about apples and you come in and start talking about oranges. obama does massive damage to Blacks because they are facing hard cultural shock in neighborhoods without employment. Does he help them? he brings in hoards of illegals and gives them special priority. Get your history right about who supported Jim Crow laws. It boils my blood when people run down Black people because it usually is putting all of them in one category. Some of the politest, kindest, most spiritual people I have known are Black.

      • You know nothing about black American, so zip it.
        . You need to get your history right dear. The republicans after the civil war were more interested in unifying the country and let the racist southerns pass black codes , ( pre jim Crowe laws).
        I did not group blacks into one group. Look at my post.

    • Hehe…down below the Boudreaux-Dixon line (Alex) she is being called, “bayou degradable”…can’t wait to see her gone.

  14. Don’t think so small & be misled.

    It’s not about color, it’s about the haves & the have nots. Power doesn’t have a color.

    The sooner you realize that blacks don’t matter, nor whites, nor browns, nor yellows, nor ANY color, the sooner you’ll realize this is all just division to keep our attention off the ones who have it all. Like flak from a jet warding off missiles while the jet races away to safety.

    We are not black humans, or white humans, etc.

    We are humans who are black, & humans who are white, etc.

    *THIS* is the problem. We put color first, & it’s wrong.

  15. All people need to *stop* looking to the government to “fix” problems. Senator Guillory’s points are well taken, however, if the black communities are just looking for a different politician to supply more hand outs, they are missing the point. No government will ever save anyone.

    You want your community to be better? Forget global thinking–do something useful in your own community. Help your neighborhood. Quit looking to the government.

  16. No doubt, The progressive left wants to enslave ALL. Unlike the days of old. Where chains and beatings were used on blacks. Then KKK was created and used to intimidate both blacks and white republicans. Today’s democrats use entitlements as those tools of old. Democrats STILL demonise blacks more so than whites or any color of skin. Progressive left are Hoping we ALL say “Yes Master” to the Democrats. I NEVER will! nor do want to see anybody else.

  17. Allen, I don’t have to be black to agree with this. I totally understand this, agree, and wish more people would bring up these issues about politicians who use the poor, underprivileged, and needy to get elected, and re-elected, just for their monetary, and popularity, gain. It has always sickened me.. Expose these politicians on the spot.

  18. There are more programs, agencies, initiatives, scholarships, hand outs and hand ups for minorities and the underprivileged in this country that at any other time in our history. I’m not saying that people are choosing to remain poor, but these programs are not being utilized. Why? The financial assistance, housing assistance, healthcare, etc are being used. Why?

    Education is failing kids? The information is being offered and put out there, but what some don’t realize, is that an education is not something you’re given. It is something you take. Children who are not in the classroom, cannot learn. Then why are there so many kids roaming the streets with spray paint in their hands while the neighborhood and the pundits say that the schools have failed them? Really?

    As for Ferguson and that there are only three back police officers in the department, why aren’t more minorities taking the entry exams for the academies? Why aren’t there more taking the fire department training? Or, other city and/or state jobs? The financial assistance and, when appropriate, tutoring are right there for the taking.

    Your government will not save your beheiney. Get out there and do something about it yourself.

  19. Don’t always make this a “black” issue. We have plenty of whites, Hispanics, and others who grew up in poverty and came out of the “projects” that still exist. There’s one way out, and it’s not through government assistance. You have to have the opportunity to get out and get a job, or get some training, or get an education. The government, especially under this Administration, has stolen opportunity and replaced it with food stamps, has replaced it with an influx of illegal immigrants who steal the jobs, and made education affordable for only the wealthy.

    • So let a white leader get up and swing the bat the way this man is doing for his black brothers and sisters. God bless him. I am white and grew up in extreme poverty. But this man didn’t know me. He knows Academy street and sees the injustice from this pig in her mansion and those like her. He is trying to wake us all up from the stupidity of voting for liars like Mary Landfill.

      • I don’t care WHAT color someone is who speaks for me. I don’t need a “white guy” just because _I_ look white. Just give me a patriotic American with good common sense, a knowledge of history, & some experience in my KIND of problems, that’s all.

        Just sayin’…. 🙂

    • While Barack Obama “the champion of poor black people” lives and travels like a king, which he so much would like to be, “his people” get nothing. The Blacks have never been truly helped by the Democrats, only tossed a morsel now and then from the Party’s banquet table. Wake up folks. You need a Persident and people in Congress, like Elbert Guillory and others, who will help you find a job not just give you food stamps. People who will help you up not just put you down. It is time for a change. Enough promises. A hand out is not enough you need a hand up. You can find that in the Republican Party. You have been Democrat slaves long enough. Celebrate your independence from the plantation master. Vote Republican

      • Or at least not dimorat, which is really only the socialist party, now. Independent candidates can be good–study their positions & experience. Some Republicans–Trey Gowdy comes to mind, first–are still trustworthy, but beware of RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). They can be (& some are) actually progressives (socialists), & as corrupt as any dimorat.

        Since the Dims booed God at their national convention, I have totally sworn off them–even good individuals. If any exist (& they used to), they need to get OUT of the party & either go GOP or independent.

        SOME Libertarians I like, though we differ on a few things. Still, I’d take almost ANY Libertarian over the commies in charge right now! At least I KNOW they love this country, & don’t want it to be “brought down” to the level of the third world, “transformed” into something hideous.

    • Fully agree Frank – a note on education in America if I might. It’s the Federal Government’s involvement that has created the high cost in our education system. If government student loans were not available, the cost of education would drop like a rock. But as it is, billions of tax payer dollars are being squandered through fraud and abuse while our children attend colleges and universities that teach socialism. In short, this Nation is going broke over socialistic programs that teach socialism at tax payer’s expense.

