ISIS fighter to Obama: Did you prepare enough diapers for your soldiers? [VIDEO]

Two weeks ago during his ISIS “strategy” speech, President Obama told us that this wouldn’t be like Iraq or Afghanistan and that his plan would resemble a more successful strategy as played out in Somalia and Yemen. Well, Obama may just want to use a golf term with which he’s probably familiar — a mulligan. I don’t think Obama wants to replicate anything that’s happening in Yemen — unless, like Libya, having Islamists overrun a country is what he prefers.

As reported by “Al Houthi rebels seized the Yemeni government headquarters yesterday and the premier resigned as violence raged despite a UN announcement of a power-sharing deal to end days of fighting, officials said. Prime Minister Mohammad Basindwa stepped aside, accusing President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi of being “autocratic”, senior officials said. The official Saba news agency announced Basindwa’s departure, but without saying why. Mohammad Abdul Salam, an Al Houthi spokesman, confirmed on his Facebook page that the seat of government had been taken.” says “insecurity and political turmoil have grown since Saleh was ousted by Arab Spring protests. The Houthi insurrection is one of several threats to the stability of Yemen, which borders oil exporter Saudi Arabia and is struggling with a secessionist movement in the south and a spreading al-Qaida insurgency. The Houthi insurrection is one of several threats to the stability of Yemen, which borders oil exporter Saudi Arabia and is struggling with a secessionist movement in the south and a spreading al-Qaida insurgency. The Houthis, who belong to the Zaydi sect of Shia Islam, have been struggling for a decade against the Sunni-dominated government for more territory and autonomy in the north. And we all know who is backing the Shiite Al Houthi rebels.”

This situation resembles Iraq a lot more than Obama may want to admit.

For those of you who may not know, Yemen is the home of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and is the base of operations for the Islamo-fascists’ most renowned bomb maker. We’ve reported here that AQAP has made intonations of joining in alliance with ISIS – truly a marriage made in hell.

Yemen is a Sunni-dominated country. AQAP is a Sunni group and the Al Houthi rebels are Shiite, so Yemen is hardly a place the Obama administration should be touting as a paradigm of his effectiveness since the ousting of veteran ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh, forced to step down in 2012. A drone strike to kill Anwar al Awlaki can’t be seen as a magnificent strategic achievement — AQAP is still an effective Islamist terrorist organization.

But over the weekend the situation changed. According to the UK Guardian, “The Yemeni government and armed Shia Houthi rebels reached an agreement on Saturday to end the worst violence for years in the capital Sanaa, UN special envoy Jamal Benomar said. This agreement shall be a national document that will advance the path of peaceful change, and will lay the foundations for national partnership and for security and stability,” Benomar said in a statement, adding that preparations were being made for the signing.”

However, the story of this current conflict really began 100 years ago, with the Sykes-Picot Agreement, when the French and British agreed to effectively slice up the Middle East into new countries in order to prevent a unified empire. As Glenn Beck presented recently, ISIS has a far greater understanding of history than most of us, and simply wants to reconstitute the caliphate that existed before.

In fact, here’s a propaganda video they’ve been circulating on that very subject. About seven or eight minutes in, the “host” comments on how much money America is spending — which ends up in their pockets. At the end, one of his colleagues asks if Obama has prepared enough diapers for his soldiers.

So here’s my recommendation, if my address were 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let’s just stop worrying about Middle Eastern nation-states. There is hardly a chance that the US can resolve the failures of the Sykes-Picot Agreement. The only group for whom I would advocate a new nation-state would be the Kurdish people. Our focus has to be on defeating Islamo-fascism and states sponsoring Islamic terrorism. We can work with some Middle Eastern nations such as Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, but most others receive my skepticism.

We must be clear in sending a message that we shall recognize no border when it comes to denying sanctuary for Islamic jihadists — we must become enemy focused and oriented — no more nation-building. We can use economic and diplomatic means to isolate jihadist state sponsors and interdict their resourcing.

Those would be my strategic imperatives — and our boots would go on any ground where there are Islamic terrorists to kill them and warn others to steer clear.


