Head of Homeland Security: granting amnesty will encourage terrorists to come forward. Are you friggin’ kidding me?

Every day I ask myself, can the Obama administration demonstrate any more incompetence? And every day I’m not let down – but today is really something special.

As reported by CNS News, “Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing last Wednesday that granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the United States could encourage terrorists among them to come out of the shadows. “From my homeland security perspective, I want people who are living in this country undocumented [I read that to mean illegally] to come forward, to get on the books, and subject themselves to a background check so that I can know who they are and whether it’s the current DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program or a path to citizenship – whether it’s deferred action or earned path to citizenship. From my homeland security perspective, I want people to come forward,” Johnson said.

I know, you’re incredulous and don’t believe me, but here it is in living color.

Do you realize just how insane this statement is? This is the man entrusted with the security of our continental United States. He actually believes if we grant amnesty, criminals and terrorists will “come out of the shadows” and submit themselves to a background check! Where in God’s name do we find these people?

My former colleague Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Pa) was also incredulous at hearing this statement from Johnson, “Do we honestly believe that any would-be terrorist or criminal or drug dealer is going to come forward to have a criminal background check done on them? They’re going to continue to remain underground. “Nobody with a criminal record is going to come forward,” Barletta said.

CNS reports, “in his line of questioning, Barletta asked about the possibility that terrorists could be among the millions of people who have successfully entered the country illegally and cited the case of Mahmud Abouhalima, one of the terrorists convicted in the 1993 World Trade Center attack that killed six people and wounded more than 1,000.”

“Secretary Johnson as you make recommendations to the president as to how he should implement such a program. How will you assure the American people that another [Mahmud] Abouhalima will not slip through the cracks?” Barletta asked.”

“Johnson used the opportunity to respond to advocate for amnesty. “Congressman, I am very focused on knowing as much as we can about individuals who are undocumented in this country,” Johnson said. “And I believe that if an earned pathway to citizenship were to become law, that would encourage people to come forward and submit to a background check so they can get on the books.”

You just gotta give the progressive socialists credit. They will use any opportunity to advocate for their dangerous agenda. The belief that amnesty is a means by which we can identify terrorists is unconscionable — like a terrorist so wants a pathway to citizenship — no Mr. Johnson, they want to kill American citizens — anyone actually. As with more gun laws, only the law abiding will comply. So it would be with criminal illegal aliens and terrorists who are not law abiding so would not seek to abide by any law.

The threats to our homeland are only exacerbated by such mindless lemmings as Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. And I am seriously disturbed by Johnson’s comments — terrorists are laughing their butts off.


  1. Sort of like saying we should make gun ownership harder to lower crime as if gang folks etc. will come in and register guns, etc. Stupid.

  2. He thinks he’s right on top of things. These people used to all get into a tiny car in the circus. Now they are part of the Oblameless Regime.

  3. “Where do we find these people”, indeed. It’s hard to fathom how Obama can actually recruit people to toe his line and pass along this amount of BS with a straight face – expecting us to believe it. Insane.

  4. I don’t know what medications (documented or undocumented ) these so called department “heads” are on but it’s sure letting them see things in a different view then me

  5. Doesn’t surprise me that we have another clueless individual but actually he will say anything and lie to make the real clueless, ignorant believe it. They have an agenda to destroy our country and will stoop at nothing to push this till they get what they want. The folks in DC can’t be too clueless or ignorant, they have just about destroyed our country as they have many elected officials in their corner to either push their agenda or ignore and look the other way while this socialist in the WH pushes his lawlessness against the will of the people. All those involved in this lawless administration should be prosecuted and put in prison and have plans put in place to replace 75% of those in DC now. We could put the top General (not one of Obama’s yes men) in charge to ensure the national security until elections can be done and voter eligibility determined so we don’t end up like we are currently. Something has to be done now since waiting 2 more year doesn’t sound like a smart idea.

  6. Where do the liberals get these people? They are also the same ones that think taking every ones guns away will make us safer. I guess the criminals will voluntarily turn their guns in also.

