On the road again to support conservatism

Greetings everyone. I’m heading out with my helmet bag packed for a five-day excursion where I hope to see some of you out and about.

This evening I’ll be speaking in Danbury Connecticut at the Matrix Conference & Banquet Center for the Danbury Republican Town Committee. The topic of discussion for the evening will be “A Celebration of the US Constitution” — as you know this month we remembered the 227th birthday of the signing in Convention of the Constitution, September 17, 1787. And Danbury, CT has an important part in the establishment of one of our first amendment rights of our nation. Friday I’ll be spending some quality time at the Fox News headquarters in New York City — and will sneak in a Central Park run in the morning.

Saturday it’s down to the eastern shore of Maryland for some events to support the State GOP in Salisbury — looking forward to visiting with some college Republicans because we need to demonstrate our desire to secure the American dream for them. That evening we’ll have an awesome Patriots Dinner to talk about a true constitutional conservative agenda that brings Maryland out of the horrific grip of failed progressive socialist policies.

Sunday certainly won’t be a day of rest as I’ll head over to West “By God” Virginia, to the town of Martinsburg in the eastern panhandle, for a GOP rally to speak out against the Obama EPA policies which are devastating the state. I will admit I do appreciate Senator Joe Manchin’s stance against many of the failing Obama policies but in the end, we don’t need Harry Reid as the Senate Majority Leader.

Also on Sunday I’ll head over to Fairfax, Virginia where I’ll have the pleasure of speaking at a gala event — no dress code however — with the Republican Women of Clifton at the Sherwood Community Center. I’ll be in boots and jeans for Sunday, so come on out. Looking forward to hearing Ms. Angela Knight of the Washington National Opera who will sing the National Anthem — which had its 200th birthday this month on September 14th. September is an awesome month for American history.

Connecticut, New York City, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, West Virginia, Virginia — WOW, I hope to see y’all out and about during these early days of Fall.

But what I’m truly looking forward to most of all will be a Monday morning PT run with the ROTC Cadets from Georgetown University along the DC Mall. Their senior military instructor and I served together years ago on active duty — he was much younger, and so was I. What an honor to run with and share thoughts about service, sacrifice, and commitment with these young men and women who will be our “Guardians of the Republic.”

And speaking of Guardians, next Monday morning I’ll speak at the National Security Summit hosted by the Center for Security Policy at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel — there could not be a more critical topic at this critical time.

See ya!


  1. Allen — Blessings upon you and your trip. In these last days of a Federal Election time, it becomes important, to get the Conservative message out. Hopefully, your message will be told, to those who are of the Independent or Libertarian political thinking and maybe some, open minded Liberals. This is the time, when massive amounts of “negative” TV political ads are aired, especially, in those parts of the country where both political parties are “fighting” for position. I pray that the good men or women candidates, who are US Constitution minded, win their political battles.

  2. On the road again not to get the CONSERVATIVE message out. He is on the road to get DONATIONS for the FRAUDULENT GUARDIAN FUND! Out of over 4 million collected..on $35,000 given to candidates while over 3 million spent on FUNDRAISING! You people are really STUPID!!! Get some facts and try to support people that are not USING YOU to become WEALTHY!!!


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