Exclusive: Israel and Middle East Security Summit Preview [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video trailer of the Israel and Middle East Security Summit held on Sept 9, 2014 at Congregation Ahavath Torah in Stoughton Massachusetts. We reported about the threats issued over social media by the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR). In the end there were no protestors — funny thing, the temple is just around the corner from Stoughton High School where the ISIS social media guru attended and graduated.

The event was filmed by a production crew from The United West. Rabbi Jonathan Hausman presented a unique national security event that featured some of America’s top subject-matter experts on the issues of Israel, Gaza, ISIS and the Obama Administration.

Please watch this trailer and see Rabbi Hausman, Gen. Jerry Boykin (US Army, Ret.), Gen. Tom McInerney (USAF, Ret), and former CIA Station Chief Gary Berntsen! BOLO (Be on the Lookout) by early October for the full-blown video documentary on this event.

There have been requests to conduct this Security Summit elsewhere across America – perhaps we shall…


  1. I was at this summit. It was very interesting and the video of a former jihadist speaking directly to Obama and the rest of us was an eye opener and the whole summit was very informative. Security was pretty good due to the fact they had high profile speakers there. If you can, check out the full video when it comes out!

  2. Col West, thank you for bringing this to us. I’d like to say that all of America should be listening but so should our enemies.

  3. What would be the purpose of this? You are in NO POSITION to do ANYTHING but rob these loons blind! If you were so concerned about this nation you would run for SOME SORT OF OFFICE! Instead you go around trying to get people to donate to your FRAUDULENT GUARDIAN FUND!


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