  7. He is a converted muzzie, and he was part of the team that helped these illegals to get here in the first place. Of course he would say something this stupid. This is how the regime wants it to be! Open your eyes folks, we have a traitor in the WH, and he has 6 of the Muslim Brotherhood as his top aides. Quit kidding yourselves over what we have in Washington – it is all pure evil and definitely intent upon destroying this country!

  8. Just another fine example of liberal mental illness >> Its like these dumbasses are just there to get a paycheck and have no idea of what they are doing or saying

  9. There is already a law on the books that provides an earned pathway to citizenship;
    It just doesnt work fast enough to get them to the polls!! It is already unlawful for non-citizens to vote but that dos’nt matter when Democrat states already give Illegal aliens drivers liscences, which essentially makes them doccumented!!

  10. This should be parsed out. He doesn’t say he’s expecting terrorists etc to come forward. And he doesn’t refer to amnesty. He refers to a background check. I don’t support amnesty, but I’d rather deal with what the libs are actually saying, or what are you accomplishing?

      • These BG checks only consult w/Interpol. But “background checks” are the idiom dejour for politicians to say they are “tough on criminals” while doing nothing to shut immigration breaches overflowing.

        We do not have a problem with our immigration laws! We have a problem with immigration law ENFORCEment!

    • No, he twice said that from his perspective, it would help him to know who these people are and to have a background check done on them. He didn’t use the word “amnesty” but, an “earned path to citizenship” is exactly that. Barletta should have called him out immediately. Suggesting that terrorists will come forward is beyond stupid and could quite reasonably bring in to question his competency.

  11. Well Allen they generally come from the Democratic Party. I have to admit I’m not the brightest penny in the roll myself but in comparison to this guy I’m a candidate for Mensa. Yet then again he’s not the stupidest politician to come down the pike. Does anyone remember Hank Johnson he’s the Democratic Congressman who thought the Island of Guam would tip over with the build up of our Military Pacific Command. Must have been that no child left behind education he received now called common core…

  12. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA! Sure they’ll come forward. Come November get all of them out of congress! Demon-cratic and Republican alike. Tired of the Republicans sitting on their hands claiming their going to take some action against the most corrupt presidential administration ever and not doing JACK! Investing in a .22 and some gun training sounds like a great idea right about now.

    • At least get a 9mm, Sheila. A .380 caliber at the least. Check out a Sig Sauer P238. Nice, but pricey. A .22 is a bit too small but it’s better than nothing! This administration has caused me and my wife to stock up on many different-caliber firearms and much ammo. Never in my life has a president’s actions caused me to even think about buying guns. This president is pathetic.

  13. He sounds incredibly like Nancy Pelosi… compare these two statements:

    We have to pass the bill, in order to see what’s in the bill!

    We have to make them citizens, in order to find out who they are!

    Oy vey, my head hurts!!

    • Imitation is f form of flattery… notice that when questioned about the four isis terrorist that were caught after they crossed the border into Texas; he claimed that he didn’t know about,then he gives the congressional panel the old nose scratching one finger salute…

  14. If I had just come out of a coma and read this quote in a newspaper and had to guess who said it, I would naturally guessed either Biden or Pelosi. It is good knowing all the stupidity did not land on any one person in this administration or in Congress.

  15. Ya think maybe “they’ll all come out of the closet as well?”

    “Granting amnesty will encourage terrorists to come foreward”.

    That IS, Thee Most idiotic, stupid, pathetic, dumbass, ignorant, piece of garbage that has come out of the mouth of a legitimate piece of human inconvenience. The womb from which this womb rejected, obama playmate came, must be super glued…

    Since Bush created the Department of Homeland security, I have been an opponent of DHS. DHS is nothing more than an idiocratic club of stupidity and over spending. When I hear of homeland security, I think of our national intelligence structure, military, border patrol (which should be replaced by our military), and NORAD. Not FEMA or those overdressed, TSA versions of spit on zhit. By the way, TSA should be replaced by our military as well.

