Not a good sign: Iran and China prepare joint naval exercises

And the hits just keep on coming, folks. We’re bombing ISIS, but haven’t declared war. Russia is slowly overrunning Ukraine. The Islamists are reloading on Israel. Libya has fallen under Islamist influence and in Yemen there’s an agreement with Iranian-backed separatists, the Al Houthi group.

So what else could happen in the world of “global tranquility” per White House mouthpiece Josh “Not So” Earnest? How about a little naval exercise between Iran and China?

Yep, those Iranians who are supposed to be suffering under crushing economic sanctions — oops, forgot — Obama and Kerry have been easing them and releasing billions of dollars back to the Ayatollahs.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports, “Chinese warships have pulled up to docks at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas on the Persian Gulf as the countries prepare to conduct joint naval exercises. “The voyage of the Chinese Army’s fleet of warships for the first time in Persian Gulf waters is aimed at joint preparation of Iran and China for establishing peace, stability, tranquility, and multilateral and mutual cooperation,” Admiral Amir Hossein Azad, commander of Iran’s First Naval Zone, said Saturday. On Sunday, official Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that Chinese Navy ships, including the Changchun, a guided-missile destroyer, stopped at an Iranian port for a “friendly visit.” The ships carried 650 sailors that would compete in “sport events” with Iranian sailors, according to Iranian state newspaper Kayhan.”

So let’s see, back in the days of President Ronald Reagan and his national security imperative of “peace through strength,” the U.S. Navy was at 575 combat vessels. Today, our venerable U.S. Navy — “a global force for good” — is down to around 283 surface combatant vessels on the way to 230. We will have the smallest Navy since 1917 under the astute vision of President Barack Hussein Obama — ya think that had anything to do with China steaming to Iran and entering the Persian Gulf for the first time EVER? And to conduct joint naval exercises, well, that’s based on contingency plans — and you can just imagine what those are. You see, this is an overseas contingency operation being enjoined by China and Iran.

The Beacon says, “the visit is just one example of growing ties between China and Iran. A Chinese fleet commander, Rear Adm. Huang Xinjian, said the visit was intended to “deepen mutual understanding, and to enhance exchanges between our two countries’ navies.”

And just in case you’re not up to speed on it, Russia and China have been conducting joint military exercises as well. Y’all remember when Obama tried to scold Mitt Romney in the final debate on national security and foreign policy by telling Romney, the 80s are calling and want their foreign policy back? Well, Obama is revealed as the incompetent fool he truly is on foreign policy and our national security — which is being outsourced to Syrian rebels who will train in Saudi Arabia.

I seem to recall another Democrat president doing something similar — John F. Kennedy and his failure was called the “Bay of Pigs” invasion. Doggone, I hate it when history seems to be repeating itself.

Those who have served in the military and have studied military history know a nation’s power is projected not by its army — but rather by its navy. That has been the rule since the days of the Phoenicians. The Spartans were a powerful land force but what made the Athenians more potent was their navy. The Roman fleet, the Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, British and Japanese all knew the power of a navy and its ability to project national presence — as well as secure the sea lanes of commerce for trade and economic growth.

Seems the Iranian regime isn’t so isolated if a Chinese fleet is docking in its Bandar Abbas harbor — where I remember doing a simulation exercise on a contingency plan to conduct airborne and air assault operations to secure. Boy howdy, what a different Army, we can’t even take on a 31,500-man terrorist army under this faux Commander-in-Chief.

And so it goes, the influence, regard, and strategic reach of America is no longer respected — but hey, everyone likes us right? I guess this is what Obama wanted — just to be pals with all the despots, dictators, theocrats, and autocrats.

Yep, this sucks. By the way, how does one speak Farsi with a Mandarin accent?


  1. Boy, if the comments below are the best examples of patriotic & proud men in this country than it’s no wonder we’re in the shape we’re in. Oh poor woah as me pussies. Just lay down and roll over so mama can wipe your butt. Where the hell did all the MEN go that would take a situation by the balls and defend women in this country?? Oh that’s right, y’all got football with your boyfriends. Who cares about taking our country back from these slime buckets. Y’all make me sick.

    • Teri, don’t worry, we women have it covered!! Remember kick a man in the balls and he will fall down clutching himself, defenseless,but the V can take a pounding and get up running…

    • Teri…..Believe it or not, there are still REAL men around…..You just aren’t looking in the right places….(BTW, I am in SE Colorado, 80 miles from the nearest town)…

  2. The GOP Establishment are still dong absolutely nothing to stop Obama from his master plan. Now, Obama is at the UN bashing the USA again.

  3. At a time when we needed a leader for President, I am afraid one was elected not on his intellect or ability to lead but simply for the color of his skin and we will pay a huge price for allowing that to happen.