  1. I would not trust Beck on all of this, Allen. He is compromised. He is a misinformation agent. He presents a lot of good information and a lot of bad information. The is NOT just about the 100 year situation. This is about a 1,400 year non ending JIHAD to convert the entire world to Islamic rule by killing off ALL but the perfect Muslims. I know you know a lot about this. The bottom line is Islam. Without the mandate to create an Islamic world 270 million people would not have been killed all of these years and we would not see terrorism like we do. You can’t parse countries and people. The common denominator is Islam.

  2. You can’t stand without feet…you better use them for running, because once Obama is out of office, there will be someone very different in office, one that does not wear diapers.

  3. He says the Iraqi soldiers took off their uniforms and ran away.. What he doesnt realize is that they weren’t American soldiers. He should check his history in that regard lol!

  4. He reminds me of King Sennacherib of Assyria in the 36th and 37th chapters of Isaiah. Lots of bragging about how strong and powerful they are. I’m willing to bet he’ll meet a similar fate to Sennacherib.

  5. Don’t need the diapers…plenty of munitions to finish this fight…don’t need body bags for these goat lovers either…let their bodies rot and bones bleach in the sun…no matter what anybody thinks of Obama, the American military and patriots will never back down

  6. This guy invokes Allah nearly constantly through the whole 15 minute diatribe. Did you notice? This is the language of the “true believer”. That’s what we’ll need to defeat. Not material, not personnel… Ideology is what we’re at war with.

    It’s not about borders or churches or which “sect” their enemies belong to. These people truly believe that they are fighting because their god told them to.

    These radicals don’t want to talk about it. They don’t seek any “diplomatic solution” There will be no compromise. Their ideology is absolute. It leaves no room for discussion. None.

    The only way to combat this kind of fanatic ideology is extermination. Start with all (and I do mean ALL) Islamic religious leaders. Kill them all – globally. Wherever they might exist. Next take out their direct followers and acolytes – like this guy in the video. Isolate and exterminate. Then all those satellite “worshipers” and other hangers-on. Keep going until not one single mosque still stands. Erase Islam from history, as though it never existed.

    Don’t leave one single seed to germinate or you’ll just have to come back in a day, week, year, decade… Mark my words if one single weed is left, we’ll need to do this all over again… and again and again.

    In the words of Ripley: “Take off and nuke the whole site from space. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  7. Sorry, but I’ll take George Bush’s National Guard experience over Barack Obama’s Chicago-thug experience to fight a war any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

    • You gotta be KIDDING!!! Did George serve in combat? Did Cheney?? I’m thinking they used their connections to get out of combat and with Cheney SERVING AT ALL! But yet, you support DRAFT DODGERS!!

      • And you would choose a man who’s sum total days of military experience, combat or otherwise, is zero over the sage advice of the Joint Chiefs and serving and former theater Generals? A person with NO tactical nor strategic military experience who will dictate what targets the military will be engaging? This same clown who at every possible opportunity has informed our enemies precisely what the military will and wont do? It positively REEKS of another Vietnam campaign.

        Democrats never EVER learn.

      • Yes, idiot, we DO. Chemical ones–placed IN SYRIA during the war to HIDE them. They emerged later. Moron. Gotta be a dimorat.

      • And the FACTS still don’t support your ARGUMENT! Face it…all of those young men and women died in IRAQ for NOTHING!!!! GOT WMD’S?

      • I see stupidity knows no bounds! You do know that it has been verified that everything Bush Jr said, from WMDs to ours and British intelligence confirming them having been moved to Syria has been proven to be true, yes? Also, it might server you well to remember if you are so against a war, at least he went to congress. You know, legally. (congress is this thing that has 2 parties, you know, 2 parties which voted to go to war, incidentally) something which must elude you.

      • History has taught us young GRASSHOPPER that NO WMD’S were found in IRAQ! Thousands of brave american men and women died for a LIE!!!

      • You must really not care about facts. Please educate yourself. (Hint: there was no LIE!!! as you so eloquently put it…) I swear, some people just literally bury their head in their a$$ when they hear facts, and yes I can back that up…
        So the whole time as was pointed out by ours as well as British intelligence, they were correct. You keep ignorantly stating GOT WMDs?? Yes. In Syria. Which another country was supposed to get rid of and we are having to do as usual. The same weapons that somehow magically ”disappeared” like anti-war Marxist the past 6 years. Get straight. Get with God. Get right. Just please do try and look into something before spouting out false ubiquitous premonitions.