  20. It’s really sad when the enslaved can’t see their enslavement. Because they only see s!avery as shackles and whips not looking to the PTB to throw them a scrap or two.

  21. the liberal progressives will hate this video because they hate the truth and anyone who is beneath them (which is everone but them). liberal progressives believe that they are superior.( liberal progressive= democrats in congress).

  22. Heart breaking video. Can we finally get up the courage to break the real chains that bind us? Can we break the chains of the Democrat Plantation and finally be FREE AT LAST???

  23. Pass this video around, what he is saying pertains to all the Democrats in Congress, and the RINOs and the enablers in Congress who just sit quietly while Obama and his crooked crew run through a flood of laws and regulations that are killing off small American businesses, stifling expansion in large companies and killing off the middle class.

  24. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you very much Senator Elbert Guillory for speaking simply truth. Very humbling and honest, not letting down anyone but the politician. Hope she is replace with someone who has the people in his/her heart all times.

  25. That is definitely powerful message and he is very right and one thing also that bother me when the democrat start campaigning they always say they are for for poor . I would agree with Senator Guillory because that is exactly the truth …

    • they are for the poor until they see the money rolling in that is supposed to go to said poor, then they just cant help but stuff 75 % of it into their own pockets.

  26. This left me with a chill and shiver…. his words are so down to earth… so clear is his message but is anyone listening yet???? If Not now, when? What will it take to get you to open a history book and read the truth… the History of The United States… of Europe and then go further back to Turkish / Middle East History, The Roman Empire… etc. pick a once great nation, any super power and realize what they are doing today!

  27. This was no simple or easy decision for you, I am sure, Senator Guillory. But now, you can be a point rider for others that have completely lost their way, their moral compass and that have been misled for decades, in black churches, schools, neighborhoods, and yes, Planned Parenthood clinics.

    My heart aches for my African American son, who bought into the “democrap” in college, in order to gain acceptance into groups like AAMASU. He didn’t have the time to study who or what BHO was, coming down the road. He was running track, keeping his grades on honors and working as a dorm resident assistant, and he bought into it. He has always been conservative in his values and morals, but he was seduced in order to fit in, and to feel proud for his own African American heritage. So, he supported BHO as our first black president.

    In 2008, many people were too lazy and too busy to really feel BHO, to listen to him and look into the things that he stands for, or to register the sad story of his upbringing. I know what would have happened to my son, had I dropped him off with white grandparents to be reared in a foreign community, with no center, no father or mother, no ethnic family community. POTUS or not, Barry is one hurting, twisted little boy, hungry for acceptance and love. His mother abandoned him, and his father was a Muslim and a drunk, who also abandoned him. His step father couldn’t have been good for him, or he would not have been sent to live with his grandparents. If he were not doing incredible damage to us all on a daily basis, I would feel sorry for him. Now, he is simply a Muslim bully/wimp, waiting to face the music of Trey Gowdy any day now.

    Like a woman who settles for a bad man, and because she wants so badly to have a husband, family, financial security, the great majority of blacks have ignored all the red flags. However, as soon as you saw the ruse, you got out of it, Senator! Shine your light brightly, so that others can also see what you see now, so that all blacks can use their incredible gifts to make new their communities, family ties and to secure their freedom and true happiness in America. Many blacks are now able to do this, who believe in working and studying hard. My son did it, on his own, in getting two business degrees and having only about $7500 in loans to pay off after 5 years of college. Fortunately, my son has gotten involved with a black chamber of commerce in Seattle, and is starting to question his former stand on politics. I pray that he is beng led in a good way.

    Surely this emulation of criminals and horrible, immoral behavior is getting blacks nowhere fast. Surely, killing unborn babies to the point of racial extinction is not the goal of African American culture. Our ship called “The Republic” is no longer listing, it is flipped upside down. Blacks must accept responsibility for their part in sinking our ship.

    The good news is, black conservatives are on the rise, with powerful black leadership like LTC West, Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Mia Love and a host of others. My congratulations and prayers go with you, Senator Guillory! Flip the ship! There is nothing to it but to do it!

  28. I can never understand how it is that the Black folks in this country can vote democrat almost exclusively time after time after time and expect the dems. to actually come through with their promises to coddle them and placate them. why would any adult vote for a party who basically tells them, “vote us in and we will take care of you for the rest of your lives”…. Knowing full well what it means is, “Vote us in and yeah, we’ll throw you a bone here and there but there’s no way in hell we are going to give you nearly enough to live on, or that we are going to solve YOUR problems or that we are going to GIVE you anything of real value for the betterment of your own lives”. Voting for the party who is against business, against the working man and woman getting the full amount of their pay, pretending to care for the poor or disadvantaged when in reality, they are taking the $$$ they say they are collecting for you and keeping most of it for themselves is just ludicrous! Yes the Repubs aren’t that much better but hey, they wont lie to you and tell you things you want to hear just to get your votes, they wont promise to wipe your butts and change your diapers, and they will NOT promise hand outs and freebies because you don’t have a job. they will do what they can to insure business stays in the country, the state, the town so you and many others can actually go get a job and make a living and have the self respect and pride you deserve.

  29. I am a Republican but allow me to say that it is about time that the conservative Blacks come out of their prayer closets and put boots on the ground. stand in the face of the deniers of what is right and let them with love that they to can be free at last.

  30. This man deserves huge praise for his honesty and upfront voice against democrats who have held the poor hostage by the big government.

  31. This Guy Is Right On, and I Hope People Listen! Black, White, or whatever color!
    Most of these Politicians Don’t Care about You, It’s Just Your Vote! So Vote Them OUT! Obama said “Change” But I guess He didn’t say, Better or Worse! But We Did Get Change. How’s that Working Out?


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