  4. At the time of the end the king of the South will engage him in battle, and the king of the North will storm out against him with chariots and cavalry and a great fleet of ships. He will invade many countries and sweep through them like a flood. He will also invade the Beautiful Land. Many countries will fall, but Edom, Moab and the leaders of Ammon will be delivered from his hand. He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape. He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Cushites in submission. But reports from the east and the north will alarm him, and he will set out in a great rage to destroy and annihilate many. He will pitch his royal tents between the seas at the beautiful holy mountain. Yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him.’ “

    • Dawn have you notice their is no America in the End Time prophecy’s? Think about it…we are seeing are own demise right in front of us.

      • I heard a couple of times that there’s Babylon and the “Daughter of Babylon” mentioned in the Bible and some think that America is considered the “Daughter of Babylon”. Not sure if it’s true or not. But I totally agree that America will pay for her sins in a very bad way but so will the rest of the countries!

      • The Bible has an account of Babylon which is where they built the Tower of Babel to try and reach the heavens. It was described as a wicked place. The Bible in prophesy also speaks of “Babylon the Great” which is understood to be the world at large in the end times, especially those nations who allow all manner of perversions to exist and worship money,power and debauchery and ignore God. Read the Bible yourself for more information as I am not a Christian and am relying on memory here from many years ago.

      • grove yes there we are I found us, we are the Birth of a new Nation, Jew USA…Lem..we have been hiding there for thousands of years. I wondered why we were not until something(someone?) made me take another look and it popped right out at me..grim outlook but I put my trust in God and His son Jesus.

      • Oh yes! I have known that little tid bit for awhile. 20 years ago a man named Donald MacAlvany described these things all the plans the govt has for U.S. and I have watched those things systematically come to fruition. This country is on it’s way out and I believe it is because G-d’s sovereignty is lifted from here. Look how this country has betrayed Israel. Look at how what is good is bad and what is bad is good. We must hope Meshiach comes quickly. So many of us are in so much trouble…

  5. Here’s a scary thought, with president Obama saying back in 2012 that he wanted to cut the military back to pre WW2 levels, or even pre WW1 levels, Iran and China forming a pact, along with China and Russia forming a pact. That with Iran wanting to start trouble, and with China having their back Iran may just seal the straights of Hormuz, and dare anybody to do anything, plus China helping iran with their nuclear program, and missile program.

    • If the Chinese and Iranians tried to close the Strait of Hormuz they would get a short, sharp lesson in what real naval power looks like. The US Navy wouldn’t even break a sweat dealing with those two and they know it.

  6. China has been a slave boy to Iran and Islam in general since 600, 700, 800’s when the Mohammedans took over the Silk Route. Am I right? China is just submitting to their ancient conquerors.

  7. Well, we still spend about 600 billion dollars yearly in defense budget (which is more than the next 10 nations defense budgets combined), and I bet lots of this money is being wasted in things such as the F35 program. I dont think the American tax payer wants to just give hand outs to all these overpriced projects from contractors such as Lockheed Martin. Focusing in the economy here at home and taking a quick break from expansionism is not a bad idea because its necessary for the nation’s survival. Most GOP leaders are always complaining because we dont have a bigger Navy or armed forces, maybe we dont have the money to afford it anymore. Maybe we should all focus in growing the economy here at home before continuing expanding. We need more physicists. engineers and scientist instead of people blaming Obama for a cultural trend. We need more people such as Elon Musk, people who can innovate and come up with new technologies.

    • Ooh yes!! Let’s send a techie to go deal with ISIS…see how long he can talk them into letting him keep his head before they chop it off. Quite frankly, I think our military can handle things a lot better than Elon Musk could.

      • Im not saying that we should not go and bomb the enemy, Im just trying to make the point that we could have more innovation to make new weaponry and use approaches such as the one of space x. In this way we can also build more ships. The other problem we have and China does not is that our allies are a bunch of cowards, no NATO allied is with us bombing ISIS. The role of most NATO allies is always minimum. Sucks we pick the tab for their protection and their freedom.

      • Im just trying to make the point that we could have more innovation to make new……. New what? Something that might sell and make that evil PROFIT??!!! Obama and you stooges that prop him up would never allow that. Obama is crushing this economy and just because you are too stupid to realize it, does not mean it is not happening!!

      • Im not even pro Obama, the only candidate I would support is Donald Trump. But I have to tell you that you cant see the whole picture. So Im not going to continue this conversation.

      • France is a member of NATO. France was the first nation to bomb ISIS. ISIS retaliated by beheading a French mountain guide living in Algeria. I would say they are in the fight.

      • Yes, they are only one out of 28 nations. There are four NATO nations intervening in Iraq which is 14% of all the number of nations and only us representing NATO in Syria. I just dont understand the lack of involvement from the other NATO nations. They should be paying us Billions of dollars for this job so they can sleep peacefully. You know?

  8. This bears repeating over and over again until wingnuts understand it. There are 22 aircraft carriers in the world. We own 11 of them. Of those 22, the 11 largest and most powerful are ours.

    China by comparison, has 1 aircraft carrier, no nuclear powered submarines, 16 (total) carrier fighter aircraft that are just reverse engineered versions of the Russian Su-33, no airborne refueling capability, no airborne radar capability and no known plans to develop those capabilities.