      • Welp SKIPPY!! We should have never been there in the first place!!! There was a REASON BUSH 1 never went 100% in IRAQ!!! GOT WMD’S?

      • Once again…did GEORGE see any combat?? Was Cheney in the military? Cheney got how many deferments? He asked young americans to do something he was AFRAID to do!

      • I was at Camp Liberty and Victory December 2008; GW Bush visited Dinning Facility nearl Al-fah Palace around midnight. No cameras. Just talking to “Joe”. GWB is a very personable and decent man. August 2009, President Obama visited Camp Liberty. We were asked ahead of time if we voted for him. If we raised our hands we were placed ahead of the line. He closed the dining facility at the Camp and he took mostly pictures with strong supporters of the regime. He was at the Camp roughly 4 hours total. Like night and day.

      • SO you would prefer a president that disregards the lives of the men and women in the military to go fight a war for what he knew was false? GOT WMD’S? I would prefer a president that will ONLY send men and women to battle when its necessary and not for a LIE! GOT WMD’S???
        Too many of you LOONS are quick to want our brave young men and women to die for something YOU are too AFRAID to do yourselves!! I keep saying if you want boots on the ground…make them YOUR BOOTS!! Nothing is preventing you from BOOKING A FLIGHT and JOINING THE FIGHT!!

      • I don’t control the sword. The state controls the sword. I submit myself to the authority of the state of Texas. I fought as a combatant representing America.

        I fought and did my time on the line (I was a Cavalry Scout and did rotations 09-11 in Iraq Baghdad area, hence, why I wrote the above about GWB and Obama. I also continue to serve in the Army Reserve.

        The secular-Marxist-statist are too afraid to follow the strength of their convictions. Why are you still living in America? Either move or fight against the evil empire, i.e. America.

      • So, I’m going to take that as a YES! You would prefer to serve under a president that will send you to battle for a LIE!!

      • Oh Senior Moron, guess you missed the memo….Obama NEVER served….OH NEWS FLASH!!!!!! He’s sending AMERICAN troops into harms way NOW!!!! Go ahead….say something else really stupid…..REMF….

      • Among your whiney, libelous rantings full of hate, lies and rage, which part of your keyboard-vomit is a “fact?”

      • Hate and rage?? No..those are facts….lets review

        FACT…Allen (rob these loons blind) west was RELIEVED OF COMMAND
        FACT…Allen (rob these loons blind) west faced 11 years in prison
        FACT…Allen (rob these loons blind) west let his men face charges ALONE
        FACT…Allen (rob these loons blind) west GUARDIAN FUN collected over 4 million dollars while only 35,000 of those dollars went to candidates while over 3 million dollars went to 10 separate companies for “FUNDRAISING”
        FACT…Allen (rob these loons blind) west is selling tee shirts. (comedy)

        These are the facts…dispute them if you want but doesn’t change the FACTS!!!

      • Oh, see, your original whiny rant was about Bush and Cheney. But now I see you’ve redirected your hate toward Allen West. No thanks. I have no desire to participate in one of your whiny, hate-fests. Have a nice day, unless you have other plans.

      • Sorry but everything I present are FACTS!! Allen’s horrible military ending…The GUARDIAN FUND…all these are FACTS!! If not….DISPUTE THEM with FACTS! You can’t dispute with calling names!

      • Take a Xanax and go away. I could not care any less than I already do about your whiny, rage-filled rantings.

      • …..and still NOTHING!! Maybe you don’t have any FACTS to dispute me or you could care less that allen (rob these loons blind) west is nothing more than a FRAUD!

      • I don’t debate people with such clear anger issues. Seriously, seek psychiatric help. You’re just trying to pick a fight, and I won’t bite.

        Go away. I don’t care what you think about Allen West, or anything else for that matter.

      • President Bush at least have a military training not so obama who doesn’t even know how to salute our military and who thinks climate control is more important that our security.

  8. I support your points about getting out of the nation-building business and focusing on the terrorists wherever they are. Been thinking about that approach for some time now. As a retired special operator I believe we could field a highly mobile, highly lethal force that could deploy quickly to where the terrorist threat shows itself. Apply ruthless but surgical force to totally eliminate the threat. Boots on the ground would be transient – only there long enough to eliminate the threat and then back home or to a forward deployment location in a friendly country.