    I would disband DHS immediately.

    So this johnson fellow has a bit of a brain freeze. He really needs to stop hangin around that Holder thing. But, he apparently wants to do “standup” for islam. How do I know this? Well, i laughed my azz off…..

    Obama, the Rice twins (figure it out and no, NOT CONDOLEEZA), Holder, Johnson, Biden, Clinton, Kerry, and the list elongates on thought alone.
    Does anybody see the consistency here?

    Since obama acquired the Oval Office, he, and his cast of idiots, have managed to isolate our Constitution as if it were the writings of Stalin and designed to be dismembered based on Socialistic ideology.

    His (not American) foreign policy over the last 6.5 years, has manipulated thought and theory. Global recognition of the United States is completely laughable, not to mention embarrassing. Friend and foe alike, look at the USA as nothing more than a “stand up” routine for comedy central.

    So, statements like the one Mr. Johnson the idiot made, solidifies and reinvigorates that iconic statement of wisdom that Nancy Reagan once plastered into the minds of Real and True America:

    “Just Say No”……..

    “Amnesty will encourage terrorists to come forward”..

    Yeah!! And straight gay guys will kiss frogs……

  16. Amnesty to encourage terrorists to come forward? That’s the most idiotic idea i’ve ever heard. Where did Obama get these people from. Are they all offspring of a Biden & Pelosi mating? How stupid can one get to expect the public to believe tat horseshit! Boy is our country in trouble, this administration gets more assnine every friggin’ day.

    • Total idiocy! One way of checking backgrounds is when, and it would happen, these illegals, terrorists come out of the shadows to sign up for welfare, and all other freebies given to anyone who crosses our borders illegally. Our Idiots in Charge are only concerned with Political Correctness and, for heaven’s sake, none of them are profiled. This current administration has provided a red carpet for criminals, and the appointed Homeland Non-Security fools help lay it down for easy access to our country. I wonder if these idiots have ever considered that their actions will put themselves in jeopardy along with all citizens? Or maybe they have already converted to Islam.

  17. Wow..dumb dumb dumb. All you have to do is look at him and then listen to one sentence to realize that he is not the sharpest crayon in the box.

  18. All I can say is- no illegal alien should EVER ve allowed to become a citizen.
    THAT is the penalty they pay for violating our immigration laws.
    If they DO wish to become citizens, then they must return to their country of origin and go to the US Consulate in that country and apply for citizenship.

    THAT is the path to citizenship.

  19. This is one of OSLIMA’S terrorist buddies running our national security! He is as big a liar as OSLIMA himself, he is probably telling us what his TERRORIST IN CHARGE wanted him to say!!!

  20. What kind of “school of thought” do these people graduate from?! Incredulously insane! Maybe he came out of the Mundane Distorted University with a statement like that!! Do these liberals actually BELIEVE a statement coming out of such a high ranking official of this administration is actually COGNITIVE of his thinking abilities? Even if you’re a Democrat, you can’t possibly believe this dribble mouth garble!! I don’t even think Bill Clinton can believe he heard these same words either! We ARE a laughing stock of the entire world with statements coming out of insane garbled dribs like this!!

  21. One of two choices, this guy is just plain stupid, or he is stupid enough to believe that average Americans are dumb enough to buy this nonsense.

  22. Wow! That is not what he said AT ALL! He actually explained that if more people are documented voluntarily, more resources are available to find undocumented people.

    • Nice try. That’s just BS, there are NOT even remotely trying to look for “undocumented people” AKA ILLEGALS so what difference would it make to free up resources? To do what, watch more porn on the taxpayer nickel?

  23. Some people are born stupid; others have stupidity thrust upon them. And then there are people running the government.

    “Look guys, I had planned a terrorist attack on Grand Central Station to kill several thousand people. But now that you’ve given me amnesty and allowed me to get a job I’ve decide not to do it but become a productive member of American society instead. Death to the Infidels, Death to Israel, Death to the Great Satan. Oops, sorry, strike that last one I love America now.”


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