General tapped for training Syrian rebels should star with Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible”

There are times when the “shadow warriors” of our Special Operations forces are called out into the public light — such it is with the soldier tapped to train the Free Syrian Army rebels.

As reported by the Daily Beast, “Lawmakers have approved $500 million in taxpayer funding for Obama’s plan to train and equip the Syrian rebels, the man who assured them it could be done was Gen. Michael Nagata, Obama’s point man for the mission to build an ISIS-killing army in Syria. Nagata has experience in the area. U.S. military officials say Nagata helped devise much of U.S. special operations support for Jordan. These officials also say Nagata also has worked on plans with the CIA at the secret Jordanian base used to train Syrian rebels under the still secret but well reported joint DOD-CIA program that began in 2012. General Nagata is currently in charge of special operations command for Central Command, the military command that includes Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.”

I think General Nagata should costar with Tom Cruise in the next “Mission Impossible” movie. It’s not about questioning Gen. Nagata’s capability and expertise, it’s whether or not this endeavor has, as former U.S. Marine Corps Commandant General James T. Conway stated, a snowball’s chance in hell of being successful.

Here is the battlefield calculus. ISIS back in January was a force of about 1,500-2,000 fighters – now it’s estimated to be a force of approximately 31,500 – that’s in 9 months. As the Daily Beast reports, the mission given to General Nagata is according to SecDef Hagel, to “implement a new Syrian rebel train-and-equip program that will train around 5,000 rebels per year. Two senior congressional aides who were briefed on the plan said that each rebel training base will be able to churn out 1,800 rebels per year. There are two planned for Saudi Arabia and one planned for Jordan, although the Jordanian government has yet to sign off on hosting the site. The plan is designed to be scalable and more training bases could come in future years.”

So imagine this – we’re going to wait for a whole year to maybe train up 5,000 Syrian rebels – while ISIS is growing at a rate of about 3,500 a month. We just started an air operations phase against ISIS in Syria — just 14 targets, and we’ve had no battle damage assessment of ISIS fighters killed — perhaps some capability has been degraded?

So, even if General Nagata is successful and trains 5,000 Syrian fighters to return, in a year they’ll be facing an ISIS force a year from now — if these recruitment levels hold — of an additional 42,000. Therefore ISIS could in a year have a combat effective strength of 74,000 — unless we’re going to continue an air operation against them for the next year to attack them in Syria and Iraq. Now, that would be one helluva shaping operation. President Barack Hussein Obama would go down as having “led” the longest continuous air strike operations in world history.

Folks, this is why none of this makes any doggone sense! And I can basically hear the American people asking, “Are we there yet?” This past Monday Greta von Susteren asked me what I thought the whole ISIS issue would look like in a year — well, here you have it.

Obama is placing our national security on the hopes of training 5,000 Syrian rebels in a year — and folks, we have not yet begun so the clock is ticking. While we wait to kick start this flawed concept, ISIS grows and we’re dropping ordnance all around, but the question has to be asked, what are we degrading?

I saw the fancy missile engagement film, and it looked like we blew up empty buildings — quite sure it was spectacular, but just an empty building. We are destroying a truck here and there — 192 air strikes in almost 50 days and I haven’t heard any major damage reports — have you? So a year from now Greta, we could be facing an enemy that may be almost larger than our active duty U.S. Marine Corps combat force — because you all know Obama isn’t going to bomb ISIS for a whole year.

Now you left wing progressive socialists can say whatever you want, but you know the strategy Obama has proposed is nothing but more bovine excrement. And I repeat the words of General Conway, “this has a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding” — regardless of the exceptional qualifications of U.S. Army General Nagata. This whole thing could only have come from the inept mind of one Valerie Jarrett.


  1. Again we will see a repeat of what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan where we trained these so called vetted rebels only to have them turned against us…where do you think ISIS comes from? All those rebels that Mcrino vetted probably have joined ISIS by now.

  2. All these clowns that say, Obama should have armed the Syrian rebels from the start never think those rebels and arms could have fallen into ISIS hands later.


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