    • We already tried nation building, quaint thought, irrelevant now. We gave a damn but we are past that now. Take that cancer into complete remission. Our ability surpasses what is required. With you RLTW47.

  9. Can we ask them to cut to the chase and show us the fun bits instead of these awful boring and silly music videos with some drivelling idiot rambling on and pottering around some bit of blasted desert?

    • I so love how this Zombie is proud of the fact that they are turning that place into more of a trash dump than it already is. I heard a great quote in a movie the other day that fits that place. “If I owned this place and Hell, I’d rent this out and live in Hell.”

  10. Let’s just nuke this asshats and be done with it enough of this Jihad B.S. already it will never end unless we wipe them off the face of the earth as they believe they are fighting for allah so it is a just war and they are allowed to do whatever they want. Let’s quit screwing around and just get it over with once and for all. On a side note that stupid music if you can call it that drove me nuts now I need to go get some Excederine.

    • This has been going on since Thomas Jefferson had to take action against these murderous heathens. It’s time to turn the whole place into an ‘INSTANT COKE BOTTLE”….

  11. It has been 69 years, one month, one week, and six days since we forced an entire ethnic group and nation to abandon its fascist religion by nuking it. Just sayin’…

    • You think the one of the darkest moments in American history is something to be proud of? You really have bought into the propaganda “we had to drop the bomb to save lives” crap? We could have dropped that bomb on any number of uninhabited islands as a demonstration of our power and resolve. We dropped that bomb to; A. Threaten the Soviets and their massive army B. To study the effects of radiation on HUMAN BEINGS. How stupid do you have to be to think irradiating your OWN planet is a good idea. I’m all for sending these Asswipes to the 70 virgins that they think is waiting for them. But not at the cost of destroying the planet we live on. Cmon man, use your brain.

      • First, it was a glorious day in history. Second, even the Japanese admit it saved at least 6,000,000 Japanese lives. Third, we only had three bombs. One was tested in New Mexico, the other two had to be used in rapid succession in order to bluff the Japanese into thinking we had more. Third, we needed unconditional surrender in order to be victorious against not only the Japanese, but against their poisonous ideology/religion.

  12. For gods sake when are we going to send them a serious message! We still have a military that can do the job rather quickly. Marines, Airforce,Navy, Army…etc. Wipe them clean off the map.

  13. When the One true God, the Alpha and the Omega, decides to take lucifers playground away from him, we will see where such propaganda falls.

      • Who side do you think that One true God is going to be on, and has been on since the inception of our country, Mike? Yes, it only takes one motivated Marine, but if he is fighting for truth; it is that One true God who will sustain him. It has always been that way in every battle ever fought throughout our history where truth and freedom have been our goals. Read, if you haven’t already, the letters written by our founding fathers. They were all God-fearing men. Even George Washington took the time to pray before a battle. Cheers.

  14. I wonder if these Zombies are going to be smiling so big when one of our troops puts a bullet through their forehead. They’ve never faced our troops. They so far have only met the cowards that Obummer left to protect their country. The same type of “troops” he wants to train to be our boots on the ground. He is setting us up to be embarrassed again, which will only embolden these Zombies all the more. There isn’t a diaper big enough for this guy. He’s going to crap so much when he faces REAL soldiers that his head will cave in.

      • Carrie, you sound worried. Don’t be. Check out what General Pershing did with the muzzies in the Philippines. You and yours can be safe with nothing more than bacon grease! They are petrified of anything associated with pigs. There is even a gun cleaner that uses pig fat in it now. If you don’t shoot – learn! And if you’re still frightened, draw a picture of a pig’s head with a few red drops under it, falling upon a single bullet. Put it in your window, and they will get the message! You see, they can’t go to heaven or receive their 72 virgins with anything pig on them! I have lived in Saudi – they are frightened beyond belief of pigs.