    There may come a day when China is in a position to challenge us for control of the seas, however that day is a long way off and the entire face of naval warfare could change between now and then.

    • Wrong… just don’t understand do you?………..It would take decades for any nation to build a Navy equivalent in size and capability to the US. But as of now China’s goal is to prevent the US from meddling in its affairs in the South China seas, and as of its current military modenization as it stands today, the Chinese have more than enough firepower to deter an American attack, on Chinese territory. Each day as the US gets weaker, the Chinese get stronger.
      Look at the current disastrous US equipment programs:- F22 (cancelled), F35 (overblown, overexpensive, not proven), LCS (Little crappy ship), which barely has enough firepower to take out a dinghy!………Zumwalt (may be great oneday)…but only 3 will ever be built……and so on. While the Chinese will have new carriers, helicopter carriers, 052D Destroyers, 054A Frigates, 056 Corvettes, the soon to be built mega 055 Cruiser, large fleet of conventional subs, and nuclear hunters………….yes you got that wrong, China has Nuclear subs both hunters and ballistic, and has had for a longtime!…………….So who is the Wingnut NOW?

      • I stand corrected on the nuclear submarines, thank you. And “wingnut” may be rude but a lot of the comments on here are alarmist nonsense about how our once mighty military has fallen on hard times. As if counting ships was the measure of Naval power.

        But the rest of what I wrote still stands. Yes, China is interested in contesting it’s own coastal waters and they’re building up their military. China is going to be a regional military superpower and there’s no stopping that as long as their economy continues to grow. However, there’s no reason to expect that they’ll be challenging us for control of the Persian Gulf any time in the foreseeable future.

        Personally, I’m a lot more concerned that somebody is going to beat us to the punch on next-generation unmanned systems that are going to change the whole game. But we’re making good progress on those too.

      • OK….Mr Sheridan…..i was a bit harsh on you!………as i thought you were totally dismissive of China’s military potential. Anyway, the next decade or two, will be interesting to observe how the US and Chinese, direct their military developments….:)

      • To the both of you, a nation builds it’s navy for 1 purpose, global expansion. We did it. England did it. We took islands nations in the Pacific because we wanted to and we could. Do you think that China is going to give a rip what Obama thinks or does when they take Taiwan and put up a naval blockade to protect it? They now own the Panama Canal and could we rightfully complain if they wanted to militarily “protect” their interest there? Now we have the Chinese navy, that needs a port for R&R and repair; enter Venezuela, Cuba, or any other nation that wants money. You are right about the next decade or 2.

  9. Sadly, ISIS is run by the U.S…CIA to be exact..that’s why we can’t take on a 31, 500 army..Oh, and Iran and China…they’re for reals…China is trying to protect Iran’s main export….which is..dun dun dun…Oil…which the brits want control of…

  10. Allen WEst…this is all by design… Since Kennedy was assassinated and before, our government has been systematically hijacked by criminals. Obama and Bush and Clinton and Bush were not incompetent they were working for the same Bankster Corporate fascist elite you might be working for one day if they allow you to become president. WE, Us, the military might of NATO, the implementation arm of the NWO are by design taking control of the MiddleEastern Oil in order to keep China and Russian from them. This is a global game of resource battleship. Now with the BRICS creating their own currency the Rothchilds will have us at war with them as soon as possible. Wake up! See the world as it is, not as the criminal national media want you to see it.

  11. First, that was a “cheap shot” against JFK as the “Bay of Pigs” invasion was long in place before Kennedy took office. Maybe he should have scrubbed the invasion, but as POTUS he made a decision, right or wrong. Anyway, it was worth a shot.

    As for our Navy, sure it is smaller, as our armed forces have been shrinking for years as new technology becomes available and funding becomes less and less for maintaining our fleets and for the number of service personal needed to run them. But the size doesn’t mean a thing in this context. The seas and oceans don’t belong to the USA, we only use them. The US could have 1,000 ships, but cannot block or prevent the Chinese from appearing at or using Iranian ports. Nor can our Navy prevent any other country from visiting any other country. So, that premise is a bunch of hogwash also.

    Regarding your last premise, while a powerful Navy is important, it is not the absolute weapon it was during the ancient times. During the Greek civil wars, the Roman times, and others, there was no such thing as air power. Now a single missile can totally destroy virtually any ship from better than a thousand miles away. As a missile costs a fraction that a fleet aircraft carrier costs, your reliance on navel power is slightly misplaced.

    Personally, I’m not to fond of the idea of the Chinese and the Iranians becoming fast friends, however I prefer to rely on facts and figures that matter. Not hyperbole and obfuscation.

    • For all practical purposes, big warships take a long time to get anywhere at great expense in these days of long range missiles.

      The US already spends more on Defense and the Military maintaining over 700 military bases all over this world than most countries on this planet. It is almost 6 times more than the closest rival, China. Russia spends even less.

      How much must the Americans spend on the forces of Death, Destruction and Intimidation to achieve Peace and Security?


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