Remember, to Islamists, ceasefire means reload [VIDEO]

I’ve asked this rhetorical question before and ask it once again. Can you truly have a cease fire with an Islamic terrorist group? As a career military officer, I must answer no — war is about crushing your enemy, not just fighting a slow act of attrition, leaving its core capability intact. And so it is for Israel — and indeed Western civilization — as we continue to act on the periphery when it comes to defeating Islamo-fascism.

In this short video courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch, you’ll see why these enemies have to be crushed. And just to be clear, the actors here are members of the al-Aqsa Brigade which is part of Fatah — yep the Palestinian Authority associates. The original terrorist group is Fatah, the PLO, of Yasser Arafat. If Fatah and al-Aqsa are reloading, you can just imagine what Hamas — sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, and Iran — is doing.

The words of this Islamist fighter should send chills down all of our necks, “We are preparing and developing rockets in the productions’ division of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades – al-Asifa Army following the ceasefire agreement in preparation for the coming battles.”

So as President John F. Kennedy once quipped, “the absence of war is not peace.” Unless you vanquish your enemies from the battlefield, defeat their ideology, degrade their capability to make war, and destroy their will and determination to fight you — well, you’ve accomplished nothing but a temporary reprieve affording them the opportunity to rearm.

And you folks just got a chance to see their newest long-range missile, the K-132. This is why any imbecilic march towards a “Palestinian” state that doesn’t firmly recognize Israel’s right to exist is utter folly.

I just want you all to consider this line up against Israel: Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Jabhat al-Nusra, and ISIS (if Jordan collapses). That my friends is not a favorable situation, and behind it all you’ll find Qatar, Turkey, Iran, and to an extent, Saudi Arabia.

And do you think for one minute Mr. “No Combat Boots on the Ground” Obama will do anything to assist Israel? You can bet if the Israelis start winning he’ll again restrict shipment of hellfire missiles — or try and force them into another cease fire brokered by Obama’s BFFs in Qatar and Turkey.

Totally not a good scenario and the Islamists know they have two years. We gave them a gift by reelecting this Islamist sympathizer and enabler.

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The Vietnam syndrome.


War is NOT when you limit your side to NOT firing because “there are civilians next to you enemies who are firing at you”. That’s how you LOSE the war.


Mr West is very angry at President Obama for the things he imagines he will do in a hypothetical scenario.

Also, just out of curiosity, how does the President’s record of killing terrorists all over the world make him a terrorist sympathizer?


So, you’re saying that the pro-jihadist, Muslim population is receding, not growing larger?


No… I’m not suggesting anything like that.
How did you get that from what I wrote?
Mr West suggested that if there were an all out war between Israel after other Arab nations are conquered by ISIS in the future that President Obama would cut military assistance to Israel.


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