  15. If it were left to Islamists, we’d have no modern advances. No airplanes, automobiles, computers, cellphones, television, or radio. No research and development. No vaccines. All of these things require civilized cooperation and tolerance – something the Islamists don’t respect. If it were left to Islamists, life would return to what it was like during the 1800’s: Animal transportation, disease, and world-wide poverty. Plus religious intolerance thrown in there…

  16. The Muj had a question for Obama : “Did you prepare enough diapers for your soldiers, or not?” Yep. Obama has made a laughing stock out of America. Had enough yet?

    • I don’t like people laughing at my country. I get very angry when people laugh at my country. Too bad Congress won’t fire his good for nothing butt.

  17. … yeah , you’re fighting to make the word of “Allah” (as interpreted by the guy who kills the most people and has the most ignorant goat fuckers with AKs blindly following him) the most high. You think this is a new idea? Its not. Look up Hitler. Look up Stalin. Look up Pol Pot. You know the only place you will find there followers now? In the cemtary and in the history books. And very soon if you keep poking the bear with a short stick, that’s the only place they’ll find the likes of you. Before you start your “Jihad”, take a trip to Normandy and look at the tombstones stretching as far as the eye can see. Or come to Arlington. Have a look at the similar ocean of tombstones. And remember that for each one you see there, 1000 idiots like you went into the ground. This is what we are willing to pay to keep or freedom. Look up some footage of your Iraqi brothers marching in single file like beaten dogs after the hammer came down on them. Do your homework and find out what price America is willing to pay to keep our freedom. Then ask yourselves if you still want to play with the big boys. After that you might find you are the ones who are going to have to stock up on diapers.

      • According to a video I once saw on the idiot box, Iran was actually in with Hilter in WW II and Iran’s name was changed then and is a variation of Aryan. Shows you how these Zombies think. Aligned themselves with little Satan then, still trying to carry on his legacy.

      • Iran was then Persia. I met a German lady in Alsace-Lorraine when I lived there who had been sent there along with the other German women and children during WWII. She was a mountain of information! Her house had been used as the headquarters for either the German’s or the allies depending upon who held the area at the time, so it changed hands a lot. From the upper level of her house you could see every road coming into Neiderbronne-les-bains, which was 1.3 kilometers from Reischoffen (the heart of the war). I hope you have read some of the above comments, because the easiest way to defeat these jerks is with bacon grease, pig’s blood or the like. In fact, they now make a gun cleaner that has pig fat in it. The muzzies believe they will not go to heaven and receive their 72 virgins if they have anything pig in or on them.

      • Thanks Annette! I thought it was Persia, but couldn’t quite remember. My CRS (can’t remember stuff) is getting worse these days.

  18. Well THERE’S what, 15…20 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Good GRIEF. I’ve watched more interesting videos of PAINT drying than this monotonous tape! What a humongous bragging BORE this idiot is! And that ugly, repetitious “music,” over & OVER & over & over AND over & over,,,,

    Yagh! Please–all this just so some moron can make a =diaper= joke?!

    NOT WORTH IT. We already know they’re out there, & we also know BO doesn’t give a flip if we lose, so we have to take care of things ourselves. Wish I were young & healthy, & I’d be HAPPY to blow up all that material they stole–wit them in it!

      • He was saying inshallah, roughly translated means “praise god”. Little “g” god since he was referring to Allah. Who is NOT the same God that Christians worship.

      • Annette, you are correct. I was thinking of allahachbar, or however the Zombies spell it. And thanks for the comment about the history of the Persian name. I love history. I wish I had had the opportunity to go to Europe while an Air Force dependent or while I was in. My son spent a year in Germany and didn’t learn any history or any of the language.
        I’ve been reading your comments on here and love the way you think. You go girl!

    • I’m not young or healthy either, but I don’t plan on doing any running anyway. Rooftop snipers don’t have to move much. If the Zombies do invade, I’ll just hang out up high somewhere and punch tickets for the 72 Virgin Express.

  19. Too all the warriors and boots on the ground in this fight…..I salute you and am damn proud you are on our side watching our backsides for Lady Liberty and her people.
    Although I am no longer in service……I can be of service.
    Ya see the one thing that these extreme ideological morons don’t understand….is just what the hell we will do to maintain our freedom and way of life. Ya see wars are not only won with botts on the ground….but with strategy….and most of all….by thinking outside the box……and I’m bout to go pretty damn far from the box….but I promise you if you listen to an old mans wisdom….you WILL win the day and our enemies will quake before you on their knees.
    Simply…..take your ammo….whether be bullets, grenades, or your flavor of choice….and dip them in “pigs Blood” and be very vocal about what you are doing ,to your enemy and sympathizers……..Then if they still get full of themselves and wanna fight…..then take their dead and toss them right in with the pigs blood as well! Ya see what they need is a CLEAR message that we are not to be trifled with and to recognize…we as a nation have NEVER lost one damn war that came down the pike to strip us of our freedoms…..I know I know ya’ll think I’m probably crazy as crazy gets he he.
    But this is war…..and your children my Grand childrens children deserve a future, one without the likes of a tyrannical Government or over zealous religious morons.
    Remember we Americans are at our best when our back are against the wall. And as I said before….they need a CLEAR message to back off or suffer the consequences.
    In the battle of Themopoli…..The Spartans fought against the Persians with impossible odds……well… less than two days mind you….they took our 20,000 men and stacked their enemies fallen like a great wall…..It was war then too.
    I’d say that THAT was a pretty clear message wouldn’t you?
    Semper Fi oooorah!
    All’s fair in love and war they say…… well….this IS war and….we LOVE our country.

    • I have a mag for my AR that has a Zombie sticker on it. If they decide to come over here and start some crap, I’m going to cover every round in that clip with bacon grease. (it may even cycle smoother that way, lol) if it comes down to fighting in the streets, I’ll make sure they all know. These Zombies need to learn a lesson. Like Bill Murray once said “We’re all mutts. We have the blood of many nations in our veins. And when it comes down to it, we fight like mutts” or something to that affect. So all of you junk yard dogs ammo up! It’s time for a butt whoopin’!!!

      • Ive got a couple of dogs will rip them to shreds too. Will have to pry their jaws open with a stick before they will let go THINKING ABOUT GETTING A FEW MORE TOO.

    • OOORAH!!! I have been saying this over and over and over to everyone I know, on every blog spot I am on! And I also tell them to check out what General Pershing did in the Philippines to the Muzzies there! I have lived in Saudi, and I know these monsters inside and out! You don’t even need pig’s blood, bacon grease, or anything pig will do. Further, there is now gun cleaner they make with pig fat in it!!! Thank you for your service, and another huge OOORAH! Got to love the Marines!

    • We need to buy all the kids too young to carry weapons a “Super Soaker” squirt gun and when the time comes that have to defend themselves, we fill them with pigs blood and let the kids go at it. If the Zombies are close enough to be squirted, our kids are in mortal danger and will need some way of defending themselves. Don’t forget what happened to the Christian kids in Iraq. I will NOT have that happen to my Grandchildren. Some of you may think I’m nuts, but we have to be ready for anything and everything. These Zombies want a world caliphate and the last time I checked we were still included in that. There are rumors they are massing just south of the border, and that some have even crossed over. Time to lock and load! Zombie hunting season is upon us!

      • I’m glad someone doesn’t. That might even be a little scary. Lol. I HAVE noticed that this point of view is getting more popular despite what the government is telling us. They wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

      • Oh no. I agree with you completely. Mexico is too close to home for my comfort. Nobody is hurting me or mine. Not if I can stop it. Our Government is out of control!!!! Nothing but liers. Obama is a joke where I am from. Not one person I know is following his advice or believing anything he says.

    • No you aren’t. I believe he has committed high treason several times. Treason during a time of war. Hmm, anybody remember the punishment for that?

  20. Hey you ISIS pieces of crap! How you feeling this afternoon? Let’s see how bad you really are. You are nothing bur a bunch of Pu$$ies. We will destroy you and your wanna be State. You have seen America’s wrath and it is just the beginning! Your heads are now being beheaded and there is more to come. Run scared like the pieces of crap you ARE. Then try and come to America for MORE ass kicking. You can kiss our/my ass.

  21. Whats sad is that our left wing crowds of this country sympathize with them and rather call the old people of the tea party that want less spending as terrorist and not call them that word…

  22. Do we have the will to destroy them? Do our political leaders have the will to destroy – not defeat, but destroy them? Very unlikely. These guys are smart, serious and have the will. Airstrikes look great on the videos, but that’s not going to destroy them any more than day and night bombing raids defeated the Germans 70 years ago.

    • Most of the “leaders” we have right now don’t have the stones to do it, but that is what elections are for. If we can shut down the commie liberals and take our country back, we might have a chance of surviving this. We can’t let people like the ones in charge in California try to tell us not to “offend those poor people. “Anymore. I’m not in the mood for a group hug with these Zombies. I think there are some folks out there who follow the Muslim faith who might be okay. But because they are taught that lying to a non believer is expected of them, at this point I don’t trust ANY of them. They would have to EARN my trust.

  23. ISIS, ISIL more like BSS (bull shiite state) you are a joke and will be barely a memory soon. Your rag tag army does not present itself as a suitable adversary for our great American soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines. We are battle savvy and possess the best knowledge, experience and weaponry known to man. I saw an interview of a captured Saudi ISIS soldier baby. They asked how much training he had. He replied 9 days. His uniform was a t-shirt and tennis shoes. Your beheading videos and other propaganda videos give us more intel knowledge of your incompetence. We have identified where you are, have been, manpower strength, key speakers, leaders. How stupid can you really be to give us such valuable information? Now as a result of your great war planning you are being bombarded and pummeled from the air like rats in holes. There are few places to hide in the Syrian desert. When we do put troops on the ground and it will be just a matter of time we will mop you up like yesterday’s bad news and show how incompetent your people really are. You had your fun in the sun and claim to fame and now the party’s over and time to pay the price. One thing you are learning quickly, DON’T MESS WITH THE GOOD OLE USA!

  24. Sadly we are doomed under our current leaders, we’ve become a nation of gonad tuckers. Disavowing XY & XX chromosomes as legitmate determinacy of gender and hiding behind race a in Feurgeson while ignoring thousands of shootings in Chicago. We are in a position to fail, and fail greatly while a good portion of our newest immigrants will not learn English because they’re not required to as we vote more wastrels into office to spend more borrowed bucks on social services.

  25. The American army rely too much on their gadgets while the ISIS fighters rely on their courage and it takes much courage to win battles.

    • These Zombies have no courage. They get what little they have from the fear of being killed by their own people if they don’t do as they’re told. Our troops will fight to the last man if need be. The Zombies run like cockroaches whenever some actually shoots back at them. They are good at hiding behind women and children, but wouldn’t last 10 minutes against REAL soldiers like ours!

    • Courage? You mean like planting an IED in the middle of the night and fighting from behind the cover of women and children? How many days did it take us to take Mosul or Fallujah?

    • Obviously you’ve never been in the military; at least not the American military! Anything our military does is strictly governed by non-military political morons. Our military is constantly sent into hostile situations and told to fight with one hand and rebuild with the other. They are also subject to ridiculous “rules of engagement” that do not allow them to simply shoot back at these cowards until given permission to do so. They get to see their buddies blown apart by IED’s or shot from “off-limit” buildings or from behind women and children. Yet when the cowards realize they are about to meet their maker, they surrender and our military has to immediately shift gears and protect, house and feed these same fools. If allowed the freedom and authority to do their jobs, there is no force currently on this planet that could stand against our combined military forces. ISIS’ and any foreign combatant’s greatest allies are sitting in Washington D.C.!

    • Courage….???? What courage do this terrorist have when it comes to slaughtering women and children…shooting men with their hands tied. They have no courage and worship a pathetic pedophile…that condones murder, rape and slavery…..The American soldier has cool sh!t…but remember…he is trained to fight with a weapon and completely trust his fellow soldiers…highly disciplined and trained….these radicals are nothing but goat herders that picked up a gun because some religious fanatic cleric told them to do it….

  26. The ISIS fighter in the video is bragging about captured Ford trucks, vehicles from the USA. You look like a dwarf and sound like a very insecure person who probably never had a vehicle of your own and now are proud to have a bunch of worthless Ford vehicles in a sh$&hole desert. If you are an example of the finest ISIS fighter then you are truly a joke and are probably already just another casualty of the attacks from the finest fighting force in the world, the USAF. Your organization will soon be a fading memory. Turkey is on the way along with our fine U.S. troops on the ground to finish up what the USAF started from the air. The ISIS rats that have hidden in the ground will be running out scared while our ground troops will show them what real fighters are.


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